VWX Town 2013-2014 02 (Nov 02 of 03)

The Arrival of Edward(ston)

So here comes the first SL avatar I’ve created in a long, long time, years and years. His name, I decided, is Edwardston Resident. Unlike the old days when avatars had proper surnames, now the new ones that come along are all Residents. Reminds me of Blazing Saddles where everyone in the central frontier town of Rock Ridge had the last name of Johnson.

You’ve heard of people that get up on the wrong side of the bed. Well, Edwardston R. was literally born on the wrong side of the bed, the reverse side. In our kindness and loving nature, we turned over the bed for the next night so that he could sleep all proper and wake up more refreshed for another day of scrutinizing and exploring VWX Town. Or at least the west side of town.


A groggy, newly born Edwardston. “Where the f am I?”


The computer next to his bed was useless.


He’d obviously been in this ship a long time, witness the huge spider web in the corner. Edwardston hates spiders, and would not tolerate such a creation if conscious. Irritated, he found that he could also not delete the thing. We helped him (once again) after nightfall. It was gone by the next morning.


Edwardston climbs the ladder out of his ship room and takes his first look around at his New Home. Looks pretty nice, he thinks. Cartoonish but nice.


The Wall of Eyes initially scared him but then he realized it was another type of animation in this cartoon-y world. And as he looked at himself closer, he realized he too was cartoon-like. “Carrot red hair? Give me a break,” he thought. But he decided to go with the flow as best as possible.


Volcano top? Why did his ship land in the middle of all these objects? Where was he from? He didn’t appear here blank slated. He had memories of before. He knew he was from Mythos, a planet. A planet orbiting within the Sirius star system. But also a planet that, like here, was virtual. He remembered he was moving from virtual world to virtual world. He remembered to tell himself that he was the Real McCoy, and not a copy of another or a paler version. He is Edwardston Resident.


Out of the ship now, touching virtual terra firma. He spied the stream of green toxic waste spilling out from a pipe in front of an art gallery. Although he was curious about the interior, he didn’t want to walk anywhere near that stream right now. He needed to be cautious because he was so young. More memories would return.


He felt pretty much at ease here otherwise. But he decided to stay close to the ship still. The ship was called The Arab or Foreign One. He remembered that too now.



From other virtual experiences, he knew he would probably have a built in or default inventory. Finding this to be true, he rezzed several objects that had the same name as himself: Edwardston. There was some kind of Edwardston Gallery sign that advertised montages…


… and then a picture of an alien creature with an orange top like himself called “Edwardston Gallery picture”. Was this him in another (virtual) incarnation? He couldn’t remember. But it seemed familiar.


Edwardston R. manifests Baker Bloch’s Wall of Ass., which confused him for a spell before he decided to put that particular creation aside and focus on the simpler stuff. Good idea.


Arrival of Edwardston 02

Another picture from his inventory was certainly telling: here was another avatar waking up on the exact same bed that he woke up this morning on, his first conscious moments in SL proper. Was this a doppleganger avatar? Esbum Michigan was the name according to the title of the picture. And it turned out to be the first picture in a series summarizing the avatar life of this Esbum. “S-Bum? Bum… hobo: Anything to do with the Hobo related objects in the ship like the computer and printer?” Edwardston wondered.


Edwardston Resident had a flashback of his own “waking up” experience in SL, then.





There was what appeared to be a script for a porn movie on the computer screen, which Edwardston took as some kind of joke. The whole set-up seemed comical. It kind of took the edge off the experience for sure — put him more at ease, which was a good thing.


Unreadable diskettes. They’re actually glued onto or “as one” with the table they lay upon.


Edwardston shortly finds another room in the hull of his ship, but nothing really meaningful within. Just things poking in from the outside, objects that predate the arrival of The Arab or Foreign One.


Edwardston thinks about other sights he sees from the deck of The Arab that morning.




He remembers this rainbow flag, although technically he didn’t see it with his own eyes. Instead we saw it for him.


VWX Town from above the place of the flag.


See you will.

“He’s eventually going to find it.”


And then what?

Hucka D.:

Recognition. He’s going to remember about ballet. He’s going to remember Camp Rubi. He’s going to remember logging. Perhaps like logging on [to His Second Lyfe]. Something is going to kick in. And he’ll know that 3rd Stream is a key to unlocking. He’ll go to the Damned Church. He’ll see the past of Rubi. He’ll find Camp Rubi — full version (and not the split one at the Convergence Place). He’ll see the whole enchilada.


*Is* it Edward Swift?

Hucka D.:

Yes. And no.


He’ll obviously know that he’s like Esbum Michigan. And maybe even connect Baker Bloch to both, as a type of father figure, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

A good father. A God Father. A heavenly one. He’s already establishing a mythology. That’s his stream (coming from the Toxic Gallery). He knows the stream is not toxic but is still afraid to walk close to that obviously toxic drip in front of the gallery door.


