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Gaston = NYC (among other things)

The Lord balancing Sugar Houses.

We know this is “Abbey Road”.

And that something is definitely going on at the Rhino along it (portal).

We know a lot about this place by now. This Gaston. But we haven’t quite grasped the story within the story. Is there one? That’s what I’m aiming to find out.

“We’ll have to kill him.”

Zach’s still waiting for Georgie Porgie and Heidi Widey to emerge from the Joint Joint. He fears the worse. He’s been there for 2 days now. But he’ll wait till The End.

What really is at the end of Abbey Road?

Where have all the Berries gone? Where’s Sugar Dumpling? Where’s… Jacob I.?

We know it is a place to hide (Hidden Vilage). Hitgal represents someone.

“But… what’s you think?”

Why the doubling with the Vilania safe hub? Why can’t Hank Graphite get back there instead of here?

“It wasn’t suppose to be this way.”

Why flies in Central Park of all places?

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i.c. planets

The Wild Wild West they called it in the Far East, but most of the wilds was hidden. You’d need a powerful telescope and also know exactly the right location to spot. And the Red Umbrella predicted it all. Again.

Far East was different, they proudly declared. No wilds, no crime much atall in comparison. But the murder of Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer, child of grieving Rabbit 01 and Rabbit 02 over in Braynard’s Place, changed all that. Red, red rats were found to infest their incomplete sewers and subways (etc.) as well. Red from feasting on blood this time, red from the tainted water left behind.

Golden Jim from Gaston was here to investigate and, hopefully, put a stop sign to all that new redness over in the east. He knew exactly which one to choose.


“Where’s your chief?” asked Ms. Tanner to the staff psychiatrist the next day at the police station.

“Oh, he *claims* he’s on vacation over at NWES on the mainland, but my guess is he’s snooping around for a new case.

“NWES?” Nipsie Tanner declared in surprise. “That’s where *I’m* from.”

“Well I’ll be,” offered back Jack “Jiff” Danielsonlanderscroft, knowing more than he’s letting on.

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New Rubi Memorial

The two pictures below are of the newly placed “We Have Arrived Let’s Get Out of Here” Memorial to Collagesity founder and then deserter Ryan “Skippy” Rye, the front of which depicts his landing in the Rubi area during the year B.L. 2130 (with the B.L. standing for Before Linden in case you didn’t know). This was during the golden years of Lemon, when the high seas were dominated by lumberjacks and astronauts and the air was constantly filled with confetti and popped maize.

Skippy ordered Castle Ryan to be built by his slave equivalents, deemed it amateur and stupid, and departed from what would become the Minoa sim after only 6 days, steering his land-ship back into the Rubi Woods and departing through its central portal for destinations unknown to this day.



Castle Ryan was rebuilt and rechristened Castle Jack in 23 A.L. by dictator and stand-up comedian Jack “Jiff” Danielsonlanderscroft (stock photo missing).

Collagesity resident and Skippy Rye descendant Karla Danielsonlanderscroft with son Alf at the new memorial.


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