Corsica 03

Rental Searching…

Another shot from Otherland, this time of an island in a homestead sim, one of a number offered for sale through the estate. The price for this one is 45 bucks plus 36 dollars “tier” per month. A little too steep for me… I’ll stick with Azure Islands homestead living for now. Still an option to think about in the future.


Previously unspied, 1/2way hidden tree planter in Loneos I thought I’d provide a picture of here.


Suset over the Atoll continent. Baker is just teleporting around looking at potential rental property this night…


… which included a visit to Jeogeot’s Zen City, the one Little Robert Plant Variant supposedly bombed at least once and maybe up to three times. Looks like there’s considerably more options to rent and buy in the area now. Still…


… Baker finally settles on a house in Ephant on the Corisca continent, a place he’d looked at a couple of weeks ago, actually, but found he had insufficient funds to rent at the time. Problem solved now. This is a quite nice 2 story house for the price (3 dollars a month). And lo and behold, the waterfall I was attempting to fit on my Noru property (just given up today — sigh!) slots in perfectly in a gully between the privacy wall and the front of the house. I’ve detemined this “perfect fit” must mean something… no surprise there.




More on Ephant soon!

Ephant, Karoz…

Several views of Mt. Ephant, just west of my rented house also in the namesake sim.



That’s my house in the background. Baker Bloch sits on the very top of Mt. Ephant here, wondering how to more effectively use it as a meditation spot.


A picture of his house from the rental store in a small medieval themed village. He may rent space in one of the stores of the village himself. Suppose, if so, he’ll sell some of my collages once more.


Poor Karoz — without a home now, or so he thinks. The rest of the family (Baker Bloch in the main) is reinforcing that Karoz’s home is the same as their home, just as was the case with Esbum before. But there’s some disturbingly similar behavior patterns showing up recently between the two which Hucka D. and I discuss in this post. I personally think it can be remedied by giving Karoz renewed exploring responsibilities, although I know Hucka D. is at least feigning doubt about this. Hope he’s wrong, coz I really like Karoz.


The start of Karoz’s crazy dance the night in question. It started in the jazz club in Chilbo, and continued across a number of continents, actually. Hope it’s the last, but may not be.

Poor Karoz.


Ephant > Klaatu

I kinda went crazy with palm tree trunks within the Ephant rental, but still think it looks sorta cool. Don’t know if they’ll stay — it’s almost as if I attempted to turn my Big Island Victorian house inside-out, with palms trees being interior instead of exterior. Just a thought…


‘Nother view of that perfectly placed waterfall originally found in Noguri on the Jeogeot continent. Again, the whole thing was copyable, which is unusual.




Heading west into Klaatu around the top of Mt. Ephant, Baker Bloch found a number of animals roaming the open land of Erebus and Dio’s Retreat, including this turtle (tortoise?) in a sand box. Baker Bloch made a mental note to look into the prices of animals for both his Ephant spot and also the Big Island land. He’s especially thinking about ducks for his small Ephant pond pictured just above.


Baker is staring at a rocky peak in Klaatu, its highest point. Not nearly as high as Mt. Ephant, though.


Heading back “home” over said mtn.


Ephant > Red Mars(h)

Unusually colorful grove of trees on a hill in the northwest corner of Garindan, not far at all from my Ephant rental.


Lost dog near the grove. Didn’t come when called to.


A view of Ephant Mtn. (which I live basically right next to now) from more central rental areas of Garindan, offered by XE3 Reality. In checking, it appears that the whole sim is owned by this real[i]ty company, in fact.


Then the next night Baker Bloch starts exploring from his Ephant house once more, but heads west, up an “arm” of the Corisca Prime island, toward and then beyond Klaatu this time, all the way to a sim called Red Marsh. Nothing really mind numbingly exciting found on the trip, mainly accomplished through flight, *except* perhaps that one time while looking at the SL map to see how far west he’d travelled, he noticed that his location on the map covered the “h” of the sim’s name he was then in: Red Marsh. This turned it, interestingly, into “Red Mars”, as you can see by the below snapshot I took at the time. I think it has to mean something… I have some theories I’ll share with the reader asap.


Horses in Red Mars, er, Marsh. Thought Edna (RL wife) might like this picture when she gets to it. 🙂


Redcar means “(place by the) red marsh” from the Old English rēad “red” and Old Scandinavian kjarr. However the first part of the name could also represent OE hrēod, (reed), giving a sense “reedy marshland”, referring to the low lying land by the sea on which Redcar lies.

Coverdale, lead singer of Deep Purper (Smoke on Water) and Whitesnake, is from Redcar and is kind of Robert Plant variant himself.

Loose Thoughts…

Reading through all of Corsica continent related posts this morning before taking a shower and heading out…

Dr. Blood/Blood Dr. inversion is related directly to the Klein bottle, and thus also The Jug. This is where runny mess in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania-Corsica overlap revealing centeredness of Egg Hill Sink and inversion with Chasm Deep), is sealed up, which is *really* through synchronicity Blood Drive as it impinges upon landscape of Penn., specifically through Blood Road that leads into David Lynch territory in Forest County. I now think Map Synch book will reflect exact parts of this blog, including the Corsica Prime-Penn. overlap and also presence of Blood Dr. in Penn. Blood Dr. will be seen as, likewise, inversion or *satellite* of huge 1 Pink synch. Another smaller part of this will be synchs of Corsica Penn. and surrounding area with Rubi Forest related objects such as Zarek Lock’s roller coaster. Then Jug represents sealing of Pennsyl. runny mess, which is now identified with 18 tile Blood Dr. synch, perhaps as coupled, somehow, with 26 tile SID’s 1st Oz(?).

