VWX Town 2013-2014 03 (Nov 03 of 03, Dec 01 of 02)

The Return of Edwardston Resident

It began with a friend request. Edwardston Resident, deep in the mind abyss, heard the familiar double bell ring. It was a wake up call. He accepted the friendship, and he was back… in VWX Town, emerging from the 97/97/97 7th spire he had disappeared into the day before. But since time didn’t exist in that space — space either, for that matter — well, there wasn’t any *matter* there either. Back to the point: the bell rings woke him up. He had a tangible connection to His Second Lyfe again. And through this reciprocated wake up call, he realized he had another friend: Baker Bloch. For the request did not come from BB, but through it, in checking his friends list, Edwardston realized that his virtual brother was already on it (1st of 2 now), an original or ur friend, as it were. A brother and a friend and more.


And Baker Bloch had decided on something when Edwardston Resident returned to VWX Town. He would be there *in person*. For real this time, and not just a ghost of a former log-in.


Edwardston first visits the main chamber of the Castle of the 7th Spire, encircled by the remaining 6 (and less important) namesake turrets. He chats with a forgotten prioner, saying, “I know how you feel now,” to this object. What happened to him at the 97/97/97 point? It’s similar to asking what happened in Room 237 in The Shining film. It’s like explaining a hypercube to a cat. It might go well, but it will probably just drive the cat to his dinner bowl for needed, replenishing energy. It’s like explaining a gorilla to a chimpanzee.

Baker Bloch has prepared. A *second* Second Life viewer opens, and he looks across a garden space toward the white mist he knows is Edwardston Resident. Baker is disappointed. He never actually *saw* Edwardston in person, even though he managed to finangle a couple of minutes out of this system straining dual perspective. Edwardston always remained a white smoke ghost, as witnessed in this photo.


From *Edwardson’s* perspective, he pretty well saw Baker Bloch as he did the night before: a gray figure except for the bright red armbands. And Edwardston himself looked all wonky — completely wonky. He had bleached blonde hair now instead of the former carrot red, and his outfit was basically black instead of the warm tans and browns of before. He tried to speak but couldn’t think of anything to chat about. It knew it was *super important* that Baker Bloch showed up with him at this time. Baker Bloch, he realized, was making a supreme effort to be here. He was welcoming him back to the land of the virtual living. He was welcoming him to the Other Side of town, the as yet unexplored east side. And telling him: “This is now yours as well. As much yours as mine. Feel free to go anywhere you like. There is no harm to be found here. Explore; enjoy!” Yet he implied all these things silently, with his mere inserted presence at this point in space-time-matter.


Edwardston watched as Baker made some awkward attempts at locomotion, falling unconscious at one point because of the exertion, apparently.


Then he faced the other way, made a weak pointing gesture toward the heart of the village’s east side, and was gone — winked out just like the previous night’s much shorter visit. And I must emphasize that this time, Baker Bloch was *actually here* with him and not a ghost, as before.


Edwardston’s true colors returned just as Baker Bloch disappeared. Edwardston understood that for them to be together like that took a lot of energy, so much so that their actual forms were altered. He did not know that, all through the visit, Baker Bloch never saw Edwardston Resident except as mist. It was obviously not a meeting that could last long.


On his own again, a rejuvenated Edwardston walks happily down the yellow bricked entrance road and into the meat of Rubi’s VWX Town.


He would observe strange things that might have seemed threatening under different, less asssured circumstances.




He sits between contrasting images of a mortal enemy, but can only grin.


It is here, on the top floor of the recently enlarged Confluence Place, that he observed where the end would come.


Moon Stones

Appearing shortly after Edwardston Resident’s return.




The 7th spire of the Castle of the 7th Spire may be highlighted by the 2 differently colored crystal clusters.



Rezzer rocks, shorter than their cousins and a brighter green than the other green crystals.


The crystals, both green and pink, are most certainly from The Moon. Baker Bloch’s been there, and so can you Second Life viewer. He walks toward the recently installed launcher at the Norris Building. Let the countdown begin.


Baker Bloch: Go To The Moon!

Baker Bloch asked that Edwardston Resident join him in a special event: the launching of a rocket from the Norris Building that would take him all the way to *The Moon*. And Edwardston gets to hang with his new friend, once more! Notice from the below picture that, from Edwardston’s viewpoint of the meeting this time, his actual appearance was not altered. Baker Bloch remained grayed out, true, but this was a one step improvement from their first interaction. Unfortunately, Baker Bloch still only saw Edwardston as a white mist.


Baker enters the Norris Building, telling Edwardston to stay put and keep looking up. Less than a minute later Baker was in the air (!)


About 10 minutes later, Edwardston, still looking skyward as Baker requested, saw his friend, arms and legs flailing, return to virtual Earth in a crash, sans rocket. “What happened, what happened??” Edwardston implored. Baker just wiped himself off and headed back toward the Norris Building. “I gotta try that again,” he said to Edwardston while walking away. “Just keep looking up. And keep taking your photos!”

It was while he was snapping photographs of this second, witnessed launch that something more surprising happened. Edwardston must have touched the rocket in the wrong way, because, suddenly, *he* was riding in the launched pod alongside Baker Bloch! He looked over at Baker, whose appearance was strangely flickering and even contracting in certain places like the face as the elevation increased. He managed to take some pictures.


