HYBRIDS are works that don’t comfortably fit into any of the other header categories but instead represent blends. An example is “6 Weeks of Shining”, which combines collage interpretation with a/v synch and map material, an eclectic mix. “Baker Bloch in England” similarly fuses virtual Second Life experiences with collage and fiction.

Also included here is the “Where Are We On That?” virtual exhibit, bridging fiction or storytelling with the creation of a set of virtual avatars during my first year and a half existence inside Second Life. This exhibit probably represents the best introduction to my experiences in that virtual reality (See: VIRTUAL).



“Map Sinking Feeling” (2014)


“6 Weeks of Shining” (2014)


“Baker Bloch in England” (2010)

Abridged version (virtual gallery version):


Full version:


“Where Are We On That?” (2009)


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