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This is what she studies, Duncan, this *Rose* Wells. Boxes… cubes I suppose.

“Borneo?” He’d heard that name before. Something about corn.


The blue sphere appears. Duncan disappears. Duncan saw too much in the field! Field “on”, and then he was there — in Reality — beyond the 300 or starting with the 300. Fieldon town limits.

The 2 blue spheres were 2 1/2 years apart, meaning that they were opposite each other — in the garden representing our solar system or an Earth limited one, with The Sun in the center (19). And what about The Observer there, watching from a table on the edge of the property? Fortress: Duncan was warned not to go back, and that maybe rats were there, perhaps similar to the ones within the tulips that make them move in oh so mysterious ways.

He was trying to mark the way (to the Fortress) with well placed toys. But they were not allowed here? White moves on beyond Black (Duncan) with Red, with Red obviously equaling Indian Wells now, both Asian and American at once. White Mage, in this scenario, is merely Hidi again.

“Primary Rabbit?” he asks, back at the home with the mannequins out front.


“I think… I’m ready to move beyond Black.”

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I wish I could say Jerry Lind found the Fortress but I’m not sure. A word of the day but perhaps not this particular day in the late of May. I wish I could say the 27th so I did. Jerry Lind was 2 years old, yet a striking young man with Asian Indian features and with red complexion like an American kind. It’s like he entered The Sphere at New Delhi or thereabouts with its American Indian street names and profuse graffiti and collapsing black hole style garages and then couldn’t find his way back out. It’s that way with the Fortress as well: one door in, no exit. You were one with God. Happy birthday, 2!


“It’s like I couldn’t touch him, he was so damaged with the rain pouring into his head like an inverted sky. He had the circular umbrella unfolded wide, yet the water came and came, shower ON.”

“I’m sorry, W,” I responded. “I know that must have been hard.”

“You don’t know the 1/2 of it. The *1/2* of the 1/2.”

“That must have been 1/4th as hard as I can possibly imagine, then.”

“You said it! Wait, what?”

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tit for tat

George stood on 97/97 and looked at the picture of the couple and thought about All Orange. He grew maybe 6 inches overnight thinking about the thing. He was in danger of being absorbed, 13 to 10 to 13 and back and back and back, over and over. Duncan Avocado needed to keep a better eye out on him, but he had his own, rather similar problems. Tulips. How did they move that way? Why is that one red and why is that one over there purple but in the same bunch? And the rats. Don’t get him started about the rats. They make the stems, leaves and flowers move in mysterious, dark ways. He wonders if there are any rats in the Fortress — probably are, he rationalizes. And if not, maybe something else.

Markers. Must – place – markers.


“How old are you?” Duncan queried about the lateness for dinner over the phone.

“13,” George admitted, and thought about the added height. How to get rid of it? How to convince Duncan A. he was still just an innocent boy at the heart of it all.

“Get – home.” Duncan hung up. He knew George was nearby. Phone service was spotty in the countryside, and George’s voice rang clear as an Alexander Graham Bell. Probably visited that gallery, hmph, he thought. Stood on the site of the former black hole and let it have its way, dark powers still tappable. 13 to 10 to 13 and on and on, spiraling out of control. He felt his own heart, and realized that innocence lost is innocence lost. For everyone except George.

(to be continued)

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you can’t occupy a fort if someone already lives there

India: You have just begun to understand The Fortress. Do you understand?

Me: Yes.

India: But do you *really* understand.

Me: Um. No. No?

India: Yes.


I knew that India lived at the Fortress, who was both Asian and American. NO Fused with a man. NO I picked up the negative voice. YES Snake, hissing of summer? MAYBE Ah… closer. Close.

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menstrual show

“I don’t think Marty has any right to judge art from my town, Buster. *My* opinion.”

“You are right,” Buster replied. Better get to a picture of ’em.

“I went to the Fortress today, Buster,” Duncan Avocado confessed to his boss, the Pot-D Deputy Assistant Sub Vice-Chancellor for Internal External Affairs.

“I know, Duncan.” He nods toward the tracking skeleton heart medallion hung around his neck.

“Oh, yes,” Duncan replies, fondling it. “Forgot.”

“The Fortress is not for you.” Sterner now. “It is for someone else.”

“I know: Hidi.”

“Well… *whoever* it is, and you don’t need to know that yet.”

“What about… Jerry Lind, the Asian Indian–”

“We know about him as well. And he’s both American and Asian: a mix.”

Duncan thought of the red complexion and understood. “They were headed to the Fortress.”