At one point, Baker even lost his glasses and armbands. Only a hat topped, faceted gray mass remained. Thankfully, it was only a brief effect.


Shortly they crash landed on The Moon itself, unharmed. They’d made it!


After looking around at some of the craters and staring at the star speckled sky, they found that the ship was irreparably damaged and would not make a return trip. They’d have to teleport home instead. What fun nevertheless!!




How long have you lived in VWX Town, Bracket?


I keep going to the sun. Three score… no three years. thirty three years.


You died on the… well, you tell me where you died.


I was like the Dodo. Trusting. With the guy with the huge arms. He killed me. This was on the island of Mauritius.



Yes, that’s where the dodo birds were found, I believe. But that’s not the island where you died.


Yes. It is.


As I recall, you were reading the book Floydodo.


Yes, and I noticed it was still in my inventory. But I was unable to rezz it in my new apartment. Is it my new apartment?


I think it might be, Bracket. I’ll add you to the Blue Feather group as soon as possible and take care of that problem.


I desire the ability to create.


Yes, we’ll take care of it. But you came back from your death — a resurrection. Supposedly you came back as the first TILEpyre. (baker b. spells this out for Bracket)


I don’t quite remember that. I remember death. I remember a white light. Mist. I am still dead.


No you are resurrected. The judgement bugle has sounded. You live here in the paradisiacal VWX Town now, Bracket. Maybe.


Humm. Do I?


Yes, again. If you wish.


If so, I want to study avatar ensoulment. Like the character Norman Bates and the character Marion Crane from Psychogumma. I wish to study Psychogumma where Marion came back or was resurrected as her sister. (pause) And it was Long Island. Or a long island. That’s where I was killed. And Torsit — yes, Torsit — was the stabber, the murderer. Sort it.

But it was also *you*, in a way, that killed me baker b. You *sent* me to that long island. You banished me, exiled me. Because I talked of Billfork. And now in this blog, as I understand, as I’m sensing, as I know intuitively, you talk of Billfork once more and are *not* punished.


I talk of Billfork the toy happening in Herman Park[ however].


Then that is where I wish to live. In this Billfork.


That’s not possible[ right now]. VWX Town is kind of sort of the virtual version of Billfork. A bit.





I just remembered it was called the Blake Sea. That’s where we sent you.


*You* sent me. Because of The Bill and that circle where I chatted about it. A *bit*.


I can understand the *bit*terness. Sorry.


I’ll return soon.



Bracket Jupiter, July 4th, 1921


“Get back, Jack!”

Another meeting.

[18:51] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[18:51] Connected
[18:56] Terra Mk.V Teleporter Beam whispers: Teleporting edwardston Resident to City Hall 05.
[18:57] Terra Mk.V Teleporter Beam whispers: Teleporting edwardston Resident to City Hall 01.
[18:58] Kiosk.Net Greeter: Welcome edwardston Resident! Enjoy your visit.
[18:59] baker Bloch is Online


[19:00] edwardston Resident: How is it that I can only see you, Baker Bloch?
[19:01] baker Bloch: And I can’t see you.
[19:01] edwardston Resident: Been to The Moon lately?
[19:01] baker Bloch: Nah. You?
[19:02] edwardston Resident: No. Not since yesterday. So what’s you up to tonight?
[19:02] baker Bloch: Thought I’d down a beer and head to bed.
[19:02] edwardston Resident: Karl here doesn’t talk much does he?
[19:02] baker Bloch: Nah.
[19:03] edwardston Resident: Get lost!
[19:03] edwardston Resident: Boo!
[19:03] edwardston Resident: Boo!
[19:03] edwardston Resident: Boo!
[19:05] baker Bloch: You okay?


[19:05] edwardston Resident: Yeah sorry. Just testing out some gestures.
[19:06] baker Bloch: I think the computer’s going to beat me again. Karl, you going to serve me or not?
[19:07] Furry Karl: Hey you talking to me? You talking to *me*?


