Corsica 05


Logged into Second Life at my last location and “woke up” Baker Bloch to this beautiful sunrise view down into the Chasm Deep sink I just bought a 512 in, my latest small purchase. Also noticed that Quadrapop Tree, my new neighbor of sorts, was working hard in her gallery (she appeared as a glimmering object inside a translucent wall about 125 meters to my right), perhaps preparing for tonight’s party celebrating the completion of her “Black Build”, called, “new immersive dark works” in the notice I received as a member of the Quadropop Tree group. I might have to drop in if I have time.

Shot I took inside her 1/4 sim occupying gallery that I visited last night, right after the land purchase (Poorlatrice sim). Colors of TILE once again for this particular piece, which always attracts my attention.

QTree is a quite well known SL artist, and certainly one of the top mainland artists as well. Great to have her as a neighbor, although I probably won’t be hanging here very much, what with oh 12 other parcels I call a sort of home presently. But I primary see this as another exploring base, and Chasm Deep has held an attraction to me for some time, ever since I ran across it probably almost a year and a half ago now. It’s most likely the deepest Second Life sink of the 8 or so I know about, if not the largest (that would still go to Big Sink). Regular readers, if there are any at this point, might recall that I rented some property on the lip of Chasm Deep (other side, though) this past winter, but gave it up after a month due to my inactivity there. I feel the need to keep the Corsica continent on my exploring radar… heck I may even move there sometime in a bigger way.

I’ll have more to say about Corsica soon. As usual, you can keep up with all my explorations on any one mainland continent through the appropriate blog categories to your right:

Heterocera (aka Atoll continent)
Maebaleia (aka Satori)

Chasm Deep itself is already a sub category within the Corsica category.

And I’m already poking around Chasm City. Big question: have they properly harnessed the *deep energy* of the sink itself??

I think now this is a strong possibility (!!) These creators, these *Metaharpers*, may have something important to teach me after all.*


*Note: this is the actual link to the Metaharpers site.

But I found it quite interesting that the (Mindful Mystic) blog, where I found the Aztec mandala which seems to mirror the one at the very center of the Chasm Deep sink, was playing *harp* music when I visited!


Metaphysical: Angelite is a stone that is said to bring serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm. Angelite is excellent to use when you need to calm down from feelings of stress. Angelite dispeals fear, anger, and encourages forgiveness. Psychically angelite is used to conntect with spirit guides, the higher self, and guardian angels. It is excellent for enhancing telepathy, psychic awareness, astral travel, and spiritual journeys. Angelite is also excellent for creating a shield of psychic protection and for balancing etheric and physical energies.


Repeating the course of an old biking trip from earlier this year, logged into these two posts:

Roads have been paved. Not sure I like it as much, but I’m sure most involved others do. Users of avatars normally clamor for Linden roadways to be paved near their lands.

But actually the photo below shows a largely vacant part of the huge granite plateau dominating the interior of what I call Corsica Prime (largest island of the archipelago collectively known as the Corsica continent). No roads in this particular location…

… and this cobblestone road was already in place during Baker Bloch’s last bike trip through this area (see second picture of second link above).

The rest of the pictures in the current post come from the Chasm Deep sink. Heading down into the bottom of the sink from my new 512 on the eastern slopes, Baker pauses to peer into a translucent wall of the Quadrapop Tree Gallery from a nearby rooftop. He promises more photos from that gallery soon enough.

But tonight, his objective is more Chasm City, taking up the majority of the sink, and also making a 1:1 match with the Chasm Deep sim itself.

Baker is still impressed, but wonders about the parcel’s prim management. The sim is pretty filled up, although the build seems quite incomplete in a number of ways.

Here’s something that Baker deems expendable: a very small and essentially non-functional cafe which nevertheless hogs up a considerable number of prims — well over 200 if I remember correctly.

But here is a highlight indeed. A domed structure containing orbiting copies of metaharps designed by participants in the Metaharpers Cabel.

Sculpture pieces elsewhere on the property.

Baker must run this night, but will return soon to see how things have progressed at the obviously still evolving entity known as Chasm City.

Depth, Power

“The power, the *depth* of Chasm Deep may be too deep and powerful to tap into properly. It may overwhelm, causing disorganization instead of the opposite. A certain critical mass can be reached, but it is difficult. Cooperation must be powerful… deep. It hasn’t occurred yet. They’ll have to start all over, in essence.”

Hucka D.:

Well… you know how that goes, he he.

bb (laughing as well):

Yes. You just start all over. It’s only virtual pixels. Save what is good, throw out what is bad. And be merciless.

Hucka D.:

They need to let the Metaharps themselves tell them how to tap into that energy. All of them, together, can do it. And it can be the most powerful and deep thing in Second Life itself, if accomplished. Much more potential power there than Otaki Gorge. But, to them, they can learn from *you* and your smaller sink. Don’t you think?


I suppose so. Just simple lessons. And, of course, that the energy at the center of the sink exists in the first place. And the relationship with Orion’s Vale, which is *really* in trouble (raises eyebrows). I don’t think Sachie could be pleased with the degeneration of that area.

Hucka D.:

No (pause). So are you going to hold on to Otaki Gorge even now?


Yes. I suppose I should. Don’t you think?

Hucka D.:

Yes. What of Baker[ sim]?


I guess it will have to go, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Shame. You must pick and choose poisons from now on. But too many options, as you said, are better than too few.


An old man, going a lone highway,
Came at the evening, cold and gray,
To a chasm, vast and deep and wide,
Through which was flowing a sullen tide.
The old man crossed in the twilight dim;
The sullen stream had no fears for him;
But he turned when safe on the other side
And built a bridge to span the tide.

“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near,
“You are wasting strength with building here;
Your journey will end with the ending day;
You never again must pass this way;
You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide”
Why build you the bridge at the eventide?”

The builder lifted his old gray head:
“Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said,
“There followeth after me today
A youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm that has been naught to me
To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be.
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;
Good friend, I am building the bridge for him.”



Moving down the water John is drifting out of sight, It’s only at the turning point That you find out how to fight. In the cold, feel the cold all around And the rush of crashing water Surround me with its sound.

Rael manages to grab a rock, pull himself to the surface and catch his breath. As John is carried past, Rael throws himself in again and catches hold of his arm. He knocks John unconscious and then locking themselves together, he rides the rapids into the slow running water, where he can swim to safety.

Striking out to reach you, I can’t get through to the other side. When you’re racing in the rapids There’s only one way, that’s to ride. Taken down, taken down by the undertow And I’m spiralled down the river bed, My fire is burning low. Catching hold of a rock that’s firm, I’m waiting for John to be carried past. We hold together and shoot the rapids fast.

But as he hauls his brother’s limp body onto the bank he lies him out and looks hopefully into his eyes for a sign of life. He staggers back in recoil, for staring at him with eyes wide open is not John’s face — but his own.

And when the waters slow down The dark and the deep have no-one left to keep. Hang on John! We’re out of this at last. Something’s changed, that’s not your face. It’s mine!




It happened in 1930. I did not know if I was alive or dead, but I went to the other side. Pea pod peaple were lined up with numbers. Pre-borns. John as #9. Then Lily… she led me. Golden globes. I was here. I knew what Lamb was. Lamb[ County].