Will the “Art 10×10” (within) do him any good anyway?

Hucka D.:

He’ll see it as someone else’s work. Someone else’s territory. Same for the Power Tower Gowlery, although he’ll like that space more. He’ll eventually make his base at the Edwardston Building. You’ll see.


All of his (Arrival related) posts seem to contain 13 pictures. That’s a good parameter.

Hucka D.:

He knows he’s like Esbum. Esbum had strong connections to what we call in this here blog and the blog before the Edwardston sim. He also knows of the Edwardston Station. Perhaps the attached gallery. But Esbum especially. 1:1 match for now. And, really, he is a replacement for the now deleted Esbum. He’ll know the streams are key. One is already his, he believes. Edward’s Stream. That will lead him to the ballerina. You’ll see.

Arrival of Edwardston 03

Edwardston suddenly drops out of his ship as he’s exploring the superstructure. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he’d crossed a sim line between Rubi and neighboring Sikkima, which commonly causes physics anomalies like this.


He wonders why a tree is growing on the porch of a nearby house which he otherwise thinks is a very nice home indeed, and envies the current residents, if there are any. Later on Edwardston would take residence in this very house.


So we’ve returned back to the present now, and the Esbum series of pictures. The second SL snapshot of the series finds Esbum sitting in First Chair and taking an initial, good look at the temple she was born in — again, Edwardston R. gathers this from the picture title and description. And he’s doing the same in the present situation with VWX Town, his new home.


“Very interesting,” Edwardston thinks upon reading the title/description for this one and the one before (not shown). Esbum lived or resided on a sim called *Edwardston* for a spell, and one she thought of as a definite type of paradise. He and Esbum *must* be some type of parallel creations, he then thinks.


“Geez, there’s that same picture of the orange alien from before, and Esbum is looking at it now like I saw it previously. Now there’s *two* pictures of orange, floppy topped aliens.”


Staring at the pictures one by one, Edwardston tries to take it all in. Assimilate.


The last picture shows Esbum’s bed again, but now within the very same ship he flew into VWX Town on, it seems. But Esbum is not around — instead a muscular avatar with a cowboy hat, blackbird perched on shoulder, and bright red armbands is seen staring through an opening in the hull. Edwardston R. first mistakenly thinks the Elvis picture to the right is the same as the face of this avatar, which is turned the opposite way from him in the snapshot. Of course this is just our Baker Bloch, who was likewise the parent of Esbum Michigan all those years ago.


Edwardston meditating beside the stream next to his ship. “This is Edward’s stream,” he thinks, tapping into another deep well of memory.


Edwardston R. finds an elephant trunk sticking out from the front of the ship. “Is the elephant trapped in the sides of the ship?”



Edwardston Resident spies more jungle animals from a neighboring, empty tower.


Edwardston rezzes his first SL prim, the archetypal world-cube. The place was important where this happened, he realized.


Arrival of Edwardston 04

Edwardston sleeps in The Arab one last night (his second), before moving to other quarters. The start of this change begins when he finds the very same ship-bed in his inventory. Now he can rezz it anywhere on the property. Later on, he occasionally experiments with *not* sleeping on this particular bed, and finds things go “wonky” as a result. The bed appears to contain some kind of built-in rejuvenating energy source. The word “prana” sprung to Edwardston’s mind when he first learned of it.


He found he had the ship The Arab within his inventory as well. He decided to delete the original and see what lay underneath and around better.


The radio that poked through the floor of his room turned out to actually be positioned on a spool table, surrounded by crates for sitting. The radio still didn’t work, however. Edwardston thought that if he could find friends in this world, they could all sit around and listen to the radio if he could figure out a way to fix it. Maybe the town itself had a radio station, based further to the east where he hadn’t explored yet. An exciting idea.


“Rezz Hill” again. For the first time, Edwardston saw that *his* stream (Edward’s Stream) continued beyond the yellow-green pod thingie and under a building topped by a huge, sitting cat. But he also knew that he shouldn’t descend from this hill toward it, and that further progress to the east must be blocked here. He was defining the comfort limits of his world.


It was probably the next day that Edwardston woke up (in the Edwardston Gallery?) to find Carrcassonne at the pool with the Old Man Baby, or OMB as we’ll abbreviate it sometimes. Edwardston wouldn’t have known who Carrcassonnee was unless he had already visited the 3rd floor of the Temple of TILE, which is a possibility. However I happen to know that he hadn’t seen the massive green being before. Although Carrcassonne has the ability to speak, I also doubt if an exchange of words took place at this time. No, Edwardston would have just taken it all in in his silent, contemplative manner. Mulling it over later, he realized the similarity between Carrcassonne at the end of the new pool and the similarly colored yellow-green pod thingie at the far end of his stream — Edward’s Stream — running parallel to the length of this pool. He also knew that the Old Man Baby represented himself in many ways, starting with the similar red hair or red top, as he thought of it, like a carrot top again. He was newborn in this world, and so was Old Man Baby. Carrcassonne might have been a mother or mother figure to him as well; although they didn’t speak, perhaps Edwardston sensed she was sentient, and female (not apparent on the surface).


