VWX Town 2013-2014 04 (Dec 02 of 02)

Fal Mouth Moon, The


New structure in town, but actually quite old. Formerly a haunted hotel, now it functions as a gallery for the Gilatona-Lis[-Falmouth] series (replacing the Power Tower Gowlery on that) and also as a portal to The Moon (replacing the Norris Building on that). More soon!

And, oh yeah, I’m definitely in Rubi for another month. Decision gate passed through.

The Fal Mouth Moon has connections with Bay City’s similarly fowl Falmouth Hotel via wig topped Red Skeleton. It’s also associable with The Shining’s cursed Overlook Hotel in snowy Colorado. An exorcism may have taken place there in past/present/future.


Bracket Jupiter
The Fal Mouth Moon, VWX Town
July 4, 1921



Fal[se] Mouth & disappearing WIG WGI.



New VWX Town Map


New structures since last map created approx. 1 month ago:

34. Bodega Market
35. Marble Tower (replaced 32)
36. Unnamed structure (replaced 26 and 28)
37. Elephant effigy (replaced 19)
38. Fal Mouth Moon (replaced 20, 21 kind of)
39. VWX Tower (replaced 15 kind of)

Deleted but not replaced:

8, 9

This is the Blue Feather Gallery and Blue Feather Gallery Annex.

Other thoughts:

City Hall remains, but it has been greatly enlarged. It has stolen the cat sculpture from nearby Confluence Place, itself enlarged and modified in the same process. The Confluence Place cat was moved *directly up* and repositioned atop the 5 story City Hall, which now arches over The Table House toward the more southern building. VWX Tower is based on the same module, but it, in turn, represents another type of enlargement of the new City Hall. And although I claim above that VWX Tower replaces the Power Tower Gowlery (kind of), the Fal Mouth Moon (former hotel) just to the east of this recently derezzed structure, represents more of an actual replacement, since it is now the home of the Gilatona-Lis collage series formerly exhibited in PTG. I believe the FMM now becomes the centerpiece of the town, along with perhaps the directly attached and nearby structures The Table House, Confluence Place, and also both the similar City Hall and VWX Tower arching over all.

Hucka D.:

If Confluence Place is part of the center, then so is the Castle of the 7th Spire. And also the Church of The Diagonal. And how about the Church of the Damned? Or The Hole in the Wall, which I would suggest you re-name The Watering Hole or Ye Ole Watering Hole or something like that? See what’s happening there tonight.


“Not much happening…


… over at *Ye Ole Watering Hole*, Hucka D.” (smiles) Just Karoz and Bracket Jupiter sharing a beer and not being able to see each other.”

Hucka D. (jumping right into it):

We have the Alpha and the Omega defined now. Alpha is The Wizard of Oz, the light, the good. Omega is the dark. It is The Shining, and the black and white photograph at the end of this movie is also the end of your world. And my world. You start somewhere and you end somewhere. Fal Mouth Moon is a way to get out, to go home.

bb (offering):

The Moon?


The Rubi Forest 01

Overhead shot of the 5/8ths sim sized Rubi Forest, a protected Linden Lab property. There are 3 types of trees within the forest: eucalyptuses, brown cypresses and green cypresses, with the brown cypresses normal larger than the green ones. In the below photo, the 3 types of trees can rather clearly be discerned from each other, esp the 2 variations of cypresses. The eucalyptus trees, larger than the green cypresses even, are a little harder to pinpoint in this snapshot, since their foliage is both closer to the color of the ground and spread out a bit more.


There are several varieties of “twinned” trees in the forest, this example being a merger of a eucalyptus and a green cypress. I believe this occurs in the north central part of the forest, not far from Robin Loop running parallel to its entire upper border.


This is a fusion of eucalyptus and brown cypress, closer to VWX Town and the woods’ southern limit.


Intertwined branches of same.


Hucka D. has indicated to me that this is a forest feature called The Notch, made up of 6 brown cypresses sprouting in a “V” shape in its southwest area. The Notch can be clearly seen in the overhead photo above. Hucka D. has also recently indicated to me that other forest features have been named in the past but haven’t been revealed to me yet. All in good time, he recites.



Looking into The Notch from the west.


Uprooted tree, with only the barest of a point touching the ground, even. There may be examples of totally uprooted or “floating” trees in the forest as well — hafta check soon. I’d also like to talk about the grass in the forest shortly.


Eucalpytus trees. These 1 prim linden trees are a remarkable product. All the linden trees and plants have their merit, and of course you run across them all over the place inworld. Not as much as you should in my humble opinion but they can be called ubiquitous still.


Baker Bloch thinks a path may have laterally run through the center of the forest at one time, judging by the green, open area he’s standing in below. Personally I’m not convinced of this.


Baker also likes to often reduce his viewing range while within the forest to make it appear larger and also more misty and mysterious seeming.



Fal Mouth Moon 01

1st Floor: Gila series of Gilatona-Lis. And the rocket launcher.


3rd floor: Lis series. 2nd floor we skipped contains the Latona series.


And then looking down from the 5th floor to the 4th and the exposed Falmouth series, the capping “4 collages in 1 collage” work of Gilatona-Lis. Funtastic.


There’s even a 6th floor to the structure, a type of attic. As mentioned previously there’s some room for new collages above and beyond Gilatona-Lis, unlike its old home, the Power Tower Gowlery. And also we have it combined with that oh so cool rocket launcher. Have you been to VWX Town’s Moon yet? You should go dear reader or readers.





