Collagesity 2014-2015 Rubi 02 (Jan, Feb 01 of 02)

Second Life once more



Embarras tests

Embarras 02 test


Embarras 03 test



Embarras 04 tests (bigger one!)

Part 1 test


Part 2 test


Part 3 test


Part 4 test


All together test! (old)


new SL gallery

2/17/15 update: This was originally called SoSo, but about a week or 2 ago changed over to The Red Umbrella, a brand new development in my virtual villages.


Embarras 06 base








Where to now?

New collage series is churning along. Embarras is still the name, I believe (pronouced: AM-braw, like the river that flows through Jasper County Illinois). I’m up to collage #6. Already I have a tetraptych and a diptych. All are based on photos and images of Middletown. Will I shift into other locations, perhaps a return to England and Wiltshire or the Lake District? Maybe Whitehead Crossing again, or some other spot from Frank or Herman Parks. Will have to start writing interpretations soon enough. But for now I think I’ll just gather images together — play around with them.

Collagesity is also starting to shape up finally. I have a number of collage galleries, and I’m putting the new stuff in what was called SoSo West — still might be called SoSo but I haven’t settled on a name yet. I’m just busying myself gathering images, as stated. Maybe Hucka D. can help. He likes to talk about the collages.

Hucka D.:

What do you want to shift into next? Middletown should probably remain a focus.


I agree. Sorry…

Hucka D.:

I agree. Collage 6 is about Future Home. You see The End. Like Baker Bloch saw the end in Collagesity Noru-style. He saw Many Islands, which is the end. Coming to join you Elizabeth and all that. But it is a mixture of you and your father. Study the individual elements. That row of green border trees is key. It begins and it ends, just like life. Count the trees. Go back.


Collagesity 01

I’ve been working on shaping up Minoa’s Collagesity next to the Great Rubi Forest for several days now. I may have reached a point of relative stability with the creation of a small but pretty cool Town Park. The railroad is gone, true, but all in all I believe that the Minoa version of Collagesity is on even keel with Noru’s version now. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

We’ll start with a map… Because I’ve been generating so many collages in the past several years, the galleries holding them now dominate the town. The axis for both Noru and Minoa Collagesity remains the Power Tower Gowlery and, especially, the more recent Falmouth Gallery containing the still quite unique Falmouth series of 61 collages. Beside this comes the Sam Parr *Library* and Gallery holding the last collage series I created in September, when I was still in Noru. There it was projected to be the Admin Building of Sam Parr State Collage, along with acting as a library and gallery. What’s the status of the college? I think it’s dead in the water presently, especially as I’ve begun a new collage series beyond Sam Parr as of a couple of weeks back, represented by what I’d number as 6 healthy art works already. If there is a college still to be created (and ex- Sam Parr State College president Karoz Blogger is still desiring such), it will probably be centered around Falmouth, and thus possibly called Fal Mouth College. A direct connection with Whitehead Crossing’s hypothetical Falmouth Castle is still implied. I’ve been thinking of WH X-ing quite a bit lately, but I’m not sure it will be a Spring hiking focus still. My back is basically healed up — excited to get *back* out there in the woods soon!

The Power Tower, Fal Mouth, and Sam Parr alignment follows the eastern border of the town (east is at the top in the below map). The next largest building in town is probably Gallery Jack, holding 6/10ths of the Art 10×10, the long term collage work that predated Gilatona-Lis (Power Tower) and Falmouth (Fal Mouth). Beyond my original Greenup series from 2004, the only digital collage series I’ve created not represented in a current town gallery is the Oblong series from 2007, which I still consider a peak creation. I’ll attempt to rectify that gap soon. But back to the map… let’s just examine some of the streets…


We start at the west end of Church Street, named for the TILE church or chapel whose entrance is off of it. Flat Ebbe Linden, now raised to a vertical position, acts as a greeter to Collagesity from this direction. To the left is the red bricked Norum Gallery, still holding the collages of Julie Sadler. She’s changed her name since I first created this gallery in 2010 in Sunklands’ Pietmond but I always forget exactly what it is. Besides, Sadler is a map synchy name, and remains relevant because of it. In GNIRPS (map database), Sadler is connected with “*Gray*son” and “South” (Texas and Kentucky), as explained here and here a bit. The South’s Scarlet O’Hara has been included in a recent collage as well.

