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you can’t occupy a fort if someone already lives there

India: You have just begun to understand The Fortress. Do you understand?

Me: Yes.

India: But do you *really* understand.

Me: Um. No. No?

India: Yes.


I knew that India lived at the Fortress, who was both Asian and American. NO Fused with a man. NO I picked up the negative voice. YES Snake, hissing of summer? MAYBE Ah… closer. Close.

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Carrcassonnee dream

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Collage Tests

“Rock, His Story”

“TILE Worship”

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the Head 01


“It would be best if Edwardston started with the concept of the Sylver Forest and moved from there. Roger Pine Ridge should be understood. Why does Waters change to Pine Ridge?”


Roger Pine Ridge is certainly eligible to sit at The Table, along with variants Peter Gabriel, Little Robert Plant, Marty and Lemon, and, lets see, Dr. Blood or Knik now. Day Ravies?

Hucka D.:

Dr. Blood is truly at the Head of the table now. He’s Da Man. The Director.


He might like ordering Marty around, harhar.

Hucka D.:

Roger Pine Ridge definitely wants to join. The Tide is Turning. Flat top. Use to think the world was flat… 1936.**


Theory, Hucka D.: Waters changing to Pine Ridge in ’36 opens doors to Sylver Forest memories.

Hucka D.:

You’ll have to tell Edwardston Resident about Roger Pine Ridge and Montgomery County, Arkansas.*


Your favorite state after all, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Right. Left.

* Montgomery County, AR historic maps:



The countdown of 10 to 1 at the end of “Four Minutes” in Quadrospirited begins when the father enters this santuary…


… and then ends with the fountain bathed in the light of the 4 sacred colors.


Then when the parents and their daughter Chihiro leave the sanctuary or station immediately afterwards, they encounter would I would call a direct replica of TILE Mountain in your Herman Park, while Waters starts “The Tide is Turning” song with, “I use to think the world was flat.” In the real world, TILE Mountain is Flat top. (also known as Yards or Yds. Mtn.) In Peewee Big, this message is clarified. We have a reprisal or direct borrowing of the 10-1 countdown in this newer synch, and then the beginning of “The Tide is Turning” song as well. However, in Peewee Big we have a segue into The Beatles’ “Come Together”, where the lyrics start…

“Here come old flattop
He come groovin’ up slowly
He got joo-joo eyeball

…as Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters realizes that the sculptures he is creating are simulations of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, a place earmarked for contact between humans and e.t.s in the film. At the very place he breaks the top off his biggest sculpture to make it flat, cementing the association with Devil’s Tower for him, we have Lennon singing the word “flattop” in “Come Together” — flattops obviously, um, coming together (then Dreyfuss grooves up slowly to the revealed sculpture, to add to the synchiness, and he may have joo-joo eyeball as well?). The coming together here means, moreso, humans coming together over contact with extraterrestrial species, but also Dreyfess coming together with a new woman (his wife had just left him), as they head to the real Devil’s Tower to witness the contact up close and personal. You now know that Bill Mountain is a place of contact between humans and aliens, and Bill Mountain is very close to TILE Mountain or Flattop. It is, in fact, the next mountain *down* from TILE. It has less elevation but is more secluded, a more likely place to encounter aliens, in fact. And this is what has happened.


Come Together lyrics analysis:

Each verse is a different Beatle, starting with George!

(the Head 02)

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The first “WIS” map (but not the last?).


“WIS”, pronounced like “wiz” (center center), is the 3rd, hidden element of the triangle whose 2 known points are Health [Lake] (right center) and Wealthy [Mtn.] (top center). We do not even know what kind of element WIS is presently. It is a black hole I believe Hucka D. wants to say here. WIS exists in the gap between Herman Park, seen as north in the above map, and Frank Park, south on the map. I am not unconvinced that Whitehead Crossing (SW of WIS) won’t be the main station for these parks in future times, as I move more out in the woods at retirement (8 years if all goes well; *I* will be the Whitehead in the Woods (!)). WIS is close to Whitehead Crossing but not the same. WIS is close to Wealthy Mtn. but not the same. Close to Health Lake but… not the same. It is in a gap in a map which does not logically make sense topographically but does psychologically. It is a hole that everything folds around, like flower petals.

All I can do is move from Frank/Herman Park focus to Frank/Herman Park focus. A new focus is Falmouth Creek (lower right corner of map). I’ve now determined that the original village on this creek was called Old Baker Settlement. I have a rough picture for now; it exists in the basic center of Falmouth Creek, about equidistant from both source and mouth. Old Baker Settlement, or what remains of it (ruins) is white-ish rocks in a moss bank below a clump of trees.



We’ll get to more of the story behind Old Baker Settlement (OBS) shortly. Hopefully I’ll be able to take more pictures of Falmouth this weekend, despite the continued cold weather, PHEH. On the bright side, I’m definitely going to England once more. I had a panic attack in the middle of the night, and started thinking negatively about the trip. Now I’ve turned around again. Analysis of Falmouth collages is helping. Falmouth is centering — in Avebury. Might Avebury have something to do with Old Baker Settlement?

