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olde 02

Wheeler and Buster then wandered over to the town’s new power station.

“Look, it’s one of those *real* old timey computers, Buster. And there’s Rocky’s novel again. Looks like he might be finished.”

“Is Nancy alive or dead at the end? Can you tell?”

“Who’s ‘G’, Buster?” Wheeler asked in turn.

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Boos Overview 03

I’ve about decided to name the T-Town dominating the Boos collage settings Tungaska instead of Thornberry. It is phonetically closer to the actual name of the town. The Tungaska event is generally described as the effects of a meteor colliding with Earth, and considered the largest impact event in recorded history. Meteors are depicted in several collages of the series, for example, in “Boos Attach” (collage 14). The state of Tungaska in that photo makes it appear almost to be in ruins.


Or maybe it is Tungaske.

Anyway, when I looked up the Tungasaka event in wikipedia and went to the attached “Tungaska event in speculative fiction” link, I found this close conjunction of authors named Stephenson, seemingly unconnected to each other except for using the event as a plot device in one of their recent books. Neal Stephenson (misnamed in the article) is a famous sci fi/speculative author perhaps best known for the pioneering work “Snow Crash” from 1992. Charles Stephenson is an unknown writer in comparison. Both put forth different theories in their books about the cause of the event. Neither involve meteors.

In Seveneves: A Novel by Neil Stephenson (2015), after the Earth’s moon explodes in the first pages of the novel, it is suggested that a small speeding blackhole, such as was hypothesized (and disproven) to have caused the Tunguska event, caused the moon’s explosion.

Charles Stephenson’s 2013 novel The Face of OO culminates with the explosion over Siberia. In this story a hijacked airship, which is carrying a ‘divine weapon’ mentioned in the Indian great epic, the Mahabharata, explodes causing the massive blast.[1]

In the “Boos Attach” collage, 12 Oz Mouse’s head is pinned down by a meteor. But he’s okay. The meteor has landed, however. Umaps gives us additional clues, seemingly, about the impact (or “impach”), relating it perhaps to the “inch” measurement, for some reason. Inch, ounce, pound?


Another place we see the same cartoon meteor from 12 Oz mouse is the 6th collage of the series called “12 Pound Mouse Mound”…


12 Pound Mound is a terraforming anomaly in Nautilus City recently re-discovered (and newly named) by Baker Bloch. In the collage, the anomaly transforms into the new body or torso of 12 Oz Mouse himself, his head awaiting the impact of the meteor, per the accompanying video seen in this earlier post.

So “Boos Attach” is a completion of the event first seen in the earlier collage “12 Pound Mouse Mound”: before and after pictures. The meteor has landed.

And with it, perhaps the (fictional name) Thornberry Tungaska Tungaske, Sask. is born.

The meteor gives birth to something new instead of destroying.


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12 Lb Mound

I’ve found what I think is the exact shot from 12 Oz Mouse that is the *source of the mound*. It’s right before Mouse’s head gets pummeled by a meteor, when he’s laying on the pavement after falling down in a drunken daze. Mouse’s green body (on pavement) = the green mound (on pavement). I’ll share the accompanying video clip again at the end as well.



I mention meteors in several other posts of the Sunklands blog, including here:


Meteor, Impach, Inchelium.


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“Story Room” Animation (!)

My first real animation, modest as it is. Based upon the Otoe series collages, and the way they work best with each other in my mind. Created in Windows Live Movie Maker; excited about this (!)

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Steptoe Series 06: Other Considerations

(continued from?)

Giant Ear of Listening.

Close Encounters was used in Carrcass+2, a candidate for the best carrcass, plus or minus. Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower is featured in several ways. It represents place of contact. In real life now, Frank Park’s Bill Mtn. seems to represent a place of contact for me personally, transposed down from TILE Mountain in Herman Park just to the north. TILE Mtn., in 2006’s Carrcass+2, becomes directly related to CE’s Devil’s Tower. In Collage 04, in its 4 parts, we have what well might be symbols of this new contact, since a bull’s ear is indicated. Bill and Bull become one here through Bullrocks. Slowly but surely we slide into spring hiking season resonances. What’s next for these parks? (etc.)

Steptoe Butte is another form of Devil’s Tower is another form of TILE Mtn. is another form of Bill Mtn.


Fascinating that Kubrick most likely linked the Overlook Hotel’s mountain to Devil’s Tower as well.

