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I went down to Whitehead Crossing this past Monday but the bugs kept me from taking any photos. They didn’t yank the camera out of my hands but they were still buzzing around my face, threatening to get into my eyes if I didn’t stop waving my hands in front of ’em. As Chester says, it’s kind of hell up here in the summer. No bugs in Second Life. No afternoon thunderstorms to wet things up until the next one rolls around the following day. But I still think Bigfoot may be accessible during the summer — *has* been accessible (so far). That’s a big advantage. And I revisited Con Creek as well on Sunday and enjoyed a rather pleasant tromp to Green Stream and the Korean Channel, just like old days. Visited Damsel Island…

What of Collagesity? In Second Life (or My Second Lyfe), I’ve been hanging out over at Yd Island on the Nautilus continent a bit. I won’t go into detail except to say that it’s kind of piqued my interest about the island mythology again.


And Nautilus in general. Mystenopolis: what’s that all about?






Is this where Bogota will be born?




06/17/16: Faune still there!

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Korean Channel











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Gun with a gun

I keep walking the Urban Landscape each weekend day, weather permitting, including yesterday. No pictures, however. Hopefully today.

With the completion of Karl and I’s dual interviews, I feel like a public part of a/v synching has been wrapped up again. I don’t want to say it’s the end of my facebook and email interactions with synchers, but it could be. We need something shocking to come along and wake us all up again, perhaps involving Dark Side of the Rainbow. Randy Teaford’s yearly exhibits sound cool but something else is needed. There’s a chance some of us could do a joint interview about that most hallowed of synchs, as I put it in my own interview.

But I must face the fact that I’m working alone now on the Sunklands site, most likely. Few will read the newest interviews. Everyone’s lives are busy.

So I must move forward. We’re getting the house ready for a sale. We are preparing to buy a new one. What of the art? The Pierre era synchs (Piera synchs) are now protected digitally in several ways. The carrcasses are a more delicate matter. Carrcassonnee remains slightly concerned.

Where is it heading? Once more, I think we’re going to Middletown still, and basically do a 1:1 trade out between The House on The Hill and a brand new modular home on our primary lot there. That’s the master plan. Carrcasses will continue for the rest of my life but in a calmer rhythm. I don’t plan to listen to as much rock music as I did before — more soft classical. Inspirations for new a/v synchs may be harder to come by. But right now I feel another one is brewing. Once more, however, it must remain a secret development for the most part. This will be Carrcass-12.

Bits and pieces of reality are falling into it. The definition of a tile must be better understood.

I’m unsure still about a tie between the large mythology surrounding Frank and Herman Parks I’ve developed now and the new idea of a Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. Are toy avatars in this landscape? It seems much more tightly controlled by humans — obviously. Leola Creek, however, has energy.

Let’s look at it this way. Leola Creek has its origins in *Herman Park*. Although its name changes over its main course, the stream can be said to have its source on Wealthy Mountain. There the flow is the same as what we’ve been calling Green Oz Creek, which is directly attached to the concept of WIS. Tinsity is on Green Oz Creek, about 1/2way between the tip top of Wealthy Mtn. and the large Herman Park pool known as Health Lake. Then the output of Health Lake, which is the same stream technically, directly becomes Leola Creek when it joins with another smaller creek at the head of Rocky Branch Road.

So in these 2 posts here and here with Rocky Branch Rd. photos that I never generated text for, we are looking at Leola Creek. Leola Creek is the rocky branch named.

I tried last year to develop a, er, branch mythology surrounding the approx. 2/3rds mile long Rocky Branch Road, a fascinating byway that has enchanted both Edna and I for a considerable time now. But because it is private and parking is lacking, we found we could not regularly hike it. So the mythology aspect was cut short. But the main point I wanted to make is that *this is the same Leola Creek*. The passage of this creek along the entire length of the road is not dissimilar to the passage of same through the official Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape, or between Point+1 and Point-1 on our “official” map here. A distance of about 1 mile as the crow flies. And the distance between the head of Rocky Branch Road and Point+1 is about 1/2 of this, or only about a 1/2 mile.