Falmouth, Indiana which lies on the line between Rush County (west) and Fayette County (east) was originally called Old Baker Settlement. That’s obviously where I got the name. The synchronicity to this, ‘coz there’s always synchronicities when it comes to Frank and Herman Park names it seems, is that the ridge separating Falmouth and Second Life Pond (named later) acts as a peculiarly extended *block* between more public land around that pond and Falmouth Creek, essentially and effectively isolating the creek while allowing it to be quite proximate to tourist attractions in Frank Park, Second Life Pond basically. So I decided to name this ridge Block Ridge, then remembering Old Baker Settlement as an original name for a US Falmouth, decided to change this to Bloch Ridge, after my main Second Life avatar Baker Bloch. Second Life Pond, lying on the other side of this ridge from Falmouth Creek, is named immediately after this, then. Second Life Pond is the origin place for not only Baker Bloch but also Baker Blinker, who was my original, dominant Second Life avatar during my first half year or so of involvement in that virtual reality. When I moved to mainland SL from Azure Islands in Fall 2008, Bloch, the male, took over as the dominant one. The story of my avatars is found in the Where Are We On That art exhibit I still have up in my flickr site. Accompanying the first two stories about Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch in that exhibit is a 3rd story about Hucka Doobie, in case you’ve ever wondered about *his* origins (this is the same as Hucka D.), and then Esbum Michigan and Wilsonia Foxclaw, my final two avatars I was using at the time. After the exhibit was created, I made 2 more Second Life avatars: Karoz Blogger (formed right after the exhibit) and, about a year later, my last one called Bracket Jupiter.

Hucka D.:

I heard my name and woke up. Howdy baker b. Heard you talked to Headburro Antfarm for the first time in a long time.


Yes. I just asked him if there’s a virtual reality out there to rival Second Life yet, at least as far as making pictures and galleries go. He suggested Minecraft, but I’m not sure it is a rival yet to SL, or will be in the future. The best hope is to attach something directly to a web browser, with a first person viewpoint and simply getting rid of the avatar.

Hucka D.:

But that wouldn’t be any fun.


Maybe not for me, but it would make things easier for people to see your work.

Hucka D.:

Oh you can’t do that. You have to have Second Life. What about the Pietmonds??


Yeah. Not sure. But back to Falmouth, if you want to talk about them. Second Life Pond, a logical name for reasons I can’t go into here involving the *actual* name of the pond. Another virtual reality.

Hucka D.:

Maybe that should be your new virtual reality. Is it still around?


Check the link I just made with your last sentence.

Hucka D.:

I’ll check it later. It was just a rhetorical question anyway. Second Life began in that pond in Frank and Herman Parks. Bloch Ridge blocked Baker Blinker from proceeding over the hill to Falmouth. Only Baker Bloch exists in the attached collage series[ Falmouth 02 and Falmouth 04]. Falmouth 01 02 03 04 is Old Baker Settlement. So, yeah, it *is* the same as Avebury, if you will. Falmouth is Avebury.


There’s Lean Rock in the creek just below OBS.


There was the mysterious writing “Fi” in a rhododendron leaf at OBS as well.


Hucka D. (guessing):

Hifi. Or High Five.


This is a picture of a cascade on a creek just north of Falmouth, just over another ridge, or I gues it is an extension of the same ridge [Bloch Ridge]. This creek lies between Falmouth and Gnirps.


Hucka D.:

That’s a pretty cascade. A popular vacation spot for toy avatars, much like Gnirps nearby. They stay away from Second Life Pond and Second Life Creek, however, because of the humans. Humans and toy avatars as yet do not mix.


I can imagine. So there are toy avatars at Falmouth?

Hucka D.:

Oh yes. Mouse and Shark. Bart and Lisa. Baker Bloch and Baker Bloch. Red Lion man/woman and Man/Woman. Hand. Non-President R. Booger Hayes. Sunfish. Patrick Star and his friends. Lots of toy avatars.


So it’s the same as the characters in the Falmouth collage series. The 2 Baker Blochs which are actually different Baker Blochs, for example.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Non-President Booger Hayes wants to speak with us again soon. He has some ideas about Falmouth.


What of the other parts of Falmouth presently? — Visible I., Stream’s End, the unnamed spring which contains the mossy bank with *no* rocks, unlike OBS.

Hucka D.:

That’s a black hole. And the spring is a black hole. Rush.


How about X-Ray. Or Ray-dium, the follow-up?


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Bill Mtn. to much of rest of Frank and (esp.) Herman Parks


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… you think Yards Mtn. was created first, Hucka D.?” (pause) “Hucka D.?”

