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Carrcassonnee dream

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Bigfoot Notes

Components of toy happenings so far…

1) Found regional objects (“junk”).

For Billfork (Spring 2012) and Lion’s Roar (Fall 2012) this came from sites of torn down houses and structures in Herman Park each. For Bigfoot, outside the protection of Frank and Herman Parks, the objects were found at the Plateau of Raw Art (site of old high school). Ruins are a key link. The smaller art event called Falmouth (Spring 2013) also contained some junk objects, most of which were old bottles. Same story there: came from nearby site of old house. Billfork and Lion’s Roar had a lot of bottles as well. Then there’s the basically unpotentialized Whitehead Crossing with its 55 or so bottles laying around in a pile.


And *then* there’s Rust Spot with its cache of metal stuff. 馃槷

2) Marble Race Track

The first marble race tracks of happenings set up in Billfork and Lion’s Roar were linear, with the end separate and unrelated, let’s say, from the beginning. For Bigfoot, end loops back into beginning potentially, or they are directly up and down from each other at least. This mimics the idea of Opus 19, where the bottom of the track is directly below the top. If you had some kind of pulley system, the race could potentially be made perpetual.

Opus 19 in 1990 art exhibit

The marble race in Bigfoot was somewhat bigger than in Billfork and Lion’s Roar as well. All use 0-27 gauge model railroad track, of which I have probably 70-80 pieces by now.

3) Toy avatars

Billfork had no toy avatars except for the marbles (which count, despite the opinions of the Mmmmmmm’s). Lion’s Roar contained a couple, or at least I especially remember order barking Sue. The Sharieland art event (Fall 2013) excels here, with a good number of toy avatars involved in building and maintaining a central road through the rocks and sand of Erath on Earth Creek at Heart Lake. Sharieland is also where Billy J. Thornberry made his first appearance in a toy happening in the role of Lazy Sideburns Man, famously destroyed by Hater the Cow there. Of course he later reappears in Bigfoot as iron smelter Taum Sauk and also, briefly, as LSB’s twin brother Daisy at Whitehead Crossing, deemed The Leader (Spring 2014: 1 2).

Toy avatars appear quite early in my blogging experiences, way back in 2008 at TILE Creek, which can count as the first toy avatar happening. But there it was pure toys, with no junk and marble track (except for a couple of rustmobiles, i.e. old tin cans). I suppose we can call it the Jonesborough Happening. Nothing really has gone on there since then.

I keep stockpiling toys, which can be found very cheaply at flea markets and such.


You have to have a right combination of the above 3 to make a true art happening in my opinion. And that’s what occurred at Bigfoot.


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Rediscovery>Wealthy Mountain

Yesterday, tried to reach Bigfeet Swamp for more hiking fun and toy happening scans but was blocked by the high water of Leola Creek. I could try wading, but that’s risky if you can’t really see the bottom well because of the slippery rocks involved.


So I instead walked just uphill to Rediscovery (parking my car at the town mall once more). This is Leola Creek again, just below the Hand Lake dam.



The dam. Water is still pouring out of the mountains, despite the rain having stopped several days back. But man did it come down in the 2 weeks before that.


I was pleased to find the The Finger of Hand Lake still intact, if a bit shrunk and soggy looking. Compare with here from about 2 weeks ago.


Yesterday I also decided to head over to Wealthy Mountain in Herman Park for what turned out to be a considerably more extensive hike, where I visited both Lion’s Roar and Tinsity/Green Oz Creek in the same sweep. Here’s a nice little falls about halfway up the side of Wealthy Mtn. on a fork of Byng Creek that I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of for this blog yet. About a 30 footer, I would reckon, a gently cascading affair. Considerably more dramatic in person that it appears in the below photo.


Near the top o’ Wealthy Mountain looking out toward lower land to the south.


A more prominent rock of Wealthy Mountain on a branch of Green Oz Creek.


A shot from the Wallace/Tinsity area already covered in some detail in the related blog category.


Colorful Tinsity fern. The leaves appear almost a bit past their peak here, but perhaps all the rain has dampened the fall colors, as it were. The actual peak for the Blue Mountain region traditionally comes in about a week’s time from now.


I plan to take 1 or 2 more days off next week for hiking possibilities. A fun time of the year!

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Roger Pine Ridge

I thought I’d collect all my facebook related posts about our spring visit from R. Pine Ridge. Enjoy!

Coolie Brighton
March 19 路

I did it. I invited the lead singer of The Residents to stay with us this summer for a day, a week, a month maybe. All drinks on us. Edna is preparing to move in with our best friend. But I think our best friend might want to stay with us when the visit is in progress, honestly. We’ll go to Linville Falls of course. Beech Mtn., but most of all I have to talk to him about the *aliens* in the woods near our house. I think he and he alone might understand them. And, oh yeah, there’s the synchs. The glorious synchs.

Coolie Brighton
March 21 路

Several people have written to me about the recent invites to several aging rock stars to come stay with us this summer. I thought I’d post my emails to both ARS for the curious.


[Randy], you don’t know me but I want to invite you to stay with us in the beautiful mtns. of North Carolina, this summer if you wish. A day, a week, yes even a month. Just to get away. I have some awesome fan videos to show you, not 1, 2, but maybe 8 or 9. All an hour approx. We’ll have plenty to watch. And drink! We’ll supply you with any drink you wish. And we’re cool with all the alien stuff. Heck, I know of aliens in these here woods, and I’ve made contact (audio) myself! You’ll love it here in the NC mtns. You won’t regret making the decision to come stay with us for a spell.


Hi Ray. If you ever want to get away from it all come join me and the wife in the beautiful NC mtns. Drinks on us! Come for a day, a week, a month. Randy Rose, lead singer of The Residents, might be joining us, another super hero of ours. I have unique fan videos for you and him both! Hrs. and hrs. and hrs. of entertainment. You hit a home run at the Olympics. Go Brits. Go Kinks! Go Ray!!


Possible future invites: Ringo Starr (McCartney probably too busy), Ralfe Band (Edna’s idea), Tom Waits (oh yeah!… but I’ll have to admit to him that his voice makes me want to run into the hills and scream), David Bowie (but he’s afraid of Americans), David Lynch (!), Fred Frith.

I think I’ll try Fred’s number in California again.

Coolie Brighton
April 3 路

A 2 day visit from aging variant rock legend Roger Pine Ridge, all expenses paid, is apparently locked in for the Brighton family from May 2nd through 3rd. Lucky us! Roger is presently on tour in Tibet and Hong Kong with comedians Lum and Abner. Follow all the excitement on; I’ll keep you guys posted!

Coolie Brighton added 2 new photos.
April 4 路 Edited 路

I’ve emailed the honorable Mr. Pine Ridge about our home situation, and the remedies he promises in conjunction with his oh too short stay in our fair hamlet. At the top is where we currently reside, and below it is the house we’ve handpicked for Mr. Pine Ridge to buy us. We’ll start paying him back as soon as we’re able to sell the present place. Thanks so very much once more Sir Roger, and we’ll see you after the Lhasa gig!



Coolie Brighton
April 6 路 Edited 路

R. Pine Ridge has requested to keep him abreast of my music listening before his early May visit so’s he can choose and pick what we talk about. Good idea! Here’s what I heard several times during our Virginia trip yesterday. So different, so profound. Well, maybe not as profound as different. The Resident’s reinterpretation of a John Phillip Sousa classic. Whaddaya think, Roger? Profound and different or just different?

Coolie Brighton
April 9 路

Sorry Roger. I forgot to listen to anything in the car Mon. or Tue. I did look at a couple of videos with lots of music. I’ll talk to you more about them the night of the 2nd. We have parking room for a compact car in the drive. Otherwise you’ll have to walk up the 2 big hills. Oh, sorry, *we’ll* park at the bottom of the hills if it comes to that honorable guest!


Coolie Brighton
April 11 路 Edited 路

Roger Pine Ridge (left) with his best mate also named Roger Pine Ridge (right) shortly before the Meat Wars. I want to say c1877 but that could be 1977. Or ’67. Doesn’t really matter.


Coolie Brighton I might like this photo better, where they switch places. Roger Pine Ridge is, of course, on the right now. And on the left. Doesn’t matter.


Coolie Brighton
April 14 路

Before Edna and I had one study apiece. Now we have 40 apiece. Hurray for R. Pine Ridge and the enormous royalties he reaped from “Light Side of the Sun” and other psychedelic legacy pieces! We are not sponges, just lichen (it).

Coolie Brighton
April 16 路 Edited 路

We have a downstairs commode on order from Lowes to be delivered in the next several days. And all for R. Pine Ridge’s visit. That’s plural Rogers, because we don’t know which one will show up at the door, or both, or neither. But we have a new center of the downstairs bathroom for him… them… whatever. Oh never mind you ceiling, floor, 4 walls. We’ll get to you’n’s soon enough. Did you ever see Season 5 of Break’n Bad and they have all that money piled up in the warehouse and there’s nothing they can do with it really? We’ll, like most of us that’s not us. All hail Roger(s)!

Coolie Brighton
April 29 路

R. Pine Ridge. This weekend! We’ll open the door and 1 of the 2 will be standing there. Or both. Or neither. Excitement!

Coolie Brighton
April 30 路 Edited 路

R. Pine Ridge, one or the other or neither or both, in *2* f-ing days! Edna got so excited this afternoon that she left the house and went down to stay with her best friend in Asheville to rest, she said. I’m sure she’ll be refreshed and ready for riveting convo with The Ridge upon return. Tomorrow, right Edna? Come to think of it, she didn’t say. But it has to be tomorrow, because the next day. The Next Day! ARRIVAL.

Coolie Brighton
May 1 路 Edited 路

O___N___ E_____D___A___Y. I HEAR HE’S IN ARKANSAS NOW. But not without a rifle thankfully.

Coolie Brighton
May 2 路 Edited 路

He’s almost here. He’s in Kentucky! He said he had to stop by this place on his way east. Understandable. But which of the Rogers will show up? That’s a question to keep asking. Until we know.

Coolie Brighton
May 3 路

It was him. It was him. It was him.

It was him.

It was him.


Coolie Brighton
May 5 路

I will update soon about Roger’s visit. As soon as I become sober.

Coolie Brighton
May 6 路

Okay, just to stop the steady flow of questions coming in I’ll post about Roger’s visit. That’s not Rogers’ visit mind you. And it was a visit so someone showed up. I’ve stated that both of us brought videos and popcorn (aawk-ward!). I believe he’s from the future, or else I’m from the past. Doesn’t matter. We watched the videos which was surprising since there was nothing in the present to play them on. See note about past/future above. Still doesn’t matter. Where’s my drink? (to be continued?)

Coolie Brighton
May 6 路 Edited 路

We watched the videos, which was surprising. His was on something called s-chord; mine was on betamax. He was 105 and I was 7, but we were both the same age. We watched the videos at the same time, but we didn’t and couldn’t, see. I’ll tell my half. We watched [delete two word name]. He didn’t laugh until [delete first name] showed up wearing an Opel sports shirt. I explained that when he said he’d been on tellie that was actually in the future. Roger understood this but only in the future. Then Roger took a visit to God. That’s how he put it. He pointed to the screen at one point — point — and said, “That’s me.” He was pointing to a flat square, and God was a golden rounded sphere or just golden sphere would do. The Sphere was God. (to be continued?)

Coolie Brighton
May 6 路 Edited 路

Roger stopped the betamax video 25 minutes in. Baby Lemonade was playing. Bart and Millhouse were selling lemonade. Roger didn’t like this. We began to argue. Roger said that art was a science and I said it was a religion. Roger said religion was a science and I said religion was and is an art. He talked like he was from a place where art and science and religion had ceased to exist. He was being a complete bastard. I coaxed him into playing a game — cards — Old Kentucky Rook to be exact. 25 minutes in the rook cards were flying like released geese into the air. Roger was bored and I was losing him. The front door beckoned. (to be continued?)

Coolie Brighton
May 6 路

And that’s about it. I remember being hit on the side of the head by a beer bottle and when I woke up several seconds/minutes/hours later Roger had left. He’d even cleaned up the bottle fragments, and also there were no rook cards on the floor. But, then again, he’d never really been there, and all this was fantasy. Except it wasn’t. Hope you enjoyed the story of my visit! (not be be continued)

Coolie Brighton
May 12 路

A message from Roger:


Merk, so sorry to leave you with a headache (insert smiley face). It’s just that something within me snapped and I what I found inside was dead black instead of living green. Thinking of your, and thanks for sharing. I hate you.



I’ll have more to say about this soon.

Merk Coolie Brighton
May 27 路

Roger Pine Ridge (2 of 2) update soon! He got stuck in Texas! (but not without a silencer, har har har)

Coolie Brighton
June 4 路 Edited 路

Update on R. Pine Ridge’s whereabouts. He’s still in the area! He came by yesterday to borrow a comb. I told him he could keep it! He refused, used, and returned. I threw it into the woods out back just as soon as he was out of sight. He said he was in Kansas. I naturally assumed the state. No, it’s *that* Kansas, the one that’s about 2.75 miles from my house as the jayhawk flies. He’s been reading my secret blog! He’s been playing with my antique pots and pans and bottles out in the Forest. He’s in that gorge. He’s in Kansas. I ain’t Lyo’n.

Coolie Brighton
June 6 路

I’ve had another talk with Mr. Pine Ridge. Turns out he has quite the critical tongue, and around our house there’s a lot of targets for such abuse. I liked the other Mr. Pine Ridge better in this respect, even though he did knock me out with a beer bottle. This newer, second Pine Ridge (the critical one) now wants to live in our basement; fix things up ’round here. He suggested we watch Grey Gardens to get an idea of the what’s ahead down the road — 30 or 40 years — without intervention. I said that perhaps he should stay in his Kansas (local gorge) and work on developing something there instead — art. He doesn’t believe in the Forest aliens, lumping them with fairies, gnomes and elves as “stuff of dreams”. He admitted he thought some wood critters are very clever, approaching human intelligence. Raccoons were specified. Ants. Then aardvarks, jokingly. One of the few laughs we shared. We talked about the other Pine Ridge, the sensitive, dreamy one. “He’s done,鈥 Roger said plainly.

Coolie Brighton
June 6 路 Edited 路

The Contraption at Kansas.

What I know.

Bigger than breadbasket.
More powerful than a locomotive.
Can upload/resize its own profile picture on Facebook.
Can clone itself.
Clones can clone themselves but not ad infinitum (still working on a calculation).
Always reports time in plural (times) not singular.
Laurel and Hardy films repulse it and make its spinners retract.
Sensitive about its offbeat color scheme (repeat: DON’T make jokes about this).
Can eat its own weight in aluminum.
Weighs less than a jumbo sized uranium paperweight.
Can run on AC or DC or both at once or none at once.
Air conditioned; 2 way sneeze vents.
Can exist in up to 5 different hyper-dimensions simultaneously.
Raccoons could make it but it would take them 1 billion years.
Ants also could — 10 billion years.
Aardvards don’t have the ability to build this using any time span, and they should bite their dangly lying, bragging tongues about being able to.
Sheldon of Big Bang Theory could make one but it would take him 10,000 years.
I can’t even figure out how to turn it on.

Needless to say this is what interests R. Pine Ridge The Second about Kansas (gorge). It generated him and the other R. Pine Ridge, to begin. He’s using this to change reality itself. Not only mine but yours as well. You’ve been alerted, even warned.


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“So I made this new collage while we were interpreting “2989”, Hucka D. And it contains the lone lego creation left *out* of the latter, substituted by the green man removing his head in front of the second easel.”

Hucka D.:

It’s the first, but go ahead.


The Green Man mirrors The Emerald (green grass top of land between Little Whitehead and Whitehead Streams)…

Hucka D.:

Go ahead and show the base photograph [for “2989”].



Well, I can’t find it Hucka D. A mystery in itself?

Hucka D.:

The Green Man represents The Emerald, the grassy patch atop the plateau between Whitehead and Little Whitehead. How about Rock?


Oh… yeah. Here’s The Emerald. Full bloom.

Hucka D.:

That’s looking from the opposite direction as [the base photo for] “2989”. Now this gap in the collage where you can see The Emerald is interesting, because you first had The Contraption there, per the overall paste, then you removed The Contraption so you could see The Emerald better in this gap, and then you put a miniature version of your Falmouth Gallery structure there, removed that, and then put the Maine painter, removed her, then inserted the Green Man, who had already appeared in several Stonethwaite collages, the last one — “Cover Up” I believe — related directly to the green algae of an English Lake District tarn.


Tarn of Leaves, yes.

Hucka D.:

So it was logical to include the man here as well to represent The Emerald. This is his ultimate destination, actually. He *is* The Emerald now.


Is it Edwardston?

Hucka D.:

Could be. Anyway, that’s the story of the gap[ in “2989”] and why The Contraption isn’t there. That’s the history.

the referred to “gap”


“Green Man is again accompanied by Gray Man, Hucka D. Just like in “Forgotten Green” and “Cover Up”, the 2 other places he appears in the Falmouth collage series so far. Gray is lack of color. But of course there’s also Gray Rock nearby with its topping Seal Stone.

Hucka D.:

Two things placed one on top of the other, like the Green Man’s head and body or torso.


Back to “2989”… The picture represents the crossroads, and Whitehead Crossing. But through another recent collage, we understand that The Crossroads is at Big Log, perhaps marked by nearby Orange Hill. In the collage I speak of — “Jasper 04 Revisited” — a rock shaped like a tombstone with an etched in cross is placed atop this hill. It appears just below the middle of Big Log, where Pooh left his honey for 4 Sticks guy in another, smaller collage.

Hucka D.:

That collage [will be discussed next], so go ahead and put up a pic.



That’s part 2 of the 2 part animation.

Hucka D.:

Why does Pooh leave this gift for 4 Sticks? He knocks but no one is home in the village. The Pooh gift sits atop a prominent hump of the log. (pause) The number 2989 appears below Pooh’s wagon with the honey. As this animation collage comes directly after the collage called “2989” with this same wagon appearing, among many other lego built objects, we know this is a continuation of some sort. But also keep in mind if you will that the Big Log collage here was created *last* year — it’s really the first Whitehead Crossing collage, then. Big Log is the entrance to 4 Sticks. 4 Sticks does not rule Edward’s Stone or The Emerald or Little Whitehead. That’s off limits.


How come?

Hucka D.:

We, the bees, had something to do with it. Originally, we were set up in a hole nearby — where the spout is now. The rocks of the spring there now cover the hole for protection. We suspect Uncle Zoe and Aunt Joe were involved[ again].


So your people were originally set up right next to Little Whitehead. Quite fascinating.

Hucka D.:

Indeed. The Emerald was off limits for building, but a special kind of structure — atomic building block — was created to safely build there. Kind of like Karoz[ for Gene Fade].


It was a kind of virtual reality.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Now look at “2989” in this new light, with this new knowledge.


Pooh, rejected by 4 Sticks, must have come to The Emerald to make his new home.

Hucka D.:

He provided the honey to our bees.

(to be continued)

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Recent Hikes…

Shot of large rock near Green Oz Creek, in the section of Green Oz I’ve been calling Yellow Down in this here blog. I need to eventually give it a name. Just to remind, Green Oz represents the middle ground of Green Oz Creek from source to mouth, a more open area with numerous fields roughly centered by Tinsity. It seems naturally divided into two larger section: Greenup to the north and Yellow Down to the south, with a smaller, central patch of rhododendron that appears to be a divider between the two called Brownie (or Dark Space). Tinsity lies on the upper edge of Brownie, or, oppositely, on the southern limit of Greenup.


This is a photo looking over Skillet Swamp just north, in turn, from Tinsity.


Heavy summer rains have seemingly washed away this old avatar bridge, but also created a new crossing seen below.


Beautiful meadow between Green Oz and the Quartz Brook Valley to its northwest, which I also revisited the next day but didn’t take any photos of. While the leaves are still on the trees, the woods tend to be pretty dark, making picture taking difficult. I’m not a big fan of outdoor flash photography.


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Variety of Stuff


Started to work on carrcasses again after almost a 3 month layoff. I call the newest one “Number Nine” (subject to change), apparently a close companion to “8 Ball” basically completed in June before we left for England. As usual, I can’t give out many details on these, unfortunately. I *can* talk about it using more abstracted images.



Strange I was the first to mention Burnet on the Synchronicity Phenomena board, not Don, who later actually lived there.

This was the 4th (Don, from Oct. 2004)…

I just read this post last night, and then today saw an actual coon in the woods, and in the very spot I thought that Mossman as a surrogate Daniel Boone might have spent his last days. No lie. See this post for further information on Gene Fade and his Missouri [link soon].

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Byng 02

(continued from “Byng 01”)

Rock Island about 50 yards or so upstream from Lion’s Roar. One could certainly make an argument that it’s not an island per se, but just an interior conglomeration of rocks more often than not protruding above Byng’s water level.


Interesting orange tinted rock patterns within an unnamed, small cascade just above Rock Island.


Shots into the upper reaches of Byng’s Kansas region, which has taken on added significance in the meantime:



I’ve found a path linking Missouri on the ridge to the west (same ridge with the Kentucky platform further up, once more) to this rock filled and more spread out, circle shaped part of Byng I am standing in for the below picture. Just downstream from here, we can spy the dark silhouette of a large, dead tree that perhaps represents the center of 6 Minute Hill. More on that soon as well.


Larger, square-ish rock from the same area.



Upper Kansas flora.


Interesting crisscross of tree trunks above Byng… again taken within the same circular Byng location that the Missouri Trail leads to from the western ridge.


Interesting trunk spanning a more marshy part of 6 Minute Hill.


The central dead tree mentioned before, viewed from the opposite direction.


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Byng 01

A greenish mushroom that has partially collapsed since I first spied it at the beginning of the Missouri Trail of Byng several days ago. I barely recognized it, in fact. The surface aspect of mushrooms seem to have a short span of existence. That’s something I look forward to studying closer when I retired in *7 1/2* years, barring illness. And even with illness (not going to happen) it will still be 7 1/2 total years, since I have bunches of sick leave accumulated. Not that I don’t like my job, but I have things to do… besides keeping up with this blog, which I intend to continue until I can’t. Frank and Herman, Einstein! is long term. Maybe beyond 7 1/2 years. 馃檪

Since the below spot marks the point where you can enter Kansas (middle Byng Creek) or Missouri (ridge west of Byng), some might call it Kansas City. I’m not sure I’m ready to run with that particular pack yet.


Holey Moley! Is that a wood fairy I took a picture of yesterday?!? This was a bit up the Missouri Trail, where you can see Lion’s Roar (central dark patch) in the background. I believe I took the picture with a flash (automatically set to adjust for lighting), but still I don’t see how it could illuminate a whole object like that. Could be wrong. Didn’t see anything like a fairy (or big bug) when taking the picture.


Close-up of the “fairy”. You can definitely see the wings here, and it appears to be flying at a goodly rate, or at least the wings, if that’s what they are, appear to be vibrating at such.


A short hike uphill brings us to the flatter platform of Missouri, not nearly as big as the Kentucky platform further up the same ridge but its only other identifiable platform area nonetheless that I can tell. The name Missouri comes from its proximity to both Kentucky to the west and Kansas to the east. Illinois and Iowa may figure into this as well, and it’s rumored (so far in Byng story) that Kansas’ Rock Island, which I’ll get to in a moment in this photo series, actually comes from a hidden mystery land of Illinois or Iowa or both, perhaps originally issuing from the area of The Impass above Kansas on Byng. Now factor into this seed mythology the Missouri platform situated not far above Rock Island.


Details from Missouri.


This photos depicts a tree seeming to grow almost horizontally out of the ground, but on second glance appears to be dead. Unusual.


Now we come to another oddity of the day. As I was shuffling around the Missouri platform taking pictures, I noticed not one but two unusual sounds. One sounded like somewhat garbled or muffled gunshot from a distance hill, and at a peculiarly regular rate. The second at first seem to come from the other direction, and sounded like a benign chirp from some exotic bird. It took a while to understand that the two sounds actually came from one source: a raccoon perched perhaps 50-60 feet above me in a tree. The sounds were directed toward *me*!


When I returned home last night, I looked up raccoon sounds on the Internet, and discovered they can make an astonishingly wide variety of such. I never found an audio match for the more threatening of the two sounds, however. I didn’t feel like I was in immediate danger, but I also knew that to continue up to Kentucky, my original plan, would have me passing through this very spot on the way back. I didn’t like the idea of encountering this raccoon again, and so I decided to instead descend back down the ridge and head over to Kansas and Byng instead. Below we have a pic from the still extant pots neatly tucked into an inner pocket of Lion’s Roar’s large, overhanging rock.


Byng’s Periwinkle Falls, just above Lion’s Roar.


(continued in “Byng 02”)

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Go back to the Gene Fade Mountain’s 80 post art work and look closely at posts 00, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, perhaps comparing them with the 8 (or 9) points of the Burnet “octagon”, if end is looped back into beginning. We’ve already made a connection between the 80 posts rock work and Kentucky’s Bee Line (through Fade Mtn.’s [failed] Weaving Spot). Is it now also connected to Whitehead X-ing’s Contemplation Loop, given that the weaving spot was also such a loop for at least one day? Must compare lengths of all. Something will arise.

Today I plan to go back to Missouri and also Kentucky further up the same ridge and take some notes, perhaps some c[h]ord. Will have to be 70 yards in length. I’m thinking of using wire. Will a train track be built at Kentucky? Missouri?

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