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continuation of Boos (hints of the afterlife)

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Bigfoot Chesterton revisited

For instance, maybe this moss covered rock is suppose to be next to the blue-yellow-green-*orange* Mmmmmm’s and also next to the church. The monkeys (Ding and Dong) know. One perches on top of the rock, the other on the roof of the chapel. The Veer is the same in each, although the new Herman Park location for the model rr track contains 11 pieces instead of Chesterton’s 12. This is The River of the game Carcassonne that all is built around. The Earth is built around The River, usually identified as The Amazon because of its size but, really, any large world river would do. Mississippi is also commonly used because of its inherent mightiness.

But we must get back to characters and away from just dry, didactic text. Nice to know that Hucka Doobie and Baker Bloch are getting along better now. Orange helps. The search is over.

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“It really was quite simple, Hucka Doobie. I inserted the 5th piece — orange — connecting red and yellow together, The Cones were revealed again beyond the Victory Restaurant, Lu Ellen Hutchinson or Hutchison’s red cap disappeared behind it (another red to orange switch), and much more is at stake (!).”

“Much more ahead, yeah.” Hucka Doobie had to admit to herself that she was pretty proud of Baker boy here. Now he just had to figure out where the real Bigfoot was. Was it in Herman Park in that new, top secret spot Carrcassonnee recently dreamed about? Or is it still next to the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape in the “old” Bigfoot, or more specifically the Bigfoot section called Chesterton.

Tigers are a link. She smiles with this. Baker boy is good. Good boy.

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Just some loose thoughts this morning. And: Happy Easter!

I dearly wanted to get back to Art Oluja’s LEA11 sim last night to create another post on her beautiful and awe inspiring “Glass Jars” installation there. But my sleeping patterns have been disrupted by a recent bout with a viral infection and I snoozed through the night again, not waking up until 7:30am. I now compose most of my blog posts during a period of, usually, about 2am through 5am or so, and this was especially true when working my way through the last Collagesity novel this winter (“Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”). Couple the virus with my mother’s recent water disaster at her house that I had to deal with just before, and there’s almost all of April “blown” on RL situations. Not much real creative work achieved yet in this month. But that’s okay — you deal with the cards you’ve played. 🙂

I really desire to go back to (RL) Bigfoot soon, perhaps today. Problems in that direction: the land comprised of the Plateau of Raw Art has been *sold*, and to a local university who plans to use it for a recreational complex. Now Bigfoot swamp may not *disappear* during the transition, but let’s say it’s been reinforced that the clock is ticking on this “too close to civilization” bit o’ property. The 2 Bigfoot toy-junk events may turn out to be unique.

And the co-worker I’m perhaps closest to has suddenly resigned (!). He and Bigfoot are linked in peculiar ways. Goodbye my friend, if our paths somehow do not cross again. Best of luck with future creative and educational endeavors. You will be missed.

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State of Things

Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape/Bigfoot (etc.) will certainly come into play very soon, perhaps this Sunday. Poison Ivy will be out in the High Country maybe by mid to late April. So little time to lose in major exploring until then. I’ve been to Whitehead Crossing quite a number of times during the warm winter and early spring. I’ll make comments on some pics I made asap. New “path” discovered which leads to interesting rock group on upper edge of Woods of Howl (or is it Woods of Hal?). Spotted girl hiking there about month and a half back. Unusual to encounter someone in the open woods and I asked her if she knew where she was, which she responded to in the affirmative. An orange dog was with her. Mossman research continues… that’s all changing as far as past mythology goes. I do not plan — I don’t think — to create a toy happening at Whitehead Crossing, despite the surface attraction. Instead I’ll be observing and occasionally taking pictures there. Bigfoot will probably remain the focus in that area. My speculation is that Bigfoot was specifically created for me by Others just for this purpose. The Bigfoot Swamp is unusually placed.

My educated guess is that I’ll procure future “toys/junk” either from flea markets or a proximate Goodwill store (right at the entrance to Bigfoot!). There is still a chance I may give up Collagesity in Minoa and rebuild in the fall. I must keep developing real life art in tandem with Second Life related art and fiction. But the Collagesity novels have been a hoot to create (!). I now call them Collagesity I II and III sometimes, but the actual names, again, are: “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” (C1516W), “Collagesity 2016 Later” (C16L), and “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (C1617W). So the new one may be called “Collagesity 2017 Later” if it follows the pattern. I don’t plan to begin this next projected installation in the series until the early summer at the very least but who knows. Right now I’m in an in-between period, which could be a prelude for the new novel.

My gradual psychic removal from the Snowlands continues after heavy involvement in it at the end of C1617W. I will not renew my rental in its western part for another month (rented a 2048 parcel right after the completion of C1617W in early March). All my “illegal” builds, such as at Wheeler’s “Way Station”, or beside Woody’s A-frame, have been deleted in the meantime. A possibility exists to rent in Ohno on eastern side of Snowlands, but we’ll see. It will be small, probably a 512, if so.

