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you can’t occupy a fort if someone already lives there

India: You have just begun to understand The Fortress. Do you understand?

Me: Yes.

India: But do you *really* understand.

Me: Um. No. No?

India: Yes.


I knew that India lived at the Fortress, who was both Asian and American. NO Fused with a man. NO I picked up the negative voice. YES Snake, hissing of summer? MAYBE Ah… closer. Close.

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Bigfoot Notes

Components of toy happenings so far…

1) Found regional objects (“junk”).

For Billfork (Spring 2012) and Lion’s Roar (Fall 2012) this came from sites of torn down houses and structures in Herman Park each. For Bigfoot, outside the protection of Frank and Herman Parks, the objects were found at the Plateau of Raw Art (site of old high school). Ruins are a key link. The smaller art event called Falmouth (Spring 2013) also contained some junk objects, most of which were old bottles. Same story there: came from nearby site of old house. Billfork and Lion’s Roar had a lot of bottles as well. Then there’s the basically unpotentialized Whitehead Crossing with its 55 or so bottles laying around in a pile.


And *then* there’s Rust Spot with its cache of metal stuff. 😮

2) Marble Race Track

The first marble race tracks of happenings set up in Billfork and Lion’s Roar were linear, with the end separate and unrelated, let’s say, from the beginning. For Bigfoot, end loops back into beginning potentially, or they are directly up and down from each other at least. This mimics the idea of Opus 19, where the bottom of the track is directly below the top. If you had some kind of pulley system, the race could potentially be made perpetual.

Opus 19 in 1990 art exhibit

The marble race in Bigfoot was somewhat bigger than in Billfork and Lion’s Roar as well. All use 0-27 gauge model railroad track, of which I have probably 70-80 pieces by now.

3) Toy avatars

Billfork had no toy avatars except for the marbles (which count, despite the opinions of the Mmmmmmm’s). Lion’s Roar contained a couple, or at least I especially remember order barking Sue. The Sharieland art event (Fall 2013) excels here, with a good number of toy avatars involved in building and maintaining a central road through the rocks and sand of Erath on Earth Creek at Heart Lake. Sharieland is also where Billy J. Thornberry made his first appearance in a toy happening in the role of Lazy Sideburns Man, famously destroyed by Hater the Cow there. Of course he later reappears in Bigfoot as iron smelter Taum Sauk and also, briefly, as LSB’s twin brother Daisy at Whitehead Crossing, deemed The Leader (Spring 2014: 1 2).

Toy avatars appear quite early in my blogging experiences, way back in 2008 at TILE Creek, which can count as the first toy avatar happening. But there it was pure toys, with no junk and marble track (except for a couple of rustmobiles, i.e. old tin cans). I suppose we can call it the Jonesborough Happening. Nothing really has gone on there since then.

I keep stockpiling toys, which can be found very cheaply at flea markets and such.


You have to have a right combination of the above 3 to make a true art happening in my opinion. And that’s what occurred at Bigfoot.


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I’ve decided to rename Finger Island into Hand Island, with the attached lake it dominates likewise turning into Hand Lake. I do this because there’s clearly not one finger-like extension projecting from the main bulk of the island, but *two*. My reasoning is that the other 3 fingers are represented but hidden, perhaps clustered together like this…


… or maybe even this.


There’s deeper reasons for the name change, however. When feeling the initial desire to turn Finger Island into Hand Island because of the two fingers conundrum outlined above, my mind also turned back to Herman Park and a projected *fourth* lake to be created by Lisa The Vegetarian there called, well, Hand Lake — to complement the perhaps already created Heart Lake, Head Lake, and then soon to be created Health Lake, the last of the four. This duplicates the composition of the 4Hs in the 4H club pledge and famous 4 leaf clover emblem: head, heart, hands and health. There we have a plural form of the same word we’ve applied to the Blue Mountain pool: “hand” to “hands”. But the thing is, Hand (or Hands) Lake was reportedly the only one of the 4 never fulfilled by Lisa V.

References to this from the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog:

“Thanks for that information, Hucka D.,” I said. He smiled. He went to the shelf and removed a red book. Small — no title on the spine or on the front. He opened to page 156.

Noticing this I said, “I’ve already received that message.”

