Collagesity 2014 Noru 02 (July 02 of 02)

Olive>New Post


“Did you know, baker b., that Olive was (Egg)born(sville) in Korea and that’s her Homeland? She invented the game of Scrabble. More than that, though…”


She *is* Korea.

Hucka D.:

*That’s* the meaning of her newly placed Olive head in the diner, her (Olive?) Branch oracle center as I think you wanted to put it.


It’s an egg (!)

Hucka D.:

Ask Carrcassonnee. No use beating about a bush.


Are you at my diner?


*Your* diner. But: yes.



Then we can speak. We are speaking. You know that I am Korea. I invented Scrabble. I was Eggborn in this Homeland.


I think you are Hucka D.


No. We differ. On certain points.


I like the curtain. Contrast of red-violet and your yellow-green, olive shaped head.


That is my head. That is my eye. Captain.


It seems to neutralize the head or ground it. Then I guess the curtain will be moved during Oracle Time.


In this position at the Falls, a power place, I have additional thoughts and knowledge.



Korea and Jeogeot:

Parktown right next to Hanjaland, just like in (virtual) reality.

The Olive (Olive Falls?).

This has to do with Meddletown Middletown.

Removed from The Island.

Olive>New Post 02



Grays – Battle – Browns
Olive Branch
(Fred -) Ethel



The Island
Stevens County (WA)

(Gray(s) between White and Black)

Cline’s Island:

The Island (Concreek) is a place of alien contact.



Edwards County (IL)
Grayville – Browns
Bone Gap
Golden Gate



Edwards Branch
The Island
Gore Mountain
Stephens County (TX)

Roaming 01

This night Baker Bloch decides to roam the neighborhood instead of working on Collagesity.

Baker heads south through the western part of Noru from his town. As he passes into the Mujigae sim, he turns and shoots this picture of a sign at the sim crossing. It was a familiar one, since he use to own a bunch of Noru land directly behind it in 2010: the now legendary (to him) Norum Woods, with the Blue Feather Gallery intially featured as a skybox from April to July of that year before moving groundside in August. And even though he abandoned the land in September, I believe, the forest remained for a number of months to come. You can visit Collagesity’s Noru Museum for more pictures of the forest and attached Blue Feather Gallery (and more!).


Baker actually also owned this land in Mujigae south of the sign pictured both above and below. The hollowed out place he looks toward is where a smaller version of the Blue Feather Gallery was positioned in spring 2011. Yes, Baker’s been involved with the Noru area for quite some time now.


Interesting statue just across the mahogany colored Chilbo sidewalk from where the largest version of my Blue Feather Gallery was once position. Hard to take a picture of it as a whole, though.




Story here:


This is an essential duplicate of Tired Falls in Collagesity, sans tire. In fact, I believe the property’s owner, Oddprofessor Snoodle, yet another local with Chilbo attachments, might have copied this from my old neighborhood holdings originally, along with some of my other copyable objects at the time. I have bunches of ’em! I’ll have to provide a tour of Oddprofessor’s very interesting, physics oriented science museum in Mujagae sometime now I’m back in the hood. And, as I’m rechecking just now, O. Snoodle also owns the Sentinel sculpture pictured above.


The fringes of Chilbo proper come into view.

The colonnade fronted building to the right in the below photo turned out to be an art museum…


… featuring the works of Javier Mariano Sanchez…


…and avatar Edgar Artaud.


Ah… found the identity of Edgar’s user…

And there’s a, um, connection with Connectivism, which is an Olando7 focus as well. They must know each other virtually through Chilbo.

Roaming 02

There’s a frosted doughnut hanging in the sky just outside Edgar’s gallery, on land owned by Grid Explorers.


Very cool: on this parcel I also found a garden hose created by my old SL friend Cocoanut Koala, who I knew from both early Azure Island days and then from mainland experiences in Rubi a bit as well. She created, or perhaps still creates, very beautifully detailed work. She had a whole virtual village in Rosieri caddycorner to Rubi during my stay in the latter, filled to the brim with her artistry. I own several pieces by her, including a Ravenwood Cottage and a small shed.


A considerable amount of Cocoa’s stuff was found on this small Grid Explorer parcel, centered around a garden shed.


Another, nearby non-Cocoa shed, surrounded by natural beauty. That’s a rooster silhouetted against the sky beside it. As I wrote “rooster” there, it crowed at Edwardston Resident in another window (!).




Baker Bloch sees the sun about to set and decides to sprint back home to Collagesity toward the north. There more adventures await him this night.


Collagesity’s Toxic Art Gallery comes into view. You can see the tree-ferns of Hanja to Baker’s right.