[19:07] baker Bloch: Aren’t you suppose to be helping the customers instead of criticizing or threatening them?
[19:08] Furry Carl: Touched.
[19:08] Furry Carl: Touched.
[19:08] Furry Carl: Touched.
[19:10] baker Bloch: Never mind Karl. I got it myself.
[19:11] baker Bloch: So Karl?
[19:11] Furry Karl: Merry fucking Winter?
[19:11] baker Bloch: Do you have a wife? Kids? Where do you live? Tell me about yourself. Make some small talk. Practice small talk.
[19:12] Furry Karl: Beer?
[19:12] baker Bloch: I’ve got a beer Karl, but thank you.
[19:12] baker Bloch: How about you Edwardston? Where do you hail from? Hell? Heehee.
[19:13] edwardston Resident: I’m from Mythos. The planet Mythos. I come from… well, my memory is scrambled a bit.
[19:13] baker Bloch: I saw your ship land about a week ago. What do you call that thing? Looks like a ship ship. A seagoing ship.
[19:14] edwardston Resident: If you mean the spaceship it’s The Arab. Also The Foreign One. Or 4 in 1. That’s because it’s 4 ships in 1. Like in the Verne story.
[19:14] edwardston Resident: You know, Jules Verne. The one set in Morganton, North Carolina. That’s where I’m from.
[19:14] baker Bloch: Is that Mythos, then?
[19:14] edwardston Resident: Yes.
[19:14] baker Bloch: Interesting. Do you know we probably have the same maker?
[19:14] edwardston Resident: No.
[19:16] baker Bloch: Well, we probably do. He’s got the same first name as me. That’s probably why I know more about him than you. Plus you just arrived here and all.
[19:17] baker Bloch: What’s shaking down or up in Mythos my new friend? My new bro.
[19:17] edwardston Resident: I live next to you in Mythos. Your maker I mean.
[19:18] baker Bloch: Nah, not possible. But I’ve heard you know a real life Edwardston. Or maybe Edward. Do you know?
[19:18] edwardston Resident: I know I’m Edward. I know Edwardston because it’s me.
[19:18] baker Bloch: You have an orange dog.
[19:18] edwardston Resident: Yes.
[19:19] baker Bloch: Nah, couldn’t be. I’ll have to talk to baker b. about this.
[19:19] edwardston Resident: That the user?
[19:19] baker Bloch: Yeah. baker b. I can talk to him sometimes.
[19:19] edwardston Resident: Tell me about him. I mean I know him differently. I remember him from childhood. I know him better than you but further back. You know him more recently.
[19:20] Furry Carl: Touched.
[19:21] baker Bloch: He created VWX Town where we are. He’s lived here before. This is the Sylver Forest, or the remnant of the Sylver Forest. He’s lived around here 4 or 5 times. He lived in that sinkhole you can see from the top of the cat. You been up there?


[19:21] edwardston Resident: I don’t like cats. Like dogs, though.
[19:22] baker Bloch: No, you’re suppose to be Edward but not this Mythos Edward I don’t think.
[19:22] edwardston Resident: I am ill defined.
[19:22] baker Bloch: Appears so. But if you are this other Edward….
[19:22] edwardston Resident: Yeah?
[19:23] baker Bloch: Then where is your dog?
[19:23] edwardston Resident: I’ve seen my dog. It’s in the montages over on the west side of town.
[19:23] baker Bloch: The dingo.
[19:23] edwardston Resident: Yeah. That made me remember about the Edward part. I am Edward.
[19:24] baker Bloch: Let’s go look.
[19:24] edwardston Resident: Okay.


Residents at The Table.

Of course it was The Table House and attached Confluence Place that still represented the center.


“Edwardston still needs to see the ballerina with the 3 hoops,” Baker Bloch muses. “That might help determine which Edward he is. Gees!”

3rd and 2nd streams respectively.

The Residents still look over the house. And certainly the residents of VWX Town have come alive as of recently (!) We now have Bracket Jupiter living in the community along with Edwardston Resident. And Baker Bloch apparently has his office here, in Table House. Is Wilsonia next? How about Baker Blinker?


Baker Bloch thinks way back to his old crush on the other Baker, the female one. Is that completely over? Yes, he realized. It was.


Then suddenly she was there again, beside him. It was the same situation as with Edwardston — again strangely, since Baker Blinker is an older avatar than even Baker Bloch. She is the original avatar of the Baker family, in fact, dating way back to February 2008. Lots of good times in that avatar body. In about 2010, I suppose, she got a sort of makeover, with the idea that she’d represent the public face of the family. She would be the one to attend parties to promote our art galleries, for example. But it never really worked out that way.


“What are your plans Baker Bloch?” she queried. “Are you going to live here, in the Table House?”

“I think so. At least set up my office here.” He didn’t know what to ask her back, however.

“I’ll remain in the background still,” she then said, noticing the uncomfort. “Remember the old days when you had to borrow from *my* inventory? I had the stuff, then. I was the queen.”

“Yes you were,” Baker Bloch readily agreed. He wanted to add, “… and you still are,” but he held his tongue.

Night descended yet they remained in their chairs, a silent communion.


Baker Blinker broke the spell. “We have a number of children now, I guess you could put it.”

“Yes, I suppose you could say that,” Baker Bloch responded. “I’m unsure of Edwardston, however. He’s this one Edwardston that our user, baker b., knows from childhood, yet he’s this other Edwardston that is a writer from Texas and loves ballerinas and worshipped another place called Rubi as a paradise.”

“Maybe it’s both,” Baker Blinker countered. “Can it be both?”

“I suppose it is. I suppose it might have to be. I need to get him *here* so that he can take a look at the ballerina below us here.”

“Will you take me there?” Baker Blinker requested.

“Follow me into the hole,” he said.



“Camp Rubi,” Baker Bloch said, pointing.


“Ah,” responded Baker Blinker.

“A model of the camp,” Baker Bloch clarified. “And only half of it. The other half is on the other side of the wall from here. Let’s see, that would be the higher value colors like green, yellow, red. That would be the dark side of the rainbow. Or maybe this part is the dark side.”

“Which one?”

“This part,” the male Baker decides.


“Ooops, tee hee. I tried to sit down on one of the houses and now I’m on the other side. How do I get back?”

“The walls should be phantom,” he responds.