The Frank and Herman Einstein Blog started at the start of Leola Creek then, since its focus was Tinsity and Lion’s Roar at the beginning, the latter situated on a stream feeding into Leola Creek a little below Health Lake. The beginning of the current blog is the same as the beginning of this creek. Where are we now? At its *mouth* in the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. There must be something to this. Frank and Herman Einstein Blog has also deadened at this Landscape, since it has been essentially absorbed into the Sunklands site as of the end of May. It is now the Sunklands blog. The Frank and Herman (Einstein!) experiment is over. Second Life mythology was *not* expelled within as anticipated. Collage generating grew exponentially. It turns out that the peak of Frank and Herman mythology came just before and after the creation of the namesake blog — with Billfork, Whitehead X-ing and Con Creek on the farside and with Tinsity and Lion’s Roar on the near side from us timewise. True, Whitehead X-ing keeps developing as a woodsy center, and the discovery of a conjoined Red Head this past summer certainly opened up an important new chapter. Just to note, Whitehead Crossing and its Green Stream is not in the Leola Creek system. But it still seems resonant through WIS. Tinsity is not that far from central Red Head.

Where are we going?

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X-ing Times

Might be able to get down to Whitehead Crossing after work today. Probably should have gone yesterday but decided otherwise. Wrong decision, I believe. I *did* trek down there on Sat., despite a forecast of showers. Rain never really materialized. This place is so fickle weather-wise! But anyway, I spotted *people* at The Crossing, a first. And I may not have been able to remain hidden during the spot had one of ’em not been sporting a bright yellow raincoat, it appeared. I believe they were heading to the teepee, and probably they built it as well. I wasn’t close enough to get a good look — see their age, etc.

A collection of Toy Avatars are now at Whitehead X-ing, Red Head to be more specific.

I’ll share some photos of the related visits soon.


I also think a new spate of collages might be coming up soon, perhaps early next month.



I’m hoping to get down to the Red Head part of Whitehead Crossing at least a couple more times before the woods “close up”, as I put it. The plants come back, the snakes, the poison ivy, the gnats and mosquitoes. Critters in general. I’m unfamilar with the Red Head territory during the summer months. I know I can go back to Whitehead Crossing proper during that time. I would like to have a kind of woods project this summer to focus on, like I did 3 years ago with Concreek. The problems with the last 2 summers?: Well, in 2013 the summer was broken up by our 2 week trip to England and preparing for it and then recovering from it and all that. Also it rained… and rained… and rained… when we returned, from July into August. And then during the summer of 2014 my back was still giving me problems from an injury incurred at the end of fall hiking season the year before. It’s pretty much healed up now — takes a long time for a back. Getting old I suppose. Concreek might be a good candidate again. Maybe… *maybe* even Red Head. We’ll just have to see. I always have Boulder to walk around in summer months. And I can always head down to Middletown if things get really boring up here. So everything seems good once more.

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Zebra 01

Hucka D.:

Another concept you wanted to *broach* today was the idea of Zebra Station. It was real (!). At the mouth of Concreek as you’ve guessed. Based upon Head Trip. Black and white[ like a Zebra]. It was a computer, like [the Pope Project]. Pretty Bunnies was about the computer as well. Good work!


Thanks, Hucka D. But the clues were there in the landscape. Korean Channel… Porkchop Rock. Silverberg.

Hucka D. (repeating):

Head Trip is a computer. Study Concreek, then. The Past.


Boxy Brown’s chosen backdrop!


And he’s just a head ta boot.



“Head Trip” goes beyond “Billfork”. The Korean Channel and its Whitehead X-ing, etc., goes beyond TILE Creek and Billfork and such. This is where it all went down[ in the past/present/future]. What time are it?”




“Drink Lake is where it all happened. That’s the true Head Trip baker b. Drink is a computer. Real. Really real. Jennifer. Smoke that in your pipe and stuff it.”


