Collagesity 2014-2015 Rubi 03 (Feb 02 of 02)

Temple of Choice?

Well, I decided that the rocketship and the moon (Da Moon) had to go to save prims. The whole moon rocket package is an amazingly wonderful design by Aley (official name: “From the Earth to the Moon V2”), so much so that it’s hard to tamper with creatively, like I’m wont to do. And for what it gives, the prim count is quite low. But it’s still close to 100 when you add it all up, and I wanted to do something else with the Norris Temple/Building. What quickly evolved tonight is a concept called The Temple of Choice.

So I just left off the tower where the rocket launcher use to project from — seems more aesthetically pleasing that way — and started playing around with the more freed up innards.


When you enter the temple now, you have Carrcassonnee presented in front of you, as before, but more. Quite a bit more.


You now have a *choice* of deities to worship. The temple is branching out to attempt to accommodate the religious and philosophical needs of a diverse town population. Let’s see what we have.

On one end of the temple, we find Master Shake of Adult Swim late night fame, accompanied by a colorful abstract called “Aquarius” by Zuan Bentley.


To his right is the ever popular Jesus, along with a copy of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper mural. The Easter Bunny sign is a nice humorous touch — shows he doesn’t take himself super serious and all — and perhaps gives him an edge over some of the others.


Across the aisle we have Little Climbing Light, a dark horse candidate for chief religious deity of Collagesity. She’s chosen an abstract called “Spaghetti Picture” to aid her cause, along with a copy of Winesburg, Ohio. Wonder what that angle is?


On the other side of Carrcassonne from LCL, we have an unnamed goddess, perhaps Athena/Minerva, posing below a picture of an evil witch hag holding out an apple which I don’t think I would want to eat atall.


Across from them is Rodin’s The Thinker, with a large flower growing behind him.


Between them, and on the opposite side of the temple from Master Shake, appears Boxy Brown, a character in Aqua Teen Hunger Force just like the former. He’s chosen a optical illusion print for his backdrop.


Then on the short axis of the temple across from Carrcassonnee twirls the Giant Head of Bob Dobbs, another popular religious figure like Jesus. Within his skull lies a stylized painting of Spongebob Squarepants: 2 Bobs in 1.


Here’s the view of them from the second floor. Nothing else on this floor yet.


And let’s not skip over Carrcassonne herself, with faithful dog Spider now by her side. Does she have a chance in hell to win the prize of primary town deity without her All Seeing Eye?


I would say not.

Collagesity Inspirations

Been working on Collagesity building for about a solid month now. Well, take away that week I had to go down to mom’s and help her out (no internet access there). It’s all bleed’n coming together.

Thoughts: I’m beginning to think that the Embarras series is already over at 9 or 10 collages, much like the Sam Parr series from last September. If so, the Falmouth series still stands alone as a unique and pretty gargantuan work at 61 collages. But we’ll have to see about Embarras — I still have another floor of the Red Umbrella vacant and ready to be filled with new pieces. I might try to push the total number to at least 20. But, really, I’ve been collaging crud together in Collagesity itself, or, as my virtual friend Veyot put it, the town is yet another collage of stuff I’ve picked up here and there. For example, almost all of the materials for the sets in the brand new Temple of Choice were recently found on SL Marketplace as freebies. I just artistically and logically mashed them all together, and quite quickly.

There are some more similarities between the collages of the series and the collages that are the virtual towns that hold representations of these series. A prime example would be the use of the same buildings in the various towns, whose function can develop and even change in time. This would parallel the employment of the same images in separate collages. The Red Umbrella, currently the holder of the new Embarras series of collages, formerly was called SoSo West and contained the abstract expressionist style art work of fellow audiovisual syncher Mike Casey. In bending the art of my virtual villages toward pure collage, I decided that a more narrow definition of curation should be effected, and thus the changeover. Plus, as I’ve stated before, I have a lot more collages to display now personally than when I joined Second Life in early 2008. Something had to be pushed out to make room, or else I stop displaying some of my earlier digital efforts, which means eliminating part or all of the “Art 10×10” (2004-2009), which I can’t seem to be able to do. That effort still represents what I see as a base for everything to evolve from. True, the Falmouth series seems to go beyond it in a rather large way, but the 2 newest series (Sam Parr and Embarras) fit right into the mold of a Rose Hill or Hidalgo series from the 10×10. It seems I have found an artistic voice. It will continue to develop from this base.

But in saying all this, I’d still like to display the collage work of others. Most definitely! Already in the village is the Norum Gallery, a long standing gallery containing the stylings of Julie Sadler. And although not currently displayed in Collagesity, Kollage Kid’s work, most recently found in Noru this past summer and fall, will always have a special place for me. Kenneth Rouggeau is another collagist whose works I seem to run into again and again. But I need to extend my umbrella and search further.

Currently I’m planning to keep my land in Minoa through at least March. I seem to be getting weary of leaping around Second Life, having to reconstruct town after town again and again. I want a town — just land with a couple of structures and some landscaping is not enough. 8704 square meters is the *bare minimum* for these kind of virtual villages, I’ve found out. But anything beyond this bumps me up to the next tier level. Thanks to the oh-so-handy conversion of prims into convex hulls to lower land impact, I believe that 8704 will also be enough for my needs. Oh sure, I’d like more land, but we all have limits we have to work within, which is good in many ways — makes me tighten up what I already have and refine it better than if it was just spread out all over the place.

Keeping this in mind, and adding in the fact that I’ve been researching old blog posts for a potential Rubi Musuem, I see that VWX Town in Rubi this past winter (extended from the earlier, original VWX Town in Philudoria) was also a unique creation, since I had so much land to work with and right next to the Great Rubi Woods in a most strategic place. The Heterocera Diagonal ran right through the core of the property. A new avatar was created (Edwardston Resident) and old ones arose from their virtual tombs and renewed relationships. The woods were found to be *alive*. Then I had to come back to them in a more functional and long term way to complete the Second Life circle of creativity begun in 2008. Rubi was my first mainland experience and it may be my last. Full circle.

A cold…

… day here in Blue Mountain, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I’m in Second Life. What do I care?



Hucka D.:

We have a count on the town deity vote if you’re logging in to find that out.


Great. What is it?

Hucka D.:



Guess who’s in the lead?

Hucka D.:



Um, Boxy Brown.

Hucka D.:

Yes. 12 votes. I’ll go ahead and list the others out. Carrcassonnee is second with 10 — a surprise. Actually Carr. is tied with Master Shake for second with 10. Then Jesus with 9, Little Climbing Light with 6, Rodin The Thinker and Minerva tied with 2, and then The Bobs didn’t receive any votes but perhaps that’s because townspeople didn’t know they were part of the contest because they’re further up in the air and at the entrance.


Maybe the one with the least votes should actually win. Maybe it’s best if you really don’t like the deity you worship. The tough God is the best God kind of idea.

Hucka D. (dismissing):



So if the vote stands, Boxy Brown will replace Carrcassonnee as town deity to be worshippped by all. And then the Temple of Choice will be no more because we have chosen — the people have spoken.

Hucka D. (dismissing again):



Well, what is the plan?

Hucka D.:

Don’t tell this to anyone — and you might want to make this particular post private (note: later Hucka D. indicated this privacy wasn’t needed) — but there will be 4 winners, and we plan to rig the vote… did I say rig? What I meant was that there will be 4 winners and I’ll leave it at that.


And so, as I’m counting, 4 losers then.

Hucka D.:



I think I might know what’s going on. There’s something about Master Shake and Boxy Brown being on opposite ends of the temple’s long axis, staring at each other; a contest. They are…

Hucka D.:

Don’t say it.


The *y* and the *I*, then.

Hucka D.:



On one end we have Tyle, in effect. On the other: TILE.

Hucka D.:

Put the symbol up.


One begins or is seeded when the other ends or is maximized.


So this is…

Hucka D. (repeating):

Don’t say it. And I say that because it wasn’t aired. For a reason. But just know this is what it is.


Well, this is obviously Jasper on one side and Newton on the other. The Perpetually Bickering Twins. PBTs. And that map( of Jasper County with Newton seat) is in all the prime core galleries now, Hucka D. So this seems very important. This is Jasper speaking again through collage, but a 3d collage of Second Life objects in a temple setting this time and not a gallery setting.



perpetually bickering Newton & Jasper have returned

“Don’t say it.”

And I say that because it wasn’t aired. For a reason. But just know this is what it is.

When Master Shake is bitten, the bite mark switches from side to side due to the animation sequence of flipping the character horizontally and using the same character model during production; however if he were to be a three-dimensional model, the bite mark would not transfer as such.

Balancing out Collagesity?:



Hucka D.:

The townspeople have voted against a second Temple of Choice atop the Toxic Art Gallery. Thankfully.


But it seems a symptom of the town’s perfect balance as it is, Hucka D. The choices I make from now on are either/or, at least at this stage( in town history). Like the decision to insert the Sam Parr collage series into the basement of the Red Umbrella was an either/or. There are 2 Sam Parr series in Collagesity now, since the collages within the Sam Parr building remain. There are good reasons for the positioning of each one. From now on we enter a territory where it is unclear whether something is black (good) or white (bad).

Hucka D.:


The “second” Sam Parr collages series in the basement of the Red Umbrella

Vote Update

Events in Second Life happen a lot faster than in real life.

The final votes for the election of an official town deity are already in. Here’s the totals. Prepare to be surprised.

Carrcassonnee – 22 votes
The Bobs – 18 votes
Boxy Brown – 14 votes
Master Shake – 12 votes
Jesus – 10 votes
Little Climbing Light – 9 votes
Minerva/Athena – 2 votes
Rodin’s The Thinker – 2 votes
Star Trek’s Data (write in) – 1 vote

Here is the swinger. In a last ditch campaign speech atop the Toxic Art Gallery, Carrcassonnee promises to unite the yin and yang elements of Collagesity by reacquiring her Eye and becoming All Seeing again. On a dirtier and uncleaner side she exposed the past between Master Shake and Boxy Brown, and possible racial slurs on both sides. She states that race should not be a factor in the election, and then jokes that this is true even if the election itself is a race. This rather offcolor joke cost her votes to The Bobs, who raced up the voting from the absolute basement (no votes) to claim the number 2 spot with 18 votes. As reconciliation, Carrcassonnee has promised that The Bobs will have an important position in the new town government, which remains to be named.

Now what about that Eye?

Collagesity Curveballs


The Rubi Museum structure is back in town as of last night. It’s the same one that functioned as the quite successful Noru Museum in the summer/fall version of Collagesity, when I resided in that sim. But after some experimenting, I’m not sure that the exact same kind of idea translates to Rubi that well, even though I’ve probably lived around Rubi and Noru about the same amount of time in toto. I’m having a hard time even putting it into words — but my thoughts now are to make an abbreviated version of the town museum and insert it into the town diner, like existed in VWX Town, Rubi last year. I’m thinking instead of creating a VWX Town *book* of some sort to cover that history.

In just looking at my successive, true virtual towns, why did Pietmond change to New Pietmond change to VWX Town change to Collagesity? Pietmond was the original and the template for all to come. And truth be told, I might *still* be in Pietmond in Otaki Gorge if circumstances were similar to that of 2010, when this whole town making process started. Then I had a *whole sink* to work with, rimmed with protective buffer parcels. On the other hand I’ve refined the process. Collagesity, Rubi-style has probably less filler buildings than any other village I’ve created. Basically every structure has a rather well defined function. There’s no “mere” eyecandy skyscrapers like the Big Boy Tower and Tower of A. Mann. The largest structure in the current town, the Fal Mouth Moon gallery, has a very delineated function as holder of the 61 piece Falmouth collage series from 2014, one locked into another. Same for the Power Tower Gowlery and the 2013 Gilatona-Lis series. Same for the Toxic Art Gallery and the 2004-2009 Art 10×10. And then 2 newer galleries act in the same manner: Sam Parr Library and Gallery (Sam Parr series from last September) and Red Umbrella (brand new and perhaps still developing Embarras collage series). These are what I’ve called the core galleries buildings of Collagesity. But going all the way back to 2008 and my initial Rubi properties, there *were* no core galleries because even the Art 10×10 wasn’t finished yet (completed the following spring with the Wheeler-Jasper series). Unlike the Fal Mouth Moon and Power Tower, which became locked into their housed collages early on, the Art 10×10’s home slowly evolved over time from 2009 to the present Toxic Art situation. In 2008 Rubi, the incomplete master series was exhibited in what I called the Edwardston Station Gallery, a name which has its own history. In Spring 2009, a revamped Edwardston Sta. Gallery in 30x30x30 cube form became the 1st home for the finished Art 10×10, both as a sky and ground structure. But there’s a complicated path of structures connecting 2008/2009 ESG and 2014 Toxic Art that creates a type of separate sub-plot of my Second Life existence. And the same would go for the Temple of TILE, also originating in 2008 and also on my original Rubi parcel.

Hucka D.:

B_hivia to the Temple of TILE in Azure, and then the Edwardston Station Gallery going from its initial ground existence to the cube form to contain the entire 10×10 and match the 30x30x30 form of the Temple. They became stuck together even, one on top of the other, for a spell. I designed the Temple as a beehive. I was pleased they matched so well. Then in Noru — summer 2009 wasn’t it — you decided that they should become separated again. But then when you — we — moved to Sunklands in 2010 the 2 were joined up again and combined even with B_hivia to make a superstructure.


Big E Gallery in Aotearoa.

Hucka D.:

Both the Temple and ESG, 30x30x30 meter cubes both, were inserted into a hollowed out cube 8 times larger[ than each]. That was like a Pluto and Sharon situation, baker b. Planet and large Moon. Pluto is 8 times larger than Sharon.




Hucka D.:

And then the Blue Feather Gallery of Noru was the other [true] superstructure you created, of a similar design yet also quite different. About the same size overall. 4 in 1, or Foreign One or 4orrin1 (Hucka D. says these using slightly different accents).


The Blue Feather Gallery had a different function that the Big E Gallery. It was to hold the then very large “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit. It too when through a number of permutations. That was right before the start of Pietmond and the whole town thing. Blue Feather was the last of the superstructures, unless you count Fal Mouth Moon as a smaller version of one of those things. It is not a composite building, however. It’s mainly just a single building: Moard Ling’s Castle 12. I didn’t alter it much. Blue Feather, in contrast, was a mashing together of 4 quite separate things. Yeah, I guess it stands as a unique structure in My Second Lyfe.


Hucka D.:

So you’re wondering how the superstructures kind of were taken apart and turned into the basis for virtual towns like Pietmond, like Collagesity.


Suppose so. In a way.

Hucka D.:

The first primitive superstructure was found in Rubi. It is a mashing of the Edwardston Station Gallery and the Temple of TILE. Your 2008 Rubi story is that story, in essence. The [true] superstructures are not that different — the ESG-Temple of TILE mashing remains at their core, removing all the veneer.


Well, that’s not really true of the Blue Feather Gallery of Noru, Hucka D. That was an exhibit exterior to my own work, an attempt to create or reveal an artistic statement of a whole, virtual continent (“Jeogeot Through Art and Word”). And then accompanying it in that superstructure was the Baker Bloch in England exhibit and then the works within the Big E itself, a kind of museum in itself I suppose. Then there was the Wall of Ass. at the top.

Hucka D.:

*That’s* what you need. Another Wall of Ass.


Perhaps. I’m happy with the core galleries of Collagesity. The Red Umbrella’s Embarras series may or may not be finished, but I have space to hold it if not.

Hucka D.:

Do you want[ to create] another superstructure, then?


Nah, there’s no room. And there’s no need to.

Hucka D.:

There’s always room. There’s always a need. You need to keep expanding somehow and in some way. What about the [Rubi Woods], then?


Hucka D.:

It’s not enough just to have galleries, personal and general. You have to have the Temple as well. It was in Pietmond, and the center of it all — the bottom of the sinkhole. Sunklands became a kind of super religion, with connected sinkholes, including Big Sink, the master of them all. And it still is[ in hypertime]. I told you you would never leave Sunklands. And you haven’t. It is your ultimate goal[ still].


Interesting. But that’s in the future.

Hucka D.:

In non- hypertime, yes.


Meaning actual time.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Look at the Temple. Give Carrcassonnee back her eye. She’s asking for the female eye of tennis great Renee Richards, turned into Richard Richards. This selling is a scam — make sure she knows this. There’s no need for the townspeople to vote on this. Perch will yield his eye again now that the vote is settled. Carrcassonnee rules. She has to have that Eye to do so. She must become the Real McCoy.


Thank you.


Closing in…


Meanwhile the Town Diner is being remodeled as the Rubi Museum, or a substitute thereof. Food and drink will still be served, most likely. Perch had to be moved from same because his spot there is being taken by one of the historic photos. He’s so close now in the Temple. Just a few feet down and done.

Collagesity: Weekend Projects

This weekend I worked on what could be considered the bookend galleries of Collagesity in the Rubi Museum (now merged with the Town Diner) on its southern boundary and the so-called “World of Collages” on the northern edge. I’ve basically completed all I can with both now.

World of Collages is a project that will always have a working end as you move upwards through the building. This particular gallery will feature guest collage artists whose work I respect and also display well, within the limitations of Second Life texture uploads. Right now we have a selection from “regulars” Kollage Kid and Kenneth Rougeau, but I’m on a search for more. And just to note here, the collage efforts of Julie Sadler are also in the village, housed in the Norum Gallery on its west side. I haven’t made a decision whether just to move her work into the World of Collages gallery or just leave it separate — or display it in both venues.


I haven’t mentioned this yet, but lately I’ve begun to create cutouts myself besides just buying freebies from the SL Marketplace. Exciting! Here we have Mossman and his cousin Boss Moss, plus Lisa Simpson. More on the way!


Then we come to the Rubi Museum inside the Town Diner. Now while you grab a quick bite to eat and drink when visiting Collagesity you also have something to stare at. Each prim supports two textures displayed as an animation, similar to what I did with the larger Noru Museum this past summer in that version of Collagesity. I’m quite pleased with the results. I’ve decided to focus exclusively on my VWX Town in Rubi from this past winter in the exhibit, instead of ranging out in an attempt to encompass all my stops in the Rubi area down through the years now. This tightening allowed me to fit the storyline into the Town Diner, and not have to use a separate, larger building like was the case in Noru.


On a break I also had time to take a quick trip to Heterocera’s west coast using one of the marvelous Yava Script pods.


What next?

Hucka D.:

Someone has been to Collagesity recently. Shadow Man[ or Woman]. Baker Bloch saw its shadow from his new digs in the Norum Gallery. Mossman and his cousin Boss Moss cowered in the underground while he entered the [Red Umbrella’s] basement. Turns out Shadow was only looking for his own cousin: Perch. “Have you seen him?” Shadow queried the two moss beings. They understandably fled down the passage into the basement of the Fal Mouth Moon, but contact has been made, baker b. If we do not wed Head of Perch with Carrcassonnee soon enough then Shadow will steal the show. Your job is to figure out what he or she is and came from, and how to stop. Can you do this for me?


Sure, Hucka D. Do you want me to start tonight?

Hucka D.:

Tomorrow is fine. But make it early.

What next? 02


Collagesity isn’t perfect, but it’s as perfect right now as I want to make it, perhaps. Next would be storytelling, usually, but a shift back into collage making might be a path instead. This weekend I may have a chance to return to Mythopolis for more picture taking. March on Sunday! My traditional spring hiking season is coming up. Daylight savings time begins the week after that. It’s a good time of the year, if only I can get past this perhaps one last really cold week here in Blue Mountain. Can I learn to love Blue Mtn. again and its hiking seasons?

I’ve advertised Collagesity on one popular SL art group and already received some encouragement. Am attempting to branch out in RL and contact other collagists and study their works. I hope to have an influence myself but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. As I was writing in an email today, maybe my unique perspective is on the heavy analysis side. I treat collages like dreams to be interpreted, or, more exactly, collage *series*, because they don’t exist in isolation any more for me. They almost always come in series of 10 at the least, like the latest Embarras series (10 and *maybe* counting… maybe).

I’d love also to go back to Middletown soon, and I’m sure that will happen. I feel like an art event at Dead Center Hill could come about in March. But I must think mostly of Blue Mtn. in March-May. Will Whitehead Crossing in Frank Park act as the focus this go around? Sharieland over in Herman Park? So many options still. One place I definitely want to go back and take pictures of is TILE Creek below Drink Lake dam., which I explored about a week and a 1/2 ago some.

It’s relieving to think that I probably won’t be giving up my Second Life land anytime soon to focus on the outdoors. I can have both (!). I still have over 260 prims to play around with in Minoa at last count. I still have wriggle room for experimenting.

Drink Lake, Herman Park (the “I”)

Below its dam: a place in the rhododendron (Ditchlandia?).



“Yes I would like to talk about the creatures that stalk the land below the dam. You have a ditch running across the whole place…”


… pictured above.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Suppose. Can’t see.


It is here you’ll… sorry… you go…

Hucka D.:

It is here *you’ll* make a camp. Perhaps not this spring but later. It’s perfect. The lake is alive.


Herman Park makes a comeback.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause)


What of the mystery hole?

Hucka D.:

Aliens made it. To get you interested in their lake and their park again. Your attention was floundering. That was their exact words.


Can my Second Life property at the Rubi Woods co-exist with my renewed interest in Herman Park, if that comes about?

Hucka D.:

It will come about. And, yes, to the question. Both can exist together, even feed off each other. Have you created an Mmmmmm in Second Life yet?


Not quite yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Hucka D.:

Make it early if so.


So we have the Mmmmmm’s crashing into their First Tree in the First Goodmobile, then establishing themselves and their civilization first around this tree, then spreading out across all of Great Meadow and even Good Meadow to the west, at least the red version of these toy avatars — around Baffle Bush and Big Log and Second Tree. Then King Bill establishes his small kingdom even further north west, on the edge of Good Meadow.

Hucka D.:

Good Meadow became Great Meadow at that point. Or visa versa.


And he[ King Bill] had his martin bug keeping him company.

Hucka D.:

The bug beats the bird[ after all].


He was *orange*, this King Bill. He was sought after for intense wisdom. The other Mmmmmm’s were green and red mainly.

Hucka D.:

Mainly. (pause)


But then they eventually migrated, gradually, into Hermania and the rhododenron.

Hucka D.:

A great magnet that was indeed. Great Magnet. That’s their phrase for it.


Because it had so many entertainment and cultural possibilities. And I suppose the council at Meeting Rock took place around this time — in the transition between meadow dwelling and rhododendron dwelling…

Hucka D.:

There had to be a council because there were so many diverse cultures in the area. The Mmmmmm’s, the Mossmen, the Marbles. The big 3 M’s. Then the sentient beavers and their swearing ways. But others you haven’t studied yet. The ones that worship the ditch, and the hole. The lake is alive. Drink Lake.


The Mmmmmm’s wanted to stay in the meadow so they would be seen by rescue planes. But part of them split and wished to live in the rhododendron… safer. A small city (Hermania) was established around TILE Falls and Tip Drip. TILE and Tyle became confused. Meeting Rock was activated. 4n1 or Foreign One or 4orrin1. Hole Tree resonated with the hole at the other end of Drink Lake, Hucka D. Hucka?

the I and the y




Then he said that she was a wind, a strong terrible wind, coming out of the darkness of a stormy sea and that he was a boat left on the shore of the sea by a fisherman.

Drink too

Shake talks Jesus

I’m not saying that happened, but, lo, I’m not saying it didn’t happen. But it probably happened.


And we’ve all been here. Confusing 1 Christmas song with another, like poor Meatwad.

It’s Master Shake that steals the show in this classic 2009 Christmas album from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force troupe, but I also share this particular track because it is an example of an interesting, humorous mash-up, like Jamie Farr might have enjoyed at one time before his descent into sheer cliff madness.

Another silly magazine cover.


More Collagesity silliness (enlarge for silliness):


Just then, an unexpected head angles into Collagesity from the southwest asking after another specific and somewhat similar looking head. I suspect: cousins.


Meet Shadow?



What happens in Dallas…


It wasn’t as much a shotgun wedding as a bazooka one. The instant the magic words were said and the 2 souls became one, body and head together, they set about with their increased powers to dispel the ultra-violent, pincushion head of a cousin from the village for good. Nick of time.

Some concerned town citizens, more cousins, just before the resolving, quickie wedding (they’d seen enough already)…


Rubi Woods

Searcher (planting ghost lights?).


Rubi Heartbird


Rubi turtle (Norubi?).



Aforementioned ghost lights. Baker’s seen them once before. Mysterious!


Heartbaby. Ready for launch!


Launched. Triple number setting sitting setting.


125 Tree. Arm dangling out.


Another tree on The Diagonal, a brown cypress this time.


Baker spots one of those floating, or, in this case, almost floating eucalyptus.



“I think…

… I kind of know who you are now, Carrcassonnee.”



Call me Big Carr. Not Little Carr. That’s my Spider (!)


When I first talked to you in Collagesity, in Noru, you told me not to fly up your bottom.


He he.


You are a glop being.


Yes. Alien.


You were specifically suppose to be born on this day, in this sim. Astrology. Hints all day — yet I could not see them.


You must work on memory. I can help. The Woods can help.

[10 minute pause to feed Spider his din din]


Now, where were we?


Um, I can’t remember (!)



[1 hour later]


So that’s how you found Spider. But how did Redd Foxx know…

Carr. (interrupting):

I have a bad habit of interrupting.


He wanted to be remembered.




This is how he could do it. He made an agreement…


With The Father. Not God The Father. Just The Father. The Father admired Redd. Place that in The Woods as well. Redd Foxx.

[20 minutes later]


The Star is bright. The Woods is shining. The. Each day it will get a bit stronger. Crosses the continent. And more. Shine a light all the way to the coast to the other coast. Space Ghost Coast to Coast.


It’s just Temple now. No choice.


Choice is over. Locked in.

Baker finds a scrap on the floor to feed Spider.


Checked out Medici University last night through Baker Bloch. A bedazzled Baker rests at a coffee house. Here’s the official website. Exciting possibilities!

More on the encompassing Linden Endowment for the Arts here:

Another Tile Temple in the background?

The next morning, I log Baker Bloch in again and, through his eyes, *immediately* see those ghost lights in the southeast part of the woods.


But it turns out to be a tank this time, appearing to come from a sim called Nibiru, very similar to the collaged word Norubi, then (Noru + Rubi: see here for first use). Just replace the “i” with an “o” and you have a 1:1 anagram; must be related. But Baker Bloch cannot find a sim called Nibiru on the world grid. Hmmm…

But why would a Nibiru originating warrior want to invade Collagesity? Are they related somehow to Perch’s cousin “Shadow” who just came for not one but several intense visits? A very good possibility, perhaps even a probability.

I’m confident that Carrcassonnee, now wedded with Head of Perch, has enough magic power to deflect any such attack, just like she dispatched Perch’s cousin a couple of days back. And Collagesity is sort of naturally fortified from invasion, with its narrow entrances at each pathway in. Never considered that before.


Hmmm again…


Astronomer Mike Brown notes that if this object’s orbit were as described, it would only have lasted in the Solar System for a million years or so before Jupiter expelled it, and that there is no way another object’s magnetic field could have such an effect on Earth.[33] Lieder’s assertions that the approach of Nibiru would cause the Earth’s rotation to stop or its axis to shift violate the laws of physics.

I just inserted a visitor counter script into the globe of the *Earth* at Town Hall. Collagesity (centered by this hall) = Earth/Earth’s Solar System?


Mention of [Lieder]hosen also found on the same table. Purposely misspelled?


Carrcassonnee consults with ambassadors from Pluto + Moon (jointly: Charon or Sharon, Moon of Pluto), about the visitor from Nibiru. Carr. correctly postulates that these 2 beings — one olive colored and jagged edged and the other red-violet and square-ish — are a similar two-in-one partnership like her and Head of Perch. She didn’t ask if they were likewise married to each other legally.


Carr.’s conclusions for now: Yes, Collagesity stands for Earth and its Solar System, and the Nibiru fellow an outsider looking in, a potential invader or dissenter at least. The latter is the specific word Dr. Hi (olive being) used to describe the interloper. Carr. realizes she is the manifestation of all unseen from Earth, beginning at Uranus (remembering the “up my bottom” joke from previous posts) and extending to at least Pluto. Uranus-Neptune-Pluto, then. So after thinking about it a bit more, Carr. realizes that the 2 visitors are merely manifestations of Perch and herself once more, split off for additional knowledge. So of course they’re married in that sense!

“Um, we, er, protect from the outside? *snort*”


My most popular blog post from the past week:

Nibiru Norubi agents checking up?

Another odd thing that happen today is when I was flying around the Rubi Forest through Baker Bloch about half of it disappeared, and the half next to Collagesity. A reboot solved the problem. Half Rubi and half No Rubi. In this manner, the tank and its driver appeared in the *Norubi* side of the sim.



The guys from Pluto/Moon also suggested Carrcassonnee insert a fake giant robot (animated) into the heart of Collagesity, figuring the appearance of an already invaded town might deter any actual invasion by Norubians. “Wouldn’t hurt”, they jointly added.





Their inspiration:


“Quick chat tonight, Hucka D. I’ve been involved a lot of the day [on Facebook] with talk and visions about audiovisual synching. Now in this blog I often call the products of such *carrcasses*, obviously related to the name Carrcassonne. Big Carr. has assumed the mantle of town deity, and united with head husband Perch and also dispelled at least one attack on the village from the outside, maybe 2. Carrcassonnee took over rulership of the carrcasses — they started to be called that when she came into power — about 2008 I guess. I just watched what could be considered the first carrcass, or the last non-carrcass in one. It’s a 2-n-1, again. It’s complicated.”

Hucka D.:

I’ll help. You are talking about the base carrcass, or Carrcass+0 and Carrcass-0 together. This is both carrcass and non-carrcass, just like zero is both a number and not a number. It is a base. Within you have many of the characters that now also appear in Collagesity, including Master Shake, including the Plutonian and Moonite, including the giant robotic town smasher suggested as an invasion deterrent by the Plutonian and Moonite jointly. This is the Insanoflex gone totally wrong and wonky. The missing piece shaped like an “M” was inserted to start this whole mess. It stands for “Men”… “Man”. These are also the Ancients described very early in your blog-creating, the Baker Blinker Blog to be specific, the original blog… the original baker b. blog.


Yeah. We have Oglethorpe at or near the beginning, controlling Baker Bloch in some kind of ill defined master-servant relationship. That’s the second Plutonian of Aqua Teen. And then the 2nd and last Moonite also appears early. And Master Shake of course. These Ancients controlled the early section of the blogs because Carrcass -0/+0 had just been created, and represented the last and latest audiovisual synch, Hucka D. These kind of synchs control the text of the blog in an undercurrent fashion. So when the first true carrcass came along, Carrcass-1 as I called and numbered it, then *that* became the default control[ of the blog]. There’s something a bit different about Carrcass-1.

Hucka D.:

And even Boxy Brown was in Carrcass-0, to go back to that one. You have to talk to Carrcassonnee about the carrcasses. Isn’t that obvious?


Suppose so.

Hucka D.:

She’ll make it more interesting to both you and others. That’s a function of the town as well. Collagesity. The hidden power and control.



Let me give another quick example, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Of course. But then: sleep.


In Noru this past August, Carrcassonnee became very large just before Carrcass-11 formed, and afterwards became small or more normal sized again. She described it as being hungry and then being satisfied: the hunger caused her to be large.

Hucka D.:

She was pushing you toward the synchronicity. She knew it was coming up. *You* knew it was coming up. It was like a car full of people pulling up for a party.




Not to worry you or nothing, but I am becoming hungry again. Just slightly but it’s growing.


Okay. Thanks for letting me know, Carrcassonnee.


You’re welcome. We have another visitor.

Message to Facebook

Weather making me cranky. Spending the weekend in Second Life where there is none. Will not have access to Facebook at the cabin I’m staying. “See” some of you next week. Happy snowboarding!


That’s my new cabin I set up about 250 meters from Town Hall. You can see part of Collagesity in the background. But, no, I probably won’t be spending all my time there this weekend. I’m going to try to be away from Facebook all the same.


I obviously hadn’t logged in Baker Blinker since the summer days of Collagesity, Noru. She appeared near the hollowed out spot that use to contain the pond of Drunk Man’s Ridge. Sad to see it go, but not too much so. She didn’t linger long…


… because it was off to the new Collagesity next to the Rubi Forest. Exciting! Entering at Town Hall she more or less directly heads over to the Temple (of what, now?) to take a gander at Carrcassonnee, recently united with Head of Perch. But upon entering she understandably felt anxious about the nearby presence of Master Shake. Carrcassonnee kindly and gently told her to come back a little later and they would speak further. “I’ve got to do something with Shake and Boxy Brown”, Carr. then thought. “But what? And what of the name of the temple now?” Carr. had much work to do in the coming days and months.


Baker Blinker explores more of the town. “This is not a really pleasant sight,” she determines. “Hope it doesn’t stay around long.” Perhaps she was also repelled because it had the same basic colors as the dreaded Master Shake. But her attached curse is over, correct?


She goes into the diner and stares at her pictures. At that time, in VWX Town, Rubi, she agreed that she should remain in the background and Baker Bloch keep control of the Baker Family. She has no reason to change her mind now. But through most of 2008 it was different. *She* was the head.


After re-examining her inventory and finding nothing of extreme importance for the family, she logs out and lets Hucka Doobie have a go at Collagesity, Minoa. To be honest, I forget the place he manifested at, which I assume would be the last spot he was logged in as well, just like Baker Blinker. But he, too, soon made his way to Minoa and Town Hall.

Startlingly, he allowed me to change his appearance. Does he want to be inworld more now? We’ll see!