VWX Town 2013 02 (July 01 of 02)

Second Life Power Tower Gowlery to return.

Details soon.

VWX Town Renewed

Very early snapshot. For this version, I have *10752* square meters of land to play around with, thanks to adding a 2048 rental to my 8704 tier. Excitement! More land than I’ve ever had at my disposal before, and that was the plan: figured I’d fairly quickly get bored with “just” an 8704 or less. We’ll see, but the land wasn’t that much, and the way I’m reading it, my oppportunity to do these kind of things is quickly closing. More soon!


7/9/13 update:

Thought I’d include the original paths for the VWX Town and the quick formation of the 3 letters making up the related acronym, which formed in correct order left to right: V…






My collages will be displayed in the Power Tower Gowlery once more (Gilatona-Lis series), which was finalized in the spring of this year. Also making a return will be the entire “Art 10×10”, mostly housed in the ToXic Art Gallery (last seen in Carrcassonne from last spring, I believe), and also House Greenup. No guest artists have been scheduled for a gallery so far, but a possibility is this person I recently found in a google image search for Shaw + “crop circles”:



Hucka D.:

What are the psychological implications for the V, the W, the X? The V comes first. The Toxic [Art] Gallery was situated inside the V, then atop the peak of the W. Then the X, which stands for Crossroads or X-roads, completes. Where does each lead?

Updates, 2nd try

Recently I’ve bought or rented 10752 square meters of land in Second Life. This morning, after filling my land with objects last night, believe I’ll only hold on to the 2048 rental after this month. The newest version of VWX Town is *not* the second coming of Pietmond or New Pietmond for that matter. Simply have to resign myself, finally and firmly, that this is *it* for Second Life, and I can’t make any more big splurges — instead the focus will be on synchronity art and writing. In saying that, still want to post pictures from VWX Town, and I’m not finished with it yet. Also want to re-read some of the old Pietmond posts from this blog, and (especially) the Baker Blinker Blog. Begin to shape up the latter blog — perhaps an index is in order, even.

I’m suffering post-England blahs for certain. Looking forward to Charleston trip projected for Labor Day weekend. Fall hiking season is several months away, and is always a fun time. Before the Wiltshire vacation, Edna and I had planned to create a joint writing work called “Bark”, composed of some of our old material from the 1980s, 1990s and even early 2000s, possibly even including some new material. We will not publish this under our own names, but under the generic “Them.” Since coming back I’ve also made very tentative plans for a new writing project, beyond the recent blogs and building on the mid 2000s notes for a Paradox III document. The working name for this is Paradox III; Cross of the Lamb. I’ll certainly continue to write posts for this blog (Frank and Herman Einstein!) and also create a/v synchs and synchronicity related collages like the 10×10 series and the more recent Gilatona-Lis series. That’s not going to stop. I need to organize the a/v synch material — that must be a priority in coming months and years, starting with getting a gizmo that will convert my 8-track videos to DVDs (soon!).

Started on not one but 2 new carrcasses (a/v synchs) before heading to Wiltshire… need to finish those up, and it looks like they will be twins in the manner of Uncle Meatwad and Empire Strikes Brak from 2007. And they will probably represent the most complex synch since then as well, stepping up from even Red 7 from last summer (comparable to Head Trip and Pretty Bunnies in complexity). But I also feel this particular twin synch is a finalizing of a stage, and not an entry into a string of complex works ala a Frank’s Moving Mtn. to 1Pink run. No, 1Pink will in all likelihood remain the most complex synch I create, and Peewee Big the best overall in terms of completed ones — Peewee Big coming immediately before the composition of 1Pink.

For woods hikes this summer and fall, will have to get use to a new camera, since Liquor died on me in England. Sad. Very. But now I can move on with new and improved technology, supposedly, in hand as it were.


Hucka D.:

Why don’t you make collages of your final Liquor shots. That’ll maybe cheer you up.


Thanks, Hucka D.


VWX Town renewed 02a

Where does each lead?

7/12/13 update:

“Older” shot of VWX Town in Philudoria, my newest virtual village. Even to this scene, the Tower of A. Mann now sits on the little mound to the left with the circle of mushrooms, and the Burl Tower has taken the place of the Big E to the right. Things are changing rapidly in my new virtual city!


