VWX Town 2013-2014 06 (Mar, Apr, May)

Greenup Revisited

Collage 19:


Collage 20:


Collage 21





Collage 22 (Roll’n On!)

“Erie Pool”

Collages 23, 24



Collage 25

“Bee Lee Line”

Falmouth Gallery


Collage 27

“Stonethwaite End and Restaurant”

Collage 29, 30

“Nobody’s Home”

“Forgotten Green”

Collage 31, 32, 33




Green03>Collage34 (!)

So here it is: the overall Stonethwaite base photo for the projected in-the-round collage to probably finish off the Falmouth I series.


Perhaps every series from now on will be called Falmouth. The next will be Falmouth II, for example. Possibility.

The 2 halves of Collage 35:




03/13/14: Now am finished, I believe (!) The whole enchilada:


And the 2 separate parts:



Collage 35

“Goodbye VWX Town”




Big E as seen from the north, with the sims from the lower part of the Korean Channel adorning the individual square surfaces on this side, 1 per square again. These would be the sims Karoz is most familiar with, starting with Xilted at the right hand bottom, closest to his Noru home. A broad strip of land extends from Xilted northward through Glasso, which Karoz has run a number of times now in its entirety.


On the south side of the Big E, then, are Channel sims from its upper part, which include another long strip of land but on the west side of the Channel this time, and considerably more narrow than the one on the lower, east side of the Channel from the snapshot above.





Let’s start with the latest and work backwards. This is the interior of the Stonethwaite End and Restaurant. Ray Davies, perhaps the same as Dr. Blood, and Edward Swift wait within, along with Judy Garland as Dorothy. We haven’t seen Ray and Edward before in Falmouth’s Stonethwaite collages, but Dorothy appears in the first, in the process of toppling off the roof of this same building. An “E” is next to her on the roof, perhaps the object directly responsible for the spill. Falls (Estatoah Falls, Georgia) are on the hillside in the background, mirroring Dorothy’s fall. Dorothy is culled from an image of her losing her balance while walking the pigpen fences in The Wizard of Oz film, and falling in among the pigs. This comes precisely at 4 minutes into Dark Side of the Rainbow. Amazingly she doesn’t get the least bit dirty; when we see her being carried by farmhand Zeke out of the pen (later: Cowardly Lion), she’s still clean as a whistle. What does this rooftop “E” have to do with the fall? It’s obviously a symbol of TILE and Second Lyfe’s Korean Channel. Now we find a set of mapped “E”s inside as well, along with a Dorothy (has she recovered from her fall, or is that still in her future?). There are 2 “E”s now, one forwards (1st animation) and one reversed (2nd animation). Although on opposite sides of the room, both “E”s are next to lamps, and the second is additionally propped up beside a lit fireplace. As the prominent color blue of the “E”s represents water (aforementioned Korean Channel), then we seem to have a water-fire polarity implied, or hot vs. cold.

Hucka D.:

I was woke up to help. Good day baker b.


Hi Hucka D. As I was telling the reader or readers, what could be the last Stonethwaite collage of the Falmouth series — and the last of the series as a whole — seems to acts as a frame for the first. Both focus in on the Stonethwaite End and Restaurant, the finest such establishment in Stonethwaite village, probably, and certainly the largest. It’s not called that in reality, however.

Hucka D.:

Collage reality is fine for here. Best to give it a false real name, then.


What are the “E”s?

Hucka D.:

Two ends of the restaurant, and also 2 ends of the village. You are not finished with Stonethwaite yet, however. You better check.

Collage 40 Test (!)



Cover Up




Hucka D., the Falmouth series has climbed even with the Gilatona-Lis event from last year, and maybe surpassed it. Gilatona-Lis collages were almost exclusively Wiltshire backdrops. None of those has appeared in Falmouth (yet!), but ’bout everything else has. Seathwaite may be next.

Hucka D.:

Falmouth is not more important than Gilatona-Lis but it is different and unique and evenly valued, as you’ve determined. Surprise (!) Now you have to figure out what it means. As you’ve also guessed, the parts of the series are linked more through the *floors* of the Falmouth Gallery, instead of the traditional [Art 10×10] tiers of 10 collages apiece. Gilatona-Lis was a step removed from this tier process but still dependent on it as a framework. Falmouth is further away. Falmouth is sort of a catch-all.