“Received it more,” he came back levelly. He continued to flip through it. “Have you read about Drink Lake yet? Fascinating. You know Lisa the Vegetarian was given Hand Lake and then decided to expand it through this book. The book is the father. Norris was a father; Anderson was a father. Together they created a memory pool of Sandusky County and Clyde extending almost from the years 1860 to 1900, a two score. Booger was told of this.”

McCartney charges Lisa the V. to center the US of A in Arkansas, and kind of tells her how to do it. She creates Head Lake, Heart Lake, Hand Lake, and then Health Lake spinning the opposite direction. To control the spin she must buy all of neighboring Wealthy Mountain — actually Health Lake and Wealthy Mountain are part of one complex, along with Wysei [ which you haven’t found yet]. Then she expanded Hand Lake through the TILE Creek, which was showing off her genius for the first, real time.


Real genius for the first time, you mean.

Hucka D. (continuing):

That expansion is very important. You must study it this spring. For without that expansion, Herman Park does not exist. All would be in the aether still.


I will. I promise.


Who are the singers?

Hucka D.:

They are the genius of Lisa the Vegetarian. They are the expansion of Hand Lake. They are TILE Creek. They will protect.

In addition, Lisa the Vegetarian had several June 2015 posts devoted to her after she topped the voting in the Mystenopolis town deity contest. As far as I know she still holds this rank, even though I, through Baker Bloch, soon left the Mysten sim to return to the Rubi Woods.

So what about this expansion of Hand Lake into TILE Creek, extending from Hand Spring to Drink Lake and a bit beyond?

Well, let’s first explain I also found out this morning that Hand Lake (former Finger Lake once more) lies directly north of Drink Lake, and both bodies of water are sources of drinking water for their respective towns of Blue Mountain and Boulder. *Both* are drinking lakes. In the below 2 images from GoogleEarth, the position of The Finger in Hand Lake is placemarked by a yellow pin, and then a corresponding spot directly south of it in the middle of Drink Lake is similarly marked with a yellow pin. Toggle back and forth to see the overlap. The pin locations are less than 4 miles apart. I was quite surprised to find out how close the 2 pools were.



These are my preliminary thoughts:

The Finger formation of Hand Lake *has* to be the working of Lisa The Vegetarian. She reinforced this through the creation of a second, smaller finger-like extension from the same dominating lake island. She clearly wanted *me* to understand that this was the legendary Hand Lake, *created* but then *displaced* into the Blue Mountain area from the Boulder area. She displaced it directly north of the lake she created *in place* of it near Boulder, or the considerably larger Drink Lake. The Mmms moved in sometime after this. Hermania was created sometime after this. Mossmen learned of the location, and Herman Park as a whole.

Last thoughts for now:

Overlapping Hand Lake and Drink Lake pins and replacing land south of former with south of latter gives the following image, where the two towns of Blue Mountain and Boulder effectively touch in the general pin regions. The 2 town water plants are also obviously a focus of the overlap; they’re also directly north-south of each other, and also “touch” boundaries in the below image.


If we eliminate land *north* of Hand Lake and replace it with land north of Drink Lake instead, we get the following, with the disappearance of both towns and setting the joined drinking lakes in a relative wilderness setting….


(to be continued)

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“Lost in Hermania”

Independent film by Mmmmmm’s. Mmm (*not* Salad Bar Jack!) is lost in the urban landscape of Hermania, unable to escape. Hermania is a burg of quite some significance. Many Mmmmmmm’s live there. Mossmen too (exploiting Mmmmmmm’s?). Marbles as well. Bad ones. Bad ones? Dented.

Known as the first humanistic Mmm related film; beyond action-adventure. Probably low budget as well.

Film deals with rapid growth of Hermania, attracting the “wrong” elements, and the clash of cultures (3Ms). Must remember to be united through TILE and Meeting Rock! Must remember the cooperation of between their ancestors. Not devolve into the warring factions that caused the Wilderness battle, etc.

Must create a street map of Hermania — collaged from other maps. How? Hermania exists between Mars Beach (“south”) and Jupiter Beach (“north”).

How does actor-turned-director Gene Fade, struggling still to fulfill his ambitious (expensive?) “Fade To Moss” art movie, feel about a successful movie by an Mmm that’s pulling in the crowd (mostly other Mmm’s)? Not good, I’m thinking.

What is the population of Hermania? What of the pop. of the ethnic groups? Meeting Rock is seen as a landscape icon, like Hollywood Hills for L.A.