VWX Town has now been roughly divided into 3 unequally sized zones or districts: Southside, Central and Westside. Southside and Westside are actually the same size for now (2048 sq meters apiece), with Central being over 3 times as large as each (6656 sq meters). The next photo comes from a structure just into the Westside territory from Central, unnamed for now and containing various surreal art and also the aquarium seen below. The *twist* is that it’s not even my structure, and I’m just using or borrowing it. More on that soon. More on the zones of VWX Town as well. Note that the V W X symbols mentioned in the former VWX Town post all formed in Central. I’ll also provide a map of the virtual village as soon as the construction dust settles. πŸ™‚




The VWX Town skyline, with Power Tower Gowlery to the left, Big Boy (Tower) and Tower of A. Mann in the middle, and the still unfinished Kidd Tower just to their right.


A photo looking down the length of Westside toward a small Gothic Castle, still devoid of objects within.


Baker Bloch starting to walk down the left arm of the “V” shaped path in moving from Westside into Central.


Off this path is another path heading into the heart of VWX Town, with its so-called eternally bickering Newton and Jasper statues surrounding a map of Jasper County, Illinois. They front the most recent incarnation of the ToXic Art Gallery holding my “Art 10×10” collages, with the names of most of its series coming from towns and villages of this county, as well as the county name itself (Jasper series, the final one of the 10×10). Oh, all the Art 10×10 collages are in this gallery *except* for the 20 part Greenup series, which has a separate gallery in Westside (House Greenup).


Baker Bloch standing in front of the Damned Mansion, which has also already been deleted from VWX Town and replaced with the Stairs Gallery last seen in New Pietmond, Otaki Gorge I believe. We’re still just heading down the left arm of the “V”…


… soon to reach this odd collection of characters clustered around the Trojan Warrior statue that marks the bottom of the “V”, and where it begins to turn upwards once more.


As you can see, he stands in the midst of a large treasure trove.


VWX Town renewed 02b

VWX Town renewed 02b

Baker heading up the right arm of Central’s “V”, and away from the Trojan Warrior and friends.


But first, Baker turns left to look up the left arm of the “V”, whence he came. Kidd Tower can be seen in the background through the trees and bushes.


Standing in the same spot, he looks up. Big Boy towers over him at this position. Big Boy is probably the central structure of the village, nearer its geographic heart. And so far it too remains basically empty. Will town meetings take place within?


So… continuing to head up the right arm of the “V”…


… Baker soon reaches another juncture of paths. This is actually the crossroads of the “X” part of the V W X path design forming the core of Central.

The upper right prong of the “X” dead ends, once more, at the Newton and Jasper statues fronting the ToXic Art Gallery.


At the end of the lower left prong directly opposite this exists the Sink Lair Gallery, devoted to Virginia’s Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area first discussed in the Baker Blinker Blog that preceded the current blog. The virtual Sink Lair Gallery originally dates from spring of last year. Also here, to Baker’s right, is found the Quadtowers of TILE holding the Baker Bloch in England exhibit. This dates from spring 2010.


Top of the right arm of Central’s “V” shaped path, looking into Southside now. The Victorian house in the background is yet another structure that’s already been deleted from the village, having been replaced by the Temple of TILE just this morning.


VWX Town skyline from the second story of this now deleted Victorian home.


Overhead shot of the Newton and Jasper statues, surrounded by the ToXic Art Gallery (right) and Burl Tower (left) to the top, and Tower of A. Mann (right) and Big Boy (left) at the bottom. Heart o’ village.



VWX Town renewed 03

VWX Town Renewed 03

2 photos showing the extremely close relationship between Tower of A. Mann and the ToXic Art Gallery, not touching, but about as close as possible without doing so.



Originally the Tower of A. Mann and neighboring Big Boy use to be set at the same angle relative to each other. Now there’s about a 10 degrees separation between the 2.


VWX Town skyline with “Up” style balloons.




“Eternally Bickering Newton and Jasper” statues; Brash (another, similar statue) is in the background.



The newest addition to VWX Town: Wall of Eyes. The new-ish Temple of TILE is aimed directly toward it, as it turns out. Wall of Eyes also sits on my newest rental in the village, a 512 square meter parcel owned by Lama Estates, like my original 2048 parcel in the area (a.k.a. Southside). The Temple of TILE itself is situated on this 2048 parcel, along with the Power Tower Gowlery (original structure of the town).