Looks like I’m on my own tonight, maybe. Well, that’s my theory now — that Yards Mtn. came first and Wealthy Mtn. second. *Health* lake was the last lake added to the Herman Park quad sqaud, after Heart, Head, and Hands. Heart (and then Head) may have been first, but corrupted (by plastic people?). Health Lake across the Way from all the rest was last, and also Wealthy Mtn. formed after the rest of the area of Herman Park. It was furthest away from the town of Boulder. But what of Frank Park? Was Frank Park already there before Herman Park? Or was Frank Park created from Herman Park in some fashion. We know that Herman Park is priceless and Frank Park has a very very high price but a price nonetheless. We know the priceless aspect of Herman Park is through TILE Creek, or the existence of such. This is the “1” that makes 6 into 7, or equates it spacially with Frank Park.

So the order of lake creation seems to be: Heart, Head, Hands, and then Health. Health Lake may have originally — briefly — been named Hustle Lake per the 4H history of the slogan. Also might be significant that health rhymes with wealth, and part of Benj. Franklin’s “Early to Bed” quote (Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise). According to the 4H history article linked below, O. H. Benson came up with the 3 leaf clover emblem of 4H in 1907 or 1908 (with the H’s standing for Heart, Head, Hands), then changed to a 4 leaf clover in 1912 when “Hustle” was added. But the article also mentions that another man, O. B. Martin, suggested changing Hustle to Health soon afterwards. So the emblem is really the work of two men, perhaps just like the arrangement of Herman Park lakes is the work of two. Maybe Wealthy Mtn. has a different patron, so to speak, than Yards Mtn.?

Interesting also that the name “Wright” is removed when 3 leaves change to 4. Reminds me of 2/3 rights don’t make a left quote as well, with the “left” being the 4th, “Health”.

Hucka D.:

The 3rd is Hands, but the 4th was created to act as a backup to the 3rd, in case a further corruption was enacted. The 3rd is the son accepting the energy of the father. Winesap.


Oh, and the 4 Valleys region next to Health Lake may have something to do with this differently “spinning” energy of the 4th as well.

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Whites Island and Browns Island:

Little Brown and Little White bottles of Lion’s Roar, just laid down on the ground in prep for Sandy, perhaps not to be set up again until the spring or later.

Bowers Island and Browns Island:

Also important, and points to Zircon (formerly Confederation), the central province of Wazob, which is also traditionally assoc. with the color brown as a whole; contains Brown and Bowers territories. I thought of Zircon when writing the little tale of Knock picking up Little Brown and becoming gigantic in the process (*Chuck* Laser is biggest basketball star of the Zircon Zappers). Like my “High Octave Story” set in Zircon. Charlie Brown is nicknamed Chuck in Peanuts.

Notice also these can translate to possessive words, like Brown’s, Bowers’, White’s. Means bottles own the islands?? Is this a message from the prostrated bottles themselves? Do they think they’re dead now?

But I found all this in looking at the area surrounding the only US Pallas (extreme left on map), which Poe’s Raven perched on all during his poem of the same name. Pallas=wisdom.

Also perhaps notable from map: Red Cross village found at mouth of a Mouse Creek, which also contains Urban upsteam. Also compared Lion’s Roar to cardboard city of 12 Oz Mouse just recently, and also Dead End Street unites the two (with a Little Green bottle at the end of it according to Knock, which actually doesn’t exist in Lion’s Roar, although you have a larger green bottle that he may actually have been referring to).


Yards Mtn. as a whole as Pennsylvania, the location of the map containing the islands and Pallas above. Pennsylvania has also been strongly related to Herman’s Grave, similarly on Yards Mtn. and at the edge of a meadow. Specifically, the sw corner county of Greene.

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Heart O’ Herman Park

Since I’ve gotten around to writing the text for this post, the appellations for the lakes pictured below have changed. Head Lake in the map has “reverted” back to Heart Lake, and the actual Head Lake appears to instead be the larger body of water at the bottom of the map, here called Heart Lake. So the two names have been reversed in the meantime. Drink Lake, to the left, will probably be still known as this in future posts, although it is understood that behind-the-scenes planning had it at some point as Hand or Hands Lake. Instead, at some stage in the development, the “Hands” part was moved to the opposite side of the stream in effect, or made the *source* of the stream, hence Hand Spring, which begins with “hands” as well (upper center of map). The implications for this move are quite enormous for the Frank Herman Einstein blog.

And now Bass Ackwards Lake (map’s left) is now called or implied to be Health Lake, completing the 4H analogy. And all this is now directly assoc. with the state of Arkansas through its own, strong 4H resonance, including containing the only US Heath and Heart population centers. Health Lake also could be different from the other 3 named Herman Park lakes in that it might be spinning in an opposite direction from the others, whatever that means. One clue to this is the removal of “Wright” from old 3 leaf clover emblems of the 4H club when a 4th “H” is added, which might mean that the one *left*, the 4th (Health), is spinning in the opposite direction (or opposite of (W)right). But what is this spinning if so? Could it be the direction of time itself?

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Byng/4 Valleys Map

See this map for details about the Lion’s Roar/Gold Bug area: Kansas & Kentucky & More.


October 23, 2012 · 6:42 pm