And then this would be Drink, Boxy Brown’s opposite I’m assuming.


Like Newton and Jasper. He ho.

Hucka D. (interrupting the flow):

We can’t talk much about this tonight.


I can’t take the focus off Drink Lake and put it squarely on Whitehead Crossing and the Korean Channel.

Hucka D.:

That’s about it (!). And: your choice. No real harm done either way. Black and white[ once more].



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Dogpatch > Concreek

This post covers one of the most shocking discoveries, certainly, from my Frank/Herman Park explorations. A fairly well traveled path, it seems, splits off from a main path near my Whitehead Crossing and quickly follows a ridge above Green Stream into the rhododendron. Already questions are arising: Why does a well trodden path just dead end as such? Do people just get off the path here, travel down it, and then find out that they — and everyone else that has done the same thing — just reached an impasse? Let’s let that question stand for a minute…


An interesting rock at the beginning of this side path. It seems to be some kind of marker. After finding out what else is on this ridge, beyond the rhododendron at the end of the above pictured side path, I believe I know what it could mark now.


In the valley below the ridge on the other side from Green Stream is found a camping spot, complete with a number of interesting rocks such as this one. Some of them could pass for primitively shaped headstones, for example.


Which brings us to this.

Remember me bringing up Head-Foot symbols a couple of posts back? Here’s a reminder.


Yes, it’s what it looks like it is. Two, in fact. The place has been called Dogpatch. It’s what lies beyond the rhododendron if you kept following that same ridge further south. It’s almost completely inaccessible from all directions — there are, in fact, only two rather narrow ways in through the woods, both of which come up the ridge from the sides. Another camping spot has been created sometime in the past (pictures forthcoming, perhaps) in the same general area and on the same ridge (at the top of one of these two entrances), but far enough away that I’m not even sure that they knew what they were camping near. Perhaps they wouldn’t care. I think I’d care, without knowing more details. And for one of the two, there’s really no more details to find. That’s the major mystery part, it seems.

We have a dichotomy or contrast of something known and defined, and something unknown and not defined. We seem to have something smaller and something larger. We have a head and a foot in both cases. We have a mystery.

Dogpatch, Arkansas, according to the GNIS database, has a long list of variant names, but a list that can nevertheless be whittled down into 2 groups: those related to Marble Falls, and those related to the pre-Dogpatch and pre-Marble Falls designation of Willcockson, as displayed on this 1895 map.


We move beyond “Dogpatch” for now back to Concreek and this nifty view of an orange-red and pretty large salamander trotting around its bottom. It was kind enough to pose for me.


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Korean Channel


“Korean Channel is perhaps the original audiovisual tiling, Hucka D. Zebra and Damsel Island are clues — black and white. Head trip.”

Hucka D.:



Obviously a gold plated football helmet that is also an army helmet, like the one used to name Monkey City when I was a boy. Land of Reds and Yellows must play a role as well. Perhaps everyone is bushed there all the time. This is a way beyond Billfork. This is the Korean Channel.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Where is the Land of Reds and Yellows? Would that be Whitehead Crossing?


Unsure Hucka D. Let’s see, the Land of Blue and Purple would be entered through that log bridge, but the actual significance of that bridge is that it points to The Totem in Silverberg on the other side of the channel. I think a battle between Silverberg and Purpleland took place in the past. Purpleland grouped around the smaller of the 2 Silverberg streams, and Silverberg proper around the larger of the two, perhaps centered by Silver Pool.

Hucka D.:



(after a pause) Maybe Green Stream itself was originally known as the Silver Stream. Now this applies to Spoon Fork perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Maybe. Yes.


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April 16, 2013 · 2:07 pm

The Land of Blue and Purple 02

(continued from The Land of Blue and Purple 01)

The following day I returned to the same area, first taking this shot between straight rows of pine trees in the Square Forest not far from Concreek (and below Thrill with its Ilthril, Methrill and Myselthril). Hucka D. has claimed that Square Forest is actually a super intelligent computer disguised as a forest — hence its unnatural “straightness”. Maybe a comparison can be made to a similarly square shaped computer chip, say.