Big Island/Pieland is all about sealing this energy up in a Klein Bottle situation, which is the same as the hole Hucka D. claims to have lived almost on top of during her stay there.

“You are ruled by your last synchronicities created, baker b., which is Blood Dr. in the present. You must keep that in mind. Until you create another one, that is the rulership involved, like you are born in the month it was created/finished (July). It’s a lot about Chilbo, thus you cannot escape that gravity until making a new one, if you wish. What is the meaning of Blood Dr., though?”

It is a way I move Pennsylvania, dominated by 1 Pink, back to WV and seal it up, making SID’s 1st Oz the top of the heap, and Mole Hill back into Mountain (like the Mole Hill of Big I. resembles a mtn. in the distance, strangely).

“Middle. Jug. Klein, bottle. Middlebourne.”


I think The Arab “contained” (Contents, Crates) the information about TILE (Jetson chairs), perhaps specifically through the weirdness of the Rubi Diagonal, and the Temple of TILE in Rubi, obviously. Occupants use to worship at that temple?

* Perhaps connect line Ubik, Zap Cannon )= Zap Gun), and Android all in line… put Android in wrong place on present Corsica Prime-Pennsyl. overlap.

* Explore idea that The Arab’s The Babble is a history of Mythos, beginning with Aaron and Abigal. Aaron supposedly [center of Pennsylvania runny mess], with twin of Abigail on other side of Egg Hill Sink. Born from Egg Hill Sink, then? Center? Centerville? (Rye province figures in here?).

* Also explore idea that The Babble is actually VALIS in disguise. (YES). Babble is from Eggtown, or 4th episode of 4th season of LOST. And this episode is where LOST Bible began, with new producer moving in. This seems to have something to do with Aaron becoming Kate’s child as well.

SL is the same as Kansas City Life, which is identified with Corsica Prime through Pennsylvania now. Center is Egg Hill Sink, which equals Centerville itself. Or Centreville. 2 minute hole in center of Kansas. Blocking out of Oz through this hole. Represents the past of SL before Oz created, the second 1/2 of Dark Side of the Rainbow, the flipping over of the record.

This is perfection before corruption (flipping record over part). Kansas is perfect within Dark Side of the Rainbow, Oz is once corrupted. 13 reduced to 12.

Fall (of SL) can be reversed in Egg Hill Sink, or Petemond/Centerville.

* In perhaps the next post, begin mapping out the Peter Cross relationship, or when 1886 returns in 2062(2051 just mentioned somewhere… can’t remember). 1930, 1974, 2018, 2062. Map out all events on this circle. This is the celestial mechanics of Petemond touched upon recently in this blog.

* Oh… forgot that the inversion of Blood Dr. and Dr. Blood in this post represents the 2 uses of Mulholland Dr. in movie, one in 1 Pink synch and the second in the satellite Blood Dr. synch. But both are Blood Dr. (or Dr. Blood, in the Klein bottle type inversion). Mulholland Dr. itself has been called a Mobius strip type of movie, as I think it is.

Chasm Falls, NY, named Titusville now (and part of Malone) is symbolzed in Chasm Deep sim of Corsica Prime, which makes a Klein bottle type relationship with Egg Hill Sink (and the reason I decided to call it Egg Hill instead of Egg Hole). Titusville is a link… connects New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania all in one.

Titusville 292319 Populated Place Brevard FL 283644N 0804827W 10 Titusville – 19-OCT-1979
Titusville 881197 Populated Place Mercer NJ 401834N 0745250W 92 Lambertville – 08-SEP-1979
Titusville 967569 Populated Place Dutchess NY 414003N 0735226W 154 Pleasant Valley – 23-JAN-1980
Chasm Falls 972311 Populated Place Franklin NY 444526N 0741308W 1027 Chasm Falls – 23-JAN-1980
Titusville 1189602 Populated Place Crawford PA 413737N 0794025W 1197 Titusville North – 02-AUG-1979
Kent 1530952 Populated Place King WA 472251N 1221405W – Renton

The above list of Titusvilles seems quite significant. NY, NJ, PA.


Baker Bloch flying near the northwest tip of Corsica Prime. Thought this snapshot worthy of inclusion in this blog because of the nifty play of shadows on the checkerboard landscape.


Back on Big. I, looking at the Victorian House (now full of Chesaw/Pieland related pictures) from the still empty Econo apartment (modified). This structure, although I almost invariably rez it onto any land I’ve rented in the past half year or so, always seems to remain empty. Same story now with the new property at Aotearoa (I’m behind in writing this text, once again!). But a really nice view here; I’ll miss Big I. for sure.


Amazing developments happening on Azure Island No. 1, then. The island is being deleted sim by sim! Almost commiting suicide, it seems. Baker stands on the land he and Baker Blinker once owned in Gliese, looking toward the now empty void that use to be filled by the lovely forest they once loved so much. It’s not just happening on AI #1 (although that’s where it appears most dramatically, perhaps). It’s all over the islands, 1-5. Even though Azure Islands may stick around for a while in SL, it will not be the AI I once knew and loved. It will be different; I will not be a part of it. In the meantime, I must admit that the homestead sims of the Comet Archipelago are pretty darn nifty. Definitely worth a stay there, despite the brevity. Got a good story out of it! (Trivia Ratsuit and attachments).


More shocking pictures from Gliese.


Thought I’d include a snapshot of an Earl Dinkin work. Now Earl is someone both my friend Flynn and I discovered independent of each other. But one perhaps cannot say this is synchroncity, simply because he has so many galleries in SL: 8 at last count according to the latest SL gallery list. This particular gallery, The Man Against Eternity Tour, is in Keswick on the Sansara continent. In quickly checking, it looks like his galleries extend over the 3 oldest continents of Sansara, Heterocera (Atoll), and Jeogeot.


More Comet Archipelago pictures, this time of a green sim, Tuttle. Was *this* where Hucka D.’s reputed Money Pit located?





Loose Notes, Then Chatting?

In Aotearoa skybox, I’m sure I’ll put some version of Big E or Big Schwa, displaying my involvement with the Jeogeot continent starting in May of this year. Obviously since I’m now rooted in the heart of Sunklands territory for a while (Xmas? beyond?), this story will continue. Started with Karoz taking over exploring tasks from Baker Bloch for a spell upon move to Noru. Focuses were Chilbo (south) and Korean Channel (northwest). “Best route” to the Korean Channel (and also Chilbo in a more minor tone) were explored. Karoz eventually switches from Chilbo circle to Crabwoo circle in “middle” of Korean Channel, and simultaneously, exploring switches back to Baker Bloch. Crabwoo seen as inadequate double to Chilbo on the Maebaleia continent. Meanwhile Blood Dr. is finished… so much information since May! Little Robert Plant Variant is “born” between Crabwoo and Chilbo, in effect, and is found to have been raised in Nowtown, next to Zen City on the west coast of Jeogeot. Next he moved to Sternberg, where he was suppose to meet Page and form Led Zeppelin, variant style. Instead he found out he was both 18 and 59, and was instead given the tube that represents the Zeppelin career, already completed. Page chose not to join. Blochs had to explore Nowtown [instead of Karoz] because of pay bans there, but it was fate. Rubisea then discovered on the Maebaleia continent. Hucka D. claims it was original SL land, and where Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker were “born”, perhaps.*** Represents 1/12th or 1/13th of Blue Feather Sea which Crabwoo is situated upon (one corner anyway). Is original ur note of SL, the Red C or Red Sea, thus: Ruby Sea or Rubi Sea or Rubisea. Unexplored connections between Rubisea and the Rubi Forest. Has light (sunny) and dark (moon, werewolf) side. Represents anima and animus in ways, like Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker to me. Light half in Blue Drake sim, thus origin of story that Blue Drake is source of Blue Feather (Sea). Original note, again, which turns into the 12 notes [or 13; Baker’s Dozen] of the Blue Feather Sea. Feather is bigger than bird/duck in this manner. Later Bluedrake connected with yellow duck of Boulder in RL. *The* Blue Drake. Connection between Rubisea and Rydal Water of England’s Lake District made, as well as Grasmere L. for neighboring, larger lakes (but still considerably smaller than Blue Feather Sea itself, the largest of the inland lakes of Maebaleia).
Robert Plant Variant is then found to have gone to Sunklands after moving away from Nowtown/Zen City and/or Sternberg. Sunklands is below Sternberg, and also X-ville and Y-borough briefly mentioned in this blog. Y-borough is Crabwoo-like. Plant may have also lived in Quetzal for a spell. But Sunklands then becomes a focus for a time, with Baker Bloch renting in, first, the westernmost sunk (Lill Burn Valley) and then the easternmost (Oolamoo/Drews). Speculation about this eastern sink, the second largest, harboring The Arab that R. Plant talks so much about with his oh so loud mouth. I still think this is true — get to that more in a minute. Baker Bloch sinks or disappears into Sunklands, and I speculate that my time in SL is basically done, except for some gallery maintenance. Then whole Corsica Prime-Pennsylvania stuff arose, and I was back in the thick of SL things. Resonation focused on what became Egg Hill Sink, found fellow collager had lived in bottom — fish bowl in center. Parallel sink directly south in Chasm Deep sim mostly. Two, I believe, are linked in a Klein bottle type relationship — that’s how they were formed. Original site of Petemond in Egg Hill Sink? This may be wrong now, but *Centerville* was certainly in the upper sink of the two (Egg Hill). Connects with K.C. Life a/v synch in that Centerville is in exact center of this 2 movie synchronicity, with Kansas all around. Kansas here obviously is same as Pennsylvania — even 2 states are involved. This is pre-SL in many ways. Klein bottle situation between the 2 involved sinks is pre-SL, and probably disappeared when the Linden grid was superimposed on the landscape.
Briefly contemplated buying land in Egg Hill sink before fully understanding relationship with Chasm Deep sink and Klein bottle relationship.
Then the whole Big I./ Comet Archipelago story came along right after this, another big chunk of information centered by the Trivia Ratsuit Uncyclopedia entry. Big I. used to seal up runny (Pennsylvania) mess of Corsica Prime. Corsica Prime becomes a row of 12 notes in 4 permutations: original, reversed, inverted, reversed inverted. This continues idea of Blue Feather Sea as 12 notes of scale (7 and 5). Sealing of Corsica energy on Big I. is connected with West Virgnia state and The Jug. The Jug represents memory of Egg Hill Sink and Chasm Deep sink as a Klein bottle situation. Also identified with Blood Dr. and Dr. Blood, which is the same as Blood Doctor and Doctor Blood, also from Pennsylvania (Blood Rd. and Blood Settlement, later Marienville, and the connection of Corsica, Pennsylvania into all this). Sim named for Philip Dick works help identify central axis of Corsica Prime and its 2 central sinks. Big I. mythology developed to contain sealed up energy of Pennsyvania via Blood Dr./Dr. Blood through hole on island asssoc with Rat, formerly Saw-chee apparently. Story of Chesaw and Saw-chee playing Trivia Ratsuit to save the world from penguins, and start up virtual reality in Pieland (original name of Big I.). Big I. is surfacing of Pieland into SL grid. Locked into place through Comet Archipelago. Friend Flynn moves to what was originally called Chesaw Island, and where Chesaw lived before moving to Big Island. Chesaw I. rumoured to have a Money Pit, but the pit was the hole on Big I. instead, also identifed through Flynn as resonating into Tron’s Flynn and Tron itself. A 3rd Life was seen beyond Second Life inside the hole. Sealed up to protect, assoc. with Cthulu mythos through Derleth, but also connections to SL friend Headburro Antfarm. A way to connect stories. Hucka D. claims to have lived on Big I. as well, but in form of purple obese alien, or perhaps just pregnant alien. Has 5 kids, named after fingers on hand. The Arab brought her and 6 others to Big I. She went “native”. She was like Mary Ann of the crew, and so identified with Kansas, it seems. Middle was key (named after Middle Finger) because he retained memory of The Jug/Klein bottle. This seals up memory of Peter, who at least formed Sunklands on Jeogeot, and perhaps the 2 Corsica Prime sinks as well, similarly dry ones. Corsica Prime [through Pennsylvania] becomes the symbol of Pinky, or One Pink. Which may also be the same as Big I. (?).
Scene shifts back, then, to Jeogeot as Baker Bloch purchases land in heart of Sunklands, in Aotearoa. Largest sink seems to have been created by Dr. Blood, or Blood Dr. No, Dr. Blood. Who may be the same as an Aorta??
But the big sink and what it means is key. And the Big Sink (same as Big I… may be a connection (!))* has been corrupted, perhaps beyond repair since it spans so many sims and belongs to so many avatars at once. Some of the smaller sinks have been repaired (Lill Burn Valley, Otaki Gorge, Oolamoo/Drews, at least 1/2 of it).
Theory: to heal the 2nd largest sink totally and not just in part, Saw-chee has to don the rat suit and loose the Trivia Ratsuit game to Chesaw. The wall between Oolamoo and Drews is this game, perhaps. Anyway Dr. Blood created the largest sink [apparently called Big Sink now, associated somehow with Big I. through “Big Ink”], or was its culmination. Sunklands was created in 2004-2009. Sealed up by Klein bottle relationship between Doctor Blood and Blood Doctor, which seems to be the same as the relationship between the 2 sinks of Corsica Prime.
Dr. Blood also has something to do with the original blood red color of Rubisea on the Maebaleia continent, fed now by Unnasty Branch and quite pure and clear in contrast to previous times.
The collage 10×10 was created at the same time as Sunklands of SL. The sinks literally did not exist in complete form until at least 2007, maybe 2008. Before my entrance as Baker Blinker/Baker Bloch into SL, Sunklands was not solidified. Only at this moment did it cystallize as it appears now on maps.
Forgot to even mention the 2 rabbit holes further linking Maebaleia and Jeogeot, and, more specifically, the Rubisea area (Lake District) and Sunklands. Study difference between “wet” and “dry” sinks.**
Collages find perhaps their true home in Aotearoa in new and hopefully improved Edwardston Station Gallery (beyond “borg cube” original nature, as culminated in Horisme version just before b_hivia creation in Noru). Introduction of collage 10×10 into scene is another way to heal Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

I have nothing to add much except to saw that my 5 fingers were all black children, poor, and barely with clothes. But we lived on a tropical island so not much care there. Middle is a key, yes. They’re all keys.


I loved them so. I spoiled Pinky. He always went wee wee wee all the way back home when he ran into mainland money trouble. He grew up to be Dr. Blood. He grew up to be Peter. Peter formed Sunklands, not you, baker b. Baker Bloch. You created the collage 10×10, though. Tell me how that works again sometime.


I’ll attempt it soon. Thanks.

* a transitional archetype between Big I. and Big Sink may be Big Ink, but we’ll see about that.
** Hucka D. indicated to me that both rabbit holes, which are, in effect, one rabbit hole, are created by the Ancients that I encountered in various ways at the beginning of this blog (Baker Blinker and Shakenstein, Baker Bloch and Mr. Low).
*** Hucka D. has since indicated to me that this is where Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch were *married*, or where they spent their honeymoon. Lake District.

Peiland Gone, Ephant… Good For Now…

New structure at the bottom of Sunklands, since removed in the intervening time between the insertion of these photos and the creation of the attached text. Currently there’s nothing on the bottom of the Aotearoa sink. Could change in, well, a heartbeat.


The Baker Family’s first sighting of Santa this year. How exciting! And two of them ta boot.


And Belkie Bear! Now I personally run like hell when I see this bear approaching me in malls and stuff, but Karoz seems unfazed by the appearance. I hate Belkie Bear; long story (can’t remember it myself but it’s long standing… ask the wife). But, anyway, I don’t really think this is Belkie Bear pictured below. Here’s a comparison shot. No, in looking at it now this SL bear is obviously merely a bear in a Santa costume, and probably no relation to Belkie Bear at all. What a relief.


Some last shots of Big Island after I deleted the ground house, wrecked steamer, and about everything else except the palm trees.




The unframed portrait of Lord Chancellor Chesaw, now half buried in the sand where the house once stood. Will we ever know the full story?


Then after deleting all the non-vegetative objects on the Big Island property, hopped over to Ephant to decide that particular rental’s fate as well. I decided it will stay… for now. As I’m writing this text, the rent’s about up again, actually. Another decision time.


Sunklands, Brouwer 02

Let’s start with a picture of Karoz sitting in a tomb of Linden Memorial Park Island…



Trees, Etc.

Baker Bloch visits an interesting island in the Blake Sea, near the current eastern edge of a New England themed archipelago. Called Great Island, and spanning two sims: Point of Pines and Land’s End. Appropriate to the name, it is one of the largest islands of the archipelago.


A large salt marsh dominates the center of the island, which a wet footed Blochs is standing in below, looking east toward a wooded hill.


We then shift to Karoz meditating in the huge branches of the great Oracle Tree of Chilbo, which Hucka D. has just talked about in a blog post and with certainly some interesting stories about its possible, ancient or pre-Linden origins. (!) I’m sure Karoz will be returning to this tree soon. Just for the record, it looks like the Oracle Tree stands something under *200* meters tall, starting at an elevation of 122 at the base. Top elevation, then, would be around 300 meters or so. Below, Karoz sits at the 242 meter level. The name of the tree’s creator is Xirro Link, it seems, with another curiously empty SL profile to his name.


A look up from his meditation spot towards higher parts.


A pool at the base of the tree, actually in an open area underneath the hollow base. Nice… it’s “Water for Super Hottub 1.1” that I use to fill all my pools with as well. Here you’ll find a teleporter to the shrine Karoz was just meditating inside as well.

As Karoz is checking behind Baker Bloch today, he also finds that you can fly up about 30 meters through the hollow trunk as well, fwiw.


Nightime view of the tree behind a Chilbo welcome banner spanning the original main street (Route 10).


I should add more about trees here. Weird run of “tree” references from many different directions yesterday. Let me list them out. 1) Visited UK Heights own sim in Pudding Hill sim, Big Sink, and came across the band’s “Trees” video, inspired by vision of a since deceased band member; 2) Later in same day visited meditation spot obviously focused upon dense cluster of trees, also in Big Sink but on the western side; 3) That same night when Baker Bloch logged in, found lone notecard waiting for him from Quadrapop *Tree* group that he didn’t even know he belonged to. Never got a notecard from ’em before. But by this time he was aware of the tree motif going on, and promptly visited the “Halloween Hideout” it advertised and met a very nice avatar who managed the three Univ. of Western Australia sims it was located within. He also bragged about the works of the artist owner of the Quadropop Tree Gallery that the aforementioned SL group promotes, one Quadrapop Lane, who has some art showing at the Halloween Hideout as well.*

On more minor note, perhaps, saw man with last name of “Trees” on the tv, what little I watched that day, although I can’t remember the show or the context. Also came across, earlier in the day, mention of beings from Sirius as tree-like. There were other, more indirect references that later surfaced in Hucka D.’s late night thoughts on the subject, including seeing a car bought at a dealership in Joplin, Missouri on my short commute home from work (I’m American, but nowhere *near* Missouri, and I can’t remember the last time I’d seen a Missouri license plate, if ever), and a couple of other bits and pieces I’m not recalling right now.

Below, Baker Bloch once again stands in the largest dry sink of the Corsica continent, this time to specifically visit the Quadrapop Tree Gallery. I’ve also added the gallery to this blog’s SL galleries list. Had to, don’t you think?


Baker rides on a metallic severed hand at the UWA Halloween spot.


* related blogspot is found at In addition, here’s a post about her art at NPIRL.

4 Characters…

“Hucka D., take a look at the last 4 characters of this transmission from a screen at the Mos Ainsley Space Base. This was taken in May by Karoz. Its “2E2E”. *Now…* take a gander at what Petemond said for this blog near the very end of part 18 in mid-August. Here’s the post, and I’ll just cut and paste the quote I’m talking about here, which is the last line he said.

Ickle dickle do de dum don’t da. Weiner eeple to two e two e.

This is the same thing (!) — 2E2E equals “two e two e”. Is the terminal somehow generating the text of what Peter said??? Very interesting coincidence even if not!

And can we speak of the probable relationship between this “coincidence” and the “Ruins in the Woods” exhibit now showing at the Temple of TILE in Aotearoa?”

Hucka D.:

Crabwood has a deeper intensity than Chilbo. Already a debate has occurred between 2 [foundations] about the role of Sunklands in future development. A friendly debate, of course, for this is Chilbo. You are a focus, and through you The Residents… all residents. Of Jeogeot I mean (smiles).

Chilbo has a chance to open up to a quite considerably larger scale. Beef up… up a notch… and so on. You have played a small role in their thinking, mostly unconsciously but there. The powers have decided… well, there’s obviously 2 ways to go. Up or down. “Up” leads to a greater responsibility for Chilbo in a Linden run grid. Chilboans and Lindens will move forward more hand in hand. “Down” leads to increasing isolation for Chilbo, a condensing toward its center and small town perfection. Chilbo will shrink to eventually just Chilbo, and then probably just wink out of existence or turn into something totally new. This is the wave breaking now, baker b. Sunklands plays a small role in this as I said.


What’s this got to do with the transmission on the screen at Mos Ainsley?

Hucka D.:

Go back there…


… Knew you were going to say that.

Hucka D.:

This is a message from Petemond. Petemond came into existence after the death of Peter the rabbit. He was refound. And… that’s not the last time Petemond said that phrase. Check please.


Ok. Yeah, I vaguely remember something else. Later on, when I was considering buying land in the Egg Hill sink of Corsica Prime.



Yes. Found it. This was immediately after the Corsica incident, as it was then called by you seemingly. But that was Peter, not Petemond, although the 2 seem to be 1 and the same.

Babble de boble hop tielly de winkle teu, e teu e.

Hucka D.:



There it’s “teu e teu e”. Phonetically identical, though. And, again, this is the last thing Peter or Petemond said that night. This was still considerably before my move to Aotearoa, so the New Zealand influence couldn’t have been so strong. Speaking of “e”s I have one snapshot to share with you tonight, maybe another in a minute.


Hucka D.:

Black and white; on and off. Karoz stares at the “e” from one direction, Baker Bloch the other. This is also the choice Chilbo faces now. Which way to look at the “E”. Do they look through Karoz’s home body eyes or do they share, in part, Baker Bloch’s more western-type Sunklands vision? The Korean Channel is a division point. Does Noru remain the limit of Greater Chilbo? Karoz is Noru. Karoz is Chilbo. And… what do you do with Karoz now? His fate hangs on the fate of others [as well].



What does this have to do with the “2E2E”?

Hucka D.:

That is a bird. Language of The Birds. Uniko, da.


Why was it on the monitor at Mos Ainsley?

Hucka D.:

Obviously someone is trying to get in touch with you.



I think this has to do with The Residents as well.

Hucka D.:

Plant is unavailable tonight. We better end.


Thank you.

Redd Zepppelin…

Karoz has memory erased from former times. Chilbol explosion. Chilbolton. He does not immediately make connection between this and Ancients. Lennonists… Marxists. I had to remind him when he reads this…

“Two places?” he asked. “How can you…” Then it dawns on him. Somewhat. Rabbit Hole. Continents. 2 places.

“I know why Lemon was in Maebaleia now,” he said to himself quietly.


Hucka D.:

There is — was — a difference between Lemon Days and Salad Days. Latter precedes former. Toy avatars were around in latter days. Former days started the reforms. Reformers… St. Lemon… nudity. Weather was partially erased. Shivering stopped. Woods were made … golf was thoroughly invested as a national pastime over bruiseball. Plaid was empowered. Jack’s nudie films were barred days of past. The lettuce wilts.


Additional note: Red Zeppelin (real location, sans Woods portrait) has texture and color suspiciously like Joplin Ball/Sphere now in restored Temple of TILE.

more Jeogeot-Maebaleia examinations, 01

Employing the timeline maps from the nifty Maps of Second Life site, I’ve now been able to chart, month by month, how the Second Life mainland formed from 2006 on.

Jeogeot, originally known as the Southern Continent, it seems, first shows up on this grid in 01-01-2006 according to month. I’ve also seen it referred to as the Korean Continent, because of its numerous sims named for Korean locations. It’s that bit of green at the bottom of the map below. To the top we have the larger masses of Heterocera (north) and Sansara (south), the two original Second Life continents, joined to each other by a sim-wide column of water.

By 01-01-2007, Jeogeot is still not complete, being slowly formed from top to bottom, essentially. One year on, the creeping formation of the continent, at least compared to those that follow, had only just started to move around the lower edge of what now is called the Korean Channel (the official Linden name).

What also surprised me is that the Sansara continent was still developing around the edges at the same time as Jeogeot’s formation throughout 2006. Compare this with Heterocera/Atoll Continent, which already stood complete at the beginning of 2006.

2 months later (03-01-2007), a fourth mainland continent begins to form to the east of any former continent. This would become the Maebaleia continent, also known as Satori or the Japanese Continent. This is also the first month that the Jeogeot continent has assumed its final shape, minus the filling in of the Korean Channel and the additional of Mos Ainsley sims about 1 year later (see below). To differentiate between what eventually turned out to be a whole eastern hemisphere of the mainland grid to complement the now almost completed western hemisphere, I’ll color the eastern continents pink in the maps to follow.

By 05-01-2007, the Maebaleia continent already stood complete. Compare its roughly two month creation to that of Jeogeot, which took well over a year. And by this time, even the continent above Maebaleia, Nautilus, was off to a good head start.

Slightly less than a year later (03-01-2008), the aforementioned filling in of the Korean Channel occurred, removing that central notch from Jeogeot appearing above. Difficult to tell from this map if the Mos Ainsley related sims, 3 in number, were added at the same time, but I’m assuming they were in checking other sources. You can also see that Nautilus is well completed by now, and also Corsica, the continent to the north, is rather slowly forming west to east, to be finished by 05-01-2008, at the same time the next continent, Gaeta, has begun. Interestingly, it took Corsica about 9 months to form after the quite quick creation of both Maebaleia and Nautilus in this hemisphere.

And the mainland grid as it stands today, with a completed Gaeta and an as yet unfinished continent to the north of Corsica, even. The still forming Zindra and the spanking new Nascera are not added in, I assume, because of space purposes, both being well to the east and southeast of this central continent cluster respectively.

Another important addition since 05/2008 is the Nautilus City/Blake Sea region, sandwiched between Maebaleia to the south and Nautilus to the north.

To be continued…

New Digs, Valentine’s Day, 2010

It’s almost 1/4th the size of the Aotearoa property I just gave up, but I kind of like it. Could this be a new home sweet home? It sits right on the lip of the largest sink outside Jeogeot’s Sunklands: Chasm Deep on the Corsica continent. I’ve already discussed it a bit here and mentioned it in other places in the blog as well, usually in conjuction with another, smaller sink on the Corsica continent I personally call (paradoxically) Egg Hill or Egg Hill Sink. In fact, I had a chance to instead rent property from LaMa Estates (my current, sole landlords) right near the center of Egg Hill Sink, the second and perhaps last obvious dry sink on not only the Corsica continent, but on *any* continent outside Jeogeot. I was all ready to plop down my money on the latter when I visited again and noticed about 1/2 the properties surrounding it didn’t allow direct access. So I decided on the Chasm Falls location, since it didn’t seem to have any such restrictions in movement there.

But I thought I’d start with a snapshot from the lip of another sink, Sunklands’ Oolamoo-Drews (aka Second Sink) and the nice waterfall cascading down the ridge there. Baker rented a rock cottage (since replaced) near the top of this falls last summer.

Much more modest in size is the new waterfall on my Timescape sim property.

Here you see the standard Victorian house to the left that I invariably set up on any new property, and, to the right, the handy little 4 prim cabin that I also decided to rez to act as a secondary structure on the land. The 2048 square meters involved in this case, as you can probably glean from a close study of the above photograph, make not 2 side-by-side 1024 squares but, instead, 2 side-by-side 512s followed by a 1024 square stuck onto the lower part of the west 512. A bit of an “L” shape, then.

Below, Baker sits on a rock on the edge of the 1024 just mentioned, providing a view of the small waterfall set up on the eastern of the 2 512s. The waterfall actually fully bisects the 512 north to south, with the cabin then set up on easternmost, otherwise isolated portion of the property. Interesting setup, and one I’ve not used before in any way.

Oh, and I can’t recall renting totally granite property before either. 🙂

The only way to easily access the cabin is to walk across the rocks at the top of the small waterfall.

Mouse view of the waterfall taken while Baker sits on a rock near the entrance to the cabin. You know, in Second Life, as in Real Life I suppose, it’s often the small things that really matter.

A view from inside the cabin down on property I don’t rent.

But certainly the vista of most note from the property is this spectacular view down into the Chasm Deep sink itself. Big do’ins down there it looks like. In fact, from the land description it appears someone is building a whole damn town inside (“Chasm City”).

As they say: stay tuned!

West of Chasm Deep, 01

Baker picks a beautifully clear early morning to bike west from his house perched on the edge of the Chasm Deep sink, up a Linden protected road known as “Circuit La Corse”. No highway number yet, although one is sort of promised in this Dept. of Public Works blog post from last year.

A gradual upward grade takes Baker from a green 55 meters on the part of the highway nearest his house (only about a 100 meter journey southeast) up to around a 110 meter elevation in Dibacco about 4 sims west. The trip to the top is frankly quite amazing, as I hoped I’ve captured at least a bit below. The unpaved rocky passage strongly reminded me of similar ones shot toward the end of the movie Sorcerer. Probably the highlight of the trip. And so close to my Timescape home!*

Top of the grade, finally. Baker missed a turn off that goes through the very heart of the continent here. But there’ll be a next time.

Amazing mountain peak here, at least from a distance.

Then in Black Lion just east of Dibacco, Baker starts gradually heading down again.

Baker encounters barren landscape, like in many Second Life mainland locations. The granite may make it even eerier, though, or perhaps he’s just use to the green of Jeogeot now.

Reaching about the same elevation that he started now, Baker enters a more urban area that goes by the name of Trendone City, after its home sim. Not as quaint or as large, area-wise, as Chilbo, though… Baker also prefers Teasdale and Pine Tree Square to this more upward shooting burg. Pretty laggy here as well. But still I deemed the city interesting enough to send Baker back soon to explore more its ins and outs, hopefully in a less laggy environment.

After passing through some additional built up areas in neighboring Walker, Baker suddenly emerges into another wide open space as he approaches SL sea level in this area (20 meters).


* Youtube video here.

West of Chasm Deep, 02

Ocean view, also in Toothsum as was the last picture of the preceding post. Baker’s really starting to dig this continent!

Suddenly a road appears within the Linden protected passage in the northeast corner of Toothsum, starting out as just cobblestones but quickly turning to pavement as we enter Venostate.

Or more tightly fitted rocks I suppose, actually.

Another more urban area encountered in Brendon, next to a bay. Baker decides to take a right at a junction of two roads here. He heads northwest now.

Baker looks toward the high, inland dome of granite.

Bunny Encounter at another highway junction, in the Shetlon sim this time. Baker’s apparently been on the road long enough to where his graphics card has become overtaxed, and he’s unable to completely load many of the textures for his shoots now.

Shortly after the junction with the bunny, the road becomes unpaved and unimproved once more, leading him once again gradually upwards into the granite highlands. The below shot was taken just after Baker reaches a top height of the ridge, at about 95 meters (Banyan and Immintel sims). The top is also notable for the numerous trees clogging the protected passage as it continues west. But both Baker and I like them here; not all protected roads have to be paved or even cleared IOHO.

A city in Rosewood, where Baker finally had to stop for the night. The statue an exhausted Baker stares at below, situated in the city’s central square, is that of its founder, one Buford P. Slum.

I’ll continue all this after a good day’s rest!


Biking on the Linden protected passage called the “Circuit La Corse” west of Timescape, once more.

Amazing empty scapes on the central, granite “dome” of the continent, where I plan to explore more soon.

Sculpty trees that hadn’t rezzed in yet. Still look pretty neat in this unpotentialized state; Blochs thought it worth a snapshot.

When Baker went over to the Aracadia Asylum library in the Cheomna sim on official business, a familiar looking statue greeted him in the courtyard. It’s the Buford P. Slum creation found in the Rosewood sim of Corsica not 1 or 2 nights before. He should have known it was an AA work with a name like that!

Baker meditates beside the grave with the blue rose at his Aotearoa home (tombstone yet another AA creation) before starting another night of wandering.

Baker had noticed this ground lighting just west of his home before…

… tonight he found the source: an aquarium just beneath the surface left behind by the former owner of the now abandoned land, accompanied by 2 potted plants.

Old service station, now on route 9 several sims north of Aotearoa.

Negotiating a narrow passage.

Wow!! When Baker decided to visit Blackmount once more while in the general vicinity, a giant pyramid with a capping eye had since been created in the Mt. Owen sim just south of Blackmount’s famed Rabbit Hole…

JOKE… the above shot is actually a trick, perspective photograph. The pyramid is there, true enough, but only about a meter high, and hovering about 30 meters off the ground near the center of the Blackmount sim. Baker likes to set up those kind of trick photos now and then, like with the huge waterdrop above the firey lava of Fyre Maven.

Baker was able to trace the origin of this eye-and-pyramid back to this parcel in INSERT, also on the Jeogeot continent and designed as an homage to the late writer-philosophy Robert Anton Wilson.


What I have and haven’t got, SL:

I just gave up the Timescape parcel on the Corsica continent. Was just not there enough to justify keeping. Never even furnished the house in any manner. Just didn’t develop, but no big deal. But after 1 month “living there” it’s gone.

I also gave up a small rental in the Huntsman sim the last couple of days.

I only have parcels on the Jeogeot continent. Thought I’d provide a picture of my small office in Chilbo, which has been a kind of stability point for me for quite a number of months now. Maybe since last September… hard to remember. Within is a map of the Jeogeot continent showing the relationship of Chilbo to Sunklands and also the Korean Channel, and then a big map of Sunklands itself with its 6 official sinks. There’s also a poster regarding the 10×10 collages and the Edwardston Station Gallery, along with a number of magazines (Sunklands Today, Toy Avatar Monthly) strewn around the place, as I like to do now.

Looking toward the heart of Chilbo from in front of my office. I have to visit more often (!).

“Chilbo!” has just come up in the blog in the last post, so I thought I’d take a picture of where that whole idea originated: on the many banners within the town limits.

Still have my 2 separate but still close 1024 parcels in Pudding Hill, in the center of Big Sink country. The lower of the two (both elevation and latitude) houses the Edwardston Station Gallery and also Sunklands Central, seen here beside a new commercial neighbor just over the border in Wetas. Haven’t met them yet… may never meet them. 🙂

And then I have my “home” base in Aotearoa still, where it’s basically been for 5 months now. I don’t own nearly as much land there as when I started renting in the sim, but I think it’s very adequate for my needs now, what with all the other non-SL projects I have coming up or going on presently. But all still relates to SL, and everything else actually. As Hucka D. encapsulated it, “Sunklands equals Sharon equals Wiltshire equals Sunklands…”