Baker Blinker unsuccessfully tried to walk through the wall to get back to Baker Bloch. “Nope, its not.”

“Oh wait, here’s an opening.” Baker Blinker walks up to Baker Bloch, who still stares at the model of the camp. He turns to meet her.



“I really wish I could see you. I suppose I might never see you again, actually.”

“I can see you, but you’re grayed out.”

Baker Bloch grimmaced. “Yeah, Edwardston complained about that as well. But at least you guys can see me. I can’t see either of you. Not… fair.”

“No,” Baker Blinker agreed. “So what are you hoping will happen to Edwardston when he sees the ballerina?”





New twist (literally!)

Baker Bloch and Edwardston *finally* get to visit 3 Stream Pool and the Confluence Ballerina. Once again, Edwardston can see Baker Bloch but not visa versa. Baker experiences disappointment: Edwardston has no strong reaction one way or the other to the ballerina statue. The oddest thing that happened during their visit was pointed out by me, the objective observer of both viewpoints. From Baker’s perspective, he sat facing the ballerina, just as Edwardston did across the pool from him (although he couldn’t see Edwardston).


To *Edwardston*, Baker Bloch sat sideways in respect to the statue, his body pointed directly toward the back wall of the Confluence Place. In other words, Edwardston’s Baker was turned 90 degrees from Baker’s Baker, or what Baker was experiencing in his own avatar body. Never seen this before. I would think Baker Bloch’s own viewpoint must be taken as the correct one in this case. Yet the *twist* seems synch-y, a message about the dilemma at hand (Edwardston’s non-reaction to the statue). Should they look at the situation from a new, different angle instead of just head on or as a one answer problem? Turns out that’s what needed to be done.


Just for the record, Bracket Jupiter and everyone else in my avatar family that I’ve tested so far can see Baker Bloch in grayed out fashion, but he only sees any one of them as mist. The only avatar I haven’t tried out in this way is Karoz Blogger, who hasn’t shown up in VWX Town yet.


Hucka Doobie’s VWX Town perspective has added twists. On occasion, his world breaks down into spectral colors such as seen below. This doesn’t seem to happen to any of the other avatars.


Pretty isn’t it? And I promise Hucka Doobie wasn’t on any hallucinogenics when I peeped through his peepers for these shots. 🙂


Back to Edwardston: He tries so hard to identify with the ballerina, for Baker Bloch’s sake. He idolizes Baker, but still no strong reactions when he crawls into her skin as best as possible (mimicking Bracket Jupiter’s earlier fusion with The Shining’s Jack Torrence). A possible solution would come soon, however.


Baker goes with Edwardston to the Toxic Art Gallery to take a look at that orange dog he *does* have a strong reaction to. This particular example involves the Jasper 04 collage. Edwardston correctly identifies the dog as a specific type of dingo, a rare American breed. And that’s a representation of me, baker b., up there with the dingo on top of that cliff in Jasper 04.


“I heard…

“Knock, knock!”

… you went to visit Bracket Jupiter in VWX Town, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Couldn’t see him. No good[ of a visit]. But I can see you!


Most excellent. I don’t understand why people — avatars — can see me and I can’t see them. Baker Blinker can’t see me. But everyone else can. But then everyone else basically can’t see anyone else but me. Don’t think there’s any exceptions to that. So I have to interact with everybody. You can’t visit with Bracket Jupiter.

Hucka D.:

No. But you did visit with Baker Blinker, even though neither of you can see the other. Oh *wait*…


Yeah. Oh, yeah. Forgot she can see me as well.

Hucka D.:

Super. You’re the hub!


But I’m also Baker Blinker.

Hucka D.:

Not as much any more. At one time. But you’re Baker Bloch much more now. That’s your avatar. That’s your bodily focus in the virtual world you live in.


Hucka D., Edwardston doesn’t remember the ballerina/Texas/Camp Ruby memories but does about that dog, the orange dog.

Hucka D.:

Well he is from Mythos. Edwardston from Mythos. What did you expect?



Strange about Bracket Jupiter coming back. I wonder if Karoz is next, or Wilsonia?

Hucka D.:

Bracket Jupiter is a good character. You need him to balance Edwardston. Alien to human. With Baker Bloch between them. Baker Blinker’s not quite human as well. And of course I’m mostly bee. Wilsonia’s sorta like the Marilyn of our Munsters — I think we’ve put it that way before. And now we have Edwardston, who’s pretty ordinary looking as well.


Bracket is resurrected like Jack at the end of The Shining, in that 1921 photograph.

Hucka D.:

Bracket Jupiter was well aware this was the Judgement Day, and he rose from the dead. That’s what I was going to talk to him about.


Sorry you couldn’t actually visit him.

Hucka D.:

You should explore more what happens to me when I visit this world.



Your Second Lyfe, you mean.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Keep up with the buzz. I heard Flynn is back. Did you tell her the exciting news that you live in Rubi again, and own so much land there? I guess you had to.


I had to, as you guessed.

Hucka D.:

You should explore those woods more. Maybe through Edwardston. See what he’s up to tonight.



Edwardston Again.

We follow another day in the life of VWX Town citizen Edwardston Resident. He wakes up in the Home o’ Fibs, his claimed residence…


… and takes a look out the window to see if any major changes have occurred in the town since he went to sleep. None spotted.