Roaming 03 (Back Home)

A most logical place to put a certain protesting gnome in Collageisty: underneath the BOB gallery sign. Get it? Of course you do. But I actually didn’t really plan the conjunction — once more. I believe there’s a strong possibility that the gnome’s name is Bob as well, or at least that’s what he will claim. But please don’t call him Bob Resident or you’ll probably get whacked on the shin by his sign.


Rodin’s The Thinker, also a new town, um (whispers), “resident”, perhaps ponders the meaning of a blue bike in both Collagesity *and* collaged Stonethwaite in the Fal Mouth Moon gallery. Food for thought fer sure.


Baker Bloch outfitted a single room apartment in the back of BOB so that Edwardston Resident could live in Collagesity as well. But he likes it so much he’s thinking of staying there himself instead. Then where will *Edwardston* stay? Will he be blocked from coming back because of this? Is it fair to Edwardston? But, after all, Baker Bloch is Lord Town Mayor. For now (more on that soon).


Certainly an interesting view through that semi-transparent wall up to Drunk Man’s Ridge from the room. And I think that’s what Baker likes most about it, along with the increased privacy in comparison to House Orange. I’m not totally certain, but I have this feeling that Head of Perch may pay a visit to this room soon. Baker, are you *sure* you want to be the one in it at the time?


Oh, I forgot to mention that Baker has found Carrcassonnee’s dog Spider (!) Unfortunately, Carrcassonnee has now disappeared in turn. Baker is asking townspeople for help in taking care of the canine until Big C’s return. Or maybe he can just turn over this particular chore to Edwardston (?).


Spider’s Big Adventure

“Oh no, Spider got loose!” Baker Bloch forgot to make the wall non-phantom upon his return from a drinking binge on Drunk Man’s Ridge.


“Bad Wolf? Bad dog!” he slurs upon attempting to retrieve the mutt.


“Come back here you troumblemayor!” Troublemaker he meant here. A meaningful Freudian slip…


… because Lord Vice Mayor Starbuccaneer Resident happened to be walking past the front of Stairs Gallery at the time, on her way to see friends Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Hippo, and recently resurrected Ellie the Elephant at the Confluence Place. When she was directly beneath Spider perched on the BOB balcony, the dog jumped onto her head, knocking her over.


“I’ve killed her”, the small dog thought. But, no, Starbuccaneer Resident would live to tell of the day when she decided to challenge Baker Bloch for the title of Lord *Mayor* of Collagesity. And all because of this *vice*, as she liked to put it, always laughing during the moment. Because, you see, she was soon to be “Vice” herself no more.




“Maybe this Chilbo related painting will keep Head of Perch away,” the perpetually beer guzzling Baker Bloch thinks hopefully. Little does he know the wheels already set in motion this day.




Baker finds 2130.

Starbucanneer Barista and he agree to enter together.


Then forget afterwards if needed.


It could be needed.


Meanwhile Carrcassonnee appears to be even more absent as the town diner’s Head of Perch acquires 2 eyes again. The lasting influence of the former seems to be her protective and shielding olive encasement, which townspeople simply call The Olive or, more recently, just “Olive”. “Yes, that’s the head of Carrcassonnee still there,” they also state if asked. Most of them have visited the large green being for oracle-type advise. Most have learned their past roles — nay, past *lives* in Tired Falls, and about the mass acre. “There was a battle between the Grays and the Browns,” says newer town resident Furry Karl, who visited Carrcassonnee on his birthday via a gift certificate purchased by his Uncle Bob. “A slaughter occurred, yes. I was there.” Ranger Johns is even more forthcoming. “They stabbed me with a giant fork. You’ve seen the spoon down at the diner, right? Well, it was like that.” I asked him if he was dreaming at the time. “I wish!” came the response. Dona and twin spirit Flower were likewise frank. “Perch had his bowling alley, and they just came from the North and started eating people right and left, just scooping them up like they were food for thought or discussion instead of food period.” Rodin’s 2 dimensional Thinker was also present. “I was just sitting there minding my own business when one of them came up and ask me the time of day. I thought about it some and he just whacked me over the head with a bowling pin. Then, well, then he ate part of my head. I didn’t think as well afterward.” I asked Rodin’s 2 dimensional Thinker if they ate and killed everyone in town. “No just 3. There were only 18 of us.” He didn’t seem to want to speak about it further. Ranger Johns said he saw it all from Drunk Man’s Ridge, where he was hiding out under a rock as a child. Biker Jones said he was vacationing in Italy at the time, and missed the whole thing. “I came back and basically nothing was left except the falls and Perch’s store and the bowling alley and the Kidd Tower. Oh, and Orange Home… that’s where your father lived, Baker Bloch. Sorry about your father.” Later I learned that the buildings he listed as being saved were, if fact, the only ones ever in the village anyway, and that no structures were harmed… only people… avatars. Most also remember when Perch first came riding into town on his dog Spider. A few said that’s nonsense and that he was riding his horse. A horse named Spider. One even remembers the story as Perch riding a giant spider named Horse, or Horsie to be more precise. While I was talking to the village people I also snuck in a few remarks about the upcoming mayoral election. “Who you gonna vote for?” Most didn’t like me combining politics and tragedy. Lesson learned. My head still hurts from one of the bowling pins.


