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Gene Fade’s Mountain Revisited

“Then we rounded the corner and, lo and behold, downtown Notherton was still there (!). Right below us. Gene Fade was so excited.”

“Because, um, Gene Fade was there — with you.”

“Right. And then the 5 sided mall (!!). We looked for it and then suddenly it was just looming before us, all dramatic and stuff.

“You can’t see the mall, mind you. It exists in another dimension.”

“Of course it does. Gene Fade’s dimension.”


Wheeler went to the next picture.

“And Gene Fade reached Notherton from this road leading back to his home at Jupiter Rock.”

“Jupiter Rock was his home,” Baker reaffirmed. “The town was named after the rock looming above it.”

“Gene Fade’s dimension. A dimensional rock as well.”

“Of course. It had a big red spot on it. More garnet colored, I suppose, but still red and obviously connectable to the same on the planet Jupiter. That’s how it got its name.”

“Not because Gene Fade or his town was from Jupiter. Because that would be ridiculous.”

“I wouldn’t say it would be ridiculous,” Baker countered. He thought about sulking but then changed his mind.

“I do really like the rock art on the posts,” said Wheeler, flipping back to picture 01. “80 posts to conform with the 80 posts you had in your new Sunklands blog at the time of its discovery. And both are still going on — rock posts and blog posts. Both continue. That certainly seems important.” The rest, thought Wheeler to herself: hogwash most likely. There was no Gene Fade. But, she modified, there *could* be Mossmen.

(to be continued)

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This is a shot of downtown Notherton, a former Mossman hot bed of action and adventure. Now deserted, supposedly. Main Mossman (Mossmain?) Gene Fade has stated he use to work in its metropolitan area in a 5 sided mall managing a cappery.* I believe his store sold the equivalent of our baseball caps, or at least that was the most popular item. He mentioned a game like baseball, but with extra bases and some other different stuff. Have to look all that up from the Baker Blinker Blog again; the game of Whack-Bat from Fantastic Mr. Fox comes to mind. So much to comb through in these blogs now (!).

Notherton is in Frank Park across The Greenway from nearby Mocksity, another important Mossman community.


And this is the road leading to Gene Fade’s Mountain to the west, where he was born and raised before moving to Notherton. This is the very highway Gene Fade walked all the way from Jupiter Rock to downtown Notherton after a critical argument with his parents about the TILE religion. You see, Gene Fade desired to become a Tilist and his parents disapproved. He went back to Jupiter Rock, but it was never the same for him. He had opened the box to discover the rest of his life.



“Baseball again, Wheeler. Cappery. Obviously connected to Mmmmmm Grassy Noll’s sighting of Mossman Gene Fade over in Smoky with the big baseball and all. Kind of an interesting sim name, actually.”

“Smokey Ordinary, yes,” spoke Wheeler across from Baker Bloch at the Table. He was still dressed up as guru hobo Turchin McGurchin, counsel to Fair Ruby, friend to the cause of Max, warner of things to come. “Smoky Bottom. Beauty… Lovely. Do we know of the 3d Venus yet? Speaking for the whole.”

“No.” Through sunken hobo eyes, he stared fixedly at her. This could be 3d. This could be 3rd.

“What of Yarn Knob? You — or Turchin McGurchin I suppose — warned of the coming of toys. Does this represent the end of Our Second Lyfe?”

Baker Bloch as Turchin McGurchin looked around. “Apparently not.”

“What next?” Wheeler came back quickly.

Baker stared again. “Who are you?”

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11/1-2/15 Photos 01

The first pic in this post comes from Supersity over in Frank Park. There were a number of posts about this imaginary city-fort composed early on in the Frank and Herman Einstein blog, all from November and December 2012 as I’m now checking. Curious it hasn’t been mentioned here again since then. But anyway, now the 2 sets of rocks have a house polluting their top: no more possible Supersity re-creations or revelations. Compare with this earlier photo here. All we have are the legends of the place. The Sacred Hoop art work once adorning the top was a special site indeed.


We now move back to the general Bigfoot area with shots coming from a ridge separating Bigfoot from Rediscovery. Today I found an easier way to the top from the main path into Bigfoot. Excellent! It’s a short but still tough climb of about 150 feet. I found this baseball on the ridge. Due to its height, I believe the only way it could have gotten up here is if someone brought it. Although there’s an old baseball field below, one would have to had been a Herman Munster to knock it this far. So there’s clear evidence of human involvement with the ridge in the past. But I’m not sure anyone comes up here any longer.


Lots of nice rocks on the other side of the ridge from the old high school…



…with 2 of the biggest, if not the biggest, being one I call Razor’s Edge which we see the sharp namesake top of below…




… and another I call Flattop, which, in contrast to Razor’s Edge, has a nice flat top where one can sit and enjoy the view of the surrounding woods. Flattop is probably the most dramatic looking rock in the region, and is especially impressive coming up to it from below.



Flattop’s flat top in autumn leaves.

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Blue Duck, er, Drake

General idea: Blue Drake formed or energized or crystallized in 1978, same year as the release of both Duck Stab/Buster and Glen by The Residents and also Strange Days by Story Room. 2 fer 1.


All important Rubisea separated dark (Lycanthrope sim) from light (Blue Drake sim).

At the same time, baker b.’s CHRO system was seeded and started to expand *on a diagonal*. Later it was found both Strange Days and DSBG were built upon a Diagonal (starting at Six Feet Under + Constantinople), as recently explained to Chuck at his namesake loop in Frank Park. This is also where baker b. and Chuck separate as composers. What is the relationship of Chuck and Artie J. Spongeberg and baker b. now? They still seem blended.

Yes, it probably isn’t coincidence that Rubi has its own well documented Diagonal (now stretching across an entire virtual continent!).

Gene Fade’s Mtn. certainly seems to have a lot to do with music these days.

Maebaleia background story from the Baker Blinker Blog:


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Genes 03



“Well….? What did you and Chuck talk about?!”


Hi Hucka D. Well, we talked about the diagonal, starting at Constantinople. The diagonal in W4N1. I told him that’s how Story Room made their grand entrance into the world of carrcasses, [in] +3 to be exact.

Hucka D.:

You and he became one within that loop. Great! You told him about synchronicity wedged between intent and chance, starting in Dark Side of the Rainbow. That’s where it all starts. That’s where it will always start.


Yes. DSOTR isn’t chance and it isn’t intent. Not at the core. That leaves synchronicity. That’s the seed. Then the seed sprouts and turns into SID’s 1st Oz. I told him about Bunny Boy “What’s Up Doc?” How perhaps the strangest thing of all is that 8 songs were left from the album after I scoured it for synchs matches in the, let’s see, 4 previous synchs, starting with, um we call that one… hafta check…

Looks like I decided to call it “Black Man”. That’s the ending track to What’s Up Doc? And that table in [the] “C-10” [post] is that of Carrcass-10.*

Hucka D.:

Did you actually get to watch Carrcass-10? With Chuck I mean?


Well, we drove out to Frank Park to walk the loop. I should say that although this visit by Chuck of Story Room was similar to that of Roger Pine Ridge, it was channeled from the future this time to make safe.

Hucka D.:

9 months as I understand. Too early. Too soon. But good for safety, yes. Chuck didn’t hit you over the head with a beer bottle in this imaginary channeling session I’m assuming (laughs).


No. Not this time [around]. He was very cordial as you can imagine, and showed great interest in what I was saying. I was trying to tell him that his work — and I emphasized the later stuff here, like “What’s Up Doc?” — would stand the test of time. This is [the information that] the synchronicities provided me.

Hucka D.:

And your synchronicities, your carrcasses, would [stand the test of time] as well.


I suppose so, Hucka D. After all, the synchronicities are dependant on the musical and video sources. They have to stand the test of time hand in hand or it doesn’t work. They must go together.

Hucka D.:

So The Shining, “What’s Up Doc?”, and Carrcass-10 all walk together down the road of time.


I guess so.

Hucka D.:

But he also urged you to [re-]become a composer yourself. He said you are not him, and that you must make your own path.


True, we shared the loop, walking around and around again and chatting. He said he thought “What’s Up Doc?’ contained a special energy as well. A rekindling of the peak of the golden days. I told him I thought “What’s Up Doc?” was about as strong as “Strange Creek” from 1978. He seemed pleased.


Hucka D.:

No one likes to hear their glory days are far behind them. True that was [the peak of] their classic period. But you can have several peaks. The carrcasses themselves now have several peaks. And the peaks are the same [between the carrcasses or synchronicities and the Story Room albums in question]. That’s the really cool part. At some point…


The Diagonal…

Hucka D.:

The two flows latched onto each other. They cannot be separated in time/space. They have intertwined, intermingled. They walk a loop together. But they are not the same.


I’m trying to remember what else we talked about… took a while to explain the audiovisual synchronicities.

Hucka D.:

Did he accept that “What’s Up Doc?” was composed with Carrcass-10 in the background — The Shining?



Hucka D.:

He didn’t follow you up the hill. To Priorsburg?


No. We stopped walking the loop and got back in the car to go home. He had to leave the next day.

Hucka D.:

You watched synchronicities that night?


We watched “What’s Up Doc?” The videos.



* I got confused here and didn’t finish my train of thought. I was attempting to explain to Chuck that 7 of the remaining 8 (of 19 total) tracks of What’s Up Doc?, the ones I had left over after the mentioned “scouring”, were then employed in Carrcass-10. And they fit *perfectly* each and every one. No holes. “How could this be?” I asked Chuck as we continued to pace around the loop. We were nearing the bridge across the creek that led from the mostly drained pond. I later counted the rungs: 19 total.



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Gene Fade’s Mtn.

Below we have a shot of Supersity, currently with a winnebago perched on top where its Super Hoop use to be. I can’t return to these rocks until the “squatters” leave. But that’s okay — I have my pictures. And it’s slightly outside Frank Park anyway.


But the 80 post fence art *still stands* on the north side of neighboring Gene Fade Mtn.. Coolie! I suppose passing hikers keep this up, because the rocks are more numerous now than ever on this 80th and last post. Original *post* on this subject here. LINK.



I believe this is an apple tree, with an open arch at its base.


Rock cliff overlooking the Trident Stream region to the west just off the same trail with the 80 post art piece. Granddaddy Mtn. looms in the distance.



Interesting, fairy-like base of another tree. This could be in the location Hucka D. has called Priorsburg, where a direct ancestor of Gene Fade use to live (“Gene Prior”). I don’t think Gene Fade himself has visited the place, however. Could be wrong. This Priorsburg is on the west side of Gene Fade’s Mountain. Gene himself was born on the east side, at Jupiter Rock. But again all this history isn’t quite nailed down yet. Several new developments have come about on the mountain recently, including “Chuck’s Loop.”


The Weaving Place revisited. I don’t recall this twinned tree at its center…



… nor these similarly twinned rocks. More on all this soon, I’m guessing.


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Frank Park Music


Inability to weave Bee Line at the Weaving Spot on Gene Fade’s Mtn. parallels inability to score music — 5 lines in each weaving as it were.

This may be why Gene Fade left Jupiter Rock and his parents and his namesake mountain. Inability.

Possible rectification: Artie J. Spongeberg & CHRO.

Study nearby Supersity again and the Supersity Wheel, now dismantled. Another rock art piece, like the 80 post Fence Art on the same mountain. CORRECTION: Actually in looking at a topo map of the area in question I don’t think we can say that Supersity is on Gene Fade’s Mtn. It instead lies on a separate ridge to the north and west of this mountain. Supersity, although still perhaps a former Mossman city, remains basically separate from the art activities on the mountain, then.

But at the same time, the Supersity Wheel seems intimately connected with the 80 post fence art on the neighboring mtn. Proximity counts in this case.

Gene Fade’s parents thought of TILE and related CHRO as jokes. Religious and artistic and musical guffaws, led by a laughing mad jester (Spongeberg). Gene studied TILE/CHRO in Notherton with /Spongeberg/. Pineapple. Easter Island rock. Rebirth.


“It wasn’t Notherton, however. It was *Whitehead Crossing itself*.”


Thanks Hucka D. Happy Easter.

Hucka D.:

Thank you. Same to you. Nice drive you had today. You visited Mars I heard, both Hill and Hall versions.


More Hall than Hill. And also: Dead Center Hill, speaking of hill.

Hucka D.:

Yes. What did you think of it?


Well, I came away less… well, not sure actually. It is obviously still a center. A power site to be dealt with in the future. Edna was not impressed with the junk hole.

Hucka D.:

Would you be[ in her shoes]?


Suppose not. Maybe.


So Gene Fade met Spongeberg in Whitehead X-ing.

Hucka D.:

No. Notherton.


You just said…

Hucka D.:

I cannot reveal all at once. You must take bits and pieces. You now know that Gene was running away from a traditional musical career. Probably went to school in Notherton, but had to move away from home Jupiter Rock in the process. Ran a cappery, yes. But probably just worked there — in the *mall* [like I, baker b., worked in a mall in my 20s]. Fade liked Notherton. It was about the size of your Middletown. It may have even been called Middletown [at one time].


Unlikely, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Not necessarily.


So the 80 post fence art is correct music, scored out. And it directly parallels the beginning of this Frank and Herman Einstein blog and the original 80 posts of it.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Music is blog.


That’s a solid beginning. Followed up by the Supersity Wheel or Hoop.

Hucka D.:

It was actually Future City above Supersity. Planned but not[ activated].

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