At the time Plant X was being designed, power plants were usually named after their location. During the initial stages of the design process, no location had been selected, so engineers referred to the generating station simply as β€œPlant X” and the name stuck.

Pluto’s volume is about 0.66% that of Earth

Once found, Pluto’s faintness and lack of a resolvable disc cast doubt on the idea that it was Lowell’s Planet X. Estimates of Pluto’s mass were revised downward throughout the 20th century…. Lowell had made a prediction of Planet X’s position in 1915 that was fairly close to Pluto’s actual position at that time; however, Ernest W. Brown concluded almost immediately that this was a coincidence,[40] a view still held today


Note to Science: try to stop using the word “coincidence” as blanket coverage for any unusual confluence of events encountered.


* I’d like to send Baker Bloch back to England, perhaps the Lake District this time instead of Wiltshire. Not sure if the whole Baker family will go with him again (sans Wilsonia Foxclaw), but we’ll see.

Thought: Baker Blinker came back from England just recently, where she stayed with the Queen and King in Rockney, and found she had been replaced by what she called a “dolled up doppleganger” in SL in the meantime. One or the other had to go, so the new Blinker killed off the old Blinker. Hucka Doobie had no such problem (nor Baker Bloch), since their appearances hadn’t changed, and thus they had not created similar dopplegangers.

I actually can’t wait to send Baker Bloch back. He may head to Greenup Gill first.

* I need to work on map studies again, perhaps in conjunction with SL exploring and creating but perhaps not as well.

* I need to read over what I have on the subject of toy avatars, and try decide a next step for that mythology.

Thought: both Baker Bloch (and family) *and* toy avatars could head to England soon. Mossman? Grassy Noll?

* Enjoy SL while it’s around in existing form, but at the same time keep in mind that time is limited. Make the most of it. And that means probably keeping Otaki Gorge and see what happens next.

* Hucka D. has indicated to me, or hinted around, that Sapphire may no longer be a regular board spirit, perhaps replaced by Peter but perhaps not. Make log of who board spirits have been down through years now. Sapphire’s been around over a half year, I believe. Before her, Plant was the main guest spirit on the blog (Robert Plant Variant). Variants were created to help me understand the Sunklands Initiative, and what went on there.

Hucka D.:

Jeogeot has been a constant for a year and a half as well. Peter must be contacted in some way[ to continue].


You said he still wasn’t ready.

Hucka D.:

He’s ready. Cross of the Lamb.


[joined in progress]

“Peter *lived* on Corsica.”


Fascinating Hucka D. But only a small time.

Hucka D.:

*80 percent* of the time. Bold that.


OK. So that’s my attraction for moving back.

Hucka D.:

Bracket Jupiter merely paved the way for the entrance of the Martians. Blue Martians this time, not Red. You buy that piece of property you have your eye on and you’ll see. Also note in this blog that you couldn’t initially buy it because of SL bugs, just like you couldn’t intially rent in Ephant in that similarly cheap place there. You’ll see. 240/160.


4/3. Interesting.

Hucka D.:

Peter lived *there*. He was fascinated with this green plane. He knew it to be both Blue and Red Mars at once. This is where Bracket Jupiter found Brainard.


But that’s a lie.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Opposite of the mound you want to buy (smiles). That is ultimate Truth, instead.


What of Otaki Gorge? I guess it will have to be slowly carved up.

Hucka D.:

Slowly, though. Take it easy.


“The green plane was cleared of both blue, right, and red, left. A calming center was established. And on that flat plane appeared dimples. Points and dimples. Smudges. A picture formed… magic.”

Hucka D.:

Magic Squares. Like the one he used to later create Sunklands and US.

Peter was well compensated for his sacrifice.


Peter did not want to recreate the error of Bracket, so he owned the hill and consecrated it. Truth. But not the hill pictured above. Yes. What of my hill, the one I want? You can see it in the distance there. Kind of. That was not Peter’s hill. That’s *your* hill. But Peter owned it[ also]. Yes.

Green Plane, 01

Baker Bloch and I are really starting to sink into a mythology especially surrounding the middle, greener parts of the Corsica continent. Here’s Blochs admiring the topography shift from rock to grass on the eastern side of the great granite plateau centering Corsica Prime. In other words, he’s on the eastern edge of this middle “green plane” that interests us currently.

Baker biking through a somewhat more urban area near the southern coast of Corsica, again on the more recently paved Circuit La Corse as it rounds the bottom of said granite plateau. We’re in Meewalh here, with a definite beach town like vibe going on. Just beyond the location pictured below, the Circuit La Corse splits in two, with one part of the road staying on a westward course and the other heading back east and then north. Eventually the two splits will reunite a number of sims north in Lusca.

Baker continues west, then. In Naberrie, the road turns into a fenced in bridge over Linden water, which continues into Odumin and also Aldar Beedo. Quite nice scenery here.

Heading north off the road in Aldar Beedo, Baker explores a large, natural parcel called “Della’s lush slice of heaven,” which includes this group of Stonehenge-like standing stones that Baker remarkably finds he can float inside of.

Baker then finds himself on the northward course of the Circuit La Corse…

… but soon is tempted by offroad exploration again. Here’s he’s in Yarna beside an approx. 50 meter long pond with 1 pier, 1 small boat and 1 very slowly swimming duck. Ahead is one of the many interesting, isolated granite topped peaks of the central Corsica plain, this particular version being in Gardulla one sim up from Yarna. And, actually, 1 sim south of Ephant, where I had a rental last year for about 2 months.

Baker atop another of those granite peaks in the area, this time on the eastern edge of Logray. Interesting use of a tiny tree to mark the top.

The letters positioned on the side of the hill advertise the Belar Ishun Social Club and Courtyard parcel making up 1/2 of the Nield sim immediately east of Logray.

Green Plane, 02

Baker in what I’ll leave as an unspecified location near Logray. In the distance is a small, unassuming mound that could become a center of attention for the Baker family in the immediate future. For now I’m calling it Greentop. Importantly, perhaps, it’s *not* a granite topped hill but remains green from base to peak. But it represents about the highest hill that could remain so before textures slide into the granite region. In this way, it seems to have certain qualities akin to the former underwater Sansara hill known as Hilo Peak. More on all this quite soon, I suspect!

Shot from nearby Kid’s Place Shops.

A beauty spot at yet another nearby granite mountain, in the BoShek sim. Actually 2 adjoining granite mountains lie within this particular sim.

The higher of the 2 BoShek mountains from a neighboring sim. Baker looks across an official body of Linden water here, slightly inland from the beach and straddling the Cerasi-Skynx sim boundary.

Baker stares toward another rounded hillock in the interestingly named Ancient Rising. Quite near the ocean this time, and in a rental establishment with a French Quarter theme. Once more, the hill is too low for exposed granite to show at the top.

Nearby lighthouse on a much flatter and spread out hill.