Baker Bloch expands his apartment…

He just wanted a place to sleep away from work. Hucka Doobie’s his new landlord, but Hucka’s set him up pretty good now (!)


Meanwhile Spider has been “penned in” on the top level of the Confluence Place just next door. Baker Bloch is devising a ramp system so that the mutt can move freely between the apartment penthouse and the Confluence Place. Later this same ramp system would be used for something else. Something else entirely.


Baker Bloch’s rounded up some friends to keep Spider company…


… and renamed the top floor in the process: Dogpatch. But not Dogpatch, USA. That’s different.


“It wasn’t just a dream!”


Another impossible link that happened. Now Spider is able to freely move between Dogpatch (aka Top o’ Confluence) and Baker Bloch’s attic space in Gallery BOB. All he has to do is master the intricacies of the hidden doggie door.



Baker’s bed space had to shrink considerably for it all to fit. “I suppose the mutt might still be worth it,” I found him muttering upon waking up with BMB (Bad Morning Back).


Is this part of my blog in Baker Bloch’s bookcase??



There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m keeping the Noru property and Collagesity through at least August, what with all the excitement happening there in the past weeks. It would take a considerable amount of time and effort to set up something equivalent in a new spot. Have I *finally* settled down in My Second Lyfe? I’m not committing to that thought yet, what with my past record.

Fall hiking seasons is not that close but still not that far away, starting around the middle of September usually. My back remains “wonky”, however. I don’t think there’s anything bad wrong with it, at least according to what the physical therapist tells me. It just that my hips now have very annoying habit of getting out of line, and straining it during physical exertion, *especially * when I’m walking up and down steeper grades apparently. Now I live in the higher mountains, and there’s a lot of hills around here of course. Compounding this is my natural desire, nay need, to go off the trails — that’s really what this blog was suppose to be about: my adventures in the parts of the woods that no one gets to or even knows about currently. Then form stories about these places. Whitehead Crossing is a forefront example. I’ve had to deal with this physical problem almost a year now, however, and it solidly curtailed my spring hiking season. But toward the end of that “season” in May, despite being pretty careful, I must have got my hips out of alignment again as I walked hillier spots upon gaining confidence that I was healing up. So I’m kind of riding a seesaw in that respect. I get better, gain more confidence in my ability to walk up and down more significant slopes, only to slip back into a former state. I *believe* I’m getting better overall but it’s still hard to see progress. What I might just have to do is to go through the hiking season, be careful but also be aware that, despite my best efforts, my hips are probably going to get a little out of line still, and just visit the therapist afterwards to get realigned. This could be the cycle I’m in, because I’m *not*, repeat *not* giving up off trail hiking. Look through the posts of this blog. I’ve chosen the place I live mainly because of this option. It’s a unique spot in America — no other place really like it. But at 55, I probably just have to realize that I need to slow down a bit, be a little more careful. 55 is not 25.

I believe that’s one reason I’ve been so involved in Second Life lately — an escape from my problems. I’ve had significant mental stress at work lately as well, and I know that hasn’t helped the back situation. 6 1/2 years until retirement in all likelihood; will I make it? The finish line is within distant sight but with much more work still to be done. The physical type of work I do also tends to strain my back, especially if I’m out of alignment. But at the same time this “lifting” keeps me more fit. Oh well, everyone has challenges, and mine are certainly minor compared to some.

But what a fun time I’m having in Second Life lately (!) That’s been a bright spot for sure.

a single tear

good spot to cry

The election frenzy has begun!






Even mainstays Ranger Johns and Biker Jones are picking up on the excitement.


Star backers are found at every altitude.


A strangely quiet couple pose next to the orange door of Baker Bloch’s home… is it still his home now he has the apt. in Gallery BOB?


The Edwardston Building has become Starbuccaneer’s election hq.


Plenty of star power in reserve within!


“Jesus, those guys have got to go!”

dog drop

We almost lost Poochie the golden retriever puppy the night of the 21st. The roof saved her!


And who got the blame? You can guess.


… sleeping with the enemy I’ve heard.”