Probably the same day as this initial encounter with Carrcassonne, Edwardston arranged all the Esbum related pictures, in order, around the walls of the empty skyscraper next to what turned out to be his new sleeping quarters: Home o’ Fibs. He thought of the former as his new gallery (Edwardson’s or Edwardston Gallery), and the Esbum pictures as an exhibit. Correctly so. His identification with Esbum Michigan was solidified through the exhibit. He felt her pain; he knew her lack.


Later Edwardston planted desert vegetation at Rezz Hill to reinforce a block, in his mind, that needed to exist between the two sides of town, his and not-his. Appropriately the two largest of the 4 plants were prickly, progress deterring cactuses.


Edwardston revels in the wildness of the Rubi Forest, taking care not to walk too close to the other side of town from within.


Palm Pool for Edwardston

Carrcassonne has moved out of the Temple of TILE and into this newly rezzed pool, dubbed simply the Palm Pool.


An Old Man Baby is within. Is it Carrcassonne’s infant? Does it represent the similarly newly born Edwardston Resident, likewise with red hair or redtop?



Baker Bloch is certainly interested in learning Edwardston’s reactions to this new pool and its inhabitants for sure. Where is Edwardston? Is he already in the Edwardston Building… this early? Yes, I think so.

I also cheerfully remember that we can actually talk to Carrcassonne in this blog. Not right now, but perhaps very soon.



It’s hard…

… to justify this building any angle you look at it. But, somehow, I believe, I might believe it works (!) Gravity in virtual towns/cities doesn’t have to function the same way as in real towns. A bit Dr. Seuss-ish, but… still like. I think it may stick. You decide…

I may work on the textures/colors some more.





It’s the new City Hall, btw, situated at the same spot as the old one but a lot lot higher. Rest assured Mr. Bean (aka Ben Thar) is still peddling the virtues of VWX Town within.



Edwardston meets Baker Bloch (!)

I’m not sure what day we’re on in Edwardston Resident’s existence in His Second Lyfe, but it was another momentous one for sure. Because on this day… this night of this day… Edwardston met Baker Bloch, who he knew from a number of pictures found in his inventory. He spied his gray-ish figure from in front of the Power Tower Gowlery and approached. As with most Second Lyfe avatars, Baker Bloch’s name appeared as text above his head, ready identification if Edwardston hadn’t already known who he was.


Baker Bloch’s clothes were grayed out, and all that retained their true colors on his being were certain accessories (red armbands, black hat, black shoulder bird). Edwardston got one good look at him before he disappeared, quick as a wink. But he had met Baker Bloch! Perhaps a father or father figure, but certainly one who owned most of the objects in VWX Town, and was also obviously helping Edwardston to adjust to this new world. In truth, it is a true miracle that they were able to meet in any way in this world, for both are the avatars of one user — me, baker b. They are like brothers, except closer. And one shouldn’t be in the world while the other is there… that’s just not how it works. But somehow they were, albeit for a brief moment. Thank God they didn’t speak to each other; that would have been *way* too strange!

This is the real story of how it happened: I was working on the Home o’ Fibs through Baker Bloch when I decided to log out that avatar and log on Edwardston Resident. Yet, amazements of amazements, when I logged Edwardston Resident on to the grid and he materialized in this world, Baker Bloch was still there in front of the Home o’ Fibs (!). I would have been even more shocked if this hadn’t happened once before. Several years back, I had similarly logged off Hucka Doobie, and quickly logged on Baker Bloch in the same spot, and Hucka Doobie was still there. I have a picture to mark the event, but am unable to find it right now despite some considerable digging in the Baker Blinker Blog. I’ll try again later, perhaps.


The Home o’ Fibs has been considerably altered: impinging trees deleted, wallpapers changed, askew doors removed. Edwardston knew for certain that Baker Bloch was behind all the changes now. What Edwardston didn’t understand still is that he and Baker Bloch have the one and same user. I’m not sure even Baker Bloch understands what this means fully, but certainly he’s closer to understanding the true situation than young’n Edwardston Resident.


Edwardston decides to decorate the place with objects from his inventory, which takes some time.


It was only during a break from rezzing and positioning that he noticed the new skyscraper in town from the second floor balcony. A strange one indeed! He felt this could be Baker Bloch’s creation as well.


Edwardston Resident rezzes a teleporter from his inventory. Dare he use it?


