Corsica 01

edge of the world

In the main now, both Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker, if they depart from their respective 20 meter long “cubby holes”, like to frequent art galleries and events, such as those publicised on the Not Possible IRL site. When visiting one of these events at the International Justice Center, Baker Bloch couldn’t resist looking around at the neighboring lands before departing. His eyes lit up when he found the huge chunk of virgin sim land I give a map of below, formed apparently quite recently on the very eastern edge of the Second Life world grid.

Upon teleporting around, Mr. Bloch found that some of the land had already been developed, but there was still a lot of unspoilt forest left. Below is how he decided to record his findings. I’m not so sure of the high resolution snapshots, which takes away some of the mystery of the place. But it is a way of quite clearly seeing what is there for sure. Enjoy while it’s still around!



On 1. looking south toward 2.
South toward 2. This is my kind of place!!

On 2. looking south toward 3.

On 2. looking north toward 1.

South toward 3 looking north.

On 3. looking north toward 2. See the edge of the world?

On 3. looking south to tip of mainland.

3. (north side). Hi up there!

3. (south side).

New Edge, 1

Well, as you can tell from the 2nd snapshot here, civilization has moved in quickly to the quiet forest on the edge of the world. Houses are springing up between what I called peaks 2 and 3 in this earlier post. Shame. But we have new land, albeit not nearly as much and also unforested. But thought I’d give an update with new pics anyway. I’ve included the map overlay on the first pic so you can see where I am and which direction I’m looking.

Above is peaks 2 and 3 and the land between that I’ve already mentioned. This is from a new peninsula that has sprung up since my last visit. Below we have the view from the other direction, to the southern tip of the peninsula.

The new edge of the world is spied!

Here I am on the Island at the Edge of the World looking back to the peninsula. Remoteness is good!


A quite interesting and quite empty island that you can find here. I haven’t venture out to the edge of the world in quite some time, and now that the gallery is basically finished (I think!) can afford that luxury again. There’s not much in the way of wilderness on this edge, unlike some other times I’ve browsed. This island, in fact, is the only larger chuck of vacant land that I could find in my limited scan. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled better now.

Below is a long shot taking in almost the entire island. As you can see, the main distinguishing feature is a huge square of pine trees located more toward the western end. My guess is that it’s more than a sim in area.

There’s Baker Bloch running toward the trees after landing on the east side of the island.

Reaching the trees, a little out of breath.

A more open spot in the forest, allowing Baker to look around a bit. He sees only more trees.

Just when it seems the forest might magically go on forever and ever, Blochs pops out the other side to more totally void land. The square of trees are absolutely the only objects on the island, save maybe some extra-forest patches of grass here and there.

An aerial view looking west to east this time.

Baker hovering over the dense expanse of trees.

View from south.

Possible Reality Gallery…

I was fairly close last night to actually buying a large piece of property on one of the newer, eastern continents (to the east of both Heterocera and Sansara, that is), but when I woke up this morning knew I couldn’t do it. Had a pretty long chat with the guy who would have owned a gallery next to mine; obviously it was important that we two get along and blend in a harmonious way. I figured I’d know by chatting with him. The property itself is situated right on the very tip top of a mountain, a volcano even, with a full protected sim directly bordering it to the south. Very reasonably priced for such a prime spot. Something like that on the Atoll would have run me at least 2 times the lindens and perhaps much more. Essentially it would have been a trade of both the 2 Rubi properties that I own, and also the Ziczac property, for this larger chuck. Another advantage is that it’s almost totally square, thus no weird elongated property lines to deal with. Hmmmm… nah, nah, can’t go down that road. I’m still exhausted from setting up the gallery where it is! The what-would-be neighboring gallery owner seems nice enough, but I don’t think my gallery and his gallery would work together. They’re of 2 different spirits. So, no, I’m not moving. Echoing the thoughts of my rl wife when I told her about the possible new move, maybe I just need a different hobby for a while. And I think that’s the answer: I need to focus on something else.

But anyway, here are some shots of the area to remember it by. The first uses a long draw to take in the whole void sim in front of the mountain. My mountain would have been the high one to the left.

Here’s a close up of the volcano. I could have owned a volcano! 😦

Then a shot in the woods below the mountains. The woods are nice but nowhere *near* as thickly treed as Corsica (see post immediately below; Corsica is, btw, a part of the same continent but not very close by) or even the Rubi Forest for that matter. Another advantage to staying in Rubi is that the forest is part of my sim, and not another whole sim by itself, which helps with lag supposedly. And my new sim would not have been “mature” in the least, as much if not most of the land is still up for sale. So I suppose I’m making the right decision.

But this is where I draw the line. I’m in Rubi for good now, perhaps. No consolidation of properties unless I can buy more in Rubi itself. And that’s that as they say.

Diagonal, Part 6 (A Different Diagonal… Or Is It???)

In finding all this oddity surrounding the forest of Rubi, on a whim Baker Bloch decides to revisit the Corsica island forest the same night as creating snapshots for the planned-to-be 5 part Diagonal series of this blog. First off, upon checking more closely he found that the size of this forest was, surprisingly, a little less than the sim. It looks larger than that to the naked eye because of all the trees involved.

Another thing Baker Bloch discovered upon this closer examination was that the forest wasn’t completely rectangular: one corner of it had been removed, one could say. Baker walked around the forest floor to check coordinates. He found its length (east-to-west) was the same size as the inclusive sim. And the forest ran all the way to its northern border. However, in the south it began 64 meters up from the border in that direction. Here’s the weird part of all this, though, which I really thought odd at the time but whose edge has been tempered a bit as well. The little notch in the forest, in the southwest corner, is precisely 32 x 32 meters, which means the Corisca woods on the western border are *exactly the same length* as the Ruby Forest, since both start 96 meters up from this corner. The difference is, of course, that the Ruby Forest is a perfect rectangle, while the otherwise likewise rectangular Corsica forest contains this notch.

But at the time I was asking myself: first off, why did I miss this notch upon inspection of the forest during the original visit, and also *why* did this notch just happen to resurface the lower line numbers of the Ruby Forest? Quite bizarre I thought, and I wondered (and still do to something of a lesser degree) whether there’s some kind of synchronistic resonance going on between the two woods that was causing this.

But later on, after studying the matter further, found that these lines and corresponding coordinates mark specific fractions of an entire sim line. Namely — ignoring the notch for just a second — the fact that the forest starts 64 meters north of the southern border of the sim means that its area has been reduced by 1/4th in comparison to a whole 256m x 256m sim, since 64 is 1/4th of 256. Also, 96, as we know now, marks the 3/8ths point along such a line. Thus the 32m x 32m notch in the southwest corner of the forest simply represents a specific whole number fraction of the sim, since its forms a square that is 1/64th the size of the enclusive sim, or 1/8th its length all around (32 meters being 1/8th of 256 meters).

So certainly some of the mystery was drained out of this upon discovering these fractional measurements, but I still can’t put it out of my mind that something strange is going on in Corsica still.

I plan to go back soon to do more studying.

Grassy Chat?

First, a ta do list…

Talk to Grassy about The Arab, which I think will be, in another sense, called “Foreign One”. Arab simply means “foreign one” generically, that is, and has nothing to do with the Arab people. It means more, perhaps, “one from Mythos”. I want to speak with Grassy about its cargo, which may be the same as this “foreign one”. Maybe the ship is owned by Mythos or someone from Mythos. At any rate, it’s full of boxes… crates. The contents are what’s most important, though. although it may be a roller coaster ride to determine what’s in ’em. It may even be from the island of Corisca, SL style that is, or relate to something about that — wouldn’t doubt that at all. Could be a carrier ship. But it’s connected to Zoe for sure, as Shannondale and Summerville are nearby, mirroring the same in Missouri, the state Hucka D. wants us to run away from and Grassy wants us to embrace. Not sure about Grassy2’s opinion of the Show Me state yet; it could be him that shows up tonight instead. Never know with this set of characters.

I don’t think ohl, I mean oil, is part of the contents, but could be wrong once more, and may relate to the Arab name involved.

Yes, the more I think about it the more I believe this ship, this boat, this carrier of foreign content or persons, is from Corsica.* But how, since Corsica contains no people yet? Ahhh, a ship from the future, then! I wonder if the Corsica forest will be preserved, and if it resonates directly with the similarly sized Ruby Forest? Most likely there’s a direct resonation, I believe, but whether this means that the Corsica forest will be saved or not is another matter more out of my hands. All I can do is remember and preserve it for what it is now, and point out this resonation.

So let’s bring in Grassy…

“The ship is from the Corsica island and is carrying foreign cargo… content. Jetson. Another planet.”


That you Grassy?


It’s Grassy2 again. Grassy is out on the town.


Do you have 1 arms or… never mind Grassy2. I don’t want to know. Now about this ship, this boat, this carrier. It was found a half-mile from the Current River, at Zoe.


The sim of Ziczac use to be partially underwater in the days of the Moth worshipping peoples. Zoe.


The content of the crates is foreign, but not ohl, er, oil. Right?


No, the contents are the Foreign One. Capitalized.


Is this a person?


They are in crates.


Is this ship the “Finally Married”?




Was the ship not as much from Corisca as it was *found* at Corsica?


The eastern continents are a mess. You must take of it what you can and leave the rest. Corsica. Ship. Foreign One. Contents. Carrier. Ohl but not Oil. Olive. Forest. Ruby. Corsica.


Are the 4 colored Jetson chairs within? Ohl — I mean, “oh” — and does Foreign One mean four-in-one by chance, hehe, as in the 4 Jetson chairs in one group directly resonating with the strong energy of TILE in our chosen sim?


Chairs. Contents. Jetson. Ohl but not Oil. Foreign One. Four in one.


It’s those chairs, isn’t it? Roller Coaster Road. Crates. Carrier.


Send Esbum Michigan over.


There are things I don’t know yet.


There are things you don’t know yet.

(to be continued?)


(15 minutes later…)


Grassy2, Grassy went to Corsica, didn’t he? That’s why he’s not around.


People are trees. Person is more than one tree at once, though.


Grassy2, is he in Pennsylvania, then? 1 Pink?


Admittedly he’s not here. He’s in Big Four, West Virginia. Formerly Cirrus. Near the Welch airstrip.


Well, what’s he doing there?


Currently he’s lost in a Super Wal-Mart. Bought a cd and can’t get out.


Is Big Four related to Foreign One or perhaps Four-in-One, as in the chairs? TILE? The “big four” colors?



(to be continued?)


“Ok Grassy I think I figg’red out sumtin else?”


How to talk with your mouth full?


Er, no. About Ziczac and zoe. That’s the *Diagonal* running across the sim. Has to be. And it’s mirrored in the design of the temple itself, especially the back side containing the words Rubie and Silver. It’s a mirror of a tic tac toe game.


Contents. Chairs. Big Four. Grassy1 is there.


The Diagonal is the carrier of the contents, though. Right?


I am hidden in the 125 and the 125. 1/4th of 1.


Big Fourth?

(Grassy2 does not answer.)


Ok, but this is important and I’m not quite ready to end this strange discussion. Has Grassy1 found his way out of the Super Wal-Mart yet?


Not yet. He’s lost in the nylons section. Aisle 32, I believe. He has trouble counting above 25, you see.


Back to the Diagonal…


End this.

* A little later on I found out that the whole continent was named Corisca, and the sims of the island take their name from this instead of having an independent status. But this might deepen the implied relationhip between Corsica, Pennsylvania and what I know now is the Corsica continent, since the resonation could be more widespread. For example, the gallery I was about ready to create on this continent would have technically been a “Corsica” gallery, then, even though it is quite far from the island with the thickly wooded forest I’ve been writing about.

Rookwood (Corsica Island)

Rookwood is one of the added sims to the new and enlarged Corsica Island on the north side of the Corsica continent. It’s grown over twice the size of its original version, the one I visited last fall and recorded in this post. The intentions seem to be to make at least part of it some sort of Linden memorial, but don’t know the details of that yet.

The name Rookwood for one of the new sims struck me, since in the latest collage, partially inspired by the BBC story covering a lost raven in the Newborough Forest/Warren, I inserted the image of a rook in this forest. Thus the forest in the collage is literally “rook-wood”, especially since this Jasper the Crow/Raven/Rook seems to be a guiding spirit for the same named series “Doorpick” is a part of.

Unfortunately, access to the island is currently blocked, but through the magic of the disable camera option, combined with a long draw distance, I was able to take a couple of photos of Rookwood anyway, which lay on the opposite side of the island (north) from where the restricted zone begins. It is also the greenest of the island sims now, but, to my disappointment, this was not because of the presence of a forest. Mere “grass”, instead.

But this struck me mainly because the Newborough Forest, the forest I just inserted a rook into in “Doorpick”, is primarily composed of thickly planted *Corsican* pine, the same type of tree density, actually, I’ve only found in SL on the *original Corsica Island*. You have to admit it is an interesting little tangle of “coincidences.” Anyway, I think personally this is my next lead for continuing the series beyond “Doorpick” and into the 3rd collage, which I’ve yet to really start. I believe, especially now, that the scene may once again be the Newborough Forest in Wales, as the rook leads me further into what might be the heart of these woods.

Below is the picture of the Rookwood sim (green square) as it stands today.


Here we have the only vegetation I could find presently on the island, at the corner of Rookwood, Toowong, Linden Memorial Park, and Monument.*


* Since the Rookwood sim is at least adjacent to the planned Linden Memorial Park, if not part of the park itself, I thought I’d mention that all the convoluted events within the then-popular 19th Century novel Rookwood by William Harrison Ainsworth, are set in motion by the fall of a *linden* tree branch (equals lime tree in US terms). Check here.

“It’s Up To Us Now.” (DRAFT!)


NOTE: This was originally planned as Jasper 07, but has been usurped in this position within the Jasper series by another, newer collage of the same name. See here.

“Strange Jasper 07 work, perhaps, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Yes. Queer. 5 of you.


Baker Blochs, you mean.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Sorry.


Should we attempt an interpretation tonight?

Hucka D.:

Feeling groggy still.


Just 08, 09, and 10 to start from scratch now, Hucka D. And, actually, 10 will make an animation with 1.

Hucka D.:

The next one will go further with TILE. Beyond this one.


This one may be obviously about Rubi Forest and the relationship to that fairly similarly sized Corsica Island forest that has since been derezzed. Now I find the expanded version of Corsica Island has a Rookwood sim, the greenest sim of the lot now. We know now this may refer directly to the Newborough Warren, with the similarly closely packed corsican pines.

Hucka D.:

There is a relationship. (pause) I think you should wait on this one.


Thank you.

Linden Memorial Island






Linden Memorial Island, 2

More shots from what I’m calling, for lack of a better word, the Linden Memorial Island. I’ll try to dig up some links on the subject tomorrow, if any yet exist.










More Roamings, Misc. Stuff…

The SL inspired abstract work of Bau Ur, who I met upon my first visit to Yapland. Very beautiful and moving. This is from Twilight’s Peace; her paintings are also found at the Palais du Gouverneur, Bourbon


Wilsonia was pleasantly surprised to find that the waterfall next to the Okinu sim was still there, with the inclusive parcel now providing a free inner tube ride that propels one over the end of a conveyer belt and directly into the waters of the Okinu sim some 30 meters below. Wilsonia quite enjoyed the ride!


Then she had to jump off at a certain point and take a gander at the glyphs she knew would confront her when reaching the bottom. Hmmmm… this one has an interesting sawtooth shaped jag to it.


Then it’s on to the Linden Memorial Island with Baker Bloch once again. I neglected to advertise in this blog that the island is now open to the public (!). More info can be found in this post from the official SL blog.



The same night, I believe, Baker Bloch visits some old stomping grounds in the Cecropia sim, namely the very green pool of water called the Grief Containment Pond, complete with a pipe that heads all the way south to ANWR. You can find out more about the latter here. Like ANWR, the Griefer Containment Pond is also listed as a Point of Interest for the Atoll Continent (Heterocera), but, as yet, doesn’t have any text on its particular page.

Anyway, back to Baker Bloch’s personal experiences with the pipeline that connects the two. Well, it does and it doesn’t. I’m pretty sure that Baker Bloch has walked in this pipe before, and I know Baker Blinker has. Before today, the Bakers were able to walk maybe a third of the way south toward ANWR before reaching a dead end. This day, Baker got stuck almost at the beginning. I’ll have to remember to send in the shorter Hucka Doobie to see how far he can now go. But at any rate, it seems that the pipe is narrowing, at least in places. More Sansara-Heterocera strangeness?


I don’t usually like to jump ahead of fellow explorers to areas they’ve advertised they wish to explore in the near future, especially to take pictures. But I did make this one exception. I’m sure fellow Sansara trekker Nish’s snapshots of the Fuchsia sim will be much nicer than mine, and the accompanying text will be much more journalistic.* However, I was struck by a *slight but perhaps still distinct* resemblance between this oddly shaped Linden created rook (chess rook, that is) structure near the western edge (left side of photo below) and my Darkside’s Temple of the Moon. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Fuschia before, but I don’t remember this object at all, nor the forest that covers the much of the western part of the sim next to it. Hopefully Nish’s promised blog post concerning the sim will provide more light on this “mystery”.


Maybe it’s just the same combination of looking up through a crack in gray matter toward a blue sky. More research needed, perhaps.


Then it’s on to the “Something to CHRO About” gallery in Healy, but not with Baker Bloch this time, nor any of the familar, extended family. No, this is someone different: it’s the highly anticipated snapshot debut of *Karoz* that Hucka D. and I have been chatting about recently. As you can see, he’s very green. More on him later. Hucka D. has said several times that Baker Bloch and Karoz will be best of buddies in SL.


“Hey, I have pink hair now!” (Great… another comic in the lair.)


Moving on yet again, this time to Nova Albion, although I don’t think Edward Manray will be able to help me much with my examination of Sansara continent mysteries (thanks anyway for the im, Edward!), I decided on a whim to visit his office in a Grignano brownstone apt. building. There I spotted this prettily framed photograph hanging beside the front door. Judging by the appearance, this must be an ancestor of Edward Manray himself — is this gentleman, in a kneeling position, perhaps proposing to the queerly expressioned woman in the photo? Why is she looking directly at the photographer with such an expression? Luv to know the story.

On second thought, maybe Mr. Manray can help me out in some way. After all, I do know that Myst may be involved.


* Yes, indeed! Read here.

LMI; Korean Channel (Top)

Karoz visits the Linden Memorial Island for the first time, and is impressed (!)


A cardinal in the Rookwood sim. Nice to see a number of birds flying around in the trees here…


… and the profusion of wildflowers.


Meanwhile, Baker Bloch is exploring the upper reaches of the 30 sim Korean Channel Karoz seems to have lost a bit of interest in lately.


Here Blochs is in Sacrelle at the very northwest corner of the channel, with its interesting cluster of elogated islands. Baker Bloch stands on the largest of these below, which also happens to be the one closest to the southeast corner of the sim.


Baker Bloch is counting about 7 total islands in the cluster, with a number of other peaks whose tops lie just underneath the water’s surface as well.