Hold on Hucka D.



Not feeling top notch tonight.

Hucka D.:

Oh you’re okay.


I’m amazed that you actually own a significant chunk of Collagesity, Hucka.

Hucka D.:

Yes (!) I own Gallery BOB, the Stairs Gallery, and the Edwardston Building. I use to own the Bodega Supermarket but I sold it to the guitar picker.


Joe. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Hucka D.:

Working on a Starbuccaneer campaign song I’ve heard. Something based on “Wish Upon a Star”.


Yeah, I just wish he wouldn’t sketch it out in the middle of town. Let’s save the public display for the final version!

Hucka D. (agreeing):

I think he’s tried every key so far. Sometimes he shifts keys 3 or 4 times in the same verse, if you can call them verses yet.


So he bought your store.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Has a wad of cash from some classic album he released back in the 70s. Maybe you’ve heard of it. “Tragic Hip Realignment”.

bb (thinking):

No, I don’t think so, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Wait that wasn’t it. “North South East West” by The Cardinal Directions, later shortened to just The Cardinals.


Interesting[ concept]. Let’s leave it at that.

Hucka D.:

Okay. Rent’s due by the 1st of each month promptly. Or you’re out (smiles).


You mean Baker Bloch’s out.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Sooo… when’s the election?


When do you you want it?

Hucka D.:



How about the 1st. That way I can use the date to help me remember to pay Baker’s rent.

Hucka D.:

I predict a landslide. But do you want to know the real future?


What’s that?

Hucka D.:

Baker Bloch will come back into power. Starbuccaneer Barista has been lying about her prim count. She’s not a miraculous 1 prim but 5. Townspeople will find out soon enough, and she’ll be out on her ear. Baker back. Right now they think she can be ubiquitous and take care of everything because of it. They’ll check the town prim count soon enough. Do you want to know another secret?



Hucka D.:

Baker Bloch’s in love with her.


Doubtful. That’s the sleeping with the enemy part, I suppose.

Hucka D.:

Right. It was Room 2130. Or Corridor 2130 I guess, in this case.


Like Room 237 of The Shining movie. But they didn’t sleep together.

Hucka D.:

*She* wanted to. She wanted to be his Nordic goddess. From The North.


Another invader[ of sorts]. She has brown hair, Hucka.

Hucka D.:

She can dye it.


Baker Bloch doesn’t seem to be interested in women… or men. Except for Baker Blinker. But that’s just him again. They’re two parts of one thing.

Hucka D.:

Starbuccaneer Barista wishes to be Baker Blinker.


Again: interesting. Can she?

Hucka D.:

Probably not. But I can’t rule it out entirely. She wants to be Queen. When she’s deposed she’ll make the move. She wishes Queendom. Tell Baker Bloch to watch out.


Maybe you should tell him.

Hucka D.:

I’m not inworld much. Oh, Edwardston’s back. He’s a… well, you’ll see soon enough.


“Star’s a nobody. You’ll see.”

“Shut up. Shut up!”

“Out of my way love birds. Daddy’s home.”

“Ah, the old Orange Country. Before the Great Crush, darnit.”

“Baker Boy’s gotta get less prying neighbors!”

“I remember I use to sit about right in this spot and watch the tires roll down the stream for entertainment. [That’s about] all we had in those days. I’m tired.”

Collagesity & Stonethwaite: Sister Sities

Stonethwaite’s “Stonethwaite End and Restaurant” from the “Falmouth 26” collage and Collagesity’s Town Diner probably make the most direct link between the sister towns. Falls are associated with each. Dorothy’s fall appears to be the same or very closely related to Diner Falls dropping past Head of Perch/The Olive. The falls on the distant hill (Estatoah Falls, Georgia) in the related collage could also compare to Collagesity’s Tired Falls…



… as could this cascade from “Falmouth 27”, the next in the 61 work Falmouth collage series from earlier this year and the second to depict a Stonethwaite setting. The falls of the collage are culled from Greenup Gill just up the valley from the Lake District village.



The interior of the “Stonewaite End and Restaurant” appears to also mirror that of the Collagesity Diner. This connection will act as a type of direct portal between the two later on, or what I call a “looking glass” situation.



There’s a “two-dimensional” blue bike in both Falmouth’s Stonethwaite — near the center of town, and also Collagesity — next to the diner. The blue member of the rock band Story Room appears before the former; there’s a strutting blue robot near the latter.



The next connection is, on the surface, vaguer and more diffuse. Shelly Duval is wearing a toy fireman’s helmet with a star logo in “Falmouth 30” (see: here). Ringo Starr appears next to her with a giant, glinty star at his midsection, an image taken from Glinda the Good Witch’s wand in the classic 1939 Wizard of Oz film.


