2017 03 Notes



C1617Winter is drawing to close with Part 6 probably being the last section. Very complex! Ends in Sansara Snowlands, like C16L ends at Mars and C1516W ends in Moon and its own Moon (Moon of Moon). Pivot point involves a spiral building linking Mars with Snowlands and Book 2 with 3 of Trilogy.

Main players:

Baker Bloch
Baker Blinker
Karoz Blogger
Hucka Doobie
Old Mabel

These are probably 6 main characters.

Baker Bloch is the most stable of all characters, most likely. He is the main avatar, and has by far the most in his inventory, surpassing BBlinker by many times. BBlinker is, however, the original SL avatar, and Blochs only took over when the family moved to mainland in Aug 2008, about 6 mnths into their existence. BBloch is the custodian for the town, using his overriding powers as land owner to clean up from creative nights before, for example — and turning on and off street lamps. More importantly, he is the main town builder. Without his work, Colalgesity would not exist. Making sure town remains uncluttered. By Book 3, he is also changing forms regularly, appearing as Old Mabel for instance. This is because his presence in any one scene is an advantage because of his land powers and large inventory.

Wheeler is now probably the second most imp character of the books, having risen in her ascension to controlling town deity in Book II. She has surpassed BBlinker and Karoz, who remain trapped in an ineffective marriage, it appears. Karoz just follows her around now like a puppy dog. Will the end of Book 3 resolve this issue? Most likely: no. That will remain for a future work.

Wheeler acts as “spoiler” to marriage of Karoz and BBlinker in Book 2. She is “top of triangle” now and thus controls it. She takes absolute control of Collagesity in Nov of Book II (part 7 of 8, not counting the 3 aftermath posts that could be Part 9), after defeating Karoz in a wrestling match within the “Squared Circle” of the Blue Feather Club. She had already lost control of Collagesity to Baker Blinker in a similar match 1 month (?) earlier. The reason why he rechallenged Wheeler after Blinker had already won control, and risk possible reversal of this power (which happened) is unknown. But we can speculate Karoz *liked* Wheeler, and became a kind of slave or at least servant to her, straining the marriage to Blinks to put it mildly. They still seem to be married as far as I can tell, just not really together, it seems. Karoz went to New (Moon) Island with Wheeler in Book 3, for instance. In Book 2, it never seems they get together in the same structure, although they’re always planning this. Karoz remained in his upstairs Bodega apt. as far as we can tell. Blinks remained in Gloomy Gus. She was also seen there at one point in Book 1 with Dr. Mulholland. They talked of sharing a purse.

At one point in Book 2, Oct it seems, Wheeler was suppose to be assimilated into BBlinker through a cloning process only hinted at in the text (Karoz mentioned duplicate bodies to Blinks on phone when he reveals his own bodily changes to BBloch). A second Baker Blinker was created, with new body but with same hair and glasses and outfit. She wrestled Wheeler many times in this form. Assimilation was suppose to happen because of Blinks’ win over Wheeler in the Sep wrestling match, according to Carrcassonnee and perhaps others. But instead the tables became turned, and Wheeler did the assimilating of Blinker, chaning her skin color to match Blinks’ pink, for instance. She also got rid of her 3 hearts (symbolism).

At end of Book 2, Baker Bloch goes to Mars and retrieves Old Mabel to bring back to Collagesity (in Book 3) when her twin Brother Little Big went off to war (Greens vs Greys, or else Green-White War). Old Mabel is a major character now in Book 3. She seems to be an arch-nemesis of Wheeler, and favors Baker Bloch (future lover and husband in her eyes, at least at first). She doesn’t like Wheeler assuming the image of Baker Bloch for “protection”. She has a new dominant love interest now in Buurb, who, like Mabel is a twin — to Urch. We haven’t really gone into that in Book 3, however.

Old Mabel didnt’ exist before the end of Book II. Her appearance is very simple, and unaltered from her SL marketplace purchase except now for addition of dipper hat (and backpack) and earlier, Cleveland Browns garb (little wore the same at their Dawg Pound). But she’s also merged images with Buurb and Urch. Buurb/Urch may turn into another major character in future books. Buurb is Old Mabel’s true love — she wears heart shaped glasses when meeting him in a dream at Future Collageisty (conj. of 2 main rds of town — like 61×49 again). They probably have amazing power when united. They went into New Island’s “X Cave” or Pipewold and becamse fused. I don’t think this was a good thing, but may turn out all right. Last we’ve seen them (last night) they were dressed as Shining twins, one bloody (Mabel) and the other not (Buurb).

Other characters:

Spongeberg Resident

Carrcassonnee (presently usurped in power by Wheeler, and unable to communicate properly — may mean death of play form in my posts as I turn totally to standard prose format)

Grassy Noll (Salad Bar Jack)


Buurb: twin to Urch, is male to female, although his hair is longer. Urch and Buurb can meet in the forest and nowhere else. Buurb is true soulmate to Old Mabel and not Urch. Urch exists in a parallel dimension. Urch has a crush on Baker Blinker (as Precious Snowflake the blue fairy), just as old Mabel has a crush on Baker Bloch. Both must move beyond these crushes of older avatars to find their true love with each other.

Allen (Old Man) Martin
Doogie (son)
Aspinwall the snake

Their time seems spent in Book 3 — intimately tied to each other. When Aspy grow small upon loosing energy to the Roostre College world, then Martins take her back home with them in N. Colalgesity in a matchbox. Last we probalby hear of them in the book. Aspinwall first shows up in tailpipe of BBloch’s VW they are working on (Spookmobile). Later makes his introductions to Doogie, and announces she is pregnant and abotu to have babies. Turns out the babies are him in muliple form as he shrinks.


The Green-White battle is aslo called battle of Greens vs. Grays/Greys. This is like 61 (Green) and 49 (Gray) headless/handless beings of that color, standing for the cursed intersection of those highways in Clarksdale, MS. Place Robert Johnson sold his soul to play blues. Parodied in Might Boosh and elsewhere. Black dog sometimes involved in myth, which may be source of Black Dog title for Led Zep song, who were big Johnson fans and also into occult.

I believe the center of the X Cave may stand for this juncture as well (61×49, which also equals 2989, the title of the large lego set featuring winniw the Pooh). 61 and 49 also are progression of numbers 12 apart like thus: 61 49 37 25 13 1.

03/07/17:  Study X Cave of Kentucky, one arm alive and the other dead.


This cave known as the X Cave in Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky is said to be one of the world’s spookiest and most haunted places in America. During the summer months you can visit there and walk around inside this haunted cave. Over the years people have told of seeing a Native American couple inside this cave while other people tell of being watched and some have seen fires in the cave but could never get to the fire.

So it would appear that yes quite possibly the X Cave is one of the most haunted spots in the USA. Over the years shadow people have been spotted in and around the cave and some people have even speculated that quite possibly the cave its self is a portal to another dimension or even a portal to the spirit world.

In the video above you can take a peek inside the X Cave. No you won’t see any ghosts on this video but you can see what the cave looks like. If your ever in Kentucky during the summer months why not stop by the State Park and visit the X Cave. I promise you that you will not be dissapointed.


X Cave is so named because of its shape; four separate entrances meet in the form of an X shape. It was “discovered” by the white man in the 1700s when that area began to be explored and populated by those of European descent. The cave remained in private ownership until July 31, 1946 when the Carter Caves State Park opened as a result of several private citizens throughout the area donating land for use as a state park. One such family that was instrumental in this move was the J.F. Lewis family.

Before white man, however, the area was populated by a Cherokee Indian tribe. Huraken was a warrior with the tribe who had found a silver vein in the area. He kept his discovery a secret, and planned on using his newly found treasure to woo the woman of his dreams….the chief’s daughter, Manuita.

Then one day, the warriors of the tribe went off to battle, and many did not return. Huraken was among those who did not return, so fearing the worse, Manuita flung herself off a cliff in mourning for her lover. However, Huraken was not dead. Instead, he had stopped at his secret silver vein in order to create gifts for Manuita, which he planned to present to her and the chief while asking for her hand in marriage.

Devastated upon learning of Manuita’s death, Huraken gathered up her body, and hid her away in a cave…now known as X Cave…in order to watch over her body. The Chief, learning of his daughter’s death, in turn blamed Huraken and sentenced him to death. Huraken’s last dying wish was to see the body of his beloved one last time, and so he walked into the cave. He never came out. It wasn’t until years later that the bones of two people were found within the cave, among many silver treasures.

That’s the legend….but I have yet to find out any information on HOW these tragic lovers actually manifest themselves paranormally. Sounds like another good reason to go back to visit the caves once again! Perhaps around Halloween when the park hosts a Halloween Trail might be a good time to go!

Interesting Note:
In 1948, 13 people from a Sunday School class from Huntington’s Fifth Avenue Church of God were injured when the suspension bridge to X Cave collapsed right before their tour group entered. The bridge was never rebuilt. Here’s a newspaper article and photo from the event: X Cave Accident


Some people have even reported seeing apparitions appearing in their photos, despite seeing nothing there at the time of taking it. After doing research of the area’s history, Carter Caves State Resort Park staff think they may finally have an answer for all the weird occurrences. It turns out they think the cave is haunted by the ghosts of two Cherokee lovers.

A warrior, Huraken, was searching for food one afternoon when he stumbled across a cave. Later turning out to be X Cave, the brave warrior ventured inside. He could hardly believe his eyes when he located the vein of silver running throughout the cave. Though he was tempted to share the news of his great find, he opted to keep the discovery of the cave a secret.

The Cherokee Chief’s daughter, Manuita, was the reason for the secret. The brave warrior was in love with the young Cherokee princess. He decided to keep the cave to himself so he could spend his days crafting gifts for his love. He commonly brought her trinkets and worked hard to earn her trust, love and respect.


One night, Huraken did not return home after a fierce battle. The sad princess believed her love to be dead. Devastated she had never expressed her love to him, she was overcome with grief. She left her village and threw herself off a tall cliff. Unfortunately, Huraken had made a stop on his way home that day. He had stopped at the cave in order to finish a gift for the princess. He had planned to ask for her hand in marriage that night.

When the brave warrior was on his way home, he stumbled across the body of his love at the bottom of the cliff, near the cave. Distraught, he brought her lifeless body back into the cave. He left the princess there so he could keep watch over her body, as he was not ready to let her go. When Manuita’s father found out about her death, he blamed the warrior and ordered him to be sentenced to death.

As his last wish, Huraken asked to be reunited with his love a final time. The Cherokee people agreed and the man disappeared into the cave. Neither Manuita or Huraken were ever seen again. However, when later cave explorers were navigating new passages to the cave, they stumbled across the bones of two people, intertwined together with pieces of silver. Many think the strange occurrences in the cave are the lasting energy from the two lovers, destined to spend their eternity wandering the cave. – See more at: http://www.werewoofs.com/ghost-stories/x-marks-spot-x-cave/#sthash.B0nGcu0T.dpuf
– See more at: http://www.werewoofs.com/ghost-stories/x-marks-spot-x-cave/#sthash.B0nGcu0T.dpuf

Back to Green-White (Grey) War: first mentioned, I believe, in last post of Collagesity 2016 Later work. (Old) Mabel’s twin brother Little (Big) goes to fight in it. Then war is mentioned as starting on Muff-Bermingham (or Birmingham) while Karoz and BBlinker were there looking for Journal One for Wheeler and doubling it as a 2nd honeymoon (!). One source has them returning with Journal One, but another source has them returning without after the breakout of the war. Apparently this Green-White war is *big*, and my symbolize war itself as it breaks out and contineus in any certain area of the universe. As Little is green, we could assume the Greens are Martians. The Whites similarly could be Earth Caucasians, or Earthlings themselves (predominantly Caucasian?). White= Nordic as well.

Mars is the God of War.

Greens vs. Greys is also mention as starting in SoSo Mall when Karl (3d now!) threatens Facet male with violence when he tries to take Karl’s LUCKY sign for his wife’s small museum in Rubi to complete her Lucky village display there. I think this has something imp to do with this as well.

So that Green-Grey War starting on Muff-Bermingham (a planeet or perhaps a whole planetary system of a sun) and then the teeny weeny SoSo Mall in comparison. Must think more about the story of Rubi’s Lucky village. Facets wrongly named Fawcetts in phone book is partial reference to Fawcetts who founded Dripping Springs in Hayes Co TX, where Don once lived.