Stacked breeze blocks on the east side of the Square Forest: Hucka D. again says these are not what they seem, and represent the nucleus of the computer, a sort of mini-computer in itself that use to exist on Damsel Island and acted as the controlling intelligence for Concreek. That Bee has some imagination! I’ll have to ask him how the core got up to Square Forest when I see him next. But I guess the Square Forest could have been “built” or manufactured around this relocated core. Now *I’m* starting to think like Hucka! Zebra could represent black and white, or the on and off state of a computer bit.


And then we have Damsel Island itself, where I once again crossed Green Stream after subsequently walked down the whole of Concreek from Jacob I. Road. I took this picture of a suspicious looking piece of wood which seems to act as one of those fairy bridges once more, allowing passage to Damsel Island from the “mainland”. Impractical for humans, see, due to its smallness. But just right for a fairy?


I might have decided to call the vast open area surrounding Green Stream as it passes through this region *Korea*, and the passage itself the Korean Channel. I’m obviously attempting to import more Second Life mythology into Frank and Herman Parks if this decision stands. Second Life has perhaps crawled into its death bed, with last rites not far behind. The top of this Korean Channel (again, if the name stands) would be at Whitehead Crossing. The bottom or lower part would also be the lower part of Green Stream itself, where it meets Spoon Fork. I’ll go into more detail about all this soon.


Rotting trees in the Korean Channel, not far upstream from Damsel Island.


The Bridge of Blue and Purple again, discovered the previous day.


But what I didn’t know the day before is that the most important aspect of this log might not to be as a functional bridge, although it serves that purpose as well (entrance to the Land of Blue and Purple), but a *pointer*, because in the opposite direction from LBP it points *directly* at the silvery hued, very mysterious Totem, standing tall in a briar choked peninsula at the meeting of two small stream flows on the opposite side of the Korean Channel from here.


Now I understand this is just “mere” remains of a dead birch tree, but it’s so unusually shaped that I think it *has* to mean something, especially given the alignment with this log (in turn, midway between the blue and purple soda cans). Does it somehow describe the history of this location and its “people” (assumably avatars)?


Totem from the other side. I think I’ll create a drawing for this particular mystery feature of Frank Park. Another mysterious part is the presence of a piece of disattached bark way up in the tree behind the totem. From this angle, the two seem to merge into one symbol of some sort. Does the totem tell the story of sky people?


The totem is also surrounded by a thicket of briars, perhaps for protection and preservation. Nowhere else in the immediate area are the briars this thick. You can’t get up next to it, even — that’s why my photos are all taken from a certain distance away.


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The Land of Blue and Purple, 01

We start at Concreek for this particular post: Mossy Falls. I’ve begun to walk Concreek again after basically ignoring it since last summer. The water flow pattern is quite different now.


A beach has formed in The Dark that I don’t remember being there. I’ll have to check old Concreek photos soon (perhaps today!).


Dry Falls (The Open): no longer dry. We’ll see how long Concreek goes with the flow this year. Last year I believe it was dry at this point by about June. But we’ve had a lot more snow and ice this year to build up the ground water. Very curious to compare.


A quite interesting irregularly shaped red rock in the middle of that beach pictured above. I’m tempted to call it the Red Herring, but actually it looks more like a pork chop. Nice contrast between its rough red texture and the recently sprouted, smooth and mottled green growth next to it.


At the edge of The Final (see Concreek map in link above) we have Damsel Island, a name, like most of those connected to Concreek, established last summer. Connected as well to Damsel, Missouri. Lately I’ve just been using it as a convenient way to cross Green Stream and head to other destinations…


… like The Land of Purple and Blue. Here’s one of the first indicator that we’ve moved into a different space independent from Concreek: a blue soda can. This would be about 100 yards above Damsel Island, perhaps.