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“Stream” might still be important.

This is the same as George Harris’ Son’s Branch, the one looping around our Blue Mountain house. It has its origins on the north side of Herman Park. Protected. But then shortly entering unprotected area as it snakes toward our house, our neighborhood. Our degenerated ridge. Along the way it passes through Harrisonia — unprotected, true, but still with energy. A shed sits in the middle: Harrisonia Central. Who put this shed there? Did they build it on the spot?

From the same 2008 post, CREEK is now called Tile Creek, more commonly known as Yards Creek, however, to non-Tilists. RIVER is the same as Spoon Fork, the main waterway of Frank Park. Not yet known about at the time of this post is Whitehead Crossing, and the importance of its Green Stream lying kind of in the middle of all 3.

The designations have changed. The flows have become more personalized. All revolves, seemingly, around Whitehead Crossing now. Red Head, Greenhead, Whitehead. Blue Skies Mr. above all.



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March 29 2015 photos

New territory discovered not once but twice yesterday (Sunday). We start in Boulder — or more precisely on the edge between Boulder and Herman Park — where for the first time I poked around the mouth of TILE Creek as it empties into a fork of the Old River (ironically one of the newest rivers in not only the United States but the world). The mouth is found just off the short driveway down to the Boulder Water Treatment Plant from the main highway. Plant employees have apparently created steps down to the stream juncture; a kind of miniature park. Perhaps they go there to eat and relax at lunch and on breaks.

This is the small gorge that the Old River fork runs through just before encountering TILE Creek. Possibilities exist here for future toy happenings. I was happy to find it. Civilization lies all around this pocket of gorge-ous wilderness. 🙂


A small but very sandy beach just downstream from the TILE-Old conjunction.


This hemlock towers over it — obvious ruler. This is yet another spot that could serve as a toy happening.


A green-ing island at the Mouth of TILE. Green Isle I suppose is as good a name as any.


Then I decided to hike in neighboring Frank Park this same day and found another new and most likely more important discovery: a whole *’nother section of Whitehead Crossing*, effectively blocked off from the main part. That’s why I didn’t find it until yesterday. I will definitely be heading back to this area sometime during the next handful of days. For now I’ll say that Green Stream, Whitehead X-ing’s largest water flow, cascades through the western edge of the open area. This region has also been called Red Head in the past, and supposedly where Mossman settled in ancient times after finding the Korean Channel through the old Spoon Fork Portal System. But Red Head remained only conjecture until yesterday.

Interesting rocks at the top of one of the several Red Head cascades. I’ll most likely create a map of Red Head sometime this spring, when I gather more information. First off, I have to figure out an *easier way into it* (!).


This seems to represent a very important rock toward the northern limit of the cascade series. Additional info soon (once more).


Many interesting features in the cascades region.


And this is a shallow pool of water found nearby which I also hadn’t known about before. Most likely it will garner a name soon as well. But as hard as I tried, all paths heading toward the main part of Whitehead Crossing evaporated from this direction. I could *see* the main part through the trees and rhododendron — just couldn’t reach it.


Rotted tree near the pool.


Another nifty Red Head rock on Green Stream, this one toward the southern end of the blocked off region. South Rock?


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Hiking Updates

Focus this year seems to be more on Herman Park and TILE Creek and Drink Lake. Also: Notherton a bit, over in Frank Park. Big news so far is the discovery of an earthen teepee smack in the middle of my precious Whitehead Crossing. I’ve been invaded! I do not know the culprit but the wife suspects Sustainable Development students from the local college. Maybe a paper or report is involved. Anyhoot, they’re there now, and I’m sure I’ll stop in every week or 3 to check on progress. The teepee is not yet finished, and will not protect from the rain. Does someone plan to actually live in it for a spell? Perhaps the *whole summer coming up*? But, like I said, it’s there now.

The other prime development is a re-attraction to Herman Park, specifically the Drink Lake environs. Newly explored regions include Straw Hole on the shores of Drink Lake, and also Ditchlandia below the lake’s dam. I desire to create another toy happening. Will the setting be Ditchlandia? A distinct possibility. I haven’t returned to Billfork yet this early spring but that’s probably in the cards soon as well. Perhaps this weekend… I wish Carrcassonnee was still around to talk to. Or Hucka D. Someone. But I guess there’s Artie J. Spongeberg now.