He decides to do some meditation this day before heading out into the virtual world. A little synchronicity here: note that the position of Edwardston’s arms here are almost exactly the same as the ballerina’s he tried to identify so hard with the day before.


Perhaps thanks to the additional calming influence of the meditation, Edwardston begins to think outside the VWX Town box, taking the perspective of a green crystal shaped skybox on the neighboring property to the west flying the rainbow colored flag.


Edwardston also makes an identification this morning between the neighbor’s rainbow flag (left center) and the similar rainbow colors of the Temple of TILE’s labyrinth, also glimpsed in the above snapshot (right center). This makes another kind of one-to-one match for Edwardston using this particular perspective I, his user, provide for him once more.

Edwardston looking toward the neighbor’s low skybox from his back porch. Two rainbows can be glimpsed.

He heads over to the Power Tower Gowlery, remembering that the same labyrinth was also in one of the 1st floor collages (Gila 07: “Temple Dors”).


In looking at the other collages in the gallery, he notices that the Temple of TILE building is in not one but several, including Gila 05 (“Height and Depth”)…


… and also Latona 01 (“Exodus”). “Exodus from what?” Edwardston finds himself thinking. “Is this a picture of the fabled Pietmond? Is this the *end* of Piemond?” If Edwardston would have peered a little closer at Latona 01, he might have made out the name New Pietmond on a dark structure just below Spongebob’s pineapple house. So Edwardston kind of got it right: the picture is about the dismantling of Sikkima’s New Pietmond, which existed just south of Rubi’s VWX Town in early 2013. Edwardston hasn’t made that connection yet; that Baker’s lived in this area a number of times with different sets of builds as a result.


Edwardston moves up to the 3rd floor and the Lis series, taking another look at Lis 09 (“Up into Victory”). He understands this is about resurrection, and correctly associates it with his own recent birth as VWX Town resident.



This red haired figure from the following collage (Falmouth 01) is somehow him… reborn in this town in this time. It is both a man and a woman in one, he realizes, staring at it. He even attempts to physically merge with the figure, as he had earlier done with the Confluence ballerina (and Bracket Jupiter had done with The Shining’s Jack). With less success this time — the red haired being was a little too large for the match.


Edwardston teleports outside VWX Town toward the house with the rainbow flag. His figure smushes together into a ball shape, and he feels he is being rejected and punished for not being able to do as Baker Bloch wished and identify with the town’s central ballerina at the Confluence Place.


Soon his correct form pops out from the ball again, but he still feels exiled. Dejected, he decides to head away from VWX Town in a southwesterly direction, soon finding another small community in Rosieri. “Could *this* be a new home?” he thinks while wandering its deserted streets. No, it would not be. I don’t think.



Maybe it (the association) is indirect (!)



“There ya go.”



For a bit, all the Baker family avatars were spread out from each other, exploring different parts of Second Life. For Baker Bloch, an attaction became some small islands at the eastern edge of Sansara’s Sea of Secundus.


He notes the similarity between the design of the evil eye he finds there and the croppie beer logo found on the 1st Falmouth collage. This is indeed *awareness*.




Bracket Jupiter, in the meantime, was bumming around his old hangout, the Bracket sim’s Magicland. This was the site of the village he presided over as King of the Stans, with his former castle towering over it to the southwest.


He inspects an art gallery now found on his old castle’s mountain, and immediately stumbles upon 2 works by a person named Bracken. He understands the synchronicity.



Bracket is not pleased how the top of the mountain has been redesigned. He deems it artificial and forced.


Returning to VWX Town, Bracket confers with Cardboard Derek Jones about the possibility of moving back to Corsica, perhaps Asha. He explains that Baker Bloch is attempting to set up the true House Greenup there. C.D. seems very excited; Bracket Jupiter has become his new BFF.


Bracket Jupiter inspects the location of a former rival Corsica castle. This would be in Fisher Rigg, talked about some on the old Baker Blinker Blog (LINK). The town has since been basically derezzed. Bracket doesn’t miss it, and tried to destroy it himself several times with his fleet, or so he claims.


A new city has sprung up close to the old location of Fisher Rigg. Bracket comes away not too impressed. Not even worthy of an invasion, he thinks.


But Asha could be different…



“Corsica is an elephant.”

House Greenup

Edwardston Resident seems to have temporarily left VWX Town and struck out on his own. He left behind the moebius triangle Edwardston Resident – Confluence Ballerina – Falmouth Figure. Correction: I don’t think Edwardston has left VWX Town, but he’s just out exploring now. Same seems to go for Bracket Jupiter, another new resident, and newly resurrected as well. He identifies with Jack as The Devil from the end of The Shining, with judgement trumpet blowing next to him. He is in virtual paradise in this town. Yet he is bitter because of the circumstances of his death, and blames community owner and leader Baker Bloch. He has stated a desire to live in Billfork, and Baker has accommodated Bracket as best as possible and set up House Greenup back in Asha. The 2004 Greenup series is all about Billfork. Bracket will use the gallery, not present in VWX Town, as a 2nd home on the Corsica continent. He has been studying this continent lately, reading through the appropriate parts of the Baker Blinker Blog. He’s thinking of writing a history of Corsica, which seems intimately connected to Heterocera in my interaction with it down through the years now. Corsica’s Asha plays a role there as well. Bracket is returning the family to this power spot. He is attempted redemption.



