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“The white whale escaped, of course. The famous Moby Prick of the Deep South. But the blue whale didn’t fare as well. Caught in the Blue Feather Sea. Some say she *became* the sea, one equals the other. Do you understand, older Keith B.?”

“Absolutely not, Kate McCoy.”

“Good to admit, thank you. The cube is the sphere is the sea is the whale.”

“Maybe we just better unfreeze or unthaw The Man and go. Let him explain it all. After all: he was there.”

“Indeed. Let’s go get him.” They enter the “aquarium”. Dog joined them there.


“The cube is the sphere is the sea is the whale,” Kate McCoy pronounces clearly in the direction of The Man. He begins to stir inside his plastic cocoon.

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we know more

Baker *Beach*…

One of the roots of the annual event now known as Burning Man began as a bonfire ritual on the summer solstice in 1986 when Larry Harvey, Jerry James, and a few friends met on Baker Beach in San Francisco[8] and burned a 9-foot (2.7-meter) wooden man as well as a smaller wooden dog. Harvey has described his inspiration for burning these effigies as a spontaneous act of “radical self-expression”.[9] …. In 1987, the effigy grew to almost 15 feet (4.6 meters) tall, and by 1988, it had grown to around 40 feet (12 meters). Burning Man attendees informally called it “The Man,” and this name was given to each successive effigy, every year since Burning Man began.

Harvey stated that he did not see the movie The Wicker Man until many years later, so it played no part in his inspiration.


Returning to Lock Ness and Cherry Island:

A castle stood on the island during the 15th century; this was constructed of stone and oak wood and was probably used as a fortified refuge. It has been suggested that Eilean Muireach may have been a hunting lodge, with Eilean Nan Con the home for the hunting dogs.[1]

Cherry Island = (residence of) man.

Dog Island = (residence of) dog.

Dog was forgotten about or submerged in time (after 1986 apparently). Man remained, sans smaller companion. Burning Man is bourne.

Burning Man is also a primary inspiration for Linden Labs’ Second Life, also in San Francisco like Baker Beach. An inworld event called Burn2 (originally Burning Life) has virtually attempted to recreate the excitement of Real Life’s Burning Man since 2003.


More Burning Man:

Cacophony Society connection, c1989:

From the mouth of those involved, including more cacophonists (interesting, for example, that The Man may have started out as The Woman):

A pivotal year was 1996. Burning Man could become Woodstock or Altamont. The safer route was picked, which was inevitable. Else the whole event would be nuked.


Philip Linden Says Second Life Must Evolve Beyond Burning Man Era

When Philip Linden resigned as CEO last year, I asserted that “The Burning Man era of Second Life is over.” But it is one thing for me to say that, and quite another for Philip himself to compare Second Life to Burning Man, and not just in the positive sense of a place that fosters freeform creation in an egalitarian community, as he always has — but tellingly, also in its most limiting connotation:

Presently, Second Life still isn’t very accessible – most people still don’t have the time to get over the steep learning curve and get to the amazing stuff inside. Similarly, the total number of people willing to drive 3 hours from Reno into the middle of a barren desert carrying a week’s worth of drinking water and food is limited.

At the moment, as Philip notes (having just returned from another Black Rock jaunt himself), Burning Man has reached a plateau of about 50,000 attendees. (As it happens, that’s roughly the number of Second Life users in-world at any given time.) This, he says, must change:

Try not to cling too tightly to what we have now. The design, the UI, the orientation experience, the tools – all these need to change, a LOT, for Second Life to become accessible to hundreds of millions. Those changes are sometimes going to be disruptive and painful… But a bigger part of my heart wants to see it reach everyone, and so we must evolve.


(continued in: tale wag)

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I *might* be staying in Hector/Rubi now.

Things seem to be swinging in the opposite direction now. Noru Museum, when completed, will be capstone of my experience in that sim. Parktown and Chilbo are still around, but reduced. Nothing left in Noru, essentially, except for what I’m building. No chance to expand beyond what I have, really, because of mandatory and necessary tier cost cap. Can’t expand to 1/4th sim any longer except for a month or 2 at most. Actually, no need to now. VWX Town, Rubi was a peak in that respect. And VHX City in Heterocera is still a viable force, unlike Chilbo, really (or Parktown). Now must study the *history* of Jeogeot. Nothing in Noru — but the Rubi Forest is still in Rubi and directly next to my Hector lot. Might even put up my Noru parcel for sale tonight or in the next couple of days. Take Hector/Rubi off the market.

Future site of Last Stone Bar?

Biking past the Rubi Forest on the way to Collagesity.

Visiting a friend’s mandala creation in Burning Life. Check her blog out.

Top Row, probably the original row of stones in Hector.

Hidden amongst the trees now: Noru Museum — in *Hector*.

The always beautiful yet terminally short lived Home o’ Fibs.

The Waterfall House has returned — still the Rubi Museum?

Corner Stone.

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