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similar if not the same

“So tell me more about this David Bowie character.”

“David *Bowie*.”

“Oh… not like the knife?”

“Think ‘Eenie Menie Miney Moey’. Bowie,” she finalized for Jeffrey Phillips, studying up hard to take over leadership of newly re-established Collagesity. From Baker Bloch. But also from Wheeler. Who was sitting opposite him, telling him about Bowie not like the knife.

“Okay… got the pronunciation down. Now the tie. Why is he wearing the same tie I am? Obviously, I think, this is Pansy. Pansy Mouse.”

“Don’t say that name out loud,” she demanded, voice lowered out of fear. “*He* can hear us,” and she pointed up into the video with this. Jeffrey Phillips didn’t understand; let it pass. He continued.

“Tell me about Twin Peaks.”


7 minutes and 6 seconds later he had the whole story. His name was backwards from the one Bowie assumed in the Twin Peaks movie… in order to hide. Wheeler Wilson was herself hiding from Wilson Wheeler from the Oz franchise. Bowie was slated to reprise his role in the Twin Peaks (series) remake when he passed on to the other side. “This was over 5 years ago,” she explained. “Then he came to Collagesity, an *aspect* did. “He almost stole Baker Blinker from Karoz Blogger, so it was a, um, *substantial* visit. We had to trap him in the forest and remove the town for a bit in order to send him away. He was obsessive like that. Just like…”

“Me.” It wasn’t a question.

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“A different castle, Hucka Doobie. But still in Splinterwood. You can tell by the position of the divide between that sim and Hilling. We have landed; we are grounded.”

“Say (that picture) was about 6 years ago, huh,” the wise bee-being replied to my Corsica peak ramblings tonight. “And what of the others? You better check.”

“Well: Yuiselle,” I replied. “That hasn’t changed since all that land is protected. It’s not far from Splinterwood as well. Just a couple sims to the southwest.”

“Southwest again,” spoke Hucka Doobie. “And the third and last for tonight?”

“4 sims directly west of Southwest…”

“… Castle,” Hucka ended.

Peak of Moork; Yuiselle summits in the background.

Moork (left) and The Yuiselles (right).

Band playing beneath The Yuiselles. “Lamb” again?

“Celebration (End of Rain),” 2016

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for my dopplegangers

“In looking back — in line with the Blackstar Event — I really, truly think at least an aspect of David Bowie entered Collagesity right after his death, stayed a spell, and then left after flirting with my female counterpart Baker Blinker.”

“I *know* who Baker Blinker is,” countered Merry Gouldbusk, softly playing a Bach piece currently as background music. One of the “Goldberg Variations” I might assume.

The male Baker, Baker Bloch, continued. “This would be January 2016, as told in the first Collagesity photo-novel.”

“Yes. ‘Blackstar’. Amazing album. I know of what you speak.”

“He also said he was there to read one specific book called ‘Blood Curdling Tells of the Rubi Woods’…

“….formerly ‘Blood Curdling Tales of the Rubi Woods’, ha…”

“… about the hauntings of an old forest bordering Collagesity immediately to the west. Through it he learned of a legendary creature called the Tinbaby. At the end of his stay, he used the power of the Tinbaby in the woods, which can somehow fold up space seemingly, to leave Collagesity and continue his journey through the afterlife. Also afterwards, the woods had to temporarily be erased — purified — because, I believe, Bowie had to become fully separated from the Tinbaby, which was also the same as Dr. Blood or the Ozian Tinman, who shows up next.”

“The woods had to be purified,” spoke wise Merry Gouldbusk, “because David Bowie had to move on, yes. Had to move on from Baker Blinker primarily. Because…”

“… that was Karoz’s girl. Destiny they were to be married. Right in the center of novel 1.”

“But… you go.”

“But the Tinbaby — it never hit me to associate this with a tin can.”

“Tin Machine,” Merry Gouldbusk finished, and then switched from Bach to a different metal after picking up a guitar. “Goodbye Mr. Ed.”

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“We negotiated a deal. The North will remain Linden (Lime World) territory through and through, with origin in DaBoom.”

.De Boom

“The South: Another matter. Lemon comes into play. World of. A Man named Pierre who goes About Time will give us more details soon.”

“Is Lemon, then, the same as Lennon?” I asked, attempting to get more information in the moment.

“Kind of,” came the answer.

“And Yoko, who is kind of Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife, negotiated the deal.”