The Trip


“And here is the 2nd temple, Edwardston. This would start in June 2010, or a little before Pietmond that September. The construction of this second, more accurate temple then eventually created the big black hole linking Heterocera and its Pond District with Corsica and its Comma Islands. Bracket will have more information about that soon.”

Edwardston Resident:

I can’t wait!

Baker Bloch:

We thought…

Edwardston Resident:

I thought *I* could create the history of Heterocera, in tandem with Bracket or working with Bracket.

Baker Bloch:

It’s all centered around [Rubi], this place. This is the center. The Pond District is attached to this center. The HEC Canyon is attached to this center. Heterocera’s more recently discovered continental Diagonal is based on this center, most likely.

Edwardston Resident:

How about, what do you call it… the community with the virtual Chelsea Hotel?

Baker Bloch:

VHC Town I’ve been calling it. But let’s call it VHC *City*, because it is considerably larger than our VWX *Town*.

Edwardston R.:

I am excited to be a part of this project. And if I do this, you’ll keep me around in December, and the town.

Baker Bloch:

Maybe. We still might have to move back to Philudoria. But you can write the Heterocera history [based] there.

Edwardston R.:

Maybe. I have my house here, however. I gain inspiration by walking around VWX Town, and the Rubi Woods. And I like the neighborhood as well.

Baker Bloch:

Maybe we should just take a trip to Philudoria and see what you think.


(45 minutes later)

“How about you, Bracket? Edwardston is cool with moving to Philudoria now he sees how close it is to VHC [City].”

Bracket Jupiter:

I can work from anywhere, as long as I have a small base on Corsica. And I do now (Asha and House Greenup), thanks to you. You are trying to make up for past mistakes. You haven’t *quite* made up for them, because I had to die and be reborn, after all. But I will admit now that you are trying. I will keep reading the piecemeal history of the Corsica continent from the Baker Blinker Blog. I’m up to Asha, actually.

Baker Bloch:

I think the house there might be safe for a considerable time. My guess is that the avatars there are themselves privy to an illegal build way up in the sky somewhere. As I said before, I’ve been up about 2000 meters, and didn’t see anything. But since the avatars are obviously in that space (judging by the green dots on the world map), the skybox must be further up, and, importantly, further away from the ground and your house there. I hear you’ve also been talking to Cardboard Derek Jones about House Greenup.

Bracket Jupiter:

Yes, he’s pretty excited about it being set up in the, um, in its most natural spot… beside Greentop. He wants to visit soon as well.

Baker Bloch:

So you think that CD Jones is okay with us moving back to Philudoria, despite not having near the amount of land as before?

Bracket Jupiter (nodding head):

I think so.

Baker Bloch:

How about Carrcassonne? You’ve been talking to her recently as well.

Bracket Jupiter:

Yes, the other day we chatted at her pool. We discussed Corsica in the way that Carrcassonnee can discuss, well, anything. Wholistic she is. She agrees that Corsica is an elephant.

the Head


“It would be best if Edwardston started with the concept of the Sylver Forest and moved from there. Roger Pine Ridge should be understood. Why does Waters change to Pine Ridge?”


Roger Pine Ridge is certainly eligible to sit at The Table, along with variants Peter Gabriel, Little Robert Plant, Marty and Lemon, and, lets see, Dr. Blood or Knik now. Day Ravies?

Hucka D.:

Dr. Blood is truly at the Head of the table now. He’s Da Man. The Director.


He might like ordering Marty around, harhar.

Hucka D.:

Roger Pine Ridge definitely wants to join. The Tide is Turning. Flat top. Use to think the world was flat… 1936.**


Theory, Hucka D.: Waters changing to Pine Ridge in ’36 opens doors to Sylver Forest memories.

Hucka D.:

You’ll have to tell Edwardston Resident about Roger Pine Ridge and Montgomery County, Arkansas.*


Your favorite state after all, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Right. Left.

* Montgomery County, AR historic maps:




The countdown of 10 to 1 at the end of “Four Minutes” in Quadrospirited begins when the father enters this santuary…


… and then ends with the fountain bathed in the light of the 4 sacred colors.


Then when the parents and their daughter Chihiro leave the sanctuary or station immediately afterwards, they encounter would I would call a direct replica of TILE Mountain in your Herman Park, while Waters starts “The Tide is Turning” song with, “I use to think the world was flat.” In the real world, TILE Mountain is Flat top. (also known as Yards or Yds. Mtn.) In Peewee Big, this message is clarified. We have a reprisal or direct borrowing of the 10-1 countdown in this newer synch, and then the beginning of “The Tide is Turning” song as well. However, in Peewee Big we have a segue into The Beatles’ “Come Together”, where the lyrics start…

“Here come old flattop
He come groovin’ up slowly
He got joo-joo eyeball

…as Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters realizes that the sculptures he is creating are simulations of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, a place earmarked for contact between humans and e.t.s in the film. At the very place he breaks the top off his biggest sculpture to make it flat, cementing the association with Devil’s Tower for him, we have Lennon singing the word “flattop” in “Come Together” — flattops obviously, um, coming together (then Dreyfuss grooves up slowly to the revealed sculpture, to add to the synchiness, and he may have joo-joo eyeball as well?). The coming together here means, moreso, humans coming together over contact with extraterrestrial species, but also Dreyfess coming together with a new woman (his wife had just left him), as they head to the real Devil’s Tower to witness the contact up close and personal. You now know that Bill Mountain is a place of contact between humans and aliens, and Bill Mountain is very close to TILE Mountain or Flattop. It is, in fact, the next mountain *down* from TILE. It has less elevation but is more secluded, a more likely place to encounter aliens, in fact. And this is what has happened.