I don’t even know where to begin to analyze Falmouth.

Hucka D.:

You have an animation based on Steptoe at the beginning. That’s new in itself. No true animation has been made of your collages before. Then toward the end you have another 4-part Avebury style collage, except set in Stonethwaite. And incorporating basically all the elements of the 2 Stonethwaite collages that come before this, both from the 10×10. Amazing, again. And in the collage above, which is an animation, you have the presence of TILE. You have red glow atop the 8 ball to the right, an [early 2010 crop circle in yellow rapeseed], a green being — the 4th member of Story Room actually — removing his head [standing on green algae of the lake/pond]. You’ve seen this entity before in Stonethwaite. Let’s return to him. Then the blue of both the “E” and mirrored Square Peanut complete the 4 TILE colors. Fantastic. You had to go out of Stonethwaite to see this.


But you can still see Stonethwaite in the distance. The “E” is centered within[ it].

Hucka D.:

Kubrick flies up the mountain, up Big Stanger Gill or maybe Little Stanger Gill — hard to tell without a map. “Where are they, where are they?” he thinks. He’s worried about the entities formerly in the backyard of one of Stonethwaite’s b&b’s, where the green and gray beings of the collage were kept. Are kept. But Kubrick also wants to keep *filming*, that is, from your perspective, [keep making] collages. So he brings along the camera. He and the cameraman’s hand he holds in the 1st Stonethwaite collage of Falmouth become one and the same. So we see Kubrick there, we see him in the Stonethwaite End and Restaurant with Day Ravies and Dorothy and the “E”s. And also Jack there — another hand issue. Then we see him and Jack again playing handsies outside perhaps the same b&b the green and gray dudes are found behind in the big Falmouth collage. Also the crashed Mr. Beam is there who reappears here, head dipping in the Tarn of Leaves, seemingly. Is he dead?


Dunno, Hucka D. (pause) Grapeshot is indicated by the tip of his foot. Let’s take a look at a larger version of the same crop circle, a crop circle that also plays an important role in “Baker Bloch in England”.

Hucka D.:




Well, we can just pull up Falmouth 24 for a look-see.


It’s the out-of-place grape shot at the top of the formation his foot points to, or the tip of his foot overlaps. Out-of-place.

Hucka D.:

We could go deep into that aspect alone. This is TILE. This is Tyle.


The crop circle is from Yarnbury, a Y town. It appears near the bottom of a master list of crop circles by location down through the years.

Hucka D.:

As you’ve further guessed, the 8 ball is Ringo again, as determined by his placement in the Pepper Pyramid. Ringo assumes the 8 ball position there, as John is the 7th, McCartney the 9th, and Harrison 10.

Collage 43 Test:

“End Ball”

5 1/2 acre plot of land


Next collage (test):

“Clock Rock”

*Next* collage (test):


‘Nother (test again):




I’ve decided that I’m going to eventually have to move my Falmouth Gallery to a new location. Sunklands is a distinct possibility, perhaps in a week or 2. Not that Sunklands has much mystical power left, but it’s still a kind of home (like Rubi).

Hucka D.:

As you’ve gleaned, you must return to music. Animation or collage and music. CHRO and Improvisation. And composition, but CHRO.


CHRO must be treated as a parody.




Hucka D.:



The structures make the collages.

Hucka D.:

When I was in Sikk…


When *I* was in Sikkima, I didn’t have the Power Tower Gowlery finished. Falmouth wasn’t even conceived — a twinkling in a collagist’s eye. VWX Town was the ultimate for me. But I can’t — couldn’t — afford it.

Hucka D.:

No. The concept is sound[ though].


I went to real Whitehead X-ing today, Hucka. It was getting cold by then, though, and my back was a bit sore. Back trouble, eh?

Hucka D.:

There’s worse trouble. Truck gives you freedom. Keep the truck route.



Hucka D.:

What did you think of WH X-ing?


Well, The Emerald hasn’t grown back yet. Interesting to see when that takes place.

Hucka D.:

Soon[ obviously].


Green Turtle formation still there. Soon I’ll recreate the Thinking Path or Thinking Loop — Contemplation Loop I believe I called it[ last summer].