After some thought he takes the plunge, and selects “Falmouth series”. He teleports inside this 4-part artwork that goes all the way around him. He doesn’t know that he’s in the Power Tower Gowlery just next door, but figures he’s still in VWX Town, since the objects around him are still owned by Baker Bloch. He notices the red haired being centering one of the 4 pictures around him. “Is this yet another representation of himself?” he wonders.


In attempting to get back to the Home o’ Fibs, he accidentally teleports to another location he didn’t intent to: the top floor of that new, lean-y building he saw from his window not long back. Again he wasn’t sure exactly where he was in VWX Town because of the shock…



…but when he returned back to his Home o’ Fibs (thankfully choosing the right teleport on the next selection!), Edwardston realized where he’d been.


Edwardston tried to go to sleep shortly afterwards, but the excitement of the evening was too great.


Soon he was up and in the side yard, manifesting new objects from his inventory. He found a map of what he thought was Pietmond, fooled by the object title (“Pietmond map”). But it was actually a texture map of Philudoria’s VWX Town placed on an old prim and not retitled. Nevertheless, Edwardston understood that this “Pietmond” was some kind of parallel or twin town to VWX Town, and mistakenly thought it was still intact. He recognized a number of shared buildings between the two towns, including the Power Tower Gowlery.


He was about to attempt sleeping once more when he spotted out a window what he thought was a figure, a man, in the distance, beyond Carrcassonne’s new pool and silouetted against what I’ve chosen to call Confluence Place between palm fronds, backed turned away from him. After some staring, he decided it wasn’t a figure but an optical illusion, but the seed had been planted.


Edwardston was soon to go beyond his cactus choked block on Rezz Hill and proceed into the Confluence Place, just below this manifested illusion. The figure is a trace of himself in the future and also a trace of Baker Bloch in the past. One and the same.



is the future of Edwardston Resident, Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

He will both encounter and not encounter the ballerina with the Elton John blue eyes and blue hoops. He will and will not remember Camp Rubi which is Camp Ruby which is Lucky’s Magic Village which is Lucky. We are facing a series of on/off switches. Which do you choose, which [doors] do you go through?


I’ve already deleted the SoSo West and Norum Gallery and replaced them with a nice Moard Ling castle called Dozing Place. Hmmm.

Hucka D.:

The castle will be Baker Bloch’s home, as Edwardston Resident now has the Home o’ Fibs. Fitting[ that they happen at once]. Both are places where they can doze, see.


I suddenly have a quite huge amount of prims to work with in the skybox again, Hucka. Norum and SoSo West used a number of prims.

Hucka D.:

“What next?” you are asking. Keep building.


Earth (Erath?) was known as Bricker to Piepodt. It was Southwest of Piepodt. Casey (The Alien) was as well. Sean Decker. Z-man in the past. 3rd hole of Piepodt traditionally filled with bricks. Erath was also known as Goldilocks.

Two bears are here (Polar, Bryant). Flanked by Elton. Blue Eyes. 3rd Bear? (like 3rd stream)


The Goldilocks Effect: How Other Earths Form Just Right

THE BEAR TRIANGLE (courtesy of the Baker Blinker Blog).

1) Grizzly Adams and Ben.


Grizzly Adams (Haggerty) is a woodsman during the frontier era who flees into the mountains after he is wrongly accused of murder. While struggling to survive, Adams discovers an orphaned grizzly bear cub whom he takes in and calls Ben. The bear, despite his huge adult size, becomes Adams’s closest companion.


2) Egan sim, Second Life


“Ben wuz here”


3) US’s only Grizzly location has variant name Egan (at southern entrance to Glacier National Park).



Grizzly – Ben – Egan



In the television series, Adams had two human companions, an old trader named Mad Jack the Mountain Man (Denver Pyle, commonly featured with a mule named “Number Seven”) and a native American named Nakoma (Don Shanks).


Rubi Village or Camp Rubi (aka “The Rainbow” village)


The refined version of The Diagonal, also looping back on itself in matching rainbow colours.


“Actually that’s not quite the correct colors, Hucka D. Let me show you something else.”


Hucka D.:



The colors of the 2 highest and also matching sims is purple. This would be Horisme and Hooktip at 115 and 135[ triple numbers]. The colors of the lowest sim, with no match, would be blue: Dierli — with a triple point at 5 meters for me as Baker Bloch. 4 meters for you, Hucka D.

Hucka D. (scrutinizing):

I think I get it. The sims, in this set up, would go around in a loop or circle, like The Rainbow village. Let me show *you* something.


“Sorry to do that to you, but this is, after all, the Dark Side of The Rainbow.”


… figure out The Diagonal soon enough. It’s a broad, psychic highway; easily stumbled upon from his secure position now in West VWX Town. He may already know about it.”


He thinks the old VWX Town in Philudoria is still intact, Hucka D. He’ll go in search of it. He even has the wrong name — Pietmond — for it. It will be an original paradise. Or a twin paradise to the current version of VWX Town in Rubi. It’s gone beyond a simple resonance with Edward Swift.