“I said I don’t…” He blows out a tiny puff of air from his small vampire body, trying to calm down. “Just show me the new Willendorf.” He was ready to blow this joint, his regular hangout beside the railroads. Still red hot and angry “policewoman” Angelina Dickenson lives just down the tracks, but in a different sim. He’s safe here, he considers again. But he remains trapped overall in the southern part of VHC City. Best he and Betty move somewhere else. If only Nautilus’ version of Collagesity were a bit bigger, had a few more shops for the wife to frequent. But alas: not so. Baker had decided on a regular 8192 parcel and that wasn’t enough for extras like that: only what he deemed so-called *historic* buildings, like the Blue Feather, like the Temple of TILE, like Fal Mouth Moon and the Castle and a couple of other ones. Not enough.


Quickly they were in the gallery Duncan im’ed Buster about earlier, staring at the new Willendorf. Skyscrapers loomed above them. This was Middletown obviously, Duncan opined to Buster. Buster wasn’t sure. A gallery from the *future*? But it had happened once before and very recently. What can of soup had Marty opened up with his TWO TO KNOW project with Roger? Will traces of Middletown keep showing up and showing up until it’s finally *here*? he pondered correctly, knowing more that he knew at the time of the month.

Duncan closed his diary and stared at the tulips. So close.

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behind again


Wheeler/Hidi stared at the drugs on the table and realized it was just money. Constraints of time, power, and that other thing they don’t talk about much any more, not after Kolya. Damaged goods he was. She must not touch, she says once again in her mind to reinforce. There was a 2 shaped hole in his head where the rain gets in. Marty knows; Marty may have even created. “Fiftysix,” she says aloud to know one. “They had to stop at fiftysix.”

Duncan returns from the bar with 2 drinks. Duncan said he’d never ever come back to this town, this Eveningwood that would one day become so central to Our Second Lyfe that they decided to rename it Middle: Middletown, a basically endless megalopolis that one could get lost in forever. Fractal. You have to find a path through it or else, doomed. Duncan knew this. Duncan had a path; he had almost worked out all the details. Labeling will begin soon. He knows that The Fortress is at the end, but he doesn’t know what’s inside. It all terminates at The Fortress.

Hidi has her drink. Duncan sits down with his. They have more to talk about tonight besides Middletown, fiftysix, Kolya.

“Who’s going to come through the black curtains, Duncan,” she spoke after a couple of sips of her whiskey on the rocks. “I thought it would be you.” She looks over at his blackness and sees it is good. He looks over at her whiteness: also good.

“Well, I thought it was going to be you, obviously. But you were already here when I arrived, sitting on that couch.”

“And you at the bar.” She ponders further, as she hears the metallic sound of a gate opening. A red complexioned Asian Indian then comes through the curtains, beckoning them to follow. At the beginning of a tunnel just behind, he then tells Duncan he must go back, his path through the beginnings of Middletown at least temporarily blocked.

He returns alone from the bars to whence he came.

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In the end…

… Tin S. Man believed that 2001 synched to Dark Side of the Moon, not The Wizard of Oz. But it’s really both in one.

My take:

2001-Echoes is not a purposeful synch. That is, “Echoes” was not created as a soundtrack to the end of the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie (separately titled “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite”). I believe Stegocat’s Contact-Echoes proves this by itself. The Wizard of Oz + Dark Side of the Moon likewise is not purposeful. Many synchs prove this, including my modest Dark Side of the Yellow Submarine synch (an earlier synch itself, like Contact-Echoes). And in this spirit I do not think 2001 + Dark Side of the Moon was created on purpose. And frankly even if it was, I’m not going to spend my time listening to Dark Side of Moon while simultaneously watching the grindingly slow 2001. The faster paced Wizard of Oz is obviously a better match for the musical smorgasbord of DSotM. I’m not that big of a fan of 2001-Echoes for the same reason, and that only uses the last section of the film. I’m not saying that 2001: A Space Odyssey isn’t a great film. I think, as a whole, it works better by itself (as do the vast majority of movies). You’d have to chop it up, perhaps into little pieces, in order to successfully employ it for a synchronicity.

So what’s the end story for Tin S. Man in this blog? The mini-myth really starts to take off in the 10th post, or “So We Are At Tin…”, and continues into 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. Posts 20-22 create a trilogy of sorts, and represent the end of the main part of Tin S. Man – Wallace3 interaction, with Wallace3 played by me. Another early trilogy of posts just after this (24, 25, 26) demonstrates a shift from Tin S. Man-Wallace3 interaction centered by Tinsity at Green Oz Creek to Byng Creek mythology on the west side of the same mountain (Wealthy Mtn.). The creation of Lion’s Roar after this definitely seals the deal, and totally isolates the Tin S. Man energy from the rest of Frank and Herman Parks, Einstein.