A shot of the old blue can (foreground) with a log bridge in the background (not the arched one, but the straight one just below it) that’s been dubbed The Bridge of Blue and Purple. Appropriately we have this blue can on one side of it, and about the same distance on the other side (closer to Damsel Island and Concreek), a purple soda can. I’ll have to go back (perhaps today!) and take a closer look at these equidistant containers.

The Land of Blue and Purple, as I’m currently interpreting it, is technically entered by re-crossing Green Stream via the log bridge mentioned above (equidistant between the blue and purple cans, once more). A clear area in the mainly rhododendron clogged region marks the location; all you have to do is cross the bridge and walk uphill a bit to reach it. But in truth the Land of Blue and Purple seems more a red herring, for the actual focus of this bridge appears to be The Totem, followed from the opposite direction. Appropriately I may call the capital of the Land of Blue and Purple Red Herring, and even mark it with that red rock I found in Concreek this same day of picture snapping. But let’s move to the area of The Totem, a quite mysterious object indeed.


But it was only on the following day of exploring, where I descended Concreek once more, that I found the actual totem. This day I discovered the purple fungus on a log just beside it, attracted to a flat clearing underneath rhododendron branches between 2 stream flows opposite Green Stream in the open area there.


This probably has something to do with the Land of Blue and Purple don’t you think? I’ve recently discovered this same kind of fungus, apparently, in Whitehead Crossing, but there it took more of a red or maroon cast.


Nearby is this rock that I think could have been placed here on purpose — not natural, as it were. The rock will probably garner a name soon. It lies near the head of the smaller of two water flows in this area, as yet unnamed as well — let’s call it Silverberg for now, partly because The Totem reflects a silvery hue.


A green soda can then seems to mark the upper limit of Silverberg, ending the influence of blue and purple here.*


* If this place truly is named Silverberg, or was in the past (future?), then Monkey City may also be involved. See: Head Trip.

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The first “WIS” map (but not the last?).


“WIS”, pronounced like “wiz” (center center), is the 3rd, hidden element of the triangle whose 2 known points are Health [Lake] (right center) and Wealthy [Mtn.] (top center). We do not even know what kind of element WIS is presently. It is a black hole I believe Hucka D. wants to say here. WIS exists in the gap between Herman Park, seen as north in the above map, and Frank Park, south on the map. I am not unconvinced that Whitehead Crossing (SW of WIS) won’t be the main station for these parks in future times, as I move more out in the woods at retirement (8 years if all goes well; *I* will be the Whitehead in the Woods (!)). WIS is close to Whitehead Crossing but not the same. WIS is close to Wealthy Mtn. but not the same. Close to Health Lake but… not the same. It is in a gap in a map which does not logically make sense topographically but does psychologically. It is a hole that everything folds around, like flower petals.

All I can do is move from Frank/Herman Park focus to Frank/Herman Park focus. A new focus is Falmouth Creek (lower right corner of map). I’ve now determined that the original village on this creek was called Old Baker Settlement. I have a rough picture for now; it exists in the basic center of Falmouth Creek, about equidistant from both source and mouth. Old Baker Settlement, or what remains of it (ruins) is white-ish rocks in a moss bank below a clump of trees.



We’ll get to more of the story behind Old Baker Settlement (OBS) shortly. Hopefully I’ll be able to take more pictures of Falmouth this weekend, despite the continued cold weather, PHEH. On the bright side, I’m definitely going to England once more. I had a panic attack in the middle of the night, and started thinking negatively about the trip. Now I’ve turned around again. Analysis of Falmouth collages is helping. Falmouth is centering — in Avebury. Might Avebury have something to do with Old Baker Settlement?

