Collagesity 2014 Noru 00 (June/ Prelude)

New Land

I’m back in Noru after a several year lapse of ownership there. This time I bought a long 7680 square meter strip of land at the very top of the sim from my former neighbor Olando7 Decosta, who has or at least had strong Chilbo connections.* He was my neighbor during my first stay in Noru. At the time I owned a 5120 parcel immediately south of the present land. And then afterwards, for several years on, I rented or owned a number of other Noru parcels. Immediately after purchasing the present land, I added a 512 parcel to it that was for sale in the west central part of Noru. So my total holdings in the sim amount to 8192, and I’m entitled to lump in another 512 (total: 8704) from somewhere without upping my tier.

It seemed fate to purchase the larger of the 2 properties, since at the time it was the cheapest mainland parcel over 4096 square meters for sale in all of Second Life. Had to get it, you see, since I was already primed for a buy somewhere. Then also last night I began working on the landscaping. My thoughts are to position the Fal Mouth Moon Gallery at the west end of the long parcel, balanced by the Home o’ Fibs at the very east end. In-between would be a lengthy corridor of pure nature, basically, add in some border structures.

East end: Home o’ Fibs.

West end: Fal Mouth Moon.


*Olando7’s Chilbo Connectivism Course:

Olando7’s user’s blog:

Noru Developments 01

Baker sits on the upper porch of the Home o’ Fibs. Hoped he enjoyed the view…


… because several hours later the house was gone, replaced by the Power Tower Gowlery on the far east side of my new Noru land. The place has transformed into Collagesity, highlighted by four of my galleries: Gallery Jack (2006-2009 collages), SoSo (2007 collages), Power Tower (2013 collages), and Fal Mouth Moon (2014 collages; most recent).


Power Tower Gowlery towering over Gallery Jack looking east from the central Hole in the Wall Bar.

Looking from the north.


Still have over half my allotted prims free for skybox developments, or a bit under a 1000. Groundside, Collagesity seems basically finished already, except for some interior decorating of the smaller buildings. Is this an actual town like Rubi’s VWX Town? Not really. It’s a totally personal sphere — all my art — and there’s little to connect it to other people’s art. I simply do not have the room this time, and my collages are more numerous than ever before thanks to huge steps forward in 2013 (Gilatona-Lis series) and 2014 (Falmouth series). About 100 collages produced just in the last year and a half (!).

Also on the property are the old VWX Town City Hall, an A-frame house, and the Hole in the Wall bar, which lies at the west end of Drunk Man’s Ridge.


The only pool of water on the property has been created at its east end, containing 3 schools of yellow fish. Not much else in the way of internal topographic features. Trees are mostly found proximate to parcel boundaries.

It’s really a beautiful place, and seems quite large despite being less than 1/2 the area of Rubi’s VWX Town, my last larger parcel. More magic of Noru, I suppose. I’ve owned or rented in this sim quite a number of times now, starting in 2009. A review is in order — perhaps a building devoted to my history with Noru, like I did with Rubi before.


3:42am update:

Gallery Jack has been replaced by the Toxic Art Gallery to save ground space. This also eliminates the need for the SoSo Gallery, since the Oblong series is included in the TAG. Great! Now SoSo might become the Noru History Center. 1011 prims remaining on the property.


Noru Developments 02

An 8092 parcel available in Horisme *right next* to the Rubi Forest. You bet I would jump all over this deal if I hadn’t already bought in Noru. Am I tempted to switch? Sure I am! But strangely I really like the Noru parcel — it seems to have unique qualities. So although I could switch I’m thinking I won’t now. I’ve rocked the Rubi experience last winter. If a deal comes around again it comes around again. But it looks like I’m passing on this option. Hmm.


New waterfall in front of the Toxic Art Gallery.

Noru native Karoz will soon be out and about again, I’m thinking.

Noru Progress 01

Norris Gallery/Temple now set up directly beside the Toxic Waste Gallery.


Natural fit, but I had to trim the west side of Norris for everything to work.