Carrcassonne gives a big thumb’s up to the Fal Mouth Moon. Well, a big arm’s up, since she has no thumbs. Or hands.


Rubi Forest thoughts, etc.

“The easiest way to really get down and dirty in a study of the 8×5 forest, Hucka D., is to divide it into 40 sections of 32×32 square meters each. This may have been how The Ancients studied the forest as well.”

Hucka D.:

Yes. 8×5.


You’ve indicated The Notch feature. Can you speak of other features now?

Hucka D.:

The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper. The forest is the sky.

8x5 grid



In order to balance out VWX Town, I must coordinate it with the forest, the woods.


V shaped star formation. Notch parallel?

Rubi Trees/Golden Mean

Pretty strange: I took several hours to carefully count the number and types of trees in the Rubi Woods using an 8×5 grid method, and came up with the following sums. The total number of trees in the woods, counting those bordering Robin Lane in extreme north Rubi, is 199.


These include 123 eucalyptus trees…


… and 76 cypress trees of both green (larger) and brown (smaller) variety.


The amazing part came when I started dividing the total and subtotals to compare percentages. A number very close to the golden mean kept coming up….

199/123 = 1.617886178861789

123/76 = 1.618421052631579

… or the golden mean +1 in this case:

199/76 = 2.618421052631579

What I soon found out is that I’d somehow stumbled upon a succession of what’s called Lucas numbers or Lucas series, closely related to the more famous Fibbonaci series.


Some articles on Lucas numbers:




(Continued in)

Final Virtual Home?

Perhaps inspired by the Rubi Forest research today, I have begun thinking that Rubi might be my final stop in Second Life. What better place could I find to watch the terminal days of the mainland grid? How long will mainland last?


Edward’s Stream will mark the new, lower border of the trimmed down burg. Will it still be called VWX Town? A question to ponder. I’ll gear my tier down to the next level, which I still find quite managable, at least in relation to this most perfect of virtual spots. Fal Mouth Moon will also remain and stay the home of the Gilatona-Lis collages, my last offerings in that medium. More might be added in the coming year, and there’s some room for growth in the building, as opposed to the Power Tower Gowlery. The attached rocket launcher will also stay.


Toxic Art Gallery with its “Art 10×10” may move back to Philudoria. All of the eastern part of town will be gone. The Confluence Place will not stick around. The Table House as well. The giant cat topped city hall *may* remain, but will have to be turned the other way (?). Big Boy Tower won’t be there. The Damned Church, exhibiting the Rubi history snapshots, could remain… probably will.

So it’s kind of a celebration. I knew I’d have to reduce tier soon, and this is a way to do it while staying in Rubi. I’ll abandon less than half the land to give me a cushion between neighbors. This appears the way to go.

The reduction won’t go into effect for several weeks, however.

Ye Ole Watering Hole will stay.


All of this will have to be derezzed, difficult because it means giving up my original mainland territory (again!). But fronting the forest is the most important aspect in considering what to cull.



The town has been divided into VWX Town, Essence and VWX Town, Indulgence. The Essence part of the community will remain in this plan, while Indulgence will not. As of now, I’d have almost 500 prims to still play around with on the reduced property — not bad. At the earliest, the reduction will go into effect about Jan. 7th. At the latest: probably early Feb. My last little bit of land in Philudoria, where the original version of The Church of the Diagonal still sits, will also be given up.

The below shot comes from Kerchal, which represents the only other large tract of mainland virgin forest remaining under the protection of Linden Labs (excluding the Linden Memorial Park). Although somewhat larger, in restudying the matter I like the Rubi Woods better. There’s only 1 type of tree here in Kerchal (pines) as opposed to the 2 in Rubi. And there’s no grass in Kerchal, and also the land doesn’t undulate in interesting ways like the former. I still like and appreciate the Kerchal Woods, but Rubi’s is superior for my tastes. I see that now.


Bracket and the family still have House Greenup in Asha as well.


Maxwell Jamie Klinger Farr



“It’s an actor and a character in one again, just like in Kansas with Bracket’s Psychogumma’s Marion and Leigh.”

Edwardston R.:

I’m interested!

Hucka D.:

We’re in Rubi again, Edwardston R. Baker b. has decided we all can stay. Turns out the Rubi Forest is alive and sentient and shut. Could have told him that to save the worry and time.

Edwardston R.:

Fantastic! I sensed that too.

Hucka D.:

Lucas numbers and the golden mean are imbedded. Do you have your man data? Are you a Truemann?

Edwardston R.:


Hucka D.:

The Klinger man/woman taps you on the shoulder, making you turn. Are you turning?

Edwardston R.:








Edwardston in Da Woods 01

Edwardston plays a new song in the Rosieri village church called “Starting to Understand”. Rosieri, to remind, is the sim caddycorner to Rubi to its southwest. The church is part of a small village Edwardston first ran across several days back, exclusive to that sim. This represents his second and more extended visit.


In the cemetery behind the church: ghosts!


“Where’s the darn gate again?” Edwardston wonders, looking for a quick escape from the cursed place.


“Woah, I hope whatever was in this cage isn’t heading up to Rubi and VWX Town!”