In what seems to be a corresponding Collagesity shot, one of the two ladders of the Confluence Place is seen, relating to fireman’s ladders. Also in one of Veyot’s more amusing blog notes, building from my own story, she states that firemen were called in to rescue a golden retriever puppy from the roof of Gallery BOB next to the Confluence Place (middle of below photo). I would add that they might have had to use the ladders of the Confluence Place if theirs, say, weren’t long enough or were misplaced, etc. Or perhaps the Confluence Place ladders did double duty as the sole ladders of the town’s fire brigade. Interesting concept.


What does it all mean? Still figuring that out. But I know a further link between Collage Stonethwaite and Collagesity has been made through Aqua Teen’s Master Shake now, building directly on the twin diner portal mentioned above.

“On the agenda…

… will be the possible annexation of land south of present Collagesity. I’m opposed!”


We have enough to deal with with what we’ve got.

Hucka D.:



What else is on the agenda? What other hot campaign topics are out there?

Hucka D.:

The fact that Space Ghost can run at all. What is he: 100 years old?


Almost 96, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

He gets around pret–ty good for a man that age.


Got those dead Space Ghost eyes like his son. I’d recognize him, I think.

Hucka D.:

He’ll remember the Orange Country. Before Lemon Lab, even. Way before present Linden Lab, of course. Funny how he’ll call that Lime Lab… Limeys. Complain about how they can’t touch, smell, taste. Orange Country might… you go…


Orange Country might be Real Life, then.

Hucka D.:

I think, in a way, it has to. Real virtual reality. Your world.


Other topics, then…

Hucka D.:

There’s always the fight between Power Tower and Fal Mouth Moon for money. And probably Toxic Art as well. The 3 prime galleries.


Those are owned by me, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Yes they are.


Who owns most of the old town, Hucka?

Hucka D.:





Hucka D.:

That’s what you have to find out.


Meanwhile the aged Space Ghost was still wandering down Route 10, now on foot in the eastern part of Sunklands. “Gramps, gramps!” called Hucka Doobie. “You have to come back to Collagesity and run for mayor! Remember your role! Remember the *script*!” Space Ghost couldn’t hear him because Hucka D. had forgotten how to properly set up a second Second Life viewer that would run concurrently with the first. “Gramps! Gramps!!” he cried in vain again to an unresponsive computer screen.



“There’s nothing to find in Sunklands, Hucka.”

Hucka D.:

There’s stuff. Enough to keep him busy.


We have to go retrieve him. It’s “Nebraska” all over again.

Space Ghost hitches yet another ride.

Wait — Second Sink to the *left*. He got turned around somehow. He’s heading back to Chilbo!











An earthquake of some magnitude…


… has hit Collagesity this night. Baker Bloch, with his significant terraforming powers, is working diligently to dig out the townspeople and their inundated buildings and return the land to its former levels. The diner is back open, but several galleries remain closed. Some fronts and corners of buildings have been suspended in the air. No fatalities or significant injuries have been reported thankfully. Baker will attempt to restore the rest of the town to full operating order asap.

Gallery BOB and Baker’s apartment in back remain inaccessible.

All citizens spared, even the ones we didn’t really care about one way or the other.

Collagesity Earthquake Update: Scully and Mulder are dead.

It is my sad duty to report that Baker Bloch has just uncovered the bodies of two well known Collagesity residents: FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who were last seen just outside the historic Orange House vocally campaigning for mayoral candidate Starbuccaneer Barista. Long rest their souls.

Hopefully this is the last of the earthquake fatalities I’ll have to post about on this blog.


Dana Scully (1964-2014)

Fox Mulder (1961-2014)

Earthquake Update

I wanted to update as quickly as possible here because I know some of you have loved ones involved. Baker Bloch basically has the situation in hand. All galleries have reopened, but the Coolie Building and Noru Museum remains closed for now. No new fatalities discovered. Almost all citizens are accounted for. Baker Bloch’s dog Spider remains missing. If you see Spider please im Baker Bloch inworld.

Baker Bloch lowering the terrain in his room and temporarily getting trapped in the excavation as a result. He’s okay.

A new hillock has appeared in the far west of Collagesity.

Local scientists have theorized that the quake’s epicenter was about where Baker is standing.

The mayoral race is over!

Baker Bloch, riding his success in recent efforts to save lives/property in the aftermath of Collagesity’s devastating earthquake, has been elected official Town Mayor for a first second term. Way to go Baker! Primary rival Starbuccaneer Barista is said to have gone into exile, perhaps disappearing into the ultra-mysterious Corridor 2130 of the Confluence Place. Baker Bloch’s dog Spider has been found (thanks Furry Karl!). Baker’s father Space Ghost remains lost in Sunklands, but at least he was out of harm’s way during the earthquake. Celebrations will continue into the weekend, we’re told.