Hucka D. (repeating):

Gone beyond a simple resonance.


It’s a mobius strip.



… taken the bait. He’s exploring *East* VWX Town, before he leaves to explore The Diagonal. This is something he had to do. He was afraid of lions, of tigers, of bears (especially, perhaps). Cats. The Dark Man is afraid of Cats.

1st cat.

2nd cat. The Dark Man drives this 2nd to the hotel.


Hucka D.:

The Dark Man remembers death through the cat or because of the cat.



Sorry, Hucka D. Got involved in reading this quite excellent article about Scatman Crothers’ part in The Shining.

Hucka D.:


bb (ignoring Hucka D.):

He is indeed The Dark Man — The Residents have that right (again) as well. Right as rain. All the movie needed was his (sno-)*cat* as an escape vehicle for Danny and Wendy. That’s all. The character was expendable after he arrived at the hotel in the cat.

Hucka D.:

Then he truly is the Catman.


I don’t know… maybe. A lot of Shiny Hare seems to be about him. He’s elevated through the synch.

Hucka D.:

We can’t talk much about that[ I’m told].


I suppose not. But The Dark Man is really the Jack Nicholson character, also named Jack in the film. When Jack *kills* Halloran (Scatman character), then he *becomes* Halloran — killer becomes killed in a type of karmic cycle.

Hucka D.:



The Shining, with its dark ending scene, closes up or completes or reverses what happens in 2001, Hucka D. Jack is reborn (like Bowman as super baby at end of 2001: A Space Odyssey) but darkly.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Jack is The Dark Man because he kills. The Dark Man is *cut in two*, in two ways. It’s brilliant.


I didn’t do it.

Hucka D.:

You figured it *out*.



There were pictures of my own family
In the shadows was someone watching me
He was little more than a silhouette
With a restrained feeling of regret
In one of the pictures, his, his hands are desperately clinging to his face, like maybe it was on fire and he smothered it out with his fingers, but I know, that sounds crazy




glacial giza

“Baker Bloch’s…

Cat Hell man.


… cut in two, like Scatman Crothers’ character Mr. Halloran in The Shining, Hucka D. This is a *dark* Baker or Baker Bloch has become The Dark Man. Upside down as well.”

jack kill halloran


Hucka D.:

Yes, we wanted you to write about this this [delete time]. Now a quote by Edward Swift.



“It would take a cat to run him out of town.”





Make your own heaven Make.


Continuing Adventures of Edwardston Resident 01

He’s not quite sure how it happened, but when our Edwardston R. touched a certain picture he had rezzed in his Home o’ Fibs residence and accepted some inventory, he was almost instantly transported to this location. He recognized that it was the same location as in the picture. Long time blog readers of mine (the hoards, the hoards!) will know this to be the infamous 97/97/97 spot in Lanestris, in the black heart of Virtual Hotel Chelsea village in front of the uber-poisonous and noxious Purple Tower. Provencial Edwardston was panicing (“How do I get back home, how do I get back *home*??”) when he remembered he could just hit the home button and return, an escape hatch in effect. He’d learned this trick several days ago.


While he was thinking this, an art kiosk greeted him; he knew the drill from being based so near two of Baker Bloch’s galleries and their own kiosks (Power Tower Gowlery and also Toxic Art Gallery). So why not check out this stranger gallery while he was in the area? Trouble was, he couldn’t find it when walking around on the ground level of the town. He had to use distant vision (which he had only recently discovered as well) to locate the gallery above him at a certain point, and used the sole gallery seating to sit in and lift himself up into it. All of us who’ve been in Second Life for a while know that trick.

But to be honest, he wasn’t that impressed with the art…


… nor what he could see in the other box-sized galleries strewn throughout the rest of the dense urban area. I think the problem was that Edwardston had no pesonal connection with this art, unlike with some of Baker Bloch’s collage work. But I might try to subliminally get him to return and re-check things out here. After all, it was me who made him come here in the first place with the inventory “mistake”, as he thought of it. He’s still very naive to this world. But, in different degrees, we all are.

Edwardston certainly did appreciate the immensity of the virtual Chelsea Hotel itself, the centerpiece of the community. And I think he did understand in some way that this community, this village, was the twin to VWX Town he was searching for, and not long destroyed Pietmond or even the more recently abandoned VWX Town in Philudoria.


Returning home, Edwardston decided it was finally time to suck it up and take a tour of the Toxic Art Gallery located just next door to his home.


He found the art on the first several floors more engaging that what he saw in VHC village (again, because it was more personal to him, and not a comment on the quality of any art involved), but it was only when he spotted a representation of Esbum Michigan in a collage on the 4th and last floor that he really perked up.