VWX Town Again



VWX Town Thoughts…

Hucka D.:

I hear you want to call a town council meeting soon, baker b. Good idea. Who will attend? I will attend. Baker Blinker? Will you divide into Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker[ once more] for this meeting? How ’bout Karoz? And Bracket Jupiter — remember him? Remember the last 2 VWX Town meetings? Disaster! Remember? baker b.? (pause) Anyway, they were. Who attended? Basically ghosts, right? Right? (pause) Right? Plant, you there? Marty? (pause) Town meeting! Town meeting!!


baker b.:

Sorry I’m late but I got caught in a net over on Highway 18. Butterfly trap!

Hucka D.:

That’s all right baker b. (pause) baker b.? Oh, there you are behind me.

baker b.:

I’m behind you.

Hucka D.:

That’s all right. About this town meeting…

baker b.:

Well… I want to avoid the problems of the Rubi meetings.

Hucka D.:

Knok’s in town. He has a knok knok joke for you.

baker b.:

What is it?

Hucka D.:

Um, he’ll tell you in person soon. So that’s one person that’s already in town, just like he was in New Pietmond, both versions. He likes your towns.

baker b.:

“For some reason,” I thought you were going to add.

Hucka D.:


baker b.:

The Table must be reset up. Like I had in, oh, Siliconicus I suppose.

Hucka D. (correcting):

Mysten. You had a table and a house. A Table House, yeah. Do you want to set that up again? We can do so.



Okay (VWX Town Thoughts 02)

“Hucka D., I sense a rivalry between at least Central and Westside, and probably between Southside and the other 2 as well.”

Hucka D.:

Correct! Cardboard Jones obviously champions the west. He lives there! Behind the eyes, but not between the eyes, you see. You see? baker b.? (pause) Town meeting… aw never mind. I’ll put up some pictures.

Cardboard Derek Jones welcoming Baker Bloch to Westside.

Baker chatting up the locals. Westside Story’s coming to town soon, he hears.

Westside’s certainly proud about their newest structure: The Gallery Behind the Eyes.

Yet another Baker Trap (I think Knok may live in that garage in the background here; Knok’s a Westie?!).

Meanwhile, Southside fights for the rights to the House of Truth.

Thinking of his sector’s own Wall of Eyes, Cardboard Jones taunts Southside’s lack of vision.

Over in Central, locals argue over which part of it is best while a policeman spouts inflammatory words.


VWX Town Thoughts 03

Added a stream in front of the Power Tower Gowlery, a shorter version of the one in the original VWX Town in Rubi this May. The swift flow helps better define Southside from Central to its north, and keeps Central’s kids from running amok in the Power Tower Gowlery all the time. At least that’s what Southsiders claim — about the kids running amok I mean. This stream was later ratified by the town’s first official meeting, which strangely and even suspiciously, I personally was not invited to. Instead Hucka Doobie took my place as representative for the “outside”.


The town now has an official bar: the return of Hole in the Wall, also last seen in Rubi. Furry Carl is still within, now offering summer beers in his cursing manner. I wonder if Knok will show up there again like he did before? Today or tomorrow I think I’ll go shopping for free or very cheap stuff over at the SL marketplace — maybe find me some more cutouts of things like Carl, Bean Mister, and the like.


Interesting bridge between the Stairs Gallery building, still in development, and Big Boy tower. You’re suppose to call it just Big Boy and not Big Boy Tower, and if you attach the word tower to it in writing you’re suppose to make the “t” small. It’s Big Boy or Big Boy tower. Hucka Doobie, who took the minutes of the first meeting (maybe that’s the only reason they invited *him*), reinforced this to me. And he says to not chafe the Centrals, because they’re a rough crowd and tend to harp on details. Not like the totally anal Westenders, he added, but still they’re pretty bad. Can’t wait to read these minutes.



Town map added in front of the ToXic Art Gallery. Or is that ToXic Art *gallery*. Have to ask Hucka D. when he shows up — he’ll probably know by now.