House perched on an unterraformed hill, also in the Logray neighborhood. Or is this how the owners like it? (probably not)

To the east of the great plane or plain lies this crossed topped solid granite mountain, which Hucka D. states Peter The Good or Peter the SoSo (whatever) use to own. In fact, I think he’s hinting around that Peter formerly laid claim to the *whole* central Corsica plane/plain, perhaps in conjunction with the still quite mysterious and little understood person or collective known as The Bill.


So here’s the newest secret revealed. Bought an approx. 3000 square meter parcel in Asha on the Corsica continent for real cheap. But it wasn’t really the price that drew me in (although that didn’t hurt), it was the ability to own almost an entire low hill that centers it. I’ve already mentioned the hill’s name in the blog: Greentop, another coined term of mine and not an official name of any sort. If I’m figuring correctly, at 64 meters high it’s about the tallest hill you can have on this particular continent before the top begins to shift totally to a granite texture. Thus its top just *barely* remains green: Greentop.

The first picture below is actually a similar sized hill in Asha belonging to a near neighbor, capped by a nicely textured horse sculpture in that case. My Greentop is the larger and nearer of hills in the background, to the top right.

Shot of Greentop looking north across a fence I erected last night. I don’t usually like to put fences up, but I thought this one was needed for some additional privacy. About the only bit of extensive yard I have is just in front of the Victorian house also placed on the property last night, immediately behind this fence.

The only other structure on the property presently is a Coco Koala made cottage (“Ravenwood Blue”) that I’ve used in other locations as well. Very nice, little structure, with great textures. I decided to block the door with a tree, although those familar with SL will know that you can just pass through Linden trees. I also leaned a tombstone against the house, the northernmost one in yet another incarnation of the No Room cemetery first seen in Noru.

Great line of little hills extending directly south from Greentop, all in Asha.

It’s not a regular shaped parcel, which is a nice change from most I’ve recently owned. I assume a skybox is next — I have about 450 more prims to work with, plenty enough for another version of the Edwardston Station Gallery if I choose (presently located in Otaki Gorge and also Rubi), or perhaps another Temple of TILE (also presently in Rubi). Should be a lot of fun, and I adore the property itself. Whole thing cost me a bit over 7 bucks. πŸ™‚

Great Plane of Bill

[joined in progress]

Stunner Virgin Lust: Why don’t you spell it P L A I N.? Plain and simple.

Gordon Go Lightly Foot: Yeah, r u stoopid????

Baker Bloch: I’ll let Baker Blinker handle that one. Baker?

Hucka Doobie: I’ll field it. Both are correct. P L A N E is used to protect. Plain and simple, Stun… Go Go.

Gordon Go Lightly Foot: Portect from wat??

Suszie CorkLass: Is this where the Martians lived, Hucka Doobie?

Hucka Doobie: I’ll answer Suszie’s question: yes. The Bill.

Suszie CorkLass: What does it mean that one must pay The Bill in your blog Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker[…] and Hucka Doobie?

Gordon Go Lightly Foot: P R O TE C T FR OM WHAT?????

Sandworm Blaster: I feel that there are questions coming from the left that aren’t being answered.

Fencemonger Hole: Political?

Fencemonger Hole: Political left I mean?

Sandworm Blaster: No, over there.

Suszie CorkLass: I mean, that’s in your blog. Magellan Linden paid The Bill for damage to that, eh[…] teleporter. Teleporting machine. Something.

Hucka Doobie: I’ve apparently left out some people over there. Yes, you with the 8 foot arm raised up.

Torsit DeKooning: I killed Bracket Jupiter. Will Torsit burn in hell forever and ever now?

Hucka Doobie: You’re not Torsit. Torsit is a blog spirit and not real. I see you made that avatar just today, imposter. Add laugh: hee hee.

Torsit DeKooning: Torsit next kill Hurla Dontbee, Hucka Doobie’s great love of life. If Torsit doesn’t receive nice parcel in the hills of [Zindra] where he can have sex machine slaves. And kill them freely and without consequence. OK, just the slaves and not necessarily the killing, which I can do elsewhere. Torsit have deal?

Gordon Go Lightly Foot: WH AT TTT T H E F UUUUU CCC K K KKK?? ?? ??????

Stunner Virgin Lust: I’ll be your sex slave machine Torsit. You can kill me also if you wish, but not too thoroughly. Just enough to turn me on quite completely.

Torsit DeKooning: I’ll think.

Hucka Doobie: We have presented behind me now a more detailed map of the Plane of Bill…

[to be continued]

New Neighborhood Walk, 01

Back at the horse statue topped hill not far south at all from my new Asha property: “Greentop”. Noticed that the sunroom on my/Baker’s house is pointed directly at it.

Sorry for the dark pictures, but I don’t like to change my default environment settings unless absolutely necessary. The hike was long enough that they’ll lighten up in part 2 of 2.

Overhead shot of this “Horsey Hill” (unofficial name). With a 128 meter draw you can *just* make out the full horse on top of this hill from Greentop itself, as Baker Bloch is checking right now. Mental note, then: it’s almost exactly 128 meters, or 1/2 a sim’s length, between Greentop and Horsey Hill. Will I eventually put something to mark the top of my own hill-of-similar-height?

Baker continues to walk around the immediate neighborhood of Greentop. He finds a locked photograph gallery just to the southwest of his Victorian house, but you have to walk there in a circuitous fashion because of all the banned property in-between. Or, of course Baker could just fly over the ban lines, but that’s a bit of a cheat in his strangely geared mind. You don’t get the full experience of the neighborhood, is what he’s thinking.

Anyway, I was able to find a really nice 8 prim tree that was free to copy on the locked gallery’s parcel, a Khamon Fate creation, as I have several examples of now. Baker can actually take a copy of it while sitting on top of Greentop hill, as he’s doing now.

Some beautiful landscaping in this 9216 sq meter parcel called “Mame 2”, in the southwest corner of Asha. Unfortunately, the land is banned once more. If I get really bored sometime, I’ll attempt to figure out what percentage of Asha is made up of banned property. Quite a lot I would suspect.

Immediately north of “Mame 2” is a 512 parcel that represents the only land currently for sale in Asha. But at a walloping L$9.8 per square meter, I don’t think it will be purchased anytime soon. The many crates or boxes on the property contain loads of free textures arranged in various categories. If Baker is counting correctly right now, there are 78 boxes/crates on this 512, or one per every 6.5641025641 square meters.

Then almost right next door, Baker finds he can do some pretend dj-ing at the XSpace Club. Again, this is quite near Greentop, and the distance seems closer because there’s almost nothing between it and my Victorian house except for 1 palm tree and a nonfunctional Reuters video player. Or maybe I need to upgrade to the 2.0+ viewer to see it in action. I think I’ll pass right now.

Oh, and as Baker is finding out right now, there’s also 3 small sphere representing planets circling about in various ways just in front of this video player, namely Mercury, Venus and Mars. They’re apparently created to scale — I’ll have Baker Bloch take some pictures asap. These are circling around *right outside* the back of my Victorian house. The land is called “Parque”, and was bought over 2 1/2 years ago by one Katal Masala, who, in looking at the profile, seems to be rather heavily involved in educational pursuits. The palm tree I mentioned before is also owned by Katal.