And a tiny Baker Bloch was found below Esbum as well. He was about to enter a forested region of what Edwardston knew now was called Real Life, or the real world. But the observing Edwardston was curious about the greener square (or near square) of forest in the collage’s center. The vivid, monochromatic colors looked more like Second Life trees, pine trees to be specific, like the ones in back of the Home o’ Fibs. The Rubi forest was instead populated by a mixture of cypress and eucalyptus trees — not pines — so it couldn’t be a collaged image of that. So Edwardston’s thinking was that we have Esbum here — Second Life avatar — and Baker Bloch — another SL avatar — and perhaps a square of forest from SL, and then real life stuff arranged all around this. Was Baker Bloch attempting to enter the virtual forest but blocked by the surrounding, real forest? Was it like trying to find the center of a concocted labyrinth? And what of the giant Esbum Michigan hovering above? The framing orange dogs (same dog?) showing the way in and the way out?


Then two pictures to the right, Edwardston R. finds another familiar image: the orange, floppy topped entity seen in an Esbum related snapshot found in his inventory not long after arriving in Rubi, an image Edwardston thought might be a representation of himself somehow. Here the being, now equipped with a body for moving about, appears to ascend a mountain beside an L-shaped gorge. The line of white cars in the foreground appear to be heading directly into the gorge, or, better, represent a continuation of the curving line of the gorge within the picture.


The next picture seems to be a direct continuation, with the orange alien transformed into a dingo as he reaches the top of the gorge. The cars in the foreground now avoid coming up the gorge toward him, and instead keep heading down the broad cement highway in the center of the collage, toward a large blackbird. The prominent stick of this picture is upright or “raised”, in contrast with its horizontal twin from the previous collage. “A gate closed, a gate open,” Edwardston thinks at the time.


Then *both* sticks appear in the next collage — Edwardston is just continuing to move to his right, following the gallery walls — along with Baker Bloch again; *5* versions of him, in fact. And it took Edwardston a minute to pick out Esbum Michigan behind the Baker Bloch in the green chair. Edwardston Resident would have had no contact with Hucka Doobie yet, and so wouldn’t know who he was (pointing bee avatar in lower right corner of the work).


Edwardston looked through the rest of the collage collection on the 4th floor, which was actually the entire 20 work Wheeler-Jasper series I created in early 2009. He found more interesting images within, but the ones I’ve illuminated so far still stuck out. Then he teleported to what he thought might be another floor of collages but was instead the roof of the gallery. The alignment between where he was standing on the Toxic Art Gallery and the Church of The Diagonal straight ahead of him (he didn’t know it was named this) struck a chord. Another seed was planted here: the idea of The Diagonal extending across not only the Rubi sim but the whole of the continent he resided upon. This alignment, he knew, could not be accidental. But this day, it was only an observation, and nothing deeper would come of it for a while. He didn’t realize that the very place he’d “accidentally” teleported to in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel community was precisely aligned with this same Diagonal. It would take a while for it to all come together for him.


Looking the opposite way toward Rosieri. I think Edwardston would like to explore the parcel he sees there soon. This is the old home of Coke, an acquaintance I first met way back in 2008 Azure Island days, before I’d even moved to Rubi and the mainland. An original paradise of sorts. I’ll have to tell what I know of her story soon as well.


I next sent Edwardston to the Power Tower Gowlery so that I, baker b., could take a look at a particular collage: the terminal work of the Lis series, and what could be considered the second to last collage of the entire Gilatona-Lis mega-series within the Power Tower. I wanted to compare the imagery of this work with the Judgement card mentioned in the post just below mainly concerned with The Shining.


This is the specific image I wanted to compare it with. I’ll have more to say about all this soon — too long a story to go into here, probably.


Edwardston also revists the Falmouth collage(s) on the floor just above this, again noting the red haired entity.


He uses the conveniently placed teleporter to save a walk back down the various ladders and stairs to his Home’o Fibs next door. Just after then teleporting again up to the second floor (his bedroom) from the first, he notices *two eyeballs* staring back at him from the window. You’ll most likely have to enlarge the below snapshot to see what I’m talking about here. But the illusion is blatant and symmetrically effective.


Edwardston quickly realizes these are two eyeballs from the many in the Wall of Eyes he can view from this window. But he understands the “accident” has meaning as well. Someone *is* looking in on him. He approaches the window and sees in the distance what looks like a brown colored creature, staring up at him or, as he studies it more, perhaps at the newer, oval shaped building in town more to its right. A name suddenly springs to mind: Barrel Building. And the creature is Catman. Edwardston quickly understands that the “creature” is just the trunk of the same palm that produced, within its fronds, the illusion of the backwards turning figure before. But, all the same, he just as strongly knew this was Barrel House and Catman he was staring at through this window, and that Catman is somehow his manifested fear of progressing beyond the prickly, impeding cactuses toward the structure topped by the giant, yarn wielding cat. Quite a yarn (sorry).