Hucka D.:

Yes. Important.


And of course I know that former Grey Rock is now Grey Seal, or Grey Rock topped by Seal Stone.

Hucka D.:

Rock has a mate: Stone. Sharron.


Stone was already there.

Hucka D.:

Stone is a fairy[ like Rock]. Sharie?



Hucka D.:

Sharon, Greenburg, Meade. It’s there. Emerald. Moss. Meade. Moss Meade.


And Whitehead — Silver Technological Institute [ STI].

Hucka D.:

And Edward. Stone. Edward Stone.


Is Edward Stone the Green Turtle?

Hucka D.:

No [ as you’ve guessed].


One of my missions…

Hucka D.:

One of your missions is to figure out which stone is Edward’s stone or Edward Stone. The Green Turtle indicates that it must be nearby. Meeting of Whitehead and Little Whitehead is a possibility or clue.


Edward Stone is Emerald City. Maybe Edward Stone was moved.

Hucka D.:

Yes (!)


Someone put that rock on top of Grey Rock. Getting a few chills.

Hucka D.:

More chills[ are needed].


Seal Stone is Edward Stone?

[no answer]


What of the 4 Sticks area? Entered by Big Log[ traditionally].

Hucka D.:

More collages are needed. Don’t stop.


Nah, I think it’s over, Hucka D. [ the Falmouth collage series — 42 collages (!)]

Hucka D.:

Don’t count, just do.


Then maybe Roll is with Rock in town.

Hucka D.:

Yes again (!)


Where do or can you roll a rock?

Hucka D.:

Across Big Log.

Cliffs of Dundee” (Waverly Knapp, c1812)

Little Whitehead Collage (They continue!)





More Collages



“Sky Diamond”

“Ghost Sticks”

TEST (Jasper 04 Reinterpreted):

“Jasper 04 Revisited”

“Unboxed, Part 1”

“Unboxed, Part 2”


Falmouth Series…


was *not* complete when I wrote the above post a little over a week ago. Seemed like it at the time! But, no. It has continued full thrust, after a small pause. Whitehead Crossing photos have fueled the pretty breathtaking new push. Up to, let’s see, about 49 or 50 collages, not even counting all the animation bits. It has gone beyond Gilatona-Lis, and is aiming for the 10×10 as a whole (!!).

It’s the Falmouth Collage series, but it may generate its own Falmouth *College*. We’re moving so fast. Analysis of the Whitehead related collages coming soon.




Collage Tests

“Rock, His Story”

“TILE Worship”

More Collages

“Rescue Ship”



Hucka D.:

54 and counting. You’ll reach 61. The magic number. Then your work will be done.

(to be continued)

Second Lyfe: What I Now Have…

Gave up my 4600+ parcel in Asha hill country and reverted my premium membership back to the free basic. Never really hung out there as it turned out, despite the scenery. I own no mainland now. I still rent in Philudoria (2048) and Asha (1024). Philudoria is where I have my *still* evolving Falmouth Castle or Falmouth Gallery. The Asha 1024 will just be a place to experiment with building if I choose — presently. Collages are still being “hung” in Falmouth Gallery as they are created. Great fun! And it also helps me organize the process. Each floor of the Falmouth Gallery now kind of takes the place of the old Art 10×10 tier structure, still somewhat present in the Gilatona-Lis series from last year (first real batch of collages beyond the 2004-2009 10×10). With Falmouth things are more free form, and I’m producing more collages than ever before. I am more of a collagist than ever before.

Asha hill country after the sale. Hills mostly flattened with the except of my lone one now on the 1024 I still rent there. Oh, and House Greenup is still in the region (house to left in below snapshot).


Philudoria’s Falmouth Gallery; only 176 prims left on the 2048 parcel after the build, which is still being added to:


Collage 57, 58, 59

“Past Blast”

“Everybody’s Scared”


Collage 60 (Is *this* it?)


“Peanut’s Big Adventure”

Part 01:


Part 02:


Part 03: Coming soon.