Baker positioned on what appears to be yet another “official Linden Corsican mound” located in Asha, a smaller affair this time. It appears to be the same distance from Greentop as the aforementioned Horsie Hill, or about 1/2 a sim away.

Baker stands next to a deserted house in yet more abandoned land on the west side of Asha. Greentop is still visible in the background. Cool.

New Neighborhood Walk, 02

Baker peering over a fence just beyond the west line of Anja, in Stratus now.

Empty land in southwest Stratus, and extending down into the west side of Sirrakuk, even. But overall, I don’t think there’s the same quantity of abandoned land on the parts of the Plane of Bill I’ve examined so far, in relationship to many other mainland locations. Perhaps this is because it’s so green and basically flat here, and the coast is never too far away from any particular location.

A largely empty mall in Shedao to the south of Asha now. On the southern end of this mall is Chele’s Rock n Roll Club.

Next door is this lounging spot next to a fountain-type waterfall. Baker takes a load off his feet for a moment here to catch his breath.

I noticed there are an awful lot of privacy screens set up to the south of Asha especially. I really got quite tired having to deal with them this night. But here’s a more tasteful one for sure, surrounding part of the “Della’s Slice of Heaven” property that I’ve visited several times now through Baker Bloch. It’s about here that Baker decides to turn around and head back home to Greentop for the night. He’s less than a sim away from the ocean to the south.

Interesting, tall sculpture/building found on the way back, in Logray. This is as good a time as any to remark that most of the sims around Asha, and including Asha itself, are named for Ewoks, as demonstrated, for example, in this Asha article in the Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki…

and Logray from same…

For the record, the tall, sparse object here is called a Sky Tower in the land description, and stands about 110 meters high. A type of propeller forms part of its top, and about halfway up its length there’s a small room for meditation purposes, apparently.

The granite peak at the east end of Logray makes its presence known above the buildings of yet another mall in the area.

Greentop just around the corner now.

Baker missed you!

New home sweet home.

Around The Neighborhood: East

This particular night Baker decides to head east from Asha, quickly encountering this rental house in Hierogryph just west of the Asha line. Greentop can be seen in the background to the left.

More open land; getting higher as Baker continues to head east toward a nearby granite plateau.

One more look back to Greentop.

2 pools of water connected by a small falls in Tarfang, still only a bit over a sim away from Greentop.

Mall right next door to this selling men’s clothing. Baker is attracted to a totally dark sculpture in a terraced plaza attached to the south side of the mall.

Baker can’t figure out why someone would create a totally black statue until he decides to toggle on some shader options in the graphics preferences of his SL viewer. “Ah,” he thinks, a *shiny* black statue. That makes more sense.

And then passing through yet another privacy screen and ascending a steep bank brings him to “Medieval Magic,” owned by ClaudiaMarja Magic. Interesting surname. For sale here according to the land description are medieval furniture like clothes, fireplaces, chairs, lamps, thrones, castles, flower-fields, low prim trees, DCS weapons, meditation pads, outfits for men or women, and Midnight Mania adverting boards (whatever that is). Prices were a little too steep, though, for tight wad Baker Bloch. But, after all, he must save all his Lindens for his many land purchases, which don’t seem to be slowing down lately.

Oh look Baker, here’s a nice 1536 parcel for just under $1 Linden a square meter. Go ahead — you know you wanna. But this time he resists, *despite * the fact that the parcel lies directly beneath the white cross topped Peter’s Hill already gaining mythological importance in this blog. For it is on this very hill that perhaps our Peter, Peter the Good or Peter the So So, decided that here would be the defined eastern edge of his Plane of Bill, on what appears to also be the highest perch of the approx. 7 sim granite plateau entirely surrounded by the western loop of the Circuit La Corse.

In subsequently flying up to Peter’s Hill, Baker snaps a picture aimed toward the Logray summit already visited several times in this blog, with yet another mall in-between.

While standing there next to the gleaming white cross, Baker also thinks back to what he originally thought was a purely black statue, in that plaza area less than 100 meters north by northwest. Could the 2 somehow be related in an acausal yet meaningful way?

He decides to go back to the plaza and attempt a picture incorporating the two starkly contrasting objects of pure black and pure white, with the result below.

Only a bit later he would identify the black statue as representing the “dark side” of Peter The Good, also attached to the tradition of “Black Peter”. A copy of the statue would be found at the creator’s freebies store selling bookoos of other freebie objects, including “House 44” that would act as the core structure of the subsequently remodelled Edwardston Station Gallery in Orions Vale. The “Peter” statue would also be incorporated into the re-design, along with another Ling sculpture tinted the opposite color of white.

Here’s some links re the freebies store, called Freeby Folly and owned by Moard Ling. Thank you Moard!!

Greentop Changes/Adjustments

The horse on top of Horsie Hill was moved as of today to the owner’s porch. Will it be returned? Seems like an odd place to move a horse. Personally I like it on the hill.

Baker stands on the now barren Horsie Hill below. Even if the statue isn’t returned, I think the name should stand. And I’ll keep in mind that it’s almost exactly 128 meters from the tip top of Greentop as well, in case something synchy, as they say, develops on that front.

Here’s where the horse is presently.

Then to bigger changes/adjustments. Hated to do it, really, but the blue Victorian house next to Greentop had to go, being replaced by somewhat larger House Greenup from, first, Noru and then Otaki Gorge. I believe this is the best spot for it yet, and, yes, I think the names Greenup and Greentop will be directly related. More on that soon.

I seem to always be taking pictures at Greentop at night. πŸ™‚ Sorry, once more.

View from the transparent corner of 2nd floor of House Greenup toward Greentop itself. Very nice. Baker is pleased.


And while I’m thinking about it — switching to forced daylight for these particular pictures — I want to include here a couple of shots of those spinning planets almost *right against* the back side of this newly placed house. Again, all 3 planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, are seemingly to scale with each other as globes, and also Mercury and Venus are both orbiting an absentee focal point (absentee Sun, that is) to basic scale in respect to each other. In contrast, Mars is not in a similar orbit, although it is revolving around its own axis.

So here’s a close up of Mars, superimposed with the top of the nearby palm tree in a trick perspective photo that Baker sometimes playfully indulges in. The actual disk, however, can’t be more than 3-4 inches wide.

Here’s Venus, then, which was harder to capture on film because of the orbiting. And that’s Mercury to the left of it, which I didn’t even attempt to get a closeup of because its very rapid spinning. I’d say it was orbiting around a two foot diameter circle every one second. Venus traces an approx. 7-8 foot diameter circle with its own orbit about every 9 seconds. Mars, like I said, has no orbit, but rotates around its own axis every 5 seconds or so.

Quite curious objects in what is essentially Baker’s “backyard”. Seem to imply deeper meaning.

Around the neighborhood, SE


Waiting for the show to start.

New Blue Feather location? Not quite.

The 2nd (of 3) Noru version of the Blue Feather gallery seems to fit quite well as a skybox on the Greentop property in Asha. Admittedly I’m have a hankering again to invite a guest or two to show some of their work on the main level, as I did for several SL artists in Noru. A logical choice would be mainland Corsica artists, I suppose. But the problem: I don’t really have enough prims to spare for this option. The Wheeler-Jasper series, the last series of my 10×10 (1st series is now in House Greenup on the Greentop grounds) will possibly still be exhibited on the lower level, as before. In the tower (“Tower of TILE”) is still exhibited “Baker Bloch in England”, a country which he visited this past spring.

On the horizon is a return to England for Baker, this time in a different spot. Can’t wait; I know exactly where it’ll start.

Let’s bring in Hucka D. just because we can. “Hucka?”




New spirit — great. Hi Greentop. πŸ™‚




Are you the spirit of my new property?


Yup. (pause) Hi.


Hi. (pause) Hucka D. not around tonight?



Hucka D.:

Hey, baker b.


Oh hi. You know Greenup? Greentop, I mean?

Hucka D.:

Greentop is here?


I was just talking to him.

Hucka D.:

He came early. He said he wasn’t prepared.


Greentop? You still around? [no answer] Wonder if he’ll show up again?

Hucka D.:

He has to. Or not.


What’s going on with you, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Making chalk again. Colored chalk.


Nice. What’s your favorite color, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Blue. Green and blue. Red and green and blue. And yellow.


TILE, then.

Hucka D.:

Yup. Oh here’s Greentop again.




Hey again.


Nice night.


Yes it is. Quite warm here in [delete state]. Are you in Asha right now, Greentop?


Always. Asha always.


So you’re the same as the property.


I am the highest of the green. Purest green.

Hucka D.:

Do you know who was born yet on top of Greentop, baker b.?


Ummm, I’m guessing…

Hucka D.:







The first Mmmmmm? Am I close?

Hucka D.:

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding. Yes!


Ha ha ha ha!

Hucka D.:

Ho ho he he!


Woo woo!! (claps, then pause)


Wow, that was some reaction guys. Are you finished?


Never. But: yes.

Hucka D.:

But: yes.


You guys twins or sumtin?

Hucka D.:

Yes. He said he wasn’t ready.


Are you Castor and Pollution?


Woo woo!

Hucka D.:



Hmm. Is the…

Hucka D. (interrupting again):

Yes? (pause)

bb (quickly):

Grassy Noll?

[no reaction] (pause)



Grassy Noll:

It’s been a longer time baker Beach? baker b. I finally got out of the super Wal-Mart in Big 4 with my Pink Floyd CD. I had fishnet nylon stuck to both my legs but I’m OK. I had it removed with alcohol.


Well, nice to have you back Grassy. πŸ™‚




Are you the same as the Grassy who use to speak on this blog? Back in, I don’t know, starting in 2008 and I guess we also spoke in 2009, if you are the same as him. Don’t think we have in over a year, though?

Grassy Noll:

I am Grassy Too.


Grassy II?

Grassy Noll:



Were you Peter’s playmate in Asha, as I’ve theorized?


Yes. I am the first toy avatar. (pause) Period.


Did Peter move from Big Island [in the Comet Archipelago] to here?


Yes. He had to move to the Plane of Bill. To talk with The Bill. To start his real job.


And Bracket Jupiter paved the way.


What is… oh yes, that is correct.



Hucka D.:

That better be it for Grassy tonight. He’s out of blog shape. Will take some time. Next assignment: you have to figure out which came first, the Head or The Trip. Goodnight and sleep tight!


Thanks Hucka D.


I wanted to write a couple more ideas down tonight, before I forget. I think that the planets Baker Bloch found in his back yard belonged to Peter (or Grassy) and were his/their toys. Or experiments. Earth is strangely missing in the Mercury, Venus, Mars configuration.* And Mars is not in orbit like the other two. I’m just going to guess that this is tied into recent mention of Earth, Texas on this blog, a tiny town in Lamb County where a power plant called “Plant X” is located. Hucka D. has subsequently indicated that Plant X stands for Planet X, as in the missing 10th planet of the Solar System back in the days when Pluto was the legitimate 9th. X=10, after all. Why is Earth missing from Baker’s new back yard, though? Was it removed? Did it ever exist with the others in the first place? I wish I could ask Peter directly. Maybe Grassy can answer this the next time we speak. Mercury, Venus, Mars — like marbles.

I should also discuss, quickly, that Greentop itself has been mentioned a couple of times already in this large, spacious blog, most interestingly as the possible birthplace of NM artist Charles Nelson Blinkerton (Greentop, Missouri). Hucka Doobie claims he is still Charles Nelson Blinkerton in spirit.

Another theory is that Mr. Low, the Ancient Baker Bloch was indentured to when he was born into SL, has something to do directly with the *disappearance* of Grassy Noll and toy avatars in general from SL. Mr. Low’s name is actually Oglethorpe, and he is a Plutonian as discussed on The Street.** As the wikipedia article on Pluto mentions, Pluto is not Lowell’s hypothetized Planet X. Maybe Grassy is?

Greentop: Not too high or too low. Hilo, a new one. A new “Ancient Rising”.


* See also: articles about this rather famous “solar system” crop circle from England in 1995, where Earth is “missing.”

** Another queer fact: Grassy Knob was renamed Mt. Oglethorpe in 1930, the same year as Pluto was discovered. Mt. Oglethorpe was then the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail from 1937-1958, when it was moved to nearby Springer Mt.

To Orion’s Vale, 01

Before getting to my weekend biking trip, thought I’d throw in a picture of yet another parcel I recently bought. Like Greentop, this is situated on what I’m calling in this blog the Plane of Bill, the central, green, peninsular-y part of the Corsica continent, and what also makes up the western part of Corsica Prime.* This is a 1024 parcel in Toeda more near the center of this identified plane. I soon abandoned it for other interests I’ll get to in a moment.

My bike trip started just before this Toeda abandonment. The aim was to travel around the western loop of the Circuit La Corse. The interior part of this loop also includes my Greentop property, which I *still* own as of 10/14/10. Despite the subsequent move of House Greenup to Orions Vale (yes, I’m once again a number of days behind on generating text for these type of travel posts), I think I’ll keep Greentop for a while longer. But to the trip, once more…

Below is an interesting shot of landscaping just behind one of the official (“kiosked”) galleries of the Corsica continent, called Studio Carlo Pimpernel, a Dutch artist whose home page is here in case you’re curious. Very nice gallery by the way, and it looks like he actually hired an SL architect to create it. The parcel behind it, pictured below, represents yet more abandoned land, in the center of the Naberrie sim. The least they could do is revert the land back before leaving. Oh well.

Baker found a variety of objects for sale, including this house, at a more interestingly constructed roadside store in Meewahl just south of Naberrie.

Here’s the store itself, a multi-level, open air affair, hehe. Baker passed on buying anything here, despite the reasonable prices. He might return, though — not far from Greentop, after all.

Arriving at the southern end of the aforementioned Circuit La Corse loop, Baker pulls out his trusty Arcadia Asylum bike and heads north on the eastern side of the loop.

More open land encountered in Seadramon, beyond the more crowded coastal area. The Moles have done a great job improving the highways here, including adding rock walls in places and hedges in places.