Edwardston encounters skid marks in the road while walking away from the cemetery and the church. He’s seen several motorcycles in the village. “Maybe they made these,” he thinks. “Hogs.”


Chill’n in a village diner, hoping a biker gang doesn’t suddenly show up, actually.


Further north on the main road, Edwardston spies a familiar object hanging in the sky. It’s his neighbor’s crystal-like skybox, low to the ground.


He heads back home through bramble marking the village’s western border. VWX Town just ahead!


Queerly, Edwardston finds he’s lost a day as he passes through the town and into the Rubi Woods for more exploring fun. He cannot remember the Rosieri trip because that actually occurs tomorrow, when he plays the piano in the church. Is he trapped in an eternal loop? We’ll see!

Edwardston studies the brown cypress tree arrangement Hucka D. has called The Notch, a prominent Rubi Woods attribute.


6 such trees form a v-shaped formation here. Edwardston pays particular attention to the brown cypress sharing trunk space with a larger eucalyptus tree. As he’s noted previously, there are maybe close to half a dozen twinned trees like this in the forest.


The Notch from above. Is this truly related to the Hyades star cluster?




Edwardston in Da Woods 02

Technically not twinned trees, but still with trunks quite close together. We’ll return to pictures of them shortly.


But first, back to The Notch. Edwardston sits under the tree that may represent the bright star Aldebaran, not a part of the Hyades star cluster but still lying within it from Earth’s perspective.

Check this out from the wikipedia section on Aldebaran and astrology. I’ll highlight the key word involved.

To medieval astrologers, Aldebaran was one of fifteen Behenian stars, associated with rubies, milk thistles and the kabbalistic sign Aldaboram (Agripa 1531).svg.

Also see here:

Forming the profile of a Bull’s face is a V or A-shaped asterism of stars. This outline is created by prominent members of the Hyades,[17] the nearest distinct open star cluster after the Ursa Major Moving Group.[18] In this profile, Aldebaran forms the bull’s bloodshot eye, which has been described as “glaring menacingly at the hunter Orion”,[19] a constellation that lies just to the southwest.



A spiky protuberance between the 3 main branches of the tree.


Looking up into the merged foilage of the neighboring twinned trees.


Let’s return to those 2 close eucalpytus trees now, not within The Notch but situated not far to the east.

Edwardston sees a “face’ at the very bottom of the more raised tree (almost a floating tree but not quite)…


… and then an elongated version of what appears to be the same face in the middle of the trunk…


… and then a squished up version of a seemingly different face at the bottom of the first branch.


Another entity (Abzorbaloff) containing similar multiple faces.


But here’s the stunner: when Edwardston used distance viewing to look down into the same two trees, a much more human-like *eye* appeared within their intwined branches, perhaps with a mouth as well. Can you see it?


Here’s the detail in question. Also seems like a female’s eye.


Edwardston sees this, then cannot recreate the mirage (mirage?) after moving the camera angle away. Just intertwined branches now with no eye. But he *did* see it, and managed to take a picture as proof. Is this some kind of transferred bull’s eye??


Edwardston stands against the third type of tree in the forest, a green cypress, larger than its brown cousins.


It has a very different and distinct trunk as well.


I think he’s starting to understand.


Getting better…

Let’s just chat tonight, Hucka D. We haven’t chatted in ages it doesn’t seem.

Hucka D.:

Last night? Or maybe the night before.


Hmm. So I’m trying decide about Rubi, Hucka D. I don’t know if it would be really practical to reduce to a 8704 there, almost reducing my land holdings in half. It’s either I keep what I got and sell in *Feb.*, or I just sell in Jan. Because to abandon my land in the next several weeks will cost me 30-40 bucks right there, enough to cover tier for the next month on the additional land. See what I mean?

Hucka D.:

Yes. You’re kind of stuck. But Feb. you must give it all up still. This is, after all, the Frank and Herman Einstein! Blog. The blog should focus on the local parks.


But Second Life — My Second Lyfe — is so much fun (!)



I’m gaining my mobility back. Turns out my hips weren’t square with each other, and one leg was shorter than the other as a result. This made my back hurt when I walked too much. Now its righted. Back in the woods, then! I might even have one of those rarer snow-less breaks, at least for the first part.

Hucka D.:

Don’t count on it.


No. I never count on it, but sometimes it happens.

More Rubi Tree Info

(Continued from)

Breakdown of two types of Rubi Forest cypresses, green and brown, using the same grid method as before.

Almost the same amount of each: 37 and 38 (another twin). If the missing column-tree was added to the green table, the totals would be even at 38 apiece, and the lucas number relationship between total trees, eucayptus trees, and cypress trees in the forest would remain perfect. As it stands, the whole equation is one off. There simply *must* be a missing cypress tree, or an implied renegade.



Eucalpytus tree table again:


The number 732 is “imprinted” twice in this particular tree table, once in row 2 and once in row 5. These imprints, in terms of squares, are also direct north and south of each other. I believe this might refer to the infamous Room 237 of The Shining through the dartboard of the movie, where Danny looks at successive alternate numbers 7… 3… 2 at the bottom of this board (traditional layout) just before seeing the Grady Twins for the first time.

Check out a slice of Juli Kearns’ amazing Shining research on this particular topic here.