Then I started a new version of the — what did I call it? — TILE Tower I suppose, the much longer of the 2 I had set up in Rubi’s VWX Town. I can set this up again because of the extreme length of my parcel. Funtastic, as I like to say sometimes. Let’s add an “(!)”.


Noru/Rubi (Again!)


Well, the price kept dropping and dropping on the Hector sim property next to the Rubi Forest, almost hourly it seemed, and finally about 1 o’clock yesterday I called the wife and ask her if I could splurge again on Second Lyfe this month. She okayed the idea if she could herself purchase some extra jewelry supplies, and I promptly bought my 2nd 8192 parcel and fairly quickly set up what is basically a duplicate structure situation as in Noru. That is, the same buildings now exist in Hector as in Noru, including the 3 major collage galleries of mine (Toxic Art, Power Tower, and Fal Mouth Moon). Differences: I was able to include the Temple of TILE in Hector, across from the Norris Gallery/Temple there. What am I going to do with all this land and all the duplication? Well, the plan is to choose one or the other properties by the first of next month, when my tier payment comes around again. I can’t afford another month of this type of tier, that is. But I simply had to buy in both Noru and Rubi for June. And it’s not the first time this has happened, quite amazingly: check here. That’s a post from 4 years ago, and also from the first part of June. What goes around comes around, and this goes triply for Second Lyfe.

I haven’t talked to Hucka D. much recently. Let’s see if he’s around.

Hucka D.:

Noru… Norum. Dig deeply. Dig into the past of Rubi as well. Whitehead Crossing; isn’t it good.


Hector property from overhead.


The Crystal Field is at the top — that’s certainly unique to Hector. And there’s an extra bit of stream between the Toxic Art Gallery toxic falls and Tired Falls in comparison to Noru. Hector seems to have a stronger central axis in this way. The collage galleries are bunched together and more easily toured as a whole — another advantage. What are the continuing advantages to Noru? It’s mostly surrounded by abandoned Linden land so I can play with vegetation on the borders more, like inserting a giant 50 meter maple on the south side. I can re-create the VWX Tower, and am doing so and will probably continue with that today as well as Friday and this weekend. Norum mythology may be stronger than Rubi’s overall (?) I can pull Karox out of mothballs and let him explore around again. But I think, at the bottom, this is about RL Whitehead Crossing; a substitute for the basic inability to explore that land further in summer months.

Some of the crystals in Chrystal Field are green, just like the Toxic Waste Falls. Carrcassonne sits outside the Temple of TILE instead of on the top floor within.


Why? Is she waiting for someone to come by on the road? She is out and exposed to the (virtual) world.

Rubi vs. Noru.

Meeting of 3 streams.


Green on green.


Carrcassonnee spies.

Noru burrows tick deep for Power Tower

Power of Purple, perhaps.


Noru strikes first, Hucka.

Hucka D.:

The battle is on. For *you.*


Well, I think it’s about decided that the Hector property bordering the Rubi Forest will win out long term over the Noru property. I have a sign for what appears to be a traditional and perhaps ancient entrance to the place (Collagesity)…


This main thoroughfare, starting at the northern edge of the parcel, runs deep to the south, somewhat narrowing in the process and kind of petering out toward the end of the Norris Building.


Baker Bloch sits in his House Orange, seeming to examine one of the newly inserted Celtic Rocks of Collagesity. There are 7 total of these stones, and perhaps Collagesity was once known as 7 Stones itself because of this. Were there more at one time? Have any been removed?


Same rock, looking toward the Toxic Art Gallery.


5 of the 7 stones line up with each other along what is mostly an open, lateral passage. They are also basically equidistant with one another. The remaining 2 stones, both of which are pictured in the photos above this, line up with the 4th of these 5 stones counting east to west. I’ll make an associated map asap.


Rubi’s VWX Town’s multi-eye sculpture has also been revived in Collagesity. The central art kiosk of the village appears on a northern wall of the Toxic Art Gallery beside it. Central location; at the crossroads of its two main passages.


Easternmost stone of the 5 that line up with each other, also doubling as a type of cornerstone for what might become the Village Hall. Nice.