Come Together lyrics analysis:


Each verse is a different Beatle, starting with George!

Which came first?


Then below we have the outline of the Chasm Deep sim (orange) superimposed on the Eye of Rye picture, with the alignment between the 2 locations in place still. Remarkably, the 2 highlighted sims of each picture, Nostrilia (red) and Chasm Deep, turn out to, in essence, share the same diagonal (pink), *and*, moreover, intersect each other in such a way as to form a square whose sides are precisely *2/3rds* the length of the associated sims.

Because of this fact, the interference pattern can be easily broken down into a grid of squares 1/3rd the length of a sim. A 3×3 example of such squares making up the Nostrilia sim is shown below.

The Baker family believes this is a representation of 2 eyes focusing, one the Eye of Rye itself, and the other Chasm Deep Sink, peering in the opposite direction, as it were.

The implications here could be far reaching. Far reaching indeed.

Is it strange that I read this today after I just wrote the spanking new VWX Tower (constructed the night before) is *2/3rds* of a sim long?

More on this:


Ear of Beer, to Ancients, was Chasm Deep sink, as Eye of Rye was the identified island in this blog. Same size — also represents an audio and video side of an a/v tile. Together they make a tile when cued together correctly, an exact 1:1 match. The Martians did this? And their 1/3rd size “sims”? Covered over by the regular size LL grid sims?

The 2/3rds sim overlap between Chasm Deep (ear, audio) and Norstilla (eye, video) is an audiovisual *tile*.


This is much like Gridcosm, frequented by Mike Casey and also his arch-pal known as Bacon Hellershanks in virtual reality, still a resident of the Heterocera continent.



I was sure this was a Second Life photo upon first glance. It’s not (found in search for “synchronicity + tile).





Color of the VWX Tower modules, west to east:


Modules number 13 total for the VWX Tower, the first and last being green. It’s a triple octave. In contrast, City Hall, based on the same module, is a *single* octave:


City Hall is topped by a cat. The much longer and higher VWX Tower is not, and actually cannot be due to property constraints.

Each of the 4 green modules/sections of the VWX except the bottom presently contains a single figure (Lt. Pepper; hooded figure; Giant Rotating Head of Bob). Only the bottom green module (of 2) of City Hall contains a figure (Ben Thar), if you don’t count the topping cat.


“I spy with my little eye…”

This is like the single octave City Hall.


This is like the triple octave VWX Tower.


Both of these crop circles date from 1996, with the single julia set Stonehenge formation being the most famous of the year while the somewhat later triple julia set crop circle from Avebury Trusloe representing the season’s most impressive glyph.



Until then, I’ll leave you with a simple collage of a new crop circle that Hucka D. is implying relates to the Baker’s discovery of the Eye of Rye island. Some interesting comparisons for sure here.


Hucka D.:

Yes. Thanks in turn. Eye of Rye perched on the edge of the Valley of Nye, peering down into it almost. No, make that definitely. An eyeball on the edge. Chasm Deep turns the other direction.


(continued to)

Another one?

Baker Bloch plays the keyboards at the Norris Building. He understands the generated microcosm. *I* want to play the keyboards. Purchasing commencing soon! But will it help spell the demise of VWX Town? Neither Baker Bloch nor his user know yet. But in the meantime, I decided to play around with the City Hall module and create another town tower, a really, really high one. And *long* — 2/3rds of a sim long. Almost a sim high. I call it the VWX Tower.


VWX Tower arching above the cat topped City Hall. Yeah, it’s way up there.


VWX Tower bottom, behind Edwardston’s house (Home o’ Fibs). Wonder if Edwardston will approve of the new structure, since I had to delete his small gallery to make room for it? Baker Bloch enters.


VWX Tower top: Baker teleports directly into The Giant Rotating Head of Bob’s pipe. Smoke’n!


Baker begins to walk back down. The trek starts out on relatively level ground and becomes progressively steeper.


“A game, eh?” Baker’s up for the challenge.



Passing a hooded figure (angel of doom?), Baker offers a friendly hello. No answer back.


A precariously perched Lt. Pepper encountered at the next green space.



Bottom sighted! Getting really steep now.


Will he make it?



… is a very important post, Hucka D.


Brackeet Jupiter:

The elephant is Corsica. Good evening to you baker b. Pleased to be here with you on your Baker Bloch Blog.




Bracket Jupiter:

Mobius. Moebius.

I am going to make a second stab.


Good for you! You are working hard instead of hardly working.