“Peanut’s Big Adventure” 02


“Hucka D…

… I think the Falmouth collages can be basically divided into 4 parts. There’s the Steptoe Butte animation part that takes up the basement of the gallery — that’s 6 collages if separated from the overall animation — then there’s the collages leading up to Falmouth 25, the first Stonethwaite related one. Then we have Falmouth 25 – Falmouth 43, where Stonethwaite dominates, and I including the surrounding countryside like Greenup Gill and Dock Tarn with this, and then to top it off we have Falmouth 44 through Falmouth 61 now, dealing mainly with Whitehead Crossing. To me, the latter is a brand new type of collage, dealing with local, to me, base images and interacting with the blog mythology more directly. Whitehead Crossing has become a central crossing. Associable, for example, to the crossroads of Clarksville, Mississippi in Coahoma County. The infamous, some say, 61 x 49 crossroads where bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil. Fal Mouth Moon gallery housing the entire set of Falmouth collages on its 7 floors, if we *count* the basement, has been psychically aligned, perhaps, with Williams’ Moon Lake Hotel. Remember when the rocket launcher was located within this building that took VWX Town residents and visitors directly to The Moon?




Hucka D.:

Who is Mr. Dundee?


Owner of the Fal Mouth Moon?

Hucka D.:

Is it his castle?


How does he change collages into paintings?

Hucka D.:

Is that the selling of the soul part?



Floor 6: 61
Floor 5: 52-60
Floor 4: 40-51
Floor 3: 31-39
Floor 2: 19-30
Floor 1: 7-18

Floor 0: 1-6

Floors 1 and 2 correspond to half numbers between primary sequence of 12+12+12 starting at 1. Last collage of series corr. to last number of 6 part sequence (61).

Wall space of floors shrinks starting at 3 and moving to 6, which contains only 1 long collage. 61 combines 4 separate parts of Whitehead Xing into 1.

Second Lyfe

I still own a 1024 in the Asha hill country. Interesting now that the parcel next to mine is called Grassy Knoll, reminding me, of course, of our own blog spirit of almost the same name (Grassy Noll), and who also happens to be the most famous of the Mmmmmm toy avatars. It contains the highest hill of Asha. Grassy Knoll is a splendid name for it.


I probably can’t leave Heterocera completely now, though, witness this nifty, copyable Olympic Century plant. Old continents have more of the older users who know the olden ways, like the more widespread use of copyable plants and objects in general. And that’s a good thing.



Blog’s lost a little energy since I made it private. Hucka? Must decide whether to rent or perhaps even buy land in Second Lyfe again. Thinking of renting an 8192 from Lama Estates. Land just west of Rubi is up for sale, but too big a plot and also too expensive. Should I have given up the Rubi land? Well, I had to scale down that’s for sure. And I’ve saved probably 100 bucks already by not holding on to even the scaled down model of VWX Town. So — no, I don’t think so. Would I buy it back now at the same price I purchased it for? Probably!

I’m not ready to let go developing Frank and Herman Parks mythologies, however. Interior woods are basically closed up, however. New Monkey City was kind of an endpoint in spring hiking in that way. New Monkey City, Hucka D.? Not there. Hucka doesn’t seem to want to talk about NMC. Blank and I are bonding over the database. Good, eh? New carrcass will come along sometime — maybe up my Netflix account to 8 DVDs at once in prep. No really firm ideas on what to use yet. Don’t know how I can top the last 3, which also act as 1.

Crop circles should be developing in full soon. Excitement! Always a fun thing to watch in summer months. July and August are the hottest months (sorry).

Must start to organize — everything. MapS keep developing, now in tandem, most times, with Frank/Herman mythology development. Who lives or lived in that house at the end of the 4th Way (into WH X-ing)? Aliens?

Compare impossible or at least highly highly unlikely 4th Way of Frank Park to the 4th and likewise improbable piece of the old Norum Blue Feather Gallery — The Tube. Like The Tube, The 4th Way or just The Fourth represents a steep descent from top to bottom. Who cut the Frank Park one? Why? Just as a shortcut to the park paths like the Maine Trail? Did they know of the centrality of Whitehead X-ing to the parks? Why does the path, if it kept going straight through the rhododendron, lead directly to the Dogpatch Cemetery? Why does it skirt Crushed Man Rock? What is the meaning of The Totem of Silverburg? Joined headstones? (probably) I know Selby lives or lived in that house at the end of the 4th, Hucka D. Selby may have cut that path.

4th Way