This follows from earlier speculation that The Notch of the Rubi Woods resonates with the V-shaped Hyades star cluster of Taurus, with a particular brown cypress tree becoming its “Aldebaran bull’s eye”. Then in nearby twinned trees (eucalyptuses) Edwardston Resident found an inexplicable eye staring back at him, which seems to represent another manifestation of the same archetypal bull’s eye of the forest. Of course, a dartboard also has a bullseye at its center, also red in color. The forest itself may represent the dartboard as a whole, then. More on that soon.


The only other repeating number sequence of these rows beyond 2 is 1,3,2, which occurs twice as well. One instance lies directly above the more northern of the 7,3,2’s and the second appears caddycorner (to the nw) of the second 7,3,2. An animation between the 2 pairs of triplets within this table might even be implied as follows:





Since the final interaction between the two pairs is a *point* (corner), then the succession of cube (top), square (top middle), line (bottom middle), and point might be implied as well in this 3 step animation.


Rubi Woods Squares (or 1024s), Row 1

Square E1:
(6 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 2 green cypresses)


Twinned trees of eucalyptus and green cypress below. This and the other green cypress of E1 also represent bottom points of The House formation (Hucka D. terminology). The House’s top portion is found in D1 to the north.


Square E2:
(2 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 2 green cypresses)


Green cypress in southeast corner, surrounded by pink and green crystals.


The northeast corner is also pretty well defined by this eucalyptus.


Square E3:
(1 eucalyptus, 0 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)



Square E4:
(7 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)

Noted for containing famous 97/97/97 triple point of The Diagonal passing through the Rubi Forest northeast to southwest, enclosed in the 7th spire of the Castle of the 7th Spire projecting a bit into the forest from my property.

Also notable for being tied with B4 for the highest # of eucalyptuses for a square. Unlike B4, no cypresses are found in E4, and the 7 eucalyptuses stand alone here.


In common with neighboring E3, this square has a eucalyptus tucked snugly into its northeast corner.


E4 also has an example of a true, floating tree.


The 7th spire.


Square E5:
(3 eucalyptuses, 2 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)



Square E6:
(2 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 2 green cypresses)

The line of brown cypresses and oaks to the left here are not technically part of the forest, instead planted by my not-often-seen-neighbor Yoe May.


2 green cypresses pointing to the southwest corner.


Square E7:
(1 eucalyptus, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)

Bare except for 1 eucalyptus. Only 1 of 3 squares of the woods containing only 1 tree along with A7 and A8. There are no squares with zero trees, and also each square contains at least 1 eucalyptus.


But as you can see below, E7 came close to having no trees.



Square E8:
(4 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)

Another square containing only eucalyptuses, like a number in the forest.


On its northern edge E8 contains interesting lineup of 3 of its 4 eucalyptuses, plus 1 that just lies in D8 to the north, which also forms a twinned situation with the middle of these 3 in E8.


Same from opposite direction.


(continued in)

Rubi Woods Squares 02, Row 2

(continued from)

Square D1:
(1 eucalyptus, 0 brown cypresses, 4 green cypresses)

Contains top triangular portion of The House formation; bottom portion found in E1 to south. The House contains 6 green cypresses total, with left top green cypress, in D1, doubled by another green cypress in same square (still studying that relationship). The House acts as a type of complement to The Notch whose component *brown* cypress trees are found in D2 and D3 immediately to the east. Both are composed of 6 cypresses trees (all green for The House, all brown for The Notch). One of the 6 in each formation is twinned with a eucalyptus tree.



Square D2:
(3 eucalyptuses, 3 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)

3 of 6 trees of The Notch found here, all brown cypresses…


… including the central one of the pic below, twinned with a larger eucalyptus. More on that later. The “Aldebaran” tree is to its left in the below photo, one aspect of a Rubi Forest bull’s eye.


Southernmost brown cypress of The Notch within D2 (central tree of below snapshot).


Square D3:
(2 eucalyptuses, 3 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)


… notable for containing the remaining 3 brown trees of The Notch, bunched together in the below photo, and near its western edge.


Square D4:
(5 eucalyptuses, 4 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)

D4 is tied with B4 for most trees in a Rubi Forest square at 10.

A reverse (original?) Notch pattern could be outlined by its own, numerous brown cypresses (4), plus another just over the northern border in C4. More on that soon as I’m able to study and grasp more. Important new development, however.



Dense cluster of trees starting at the southern boundary.


Twinned eucalyptus and brown cypress in the southwest corner. Compare with same 2 trees twinned in D2.


Square D5:
(2 eucalyptuses, 2 brown cypresses, 1 green cypresses)



Floating tree on hillock — floating by a couple of inches as Baker Bloch is checking now.




Square D6:
(2 eucalyptuses, 2 brown cypresses, 1 green cypresses)




Square D7:
(3 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 2 green cypresses)





Northwest corner. Close call on the foreground eucalyptus — almost in D6.


Square D8:
(3 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)


1 of 3 eucalyptuses of D8 is twinned with a larger eucalyptus in E8, as discussed earlier. It’s a very close call between a location in E8 or D8 for it, but E8 has won out for now.


(continued in)

Rubi Woods Squares, Row 3:

(continued from)

Square C1:
(4 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)


Floating eucalyptus tree; on a hillock and by a couple of inches again, just like the case with the same type of tree in D5.


Square C2:
(5 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 0 green cypresses)



A smaller and more sunken eucalyptus here.