The Power Tower Gowlery has now made a successful transition from Noru to Hector. Hector’s Collagesity is in place, with still deepening mythology. What is the relationship of Collagesity with Rubi’s nearby VWX Town on the south side of the same forest? How about the short lived version of VWX Town on the *northern* side of the forest from last summer, across Robin Lane? Now I’m on the west side. I wonder if Hucka D. wishes to talk today?

Hucka D.:

7 Stones is an original name. You must coordinate between the villages surrounding the forest, which is actually[ a remnant of] the Sylver Forest. Always keep that in the back of your heart head.


Who made or inserted those stones, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:



Sylver Forest giants.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Yes.


There was…

Hucka D.:

There was a hole between Rubi and Noru. You’ve encountered this before.


Further thoughts:

The new village is not a town per se, and also not VWX Town. It is a village called a “sity”, however, but an unincorporated village, we’ll say, unlike, especially, Rubi’s larger VWX Town. But all of the structures of Collagesity were also in VWX Town — except the Fal Mouth Moon was not filled with the Falmouth collage series like it is now. That’s obviously the main difference. Even the crystals appeared first in Rubi’s VWX Town. Now I must develop the Norris Building. Is it a gallery or a temple or neither or both? What is the historic significance of Baker Bloch’s House Orange — an original cottage of the village?

So let’s say the Fal Mouth Moon, the Power Tower Gowlery, and even the Toxic Art Gallery are the newer structures, and House Orange is older. Also the stream it sits beside is old — an original property spring. Was Toxic Falls added later? (probably). It could be that the rock beside House Orange and also leaning over this stream is the original property rock. Maybe the 5 stones were added later, and then a 7th beside the Norris Building to complete.

The very thick part of the woods along the whole southern boundary of the property also inspires historic thinking. Was the whole Rubi Forest once so thickly treed? Collagesity trees represent a small extension of the Rubi Forest into the ancient Sylver Forest. I didn’t really have this in Rubi’s VWX Town for some reason. Keep in mind that the property below mine was bought just beforehand, and the thick vegetation of the southern part was created to separate our two living spaces.

Collagesity’s thickly treed southern boundary (left), anchored by 3 large brown cypresses. We also see here the 6 green cypresses of the Rubi Forest’s “House Formation” (center) and also the Bull’s Head’s 7 (smaller) brown cypresses (right).

Rubi’s Tower of TILE: still there!


Hucka D. is now indicating, I believe, that the 7 stones came first and there were more lined across the ancient Sylver Forest.


Noru Strikes Back

Temple of TILE added to Noru property, inspired by insertion of same in Hector. Seems to fit here as well. Noru begins its staggering comeback!


Then this happened: shifting of waterfall already present on the property from in front of the Toxic Art Gallery several 10’s of meters to the west. Again the inspiration comes from recent developments in Hector — I simply copied the 2 stream affair I had set up there and inserted it between the Power Tower Gowlery and Toxic Art Gallery. Perfect fit, it seems.


The Toxic Art “spill” or “falls” now lies directly over top of where the two stream flows meet, and not at their beginning as it is in Hector. This creates a powerful 3-in-1 center for the system.

And as you can see, House Orange has also made a transition into Noru from Hector, and again lies just at the top of the falls. Again, seems to be a perfect fit between the falls and the Power Tower; very snug. This is Baker Bloch’s new home, I feel.



Carrcassonne partially hides behind trees at the base of the falls.


The whole shebang. 6 or 7 Celtic rocks would also soon make a shift from Hector to Noru. More soon!


In Hector…

… I’ve inserted the Rubi Museum (originally found in Rubi’s VWX Town) on the northeast corner of the property, fitted snugly against the Power Tower. It is a fairly interesting composite building, a mashup of 2 Moard Ling structures.


But most of the big changes have come in Noru lately.

Structure promptly inserted in Noru as well, complete with waterfalls this time.



… 512 purchased in Noru for a total now of 8704 square meters there, which maxes out my current tier. Noru is ahead of Rubi and by a considerable margin! Will Rubi somehow make a comeback? 3 weeks before an ultimate decision. And probably, for practicality’s sake (since I want to sell the land of the losing parcel), about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

Kidd Tower in the background was promptly rezzed on the new parcel. Coolie.

I’m still not sure…

Rubi’s admittedly still in the mix. How can I give up land next to the forest that I so wanted to live near again?


Hucka D.:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? List them out.


Hi Hucka D.! Well, Rubi’s obviously the land next to the Rubi Forest. Big plus for it. Noru has land bordering abandoned land where I can play around with the neighboring properties more. The Noru stream seems prettier, and there’s a better fit for House Orange beside it compared to Rubi. I’ve really developed (on the other hand) the Rubi/Heterocera mythology in the last year and a half. I’ve left alone Jeogeot, Noru and Sunklands. I [virtually] left New Pietmond in Dec. 2012 or Jan. 2013 and came to Sikkima, a sink hole close to Rubi and probably within the bounds of the ancient Sylver Forest, Hucka. I haven’t been in Noru since summer 2011, and then only briefly. Noru peaked summer 2010 for certain. Chilbo energy has greatly receded in the meantime. I was playing off that town’s energy in creating the Norum mythology. Especially concerning the Norum Forest and the Blue Feather Gallery within. I probably can’t return to Sunklands — way too de-energized there. Noru/Norum is de-energized but Chilbo is still around. I could delve more into its history. The Norum cup may not be dry.

Hucka D.:

Well there you go. Stay in Noru. It’s not that huge of a deal either way. What about the buildings? The same structures basically lie on both properties. You’ve created duplicates.


Temple of TILE is in Hector. Norum Museum is instead being set up in its place in Noru. That’s a major difference so far. I couldn’t fit all the Noru related pictures in the old museum with the waterfalls.

Hucka D.:

Would you miss the Temple if you gave it up?



Hucka D.:

So a plus for Hector. Talk to me about the Noru waterfall.



It’s pretty. Prettier than Hector’s version. Better view. Better placement of House Orange beside it[ as already stated].


The waterfall’s top represents a place that is more of a logical combination of the 3 water flows. (pause) The floating rock is unique to Noru — that’s right above the conjunction we speak of.

Hucka D.:



That in turn is directly west of the rock in front of the Toxic Art Gallery. And it is as if the toxic spill from the gallery lands in one rock and comes out the other. Teleportation maybe; vortex.


5 of the celtic rocks line up in Hector, 4 in Noru. Then the floating rock starts another line of 3 rocks in a different direction — northeast. This is similar to Hector again, with 3 rocks lining up apart from the 5. The central rock of each set of 3 is most associated with the water flow.

Hucka D.:

Don’t you think those rocks represent portals? Like the Spoon Fork Portals?


Might be.

Hucka D.:

[This] is the 4th portal. Smallest. Least powerful overall. Framing it are 2 and 1 Portals. Then the portal or rock in front of the Toxic Art Gallery, which accepts the toxic waste and then spits it out through the neighboring rock, is the primary portal for the Mossmen. The way they reached Whitehead Crossing through the Korean Channel.

Hector and Noru Developments (The Battle Continues!)

Another labyrinth, without the accompanying Temple of TILE this time, now exists directly behind Noru’s Toxic Art Gallery, mainly on the new 512 I bought several days back.


Nice fit — space sheltered by several different species of pine trees to the west.



Meanwhile in Hector we have the insertion of a copy of the still evolving Noru Gallery Building, with the primary one on my Noru property, logically enough. I’ll provide a tour soon. But does it really fit in Rubi as well??


Mysterious appearance of a pool inside the Rubi Forest that was gone by this morning when I rechecked.


So at latest count, Noru (Blue) still has the upper hand over Hector/Rubi (Red). Oh, I suppose I forgot to mention I’ve put up the Hector land for sale: 63 dollars. Any takers?

Red vs. Blue. Solution to Virtual Pollution?


Labyrinth walking impressions.

Avatar has walked the newly installed labyrinth in Blue Noru, a retaliation for Red Hector’s original insertion. Blue’s is out in the open, which it considers an improvement. I agree. Red’s is in a temple situation. But let’s not delve too deep into Red vs Blue, however fascinating that is in a very transitory way.