Now this sealing is being unsealed, with the understanding that the incorporated Tinsity has run its course and Tin S. Man is pulling out of his namesake town. The separation started with Lisa the Vegetarian, owner of sacred Wealthy Mtn. or at least the great majority of it, enacting the 3333 Protectorate around Tinsity, allowing Wallace3 to escape the negatively charged energy surrounding it. Tinsity becomes South, Gray, 2233, Baker Blinker Blog, old blog, Rebel, Korean and not English. Tinsity absorbs the energy of the Baker Blinker Blog and its 2233 posts. It becomes the past, but a window to the past as well through the Supersity Super Hoop. Supersity and its hoop provides an answer to Tinsity.

Lisa the Vegetarian has supposedly compared this sealing to the Union Blockade of the South during the Civil War during one of her speaking engagements in Lion’s Roar. I suppose the end of Tin S. Man’s involvement with Tinsity and Green Oz Creek is his Appomattox. Saying that 2001 is the intended video accompaniment to “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd is like Lee signing the treaty with the North there in the courthouse. Lee, South, Lovely, Love Lee. Decker. (pause) Sunfish.

Yards Creek, New Jersey with Sunfish Pond.


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Bill Mtn. to much of rest of Frank and (esp.) Herman Parks


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Heart O’ Herman Park

Since I’ve gotten around to writing the text for this post, the appellations for the lakes pictured below have changed. Head Lake in the map has “reverted” back to Heart Lake, and the actual Head Lake appears to instead be the larger body of water at the bottom of the map, here called Heart Lake. So the two names have been reversed in the meantime. Drink Lake, to the left, will probably be still known as this in future posts, although it is understood that behind-the-scenes planning had it at some point as Hand or Hands Lake. Instead, at some stage in the development, the “Hands” part was moved to the opposite side of the stream in effect, or made the *source* of the stream, hence Hand Spring, which begins with “hands” as well (upper center of map). The implications for this move are quite enormous for the Frank Herman Einstein blog.

And now Bass Ackwards Lake (map’s left) is now called or implied to be Health Lake, completing the 4H analogy. And all this is now directly assoc. with the state of Arkansas through its own, strong 4H resonance, including containing the only US Heath and Heart population centers. Health Lake also could be different from the other 3 named Herman Park lakes in that it might be spinning in an opposite direction from the others, whatever that means. One clue to this is the removal of “Wright” from old 3 leaf clover emblems of the 4H club when a 4th “H” is added, which might mean that the one *left*, the 4th (Health), is spinning in the opposite direction (or opposite of (W)right). But what is this spinning if so? Could it be the direction of time itself?

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Hiking Day 3

Another remarkable day of hiking in Herman Park. Visited Herman’s Grave again on Yards Mtn. and got some really good pics of the epitaph plaque on the back of it finally. Can do some analysis. Also I’m thinking that Herman’s Rock with its lighting bolt quartz vein is intimately and directly tied into this gravestone, and that the two are somehow one. Strange thought I know. I didn’t realize until yesterday that you can see the grave clearly from the top of this rock. Got more objects into Lion’s Roar on Byng Creek — about 50 objects total are there now, or probably about the same as at Billfork. I’m now calling Lion’s Roar the big, overhanging rock on the creek itself — this is where the truly magical stretch of the creek begins, running up at least to the impasse where you must go up the bank to the Mystery Path to proceed further. Four Minutes is now the cleared out section about 20 yards upstream from the Lion’s Roar rock, where a TILE Temple might be built in the future. Further up, closer to Impasse, we have Six Minute Hill. I might clear some of that area out tomorrow, in fact. Why not. All 50 objects come from the top of the Yards Mtn. ridge, the stuff I was originally going to set up in Wedge but decided to move to Lion’s Roar several days ago. Wedge is on Yards Mtn., while Lion’s Roar and Byng (Creek) are on the side of neighboring Wealthy Mtn. The focus really remains on Wealthy Mtn. still, then, continuing the Tinsity-Wallace story from earlier this month and also last month.

Another area I’ve been exploring is the 4 Valley region between Green Oz Creek and Byng Creek. But none of the 4 streams of these valleys approaches Green Oz and Byng in size. There’s also Bass Ackwards Lake (B.A. Lake) to deal with ,which Green Oz Creek empties into and B.A. Creek comes out of. Or perhaps that’s Ackwards Creek?

Oh wait. Bass Ackwards Lake would be another lake in Herman Park instead. The one I’m talking about would be called — well, let’s just call it Green Oz Lake for now.

Another major stream pouring off the north side of Yards Mtn. was also explored yesterday, as yet unnamed as well. Its size compares to Byng.

Frank and Herman Parks just by themselves are going to keep me busy exploring and mapping and populating with art for the rest of my life easily. Today is the first day….

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