Well, this is as good a spot to bring him on in and talk about more changes that have taken place before and after the first meeting. Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

It was a confusing meeting, baker b. Confusing to me. You just built this town in the last week, but citizens, like Cardboard Derek Jones, have a memory of the place spanning decades, and he might even claim he was born there. He said he was raised a Central boy, but then moved to Westend when he “grew up” or “got wise” as I believe he put it. Oh he has to come to Central all the time, since there’s precious little in Westend. He has to attend the Temple of TILE services over in Southside since that’s the only place of worship in town. So he talks bad about Central and Southside all the time, but really that’s where he hangs out more. This was brought up at the meeting: Biker Jones — apparently no relation — puts him down at one point by saying he’s never even seen him in his beloved Westend, and then playfully adds that he, however, doesn’t go there much to see for himself because there’s nothing there. This particular strain of vehemence started when Central’s “Core of Four” decided that House Greenup was taking too many prims in the town for its ultimate worth, which they said wasn’t much. Oh you should have been there, baker b. Cardboard Jones started cussing and cussing, saying he thought the Greenup collages were better than anything in Southside and Central put together, and that he had read Floydada [book inside House Greenup, attempting to explain the collages] over and over again, since that’s about all they had to read in Westend, not having a proper library or anything. Then he adds that he didn’t really *understand* it all that well, but he’s read it again and again still, and that there’s some mighty important things in there for sure. The Core of Four pressed him, and since he couldn’t produce anything of substance, they voted to get rid of House Greenup, replacing it with a more modern and prim saving museum with art to be determined at a later date.


Was there anyone else from Westside at the meeting? And isn’t it Westside instead of Westend?

Hucka D.:

Yeah, sorry. Should know that since I took the minutes. (Hucka D. then places his hands on the side of his head in shock) Holey moley, I hope I didn’t make that mistake throughout the minutes!


You better check now. We’ll return later. I’ll add some more pictures to a new blog entry and we’ll continue in a moment. Go ahead and take your time.

Hucka D.:

Thanks! I’m shaking in my boots thinking what Derek Jones would do to me if I published them that way.

VWX Town Thoughts 04

First some shots from my initial visits to what I’m now calling VHC Town, and in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel itself…




But back to the subject of VWX Town…

Biker Jones and Ranger Johns have been “moved” to the heart o’ village, at the north corner of the Big Boy tower instead of the south corner where they use to hang with Bean Mister and the Trojan Warrior.


A relieved Hucka D. has now returned, seeing that, yes, he wrote Westend throughout the minutes and not the incorrect Westside. Oh wait, Hucka D. has just no realized that it *is* Westside and not Westend. Oh dear — he got confused again. Well, that happens to me sometimes as well, and after all the town is basically brand new. Takes time to get use to new things, doesn’t it Hucka?

Hucka D.:

Oh I’m so pissed off… okay, I’m okay.


Just exhale Hucka D. Can you talk about what happened around the Trojan Warrior after the meeting?

Hucka D.:

Okay (takes deep breath). I’ll correct all that mess later. No telling what else I got wrong. Uh oh, there’s a knock on the door, baker b.


Knok? The musician?

Hucka D.:

No just *a* knock. A knocking. Don’t you hear it?


No. (listens) Oh there — very faint. Should we let them in? Do you think that’s a knock, Hucka D., or is it just something hitting the window over there, perhaps a large insect?

Hucka D.:

What window?


Never mind, he let himself in. There he is.

(Cardboard Derek Jones fills the room).


I *demand* to see the minutes, Hucka The Bee. I’m making an official protest, several of them in fact. Perhaps many of them. You were *there*. You’re on my side I’m assuming. Who’s this gomer (pointing to me)?

Hucka D.:

This is another representative of the outside, another “user” in your terms. He’s a creator. He in fact claims to have created VWX Town.

CDJ (still to Hucka D.):

Well, I don’t *claim* to care too much about VWX Town, only Westside. You slipped a couple of times at the meeting and called it Westend. You sure you’re not a Central goon? You don’t look like you’re from VWX Town atall. Oh, I remember now you’re from the outside. I suppose you might not even *have* a side to take yet. So it’s good I showed up. To persuade you to take my viewpoint and defend me in these battles. So… Floydada. It states plain and clear in that… book… that Greenup is the best of all the collage series of the town, if you know how to read it. It’s what all the others are based upon. Now you wouldn’t jerk the foundation out from under a house you just built would you outsider (talking to me again)? Everything else would just fall down!

Hucka D.:

We appreciate your concern. Really! But we’re in the middle of posting pictures to a blog. Want to join us? We’re discussing changes to the town that were made prior to and after the meeting, after all. We’re on the “after” part now. Here… take a look (Hucka D. shows him the picture of Ranger Johns and Biker Jones at the west corner of Big Boy; Cardboard Derek Jones spits on the ground beside him, not really spitting but just making the derogatory gesture, to the others’ relief).


