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Neither Here Nor There

Wheeler paints a picture of a cat while The Musician plays Bowie’s “Andy Warhol” to help restore.

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Rodeo 03

“Octopus jar?” exclaimed Baker Blinker the next morning to Baker Bloch while they shared coffee at Perch.

“Another portal,” he said, and sat back.

“I’ve been a baaad Santa this year. Let me tell you about it, Mr. Bloch.”

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New Mystery

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“So this is another one of your disguises Wheeler.”

“Yes. Baker Bloch,” she answered. “But call me Wilson (when I’m like this). Or Wheeler — whatever. So… you have information about Doreena.”

“She is called Doflia now,” states Keat Owens. “Reborn on January 15th of this year. She has Mad Max hair, (and) Apocalyptic Female top, shorts and boots.”

“She has turned into a monster,” Wheeler-as-Wilson speculates.

Not really. Come to the map with me. “We can teleport through the pin.



“Not there,” states Keat Owens. “Let’s check Yvonnee.”



“Often right here, but it’s late in the night, almost dawn. To quote Billy Corgan: ‘They only come out at night.'”

“Close enough. Speaking of which,” says Wheeler. “I must begin preparing for the next Table meeting.”

“So you’re going with the forward Pumpkintwisters direction?” Wheeler nods. “Over the backwards Billfork direction?” Wheeler keeps nodding. Keat Owens reapplies one of his hands to his chin in a thoughtful manner. “There’s one more avatar we’re keeping an eye on, only known as Anton. I don’t have a direct landmark yet but he’s in Anson. Obviously another one named for their inhabiting sim. We’ll have to approximate (the landmark).”


Not what they were expecting.




“Damn! Crashed again.”


Just after that:


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“Yes come in. Quickly, quickly,” another Keat Owens implored from within the fairy house. “There’s mysteries to solve. No doddling dear — there’s been enough of that. Well, come in,” he said again. “Leave the golf club outside, yes.”

Old Mabel goes up the stairs and then leans the iron gently against the house just outside its railing. Taking one last glance over at Keat Owens Joker, she passes through the door she just opened.



“Yes, well…?” a similarly rushed Baker Bloch asks later at the Joker’s Wild Bar. Furry Karl was still under the weather. Rhoda remained the bartender for now.


“We stared at the Nautilus City map for a while. The position of Doreena, Yvonne, and, um, this new person or entity we haven’t heard about before named Anton, were marked with red pins. Keat Owens Jack, as we’ll call him…”

“… because his suit is like Jack’s across the way…”

“Right, Baker Bloch. So this Keat Owens Jack then says Doreena has unexpectedly changed her name and appearance, and that this is more work of Mid Hazel the witch. Her “do’n’s” is how he put it. And Spider was in the corner of the small room beside us; forgot to mention that. He’s still spouting out or uttering or speaking those 4 numbers over and over, like you described before when he was with Carrcassonnee.”


“Slightly before your time here in Collagesity, yes. Interesting. When did you wake up?”

“I was just staring at the pin representing Anton — more at my eye level — and a picture of what you call a Volkswagen Beatle at the bottom of the sea entered my mind. I stared at the completely algae covered car for quite some time. It was sad. Then I was jolted back to reality by the start of ‘Revolution No. 1’ on my player. That’s from the ‘White Album’. The more graceful ‘Long Long Long’ precedes it there. Then afterwards we have ‘Honey Pie’ and the horn laden ‘Savoy Truffle’.”

Old Mabel’s really getting into this Beetles reseach, Baker then thinks. Too absorbed? Well, she’s preparing for the next Table meeting, which is scheduled for tomorrow night if Wheeler can pry herself away from her new infatuation — her New Island. That seems to be a danger: Wheeler may be imprisoned by this new threat named Mid Hazel forever and ever on that island. Baker then noticed Old Mabel is staring at him.

“Thinking about other things?” she asks.


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Further Alignments

Wilson dubs this location in the southeast corner of von Spee Bone Knoll. One skull with loosened jawbone is discovered to go along with a piscine rib cage.


Interesting line of circles formed by its spine protruding from the surface. The school of small dark fish seem to know more than they let on.


Returning to Yvonni in the same sim, she always seems to be oriented almost directly west.


Could she be looking at something? Un-rendnering the water and shortening distance seems to provide a clue. Might it be the buried (King) Poseidon statue again?? LINK


Buried King (von Spee) and Queen (Dybur).


Yvonni and Bücker Jungmann biplane again.


Interesting angle toward the biplane. Almost seems to be on a runway.


The *two* von Spee biplanes, past (lower right) and present (upper left).


Returning to Bone Knoll, Baker finds an additional skull — jawbone still intact this time — to go with the first. They are about equidistant from the central rib cage with its interesting line of circles.




Side note: Maximilian von Spee’s two sons were killed with him during the same battle that sank the Scharnhost. LINK

The eastern half of two rows of 9 columns near the southern boundary of the sim is aligned with the west side of the rib cage and its 10 ribs. Careful about that shark, Wilson!


Crisis averted. The other row is similarly aligned with the eastern part of the Jungmann biplane.


Interesting alignment of the two von Spree biplanes with Dybur’s large pinkish purple crystal cluster and buried Queen.



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Nautilus Waters 04

Marble-like rocks in Rodel of the far western seas.


The lighthouse dominated island they are located off of.


Sunked sub.


Moving north and east brings Baker into the Coontz sim, which is a bit different. Much hillier for one thing…




… and filled with many mysteries Baker can only touch upon during his brief sojourn this night.




Returning to von Spee, Baker (or is it Wilson?) finds an olive green vase near the base of the hill containing the partially buried Queen statue of the sim.



Another vase occupies a corner of a structure also near the southeast corner of von Spee as a whole (background).


Yvonni and biplane.


Sim’s namesake:


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