Wendy’s projecting lid reminds me of the ear projecting from Steptoe Butte in Collage 04. She has removed the top of the mountain/can, making it flat on top.


A link with The Beatles’ Abbey Road can be made through the VW(s) and white lines.



Since it is a bull’s ear and not a bulls eye now, Danny’s dart suddenly becomes useless (theory). It transforms into a cigarette (or maybe a joint?) as useless becomes useful again. Jack partakes. Lloyd shows up as the supplier (“What will it be?”).

Lloyd is the best bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine… or Portland, Oregon. West and east coast combine as one. We begin in Washington state from the other side. Lloyd is there, on Steptoe Butte. People are now lighting up legalized marijuana joints all over that state now, as well as in Colorado, setting for The Shining. Probably factors in. We had a joint in our car when we were beamed up into Grayson space.

Mr. Beam.

Hucka D.:

So now you know that the bull’s ear is the Bullrocks. What are you going to do about it? You are at Bullrocks and you see twins, right?



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Mystery Eye (yellow).

It doesn’t belong to anyone in the photograph. It is like the eye in the Rubi Forest that stared back at me. Hucka?



Hucka D.:

Are you saying that there are 199 trees, er, people in that photo, baker b.?


Dunno, Hucka D. Surely a 1:1 match isn’t taking place.

Hucka D.:

Plus you don’t like 1:1 matches any more. Film/album style, I mean.


No I suppose I don’t. I’m up to level 3.

Hucka D.:

A rarified point indeed. But you better start to solidify the backlog. The Shining is getting you some attention. You are figuring things out. Where are we on Texas?


Well, I’ve revealed the basic bones of Carrcass-10, perhaps the final carrcass, as The Shining represents the Omega point.

Hucka D.:

Correct. And [ delete name] are now Story Room, the band. Red, yellow, blue; Circle, triangle, square. I suggest you return to Steptoe Butte for more collages. Here…

Put some heads in that one.


Which one.

Hucka D.:

Oh heck. Wait, then.





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Steptoe Series 05

(continued from)



So we’re at Collage 05, which is not an animation. Like Collage 01, Collage 03. Unlike Collage 02, Collage 04. I’m not sure if Hucka D. is going to help me with today’s installment of a Steptoe collage series interpretation. We’ve discussed the relation of The World tarot card with the poster behind the Grady Twins appearing to Danny in the game room of the Overlook Hotel. We superimpose Jack as The Devil (Tarot card #15), replacing The World card’s bull (Taurus) in the lower left corner. Horned bull becomes horned Devil, and also Danny is playing a game of darts when he sees the Twins, with a *bull’s eye* at the center of the dartboard.

I’ve just talked about how Jack’s shiny eye pupil, near the very end of The Shining, briefly acts as a ring for a woman behind him in the photo. I’ve called her, for this reasons, the “Ring Woman”, and I believe she’s attached in mysterious, synchy ways to Ringo Starr, who also wears a prominent ring in the movie Help, and which gets him in a lot of trouble. This Ring Woman’s right eye also becomes, again briefly in a crossfade, a very prominent and easily noticable “3rd eye” of yet another person in the photo, a male this time, and further back in the crowd than even Ring Woman, who is in turn behind Jack at the front.

If we scrub out the faces of the 4 front and present Beatles on the Sgt. Pepper album (as opposed to the b&w “past” Beatles to their right), and then superimpose Ring Woman’s face on Ringo’s to center the now backing Shining photo, the following occurs. It’s perhaps interesting that in the translation both John and George’s faces become half black and half white, with John’s face almost exactly halved (black side: right; white side: left), and George’s quartered (black to sw and ne; white to se and nw). Paul’s face becomes one-eyed, very much like that of Johnny Weissmuller to his right. Just a note here.


Back to the Steptoe collage series analysis: Jack’s hand.

Jack’s hand in Collage 05 has been replaced by The Devil’s hand from the tarot’s 15th trump or Major Arcana card. The devil’s hand from this card appears scarred, just as Jack might wear a bandaid in the Shining’s July 4th ball photograph. It also could relate to palmistry and the various lines of the hand such as heart, head, and life or health. Recall, if you will, that the subject of palmistry and the hand has come up in connection with Herman Park’s Sharieland from the past fall, and that some of its major features have been identified with palmistry ones.

In what is perhaps the last collage of the Steptoe series — Collage 07 — we have the return of this same hand, but with “1.25” written underneath it in blue, like a caption for a picture.