Continuing Adv. of Edwardston Resident 02

Feeling lonely again, Edwardston Resident copies a version of Carrcassonne from the pool before going to bed, and rezzes it in his room. Certainly too large for the room, but still he lets it remain. “One day he’ll be able to talk to this being, this entity,” he thinks before falling to sleep.


The next “morning” he awakes and dashes to the window, taking another look at “Catman”. The illusion is still there, but not as marked as before. Edwardston notices that if he turns a certain way the backwards figure illusion becomes more clear, and with a slight adjustment to the viewing angle the Catman illusion becomes more distinct while the former illusion fades. This seems to convince him that the two illusions are actually part of one, larger illusion, along with the symmetrical eyes from the day before. He can either bravely suck it up (once more) and head into the cat topped building or turn away from it in fear. This is the primary gate he faces, a decision. This becomes conscious to him at this point in our yarn.


Up front and in person, the area where the illusion takes place from his upstairs window looses some of its essence. Here is Carrcassonne, as usual, staring back at him in wordless communication. She will not talk in person, he realizes.


Here is the guarding cactuses…


…and the accompanying large ape.


He’s not afraid to even pet the ape.


He explores other parts of west VWX Town this morning, including the Temple of TILE. He decides that he must focus more on it, and the harbored labyrinth of many colors. He still does not know what it means or how to walk it. I would show him shortly.


Edwardston heads into the Great Rubi Forest again.


Logical Conclusion


Stranger do’ins in VWX Town lately. Edwardston Resident is going to be surprised. Explanations soon!

The Residents of VWX Town






“So what…

… does this new development, these — *Residents* — mean, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

They are your Residents. They are the center of an illness.


It’s going to freak Edwardston out.

Hucka D.:

You better find out his reaction.




This day Edwardston Resident makes the decision that he’s going to use the teleporter again to see more of VWX Town.


A female voice behind him: “Residents.”


“Did you *say* something… er (checking title of object again)… Wyn??”


But the conversation, if you can call it that, appeared to be over. “Residents?” Edwardston then thinks, walking toward the teleporter. “Is that me and this Wyn?” The idea flitted through Edwardston’s mind that they were destined to marry and share the last name. Indeed, when he found the woman cutout in his inventory several days back, he thought that maybe Baker Bloch had placed it there to give him an Eve to his Adam, a perfect soulmate. He had even talked to her sometimes, but never had she spoken back. Is the object instead channeling another soul?

“How about you, Philip Linden?” Edwardston asked the other figure in the room. “Do you want to say something this morning as well?” But Philip remained silent.


Big Head Philip.

After checking outside the house for anything new (and seeing nothing) he uses the teleporter to head toward the City Hall again. He didn’t specifically remember the teleport option labelled “City Hall 05” from yesterday’s travels — he remembers “City Hall 01-04” options instead. Maybe it was just bad memory. He’s still very new, he said to himself in his mind. Maybe Baker Bloch relabelled the floors while he was asleep, he then thought. Maybe the bottom floor was now “City Hall 00” instead of “City Hall 01”. He’d read about that numbering problem somewhere — what to name a ground floor.

He takes a deep breath, selects “City Hall 05” from his options, and hits the teleport button…


“OMG, what *is* that way up here?”


Then he recognizes the object and quickly teleports back to his home, breath all panicy now. “That *cat*!!”



Hucka D.:



And if that cat’s way up there on top of the new 5th floor of the City Hall, then he’s going to start asking himself what took the place of the cat on the Confluence Place. It’s actually the very same cat moved directly up, but let’s not bother with that now.

Hucka D.:

Let’s not bother now with that.


He’s going to find The Residents.

Hucka D.:

And think Baker Bloch is insane — mentally ill — at the core of it.


*Is* he?

Hucka D.:

Of course not. (pause) I don’t think. But, anyway, the conglomeration of *eyeball* objects is suppose to represent insanity. The Residents directly took the place of The Cat.


Edwardston *must* simply enter the east side of VWX Town now.

Hucka D.:

Simply *must*.



Hucka D.:

Let us talk about this [ instead]. The City Hall has been extended up a floor, and topped with the same cat that use to lie directly below on the Confluence Place. The Confluence Place has been remodelled, enlarged. It is a place of *memory*. A third stream now comes from within and not from without.


The backing waterfall.

Hucka D.:

Right. Confluence Place has everything it needs in itself now. It doesn’t need Edwardston Resident.


Not sure I follow you, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

It already has Residents.


But I think we spoke before…

Hucka D.:

… before spoke…


… about The Table House the City Hall now completely arches over to reach the space of Confluence Place.


Edwardston walks out of the house toward the Confluence Place to look for the cat. Something else is there for sure.


The cat is not even within Edwardston’s vision range atop the City Hall’s new, 5th floor. “Could it have, I don’t know, *flown* away??” he asks himself. But, no, it’s still there. Invisible to him, but there.


“Blocked from going in!!”