Core of Four, Core of Four. When did all *that* start?

Hucka D. (quickly):

Let me show you another picture to take your mind off that particular one, then. baker b., would you do the honors?





Are you kidd’n me?? That’s suppose to make me feel *better*. (Cardboard Derek Jones pretend spits again in the opposite direction from before and stomps out of the room, slamming the door *hard*. Even I, baker b., heard it correctly this time).


What’s wrong with him *now*?

Hucka D.:

Guess those weren’t the best pictures to show. You see, Westend lost the bid to host the official town hall, and this just after losing House Greenup. The Core of Four, who are the real powers of town you see — probably why most of them hang at the Power Tower most of the time — anyway, they decided to put a modern art gallery in the location of House Greenup instead of the town hall. Instead the hall was placed to the north of the Power Tower, a rather ill fitting location, and with the Trojan Warrior having to be turned in a different direction for it all to work. That’s when Ranger Johns and Biker Jones moved their main location to the tower’s west corner.


Cardboard Derek Jones was against all of this, then.

Hucka D.:



And I guess — just continuing in this — that the Core of Four wanted the second and smaller bridge to be built into the Power Tower from the Burl Tower.

Hucka D.:




I went over to the new but empty gallery in Westside and it doesn’t look bad.


Hucka D.:

Don’t say that to Cardboard!

VWX Town: Yet More Developments

So here’s what I think is happening *now*. Central — Core of 4 or whoever — wanted *The Table* to become front and center, and cleared way for that by at least temporarily eliminating the ToXic Art Gallery and its bulk of the Art10x10 from the town. As of the last hour, it’s returned, but not where it was before. It has replaced the Hobo Squat that use to occupy the northeast corner of the burg, a logical progression looking back on it. The Goldie statue has also been moved to the end of a way that briefly became golden in color, but has, for the moment, turned back to its normal and lackluster gray — no golden roads in the village as of this writing (it could change in a moment’s notice). But Goldie is still there. And there isn’t just one Stairs Gallery building in town, but *two*, both surrounding the Big Boy tower.

Before I forget, I made what might be a meaningful mistake in calling the Big Boy tower the Power Tower in the last several exchanges of the last blog post here. I’m going to just let this error stand, for I believe Big Boy *is* the center of power in town now, and that’s what Central (Core of 4, etc.) had in mind all along. Let me return to that thought.


The *second* Stairs Gallery in VWX Town now, and on the opposite side of Big Boy from the first. Both are connected to Big Boy by a bridge.

The now central Table House — *The* Table House — sitting on land formerly occupied mainly by the ToXic Art Gallery. Never fear: that gallery would shortly return to VWX Town.

VWX Town skyline looking from the east. Soon the Hobo Squat (right) would be no more — that’s where I reinstated ToXic Art.

View from west, with The Table House visible more in the foreground.

Looking toward the Wall of Eyes from around The Table House, Goldie in foreground.

The Table itself, in the upstairs of The Table House.

Nice view from the transparent upstairs wall, looking toward the Quadtower of TILE.

“Hucka D., it’s time to talk about all this.”

Hucka D.:

It is what it is — a power play. This is probably what the Core of Four wanted all along: The Table in their midst. Whoever controls The Table controls the town. That was their thinking.


Who are the Core of Four, then?

Hucka D.:

In you mind, you’ve guessed the 4 dopplegangers of The Kniks, who are actually 1 Knik, and that is Knok. You see them/him in the very first collage displayed in the Power Tower Gowlery. Go take a look — take a snapshot. I’ll wait.




Hucka D.:

So the Core of Four… you go…


So the Core of Four are The Kniks who are one Knik and that is Knok. But what of the townspeople? We’ve speculated that Biker Jones and Ranger Johns, and perhaps Furry Carl and Bean Mister and Lt. Pepper along with them, are candidates for the Core of Four.

Hucka D.:

Cardboard Derek Jones should know. His grandfather Cardboard Isaac Newton Jasper Jones was killed in the town’s Meat Wars. His grandmother Cardboard Derek Jeter inherited the old postmodern art mill, which churned out a dozen or so prodigies in its day. That was behind the present Wall of Eyes, and when Carrcassonne still had all knowing power. The eyes only looked at her in those days.