0.125 is 1/8th of 1. Chapter 125 of the Tibetian Book of the Dead is where we find a description of the “weighing of the heart” judgment, also probably attached to this final Shining image. The Subliminal Synchrosphere blog talks about it here…

…you can see Jack seems to be tendering a piece of paper (a message) to the heavens (above) or to us….yet a man behind him seems to be trying to restrain him from doing so or is he attempting to correct/level the scales!?


Now look at the woman in the photo….look at the single feather & the heart. I think she is referencing the Feather of Maat.

A great judgement…isn’t it?


The 20th card of the Tarot ‘major arcana’. The ‘horn of judgement’…that doubles as a prop to denote a New Years party and midnight.

Re: The synch…now if you have the music playing from 2001 : ASO (Thus Spake Zarathustar/the world riddle) and The Shining together…you’ll hear the very loud ‘brass’ sound of horns when we see this picture and the man with the party blower…denoting the horn of judgement blowing! (i only used the sound from The Shining, this time…so as not to confuse things too much, but it is important to realise the aforementioned ‘horn’ music!


In the Duat, the Egyptian underworld, the hearts of the dead were said to be weighed against her single “Feather of Ma’at”, symbolically representing the concept of Maat, in the Hall of Two Truths (Overlook lobby hall). A heart which was unworthy was devoured by the goddess Ammit (Amemet/Cyncocephalus) and its owner condemned to remain in the Duat (earthly plane). The heart was considered the location of the soul by ancient Egyptians. Those people with good and pure hearts were sent on to Aaru (afterlife, ascendence).


Arms….Jack looks like a ‘tipped’ set of scales….unfortunately for him, it denotes that his heart is heavy with sin! He is destined for the Duat or earthly plane, again!!! Heart on the right and feather on our left, as it is in the Egyptian references. Is the man with his hand on Jack’s arm also a reference to him trying to rebalance the scales…a possiblity to consider?

So in the 1921 pic he is both ‘baphomet’ (sodomy god, the beast instinct, above & below, microcosm & macrocosm) and the ‘scales’…double layering.

So I think the 1.25 is referencing this Chapter 125 and also the fraction 1/8th (more soon on the latter?). What of the rainbow shaped pattern of yellow balls in the background of Collage 07 here? I believe it represents a return to the beginning of the series and Collage 01. I imagine the location of Stipe Cememtery to be in the general vicinity of the illuminated “eye-ball” at the bottom of this rainbow, the pot at the end, if you will, but also at the beginning. We return here to Story Room and the central figure of Tom’s Petty High, also a golden triangle.

Collage 01: return from Steptoe Butte back to the Stipe Cemetery area.

(start again?)


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Lights, Discolorations

Shot 249: fleck of white under bed. No light on refrigerator.


Near end of shot: 1 frame light on refrigerator — again, toggle back and forth between the 2 pictures if you wish to get the effect. This appears to be the last frame of the shot as well. I felt the need to note this even if it is a continuity error, since the red car in the bathroom window behind Jack is an important element in this and other posts of my blog. It is directly associated to the similar red trapezoid shape on the CH O KING posters we’ll be introduced to shortly in the boiler room. It’s very possible that the presence of the red car here  represents “choking” itself. A distinct possibility, perhaps even a probability. The window also acts as Danny’s escape hatch from axe-wielding Jack later, as he squirms through it and slides down a huge pyramid-shaped snow drift to temporary safety. But for now the way is “blocked” by the red car, perhaps. Also keep in mind here that Danny has only come up to the room and risked disturbance of his supposedly sleeping father to retrieve a red firetruck toy. The vehicle on the bathroom ledge doesn’t appear to be a firetruck, but certainly an association can be made.


Next up we have a 1 frame “glowing footprint” when Grady takes Jack back to the bathroom to clean off the advocaat (a rich and creamy liqueur made from eggs, sugar and brandy) he just spilt on him by accident.

Grady steps on the location of the future glow…


… then the glow or aftereffect occurs when he lifts his foot for the next step.


A perhaps even more pecuiliar effect takes place soon after Jack and Grady enter the bathroom. Just as Grady sets down his tray on the sink, a conspicuous discoloration or flaw appears on the entrance door reflected in a mirror to his right, a mirrored door we have just observed Grady and Jack open to enter the bathroom. I don’t see how this could be an accident — talking purposeful Kubrick film manipulation here again — and goes in line with other, similar one frame film flaws occurring at sounds we’ve noted elsewhere.


Next frame: discoloration gone. Once more, toggle back and forth between these 2 screen captures.


The next scene I wish to review for these kind of flaws is shot 109, where Jack and Wendy are shown their humble living quarters in the hotel by manager Ullman. As Kearns notes below, Wendy is obviously disappointed at staying in the staff wing of the hotel and not one of the guest rooms.

STUART: This is the staff wing of the hotel.

As if in excuse for lodging the Torrances in the decidedly not-very-elegant staff portion of the lodge, he adds…

STUART: None of the other bedrooms are heated during the winter.


Wendy, who had been cheery up until now, realizing that this wing is where is their home for the winter, is quietly shattered, her face falling.

In reviewing this section, I noticed a more prominent film flaw to Wendy’s left as she scans the modest bedroom. I soon realized it points directly to the bathroom mirror that will soon be exposed from behind her as she continues to walk toward it.


And as soon as we get a good, square look at the mirror between Jack and Wendy here, another prominent discoloration, a large green splotch, appears on the wall beside the window. I’ve not seen a green discoloration before this, just as I’ve seen mention of only one yellow discoloration or seeming film flaw in The Shining — taking place on this very same mirror.

See here for details or a review:


A white speck appears on the frame after this, and then, 1 or 2 frames later, 2 brown spots. Together, these closely timed aspects seem to form a triangle. I’ve created a composite photo of the effects below. While it may be nothing, I’m trying to be a completist here as much as I dare.


Jack and Wendy then walk into the bathroom to end shot 109. Two more dark specks appear to the right of the prioritized mirror in this particular frame.

Jack: Cozy.


We first see Wendy’s brown flower at the beginning of the “Closing Day” section, when they are driving through the mountains to the hotel.

Cut to the interior of the car, Jack driving, no one looking too cheery. Wendy, wearing a wilted brown flower decoration on her brown jacket, as if an expression of summer’s end, yawns sleepily.

WENDY: Boy, we must really be high up. The air feels so different.

Which is just fact, the higher you go the more rarefied the air, but reminds me of a switch in states of awareness or consciousness and of Danny’s lapsing into trance which he will tell Dick Hallorann is like sleep. Also brought to my mind is the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, the boy who who was sent hungry to bed as he traded the family’s cow for magic beans rather than money, who had the next day climbed high into the cloud on the magic beanstalk which sprouted out of those beans, to the castle of the cannibal giant who possessed gold and a golden harp and the golden goose. And here we have the family moving from Boulder, high into the mountains, to this gigantic hotel where they expect to share in a small taste of a beautiful, luxurious, resort lifestyle.


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Steptoe Series 04

(continued from)

A second, smaller Danny-head suddenly appears from the back of his first head, turning the opposite way.


What we have here in this 4 part collage animation is a meshing of several separate scenes from The Shining. The Danny related images — head, arm, dart, extra head — come from early in the film, when he first directly encounters the Grady Twins while playing darts in the game room of hotel the family’s just arrived at. Danny throws 3 darts at the board, scores no points apparently, (missing the scoring area each time) and then goes up to the board and pulls 2 of the 3 darts out before being “alerted” to the presence of the twins behind him. We’ve also spoken about how the board in front of him would have a backwards 2-3-7 in alternating numbers (culled from Kearns’ research once more). The last dart he pulled was right below the 3 in the center, reinforcing this. There’s no doubt, to me, that the character Danny sees all this, and attaches the dartboard with Room 237 later on in the film. He’s a bright boy — he “shines” even. 🙂

Why is Danny then throwing a dart at Steptoe Butte, and at a giant ear no less? We’ve identified the ear as that of Michael Stipe, lead singer of the REMs. Michael Stipe has been translated, through the not-to-be-underestimated power of Carrcass-1, into the variant Steptoe Butte (same name as the mountain), heading a variant band known as Murmur (in “our” reality, the name of the 1st album of REM). The giant ear seems to be about their music, since it is Stipe’s. I’ve already speculated, I believe, (writing this several weeks after the last collage interpretation) that this is more about the belittled early single “Shiny Happy People”. And this brings us directly to the second, major section of The Shining indicated in Collage 04 images: the Jack-Lloyd bar scene. Or actually scenes plural, since Jack visits the time warp bar on two separate occasions while living in the hotel. From the bar scenes, we have Jack’s head, Lloyd’s head, and the lighted top of the bar itself between them. In a two tier process, these second Shining elements emerge from behind the first (Danny-dart throwing). And in Collage 04c, we have an interesting transformation of Danny’s dart into what appears to be a cigarette or maybe a cigar. But perhaps it is a marijuana cigarette instead — a joint? Anyway, it certainly also doubles as a lighted fuse if so, and in Collage 04d, the final permutation, the background Jack-Lloyd stuff disappears in a flash of white hot light, taking Danny’s arm and transformed dart with it, and also the inverted VW bug (blue) rushing toward the mountain in 04a, 04b, and 04c. I suppose that would be another, different aspect of The Shining to figure in here — Jack driving the VW bug up to the hotel at the beginning of the movie, and then again (plural scenes once more), when taking wife Wendy and son Danny to the hotel after procuring the winter caretaker position. The VW has reversed position and color (yellow to blue) from Collage 03 before this. I believe it represents a switch from emphasis on Tom’s Petty High (Tom Petty variant band) to Murmur (REM variant band) in Carrcass-1, per the colors demonstrated in Collage 00, 01, and 02 already (red = Story Room, yellow = Tom’s Petty High, blue = Murmur). That Danny’s head rests atop Stipe’s torso and Stipe’s ear projects from Steptoe Butte in Collage 04 reinforces this interpretation.

Bull’s eye becomes Bull’s ear — what does this mean, then? We’ve all heard the expression eye for an eye (and tooth for tooth), which means retributions will equal damages done. The ear is on top of Steptoe Butte, and Stipe has become the same as Steptoe in variant terms… so the mountain’s top represents *his* top (or head — ears included). That Stipe’s *eye* shows up on Danny’s bigger head in Collage 04d is telling… as the ear disappears at the same time after being present in 04a, 04b, and 04c. I believe that the spirit of Danny has quote unquote possessed the head of Stipe, or Stipe allowed this takeover — for the purposes of enacting the collage animation. When the process ends, i.e., the Jack-Lloyd elements have been manifested and then destroyed, in effect, then Danny can allow Stipe to repossess the head, eye returned (and perhaps the rest of the head’s elements shortly). The smaller Danny head then emerges from the back of the larger Danny head, which is being returned to Stipe, we’ll say. This smaller head then becomes the true Danny-head after this. The head turns around from the position of the first. In The Shining, this is when Danny turns his head away from the dartboard to view the Grady Twins. The dart game appears to be over, just as the Jack-Lloyd bar elements of Collage 04 and the Steptoe collage series as a whole have ended.

Moving on for now: what happens in Collage 05?


Well, The twins are also seen there (!), but in a grassy meadow and not in the game room. We’re still near Steptoe Butte with this picture’s background, so one can imagine the smaller and now truer Danny-head actually sees this collage when turning around from Steptoe Butte itself. He sees the twins, but he also sees Jack from the very end of The Shining movie, positioned like The Devil in his namesake tarot card as also already talked about quite a lot in this blog. I’ve also seen discussion about the Grady Twins being identified with The Twins card (card 6 of the Major Arcana, as The Devil is card 15), and there’s actually a degraded version of what appears to be these same twins in card 15, now loosely chained to the devil itself and not free.

And there’s yet another tarot card more obviously present in Collage 05: The World, its final (21st) trump card. Behind the first physical appearance of the Grady Twins in the movie is a controversial poster seeming to depict, in a lower resolution capture, some kind of horned being surrounded by what might be an ourobouros image, or a snake swallowing its tail. To me, it seemed very similar to the circular wreath of “The World” card, and earlier in this blog I made an attempt to overlap the two and discuss the results. Through Collage 05, I’ve now more successfully integrated the two, and also incorporated Jack’s image as the devil. How is this done? Through the bull pictured on The World Card, which lies in the lower left corner to us. Simply put, I substituted the bull’s head of the card with Jack’s, or, more accurately, superimposed Jack’s head atop the bull’s. The bull represents Taurus in the card, one of the four fixed signs of astrology along with Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Each of these signs are represented in the card by figures: bull for Taurus as spoken about, lion for Leo, eagle for Scorpio, and man for Aquarius.

“The World” tarot card.

Danny first sees the Grady Twins, w/ controversial poster under discussion highlighted.

(continued in)


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Steptoe Series 03

(continued from)



As usual, Hucka D., I’m rushed for time, even though I should have a bunch of time.

Hucka D.:

Too many projects. Too many project reviews. That’s good!


So I’m enlisting your help again.

Hucka D.:

No. You can do it.


This is Collage 4 of the Steptoe collage series, which is in four parts of an animation. We’ll call these 04a, 04b, 04c, 04d. The above is 04a. Hucka D. wants me to do this alone. We have Jack’s VW bug, but reversed in color from yellow to blue, and heading the opposite way from the previous collage (Collage 03) already reviewed. Jack’s son Danny from The Shining also re-emerges here, or at least his head and arm. He’s already appeared the Steptoe series in Collage 02, also an animation, and taking place in the midst of a small Washington state cemetery named Stipe (variant name: McConnell). Collage 03 also takes place in the same general vicinity, or at the entrance to the same cemetery. In Collage 04, we also haven’t moved far away, staying in the area to visit Steptoe Butte about 10 miles to the nw of the cemetery. The butte is a very prominent landmark, rising about 1000 feet from the surrounding, flatter terrain. It can probably be spied from the cemetery itself. So what is happening in the 4 part Collage 04 animation? The figure of 04a has Danny’s head, true, but a different body. It’s that of REM lead singer Michael Stipe, culled from an earlier Jan. blog post. Danny, with his own hand, is playing a game of darts not with a dartboard but Steptoe Butte itself, with the traditional board’s bullseye being replaced by an ear. Eye for an ear. It is then a bull’s ear. So what does *this* mean? Hucka D. is still not going to help me. The ear is that of Michael Stipe again, severed from the head and placed near the top of the butte. As Stipe is a musician, we might assume this has to do with hearing or listening to his music. And I think the particular song inferred here is “Shiny Happy People”, as will become evident during the animation’s progression. So here we have ear substituted for eye; Michael Stipe’s body substituted for Danny’s; and Jack’s VW car and car shadow reversed. Keep in mind as well that Steptoe Butte has become a variant name of Michael Stipe himself — Michael and this standalone mtn. have become one and the same in the collage series. As Stipe/Steptoe Butte have been assoc. with the color blue through the cube topped Story Room figure, it seems that the change in Jack’s VW color signifies that we have moved into REM territory and away from Tom Petty’s yellow.

Tom Petty’s signature song of Carrcass-10 is “Running Down a Dream”, dubbing the very first part of the movie where we have the golden bug navigating through huge Montana Colorado mountains. If we run with the current theory, then the REMs’ primary or significant song is “Shiny Happy People”, although their later hit “Stand” is also included in Carrcass-10 (as Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” represents his own second and last entry in C-10). The reason I believe this is that pictorial elements dubbed by this song in The Shining begin to appear in Collage 04b, which would be the Jack-Lloyd scenes at the bar of the hotel’s Gold Room.


The dart and the ear are still there, true, but behind them is now the head of Jack and Lloyd respectively. Also significant is that the lighted bar glass appears in the road below them, a seeming continuation of the white trailing VW from 04a. The original photo I took all 3 of these Gold Room elements from is this one.


In Collage 04c, the held dart and target ear have vanished altogether, leaving us with a plain view of Jack and Lloyd the bartenders’ heads. The inverted blue VW has reappeared, but further away and on Steptoe Butte itself now, forming a tight pyramid-type triangle with the 2 aforementioned heads.


This is a continuation of the animation of 04a (car with light shadow) and 04b (lighted bar top), and now it can be inferred that the bar itself is one with this inverted VW and its shadow. The road leading to Steptoe Butte gives the appearance of a runway (related to Petty’s “Runaway”??), and I think back to the Barry-Shin(i)n(g) 03 post and the close proximity of Barry, Minnesota with a Stanley Field airstrip.

Danny’s dart also seems to have transformed into a cigarette, losing its red tail in the process. A wiff of smoke emerging from the point opposite Jack gives the illusion that he’s smoking this “cig”. I believe this particular drug vice is substituting for the Jack Daniels drink that Jack actually partakes of at this bar, as poured by Lloyd the bartenter. Smoking a cigarette equates with drinking the Jack Daniels in a glass.

*But*, in reference to the next and last part of the 4 part Collage 04, the cigarette also infers a lighted fuse that, when burned down, will *explode* Jack and also his bartender, his inverted VW heading right for him, and even Danny’s arm holding the cigarette/fuse.


(continue to)


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