Falmouth, Indiana which lies on the line between Rush County (west) and Fayette County (east) was originally called Old Baker Settlement. That’s obviously where I got the name. The synchronicity to this, ‘coz there’s always synchronicities when it comes to Frank and Herman Park names it seems, is that the ridge separating Falmouth and Second Life Pond (named later) acts as a peculiarly extended *block* between more public land around that pond and Falmouth Creek, essentially and effectively isolating the creek while allowing it to be quite proximate to tourist attractions in Frank Park, Second Life Pond basically. So I decided to name this ridge Block Ridge, then remembering Old Baker Settlement as an original name for a US Falmouth, decided to change this to Bloch Ridge, after my main Second Life avatar Baker Bloch. Second Life Pond, lying on the other side of this ridge from Falmouth Creek, is named immediately after this, then. Second Life Pond is the origin place for not only Baker Bloch but also Baker Blinker, who was my original, dominant Second Life avatar during my first half year or so of involvement in that virtual reality. When I moved to mainland SL from Azure Islands in Fall 2008, Bloch, the male, took over as the dominant one. The story of my avatars is found in the Where Are We On That art exhibit I still have up in my flickr site. Accompanying the first two stories about Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch in that exhibit is a 3rd story about Hucka Doobie, in case you’ve ever wondered about *his* origins (this is the same as Hucka D.), and then Esbum Michigan and Wilsonia Foxclaw, my final two avatars I was using at the time. After the exhibit was created, I made 2 more Second Life avatars: Karoz Blogger (formed right after the exhibit) and, about a year later, my last one called Bracket Jupiter.

Hucka D.:

I heard my name and woke up. Howdy baker b. Heard you talked to Headburro Antfarm for the first time in a long time.


Yes. I just asked him if there’s a virtual reality out there to rival Second Life yet, at least as far as making pictures and galleries go. He suggested Minecraft, but I’m not sure it is a rival yet to SL, or will be in the future. The best hope is to attach something directly to a web browser, with a first person viewpoint and simply getting rid of the avatar.

Hucka D.:

But that wouldn’t be any fun.


Maybe not for me, but it would make things easier for people to see your work.

Hucka D.:

Oh you can’t do that. You have to have Second Life. What about the Pietmonds??


Yeah. Not sure. But back to Falmouth, if you want to talk about them. Second Life Pond, a logical name for reasons I can’t go into here involving the *actual* name of the pond. Another virtual reality.

Hucka D.:

Maybe that should be your new virtual reality. Is it still around?


Check the link I just made with your last sentence.

Hucka D.:

I’ll check it later. It was just a rhetorical question anyway. Second Life began in that pond in Frank and Herman Parks. Bloch Ridge blocked Baker Blinker from proceeding over the hill to Falmouth. Only Baker Bloch exists in the attached collage series[ Falmouth 02 and Falmouth 04]. Falmouth 01 02 03 04 is Old Baker Settlement. So, yeah, it *is* the same as Avebury, if you will. Falmouth is Avebury.


There’s Lean Rock in the creek just below OBS.


There was the mysterious writing “Fi” in a rhododendron leaf at OBS as well.


Hucka D. (guessing):

Hifi. Or High Five.


This is a picture of a cascade on a creek just north of Falmouth, just over another ridge, or I gues it is an extension of the same ridge [Bloch Ridge]. This creek lies between Falmouth and Gnirps.


Hucka D.:

That’s a pretty cascade. A popular vacation spot for toy avatars, much like Gnirps nearby. They stay away from Second Life Pond and Second Life Creek, however, because of the humans. Humans and toy avatars as yet do not mix.


I can imagine. So there are toy avatars at Falmouth?

Hucka D.:

Oh yes. Mouse and Shark. Bart and Lisa. Baker Bloch and Baker Bloch. Red Lion man/woman and Man/Woman. Hand. Non-President R. Booger Hayes. Sunfish. Patrick Star and his friends. Lots of toy avatars.


So it’s the same as the characters in the Falmouth collage series. The 2 Baker Blochs which are actually different Baker Blochs, for example.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Non-President Booger Hayes wants to speak with us again soon. He has some ideas about Falmouth.


What of the other parts of Falmouth presently? — Visible I., Stream’s End, the unnamed spring which contains the mossy bank with *no* rocks, unlike OBS.

Hucka D.:

That’s a black hole. And the spring is a black hole. Rush.


How about X-Ray. Or Ray-dium, the follow-up?


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