“She helped with the deal, yes. The Scarlet Triangle, the A.Team, has been isolated from the rest of the war machine thanks to her aid. The B.’s come to the fore again. Keith (Bower) and Jim (Brown). They are screeching and spinning their way up to Golden Sink as we speak, which in the days was known as Golden City. Where it all ends, where it all goes down. Rocketship that is. We had to shoot it out of the sky. The war is over and the rocket cannot reach Chip Shot (Pipersville in the future).” She paused.

“Another Lemon?” I asked about the ship, getting warmer.

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Baker Blinker’s World of Lemon 05

“Where did Karoz come from?” forms an important question early in the story of our Jeogeot days. “Who are his parents?” Obviously Sapphire is his surrogate mother during Karoz’s stay in Noru(m), but with no father figure around, seemingly. There was the mysterious, perhaps ultra-mysterious Peter SoSo who came along later. Chilbo’s direct Lemony double in Crabwoo becomes relevant.

But I’m going to skip to Karoz in Collagesity Winter 2015-2016 for now. We see him first there as shopkeeper for the Bodega Market. He has a gun, and practices target shooting down at Poppie Pond almost directly underneath the store. He lives above the market in a one room apartment — still does. But he was also at least a borderline alcoholic when Baker Bloch first finds out his old 2009 Jeogeot hiking buddy and sidekick has been resurrected. Their friendship continues in Collagesity Noru from back in 2014, but we do not have any photographs of them together there — oh, I believe we have one. Let me dig it up, because I was in that one as well. LINK But it is here in Rubi, as documented in the Collagesity Winter 2015-2016 material, that Baker Bloch’s and Karoz’s joined fate is fully revealed. Karoz was destined to be my partner, my lover. As Blochs is essentially my brother, my twin even, that makes Karoz an eventual brother-in-law. Oops! I seemed to have spilled the beans on my big secret. Yes, Karoz and I are engaged! We’re tentatively looking at a Christmas wedding, since my parents will be in town anyway. Nothing big, mind you, just a celebration wrapped inside another celebration.

So the history of Karoz also becomes part of my history as two streams merge into one. We will figure out things together from now on. I support his evolving theories about TILE and a potential college for the movement. He supports my continued experimenting and tinkering with the wrestling tag team idea, actually a parallel development. Latest on that is the “manufacturing” (or recruitment, if you wish) of a super-wrestler named Wheeler, spawned from Wilson. You see, Dr. Mulholland, as John Lockfry 02 knows now, has essentially left the scene, making The Mulholland Drives project dead in the water. She felt (rightly) threatened by Wheeler, a more powerful athlete. Wheeler stands 5’9″, and weighs about 150 — hope she doesn’t mind me saying that for the blog. Dr. Mulholland is only 5’3″, 5’4″. I myself am a wiry 6’3″, so basically a foot taller than the doctor. Practicing with Wheeler is a better fit for me, and a better matchup physically. The several times we wrestled in ernest, I just beat the pulp out of Mulholland. Wheeler is a greater challenge. And she’s maybe about as smart; turned me on to new physics — quantum computers, strange entanglement, and such. It will be an interesting path.

So back to Karoz and the upcoming wedding. There are plans to get Hucka Doobie intimately involved. I won’t say any more in that department — just drop a hint of what’s to perhaps come. As far as living quarters go, I’m not sure Karoz’s Bodgea market apartment will be suitable for the two of us. My Gloomy Gus is cozy but small. Maybe we’ll have to move away from Collagesity, even. Perhaps the whole extended family will. Nautilus’ BoB remains a strong possibility for a destination. A re-creation of Collagesity, and perhaps the birthplace for our user’s projected Bogota collage series.

David Bowie slash Bogota will come back among us. He already has. We sense his presence. We cannot see him yet as he wanders about the place. He changes things around in the twilight zones. He probably lives in the woods still. He will be found soon.

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Things seemed pretty much back to normal in the Hole in the Wall after the Big Rain. Karoz was sitting at his usual spot at the end of the bar playing his card game. A totally intact Furry Karl tended the bar. But there had been changes. Oh yes.

“Karl, what happened to Devil Dave’s trailer outside? It wasn’t there when I walked down from the market.”

Furry Karl glanced out the door. “Oh yeah, I haven’t noticed. Didn’t hear anything last night. But maybe, don’t you think, he’s *gone* gone. Left the scene.”

“I was just getting kind of use to him being here.”

“Oh you weren’t around that horrible night when the rain peaked, Karoz,” responded Karl. “I thought I was going to get eaten alive!”

“But you’re here, and your whole Karl,” reassured Karoz. “How about the New Guy? His name is Dave too, claims Baker Blinker. Don’t you think…”

“He came in here late last night,” interrupted Furry Karl. “Said he had just finished a book by this guy Blood Curdling, and it kept mentioning my name.”

“Well, did he guess?”

“He knows. That’s obvious.” Furry Karl paused, wondering if he should tell Karoz what’s on his mind. “He talked about the Tinbaby.”

“The what?” Karoz hadn’t read Blood Curdling’s Furry Karl’s book.

Furry Karl described the Tinbaby, to Karoz, as a green tinted robot with an exterior beating heart and a spike on top of his head. Actually there is no green tint: that’s just the reflection from the many trees in the Rubi Woods. Tinbaby is made of tin and is colored so. And the exterior heart is just a symbolic one made of plastic. Carrcassonnee knows this being as Dr. Blood, a larger, more grown up version. Dr. Blood can walk about the town freely, but Tinbaby is limited to the 8×5 dimensions of the woods. Furry Karl has seen the smaller entity numerous times. He describes it as a monster.

“Doesn’t sound all that bad, Karl,” says Karoz. “I mean, how tall did you say this thing was?”

“4 feet, maybe 5 sitting down.” Furry Karl was exaggerating for the sake of a tall tale.

“When do you see him? Or is it a her?”

“Monsters don’t necessarily have a sex,” came the answer. “I suppose he (or she) uses that spike on top of his head to gorge things, like a unicorn horn.”

“Unicorn, eh?” Karoz responded. “Is this *new* Dave, this, what does he like to be called?”

Furry Karl didn’t know.

“Anyway, is he still crashing at Baker Blinker’s sometimes?” Karoz eyed Furry Karl keenly.

“I think he lives in Orange Home (at the end of Cannon Street).”


“But,” continued Karl, “he was up all night last night at Baker Blinker’s reading that book.”



On cue, Bogota (Dave) walks into the bar and sits down in front of Furry Karl, at the same seat he had the night he first revealed himself. Karl begins to get ansey again. Bogota turns to Karoz.

“Karoz, I’m not going to ask Karl because I know he doesn’t want to go, but I thought you might help me. I need a witness.”


“What’s going on, er…”

“I’ve found the center of the woods, Karl”, Bogota answered simply. “I know a way out… another way. One I didn’t really expect.”

“You’ve found the — center — of the woods?” Karl repeated back.



What Karoz witnessed (Tinbaby).

What Bogota found “inside” (Dr. Blood).


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Ahem, remind me what he likes to call himself now?

Baker Blinker:

Bogota. Like the projected collage series.



Ah yes. Bogota, Bogota. Got a sort of ring to it I suppose. Is this related to Boos-gota? (Bogota enters the gazebo) Ahhh… here he is now, fresh from a power nap. Hello David Bowie. Drat! I mean: Bogota.


Bogota is my name, while I’m here. Do you like it? Baker B. chose it for me. It’s one of his future collage series, hm-mm.


Yes, we know. But you are also S-y-d or S-I-D from the woods.


Um, yes, I am recalling that now, sir. Just now, though.



You can reveal yourself for who you are here. No need for a mask.


Oh, okay. (Bogota fades out the mask)


So what is your true business here in Collagesity? We are honored to host such a distinguished guest. We are collectively a bit awestruck, actually.


Yeah (sniff). I do that to people. Actually I’m just here to read one book in particular and then leave. It’s the book by — Blood Curdling isn’t it? I’ve read the early chapters and am up to the one about, well, me again. (He smiles at both Baker Blinker and Carr.)


Yes, I’m sorry Blood Curdling is not one of our better town writers. Pete has a nice set of fictional detective stories if you’d like to read those instead. (turns to Baker Blinker) Pete… isn’t that his name? Pete Good… Pete Best… something. (Baker Blinker just shrugs.)



Um, sure, thanks. I’ll take them with me.

Baker Blinker:

Where will you go next?


Out there. Mars. Saturn. Uranus. The universe beckons.


Baker Blinker is wondering if the woods will still be haunted.


Well, that’s what I’m trying to determine. We’re trying to figure out what those, er, woods are about. This Collagesity depends on it for energy. A fire burning.




Me and my mates. My mates and I. I’ve finally got to meet Syd now. We’re catching up. Planning the future. The skies the limit. (turning to Baker Blinker) Next life I might be Pink!

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In truth…

… it might have been some version of this man named Dave, who has chosen to be called Bogota during his stint in Collagesity, haunting the Rubi Woods all this time, not Sid or Syd per se.


Bowie has long declared himself a massive fan of Barrett-era Floyd. He showed just how much by singing their debut single ‘Arnold Layne’ at guitarist David Gilmour’s solo show at the London Royal Albert Hall last month. It was Bowie’s first live appearance in two years following a serious illness.

He said on hearing today’s news: “I can’t tell you how sad I feel. Syd was a major inspiration for me.

“The few times I saw him perform in London at UFO and the Marquee clubs during the 60s will forever be etched in my mind. He was so charismatic and such a startlingly original songwriter. Also, along with Anthony Newley, he was the first guy I’d heard to sing pop or rock with a British accent.

“His impact on my thinking was enormous. A major regret is that I never got to know him. A diamond indeed.”


Also in GNIRPS, he seems to defer to Barrett in a quite tangible way and that’s what got me thinking in this direction. Carrcassonnee suggested that I stop considering such “evidence” accidental and just go with it.



There can be no doubt, actually.

The one and only US David. It’s unique too!

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“Peter SoSo” didn’t really need Baker Blinker to show him around Collagesity. He knew instinctively where the end would come. He went to see the appropriate collage in the Red Umbrella gallery. “I have only a very limited time,” he says to himself. “The hold here is not that strong.”

Baker Blinker caught up with him. “*There* you are, running off without me again.”


“I was just looking at The End. Like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The end of one, I mean. You are a very pretty girl. A pretty star of a girl. What planet are you from?” He still stared forward, away from her.

She took the complement in stride. “I’m from right here… in Collagesity. No need to look further.” Their voices were echoing off the walls a bit.

“Oh you must look further,” he responded. “Would you like to go away with me? I wish you could for a spell.”

Baker Blinker was curious. “What do I call you?”

Dave thought for a second. “You can call me… Bogota. Yes, Bogota will be fine.”


He turned toward her.

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The rain certainly brought out some interesting characters from the deep. Like Shark. Like Gentle Giant Fan. Like Little Reading Light, who usually sits just outside the bar dangling her cylindrical feet into Confluence Pool. But the pool was higher than the floor of the bar now, and still rising.


You do not remember me, do you Furry Karl? You are not Furry Karl? Are you Furry Karl? Karl?

Furry Karl:

*Yes* Shark?


Who are you? Do you remember?

Furry Karl:

Hey Lockfry, can you see this creature home from… whereever he comes from. Where *do* you come from Mr. Shark?


Old Kentucky to you. Or Old Kent.


Hey, thanks for the free cable subscription by the by. Great to meet you in person.

Old Kent:

You’re welcome Strangler.


Cool. (looks to right) And what are you reading Little Light? “Winesap”, as usual? Haven’t you finished that book yet? Can I borrow it from you?


Mmmmmm. Brrr. Whick. Yuppie. Yup-ie.

Furry Karl:

Little Climbing Light isn’t much of a talker, Lockfry. Best to leave her alone to read her book. I suppose she’s only inside to escape the rain. Never seen her sit here, although she sometimes comes in and buys a whiskey sour and takes it back outside to her pool. Hey, Little, they’re going to name that pool after you someday.


Mrrr. Bub. Cliip.


And how about the last person at the bar. Looks like he’s lights out for the night.

Furry Karl:

Rode in here on the shark. So I suppose they came from the same party. Hey Fanboy. Wake up. Bar’s closing in 10 minutes. Let’s see if you’re able to walk home on your own. Hey… (claps hands together) You in there? Come on. You can do it.

(Gentle Giant Fan raises his head from the bar and looks around.)



Oh, Kent. Glad you’re still here. Can you give me a lift home?

Old Kent:

Sure. As soon as Furry Karl says he remembers. Remember Karl? Furry?


He’s talking about R110, Furry Karl. The secret society that tried to keep Linden Labs from taking over Your Second Lyfe. Shark’s from Arkansas, from Roostre’s county.




That totally incorrect, er, Gentle Giant Fan Boy.

Old Kent (answering):

Yell. As in YELLING (he yells the word). As in YELLOW mustard. Needing more. Corndog. Corndroid. Surely Karl remembers the *true* bar. The bar where I killed him.


Furry Karl, actually I’ve made enough money from umbrella sales during this storm to buy your bar several times over. And I have already — paid your boss Norubi Turtle for it earlier.

Furry Karl:

Wha-what’s that mean??


It means as of right now you’re exiled from your bar and Collagesity as a whole. Unless you can answer Old Kent’s question correctly. *Do* *you* *remember* *Shark*? Think; think as if your bar, your status as a citizen of this ragamuffin town depends on it. Because it does.

Old Kent:

And I’ll finish it off by biting your head off.

Furry Karl:

Hey hey hey. Half of me is gone again!



That’s close enough, don’t you think Old Kent? Reveal the New Guy.


The rain stopped.

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