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Baker Blinker’s World of Lemon 05

“Where did Karoz come from?” forms an important question early in the story of our Jeogeot days. “Who are his parents?” Obviously Sapphire is his surrogate mother during Karoz’s stay in Noru(m), but with no father figure around, seemingly. There was the mysterious, perhaps ultra-mysterious Peter SoSo who came along later. Chilbo’s direct Lemony double in Crabwoo becomes relevant.

But I’m going to skip to Karoz in Collagesity Winter 2015-2016 for now. We see him first there as shopkeeper for the Bodega Market. He has a gun, and practices target shooting down at Poppie Pond almost directly underneath the store. He lives above the market in a one room apartment — still does. But he was also at least a borderline alcoholic when Baker Bloch first finds out his old 2009 Jeogeot hiking buddy and sidekick has been resurrected. Their friendship continues in Collagesity Noru from back in 2014, but we do not have any photographs of them together there — oh, I believe we have one. Let me dig it up, because I was in that one as well. LINK But it is here in Rubi, as documented in the Collagesity Winter 2015-2016 material, that Baker Bloch’s and Karoz’s joined fate is fully revealed. Karoz was destined to be my partner, my lover. As Blochs is essentially my brother, my twin even, that makes Karoz an eventual brother-in-law. Oops! I seemed to have spilled the beans on my big secret. Yes, Karoz and I are engaged! We’re tentatively looking at a Christmas wedding, since my parents will be in town anyway. Nothing big, mind you, just a celebration wrapped inside another celebration.

So the history of Karoz also becomes part of my history as two streams merge into one. We will figure out things together from now on. I support his evolving theories about TILE and a potential college for the movement. He supports my continued experimenting and tinkering with the wrestling tag team idea, actually a parallel development. Latest on that is the “manufacturing” (or recruitment, if you wish) of a super-wrestler named Wheeler, spawned from Wilson. You see, Dr. Mulholland, as John Lockfry 02 knows now, has essentially left the scene, making The Mulholland Drives project dead in the water. She felt (rightly) threatened by Wheeler, a more powerful athlete. Wheeler stands 5’9″, and weighs about 150 — hope she doesn’t mind me saying that for the blog. Dr. Mulholland is only 5’3″, 5’4″. I myself am a wiry 6’3″, so basically a foot taller than the doctor. Practicing with Wheeler is a better fit for me, and a better matchup physically. The several times we wrestled in ernest, I just beat the pulp out of Mulholland. Wheeler is a greater challenge. And she’s maybe about as smart; turned me on to new physics — quantum computers, strange entanglement, and such. It will be an interesting path.

So back to Karoz and the upcoming wedding. There are plans to get Hucka Doobie intimately involved. I won’t say any more in that department — just drop a hint of what’s to perhaps come. As far as living quarters go, I’m not sure Karoz’s Bodgea market apartment will be suitable for the two of us. My Gloomy Gus is cozy but small. Maybe we’ll have to move away from Collagesity, even. Perhaps the whole extended family will. Nautilus’ BoB remains a strong possibility for a destination. A re-creation of Collagesity, and perhaps the birthplace for our user’s projected Bogota collage series.

David Bowie slash Bogota will come back among us. He already has. We sense his presence. We cannot see him yet as he wanders about the place. He changes things around in the twilight zones. He probably lives in the woods still. He will be found soon.

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Baker Blinker’s World of Lemon 04

It could have happened anywhere along the way. If our user’s computer power was strong enough. As it turns out, this wasn’t really the case until Collagesity Winter 2015-2016, a period of virtual existence cannonized in the graphic novel of the same name. Suddenly two avatars could easily log onto Our Second Lyfe at the same time. The trick was tried way back in early 2008, when Baker Bloch and I first met inworld and kind of formed a crush on each other, quickly dispelled as stated before. Blochs and I are *friends*! Twins, really. Such wasn’t the case with Karoz Blogger, as it unfolded. In the exact middle of the graphic novel, we became more.

Karoz Blogger certainly has his own interesting history to tell concerning The Family. He was originally formed and molded in May 2009, I believe, right after the “Where Are We On That?” exhibit was created for our Kelly Yap gallery that explained the then current family of avatars we had: Baker Bloch, Hucka Doobie, Esbum Michigan, Wilsonia Foxclaw, and then myself. A chapter was formed for each. Mine is here. But Karoz Blogger is Jeogeotine through and through, and thus beyond the original set. Our user created him to act as a brother figure for Baker Bloch, a counterpart. As Baker Bloch is made with bits and pieces of an old Space Ghost avatar (thus the reason his father is stated as being the *official* Space Ghost, elder version), Karoz was partly assembled from a Zorak avatar. Zorak is Space Ghost’s sidekick on the classic Space Ghost Coast to Coast shows. Fantastic entertainment. Notice if you haven’t before (and you probably haven’t) that Karoz’s name is Zorak spelled backwards.

Karoz became an exploring partner for Baker Bloch after the family’s move to Jeogeot in May 2009, often checking behind him for the purposes of writing and editing blog posts. From our position in Noru, he fairly quickly made his way down to Chilbo several sims away… and discovered or remembered that he was *originally from Chilbo*. A wave of memories swept over him, as he’s explained to me. But it was not the then current Chilbo he remembers. It was a different one, a split off version. A version he remembers being called Chilbol and, originally, Chilbolton or Chilboltown. Traces of this version appeared in the town banners, which read “Chilbo!”. The “l” had been changed to an “!”, but Karoz received the message. He realized the split nature when he was hit by a mortar shell from a tank passing through Chilbo, and was temporarily derezzed from our virtual world. Our user’s screen whited out. Karoz died, then came back to life. The alternate reality had been set into place. He recalls Chilbol. He remembers the Noru that was named Norum instead. *Norum* was the larger entity at the time, not Chilbo. Chilbol was the satellite. And his surrogate mother Sapphire was queen over all of Jeogeot. Sapphire’s shadow casts large.

Like I said, Karoz’s story is a complicated and twisty one. The tail started wagging the dog early on. In part 5 I’ll attempt to elucidate more of his tale, leading up the events in Collagesity Winter 2015-2016. Afterwards I’ll have an important announcement to make. Something will happen at Christmas this year. She/he will arrive.

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Baker Blinker’s World of Lemon 03

Shortly after we got back from England and settled down — again — in Noru (for a second stay), The Family as a whole decided it was time for me to get a makeover look. In June and July 2010, Baker Bloch began exhibiting shows from outside artists at the reformed Blue Feather Gallery in Noru, with some support from nearby Chilbo. It was exciting Second Lyfe times again for us. Chilbo was perhaps the most influential Second Lyfe community not created by the Linden owners of this virtual world. I feel it was destiny that our family would be attached to it during our stay in Jeogeot. Even our later Pietmond, which formed in October 2010, can be see as a kind of child or spinoff community of the much larger Chilbo. But that’s also when we became, or started to become, independent of its influence. And that chain of independently existing, virtual communities for the family beginning with Pietmond continues even to this day, with the latest incarnation called Collagesity. The latter’s been around for over 2 years now. It seems quite stable. But there’s also a chance, perhaps a small one but perhaps not so small, that we’ll be moving again soon. To BoB.

Which leads us back to the makeover. It was decided — again, a family decision — that Baker Bloch was just a little too archaic looking to function as a fully proper art gallery promoter to the larger Second Lyfe community. Another friend at the time that influenced the change was Flora Nordenskiold, who later became a powerful and influential Second Lyfe gallery owner. But when we were friends, her ascent was just beginning. We thought we might mimic her style, and open up our formerly private galleries for public shows. But this phase of our existence was soon over. Another branching off occurred. We decided that the Blue Feather Gallery in Noru would be both enlarged and set back on earth — grounded — to sever as a vehicle for the ambitious “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit, another personally made one. The idea was to unite the art of *all of Jeogeot*, Second Lyfe’s largest mainland continent, and create a unified, collective style of sorts. I think. Again for this, we had cursory approval from the higher ups in Chilbo, I believe. And looking back, I think Chilbo could have greatly benefited from a stronger link with the idea. Again in retrospect, Chilbo was attempting to expand LINK, but never made it past a local effect, really, in terms of overall Second Lyfe culture. As Hucka D. kept reiterating at the time, Chilbo goes as Jeogeot goes.

So my makeover was a result of attempting to gain more of a foothold in the Second Lyfe art community. Although I would consider the makeover a great success, and I know our user considers it the same, I never really became this face for the family to the greater whole. I suppose it was the decision to focus on “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” that shifted the emphasis. And then when Pietmond came along, I was kind of drowned out in all the newly created noise and buzz. Not that I didn’t make the occasional visit. But they were few and far apart. Pietmond I evolved into Pietmond II evolved into New Pietmond, the second part which took us away from Jeogeot and back to Heterocera and the Rubi Woods. We remained on Heterocera for the first phase of VWX Town after the Gilatona-Lis and attached Power Tower gallery were completed, then the second and what turned out to be the last phase of same returned The Family next to the Rubi Woods. VWX Town subsequently yielded to Collagesity (after the Falmouth series), which brings us to current times. So there’s that chain of our virtual communities starting in 2010 and extending to the present.

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Baker Blinker’s World of Lemon 02

I don’t want to infer that the period between August 2008 and February 2016 was completely barren of activity for me. It wasn’t. In 2010 I went to England (!). The whole family did, as chronicled in both the abridged and unabridged versions of the “Baker Bloch Goes To England” document. This is where a fundamental split in my psyche occurred, obviously an important event. Part of me, a big chuck of my being, *stayed* in England, along with alternate versions of Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie, even. But it was even a bigger thing for me than the others who went.

“How did we get there?” is another question I’m sometimes asked by My Second Lyfe friends and acquaintances. In March 2010, or maybe it was in February, Baker Bloch found a portal in central Jeogeot (continent) connecting England and Second Lyfe, specially the part of England physically and psychically attached to the small river called Key in Wiltshire County there. Our first dwelling place in England for Other Baker, Hucka, and myself was located on Coxhill Farm near the river. It had a giant hole in the roof. Hucka Doobie and I were not happy with the choice Baker Bloch made for us. Soon we were inhabiting the much more spiffy and modern Cresent House in Cherhill, also in Wiltshire County but more toward the center, where all the crop circle activity has pivoted around for so many years now. That’s another thing Baker Bloch especially wanted to study while “up” there. So he was constantly biking with his Arcadia Asylum product around England, and went a lot to The Barge, for instance, a hotbed for crop circle gossip. Or so he thought.

But we weren’t done moving around the county. Next stop, and a more permanent and lasting one (as I said, a big chunk of me is *still there*) was the Arcadia Mansion (no relation to Arcadia Asylum that I recall) owned by King Karb and his wife, who we just called The Queen during all our stay there. The Queen and I became great friends. We played croquette constantly out on the back lawn of the mansion, although I never beat her at any aspect of the game — never came close. Although Baker Bloch and I aren’t really human, the King and Queen were obviously alien in origin, with little to no human genes involved. If pressed, I would consider myself 1/4th alien on my mother’s side. There are no pink skinned human species that I know of. That comes from somewhere else.

“Where Baker, where?” I hear my friends and supporters ask, once more. We’ll get to that. Our stay in England ended shortly after the King and Queen visited nearby Swinden for a bit, then came back in a different mood, let’s say. The King retreated to his basement study. He was preparing for the new crop circle season, the Queen said. He supposedly helped *create* them. When a keyhole shaped crop circle shortly formed in a Wiltshire rape seed field we knew our time in England was done. Soon we were back in Second Lyfe’s Jeogeot, and a new chapter in Noru.

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The Life (and Death?) of Wappo Jack.

Interesting. I forgot that I had already compared the stories of Wappo Jack and Jesus of Nazareth in this August 2014 Collagesity related post called “Numerologists’ 04”, specifically bringing up Jesus’ missing “middle story.” It’s like a game of golf where you tee up on a par 5 and drive the ball but always then find yourself on the green putting. There’s no middle game (ironing).


In that post it’s also elucidated that W. Jack may have a particular fascination with Carrcassonnee, at least in her giant form (to match his own giant form). But I also speculated the fixation could be rooted in jealousy.



At any rate, we now know that *Baby* Wappo Jack is the product of a pink eyed Grey-like alien and a screaming or laughing woman — actually I think it’s a laughing woman — who appears to have curlers in her hair and not pink eyes per se, but still a pink swath of color running across both at once. Baby Wappo seems to take after his mom a little more than his father, even having the same blue-green colored eyes. But at the same time, his pink color might be a tad closer in shade to that of dear old dad’s hot pink. Taking it all in, there’s little doubt that he’s their Kidd.