AJ Spongeberg:



Not available?

[no additional answer]

I’d also like to get back to Sharieland. Look at that Mysten Rock again. Toy happening there instead? And what about Middletown? Wasn’t the plan to have a toy happening at Dead Center Hill before the poison ivy returned? What about that? What about Mythopolis and the Spine Line?

Hucka D.:

Okay I have returned.


Great (!) Where’ve you been?

Hucka D.:

Doesn’t matter. Frogtown. Jennifer.



Hucka D.:

A friend. A real good friend. Real good.


I’m glad you’re back.

Hucka D.:

We must speak of Whitehead Crossing, for one. Doug is involved. Doug is in the [teepee]. Stay away from Doug. Beware of Doug.


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Sunday’s Photos

I stumbled upon what I believe to be part of the “Spite Wall” this day, separating Herman Park from lands to the south. I’ll have to look up the story about this wall soon. I also lost my sunglasses there, but found them upon a return the next day. Lucky me!*


Jupiter Rock on Gene Fade’s Mountain, where he was born and grew up. Yes, Gene is a true, dyed in the blue Jupiton, and he never forgot his roots while at the same time going beyond them.


A shot of Jupiter Rock’s Red Spot, and the place Hucka D. states was the small “downtown” area just beyond.


We move back to Herman Park now and Ditchlandia. Only a few of my photos turned out to be blog-worthy of this place on this particular shooting spree, and here we have one of ’em: a pecked tree on the eastern lip of the ditch in question. I would assume this ditch to be an old road of some kind. But if so it’s now bisected by TILE Creek. Was the creek channeled here later on? A distinct possibility given that Drink Lake may have been created after the road.


Interesting drop of water on TILE Creek basically in line with the ditch/road laying on either side of it. Multi-colored earth here.


A couple of the numerous Ditchlandia hemlocks.



Prominent Ditchlandia rock on the eastern edge, toward Drink Lake and its dam.


Smashed up boat lying just at the bottom of the Drink Lake spillway.


I think it is the same boat found in this verse:

Then he said that she was a wind, a strong terrible wind, coming out of the darkness of a stormy sea and that he was a boat left on the shore of the sea by a fisherman.


* Related passage:


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Back Outdoors (!)

Eastern side of Drink Lake in the background, and doggy bowl with frozen water in the foreground. The cold is yielding to warmth finally, however. Spring has sprung!
Drink Lake looking east, with Pencilinsula in the center, former home of the Quadrobeavs. In the Collagesity Temple, Pencilinsula *might* be represented by the alcove containing Carrcassonnee, chief town deity. She does not have a sticky out rock, however, but a pet: Spider (dog). In 12 Oz Mouse, Spider screams when Roostre asks if he’s playing Hayes. To remind, Rutherford “Booger” Hayes is the first president of the United States to never be the president of the United States.

Pencilinsula from the opposite shore, rock pointed straight toward us. The rock has also been referred to as The Point of The Wall. If Carrcassonnee = Pencilinsula, then this position would stand for The Bobs of Collagesity Temple. Interesting.

Still moving along the south side of the lake in a westward direction, I soon encountered, judging by the smell, what I’m pretty sure is a skunk hole, as seen through the fence surrounding Drink Lake. I will obviously be avoiding this opening in the future.

And this is nearby *Straw* Hole, like a straw inserted in a drink. You can even seen Drink Lake (Aqua) within. This seems to connect to the insane machinations of Kerchal countering those of calm Carrcassonnee. Insanoflex… defeated by Drink in Carrcass-0. “Keep playing your dumb ass song.” And this has something to do with a more internal battle between Shake and Jesus for control of this alcove inside the Collagesity Temple. Does Jesus respect or accept the TILE religion? A question to be asking.

Hole is accompanied by Hill… well, a rock. This is the site of some kind of future TILE Temple fer sure.

Sort of pathway into this central area containing the hole.

Eastside, Straw Hole — which is apparently also the name of the community surrounding the hole.  Appropriate. (note: Hucka Doobie states this is incorrect, and that he will give out an official name in due time) There’s another rock.

You have to cross this tangle of limbs to reach Straw Hole from the east.

Western side of Drink Lake, with its earthen dam to the right. Great Meadow is in the background.


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Collage Tests

“Rock, His Story”

“TILE Worship”

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