What will Collagesity 2017 Later look like? What of the new installation of Bigfoot/Chesterton toy-junk-marble happenings? Questions that of course really can’t be answered right now. But let’s speculate anyhoot…

Bigfoot-Chesterton: the area between them, called Vincente for now LINK, is a possibility for a third perhaps smaller and more condensed (and story laden?) happening. Through it we may better piece together what the other two are about.

In Collagesity 2017 Later, we may have the return to power of Carrcassonnee, maybe in tandem with (an also transformed) Wheeler. Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker remain the powers behind the scene, however, more Bloch but also Blinker as repository of many past memories and experiences now. Bracket Jupiter may return in diff. form. I’m not sure Old Mabel and Urch/Buurb will come back. Karoz obviously will return, and perhaps will become a central character once more (he was kind of on backburner in C1617W). That’s all for now.

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Obviously lots of fictional writing going on in the blog recently — well, almost the past 7 months solid basically. I anticipate this changing next month, when a return to woodsy type posts will occur. This winter I’ve also been able to create at least the virtual part of the blog archives, found under the Virtual heading here:

This involved quite a lot of work. Its *9 years* worth of posts now. The plan is to add to this archive each month.

The fiction I’ve been working on starting in Dec and esp Jan is a separate work from Collagesity fiction that came before. Basically it seems to be manifesting as a *3rd* work to complement “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” (Dec-Mar) and “Collagesity 2016 Later” (Aug-Nov). So a kind of trilogy. Also, esp. since it is being created at essentially the same time frame during the calendar year, this 3rd work seems to act as a type of twin to “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter”. The latter began in mid-Dec and ended in early March. The title of the new work logically becomes “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter.”

I could go much further into an analysis of the structures. “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” appears to be evolving into 6 or 7 separate parts. I’m in the middle of creating part 5 right now. It’s a strange process, because I can’t seem to anticipate where I’m heading — can’t plan the whole thing out. As “C1516W” ended up on the moon, and its successor “C16L” terminated in a visit to Mars, so the new work could wind down with some kind of et visit (Muff-Bermingham?). Anyway just to drop a note on that. You can follow the progression of the parts here:

The Dec posts (Parts 001 and 002) act as an introduction to “C1617W”, or, in another way, a direct bridge between “C16L” and “C1617W”. Each subsequent part of “C1617W” is composed of around 16 to 18 or 19 blog posts, starting with “Book Muncher?” from the beginning of Jan.

The weather’s been so warm this winter that I’ve been able to get outdoors and hike quite a lot. Frank Park’s Whitehead Crossing has been the most popular destination by far. I already have a queue of photos to share on this blog. WH Xing mythology will most likely develop more this spring, esp after Daylight Savings Time kicks in March 12th. I anticipate creating a Reality archives to complement the Virtual archives very soon. Whitehead Crossing and other Frank and Herman Park destination will feature large within.

And I haven’t forgotten about the Bigfoot location either.

Thanks for reading!

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Bigfoot Turbulence!

Some *final* shots of the supposed “permanent” version of Chesterton before I had to move my toys out. I’ve been invaded!


But before I get to all that, some pics from the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape I’ve been more attracted to lately. And good thing!





This might be the heart of Leola. LINK


Back to Bigfoot: Yes, that’s the construction barrels I call The Tigers on Third Road of Bigfoot. But the long piece of bleacher beside them coming from the Plateau of Raw Art is *not* my projected newest aspect of Chesterton. Instead someone else has drug it down here, and also made a kind of rough path all along The Bramble, cutting straight through the edge of Chesterton and down through all four roads. The demons! I suspect either skateboarders taking a break from their regular hobby, or else other kids who visit The Plateau on occasion for perhaps drinking or smoking or even sex purposes.


As I’m writing this text, I found out about this invasion from the outside around 3 weeks ago now. Upon visiting a couple days back, I was very happy to witness no further development coming from this — no more harsh intrusions into the general Bigfoot area. The swamp remains a destination for me. But I had to take the toys up at Chesterton for safe keeping. I’m amazed whoever masterminded this invasion didn’t disturb any of ’em, apparently. Or perhaps they didn’t see them in cutting through the eastern edge of Chesterton? I can’t imagine how, but perhaps it’s possible. Maybe the appearance of toys at this remote spot was too much for their tiny little intruding brains to handle. Or maybe they thought it was aliens who placed them there and got the heck outta Dodge. This could be a possibility if drugs were involved, but probably not as well. At any rate, I didn’t plan to do anything with this space for the rest of the summer and fall, so perhaps by next year all will be grown up again and sealed, like it was before. But in truth I’ll never feel totally safe at Chesterton like I did. And that’s an honest shame.

Swamp chairs and table remain intact!

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Bigfoot/Chesterton Early Early August

Plateau of Raw Art shots, once more…








… before moving to Chesterton. This day (yesterday as I’m writing this, or Sunday), I pretty firmly mapped out the segments of Second Road starting at The Bramble and moving south. Indicated by successive pine trees running down the forest road’s east side, there are indeed 14 of ’em, as I estimated earlier. Chesterton occupies the first 5, counting north to south like this. Here’s a rudimentary graphic of the results. What I call “blocked” segments that are clogged with fallen trees and branches are marked with a diagonal. I may have been missing one or two of these types in the non-Chesterton areas. Just as The Bramble effectively deters any visitors coming in from the north, so these blocked regions act as barriers for those attempting to move along the road starting from the south. Chesterton is very protected.


So with this mapping in place, we can understand the below shot comes from segment 1 of 14, or the top Chesterton segment. I’m tempting to even call these segments *sims*, but let’s hold off on that for a bit longer…


This is also from Segment 1: the wilted purple leaves appears like two beached fishes turned opposite ways, like the symbol for the astrological sign Pisces. They are found in the midst of that little “forest” taking up a fair chuck of Segment One.


Segment Two gives us what I’m calling Chesterton North. I really like the way the two monkeys both face the golden church bell between them — more inversed twinning, in fact.


That mysterious hole mentioned before LINK, appearing directly under Wireway 61 as it passed through Segment 3. This segment acts as a more empty connector between Chesterton North and Chesterton South. I’ll have to create a more detailed map soon.


This is a picture of an object from Segment 6, which *may* be the site of a camping spot in the future. My camping spot. Located immediately south of the “Chesterton Five”, it’s one of the most open segments, if not the most open, and I certainly have room to pitch some kind of tent there. But I’m going to keep poking around Bigfoot for possible alternatives in this direction.


Segment 9 and a landmark brick piece.


The south end of Second Road, or the beginning (south) of Segment 14. 2 rocks, one mossy and one bare, mark the position.


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Bigfoot/Chesterton Late Late July

Although the Chesterton art event has reached its climax, Bigfoot visits continue, and will likely do so until the leaves fall off sometime around mid October. After that my hiking focus will shift to a broader woods palette, as they open up with the functional eradication of poison ivy, snakes, insects, and other warm weather deterrents.

I visited both Bigfoot and Whitehead Crossing today, new and old foci. I was amazed how *quiet* Whitehead Crossing seems now after I’ve gotten use to the city noise surrounding Bigfoot. I like the latter better now, amazingly. Whitehead Xing is just not going to be a place for, especially, a summer art happening like I just accomplished at Bigfoot. Perhaps spring, perhaps fall, but not summer. And even if that, the event will take place within a narrower range. For one, I have no real junk to work with at The Crossing except for some old bottles. However I’m not opposed to making a more pure toy happening, say, at Big Island in Green Stream, something perhaps akin to the Sharieland toy event of 2013. LINK

But to today’s photos. Actually I decided to slip in the first photo below coming from about a week or two back now to start this post with another odditiy. When I went to Chesterton that day — and it was the day I brought in the Avon buildings sans chords for the first time — I found this melding of yellow and green leaves, effectively stuck together like with glue. Green on top, yellow on the bottom. This seemed to be reference to the concept of Greenup/yellow down that I’ve written about at various places on this blog, and most recently in this Second Life related post.


Compare the above photo with the one inserted at the end of that late June post:


Actually, I think I’ll come back to that whole scene, which involves a weird melding of First or Real Life and Second Life influences. It could be that *real* (green) trumps *virtual* or non-real (yellow) through the Chesterton art event as a whole. The true happening kicked into gear right after I created that June post. Second Life related posts have basically been set aside since then.

Another, more recent possible oddity is pictured below. A number of mysterious holes, with pine needles seemingly twirled around in a circle, have formed in Chesterton since my last visit several days back now. The photo below shows what seems to be the largest example of such, occurring almost directly below Wireway 61 between Chesterton North and South. Was some kind of creature *digging* into the needles? Maybe it’s my friend Mr. Weasel from the swamp, who may very well live somewhere in The Bramble just beyond and below Chesterton. Or maybe it is a raccoon. I don’t think deer can get through the tight branches of the pine forest here, so that seems to eliminate the possibility of hoof prints.


Many aspects of Chesterton, let alone Bigfoot as a whole, have yet to be illuminated for this blog, including this cluster of briar plants on Chesterton’s east side. I imagined Chesterton residents making them part of a park or walking trail…



… that would also include Second Hoop mentioned in this earlier post, which is now seemingly the *only* complete hoop within Chesterton, since First Hoop was broken near the start of its art happening. Second Hoop perhaps then became known simply as The Hoop, at least to biased Chesterton South avatars.

Second Hoop (foreground) with The Briars (background).

Also on Chesterton’s east side is found this rusty chair skeleton with Wireway 49 passing through it. A detached briar stem now crosses the wireway here as well.


Many toy avatars remain in both Chesterton North and South after the event’s climax and the removal of the train track. I had planned to put some inside Chesterton’s old pressure cooker today, or perhaps take them back to the house with me, but they seemed pretty happy overall where they were. Not sure how long this situation will last.


Monkeys on church and hill.

North of Chesterton North.

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