Square C3:
(3 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)


Wendy-Danny Trees. More on these here. Positioned near the southern edge of C3.


Square C4:
(3 eucalyptuses, 3 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)

C4 tied with with E4 with second most trees of 1024 squares in forest (7).


Square C5:
(5 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 0 green cypresses)



Square C6:
(4 eucalyptuses, 3 green cypresses, 1 brown cypress)




Square C7:
(2 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)


Square C8:
(3 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)


Two natural hills, small and large, grace the eastern edge of D8 and the forest as a whole. 3 eucalyptuses, 2 large and 1 small, are positioned in front of them. The small one appears before the smaller hill, and 1 of the 2 larger ones directly in front of the larger hill. The 2nd larger eucalyptus lies in front of and between those 2.


(continued in)

Wendy-Danny Trees

Wendy, left, and Danny, right from Square C3. I thought of naming these trees the Grady Trees or the Grady Twins (Gwady Twees?), but the sizes are too unequal, even given that the Grady Twins in The Shining aren’t *exactly* the same size. Close, but not the same. No, this appears more like the size difference between Danny and his mother Wendy in the film. The link is that Danny-Wendy hold hands in The Maze like the Grady Twins do in The Hotel, and it’s obvious that Kubrick (Cube Brick) wanted the two pairs associated through similar set motifs, etc. So the Rubi Forest trees are not the Grady Trees or some variation thereof, but the infamous Shining twins are implied because of this link with Wendy-Danny.

The Grady Twins, in their final appearance in the movie, implore Danny to play with them, “forever, and ever, and ever.” The Overlook Maze trapped Jack at the end forever and ever and ever, and almost did the same to Danny (if Jack would have caught him). But The Maze is a reflection of the neighboring Overlook Hotel and its own maze-like corridors, as designed by Kubrick. Cube Brick. The Maze resonates its energy into The Hotel and visa versa. They too hold hands in a manner, bigger to smaller.


As I studied the trees, different faces emerged than what I saw before through Baker Bloch and Edwardston Resident.


Wendy-Danny from overhead.


Almost directly south of the forest’s Wendy-Danny trees stands the truncated 4th column of 5 holding up the eloganted back of the Table House. During VWX Town’s first days, this was done to make room for Piedpot, then existing directly underneath it and also at the end of the straight portion of 1st Stream or Edward’s Stream. Both the columns surrounding this truncated 4th (3rd and 5th, then), are also floating, like the Danny tree in the forest directly north. Is this synchronicity? Do the 5 columns stands for the 5 rows of 1024 squares in the Rubi Forest? Columns are, after all, paired (“hold hands”) with rows as well (!). What does the missing or truncated 4th column mean, then? I might have to investigate this phenomenon more later on. Is the *Table House* supported by these columns, north to south on its back, symbolic of the forest as a whole?? At any rate, this house is scheduled to be deleted by Jan. 6th.


A VWX Town linden dogwood tree lies almost directly south of Wendy-Danny as well, and thus basically along the line of the columns just discussed. Like the Danny tree of the Rubi Woods, the dogwood is *almost* (but not quite) a floater, with only the tip of its lower point sticking into the ground. As eucalyptuses are one of the largest linden trees, the dogwood represents one of the smallest of same. If we move this dogwood directly north into the forest, it would lie almost equidistant to Wendy as Danny would on the other side — giving the suggestion of another type of child tree or son tree due to its shorter stature.

Of additional note here is that this dogwood presently protrudes through the eastern wall of Fal Mouth Moon and into the pictured trees (beech) of the Gila 09 collage, called “Head Inside”, the head in this case being of Sir Paul McCartney, whom Ringo Starr called the head or the brains of The Beatles.


When I placed the Fal Mouth Moon structure guided by other considerations, this projection just happened — wasn’t planned. But I decided to leave the dogwood there, since it meshed so well with the pictured tree grove in the collage. Keep in mind that both Baker Bloch and Edwardston have examined the faces or *heads* appearing in the Wendy-Danny trees. And it’s paramount to also keep in mind that an *eye* was spotted in the intertwined foilage of these very Rubi Forest trees, later directly associated with a bull’s eye of the forest. I may come back to this idea as well — the merger of beech grove of Gila 09 with the Rubi Forest.


More related info:


Wendy and Danny holding hands in The Maze.


Although he would admit that I could produce a printable take by any reasonable standard within the first few tries, Stanley would seldom respond with anything but derision until about take 14. He did not appear to be comfortable until we were well beyond take 20. Since the editing was to occur entirely after the filming of the production, he wanted at least two and preferably three perfect takes on each scene. Basically this was fine with me. Although most retakes were for other reasons, I could see a gradual improvement in my operating with each playback. I learned the route like a dancer learns a difficult piece of choreography and I could relegate more and more of the navigating to my subconscious and attend to the rhythm of the shot. To be fair, Kubrick later admitted that in selecting takes he went for performance every time and that many were technically indistinguishable. (He has been known to mutter, upon sitting through twenty identical passes in the lunchtime screenings, “Damn crosshairs, they get me every time!”)


The giant Hedge Maze set must be one of the most intriguing creations in the history of motion pictures. It must also be one of the most pernicious sets ever to work on.And folks, every frame was shot with the Steadicam. In its benign “summer” form, the Maze was constructed on the old MGM lot outdoors at Borehamwood.