Green vs White/Grey War is beyond twins of Gravity Falls, who remain together and war not mentioned except as ending Wierdmaggedon of series, I believe.

Green vs. Grey also associable with US Civil War and Blues vs Greys or Grays. Wheeler mentions Civil War in C1617L to Karoz, when Karoz first starts liking Wheeler a bit (like Snowmanster likes her later in C17W.

Both Fawcett OH and Fawcetts (Furnace) IN near a Tulip.

Other greens in the trilogy: Karoz’s outstanding greenness is frequently mentioned. At one point he is connected to the very green Korean Channel sim of Xilted, and aso the green green hills of Naru (sp?). He is also identified with the headless green being mentioned before (#61), esp at 2016 Halloween party just as he is to wrestle Wheeler for control of Collagesity (usurping or negating BBlinker’s already accomplished earlier win over same).

At one point Wheeler (in Nautilus Sea) wishes to become Greenup over yellow down while staring at half buried green statue of queen.

And actually I talk about karoz’s assoc. with the 61 green man appearing in sev collages in C16W, in his named section. So I have that story covered in the Trilogy as well.


Purden Castle is mentioned as straddling border of green (forested) Purden and white forested Cloudmont.




Might have spotted this avatar last night (smoking) hanging in Cloudmount. Am researching sims of Cloudmont, Purden, Meribel. May expand to others. Meribel, fictionally, *was* site of Meribel college, which contained witch college within a college with alumnus Mid Hazel and perhaps Plain Wayne (no, I think he was admin of overall college, like Waynesburg *formerly* contained separate smaller town of Hazelwood within its limits — maybe name a small woods in or near Meribel “Hazel Woods” or “Hazel’s Woods”.

Namesake RL place (ski resort, like Cloudmont in AL and Purden in British Columbia).


Méribel is a ski resort in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alps, situated near the town of Moutiers. Méribel refers to thrhineighbouring villages in the Les Allues commune of the Savoie département of France, near the town of Moûtiers (45.401°N 6.5655°E), called Méribel Centre, Méribel-Mottaret and Méribel Village. The villages are within the Vanoise National Park and a part of the Les Trois Vallées interlinked ski system.


Méribel Les Allues is a ski resort that was developed adjacent to the traditional hamlet of Morel, with its centre situated at about 1400 metres above sea level.[1] It was founded by a Scotsman, Colonel Peter Lindsay,[2] who was looking for a new site for winter sports away from the ski resorts of Austria and Germany, because of the growing strength of the Nazi regime. In 1936, he visited the town of Les Allues for the first time. He then imagined how the town could become a ski resort. Firstly, he decided to create a property company in order to develop finances strong enough to build the resort. In 1938, the first lift was placed above Les Allues. A year later, he began the construction of the first chalets and hotels in the hamlet of Méribel. Three years later, the war would stop the development of the resort, but when it was over, development continued. Lindsay used specialized architects, Paul Grillo, Grand Prix de Rome (1937), and his partner Christian Durupt, so that all buildings would be in harmony with the Savoyard style. For this to be realised, wood and stone must be used for the walls, with slanted slate roofs. In 1950, the Burgin-Saulire gondola was built to link the resort to Courchevel. Lindsay’s family continue to hold a financial stake in the resort, and his grandchildren still ski in the resort to this day. Lindsay’s ashes and those of his wife are scattered on the Burgin mountain.

Méribel was home to the 1992 Winter Olympics (Albertville).[3] It hosted the ice hockey and the women’s alpine skiing events.[4] Until 2011, Méribel was the host to the acclaimed Altitude Festival, with prestigious acts such as KT Tunstall, Marcus Brigstocke and Omid Dijalili performing in the bars and nightclubs around the resort. For 2011, it has been announced that the festival will be moved to Austria, with the organiser Richard Letts citing a reduction in support from the Méribel Tourist Office.[5]


Inserted 3 Star Tree in Meribel on land allowing 0 return. May try to recreate witche’s dorm/building there (college within a college). Mid Hazel was prominent alum. Hazel Woods somehow assoc with her — in that small grove of snowy trees she cast an imp. spell? Over Plain Wayne?


Imp to keep in mind that Hazelwood NC use to be separate but surrounded by WaynesV until mid 90s. This is direct source of Witch College within College for fictional Meridosa College