The Wedding of Lidija and Ranko
Baker gets his hat bent in the celebration mayhem.

The mystery of Corridor 2130 remains.


Even if the related picture doesn’t.

And Spider’s back!



What’s that little thing done now??


A telling picture.



“It was this guy. Eating a piece of pie. Again. And again.”


1:57 in.





I think Baker Bloch is into some deep dubious magic. He *caused* the earthquake. He sent his father away to safety beforehand. He “killed” the most vocal or at least the most verbose supporters of his arch-rival Starbuccaneer Barista. Actually he simply wished them away to Pieland, which turned out to be just on the other side of Collagesity, unfortunately for him. They were found. They told their story. Now the whole election is up in the air again. Celebration festivities basically cancelled except for the Twister Party in the basement of Fal Mouth Moon. Everyone in town loves twister! Baker Bloch has set up a press conference at 09:00 tomorrow in an attempt to explain. Mulder thinks he’s onto the secret, but Scully remains skeptical. Spider keeps spouting out the same 4 numbers in different combinations. It’s mayhem again in Collagesity. Some are beginning to believe that the earthquake never happened, and that Baker Bloch tampered with the town’s water system. Hallucinogenics we’re talking about here. Space Ghost will arrive soon to publically beat and humiliate son Baker with his beating cane. Starbuccaneer Barista waits patiently in the 2130 Corridor, biding her time. It’s up to the townspeople to realize that Baker Bloch didn’t really do any of this, good or bad. His *user* (i.e., me) did. It’s up to them.

The (West) End

For now, what I call the House of True Lies has been inserted between the Confluence Place and the still empty Marble Towers. HoTL, as it turns out, is where townspeople go when they expire from their existence. It’s all just recycled over and over and over.


I was going to set up a second, basically duplicate version of the Stairs Gallery in West Side, but several days later I had to delete it to create some prim room. The idea once more was to fill it with the collage efforts and perhaps even some paintings by Kollage Kid, a master at his trade.


View from the Marble Tower up Main Way.


“Baker Bloch’s…


… basically lost the view through the transparent wall of his rented room over at Gallery BOB, Hucka D. As you’re his landlord shouldn’t you do something about it?”

Hucka D.:

He is banished. At least to that room. He was so high and now he’s down again. Low. What next? He’s locked in.


Not really.

Hucka D.:

Yes. His father Space Ghost still lost. LOST.


And Carrcassonnee too. The 2 eyes of Perch are back in the town diner, although his head remains encased or shrouded or something in that olive oval. That’s the lasting effect of Carrcassonnee.

Hucka D.:

Lasting effect of Carrcassonnee that is. (pause) Go back in the blog; look at that post. You use to have a *perch* in the very northeast corner of Noru that looked down on the Hanja sim and its vast splattering of tree ferns.


“I just had Baker Bloch walk across Main Way to the Norum Museum to take a picture of this perch, Hucka D. See, he’s not locked in.”


Hucka D.:

Can I see and review that related perch… er, post? I know I was there, and Sapphire too. That was when the influence of LOST and [delete name] was heavy. That was just before the start of Pietmond and the move back to Sunklands. Funny your father is in Sunklands now. Sink in!




Here it is. Wait, maybe child avatars are involved again. I made a cryptic comment there about Peter Gabriel entering Second Lyfe as a child, Hucka. Foreshadowing? Like the idea of Perch himself? (pause) Who is this new neighbor hadleemay? It’s not an alt of Veyot, as I originally suspected. Too coincidental that she bought the property right next to Veyot just after the latter complained about an issue with that property. Another logical conclusion is that she’s an alt of the person who returned Veyot’s house. Hucka?



Anyway, this whole idea of the Perch coming up again… I knew Veyot back in 2010, when she rented a 512 in Nabi just below this perch. I didn’t know about this until…

Hucka D.:

Hi, I’m back. Had to take a cig break.



Hucka D.:



I’m still just talking to myself about this perch at the northeast corner of Noru.

Hucka D.:

You’re still talking to yourself (smile). Do you think I’m real? Remember that conversation at the time? Have you had time to find the actual post I was talking about? I thought not… so easily distracted are you.


Let me try again…

Apologies for getting sidetracked again, but that post also stood out for me, Hucka D. “Lost Cane”… a point of timelessness in the center of Time/Space.