Bracket Jupiter:

And that’s it (!) I’ve read all the Baker Blinker Blog posts on Corsica. Shouldn’t be too difficult.


Tile Enttered Heer.

(continued from)


Hucka D.:

Yes. Thanks in turn. Eye of Rye perched on the edge of the Valley of Nye, peering down into it almost. No, make that definitely. An eyeball on the edge. Chasm Deep turns the other direction.


Forward or true eye finding another reverse or “backwards” eye in a hole or chasm. True relation of sight and sound revealed; tile enttered heer.


Collage always there is.

“I wonder if Bracket Jupiter came back as a Tylepire on the Heterocera continent, specifically around Slosser?

Hucka D.:

Baker’s not here tonight, Edwardston. I will help[ instead]. I am Bracket as well.

Edwardston Resident:

Are you?

Hucka D.:



Edwardston Resident:

It [the post] says, that Slosser was full, and it had done its bit. So bit equals bite, as in the bite that turns one into a, um, tylepire.


Edwardston R. (still reading):

Looks like the last bit of Heterocera mythology I really have to deal with comes from the Pond District. Lakeview is afterwards, but no mythology developed there.

Hucka D.:

Not really.

Edwardston R.:

Slosser is sort of a broken off part of the Pond District, really.

Hucka D.:

Kind of.

Edwardston R.:

I think I want to study all the streams of Heterocera, and all the gorges, either dry or wet. Like HEC Canyon, which I still haven’t read about.

Hucka D.:

All centers around Rubi. Even when none of the [Baker] family lived there… here. Because we still live here, right? Last time I checked.

Edwardston R.:

Yes, because my house has not been deleted.

Hucka D.:

Good enough. Baker b. plans to set the land for sale soon, perhaps today. And he told me you’re okay with this.

Edwardston R.:

I suppose.

Heck’s Canyon.


Edwardston R.:

Hucka D., do you know this Nish Mip?

Hucka D.:

Yes, she is an explorer friend of Baker Bloch’s. Former friend… I don’t think they’ve communicated in years. Baker Bloch use to have a number of SL explorer friends but they, one by one, gradually dropped by the wayside as all moved on from Second Life and into real life or else other fake lives, or a combo of both. Another prime example would be Headburro Antfarm, who was also a friend of Nish Mip’s. You should study Antfarm’s work as well.

Edwardston (still reading Heterocera related posts):

And I see Heck’s Canyon has direct ties to Corsica continent. It is equated with the Valley of Nye, the huge, hypothetical ocean gorge that separates Corsica from Nautilus continents. Baker’s square Edwardston Station Gallery in the sky, the archetypal cube, peers down into it like a giant eye. Thus Eye of Rye. And appropriately the cube is the same as Jasper County, Illinois, and Jasper is the first name of Jack Daniels, whose namesake company just put out an unaged version of a rye drink.

Hucka D.:

You are becoming more and more like baker b.

Edwardston R.:

Maybe. (pause; still reading) Now I’ve come to the literature about the Pond District black hole, Hucka D. That’s another directly link with Corsica… literally, because the hole connects the center of Heterocera’s Pond District with Corsica’s Bracket sim and Comma Islands. I have done my homework!

Hucka D.:

Impressive. (pause) Too impressive?

Edwardston R.:

Now I have to understand about this King and his Queen in Ratcliff, Pond District, and their All White Horses shop in the downtown area.

Hucka D.:

It’s all a downtown. But… yes. You do.

Edwardston R.:

Bracket Jupiter is of course the King of the Stans, and his Queen there is the Brackage Queen. He just saw a picture of her in the art gallery on the mountain where his castle use to exist. Question: Is this the same as the King and Queen of Ratcliff?

Hucka D.:

A question to be asking.

Edwardston R.:

That is a central issue, and one I must confer with Bracket about. Is there any way to properly meet him?

Hucka D.:

There’s always collage.

“A” is Mount Pond;”B” is Baker’s new 512 parcel; “C” is what Hucka D. claims is The King’s old shop in Ratcliff, which he has just now identified by name (“All White Horses are One White Horse”, which the locals, again according to Hucka D., most frequently shortened to “All White Horses”); and then “D” is the site of the miniature city of New Gummton on the shores of Lake Sesia.

I don’t think…


… I’m going to be able to give up my Rubi property in the next several days. Set it up for sale? I could make my money back on a sale, but I have to weigh continued creative value (including value to this blog, of course) with giving it up and shifting to other emphases.

Check out the map of the Rubi sim above: The VWX Tower can be seen spanning the entire length of my town/property there, [over] 2/3rds of a sim long, but probably [considerably] over a sim’s length walking it from top to bottom. Interesting fun fact: You can’t walk it in reverse. But one thing I noticed on the map is that the [cat topped] City Hall lies almost precisely halfway down the length of VWX Tower, making a right angle with it.

Hucka D.:

1996. It was a good year for crop circles. You have two on your property now. Well, not crop circles. Glyph art. Composites. VWX Tower is a tile uniting audio and video. What is the audiovideo tile referred to?


It’s a towering tile, whatever.

Hucka D.:


Edwardston R. discovers the former, fuller Rosieri urban area.

Dueling borg cubes, 2009 (Rubi Forest front left).


What could have been.