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Rediscovery>Wealthy Mountain

Yesterday, tried to reach Bigfeet Swamp for more hiking fun and toy happening scans but was blocked by the high water of Leola Creek. I could try wading, but that’s risky if you can’t really see the bottom well because of the slippery rocks involved.


So I instead walked just uphill to Rediscovery (parking my car at the town mall once more). This is Leola Creek again, just below the Hand Lake dam.



The dam. Water is still pouring out of the mountains, despite the rain having stopped several days back. But man did it come down in the 2 weeks before that.


I was pleased to find the The Finger of Hand Lake still intact, if a bit shrunk and soggy looking. Compare with here from about 2 weeks ago.


Yesterday I also decided to head over to Wealthy Mountain in Herman Park for what turned out to be a considerably more extensive hike, where I visited both Lion’s Roar and Tinsity/Green Oz Creek in the same sweep. Here’s a nice little falls about halfway up the side of Wealthy Mtn. on a fork of Byng Creek that I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of for this blog yet. About a 30 footer, I would reckon, a gently cascading affair. Considerably more dramatic in person that it appears in the below photo.


Near the top o’ Wealthy Mountain looking out toward lower land to the south.


A more prominent rock of Wealthy Mountain on a branch of Green Oz Creek.


A shot from the Wallace/Tinsity area already covered in some detail in the related blog category.


Colorful Tinsity fern. The leaves appear almost a bit past their peak here, but perhaps all the rain has dampened the fall colors, as it were. The actual peak for the Blue Mountain region traditionally comes in about a week’s time from now.


I plan to take 1 or 2 more days off next week for hiking possibilities. A fun time of the year!

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Gun with a gun

I keep walking the Urban Landscape each weekend day, weather permitting, including yesterday. No pictures, however. Hopefully today.

With the completion of Karl and I’s dual interviews, I feel like a public part of a/v synching has been wrapped up again. I don’t want to say it’s the end of my facebook and email interactions with synchers, but it could be. We need something shocking to come along and wake us all up again, perhaps involving Dark Side of the Rainbow. Randy Teaford’s yearly exhibits sound cool but something else is needed. There’s a chance some of us could do a joint interview about that most hallowed of synchs, as I put it in my own interview.

But I must face the fact that I’m working alone now on the Sunklands site, most likely. Few will read the newest interviews. Everyone’s lives are busy.

So I must move forward. We’re getting the house ready for a sale. We are preparing to buy a new one. What of the art? The Pierre era synchs (Piera synchs) are now protected digitally in several ways. The carrcasses are a more delicate matter. Carrcassonnee remains slightly concerned.

Where is it heading? Once more, I think we’re going to Middletown still, and basically do a 1:1 trade out between The House on The Hill and a brand new modular home on our primary lot there. That’s the master plan. Carrcasses will continue for the rest of my life but in a calmer rhythm. I don’t plan to listen to as much rock music as I did before — more soft classical. Inspirations for new a/v synchs may be harder to come by. But right now I feel another one is brewing. Once more, however, it must remain a secret development for the most part. This will be Carrcass-12.

Bits and pieces of reality are falling into it. The definition of a tile must be better understood.

I’m unsure still about a tie between the large mythology surrounding Frank and Herman Parks I’ve developed now and the new idea of a Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. Are toy avatars in this landscape? It seems much more tightly controlled by humans — obviously. Leola Creek, however, has energy.

Let’s look at it this way. Leola Creek has its origins in *Herman Park*. Although its name changes over its main course, the stream can be said to have its source on Wealthy Mountain. There the flow is the same as what we’ve been calling Green Oz Creek, which is directly attached to the concept of WIS. Tinsity is on Green Oz Creek, about 1/2way between the tip top of Wealthy Mtn. and the large Herman Park pool known as Health Lake. Then the output of Health Lake, which is the same stream technically, directly becomes Leola Creek when it joins with another smaller creek at the head of Rocky Branch Road.

So in these 2 posts here and here with Rocky Branch Rd. photos that I never generated text for, we are looking at Leola Creek. Leola Creek is the rocky branch named.

I tried last year to develop a, er, branch mythology surrounding the approx. 2/3rds mile long Rocky Branch Road, a fascinating byway that has enchanted both Edna and I for a considerable time now. But because it is private and parking is lacking, we found we could not regularly hike it. So the mythology aspect was cut short. But the main point I wanted to make is that *this is the same Leola Creek*. The passage of this creek along the entire length of the road is not dissimilar to the passage of same through the official Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape, or between Point+1 and Point-1 on our “official” map here. A distance of about 1 mile as the crow flies. And the distance between the head of Rocky Branch Road and Point+1 is about 1/2 of this, or only about a 1/2 mile.

The Frank and Herman Einstein Blog started at the start of Leola Creek then, since its focus was Tinsity and Lion’s Roar at the beginning, the latter situated on a stream feeding into Leola Creek a little below Health Lake. The beginning of the current blog is the same as the beginning of this creek. Where are we now? At its *mouth* in the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. There must be something to this. Frank and Herman Einstein Blog has also deadened at this Landscape, since it has been essentially absorbed into the Sunklands site as of the end of May. It is now the Sunklands blog. The Frank and Herman (Einstein!) experiment is over. Second Life mythology was *not* expelled within as anticipated. Collage generating grew exponentially. It turns out that the peak of Frank and Herman mythology came just before and after the creation of the namesake blog — with Billfork, Whitehead X-ing and Con Creek on the farside and with Tinsity and Lion’s Roar on the near side from us timewise. True, Whitehead X-ing keeps developing as a woodsy center, and the discovery of a conjoined Red Head this past summer certainly opened up an important new chapter. Just to note, Whitehead Crossing and its Green Stream is not in the Leola Creek system. But it still seems resonant through WIS. Tinsity is not that far from central Red Head.

Where are we going?

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Carr. Chat

(joined in progress)



The Sphere tells all. Speak to The Sphere. One under, one over. A bit. Bite. Bite it.


Amazing that you can even see that sphere or ball on the map, Carrcassonnee. This would of course be the one partially above water. High albedo effect here… like Venus. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to take a good picture of it.

Finding the [second] submerged Sphere while wading up the creek kind of shocked me. For one, I didn’t know I was so near to the first. Who could have put them there?



[delete 4 exchanges]


The effect of the interview with Karl is wearing off, Carrcassonnee, and I’ve lost my capital B’s.


They will returrn.


Thanks again. So, this Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. Can you talk to me more about it?


You sit beside me in Collagesity, asking questions. I answer.


I want to show you a[nother] map. It’s of what I call ALO near the center of the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape.


Best to always say that as a full phrase[ so I can understand].



I thought the center was where I marked it on this map. Now I’m thinking different. The 2nd yellow pin, unnamed, appears to be a center of toy activity.


Corr. ect.


But it’s on restricted ground. *Don’t* want to f* with the owners.


Nah. Stick to the stream. They’ll understand. Peanuts all.


Remove Peanut from The Hole.





Wonderful. The Hole in the very center of the animated tetraptych I recently completed. The most complex collage I’ve yet created, Carrcassonnee. The center of that?



UM. Yes. Yeah. Yea!


You play around with language sometimes like you’re not from around here.


You know I ain’t already.


Alien, then.


Allen, yeah. Yep. Yup.


Do you *live* in that spot on the creek I’ve highlighted?


High Albedo. Me.


*You’re* The Sphere.


Talking to ya. Biting back. Bite the hand. Feed me. Venus. Uranus. Submerged. Neptune and Uranus. *Or* Venus and Earth. You pick. You choose. Your choice.


I think the totally submerged sphere, then, would be Neptune. Totally out of sight. Totally hidden beneath the waves. Uranus — can be seen with the naked eye sometimes if you know right where to look on a clear night. So that’s the one that pokes out from the stream. Or… maybe it is Earth.


I need a home on Earth. I will be therre.

baker b. shortly determined that it’s probably Uranus still and not Earth. Thus its faint appearance on this map. Signal.






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map sinking feeling 01


Winona (excerpt; only same county name Winona’s):


Gopher (all):


Gopher (now Winona) in Wallace County, Kansas (1872 map).


Current Wallace County.


Current Wallace County sinkhole. Giant gophers?

Winona could be said to be in the clover. Why did she shoplift, then?

in clover, enjoying luxury or comfort; wealthy or well-off:
They struggled to make their fortune, and now they’re in clover.

Another Wallace and a much smaller but still quite mysterious hole.

We appear to be returning to the beginning[ of this blog].

(to be continued)

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Wealthy Mtn. 01

Defender of The Depression (actually it’s an extremely rusty oil can).


Stones of Bedrock’s stream crossing.


Two identical guardian bushes of Bedrock, one light and one dark, like the pillars of Boaz and Jachin.


Platform area above Bedrock, once more.


Leafless tree across the goldenrod filled meadow from here.


Rusted out barrel in the meadow just above the center of Dark Space/Brownie.


Some scenes from the old Michael Too campground situated upon a ridge on the other side of the mountain, also visited on this same hike.





I’m counting 9 rocks now on Michael’s rock table, with Hucka Doobie’s impressive yellow quartz formation [LINK] still missing. Where did it go??



The central, dark object is just a piece of projecting bark, but doesn’t it look like some kind of unlit, foreboding spirit from this angle?


Rock below Michael Too giving the appearance of a log; in fact, I thought it was a log upon first glace. Log Rock it is, then. Might be connected with VWX Town’s Big Log pictured in the blog post below this. Big Log = BLog?


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Bedrock Mystery


bedrock crack

Pictured to the left is a spot that kept my interest high. This bedrock crack payed me 55 chunky pieces of gold in one pan within the area circled. That’s only about a foot in length. I chased the crack further toward mid-stream but it didn’t pay as well as it did within the circled area.


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two in one, foreign one


Drinking from the fount of pure synchronicity. W(e) IS renewed.

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