Hucka D.:



The gallery [structure] I was playing around with at the time was called Gallery 7/10. “7/10” has also recently come up again: Carrcassonnee is the seven and Tin at once.

Hucka D.:

Yes. I might have said it[ even].


It was an odd structure… based on the notion of a 3×3 Magic Square of Saturn, the simplest magic square. (pause) The timeless aspect would be the “5” in the middle.


And *you* said, at the time, that this gallery, in conjunction with its magic square property, brought in the *plane*… made it crash. At the time this would have been the plane that crashed into Olando7’s land, which is now basically my land, the land of Collagesity. Much more recently, another plane crashed at almost the very same spot, seemingly killing Starbuccaneer Barista. But somehow she was revived — the Gorilla? — and ran for town mayor, only losing to Baker Bloch because of a freak earthquake. Another catastrophe. Now she is in exile.

Hucka D.:


bb (trying again):

She is in hiding.

Hucka D.:

Yes. 2130.


That’s also where the plane crashed.

Hucka D.:

Do you realize you *still* haven’t pulled up the correct post?




Peter set up the Magic Square of 3 construct… my Gallery 7/10, creating a center of timelessness.

Hucka D.:



“Ahh, finally found it:”


“There’s all sorts of possible bleedthrough between various realities I and others have manifested in Noru. “Who’s Peter SoSo?” remains a paramount question. It could be just me.”

Hucka D.:

No. Peter Gabriel. The only real variant.


[So] Peter Gabriel came in through [Hanja] infohub, established a *footprint* in Noru.

Hucka D.:

Norum, as in no room.


Yeah, but he and Karoz interacted, after Karoz left the side of Sapphire. And supposedly this is when Linden Lab “passed through” or transformed Norum into Noru.

Hucka D.:

Peter showed Karoz the way to Sunklands. Where your father is presently. You should go and find him. He got turned around again. He is also in Lincoln, Nebraska[ simultaneously].




A certain type of art I do is like combining oxygen and hydrogen to make water. Once it’s done, you tend to forget about the parent elements. As an example, let’s take the concept of Sheldonopolis from The Big Bang Theory and combine it with the mention of Indianapolis from the 60’s pop song “Little Green Apples” by Roger Miller, as in, “it doesn’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.” The result could be called Endonopolis. Not one or the other but something new and different, and perhaps a place where little green apples are always on sale at the local Shel-Mart.

“Carrcass, Hucka D. Eleven.”


“I can’t get out!”

“Oh no.~~~~”

Baker Bloch is Dead.

Just kidding. Kind of. 🙂


The story:

At approximately 09:43pm Eastern Linden Time last night, Baker Bloch suffered a fatal heart attack while locked inside his apartment room in the back of Gallery BOB. If one would have been observing from the outside, they might have concluded that he was frightened to death by the startling appearance of Head of Perch from behind the Edgar Artaud painting hanging within. Yes he died — reached The End. There was a definite pause in his Second Life existence. But slowly and surely the white nothingness that was the afterlife for him (“Hi Hucka D.!”) dissolved into new virtual surroundings. He awoke, if that’s the way to put it, at the recently established House of True Lies on the western edge of town. He had reached The End but it turned out to merely be this *West* End. There he was greeting to wakefulness by quite a collection of town characters old and new to him, including the also recently deceased Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.

The Grateful Dead’s Ronald “Pigpen” McKernan welcomes Baker Bloch to the afterlife.

“What’s going on?” he asked puppeteer Jim Henson, who stood nearest to him. Kermit the Frog, still by his side but with no strings attached now (and with the head of Cardboard Derek Jones!), replied in his familiar, nasal voice: “West End is the tale that wags the dog, Baker Bloch, just as it did before.” Baker then thought of the massive earthquake that recently rocked Collagesity, with the epicenter in its far western reaches. “That’s the tale!” he thought correctly, truthfully. The House of True Lies fully manifested around him.

dead ii

“Starbuccaneer Barista then took Baker Bloch outside and over to the Confluence Place to meet Head of Perch for real.”

Hucka D.:

Why would she do that? Baker Bloch just died seeing this head in his locked apartment room!


Then — he remembers what happened in Corridor 2130. The truth that will always be a lie.

Hucka D.:

He thought the Artaud head painting would impede Head of Perch from entering the room. Head of Perch then simply became this painted head — many eyes. This caused the heart attack. Poor Baker Bloch.


Who set this up[ then]?

Hucka D.:

Head of Perch, of course.


The House of True Lies is obviously also where FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder manifested after they, too, died in Collagesity.

Hucka D.:

True. And a lie.


All this… you go ahead, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

All this set the stage for Karoz’s return. Truth.


And a lie.

Hucka D.:

You see how it works?