Should we bring back Cardboard Jones to verify all this, Hucka D.?

(Sound of door slamming, which made Hucka D. jump out of his seat but which I, baker b., barely heard. In fact, I looked around for another insect tapping at the far window that Hucka D. seems oblivious of. Derek Jones enters.)


In fact, there was no eyes on the wall in those days. I was listening with my supersonic powers while walking down the street toward this place. What do you call this place anyway? It’s a squat!


We call it Nowhereville.


Appropriate. Yeah, that’s something I didn’t tell you. Carrcassonne wasn’t always blind, as it were. She gave her eyes to the wall. Her eye which is many eyes. Isn’t there a story of Shiva in your Indian mythology with the many eyes?


Unsure, Cardboard. Maybe a 3rd eye you are referring to? Also I think Shiva was a destroyer. Was Carrcassonne a destroyer?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (insert sound of door slamming to Hucka D., and the sound of another tapping insect to me, baker b.) CDJ had to leave because he remembered he forgot to lock his front door [as he just whispered to me]. He’s afraid of Central’s goons, and probably for good reason. They hang at Furry Carl’s newly inserted bar, get drunk, and then go looking for trouble, especially towards Southside and Westside. Cardboard Jones also told me last night that they’ve actually changed the name of the whole town from Westside to Westend, just because that’s what everyone seems to mistakenly call it — like me! But Westside’s Story goes on.


You mean the play based on the history of Westside — er, Westend. I actually like Westside better.

Hucka D.:

It could change[ again].



So back to The Table, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

It is what it is.

(to be continued?)

Who’s at The Table?

A review.

I was just reading this post last night, remembering that on the artist side of the table, which may be the only side now, we have all the solo artists from the carrcasses who are also in rock groups used in same. So here’s that list (so far), with solo name and then attached group. These are variants except for Peter Gabriel.

Marty/Beetles, The
Lemmon/Beetles, The (supports or represents the variant group The Bill as well — have become expert at them)
Plant/Lead Zeppelin
Peter Gabriel/Genesis
Knok/Kniks, The (grandfathered) — Knok may be the same as Dr. Blood

All of these are united by the Sunklands Initiative; supposedly Dr. Blood invited them there (whether he turns out to be Peter Gabriel, Knok, or someone else)

Marty came from the direction of WEScity (to Sunklands’ west)
Plant came from the direction of Nowtown/Sternberg (to Sunklands’ north)
Peter Gabriel might have come from the direction of Norum (to Sunklands’ east)
Lemmon was with Marty, apparently, and is here mainly to support The Bill

A great gathering of variants, then. Must study early Sunklands related posts for more info, and also The Table was suppose to be set up in Philo on the Nautilus continent, or originally Mysten Twin Cities. In fact that’s the only place where My Second Lyfe’s The Table House has existed so far, set up on the eastern edge of Mysten Parva.

If I figure out what to do with Marty’s tiles in carrcasses, then the rest might fall into place easier. How is Marty used? How are The Beetles used? The Beetles and Lead Zeppelin seem tied together, like The Kniks, and OWZ/Zapple.

Hucka D.:

The problem with Peter Gabriel is that he is mainly Peter SoSo (in My Second Lyfe reality). His grandfather or father founded Pietmond. Probably his grandfather, Peter The Great. Peter The Good was his father, if you remember. He himself turned out only SoSo, but that was on purpose or for a disguise. We sit at the table but not to eat. To talk.


SoSo somewhat stands for Solo. And So is the best known Peter Gabriel solo album. It’s used in the last carrcass, perhaps, or Carrcass-7 or Red-7. The Carrcass was red. But it was Tronesis that drew him in. Then we have Genesis in Carrcass-6 — again, there’s no variant name involved. Is there?

Hucka D.:




Hucka D.:

Each prominent variant makes a trace in virtual reality, specifically the continent of Jeogeot where Sunklands is, and on Maebaleia (its twin continent) as well through Crabwoo especially. Most strongly, it seems, is the trace of Robert Plant variant, raised in Nowtown and who began his career in nearby Sternberg before being invited into the Sunklands Initiative by Dr. Blood, seemingly.


I believe Dr. Blood will have to be the head of The Table, Hucka D. Whoever he turns out to be, if anyone. Peter Gabriel will have to be treated separately for now, along with Knok. Nevertheless, Dr. Blood will be a cabinet with x-rays inside of him.