To the right in the below photo is the TILE Chapel, I believe I’ll call it…


… another carryover from Noru’s Collagesity and still with the All Knowing and Wise Cracking Carrcassonnee strategically positioned within. Big Carr has been pretty silent lately, but I’m sure now that Collagesity has been rebooted she’ll have her opinions about its future. Baker just has to tune his Big Ear into the information. Additional note: I’m not sure the TILE Chapel is now connected to Sam Parr State College, as it was in Noru. Again, we’re awaiting news about Karoz Blogger before debating the school’s status further.


A right turn takes us down Flower Avenue, perhaps the prettiest of Collagesity’s several lanes. It leads directly to the town diner, also found in Noru and containing the same objects within basically, including Head of Perch. More on that particular subject soon, I’m assuming.


Town Diner interior, 2nd Floor

The grave of the mysterious entity known as SoSo is found in back of the TILE Chapel. The purple thing on the church’s roof with the light bulb head is a new addition to my virtual towns. Welcome to Collagesity, er, “Little Climbing Light”! (as I’m reading its name inworld).

Nice! As I’ve just checked, LCL’s creator is Agnes “Charlie” Sharple. I’ve also just visited her shop at Hugo Chavez Plaza and procured quite a few more freebie creations. Thanks Charlie!


Interesting juxtaposition of Collagesity structures from the grave site.


Looking east toward Sam Parr Library and Gallery. Or should that be Gallery and Library? Anyway, Diana the Huntress still points her bow and arrow directly away from it and down a small lane I’m tempted to call Arrow Street.


Quite a collection of characters have assembled in The Plaza fronting Sam Parr. Animals and humans and aliens and robots and mystical beings alike.


Southern terminus of Main Way, the longest street of the town. Way in the back you can spy The Cottage positioned along its northern border.


Another Collagesity view, from over The Plaza this time. In the background you can see the side of Big Wheel Gallery, another brand new addition to my virtual villages — empty so far, however. It sits atop Gallery Jack.


Collagesity 02

Looking south down Jack Street now, named for the gallery forming its entire northern border. In contrast to nearby Church Street, this one has some vegetation along the side. It’s also about twice as wide as Church. You can see the TILE Tower in the distance, not technically a part of Collagesity but certainly within its “metro region”. If you use a 128 meter draw distance like I generally do, the tower starts coming into view about 1/2way down the street. For these photos, however, I’m employing a longer 192 meter draw.


Looking north up same. Don’t know if that tombstone was once part of a cemetery. Have to think about that more, along with a possible relationship with SoSo’s grave behind TILE Chapel. It almost appears to lean against the back of Norum Gallery. Baker Bloch may establish an office in Norum’s vacant 1st floor room soon, as he did in Noru. But if he does, I think he’ll request that the tombstone be moved, along with any possible, attached corpse. He’ll also have to deal with the obviously unpleasant memories of his death via heart attach attack within the same room, albeit a temporary death. Okay, maybe this won’t be his Minoa office after all. 😮

Hucka D.:

The grave of Iva Ben Steppedon is also near that room. In fact, directly underneath the window in the room. Send Baker Bloch over to investigate asap. Or maybe it should be Karoz Blogger.


Thank you Hucka D.


Interior of Gallery Jack and its centering map of Jasper County, Illinois. To remind: each of the various Art 10×10 series are named for population places in or near this county, or for the county itself. In chronological order, these are Greenup, Rose Hill, Yale, Newton, Oblong, Hidalgo, Wheeler, and then Jasper. As I said before, only the Greenup and Oblong series are not represented within Gallery Jack.


Also in Minoa’s Collagesity is found the House of Truth, another virtual village staple of mine.


Now it contains a very nifty view into the Great Rubi Forest through a transparent wall on its second floor. I’m sure Baker Bloch is planning to spend some time here just thinking and pondering and enjoying virtual life.


Collagesity looking from the southeast now. I’ve turned on some additional shadings for the 2 above photos and also the remaining snapshots of this post.


Sam Parr’s Diana statue. We can now see she’s aiming her arrow directly at a town busker, yet another Noru carryover and a GUI-tarist named Tom Joe if I recall correctly. Maybe he can deflect arrows with his guitar, if it comes to that (it won’t come to that).


A look north up Flower Avenue toward an as yet unnamed gallery I haven’t mentioned before, containing the new and still burgeoning Embarras collage series. Can’t wait to see how that develops.


And lastly we visit Town Park in Collagesity’s northeast section, which I worked on a couple of hours last night.


Baker approves!



More Crossroads


In the Falmouth collage “2989”, set in Whitehead Crossing, the conjoined green man and the gray man face in different directions very similar to the 49/61 signs to their right. Green=61, then, and Gray=49. Together in this way, they represent the sign itself, and thus 2989 itself.


I just found a red umbrella in one of my freebie Second Life purchases last night, and copied it to my inventory. Interesting to see if anything develops from that resonance.

Gray and Green Man, Pooh and his umbrella and honey pot, have reappeared in Embarras 04/05, the newest tetraptych and equaling my largest work. Examples of another tetraptych are found in both the Gilatona-Lis (last work) and Falmouth (middle work) series. Here it comes very early in a series, if this progresses onward as those other two from previous winters did.

Page about “lego philosohpy”, a concept I’d like to explore more. Legos are relatable to the Second Life prims that are used to construct objects in that particular world. Prim creation has been partially usurped by sculpties. Witness this picture and info that use to hang in Noru’s Collagesity Town Diner…

… well, that’s not the actual picture by Melodie Darwin that was there but it’s a photo of the same Linden build, still found at the terminus of the West End Road. The town of WES is no longer around, however.

Collagesity Revisions

Town Park revisions:




Toxic Art returns to Collagesity; Gallery Jack derezzed:




“I’ve walked around the village now. I believe we’re going to have to hold a town meeting on the second floor of the new gallery.”

Hucka D.:

Good. What will we talk about?


The Town Park. The Toxic Art Gallery that’s at least temporarily replaced Gallery Jack as the exhibit spot for the Art 10×10. The former includes the Oblong series; the latter doesn’t. Also I can move the Waterwheel Gallery to the ground that way — there’s just enough room on the north side of town now to do so.

Hucka D.:

What will you put within it?


More collages I suppose. Ultimately. That may be another guest gallery, though, to be coupled with the already existing Norum Gallery in town.

Hucka D.:

Nice. And I hear you have some prims left.


About 450 at last count. The vegetation in the town park took up some. It’s nice up there, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I’ve been, thank you. I saw you meditating. Sorry — saw Baker Bloch there. I meditated opposite him. We conversed about the future of the town. Much like you and I here.


Interesting. What did you two have to say?

Hucka D.:

Much the same stuff (pause).


Like what?

Hucka D.:

This and that. Toxic Art Gallery. Town Park.


Does Collagesity here have a guiding spirit?

Hucka D.:

Besides you and I, there’s Wanda again. The ballerina.


Hmm. And I suppose Cardboard Derek Jones has to return.

Hucka D.:

He and Bracket Jupiter are cooking up something. Greenup House is still way over in Asha. That’s the only series of your digital collages not represented in Collageisty, Minoa. Because Sam Parr State College didn’t hold any classes this spring, Bracket Jupiter was not able to teach his course on the Corsica continent. So he’s had some time to kill. He’s been hitting the booze a little harder than normal.


That’s a shame. Is he okay?

Hucka D.:

Cardboard’s propping him up still. Oh, and I hear Starbuckaneer Barista has returned, checking out the town map. Watch your back with her. She’s power hungry again.


I will. Will she run for mayor?

Hucka D.:

There’s always that threat.


Is she a bad influence on the town?

Hucka D.:

If she teams up with Carrcassonnee.


Who should Carrcassonnee team up with, then?

Hucka D.:

You and I.


What about Karoz?

Hucka D.:

He’s kind of displaced. He doesn’t fit in[ once more]. He’s in his limiting circle…


… still. What’s the future of Collagesity hold?

Hucka D.:

New gallery. Future collages. You have room now. Produce!



Double the fame.

I appear on Bing Streetside (equivalent to GoogleEarth Streetview) in not one but two locations on a cold December morning in Middletown NC. And no I wasn’t following the Bing car around — just lucky.

But don’t you know this simply has to be in a collage now.



me and Homer

Embarras 07 test 03:


test 16 (“Fathers”):


Sylver Forest Ownership

Things have changed in Minoa Collagesity since I composed that post almost 2 months ago.

