Map Sinking Feeling 02

map stuff more 01


Daniel conj. Day in Maryland obviously refers to Daniel Day-Lewis, but the Lewis most referenced may be this one. We don’t know.



Lewis from the Drew Carey Show. Coded in Arkansas. Drew County (Drew, Lewis, *Line* — maybe Lineboro MD is associable here).


Drew Carey is a famous registered Hollywood Republican.

NC Republican map

Daniel Day in the middle now.

There will be Blood I suppose.

Bertie County again.

Next up: Atlanta?


(to be continued)

map stuff more 02

Willard-Music, KY
Willard-Note, GA

He remembered the look that had lurked in the girl’s eyes when they had met on the streets and thought of the note she had written.

He had just received a note from Helen White, the daughter of the town banker, in answer to one from him.

The first and last “note”s in this Book o’ Music concerns Willard, the receiver. The first note can be viewed as his reaction to the last. We can call this a Wheeler-Wilson paradox.

Willard is himself a Note in this musical book. The Key Tone perhaps. *Or* that music (and its notes, perhaps key notes) now resides in the book and not the album, thinking of Toledo again.

We must ask what is in this note received by Willard. It is 2 things in one. But we can answer the higher of the 2 in the following refinements, and define it as “more sophisticated”…

Willard-Beetle, KY

Indicates (music) beet or rhythm. Also indicates Beatles, with variant name Beetles here.

Willard-Sophi, KY

Clearly indicates Sophie’s Place by Larry Jordan (video element of Sophie’s No. 9, with audio by Beatles), but also “Sophistication” (s.story).


The sadness of sophistication has come to the boy. With a little gasp he sees himself as merely a leaf blown by the wind through the streets of his village.

When the moment of sophistication came to George Willard his mind turned to Helen White, the Winesburg banker’s daughter. Always he had been conscious of the girl growing into womanhood as he grew into manhood.

In youth there are always two forces fighting in people. The warm unthinking little animal struggles against the thing that reflects and remembers, and the older, the more sophisticated thing had possession of George Willard. Sensing his mood, Helen walked beside him filled with respect.

Two notes, two forces reflected.

We can now return to rainbowology and its death in Toledo.

Rainbowology dies in OHIO.

map stuff more 03

Story Room?

Possible connection between (Daniel) Day and Lily. First, defunct Day County in Oklahoma with Lily (another blood stain on this; Grand?… positioned between 2 Lilies?)…


then, second, current Day County in South Dakota


Connection: daylilies of course.

Syncs of old blog concerning lilies:


Lily Munster (that’s Herman’s wife) already mentioned in the current blog here, with US villages of that name listed.

The Way came, and the old power gave way — *way* — to the new power. Lisa The Vegetarian took control from the owner still in Herman’s Mansion at the time. An agreement was forged. Handshakes… There was a meeting, several in fact. Herman’s wife Lilly knew of St. Lisa. Lilly…


Lilly was greatly disturbed by the coming of The Way, which effectively split Herman Park in two.

Hucka D.:

Herman Park was *made* at that point, per Lisa’s plan overseen by Marty.

here come old flattop

Lily, SD (current pop: 4) is notable as the home of Hubert H. Humphrey’s father, who opened a drug store there in 1903. He met & married HHH’s mother there, a native, and then moved to Wallace, SD in 1907, where the future vp was soon born.

Here’s a later, more famous Humphrey-Wallace conjunction this seems to presage…


And this is coded also into the Houston “corner” County syncs of Minnesota and Alabama as well. Geneva-Houston helps highlight.

Humphrey and Wallace are archetypal 2’s and 3’s.

(to be continued)

map stuff more 04

Shocking (again!)



Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean”):

Rowan and Martin


Martin and Lewis





Male partnering: 2 queens in slang. And Queens here in *Lewis* County, KY (and next to a Martin Church at the mouth of a Martin Fork still).


And then Hathaway here refers to a probable 60’s lesbian character played by a lesbian: Jane.

Lily may reference Lily Tomlin, former Laugh-In star and married to her own Jane.

Male partnering (queens) is obvious: Rowan and Marin and Martin and Lewis.

Then there’s always Lewis and Clark… hmmm.

Lewis County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 13,870.[1] Its county seat is Vanceburg.[2] The county was founded in 1806 and named for Meriwether Lewis.[3][4]

Looking up Queen without the “s”, gives us 2 separate North Carolina Loves bound together, one Love + Joy and the other a Love Valley Baptist Church on a Kings Mtn. topo map with a queer alternate name of Queen.


Better known Love Valley, NC:,_North_Carolina

Not many Love Valleys, population places or otherwise. 3 to be exact according to GNIRPS…


Then, moving overseas, there’s this…

Just plain weird (again!):

Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey certainly has a claim to fame – a very large one. Rather euphemistically named, the valley is home to rock structures that bear a passing resemblance to… well – make your own mind up. Seeing, as they say, is believing.


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