Avatar walks counterclockwise to begin around the blue edges – edge. Avatar must walk one complete cycle before entering the labyrinth proper. The outer blue, although partially covered with virtual green grass, is a part but also not a part. One has a choice only to walk this blue circumference. You must walk at least once, perhaps starting at the entrance but certainly circling back to it. Then when you enter, this circumference becomes part of the labyrinth, not before. You have a choice to make here. You enter the labyrinth and the outer becomes the 8. Before it is, let’s say, the “(8)”, not fully manifested. And you have a choice when you circle all the way through the spinning labyrinth back to this entrance whether to begin the cycle again or exit, and to make the (8) an 8 once again. When you are “in” the labyrinth you are part of something else. Detached from this virtual world, detached from the real world. Mobius strip.

When I (Avatar) walked the whole thing tonight, I realized there is a part of you that is perpetually trapped in the labyrinth, looping again and again ad infinitum. The you that chooses to end the experience must detached from the you that walks it again. And perhaps again and again. Perhaps forever. You could teleport in from elsewhere and see this trapped variant from beyond the circle, theoretically.

The labyrinth pattern with this entrance and exit becomes 8-5-6-7-4-1-2-3-(0)-3-2-1-4-7-6-5-(8). (8) can become 8 again to repeat. I’m confused about the 0 at the White center, where one must pause before reversing back out. When walking before I always stopped here. Tonight, inspired by Blue, I did the complete loop to return to true beginning/end. So I suppose there are 2 nodal choices, one at the 8 point and one at the 0 point.

Why is the Blue (Big B) virtual setting the same color as the labyrinth’s blue (small b) circumference. Just chance?

The virtually outdoor labyrinth and its use of a single prim may be Noru’s trump card, a win over Rubi/Hector. Unless Rubi/Hector reacts by trumping back (which it probably will). Yin yang.

ā€” with April May Flowers.


I asked R. Pine Ridge to walk the labyrinth as well through my Avatar and he came away with the impression of something coded both front to back and back to front simultaneously. Like life itself. We start at birth and work forward but also at death to play backwards. Interesting.

Playing to Strengths

Deleted the Temple of TILE and then the Toxic Art Gallery from Hector. Remaining labyrinth on bottom floor of temple didn’t seem to fit landscape, so I deleted it as well. Strengths of Hector remain the rock alignments (13 now) and proximity to the unique Rubi Forest. These are more emphasized now. And I have over 1000 prims to play around with… what to do with *those*? Seems a complex skybox project is in order — *if* I choose this property over Noru.



Tire also deleted from Tired Falls.


Playing to Strengths 02

Top row of Celtic stones in Hector are highlighted in the below photo. There’s actually a 5th one hidden in the corner of the old City Hall building to the top right, a cornerstone in effect. This Top or First Row does not run exactly east to west, like the Bottom Row we’ll get to in a second. Instead the angle is about maybe 7 degrees off from straight east-west, tilted to the northeast (direction of the hidden Cornerstone).


Bottom Row. Logically, perhaps, there should be another stone in the very *southwest* corner of the property to counterbalance the Cornerstone. However, the property does not have a true sw corner, this being instead boxed off and included as Linden property along the road to the west: a “Lost Notch.” So the Bottom Row only contains 4 stones while the Top has 5.


Now we come to the first of 3 diagonals of Hector stones. Since there is no sw stone, as stated, then the first true diagonal runs not ne to sw but instead nne to ssw. I should also introduce here the Center Stone of the alignments, which always comes into play during the various diagonals and also the central column. The NNE-SSW Diagonal contains 4 stones. All Diagonals should logically contain 5 stones — one from the top row, one from the bottom, the Center Stone, and then the 2 stones between the Center Stone and the top and bottom stones. Here the rock between the Center Stone and Top Stone is missing — a gap, necessitated by the once presence of the Toxic Art Gallery in this space, deleted just today. It may return soon, especially if I decide to keep the Hector lot.


The Central (n-s) Column, containing 5 stones just like the Top Row. This row and column could also be construed as making up a central “T” of rocks on the property.


The NNW-SSE Diagonal, like the NNE-SSW Diagonal just discussed, contains 4 rocks instead of 5, with a gap this time coming between the Central Rock and the Bottom Rock. Again the gap is filled by a structure, in this case the Noru Museum building just rezzed on the property yesterday, I believe. However, it was also the spot of the Norris Building before that.


The last diagonal, running nw to se, contains 3 stones, or the 2 stones lying to the ne and sw, aligned with the Center Stone.


I wonder if the rock that should have been placed in the Lost Notch represents also the eventual loss of the Hector Property, as I choose Noru over proximity to the Rubi Forest? Can I truly give up Hector? Not super super important in the long run which one I choose, but…

Hector stones in 5×5 grid: 14 stones.

Hector stones if grid complete: 21 stones.

Comparison of full grid with actual stones: 14/21. 1/3rd of original stones are missing?

Perhaps another way to look at it: the 7 missing Hector stones were given to *Noru* (!).


If so, there’s still a Lost Stone.

Pretty sure I’m going to keep Noru…

… but still not 100 percent certain about this. Hucka D.? You around?

Hucka D.:

Okay, list the advantages/disadvantages out again. And leave an option to get rid of *both*. And also to keep both, actually.


I think the latter is right out, Hucka. I have to start focusing on a new carrcass.

Hucka D.:

Then the next to last option comes into play.


Where I get rid of both. Well, I don’t think so. I think it’s one or the other still.

Hucka D.:

Parktown still has some energy left. That’s a Noru plus. Chilbo is still around… another Noru plus. You could explore the Korean Channel again. Noru seems more connected to Whitehead Crossing. Noru-Norum-Norumbega. Rubi has the forest. But you can explore the forest without the property. Rubi property is *more valuable*. Sell it


Advantages to Rubi?

Hucka D.:

You say them.


Proximity of the Fal Mouth Moon gallery to Power Tower Gowlery and perhaps Toxic Art Gallery. I can’t do this in Noru. Also the whole area below these 2 main galleries has essentially become a park, controlled by a very interesting rock alignment considerably more complex than found in Noru. The 2 are tied, even — Noru’s 7 rocks comes from those removed of the 21 originally in Hector, according to mythology. I could move the Noru Museum to Rubi. The labyrinth would surely fit in somewhere.

Hucka D.:

Try it.



That’s where it will have to be, Hucka D. I’m not sure it’s as good a fit as in Noru.

Hucka D.:

Sure it is.


I *might* be staying in Hector/Rubi now.

Things seem to be swinging in the opposite direction now. Noru Museum, when completed, will be capstone of my experience in that sim. Parktown and Chilbo are still around, but reduced. Nothing left in Noru, essentially, except for what I’m building. No chance to expand beyond what I have, really, because of mandatory and necessary tier cost cap. Can’t expand to 1/4th sim any longer except for a month or 2 at most. Actually, no need to now. VWX Town, Rubi was a peak in that respect. And VHX City in Heterocera is still a viable force, unlike Chilbo, really (or Parktown). Now must study the *history* of Jeogeot. Nothing in Noru — but the Rubi Forest is still in Rubi and directly next to my Hector lot. Might even put up my Noru parcel for sale tonight or in the next couple of days. Take Hector/Rubi off the market.

Future site of Last Stone Bar?

Biking past the Rubi Forest on the way to Collagesity.

Visiting a friend’s mandala creation in Burning Life. Check her blog out.

Top Row, probably the original row of stones in Hector.

Hidden amongst the trees now: Noru Museum — in *Hector*.

The always beautiful yet terminally short lived Home o’ Fibs.

The Waterfall House has returned — still the Rubi Museum?

Corner Stone.

Hector/Rubi now.

Apparently I have chosen: I’m going to keep the 8192 parcel in Hector, next to the beautiful and unique Rubi Woods. Turns out this was a last, nostalgic visit to Noru at least. Prime time Jeogeot will now become more the stuff of legends, to be analyzed in years to come. It is directly attached to Whitehead Crossing. There’s still some energy in Rubi thanks to the woods. And Heterocera’s VHC Town is a more important urban center now than Parktown and Chilbo put together probably. And it’s on The Diagonal that also crosses Rubi and its forest. Setting up some kind of Sylver Forest Council is next, most likely. This could be my last SL home.

The movement away from Jeogeot starting in Dec. 2012 likely cannot be reversed. I chose Heterocera at the time (Sikkima). I’ve been chosing Heterocera for almost the year and a half since. I’m following in line.

The Hector parcel is not VWX Town reincarnated. I must study individual buildings. I believe another version of the TILE Temple might be next, at least originating as a skybox creation.

Let land do the choosing.

Last night and esp. this morning have been re-thinking my choice of Hector/Rubi over Noru. So as a solution for now I’ve set *both* parcels of land for sale at the asking price I deem acceptable for giving up; their worth to me in a way. I would be happy staying in Noru. I might be a little happier in Hector but not enough to sacrifice the additional money I’ll probably be making on a land sale there. Noru Museum is, after all, about *Noru*, even if the elements that made that sim so special in 2009-2011 are basically no longer present. Depends on how much past can shape the present and future. The focus on either property that I decide to keep (or the *sellability* decides now) will be a skybox, after all — ground structures basically complete. All essentially same ground structures on both parcels, the 4 most important ones being:

Fal Mouth Moon gallery
Power Tower Gowlery
Toxic Art Gallery
Noru Museum

“Tell me…

… the significance of the White Tower, Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Color tower in Rubi. White in Noru. You will lose this tower if you sell or abandon Noru? The White Tower, yes, has a history.


Can you talk about it?

Hucka D.:

The White Tower…


… is a copy of VWX’s VWX Tower, a paler version. Noru imported it. (pause)


I think you want to say Noru wished to establish its own identity from Rubi, but at the same time borrowing or importing its energy, as you said.

Hucka D.:

There are probability forks. You choose Noru. You choose Rubi. Not a huge deal in the future but one or the other paths will be selected, and all the probabilities that shoot off from that main probability.


Like tree branches. I can select one tree or another. Or one trunk or another of the same tree.

Hucka D.:

Let’s make it the same tree. My Second Lyfe.


The only…

Hucka D.:

The only way Rubi and Noru can survive is together.


And another option would be to cut down the tree. My Second Lyfe.

Hucka D.:

Or keep the whole tree and follow *both* trunks. But you can’t do that. You have to choose.


(checking forecast) Looks like it’s going to rain a considerable amount this weekend.

Hucka D.:

Yup. Choose.


Drunk Man’s Ridge. No real topographic feature in Hector to match this.

But Hector is just across part of the forest from Tower of TILE. I can *play around* with the surrounding property again if I choose this direction.

What say you Furry Carl?

No Noru (?)

Almost not a question now.

Home (?)

Hector revisions


What turned out to be some last shots of my Hector property. Noru has been chosen as of day before yesterday. I think I made the right choice. But look… so beautiful in Hector next to those woods (sigh).



Noru Museum straight ahead. Always a kind of awkward fit in Hector. I see that plainly now; couldn’t when I created these pics.




Backdoor. Will miss that nifty collection of interestingly aligned Celtic stones as well.





And all of a sudden…

… it might be Noru that I’m keeping. Revisions also made there today, and also an offer on the Hector land.

Newest developments in Noru, thus:

Kidd Tower positioned beside Tired Falls.

Waterfall building beside Power Tower Gowlery, soon to be moved and recombined with the then current Noru Museum into a new, larger structure. Nifty.

More Noru developments.

Hector property should be sold by tomorrow.

Here’s a composite building I created this weekend, made up of not 2 but 3 Moard Ling structures. It will be the remodeled home of the Noru Museum as I see it currently.

Same structure looking from the back side.

New entrance sign to *Noru’s* Collagesity, taken directly from Hector and planted here. Yes, I’ve chosen Noru… if the Hector sale goes through as planned today. If not, then I might have to reconsider.

And the labyrinth now exists in the basement of the moved Fal Mouth Moon gallery. I decided to move the latter next to the Power Tower Gowlery, shifting it from the extreme east side of the Noru property. That way, all the recent collages can be easily accessible to visitors — again, this is similar to the setup in Hector. Another Noru weakness or drawback resolved. šŸ™‚