Kidd Jack and Kidd Tower.

I’m also recalling in looking at posts from my old blog that Wappo Jack use to hover, Christ-like if you will, above Pietmond for a while in late 2011 and perhaps into early 2012.



What goes around, comes around, I suppose. I purchased both big and little versions of Wappo Jack at the Cheosan Building located in, logically enough, the Cheosan sim of the Jeogeot continent. Both are the creation of Zerozoxx Binder. As Baker Bloch is checking as I write, Zerozoxx’s strangely cool Cheosan Building is still standing in that sim.

I found the ordinary sized Wappo Jack from Outer Space within and bought a couple of extra copies while I was there.


But I couldn’t locate Big Wappo Jack until I went back outside and looked up. There you are! Bought some more of him too: 15 Lindens apiece.


To finish off the story about the Cheosan Building, I also included a picture of it in the now retired “Jeogeot Through Art & Word” exhibit, paired there with a picture of another odd building that use to exist in that same sim: The Gallery Shaped Like a Woman by long time SL resident and artist Earl Dinkin.


More twinning: 2 unusual galleries from the same sim of Cheosan, although no relationship between the two that I know of. To the left we have “The Gallery Shaped Like a Woman” masterminded by Earl Dinkins. To the right is the plainly named Cheosan Building, which is not plain atall within or without.


And I also should clarify here that Wappo Jack isn’t really dead now, and wasn’t sent to hell by the Big Man Upstairs for impersonating his son Jesus in a most improper way. Actually, Jesus of Nazareth now realizes something very very important about he and Jack through the synchronicity of their similar size in largest Mystenopolis scale. He thinks that he and Jack… well, I better save that controversial topic for another post. Soon!

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Kinda sorta…

… back in Noru, queerly enough. 512 parcel.


Looking toward the site of old Collagesity.

3 Gods in 1 Dog

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Collagesity Curveballs


The Rubi Museum structure is back in town as of last night. It’s the same one that functioned as the quite successful Noru Museum in the summer/fall version of Collagesity, when I resided in that sim. But after some experimenting, I’m not sure that the exact same kind of idea translates to Rubi that well, even though I’ve probably lived around Rubi and Noru about the same amount of time in toto. I’m having a hard time even putting it into words — but my thoughts now are to make an abbreviated version of the town museum and insert it into the town diner, like existed in VWX Town, Rubi last year. I’m thinking instead of creating a VWX Town *book* of some sort to cover that history.

In just looking at my successive, true virtual towns, why did Pietmond change to New Pietmond change to VWX Town change to Collagesity? Pietmond was the original and the template for all to come. And truth be told, I might *still* be in Pietmond in Otaki Gorge if circumstances were similar to that of 2010, when this whole town making process started. Then I had a *whole sink* to work with, rimmed with protective buffer parcels. On the other hand I’ve refined the process. Collagesity, Rubi-style has probably less filler buildings than any other village I’ve created. Basically every structure has a rather well defined function. There’s no “mere” eyecandy skyscrapers like the Big Boy Tower and Tower of A. Mann. The largest structure in the current town, the Fal Mouth Moon gallery, has a very delineated function as holder of the 61 piece Falmouth collage series from 2014, one locked into another. Same for the Power Tower Gowlery and the 2013 Gilatona-Lis series. Same for the Toxic Art Gallery and the 2004-2009 Art 10×10. And then 2 newer galleries act in the same manner: Sam Parr Library and Gallery (Sam Parr series from last September) and Red Umbrella (brand new and perhaps still developing Embarras collage series). These are what I’ve called the core galleries buildings of Collagesity. But going all the way back to 2008 and my initial Rubi properties, there *were* no core galleries because even the Art 10×10 wasn’t finished yet (completed the following spring with the Wheeler-Jasper series). Unlike the Fal Mouth Moon and Power Tower, which became locked into their housed collages early on, the Art 10×10’s home slowly evolved over time from 2009 to the present Toxic Art situation. In 2008 Rubi, the incomplete master series was exhibited in what I called the Edwardston Station Gallery, a name which has its own history. In Spring 2009, a revamped Edwardston Sta. Gallery in 30x30x30 cube form became the 1st home for the finished Art 10×10, both as a sky and ground structure. But there’s a complicated path of structures connecting 2008/2009 ESG and 2014 Toxic Art that creates a type of separate sub-plot of my Second Life existence. And the same would go for the Temple of TILE, also originating in 2008 and also on my original Rubi parcel.

