Collagesity 2014-2015 Rubi 05 (Apr, May)

Zebra 01

Hucka D.:

Another concept you wanted to *broach* today was the idea of Zebra Station. It was real (!). At the mouth of Concreek as you’ve guessed. Based upon Head Trip. Black and white[ like a Zebra]. It was a computer, like [the Pope Project]. Pretty Bunnies was about the computer as well. Good work!


Thanks, Hucka D. But the clues were there in the landscape. Korean Channel… Porkchop Rock. Silverberg.

Hucka D. (repeating):

Head Trip is a computer. Study Concreek, then. The Past.


Boxy Brown’s chosen backdrop!


And he’s just a head ta boot.


“Head Trip” goes beyond “Billfork”. The Korean Channel and its Whitehead X-ing, etc., goes beyond TILE Creek and Billfork and such. This is where it all went down[ in the past/present/future]. What time are it?”




“Drink Lake is where it all happened. That’s the true Head Trip baker b. Drink is a computer. Real. Really real. Jennifer. Smoke that in your pipe and stuff it.”


And then this would be Drink, Boxy Brown’s opposite I’m assuming.


Like Newton and Jasper. He ho.

Hucka D. (interrupting the flow):

We can’t talk much about this tonight.


I can’t take the focus off Drink Lake and put it squarely on Whitehead Crossing and the Korean Channel.

Hucka D.:

That’s about it (!). And: your choice. No real harm done either way. Black and white[ once more].



Blue Duck, er, Drake

General idea: Blue Drake formed or energized or crystallized in 1978, same year as the release of both Duck Stab/Buster and Glen by The Residents and also Strange Days by Story Room. 2 fer 1.


All important Rubisea separated dark (Lycanthrope sim) from light (Blue Drake sim).

At the same time, baker b.’s CHRO system was seeded and started to expand *on a diagonal*. Later it was found both Strange Days and DSBG were built upon a Diagonal (starting at Six Feet Under + Constantinople), as recently explained to Chuck at his namesake loop in Frank Park. This is also where baker b. and Chuck separate as composers. What is the relationship of Chuck and Artie J. Spongeberg and baker b. now? They still seem blended.

Yes, it probably isn’t coincidence that Rubi has its own well documented Diagonal (now stretching across an entire virtual continent!).

Gene Fade’s Mtn. certainly seems to have a lot to do with music these days.

Maebaleia background story from the Baker Blinker Blog:



“Carrcassonnee is not going to return to groundside Collagesity. She’s made up her mind. She will remain in the skybox until the day Collagesity is no more. You might as well build the temple around her in disguise.”


Hmmm. The Skies. Like Herman’s mansion?


Hucka D.:

You might as well give[ Collagesity] up. It can return later. The focus should be on OUT THERE. While you still have it.


I could rent a 4096 later… for experiments. I have Crow the Keyboard, the new baby of the house. I need to work on protecting the carrcasses more, obviously.

Hucka D.:

What’s to think about?


But this *would be it*[ for Collagesity].

Hucka D.:



Let me think about it. I suppose I could talk to Carrcassonnee still.

Hucka D.:

She’s upset with you.


Ah, I don’t blame her.

Hucka D.:

Will take a bit of time to get over.


Hucka D. had to fly away to take care of some pleasure in Frogtown, US of A, as he put it. I suspect Jennifer may be involved once more. Must, then, think of the possibilities for Collagesity. In the virtual world I am essentially alone. Also, my facebook connections are weakened. There is no support group, really, for audiovisual synchronicity any more, unlike the olden golden days. I have not had any real collagist/artistic friends in a while. My work co-workers are either transferring or distancing themselves from me, it seems. I have to think alone these days — it is best perhaps. What do *I* want?

Well, I want to stay in the house we have for the period we remain in Blue Mountain. Edna and I talked about that yesterday, among other things. We had a bit of a fight in Abington, very similar to the one we had almost exactly a year ago in the same town and under the same circumstances. Queer. I expressed my recent disappointment in Charleston[ SC] somewhere along the way. I don’t like the coffee as much, I don’t like the food as much, and I don’t like the beer as much. But we can work around this. We have Folly Beach now: more of a focus with its healthier seafood critters and seaside beer of 2 types that I still certainly enjoy and are worth the prices. Folly is still a good place. Part of it is people — a big part. People don’t eat as healthy as they use to, and food is increasingly fried and not boiled. Same thing for the baked and stuffed potatoes we once enjoyed in Blue Mountain. Salad bars have been kind of ruined by dessert bars — more unhealthiness.

I need a break from eating out. I have a sound condition. I don’t really like most craft beers. Middletown is a center of craft beers, but I will most likely not be playing a significant role in the revolution. I need to cut back on drinking a bit.

We have a triangle of influences, a secondary color triad. Like in The Who song, the new boss has become the same as the old boss. Movement away. I thought about this triangle while sitting on Grey Seal a couple of years back. It hasn’t really changed all that much.


I had a dream of a giant snake, once more. All it wanted to do is to live. We could not allow that. It was *crafty*. Last night I dreamed of alligators coming to get me on a sandy isle. Some snakes there too.

The work pressures of last year have lessened but the energy has transmuted. Things are changing; things are moving apart now. Spread out. I wonder if Carrcassonnee considers herself the Real McCoy still. But that must be the direction I am moving to now. A new center. We’ll see.

Spongeberg Revisit

He stares up into the tower of the Falmouth Gallery. He’s reached the top. Nowhere to go but down.


A couple of the Whitehead Crossing related collages weren’t fully rezzing in for him, including this one featuring Orange Hill. Orange Hill, by the way, is disintegrating. This is the cliff that a version of the Falmouth Gallery itself is perched upon in a First Life-Second Life blend.


Spongeberg makes a mental note to study up on The Contraption pictured here, perhaps based on Wheeler-Wilson principles. As he recalled, fellow variant Roger Pine Ridge also had an interest in the paradoxical object. Is it really somewhere in Kansas/Lion’s Roar?


“This collage answers a lot,” he thinks again. The history of The Crossing.


Another one not fully rezzed: Edward’s Stone. The Contraption again as well. 2 Beemen. Perpetual Tile “Fall”. Hmm.


Spongeberg finds that whenever he lands in a new sim, the ground around him emits black smoke. Nice!


Shallowater, just like in Red Head’s Grand Pool. This pool in the Rydal Cave must be related (!). Planets again as well. The Captain and Maria as Sun and Moon. Children = the planets.


Spongeberg will come back to these Yale collages as well. He’s not done with Collagesity.



Heading down to Mythopolis for at least a couple of days, perhaps through Sun. Mon? Tue? Have a choice whether to keep the Rubi property into May now or sell the land. I have no real attraction now to any other location in Second Life besides this spot — around the Rubi Forest. This is it for Second Life, unless I just start renting in basically random places. I haven’t worked on Collagesity town in a while. I was thinking of just destroying the town except for the Falmouth and Red Umbrella galleries. But I can’t quite make myself do it yet. Well… anyway I don’t think the decision will be made until I get back, which might be May 3 at the earliest.


Hucka D.:

I have no thoughts on this. Thank you.


I am up in the sky, in the air. Release me. From pain.


Not in this.


Looks like it’s up to me to get rid of Collagesity. Sounds like Carrcassonnee would like to be released from the burden. I might need it, however.

Spongeberg in Whitehead X-ing

(start interpretation of Stonethrow Collage Series here…)

This is apparently a rough draft for the 1st collage of a new series that will probably be exhibited on the top floor of Collagesity’s Red Umbrella gallery. Coolie!


(continued in)

Collage 02/03 tests

Amazingly quick diptych! Rough draft still, however…


Added, balancing Superman (extreme left):


Inverting the colours of this balancing Superman appears to turn him into Aquaman.



Megan Shirley Fairuza Dorothy doesn’t know *what* to think of all this.





… w/ trident…


Collage 02/03 tests (con.)




Collagesity Update

(continued from)

Baker enjoys the view at Lake Hans Loso on the Jeogeot continent. A small town has sprung up along its southern shores, which includes a couple of art galleries. Will Baker become a new resident?


But he still has Minoa’s Collagesity, neglected for a number of weeks now.


There’s life again in the town’s growing edge gallery: Red Umbrella. A new collage series is taking root. Will the pieces within number 10 again, like with the last 2 such series?


“Hucka D., if you’re ready I think we should talk about collage 02/03 already, just to get a bearing on what’s to come. So Hucka D. (pause) Hucka?”

Hucka D.:



Collage 04 Test

(continued from)






(continued from)



Beware (The) Heelers


“Beware The Heelers”

“Beware Heelers”

Collage 07 (!)

4 part animation.





Collage 08

This one’s called “Animation Station”. Here are the 2 parts. It’s the first part of a tetraptych. See above posts for more!



You can open each part of the animation in a separate window and then toggle back and forth to see the effect. In Second Life, the animation is built into the prim. Chalk up an advantage for SL displays.

This is the base for the second part of the diptych (tetraptych?):


I forgot to add that we’re back in Stonethwaite in the Lake District for this one. It’s a center, and has been featured in numerous collages before, including another tetraptych — non-animated in that earlier case, however. I plan to study up more on what went on before there. I’ll get back to ya’ll soon.

Collage 09

The finished, second part of the tetraptych, which I’ve named “Darth Redder”. Originally a 4 part animation, as of 5/26/15 it’s down to 2 parts now, on *par*, ahem, with the 3 other collages of the overall work.



Spread’n Out

I’ve moved around some of my art to new locations in Second Life. Here they are. First up is a small gallery in the Mysten sim exhibiting my newest set of collages. I call it simply The Red Umbrella, borrowing the name and logo from the larger gallery of that name in Collagesity, Minoa.



Then I’ve set up a mirror gallery for the Art 10×10 collages in a location I won’t specify, but is close to the Kerchal Forest.


Am I preparing for the end of my existence in Minoa? Could be.


May have already finished Collage 09 — uncertain. This would be part 2 of a projected tetraptych involving a Stonethwaite panorama photograph found on Wikimedia Commons. Will parts 3 and 4 be created this coming week? And is this the basic end of the new series if so — not even extending into June? I have a feeling this may be a 20 parter instead, like the old Oblong series. Or the Greenup series that started it all over 10 years ago.

Virtually speaking I’m still in Minoa’s Collagesity but thinking about giving it all up next month. At the least I’m thinking about demolishing the Toxic Art and Power Tower containing my older digital efforts now. Can’t say I’m ready to give up the Falmouth Gallery just yet. I have a small side gallery established in a Mysten rental now… fairly interesting location. An Art 10×10 mirror site is located in another spot on the Sansara continent.

Mainland is extremely depopulated now in comparison to 2008, when I first signed on. Can it continue on like this for years to come? I’m uncertain. Yet I still find an attraction to mainland living, it seems.

I’m attempting to decide if all the collages in the Red Umbrella, created in the last year, are part of one series or remain separate from each other. The newest one still doesn’t even have a name. It contains references to other collages in the building, however. The end of the massive Falmouth collection is only a little past a year ago. I seem to remain in its shadow.

I am trying to balance pure collage creation with interpretations of same. For the new series I’ve decided to create an interpretation as I create the collages one by one. This is in contrast to the Sam Parr series also in the same building, where I basically waited until the end to create an overall interpretation. For the Embarras series that lies on the floor below the current one, I only did a full interpretation of the *last* collage. Should I even go back and create an overall interpretation of that one? I’m not sure.

While I was inside the Falmouth collage generating process, I believe I still possessed the illusion that we could stay in Blue Mountain in our retirement years. I don’t harbor this any longer. Middletown will most likely be our main retirement base instead. Correspondingly, the middle series of the Red Umbrella Gallery — the series before the current one — is all about Middletown and the attempt to escape the psychic gravity of Blue Mountain. The current series represents a compromise. Yes, we will have to stay in Blue Mountain for a number of years still, perhaps even up to 8, 9, 10. Yes, it is still a beautiful place where we live. I believe the discovery of Whitehead Crossing’s Red Head location this spring opened up a new door of appreciation. I must take all that I can from Blue Mountain before a physical departure.

Collage 11

I skipped Collage 10 for now and moved on to part 4 of 4 of the overall tetraptych. This collage is once again a 2 part animation, and I call it “Rainbow Men”. All grafted images originally lay solely on the right side of picture. But that changed with the addition of the rainbow m&m’s. Written interpretations soon…



Top Floor, Red Umbrella, Minoa

Animated tetraptych coming along(!).



Collage 10 (to finish!)

This is part 3 of 4 of the newest Stonethwaite tetraptych (yes, there are 2 of ’em now). I call this section of the overall work “Holey”, another 2 part animation like all the rest:



Daybreak at Collagesity


I had a visitor this morning. Gave me a bit of a fright at first!


Turned out it was just a big pussycat. Aww.


I rezzed a big comfy cat basket on the bottom floor of the diner for it and then took my leave. I wonder if I’ll see the fella again?

Collage 12: “Triumph of the Toys”

Part 1:


Part 2:


I think this might be finished.

Red Umbrella

I believe the new collage series may be basically finished with the creation of “Triumph of the Toys”, a simpler composition. I’ll continue to interpret the tetraptych that came before this tomorrow. And I have a name for the series: Stones Throw. This comes from what appears to be the only legitimate golf course in Jasper County, about 4 miles west of the county seat of Newton. The appellation is in line with the naming of the other 2 series within the Red Umbrella, which also involve locations near this town (Sam Parr (State Park) and Embarras (River)). And what I really like about the name is its similarity to Stonethwaite, a UK location which dominates the Stones Throw series toward the end (tetraptych and then “Triumph of the Toys”). I might even call it Stonethrow to make the association more obvious, this word beginning with the same 7 letters as Stonethwaite.

Anyway, it’s all bleed’n coming together. The Red Umbrella Gallery is also essentially finished. Will I stay next to the Rubi Forest now all that’s over? The development of Collagesity has gone hand in hand with the evolution of this gallery and its 3 series. At the beginning of June, the virtual village will be one year old, although its existence spans two different locations (Noru and then Minoa/Rubi). I still have a considerable number of prims to play around with on the property. Is there more town myth making in the near future?

The other option I have is to disband the town and take the completed Red Umbrella to a new location, perhaps renting a smaller piece of property at least for a while to save money. But, if so, I’d like to take the larger Falmouth Gallery with me as well at the very least. And I would miss all the rest of Collagesity for sure. But is the potential downsizing worth saving, say, 30 dollars a month? I can see going both ways. Typical. 🙂

At any rate, I believe I’ll get rid of the abridged version of the Red Umbrella in Mysten within the week. I can’t rezz a gallery kiosk there.

front entrance, The Red Umbrella gallery (rain)

back entrance (fog)

Stone’s Throw Golf Course near Newton, Sam Parr (State Park) & Embarras (River)

Red Door Church





Ray Davies Visits Collagesity!