There is no true reality, there are only variations springing from an older truth. Nothing is really solid ground here.

Hucka D.:

Like the battle of Noru vs. Rubi. One didn’t really win and one lose. You simply chose one path to walk down over another, similar path. Hi and Lo again. Microcosm mirrors macrocosm. Mercurius.




“You must go back to “Olive 02” to find out the next step. This opens up Collagesity to the outside. As it is now, it just cycles itself around itself, like a head made up of many islands. Eyes I meant there. Captain.”

dead twee

“Where will Baker Bloch live now that his apartment is obviously not the place?”

Hucka D.:

He will move back into the Orange House. His dad will probably come to visit now and then. He’ll get out of Sunklands.


Or not.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Karoz will move in.


No he won’t (both laugh).

dead frogs?


“He lost sight of the cardinal and that didn’t help.”



He lost direction; didn’t know what was North, South, East, West. The central Cardinals weren’t there to sing their album. Wasting their time [and talents] on election jingles, they were. Cardinal Bob.



Diner Ghosts



Through the looking glass:




We Are Batman




Adam Westend.


Coming Soon.

Underground Collagesity.


Underground (Cont.) 01

Baker gazes at a picture of Collagesity taken not even one month ago. So much has changed in so little time! This is from the top floor of the Noru Museum, where I tentatively housed 4 pictures chronicling my current stay in the sim…

… which included this picture of the specialty 7-circuit labyrinth removed from the Temple of TILE and placed behind where the Toxic Art Gallery existed at the time.

Early on, the mainstay Orange House was established between Tired Falls and Power Tower Gowlery. At least a couple of structures haven’t been moved in the last month or so. Orange House remains a community centerpiece.

Then for the 4th wall I just had a blank picture. Now so much more could be added.


Here was the current state of Collagesity as of about a week ago. So much has changed in even this shorter time period. Marble Tower (right) has been elminated, for one thing. X-Spot Gallery has been added, connecting formerly disparate structures Kidd Tower, Power Tower, and Fal Mouth Moon. Collagesity is growing up.

Then we come to the fabulous underground, which was new as of the pictures of this post. Welcome to Mid-Town Diner, the newest Collagesity eating establishment in the basement of Fal Mouth Moon. I’ll return to more shots of this eatery in the next post.

About the only thing that suffered in the building of Underground Collagesity was the Coolie Building, which had to be emptied and made phantom as I turned all prims within to convex hulls.


And also the bottom floor of the Toxic Art Gallery gained these weird looking brown tracks — that’s the top of the underground’s train tunnel. Couldn’t be helped and keep Toxic Art.

A cave has formed on the side of a hill in eastern Collagesity. We’ll see why soon!

Underground (Cont.) 02

Underground (Cont.) 02

Abandoned railroad line now connecting Collagesity proper with Southside. Yes, there’s now a Southside! (as of 8/8/14).

The tunnel starts near the southeast corner of the Bodega Market and extends underneath and between the Toxic Art Gallery and the Power Tower Gowlery.


A right turn from the tunnel at the bathroom sign leads you to this rather distant location, with attendants along the way extending encouragements such as, “hold it in a little more, you’re almost there!” It didn’t help that the last attendant had the name I. P. Freely displayed as hovertext above his grinning head. What a sick subliminal joke!


The beginning of the underground trek to the town bathroom was quickly dubbed The Eye of the Needle by locals because of its narrow width. Attendant Greenwich is positioned at the far end. I identify her greenness here with surrounding green Noru hill dirt, recently excavated to make this passage. Greenwich always wants to know “What times are it?” She’s not the attendent who states “Hold in in, you’re almost there” to passerbys because you’re still a long ways to the bathroom from here.


Looking down Eye of the Needle from the main railroad tunnel.


Mid-town Snack Bar again.


Lateral tunnel you have a direct view into from the diner.


South entrance to the main tunnel. Almost 5000 square meters of land remained for sale just below Collagesity. And as of 8/8/14 I own almost 4000 square meters of it (!) Collagesity’s Southside has been brought into being.


New Collagesity underground and its railroad tunnels…

… has a psychic link with the railroad tunnel running underneath the old Devizes, UK castle site. So says town clairvoyant Adam Westend, whose namesake house in Collagesity’s far west region was demolished recovered demolished in the recent earthquake. The large Fal Mouth Moon Gallery towering above the underground, a slight alteration of a Moard Ling structure called “castle 12”, logically dovetails with the Devizes Castle itself. Interesting (!) Westend also divines that a recent Devizes area (Roundway) crop circle in the Real World is actually a hyperdimensional map of the Collagesity Underground as it extends into other towns both real and virtual.

Another possible related link: