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Through my avatars, I often like to teleport directly into the center of a sim that’s caught my interest to initiate further investigation (if desired). Using this method proved fruitful indeed for Wyrd of the Maebaleia or Satori continent. Inhabiting the ghost of Bracket Jupiter, I found myself also in the midst of my former neighbor Art Oluja’s “Art and Weird Words” parcel previously mentioned in this September post. I began to unlock several mysteries that had been haunting me…


… like the nature of the cubic bird creature trapped in a giant mason jar found on Art’s Minoa lot just before she sold it about a week back. I discovered not one but two such birds located in a heavily windowed building just to Bracket’s west, red and green mates named Rose and Jade respectively.


And then I found reference to a jar in a picture on the wall. The technique used here is called blackout poetry.



I do not know the rational behind the 2 large black and white cubes placed beside this structure. Perhaps they have something to do with Art’s lauded 2015 LEA installation named “Metamorfaces”.


Other objects concerning the installation are found in the 2 treehouses on the property.


And in another book here we have that blacked out sheet again highlighting a jar image.


More pages from the same book.

Glitch art by Pearl Grey.

While in Wyrd, the deceased Bracket also rocked with a new flesh and blood friend on the porch of Maya’s Espresso Cafe just off Route 8B.


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Le Martian


Le Mars was platted in 1869, but no lots were sold until the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company arrived in 1879. According to town legend, CNW investor John I. Blair and a group of women arrived at the town, which was then called St. Paul Junction. Blair asked the women to name the town, and they submitted an acronym based upon their first names’ initials: Lucy Underhill, Elizabeth Parson, Mary Weare, Anna Blair, Rebecca Smith and Sarah Reynolds.[5]

Mars Beach in Hermania.


I know where Karoz is newly arrived from now.


Boos 10: “The Martian”.



Speaking of Collagesity collages displayed in other locations…

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My collages in other people’s spaces

First off, I have a new and artsy neighbor in Collagesity: Art Oluja. I halfway suspect this may be another incarnation of my old friend Veyot, who was a neighbor and actually integral part of Collagesity/VWX Town in 2 other locations in past years. But whatever: welcome! I’m very excited to see what develops on the 624 sq meter parcel in the coming days and months. And she’s added Collagesity as one of her picks.:)


Newer friend Pearl Grey then sent me an inworld notecard giving locations and brief descriptions to some places virtual renditions of my collages are being displayed in Second Life. Many thanks again Pearl! A very nice gesture indeed.

The first (Boos 10: “The Martian”) is found on a back wall at Sojourner’s Ground on the Maebaleia continent. It’s owned by Klaus Bereznyak, who’s been around since 2007. An old virtual soul, then; here’s his homepage.




The final collage of the 2007 Oblong series (“Lymeyen”) is then displayed in a parcel under construction called A Little Piece of Art owned by, well, it’s owned by my new neighbor Art (!). The plot thickens…


I really like the idea of a “judgmental alien”. I can identify!


This is found on the oldest continent of Sansara, by the way.


Next up is a somewhat larger parcel called Art and Weird Words, with a quite creative treehouse display of Rose Hill 06: it’s sideways! But I think it works in this environment. I forget to have Baker Bloch sit in front of it for the picture. Oh well.


The owner here is — yes, Art Oluja again. Next door is Saul’s Place Cafe, with a display of Saul Goodie’s very interesting abstract art pieces. Whether chance or not, this is also quite near Soujourner’s Grounds. Just down Route 8B. Is this the start of some kind of art city along this route? Only a couple parcels of abandoned land separate the two. And I should also add this: “Art and Weird Words” is found in a sim called *Wyrd*. Wyrd is a type of portmanteau of “weird” and “word”. Interesting!


And then as I kept poking around, I found Rose Hill 07, the next one up in the series, displayed in the other treehouse on the Art and Weird Words parcel (or should that be Art and Wierd Words?). Hmmm… interesting again. Actually, as I’m remembering now, Pearl mentions in her notecard that both treehouses contain collages. I still recall creating both of these works late into the night back in 2005. They’re based on some similar motifs. Kinda scary stuff — darker than most of my works.


Here’s the involved treehouses and a connecting bridge.


Treehouses and Saul’s Cafe.


The last link in Pearl’s notecard took me to her own residence in Rosieri, not far atall from Collagesity, being only about 500 meters away. I had a old friend named Cocoanut Koala who use to own a considerable chunk of that sim. I mention some of her intricate and detail oriented work in this 2014 blog post.

I was very pleased to find a piece by Earl Dinkin within. Now I’m not friends with Earl, but he has numerous galleries all over the mainland continents I’ve run into, by accident or not, again and again. A bit more of his very cryptic story here. He’s another old virtual soul.


And then me as Baker Bloch in Pearl’s living room before yet another one of my Rose Hill collages (Rose Hill 03: “Just Passing Through”). Another Baker Bloch shows up as I take this picture. Or is that Wilson again?


If so, then who’s on the porch offering watermelon to all?



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Bob(ylon) Investigations: Notes 02

Yd Island (Solar) absorbed into Cresent BoB (Lunar). Conjunctio. Backdrop = Eastern Hemisphere.

In the foreground (*their* background), Heterocera (orange) and Jeogeot (green) form Sansara between them from a spark of life. Da Boom.

Discovery of the Rabbit Head of Ratzenberger and the naming of Yd Island:

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BoB(ylon) Investigations: Notes 01

c2004 exodus of Isle of Bablyon (aka Yd Island) to BoB?

Nautilus continent related links on the Baker Blinker Blog (2008-2012) and Sunklands Blog (2012-present):

In the Sunklands blog, this category includes information on Nautilus City. For the Baker Blinker Blog, NC was considered separate from the proximate continent.

Almost half of the BB Blog posts with Nautilus continent as a subject deal with the Austra peninsula, especially Lower Austra centered by what I now call Mystenopolis, a basically dormant berg however (nothing new there for Second Life), but bustling in its day, probably around 2006-2009 our time. The other half basically illuminate the neighboring Yd Island. These are the last two settled regions of the Nautilus continent (if you exclude Nautilus City), with Yd Island being the final area populated.

The Ratzenberger sim on the west side of Yd Island, directly above Nautilus City island and about the same size, is widely considered the beginning of *Lemon* Lab’s Second Life as opposed to Linden (Limey) Lab’s 2002 start in the sim of Da Boom. We believe that Ratzenberger is a kind of mirror sim for the latter, and founded about the same “time”. The name of this virtual reality is Lemon World — or perhaps World of Lemon. It truly exists, although in some kind of alternate dimension and originating from an *alien* source instead of a terrestrial one, radiating outwards from the opposite direction as our Second Life, in effect.

This Oct 2009 post brings first mention of Ratzenberger to the BB Blog, along with first mention of Yd Island as a whole. I now know from a more recently discovered map (top of present post) that Yd Island may also have been known as the Isle of Babylon.

The region of Lower Astra (or what might just have been called Astra at the time), was about 2x the size of either Yd Island or Nautilus City isle. It appears immediately west of them, and extends as a longer peninsular from the center of Nautilus continent. In the center of this peninsula, as stated before, was and still kind of is Mystenopolis.

Leemington and Yello sims at the top of (Lower) Astra, according to Hucka D., are trace names of Lemon Lab/Lemon World influence. Like a yellow lemon.

Another link about Da Boom and the emergence of Second Life from Linden World.

Some people have compared the name Da Boom to the Big Bang of Second Life, the beginning ylem seed from which all expanded. This would be correct, although its name, along with others of the 16 original SL sims, actually comes from alleyways surrounding the original Linden Lab location in San Francisco.

How, then, is Ratzenberger a twin to Da Boom, as Lemon World/World of Lemon is a corresponding mirror reality to Second Life? It exists in a dimension going backwards from us according to our flow of time. This was obviously set up by the aliens, whoever they are.

In Nov 2009, resident blog spirit and wise guy Hucka D. begins to compare the layout of Second Life’s 6 major mainland continents (subtracting the later, unfinished Gaeta — another story there) to these 6 differently colored pie pieces of the trivia pursuit board game, with each standing for a particular subject matter within the game such as history, geography, arts and entertainment, and so on.


We later found out that there is a direct lineup of newer continents in what we can call the eastern hemisphere with older ones from the western hemisphere as follows:

Heterocera (western/old) to Corsica (eastern/new)
Sansara (western/old) to Nautilus (eastern/new)
Jeogeot (western/old) to Maebaleia (eastern/new)

This would also correspondend to their north-south relationship within each hemisphere. That is, both Corsica and Heterocera are the northernmost continents of their respective hemispheres, Sansara and Nautilus are in the middle, and Jeogeot and Maebaleia lie to the south.

Hucka D. even gives them colors:

Heterocera: orange
Sansara: brown
Jeogeot: green
Maebaleia: yellow
Nautilus: pink
Corsica: blue

To give a prominent example of the links, it was found by me in August 2009 there existed a *rabbit hole* style portal connecting Jeogeot and Maebaleia — rather shocking at the time — and also linked back to the last created *carrcass* (as they’re called now), or what is more commonly known to the outside world as an audiovisual synchronicity. I can now say this synchronicity is named “Uncle Meatwad.” The number 47 (or 41) was found next to the hole on the Maebaleia side. “Uncle Meatwad” features a Room 47 inhabited by 3 rabbits, 2 of the female persuasion and 1 male. What times are it?

(to be continued)

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Blue Duck, er, Drake

General idea: Blue Drake formed or energized or crystallized in 1978, same year as the release of both Duck Stab/Buster and Glen by The Residents and also Strange Days by Story Room. 2 fer 1.


All important Rubisea separated dark (Lycanthrope sim) from light (Blue Drake sim).

At the same time, baker b.’s CHRO system was seeded and started to expand *on a diagonal*. Later it was found both Strange Days and DSBG were built upon a Diagonal (starting at Six Feet Under + Constantinople), as recently explained to Chuck at his namesake loop in Frank Park. This is also where baker b. and Chuck separate as composers. What is the relationship of Chuck and Artie J. Spongeberg and baker b. now? They still seem blended.

Yes, it probably isn’t coincidence that Rubi has its own well documented Diagonal (now stretching across an entire virtual continent!).

Gene Fade’s Mtn. certainly seems to have a lot to do with music these days.

Maebaleia background story from the Baker Blinker Blog:


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CHRO is red



Maybe Baker can draw inspiration from Rubisea and the Blue Drake sim, which still contains many of the scenic elements he enjoyed while staying there in the past. This appears to include the entire Unnasty Branch he rented a cottage near in 2009 I believe, the lone feeder stream for the Rubisea body of water. Rubi-sea can translated to “Red Sea”, but also a red c, as in middle c on a piano.

Unnasty Branch waterfall


Rubisea then discovered on the Maebaleia continent. Hucka D. claims it was original SL land, and where Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker were “born”, perhaps.*** Represents 1/12th or 1/13th of Blue Feather Sea which Crabwoo is situated upon (one corner anyway). Is original ur note of SL, the Red C or Red Sea, thus: Ruby Sea or Rubi Sea or Rubisea. Unexplored connections between Rubisea and the Rubi Forest. Has light (sunny) and dark (moon, werewolf) side. Represents anima and animus in ways, like Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker to me. Light half in Blue Drake sim, thus origin of story that Blue Drake is source of Blue Feather (Sea). Original note, again, which turns into the 12 notes [or 13; Baker’s Dozen] of the Blue Feather Sea. Feather is bigger than bird/duck in this manner.

The Blue Feather Sea *came from* Bluedrake. Drake is a duck is a bird. Feather from bird. But the feather is much larger than the bird in this case. 12-13 times as large along one side alone. What does this mean? Is it, perhaps, a RO of ones, then? 12 or 13? CHRO… BROOK… ROOK?

When I was a freshman in college I started listening to a lot of atonal music, like Schoenberg, like Ives, like Bartok. But mainly, at first, Schoenberg and his famous pupils Webern and Berg. I was also breaking from my tonal past. This also represented a relative dark period in my life, thankfully quite short — a period of about a 1/2 year at best. Afterwards I returned to my naturally sunny self. It was the damned atonal crud affecting me, you see. Or the 12 tone stuff to be more specific. One of the ways I worked through it was to incorporate and transform for easier digestion. Thus was born the CHRO system, which never really circled back to a composing system as I originally intended. It didn’t become a pseudo-replacement for Schoenberg’s 12 tone system. It had a life of its own instead, and also made a bridge between music and art.

What caused Nasty Branch to become Unnasty, and Rubisea to turn from red/dirty to clear/clean?


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