Baker looks toward the western edge of the great granite plateua centering Corsica Prime. He peeks at his SL map (or, I guess, *I* peek at the SL map for him) and decides that since Orions Vale is only 2 sims east that he’ll allow himself a detour tonight to take a look at the place he first visited a bit over a year ago now, and which figures as part of this blog mythology through the Egg Hill sink centered within.

The visit turns out to be quite a bit more than just a side trip. Quite a bit more indeed.


* To remind, Corsica Prime is the large, central island of the Corisca continent, which is also, technically, an archipelago like the Nautilus continent is also an example of.

To Orion’s Vale, 02

Before leaving the Circuit La Corse to head east to Orions Vale, Baker snaps this picture of another Mole creation: a roadside “Video Phone Booth”, which you can actually make a call on. On the particular one Baker is checking today, there are several channels to choose from, each featuring a particular avatar “receiver”. Nice.

Making his way up the granite slopes. This would be in Jormungandr, if I’m figuring correctly.

Much more uneven ground encountered on the east side of Twilights Bound.

Then it’s just a hop and a skip over the ridge line for a great view of Orions Vale with this particular draw distance, before all the buildings and ugliness within rezzes in. Hey, just kidd’n new neighbors! πŸ™‚

Finding a central swath of the Egg Hill sink up for sale, it didn’t take me long to start buying up all the land there and setting up structures, including what quickly transformed into a tiny bar in the middle of a small forest.

Then for the rest of the land bought that night, it was on — also quite rapidly — to bigger things. Eventually what happened is the creation of an entirely new version of the Edwardston Station Gallery. An early permutation is pictured below, complete with a central fish tank since removed. For the record, there was also a giant fish tank that use to center the Egg Hill sink on the very land I bought this night. I include a picture of it in this very first post of mine concerning the sink from September 2009, before I even had a proper name for it.

Gallery Jack

New gallery holding *part* of the 10×10, actually the majority of it but not all of it. Here’s what seems to be happening: the 10×10, the original Edwardston Station galleries holding it anyway, seem to be fragmenting into several pieces in the last month or so. We can now follow this progress through, first, the creation of SoSo, then House Greenup, and now a brand spanking new one I’m calling Gallery Jack, the largest of these fragments. Not sure if I have the time or energy to explain all this in a blog post tonight, or if I really, fully understand it myself so far, but, whatever, the 10×10 seems destined in the immediate future to be split into 3 separate collections according to the above galleries. The full 10×10 will still reside in the Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi, but that’s no longer my land.

Let’s just move to some pictures of Gallery Jack and maybe the basic concept will clear up. This new gallery, like the larger of the 2 Edwardston Station Gallery structures in Otaki Gorge currently (soon to be removed, I assume), sits right in the center of an identifiable mainland sink as I’m defining them in this blog. But in this case we have not a Jeogeot/Sunklands sink, where 6 of the 8 known examples exist that I know of, but a Corsica continent example. I’ve recently discussed what lies at the center of the considerably larger of the two identified sinks of that continent, or the Chasm Deep sink. What lies in the middle of the other? Well, Gallery Jack now. That’s right, I own larger pieces of land in the center of 2 of the 8 mainland sinks, 2 of the smallest mind you, and perhaps even the 2 smallest. But still… odd, don’t you think, that I could buy really cheap land seemingly exactly where I should buy land anyway. Gallery Jack lies in center of what I’ve cryptically termed Egg Hill sink, stumbled upon back in September 2009. It’s a blog subcategory, so you can follow the progress of my thoughts concerning it here.

To some pictures, then. The gallery really revolves, as it were, around two rather crudely made statues I’ve named Newton (white) and Jasper (black). Together, and working in harmony, they create the archetype JACK. I won’t go into details about this right now.

The gallery itself, which I’ve modified a bit, was created by Moard Ling, and offered as part of a huge selection of freebie structures, objects, textures, avatars, etc., etc. at Freebie Folly in Llimeta at Skidz. The 2 statues are also Ling creations, although they didn’t come with the gallery originally. I found several examples of Ling’s statues, including the two used in the gallery, in a mall just below “Peter’s Hill” topped by a white cross, the highest hill in the immediately vicinity of my Greentop. I’ll attempt to write about finding this statue not far below the cross later on this week, in conjunction with pictures already posted to this blog. For now, we’ll leave it as an uncovering of a stark black and white constellation of objects, which directly transfers to the 2 black and white statues in Gallery Jack now.

More angles on the 2 statues, the first being through an approx. 5 meter diameter hole in the top of the rectangular Gallery Jack.

Shot up toward the green foliage textured ceiling through the statues, showing the inverted Mole Hills (yet another Ling creation) I decided to adhere there. These mounds actually change shapes at random. Collaging heterogeneous “stuff” together in SL is so much fun, hehe! And also, I suppose, this inversion of a hill would also relate to the name Egg Hill sink, come to think of it, which would more logically be called Egg Hole sink. And to be complete, the concept of “Mole Hill” has also been mentioned at times in the blog. You can do a search for the phrase yourself to see what comes up.

Keeping in mind that Gallery Jack and its inverted mole hills, et al, lies at the very epicenter of this Egg Hill sink, of course.

On either side of the main corridor of the gallery, in 6 distinct, large rooms, lies the 6 individual series of the “Art 10×10” that are exhibited within Gallery Jack. The rooms are “sealed” once you enter them, meaning that the entrance to the room is transparent on the outside, but appears as part of the wall on the inside. I’ve marked them in red so that you can also make your way back out of the room once inside.

Great view of the surrounding, granite mountains from a westward facing window in one of these rooms.

In the central plaza of the structure, framed by the giant black and white statues (Newton and Jasper) already discussed, are plaques with all the names of the various series in the gallery, telling you which stairs to use or direction to go to get to them.

To the east: Hidalgo, Wheeler and Yale.

To the west: Rose Hill, Jasper and Newton.

But Gallery Jack isn’t the only structure I have on my Orion’s Vale/Egg Hill sink land. I’ve also inserted an offangle, tiny bar in the heart of the mini-forest I’ve created there, just to the east of Gallery Jack. A bar bare footed Mr. Bean once again serves as the “barwoman” of this new establishment.

And finally we have steps on the very east end of the property leading up to a grassy parcel containing a tree that represents a relic from a past time paradise within the sink/valley. This abstracted walnut oak tree once held a picture of an egg in its branches.

One could assume this is the origin of the name Egg Hill sink. But that might be incorrect.

“Gallery Jack” Updates

Well, as soon as I write that the 10×10 and the Edwardston Station Gallery are splitting into 3 separate collections, it all comes back together again. It’s a little wacky looking, but I think it works in its own, special way, shall we say. I present to you the 3rd (final?) version of the Edwardston Station Gallery, amalgamating the 10×10 series housed in the former, various collections once more. We still have the 3 formerly independent structures — House Greenup, SoSo, and Gallery Jack — but now they’re stuck together, as it were, 3 things that don’t really belong together that nevertheless seem to need each other to complete themselves.

Some interesting details of what use to be called SoSo, now perched directly atop the old Gallery Jack (a name which was “new” for about *1 day*).

Adding SoSo into the mix was the final touch, and I *just* had enough prims to do so. Immediately before that, I had also replaced the smaller Victorian house already on the land with the somewhat larger House Greenup, last seen on the Greentop property (which I still own).

Below is a better look at the mini-forest located to the east of the new Edwardston Station Gallery. Still hidden within the trees is the tiny bar with the great view of the surrounding forest. Probably should get a name for it.

I guess it was silly of me to think that the 10×10 should be exhibited in 3 separate, smaller galleries, and that somehow the series themselves were splitting off into combative groups of some sort. But there was a logic to that determination. Let’s see if Hucka D. wants to briefly talk tonight.

Hucka D.:

Nice job baker b. 3rd version, yes. How could you have guessed — once more?


*No* way. The 3 structures seem so different. They *are* different.

Hucka D.:

Yet they belong together. Finish up Floydadada soon, and we’ll work some more on interpretations, then. Unlike some of your subject matter, like Mythos, the 10×10 interests me considerably. More the art 10×10 than the writing 10×10, but both as well.


Should I join up with the Metaharpers now?

Hucka D.:

A possibility. You *could* make more art.


I’m going to keep exploring Corsica, Hucka D. Oh, I forgot to add the most important thing…

Hucka D.:

The most important along with the new Edwardston Station Gallery.


Well, that might be true. But it’s the idea that the Corsica continent is 3d in nature, or possibly 4d. It is simply different from other SL mainland continents in this way.

Hucka D.:

Not really. But as I said before, this is where SL and RL intertwine. Heterocera is still most closely bonded to Corsica. That leaves Jeogeot a bit to the side. At least for now.


But I know what all this is now. The Plane of Bill… Comma Islands… Egg Hill and Chasm Deep sinks…

Hucka D.:

You must then find Bill Hill.


My thinking is that it may be Greentop, my own hill that’s perhaps the highest hill on Corsica before it becomes a granite topped *mountain*. A Mole Hill…

Hucka D.:

… instead of a mountain, yes. Well, you may be right, then. (pause) What next?



Plane To See

In revisiting the Linden Memorial Island, Rookwood sim to be specific, I am reminded how a great Second Life forest should look like. Really nice blend of standard 1 prim Linden plants with higher prim vegetation, throw in some tasteful birds and butterflies and such here and there.

Back to the Corsica mainland, Baker bikes north of Asha, heading toward Ephant or general vicinity.

The beginning of the Ephant range just ahead.

Previously undiscovered hillock next to a rental unit in east central Chalmun, a sim caddycorner to Ephant to its southwest. Pretty soon I’ll attempt to make a list of all the mountains and hillocks around Asha, and perhaps the whole of Corsica.

Approx. 115 meter high Mount Ephant dead ahead, looking over top of a smaller granite hill in neighboring Klaatu.

Btb, I’m quite sure that the Ephant sim is named for yet another Star Wars character called Ephant Mon:

I wonder if this name is a play on “Elephant Man”? At the least, the character has a long trunk like an elephant. Trunk emphasis again. Klaatu itself also seems to be named for a minor Star Wars character with connections to the more famous Jabba The Hutt, like Ephant Mon himself.

Another granite peak, this time in the very interesting Dormillous sim with its many artificial ridges and valleys, courtesy of the imaginative people at Tomorro’w Surenity, a group which owns the great majority of this sim.

Some examples of aforementioned terraforming below.

This night Baker makes it all the way to one of his now many outposts on various mainland continents, this particular one located in Toeda, and with a great view of a double humped mountain just over the sim border in Fontaine to the south. This would be in the very heart of the Plane of Bill, as defined so far in this blog.

E(le)phant’s Trunk

Why didn’t I see this before? E(le)phant’s Trunk!

Ear of Beer, which is probably same as Chasm Deep sink, is a representation of an elephant’s ear hole, and Corsica Prime’s central granite plateau that Egg Hill and Chasm Deep sinks are depressions within is the ear flap. Hints: both are gray.

Nose of Rose!

The Eye (of Rye) is displaced, but nevertheless has been matched to Ear of Beer through 1/9th “Martian” sims.


Why did The Bill design the Elephant’s Trunk/Nose of Rose of Corsica Prime, and the granite central plateau as an elephant’s ear? Something to do with memory? Horton Hears The Who? (elephants have keen hearing). Continued memory of SL when it is done and gone?

Additional thoughts:

Egg Hill sink, then, could represent the weaker eye/seeing capacity of the elephant (eye is shaped like egg, after all).* Eye of Rye is merely to double Ear of Beer/Chasm Deep sink, and to point out its significance.

Weak Eye/Weak “I”

Black and white statues (of “Peter”) in the center of the sink, in the new Edwardston Station Gallery, are sound (black) and sight (white) themselves. As the series are from Jasper County with Newton co. seat, Jasper =s domination of sound over sight for elephants. Jasper “encloses” Newton, and not other way around.

Study: Horton *Hears* The Who (and also complementary The Point of The Wall).


* Peter’s Hill and its white cross might also represent the elephant’s eye, since white=sight here.


Final thoughts for tonight: Peter’s Cross *is* the (white) eye, as related to the 1 White Horse are All White Horse idea of The King in Wiltshire. Is he still there with his Queen? Link: both are crosses, especial the eye of the white horse at Hackpen Hill. Peter must have had this knowledge as well.

Blue Feather Gallery updates

The Blue Feather Galley reopens in Asha (Greentop property) and features a condensed version of the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit that ran in Noru for the past 2 months. Also within the gallery are personal exhibits “Baker Bloch in England”, still in the Tower of TILE, and, currently, my Wheeler-Jasper collage series on the lower floor.

Structurally, it looks the same as the Blue Feather Gallery version from this past summer in Noru, before the considerable enlargement to accommodate the opening of “Jeogeot Through Art and Word.” The whole thing fits quite nicely and snugly on the Greentop property after the deletion of House Greenup on the ground (now incorporated into the new Edwardston Station Gallery structure in Orions Vale).

Big cavity in the ground where the Blue Feather use to sit in Noru. The building in the foreground is planned to be the SL version of Atlantic University in Virginia Beach. Very nice to meet and talk a bit with their SL representative the other night! I do miss Chilbo and all the hustle and bustle that can happen at times there. But other places called me to them.

A now re-exposed Widow’s Knob, or what once might have been called Grassy Knob or Grassy Knoll.

Baker sits in the cabin on the north end of the woods, relaxing a bit after a hard night of moving and deleting prims.

Part of the Blue Feather-Noru structure has also been moved to Otaki Gorge, but I’ll save that story for another night when the dust settles down over there a bit more. I wanted to attempt to talk to Hucka D. tonight.

Meanwhile the ground around Greentop itself is looking a bit bare with the deletion of House Greenup and some other objects.

What are my new plans for the Blue Feather? I think I’ll just let this show run for another month to month and a half and see if I want to keep it in Asha. Might all depend on what develops in Otaki Gorge in the meantime. “Hucka D., you there?”

Hucka D.:

Yes. Hello.


Hi. (pause) Do you wish to chat about the 3d nature of the Corsica continent?

Hucka D.:

Good you moved the Blue Feather Gallery to that continent, and deleted the version in Noru. Nice you met the woman from Atlantic. Synchronicity came up. You should form a group.


Thanks for that. I’m studying up on leads provided by the conjunction of elephant and Pennsylvania in Corsica, Hucka D. Points toward… (pause).


Hello. I am the highest of the low. The green [just] below the logray. I am Grassy too.


Hi as well Grassy.


You have tore down Howl’s Moving Castle in Noru and created a smaller version in Asha, I’ve heard.


It’s the Blue Feather Gallery, Grassy. But: yes.


Hucka Doobie stated to me it was the Howl’s Moving Castle. It has moved from mountain status to a hill. Highest of the low.


I think I see. You are Grassy and you are also Greentop. You are the Blue Feather Gallery, in essence, and the *condensed* version of the Jeogeot exhibit. You are then highest of the low, the second, condensed version of Howl’s Moving Castle as well.

Hucka D.:

That took a lot of courage as well to destroy the larger version.


I am an Ancient Rising. I am.


Grassy, I aligned the Tower of TILE directly over the top of Greentop. What is the future for this tower?


The condensed version of the castle now pivots around it. TILE will be reborn in Greentop. You’ll see.


Thanks, Grassy.


You’re welcome, baker Beach. baker b.

Hucka D.:

Yes, thank you baker b. for getting rid of the huge eyesore in Noru, hehe. You’ve given Chilbo a nice park to play in.


Something else is going to happen on the Greentop property, then.

Hucka D.:

A Blue Feather is already stuck on the top.

3d (4d?) Corsica — 1st stab


Corsica Prime equals both state of Pennsylvania and Elephant combined. One obvious overlap or key of linking two coordinations is Elephant, Pennsylvania and Alexei Panshin.*

When Peter moved to Corsica Prime from Big I. in the Comet Archipelago (5th or 6th child of purple alien Hucka Doobie), he came to find or create GREEN. He established the central circle of the klein bottle shaped continent first, where the 4d cross is made. He knows that the stem of the bottle before it enters the interior of the bottle in our 3d translated model would be the same as the “Elephant’s Trunk”. He creates the Ephant sim and mtn. to mark the trunk. He coordinates Pennsylvania with Corsica Prime through the Egg Hill sink: this is the CENTREING. Egg Hill =s (weakened) eye. Ear is strong, in contrast, like an Elephant’s Ear. Chasm Deep becomes where the continent folds back on itself in the 3d model. Egg Hill sink is at least a remnant version of the circle marking the crossing of the bottle back on itself. This crossing also shows up in Peter’s Hill (gleaming white) cross, and like Egg Hill sink, is representation of an eye and also directly connected, likely, to Hackpen Hill white horse which is All White Horses — alignment between *4* white horse eyes. 4-in-1 or 4orrin1 or Foreign One (because it is so odd it appears “foreign”, another play on words).

Peter’s first and perhaps even greatest work (?) is the Great Plane of Bill, a twin of sorts of Ephant’s Trunk. First elephant must be reduced from granite topped mountain size (Billyfant) to hill size, just below mtn. but still not mtn. (Greentop). On this hill lies an ant, which is Baker Bloch which is Martin which is Peter. Ant is opposite of elephant in size, but yet is included in the eleph*ant*’s name. This downsizing of Mountain to (Mole) Hill is the beginning of Peter’s great mission in Corsica: to create a Plane of Bill that twins Billyfant, the stem of the bottle. The Mountain that becomes a Mole Hill becomes mobile as well — ability to move about because of slightly decreased size. Like Howl’s Moving Castle, but a less bulky, trimmed down version (like I just bulked down the Blue Feather to move it directly atop Greentop Hill). Actually, the Blue Feather comes from Howl’s Moving Castle as well: when Howl becomes completely covered in blue feathers he will not be able to change back into human form. But his face remains unchanged when Sophie finds him near the end of the film.

Peter’s creation of the Great Plane of Bill comes about when the Linden grid passes through the region, after it has just passed through Comma Islands with the permission from Bracket Jupiter and his queen (Stephie McQueen).

“Circle” (cross) of Peter’s Plateau region which also seems to include Egg Hill sink (also Greentop?). In this circle, Peter answers the question of, “What came first, the Head or The Trip?”


* Preface to Farewell To Yesterday’s Tomorrow here, signed by Panshin in Elephant, Pennsylvania:

Around Asha, 01

1st I thought I’d throw in a picture of a bunny with interesting pattern that looks like bunny ears on the pavement before it. Purposeful reference or accident? I can’t remember exactly where this is, but I found it on the Corsica continent, perhaps the more northwestern parts (not sure), while, er, gallery hopping not long ago.

But to places I remember now, like the familiar grounds surrounding Greentop. The neighbor to the south has replanted their various hillocks with Caesalpenia (orange) and Lilac (violet) bushes. In checking today, Baker finds that the big house on top of the highest hill on the property has since been deleted. Will the property soon be up for sale?

Again biking past the landmark sky tower in Logray to the south. Baker couldn’t resist taking another picture of the interesting object.

Another irritating privacy screen that Baker has to pass through to get places more southward…

… like this interesting lagoon along the southern Corsica coast that lies in the 3 adjacent sims of, west to east, Aldar Beedo, Odumin, and Naberrie. Looking at the inworld SL terrain map right now, it appears like the only inlet from the sea lies within Odumin. A raised Circuit La Corse passes all along the southern edge of this inland body of water, as Baker is finding out below. Those sculpty fences keeping Baker safely on the long bridge are just not rezzing in for him tonight.

Beauty spot in Aldar Beedo, looking north across the lagoon from the Circuit La Corse.

Continuing away from the coastline, Baker soon comes upon this nicely landscaped parcel in Azkul to the east of Aldar Beedo. Access is unfortunately blocked for Baker this night, but in checking behind himself today, he finds that he can now freely enter a parcel called “The Woods.” I’ll send him back asap, then, to check up on it once more. Quite close to Asha.

Baker passes a mobius strip based sculpture on his right, and wonders about possible, mythological ties. After all, didn’t his user just describe the Corsica continent as a 3d mobius strip of sorts (Klein Bottle)? I know it to be so.

Western edge of the Ephant plateau sighted to the left as Baker continues northward on the Circuit La Corse.

Standing on the hill seen in the previous photo, looking across this route toward what has recently been dubbed “Peter’s Plateau”, perhaps the central and most important part of Corsica as a whole (?). Very nice scene, whatever.

Around Asha, 02

More Corsica hills, this time along the northern edge of Peter’s Plateau, in Cloudrider.

Interesting “fishing area” in Lusca.

Details of subterranean water passage at same…

… including someone who was unfortunate enough to get stuck down here. Looks like he died while networking (?)

More interesting areas to the immediate south of this parcel. Baker must come back and check this whole region out in full.

Then continuing to move east into the the largest granite plateau of the continent, Baker soon comes to what has been called the Asymmetrical Village in this blog, an ironic name since it borders the sim of Symmetry.

The rabbit barista found in Baker’s initial visit to this village a little over a year ago has now vanished, or has else pulled a “Harvey”.

Ooops, perhaps that’s not the expression I meant to imply.

Then just over the granite ridge to the south lies the Edwardston Station Gallery in Orions Vale. Very nice.