It was beautiful. The “hedges” consisted of pine boughs stapled to plywood forms. It was lined with gravel paths, and contained a center section (although built to one side of the set) which was wider than the rest. It was exceedingly difficult to find one’s way in or out without reference to the map which accompanied each call sheet. Most of the crew got lost at various times and it wasn’t much use to call out “Stanley” as his laughter seemed to come from everywhere! It was amusing to be lost carrying nothing more than a walkie-talkie. It was positively hilarious if you happened to be wearing the Steadicam.




Stanley and cameraman holding hands (!).



By the way, the maze is based on the film “The Shining!” Jack Belvedere, owner of the sims, told me he had to clean up all the gore before doing the snow maze.

Have fun!


Labyrinthine way the Rubi Forest squares were passed through to recently re-count all the trees and additionally take pictures (start here).

8x5 grid_master03

Additional Wendy-Danny Tree Stuff

More twins from the collage before Gila 09 discussed in the Wendy-Danny Trees post just below, in this case Frank Zappa and Ringo Starr from the movie 200 Motels.*

Like the Grady Twins and Wendy-Danny from The Maze, they appear to be holding hands, or perhaps sharing one hand between them (Ringo’s left, Frank’s right). In the collage, they jointly start at a miniature version of the Marge beech grove positioned atop two opposing heads that are pressed together by two giant fingers. These fingers, along with a more realistic presentation of Marge, reappear in the following Gila collage already under discussion: “Head Inside”.

It also seems important to mention here that a mirroring crop circle (another twin!) appeared beside this beech grove’s twin Patty (*another* twin!) shortly after Edna and I returned from England this past summer. Never had a crop circle formed nearly this close to Marge before, nor her sister groves Patty and Selma. Just to note that all of these groves appear near each other on the same ridge, and are all basically convey the same shape, size and appearance.



Now the current state of “Head Inside,” newly reinstalled in Fal Mouth Moon. As you can see, the projecting dogwood branch doesn’t really do any aesthetic harm to the collage, and even adds to it in ways. Note that it appears to, by virtue of its 3-dimensionality, *block* Baker Bloch’s vision of McCartney’s head within Marge.


The truncated column in the back of the Table House discussed in the first post on this subject is found to exist at the very corner of VWX Town, Essence, or just within the part of the town that will be kept in January. A meter or two south or west and the column would lie within VWX Town, Indulgence, the part that is to be abandoned. Note also that the southernmost or “5th” column lies in VWX Town, Indulgence. 4 will remain; the 5th will not.

I also think this “missing” column represents the missing 199th tree of the Rubi Forest, the one that, when removed, makes its Lucas sequence resonance harder to identify. This was done on purpose — by The Woods itself?




* See here for strange tie-in between this movie and Cube-Brick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey:


The 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith
From: Patrick Neve

I just snagged this neat-o little piece of trivia from the internet movie database. Anyone know if it’s true? Where exactly does it appear?

200 Motels Trivia: Filmed in the same studio as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). The black monolith from that film is visible.

From: Clyde200

Yep… I’ve wondered about it too. Although it’s been quite awhile since I last viewed the movie … I can see Ringo (with the lamp) and Theo. B. in front of the object which is on the right of the screen.

From: OnlytheSky

Not to mention during Penis Dimension sequence Dick Barber-as-the-vacuum- cleaner shoots a wad at it.

From: Patrick Neve

Oh, that’s it. I also just spotted it in Don Preston’s laboratory as he pushes the vile foamy liquids onto the unsuspecting Martin Lickert.

From: TTrocc7007

In the complete (unfilmed: see True Story Of 200 Motels for details) version of the original shooting script for 200 Motels, we actually see the monolith quite a bit more. It looms throughout. At the very end of the film (as written), the extreme close-up of FZ’s eye is supposed pull back so that we see the monolith behind him. As the monolith comes into focus we see for the first time that it is in fact FZ’s Marshall amp and speaker cabinet stack! He reaches over, flicks the stand-by switch, and the credits roll.

From: Patrick Neve

Very interesting.. Does that in any way discredit the “trivia” that the monolith in the movie is the one from 2001? Sounds like it may have been kicking around the studio so he wrote it into the script. Yes?

From: TTrocc7007

It sorta sounds logical that way until you realize that the script had to completed well in advance of shooting. It is possible an early trip to Pinewood studios WELL in advance of the shoot date may have turned up the slab, but I expect it was written and concieved BEFORE the excursion to the UK for actual shooting.

From: Jason M Arvey

A long time ago, someone asked a trivia question about the cover of 200 Motels, essentially looking for the three elements on the cover that are references to other films. I effectively found The Shadow above the newt on the building on the left hand side of the cover/poster. At the time, I had noticed a fetus sucking its thumb just to the right of The Shadow, but didn’t know what to make of it; I knew it wasn’t from 200 Motels, but couldn’t place it. Well, I looked back on the poster today, and, shucky- darn, if that ain’t the Monolith from 2001 sitting right there behing the penis dimension march.

Rubi Woods Squares, Row 4:

(continued from)

Square B1:
(3 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 1 green cypress)


Square B2:
(4 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)

Close call on the eucalyptus to the right in the below photo — almost lies within B3 to the east.


Square B3:
(4 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 1 green cypress)




Square B4:
(7 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 2 green cypresses)

B4 is tied with D4 for most trees in a 1024 square in the forest (10). Also tied with *E4* for most eucalyptuses in one square (7). This is one I’ll be studying more in the future as well.



Square B5:
(3 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 1 green cypress)



Square B6:
(2 eucalyptuses, 2 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)


Square B7:
(3 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 1 green cypress)



Square B8:
(2 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 2 green cypresses)

One of B8’s green cypresses represents 1 of 2 highest trees in forest elevation-wise, existing at 110 meters. It’s also at position 255, 220, 110 in Rubi, right on the sim’s eastern edge, and the easternmost tree in the woods as a whole. 220 (distance from southern edge of Rubi) in this location is also 2 times 110.


(continued in)

Rubi Woods Squares, Row 5:

(continued from)

Square A1:
(3 eucalyptuses, 2 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)


1 of the 3 eucalyptuses found in A1 is on northern side of Robin Loop, characteristic shared with only one other tree in forest (see A2).


Square A2:
(1 eucalyptus, 3 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)

1 of the 3 brown cypresses in A2 on northern side of Robin Loop, characteristic shared with only one other tree in forest (see A1).


Square A3:
(3 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 1 green cypress)


Elevation change here on the Robin Loop road from 98 to 101 meters.

Notice the “belt” of brown cypresses running along the south edge of Robin Loop, one each in A2, A3, and A4.


Square A4:
(1 eucalyptus, 1 brown cypress, 0 green cypresses)


Close calls on the eastern side, but far eucalyptus in A4 and near one in A5.


Square A5:
(3 eucalyptuses, 1 brown cypress, 2 green cypresses)



Twinned eucalyptus and green cypress near southwest corner.


Square A6:
(2 eucalyptuses, 2 brown cypresses, 1 green cypress)

Robin Loop starting to gain elevation again, which will continue into A7 and A8 before flattening out again near the eastern border of Rubi in the latter. Elevation after this flattening: 116 meters. Highest point of sim as a whole lies just across the road and immediately in the sim’s northeast corner (117 meters).



Square A7:
(1 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)


Square A8:
(1 eucalyptuses, 0 brown cypresses, 0 green cypresses)

Lone tree in square (characteristic shared with A7) comes close to being in B8, and also represents 1 of 2 highest trees in forest elevation-wise at 110 meters.



“Quick chat, Hucka D. So much information coming in recently. Already up to 31 35 posts for December (!)”

Hucka D.:

The Rubi Forest guides. The Rubi Forest speaks. Hear it.

Bracket Jupiter:

It all starts in that forest. That forest!

Edwardston R.:

I sensed that!


Yes. I see.

[delete name]:

I’ll go there too. It’s a…



On the edge. Moving in. Mistake caused. Listen. Lucas. Listen.


Additional Additional Wendy-Danny Tree Stuff

Jack looks down on The Overlook’s model of its maze just like Second Lyfe avatars can look down on the labyrinthine Rubi Forest either directly (flying) or using distant vision.



But then the maze model inexplicably enlarges as we see down through Jack’s eyes in the movie, mirroring itself in all viewable directions. This reminds me that the Rubi Woods was supposedly part of the much larger Sylver Forest in Ancient or Pre-Linden times.


Wendy-Danny from overhead!

Jack is becoming absorbed into the past of the Overlook Hotel. Remember The Maze is also a mirror of The Hotel. The past for us, the reader and caretaker of this blog, is the Sylver Forest. Will we become similarly absorbed, as Jack did at the end of The Shining? The Maze took him away forever and ever and ever. He became just a frozen head in the then *present*…


… but, at the same “time”, a member of “all the best people” in 1921.

“You’ve always been the caretaker.”

Gila 09 represents the two halves of “Dark Man” ending Shiny Hare. “Hucka D., can we speak about that now?”

Hucka D.:

A little. The picture on the easel is part 1 of 2, the picture on the wall of the gallery is part 2 of 2, yes. Jack of The Shining is at the end. Same as the frozen Marty [ McCartney] head, yes. Yes. (pause)


Thanks for showing up in my blog this morning, Hucka D. We are trying to resurrect the past. Is this a good thing?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) In this case, in your case. A positive 237, a healing 237.



We track down the road in the easel picture, which then continues in the wall picture. This is just like the long tracking shot ending The Shining, ending with Jack at the photograph. The wall picture I mean. The easel represents Catman entering The Hotel, and then being cut or sacrificed. The ax cut by Jack, essentially cutting Catman in two, is also like the edit cut of “Dark Man”.

jack kill halloran

Catman is physically a “Dark Man”, but also the Dark Man becomes Jack psychologically because he kills. He *replaces* the physical Dark Man by being a psychological double. Dark is not necessarily bad, although society likes to deem it such. But [psychological] evil dark is obviously kind of bad. Was I speaking your words, Hucka? (pause) Hucka?

Additional x 3

The cat topped City Hall now becomes a recognized, direct symbol of Shiny Hare, which is the same as Carrcass-10 I suppose.

The cat has shiny hare, as I’m now changing it — right now.


The cat is also Catman, sacrificed at the end of the film. The City Hall honors Catman like this article honors The Shining’s Scatman.

If City Hall is this Carrcass-10, the VWX Tower perpendicular to it and 3 times as long is the joint Carrcass 8 and Carrcass 9. Carrcass 10 can be fitted in the middle of the two, as City hall lines up with the middle of VWX Tower in an overhead view below… and also the side view above as it turned out…


I know Hucka D. would agree with this interpretation, since he’s called the VWX Tower an audiovisual tiling, and challenged me to guess what that means.

VWX Tower is towering, just like joined or twinned Carrcass-8 and Carrcass-9. It is a towering tiling, the best at least since 2007. 2013 was a good year for carrcasses, just as 1996 was for crop circles. Tilings are much like crop circles — I’ve long noticed that.

Since 2008, going back again, the most recent carrcass or carrcass to come rules the blog and influences its ideas in a hidden but super-strong way. A nice example is the Sunklands writing of Fall 2009 on the Baker Blinker Blog, culminating with the production of Carrcass-3 using the work of the very same Plant and Marty that were prominent guest spirits on the blog during this period. After Carrcass-3 had been created, these spirits were no longer as essential. Spirits related to *Carrcass-4* then took over, which takes us to Fall 2010 Pietmond. Another interesting example is the very beginning of the Baker Blinker Blog, where we have the otherwise inexplicable intrusion of creatures called Ancients, like Baker Block’s Mr. Low, like Shakenstein that similarly tormented and cursed poor Baker Blinker. Many blog posts could be devoted to this subject alone. The whole run of A-Z posts from Fall 2009 are a lot about Carrcass-1, the first such work formed during the existence of my blogs.

Why does this influence have to remain basically hidden if it is so prevalent, the reader or readers might be asking at this time? A good question indeed. Hucka D. usually helps me out here (pause) but I don’t think he’s still around.

Hucka D.:

Hi. Sorry I had to step out but I had to buy more playdough for my models. Have you seen them? Red, then green, then blue and yellow. Or green, red… aw, they’re pretty anyway.


Are you talking about the VWX Town towers?

Hucka D.:

No. (pause) But good you figured out what they were, what they stand for. And now you’re in the woods, which is a seed of a new carrcass, beyond even Carrcass 8, 9, 10. This is a mashup. And the new, accompanying collage series will be Farrar — don’t you think?


Possibility, Hucka D. (!)

Hucka D.:

And that’s why The Shining material is so prevalent in the blog now. Your blog now. It is the Omega to the Alpha which is Oz. You have reached the end of tiling as you’ve come to know it. Other people tile now, as you know. Simpler tiles, because you are the master of tiling. You know that.


Yeah, I suppose.

Hucka D.:

The new master structures of VWX Town simply mirror this mastering. Yet you don’t have a big head about it.


Good to recognize, however. Now you must start to protect[ what you’ve done].




Hucka D.:

You must head out into the *real* woods and leave the play[dough] woods behind. Else you become a Jack Frozen Head, see.


Kind of.

Hucka D.:

Do you want the Rubi Woods to absorb you? Your back is getting healed. A 237 healing. Pull away from the dart board. Stop looking into the mirror. See the twins *out there*. Turn around. Face music. Enjoy!




Danny tries the knob twice. The door is locked. Taking his hand down, he looks up at the number 237. This number is on the left hand side of the door, whereas all the other double doors in these halls have the room number on the right hand door.

The Shining – Danny looking up at the door before he sees the girls

Fig. 22 – Danny looks up at the number.

190 MS The two girls. (42:44) A vision of the two girls glances through his mind.

The Shining – Danny sees the girls in the hall as he looks up at 237

Fig. 23 – Danny sees the two girls.

It is when Danny looks at the number 237 that the girls glance through his mind, just as they had appeared when he was in the game room and playing darts, facing the 732 (237 in reverse) on the dart board.

Underground VWX Town…

… is one of the things I’ll miss when the Indulgence side of my community is abandoned.

I’ll still probably have this bit underneath the Fal Mouth Moon, up to Edward’s Stream in the back.



But all will go south of this, including the Confluence Place and its pool ballerina and Lucky’s Magic Village.



It’s obvious this is The Underground’s beating heart centerpiece.



Underneath another empty gallery structure on the other side of the Confluence Place. Looks like it will remain empty.


Twinned cypresses, green and brown


Around Rubi, 01













Go here to see the holes for yourself! Remember that there’s another just on the other side of the Great Linden Wall.





New spaceship…

… in town. Bracket Jupiter states another, even larger one might be on the way. What kind of contacts does he have??


“The alien [within] will be a new, permanent member of the town. His name is Indulgence 7168.”

“Thank you Hucka D.”


“There’s a picture of him.”

“Thanks once more.”


“Here’s his wife.”

“That might be enough, Hucka.”

It’s going to be tough…

… giving up VWX Town, Indulgence in January. Or even preparing for the event. So many stories still untold, like what *did* happen in the basically inaccessible rooms beyond the Confluence Place waterfall?



The Indulgence Residents are always eyeballing the same mysteries I am about The Place. They know so much but tell so little. If I had more time, I could become friends with them, be more their confidant. But of course they can stay — I could move them, say, into the second floor of the Church of The Diagonal, or into the upper levels of Fal Mouth Moon. Yes, of course they’ll stay.


“What about *me*?” a sad faced Indulgence 20 then asks in a very bass, metallic voice from across the top the east wall.


I don’t have an answer for him yet. But I think I know why the spaceship is here now.

And what of the Kidd Tower?

Marble Tower?

Bracket’s apartment?