All the listed structures that were in Minoa but not in Noru have since been deleted: House of Truth, Home o’ Fibs, and SoSo Gallery.

Just like in Noru, I now have the Toxic Art Gallery with the majority of the Art 10×10 collages within, and I’ve also been able to slot Tired Falls into the new-ish Town Park in the northeast corner of the virtual village. And I believe a parallel Rubi Museum will develop to compensate the Noru Museum. And I have at least the ground version of the X-Spot Gallery in Minoa as well now. So about all the perceived weaknesses of Minoa Collagesity in comparison to Noru’s version have been shored up, it appears.

Check this out: I’ve owned land a total of *seven* times bordering the Rubi Forest since I joined Second Life in February 2008, and rented in yet another instance. The first of these, from August to December, 2008, represents my original mainland property, after starting virtual ownership in Azure Islands in the spring and summer. There I further developed both the Edwardston Station Gallery and Temple of TILE originating from Azure Islands. The idea of the Rubi Forest as part of a larger Sylver Forest from pre-Linden times was also hypothesized, along with an accompanying “Rubi Diagonal”. I briefly returned to the forest as a renter in summer 2009 (Horisme), before purchasing land bordering the forest on the south side in June 2010. This is the first land I had owned since leaving Rubi in December 2008 — all subsequent land being rented. During this second lengthier stay next to the forest I rebuilt the TILE Temple (slightly different location than before) and also developed the Pond District mythology situated a number of sims directly to the east. I kept this land several months as well, basically concurrent with being an owner in the Noru sim (my first return there as well, after originally leasing land in the sim during summer of 2009). Then the Rubi area was left alone for several years during the Pietmond Era of Jeogeot (Sunklands), until New Pietmont, the last Pietmond phases, shifted directly into the Sikkima sinkhole in December 2013. A brief stay in Tyta along the northern side of the Rubi Forest in May 2014 — and an initial version of a VWX Town that soon blossomed in Philudoria that summer and fall — was followed up with, by far, my largest land purchase next to the forest, resulting in VWX Town, Rubi style, from November 2013 through January 2014, or a period of about 3 months. All of my initial 2008 land holding was included in the new purchase, as well as my 2010 property. The Rubi Diagonal first developed in 2008 was greatly extended to cross the entire continent of Heterocera. Edwardston Resident appeared as a new avatar, the first of that kind since 2010’s Bracket Jupiter. But this land was simply too large and pricey to hold onto for very long, and although I contemplated dividing it in two and giving up half to lower my tier, I decided just to sell the whole thing. Next up, we have a purchase of about 1/2 that land size in Hector just this past summer, concurrent with yet another return to Noru. As regular readers of my blog might recall, Noru and Rubi slugged it out for ownership of my next virtual village called Collagesity, with Noru winning the prize after a heated, month-long battle. But then Rubi appears to have won out in the long run, as I found super cheap land bordering part of the eastern edge of the forest in Minoa at the end of November. I simply had to give up my Noru land and return to the Great Forest. It seems to be working out now after a bit of a delay. So that’s the story of my land purchases around the Rubi Forest in a nutshell. Thanks for reading!


Hucka D.:

The basic idea is that you think you can afford a 40 dollar tier but not a 75 dollar tier. That’s 8704 possible square meters[ for the former]. Almost twice for the 75 bucks, but out of your price range. Is 40 dollars within your price range?


That’s the idea, especially next to the Rubi Forest and having it *finally* developing as a legitimate Collagsity to replace the Noru version.

Hucka D.:

I see.

Embarras 08 tests




Larger reduced 47% (48 nor 46 doesn’t work), combined with smaller. Two alignments still seem necessary…



and top…




Added to map:


Probability: This has something to do with the fine alignment of the placing of a house on the map “behind” Scully reading a book. One[ pixel] off and it’s thrown. Meshing gears. Where’s Mulder?

There’s an implied relationship with the one eyed father of the collage before (Embarras 07), appearing to its left. This is correct alignment. The father has the answers.


Test 02p (“Ouroburros”):



If Carrcassonne doesn’t have an eye yet…


… does that mean the oracle is inactive?

Head of Perch…


… so close (yet so far?).



When you finish Embarras the eye and body will come together again. Have you entered Mythos yet?


Not yet Perch. And thanks for visiting the Baker Bloch Blog.


I do not understand.


Doesn’t matter. 🙂



Embarras 09



Collagesity update

I have a new center of town…


What I plan to do is to move the art kiosk for Collagesity inside this building, located on the south end of Town Park Ridge and probably called Town Hall, and add in some more introductory material such as a town map, gallery infocubes and perhaps books/magazines and a video or videos.

Along with this, I’m starting to design a Rubi Museum chronicling my adventures within the old Sylver Forest area. I’ve described my various parcels around this region here a bit. (LINK)


It’s a shame to lose part of the Town Park but I think it had to be done in order for Collagesity to grow into what it should be. And part of that is function as a *permanent* mainland home for me and my art. Yes, I’m over 50 percent sure that I’ve stopped moving around in Second Life. I’ve returned to Rubi (or at least bordering the Rubi Forest) and that’s good enough for me. It was my first mainland home area and it may be my last.

The 1st Floor of the new gallery (SoSo) is now filled up with the collages of the still evolving Embarras series. Nowhere to go but up…


New picture projected to be used for an official town map, and located in Town Hall. What I plan to do is simply put pins with hover text on each major building to keep track of changes.



Collagesity Developments

SoSo Gallery containing the still evolving Embarras collage series (up to 9 now!) has been renamed The Red Umbrella, with a corresponding switch in signs.


Baker Bloch heads around the corner to check the changes out. A light rain is falling outside the gallery (!).


Then underneath mainly The Red Umbrella has formed a type of small Collagesity Underground with 7 separate rooms. Below we find Baker standing in a foggy, open area between the 2 structures of this underground, taking in the odd scenery. A pack of dogs exist here, perhaps attracted by the trash.


Strange do’in’s already within these small rooms. It’s all very much still in development, and I envision some kind of gallery eventually.


Open area from the opposite angle…


The way to the underground from the west…


…and from the east.


I do not have a name for this east-west passage through here, but in its original, undug form it was called Jack Street, because of the presence of Gallery Jack all along the northern side. Gallery Jack has since been replaced with the Toxic Art Gallery. A smaller portion of The Underground lies beneath it — 2 rooms, as opposed to 5 beneath The Red Umbrella and also neighboring Norum Gallery a bit.

Town Hall is also shaping up, a new entry point for the village.


Some of the other new things in Collagesity:




Collagesity Discussions


Collagesity is really shaping up. The core galleries are basically finished, and even the Red Umbrella, the newest addition to this group, seems pretty complete in perhaps partial form (1st Floor, but I need to polish up some of the collage drafts still). Town Hall is the new hub of it all, introducing visitors to my Sunklands website, with old Sunklands magazines also lying about. Town Map is updated. Starbucanner Barista is behind the desk, ready for service. Blue and red and grey robots offer directional tips. A Jasper County map adorns the floor, and the same is found in all the core galleries now. “What’s *that* all about?” a befuddled visitor might ask. I’m now asking what the Red Umbrella is, that seems to act as a, well, umbrella term for the whole shebang.





4: something which covers or embraces a broad range of elements or factors


Fog on one side…


… rain on the other…



I have 333 prims left to play around with in Collagesity. The outlying galleries and buildings, as I’ll call them, remain to be developed. Some do not even have a name yet. They lie as far outside the umbrella as possible while still within[ Collagesity]. Even the TILE Chapel is incomplete, since Carrcassonnee remains without Eye. At least 2 Perches exist in the village presently, one in Town Diner (basically complete that one is), and the other in Collagesity Underground, directly beneath the Red Umbrella gallery. Can we combine Perch and Carrcassonnee again, like was done early on in Collagesity, Noru?


One of the outlying buildings. Future “World of Collages”?



Town Hall

Core galleries:

Toxic Art (finished)
Power Tower (finished)
Fal Mouth Moon (finished)
Sam Parr (finished)
Red Umbrella (working on this one, 1st Floor basically complete — depends on where the Embarras collage series takes me (!))

Supporting buildings:

North Side:

Rubi Museum (unfinished)
Crooked Building/Coolie Building (incomplete?)
“World of Collages”? (unfinished)

South Side:

X Spot Gallery (incomplete)
Town Diner (finished?)
Bodega Market (finished)
Kidd Tower (finished)
TILE Chapel (incomplete[ Carr. remains without Eye])
Norum Gallery (complete)


Collagesity Underground (2 parts; incomplete)
Skybox? (projected)

fog and rain

Collagesity Debates

“Why is Carrcassonnee still without Eye, Hucka D.? Perch is certainly about. The 2 could combine easily enough.”

Hucka D.:

Because Rubi is not Noru and Noru is not Rubi. Although they are one beneath it all. Underground.


Maybe I could just talk to this Perch in the Underground.

Hucka D.:

Perch by himself is useless. He needs Her. Her needs He.


How do I then get them together? Make TILE complete in Collagesity?

Hucka D.:

A Museum would help. Have Rubi ketchup with Noru.


Catch up?

Hucka D.:



What about “World of Collages”?

Hucka D.:

There’s a world of collages out there. Pick and choose.

Put Collagesity on other’s radar. But don’t spell it backwards.


Collagesity Ideas

Rubi Woods is part of the Sylver Forest

Reversed (yin):

Ruby Forest is part of the Silver Woods

This is I turning into Y(y) and back. 180 degree turn then back. This is the mystery of religion/philosophy/game TILE and game/philosophy/religion Tyle.

When the Edwardston Station Gallery was inserted into the Rubi sim in August 2008, a key went into a lock, and the idea of a Sylver Forest was conceived. The Sylver Forest covered an area nine four times as large as the Rubi sim. The Rubi Woods use to cover the entire Rubi sim.

[Get quote how this was probably so, and why it changed]

The gallery was built on top of a preexisting station and named after it.

The TILE Temple was rezzed above the gallery/station. Soon they united.


The orange entity depicted as graffiti art at the Edwardston trestle in Real Life is an Ancient. He is Pierrot, as we know thanks to the art of Max Ernst. That could be where we start the new influx of world art( into Collagesity, Minoa). Ernst is a collagist.

old Edwardston Station in Rubi & 2 Pierrots

One more bit…

… of Collagesity Underground completed, linking the rooms beneath the Red Umbrella with the basement of Fal Mouth Moon through a narrow passage underneath Main Way.



But I think that’s about all the digging I can do in the town. Cool that I could accomplish as much as I did, though. Next might be a pod tour. 🙂

Hucka D.:

Stop smiling and build your damn rocket ship. 🙂


Oh yeah, forgot about that. The Scarlet Triangle. And then in the middle, the ship. Can you tell me how that works, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

You tell me. Okay I’ll tell you some. You use the woods for energy. The Woods. Position the ship as close as possible. Are you simply going to revamp the TILE Tower on your old lot? That might be the best way to go. It’s already in the shape of a rocket.


Thank you.


You’re welcome. I don’t know how to answer your question.


Tonight I also opened up a new version of the Something To Chro About gallery, featuring my pre-Art 10×10 collages from the 80s/90s, and created the old fashion way using paper and glue. It’s in the Collagesity Underground, directly beneath the Toxic Art Gallery. Great place for it.


*More* changes….

I decided that the TILE Chapel should be switched out with something more promising and substantial. The old Norris Gallery/Temple seemed to fit the bill exactly.


The view down Flower Lane has not been significantly altered…


… nor down Arrow Street. Busker still aligned and in aim.


Baker still waits for Carrcassonnee within to procure her needed Eye so that he can worship properly.


But which one will get it??



6:30 pm:

And now it has a rocket launcher! And also some smaller, upper floors for, yes, possible additional town gallery space.



And only one Carrcassonne now. Still without Eye so far.



It’s all bleed’n coming together. I also still need a Moon to land on. Will I find Carrcassonnee’s needed Eye there, by chance? Ehh.



I decided to switch out the potential Rubi Museum Building with the Stair Gallery structure to reduce prims. I plan to reinsert the Kollage Kid exhibit within, as it has been in a number of my virtual villages now. And I’m back up to 333 available prims all of a sudden… well, 332.





The Moon has been established as a rocket destination.

But prims needed to be pruned elsewhere. I decided that the Stair Gallery structure had to go. I replaced it with a nice 2 prim urban building. So that’s eliminated as a gallery space. But Collagesity has a Moon! And that’s perhaps about all the building I can do in the town. All’s that’s left is filling in the gallery spaces, it seems.

nice 2 prim structure