Hucka D.:

B_hivia to the Temple of TILE in Azure, and then the Edwardston Station Gallery going from its initial ground existence to the cube form to contain the entire 10×10 and match the 30x30x30 form of the Temple. They became stuck together even, one on top of the other, for a spell. I designed the Temple as a beehive. I was pleased they matched so well. Then in Noru — summer 2009 wasn’t it — you decided that they should become separated again. But then when you — we — moved to Sunklands in 2010 the 2 were joined up again and combined even with B_hivia to make a superstructure.


Big E Gallery in Aotearoa.

Hucka D.:

Both the Temple and ESG, 30x30x30 meter cubes both, were inserted into a hollowed out cube 8 times larger[ than each]. That was like a Pluto and Sharon situation, baker b. Planet and large Moon. Pluto is 8 times larger than Sharon.




Hucka D.:

And then the Blue Feather Gallery of Noru was the other [true] superstructure you created, of a similar design yet also quite different. About the same size overall. 4 in 1, or Foreign One or 4orrin1 (Hucka D. says these using slightly different accents).


The Blue Feather Gallery had a different function that the Big E Gallery. It was to hold the then very large “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit. It too when through a number of permutations. That was right before the start of Pietmond and the whole town thing. Blue Feather was the last of the superstructures, unless you count Fal Mouth Moon as a smaller version of one of those things. It is not a composite building, however. It’s mainly just a single building: Moard Ling’s Castle 12. I didn’t alter it much. Blue Feather, in contrast, was a mashing together of 4 quite separate things. Yeah, I guess it stands as a unique structure in My Second Lyfe.


Hucka D.:

So you’re wondering how the superstructures kind of were taken apart and turned into the basis for virtual towns like Pietmond, like Collagesity.


Suppose so. In a way.

Hucka D.:

The first primitive superstructure was found in Rubi. It is a mashing of the Edwardston Station Gallery and the Temple of TILE. Your 2008 Rubi story is that story, in essence. The [true] superstructures are not that different — the ESG-Temple of TILE mashing remains at their core, removing all the veneer.


Well, that’s not really true of the Blue Feather Gallery of Noru, Hucka D. That was an exhibit exterior to my own work, an attempt to create or reveal an artistic statement of a whole, virtual continent (“Jeogeot Through Art and Word”). And then accompanying it in that superstructure was the Baker Bloch in England exhibit and then the works within the Big E itself, a kind of museum in itself I suppose. Then there was the Wall of Ass. at the top.

Hucka D.:

*That’s* what you need. Another Wall of Ass.


Perhaps. I’m happy with the core galleries of Collagesity. The Red Umbrella’s Embarras series may or may not be finished, but I have space to hold it if not.

Hucka D.:

Do you want[ to create] another superstructure, then?


Nah, there’s no room. And there’s no need to.

Hucka D.:

There’s always room. There’s always a need. You need to keep expanding somehow and in some way. What about the [Rubi Woods], then?


Hucka D.:

It’s not enough just to have galleries, personal and general. You have to have the Temple as well. It was in Pietmond, and the center of it all — the bottom of the sinkhole. Sunklands became a kind of super religion, with connected sinkholes, including Big Sink, the master of them all. And it still is[ in hypertime]. I told you you would never leave Sunklands. And you haven’t. It is your ultimate goal[ still].


Interesting. But that’s in the future.

Hucka D.:

In non- hypertime, yes.


Meaning actual time.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Look at the Temple. Give Carrcassonnee back her eye. She’s asking for the female eye of tennis great Renee Richards, turned into Richard Richards. This selling is a scam — make sure she knows this. There’s no need for the townspeople to vote on this. Perch will yield his eye again now that the vote is settled. Carrcassonnee rules. She has to have that Eye to do so. She must become the Real McCoy.


Thank you.


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