“Even if he wished to,” Hucka D. added.

“Say what?”


He didn’t think he had any choice, and he didn’t. Not really. He had to enter the east side of town.


The cat reappears atop the revamped City Hall.


“No,” Edwardston thinks, “it didn’t fly away… unfortunately. What *was* this irrational fear of cats appearing/manifesting in him? First the appearance of that backwards figure between the palm leaves, seeming to enter the Confluence Place, and then the manifestation of the Catman inside the very same palm (trunk this time), facing toward his house instead. Two in one, he realizes. Dwarf and Giant, he then thinks as well, although he’s not sure where that analogy popped in from. Barrel House. He *must* get into the Confluence Place [although he doesn’t call it that].

He decides he has to enter the east side of town from the front door, as it were, and not go in sideways. That might even be dangerous at this point.

Carrcassonne watches as he heads back around what he’s calling Barrel House toward his residence, intending to circle around it to the start of the yellow bricked road…


… only to keep going straight into the Church of The Diagonal [ again this is not what Edwardston calls the structure] and all the way through it to the 7th spire of the Castle of the 7th Spire [again… Edwardston doesn’t know its true title, or what Baker Bloch has selected for its name].






Here is his answer.




So what next?

Hucka D.:

He has a realization about The Diagonal. He puts two and two together… actually he remembers the diagonal from Baker Bloch’s collage, the one with the four five Baker Blochs in one.


What *happens* there?

Hucka D.:

Two places become one place. He is there, on the lower edge of the Rubi Woods in that 7th spire of the Church of the 7th Spire…

bb (completing Hucka D.’s thought):

… and he’s also in Virtual Chelsea Hotel village at the 97/97/97 spot there. The two Triple Points are one Triple Point. How’s that?

Hucka D.:

I’m still not sure what happens.


He can’t choose east. He can’t choose west. He must choose above… *beyond*. Above… higher.

Hucka D.:

The Cat attacks and possesses him. He becomes All Eyes.


He knows what replaced the cat even though he hasn’t even entered the east side of town.

Hucka D.:

He’ll see, in a flash, the polarization of the Norris religion[ of the east] with the TILE game[ of the west]. He’ll be above.


He’ll hear the whispers within The Table House. Without The Residents, The Table House would not be as it is … might not even exist.

Hucka D.:

They guard it. They look over it. Send Baker Bloch back to end.



Who *are* these guys??

More VWX Town Changes…

First, a SL photograph I “repinned” from Marianne McCann’s Snapzilla submissions depicting a dancing red skeleton at the accursed Falmouth Hotel in Bay City, a Linden Lab urban showcase. Two synchy things about this, perhaps. First is the presence of a red skeleton, like the foreman of the recent toy happening at Philo, Herman Park. Second is the involved name of the hotel (and also encompassing sim): Falmouth, which is also the name of another Frank Park location that just happened to play host to the last toy happening *before* Philo. Interesting juxtaposition, and worth a mention in this blog.


We return to VWX Town for the remainder of the shots in this blog post. We now have two what could be call “slanty” buildings in town. We’ve already discuss the first some: the now cat topped City Hall that’s also grown a story since its inception several days back. Then just yesterday I decided to insert another composite Moard Ling structure on the extreme eastern side of the community…



… and move the Norris Building formerly occupying that space to the west side of town, next to Edward’s Stream. There’s still basically nothing within either of these structures, however.


The Wall of Eyes south of the newly positioned Norris Building has been deleted, and a huge stone elephant effigy has taken its place.


Baker Bloch experiences the majesty of VWX Town’s newest slanty building from beneath. I believe I’ll simply call this the Marble Tower for now.


There are now a good number of what I’d call composite buildings in the community, including the two structures already mentioned, and also, as of several days ago, the Confluence Place. It represents a mashup of two different Moard Ling builds, in contrast to the single structure used as as a base module for both the City Hall (5 stacked modules) and the Marble Tower (3 stacked modules). The two involved structures employed in the Confluence Place are “ML Statue of Nekoty” and “Valley Mansion”, a newer Ling offering.



Interesting proximity of the Piepodt pod at the end of the surface aspect of Edward’s Stream (aka 1st Stream) and nuclear smokestack imported from the opposite side of town along with the Norris Building. They seem matched in relation to the back of the Table House behind them.


Current VWX Town skyline from what might be Baker Bloch’s new office in the attic of The Table House.


“Edwardston Resident…

… may be gone, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

2 in 1. Foreign 1. Four in One. Gone.


Left on his ship.

Hucka D.:

Yes. The cat scared him. He was too close to Catman from Camp Rubi. Barrel House gone. Catman. Blocked at Bloch Hill. Now it’s all Baker Bloch’s again. And The Residents.


That’s a shame. I liked Edwardston Resident.

Hucka D.:

He may show up again.


What next?

Hucka D.: