VWX Town 2013 06 (Sep, Oct)

Plans, 9/4/13

“”I want more elbow room!”

~ Daniel Boone, when asked why he was moving to Missouri

Back from Charleston. Very nice as usual. Big find or re-find of the trip was Rockville about 20 miles west of Charleston.

2 or 3 days to decide about VWX Town. If abandoned I would have money to venture into another virtual reality eventually, perhaps Kitely.

Hucka D.:

So this is it for VWX Town, against my wishes.


Could be, Hucka D. Woods, you know.

Hucka D.:

Going to Missouri tomorrow?


Thought I would, Hucka. I think I have to.

Hucka D.:

You don’t have to, but, yeah… go. Dan’l Boone. Sheldon could join you if he were here but he isn’t.


I promise to take more pictures.


Looks like…

… I’ll be keeping VWX Town for at least another month. Good cheap fun. Relatively cheap I must admit. I now have terraforming and linden plant creating rights in Northside, which aided in the judgment. My neighbor Veyot is probably happy as well.


It’s exciting, because I’ve developed several brand new structures in VWX Town, including the Marble Tower of Northside, the Peter Grave structure (cat topped) of Central, and Westside’s Church of The Diagonal.


“The hole represents the grave of the bug, which is the grave of Wallace. You were suppose to put the bug into the hole. But you saw it was instead alive.”


Was it a *trained* insect?

Hucka D.:

That is all we’re allowed to say at the moment. Sorry.


What of the *light*?

Hucka D.:



Let’s see, I was going to put the dragonfly, if dead, into the cup and take it home. I had accidentally left the cup behind on the beach the day before. In the meantime something had played with the cup and bent it up a bit, and also dug a hole perhaps at the same spot the cup was originally at (when I found the cup, it had been overturned). When I saw this cup, I also realized that I had *just* left another coffee cup of the same kind in Yellow Down. How absentminded can one be?? So I decided to return to Yellow Down and retrieve that cup as well, not wanting to clutter up the woods any more than I already do.


A bug burrows backwards.

Another new hole. WIS once more?

Dragonfly (once more).


Oh Hucka…

… check out what my neighbor created (speaking of 4 people). She’s a funny one.


Hucka D.:

Everything has meaning in little VWX Town. Good work.


It’s a special place. But I’m (still) gonna destroy it. Soon.

Hucka D.:

Special place. Special destruction.


… be able to get out in the woods a bit today, unlike Sunday and Monday. Ailing mother needs have set me back in that department. Biological clock still readjusting.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures from VWX Town. Yeah, I decided that VWX Central, the meat of the town, should be completely redesigned if the town is to survive in any way. Almost all of its buildings have thus been deleted, and a long stream has been created connecting Southside’s Power Tower Gowlery and Northside’s Toxic Art Gallery, cutting across almost the entire length of my land.

I have only several days to decide the fate of VWX Town, as another Linden tier payment is due the 7th. Ponder ponder. Again: I will not be able to create such towns in the future, most likely. It’s really trying to survive; I can tell.

Westside, Northside, and Southside remain basically intact. Is another town meeting forthcoming?









VWX Town: Growing Back After Being Pruned.

Baker Bloch sits on the upper porch of the newly reinstated House of Truth (sans interior decoration yet), staring across Grassy Knoll toward the Temple of TILE. Great view, and great alignment! He has to do some pondering about keeping VWX Town around in October, past the 7th when my tier payment is due again.


Top of Grassy Knoll, with DK Art’s red “Aim High” sculpture freebie and some orange butterflies. Hard to see the butterflies from this angle because the Temple of TILE’s walls are orange-ish as well. Is this super grassy knoll connected with the super famous toy avatar Grassy Noll?


Baker looks north along the central stream of the property now. Central Stream is as good a name as any, then. As you can see, there’s a lot going on along its banks now.


Below we have a lady statue holding a bowl erupting with water. She existed in almost the same spot in “old” VWX Town, before the great renovation. But she didn’t have the water pouring all over her then. The water seems to originate from her head, and then empties into Central Stream below. Is she the source of *all* water in the stream? No, since some of it comes from the pipe on the Toxic Art Gallery, which we’ll get to in a moment. Central Stream seems to flow south from the this art gallery and north from the partnering Power Tower Gowlery — this is its range. The statue of the water goddess merely “adds” to the flow coming north from the Power Tower Gowlery, as does the more blue-purple waterfall seen directly behind her in the below photo.


In fact, as Baker Bloch is studying the matter now, all 3 flows (waterfall, water goddess, Central Stream from PTG) conjunct at the same spot. Queer — didn’t really plan it that way. The water from each flow is colored somewhat different.


Perched on a smaller knoll above the conjunction is another new addition to VWX Town: a miniature village called “Lucky’s Magic Little World” in the description, created by Lucky40Resident. The little car in the picture actually circles around the hamlet at a rate of about once every 25 seconds. Inside its track are positioned 7 cottages, each a different color of the rainbow. Not coincidentally, a rainbow arches across the town’s center, complete with smiling sun, even. Lucky’s village is a true microcosm.


Baker now sits near the center of the town. Goldie has been reborn here, just across the waterfall from Lucky’s Village. But he has severly shrunk in the transition, now appearing not much larger than Baker. Or about the same size as the water goddess statue just to his side. As the case with that statue, Goldie appears not far from where he was last seen in old VWX Town, atop the Hole in the Wall bar…


… which has also returned to the reinvented town, seen behind Baker through the palms as we simply reverse camera angle away from Goldie.


Another new object: a dock walk crossing Central Stream just in front of the Hole in the Wall.


House of Truth, with a pond in front of it now. This pond compliments nearby Grassy Knoll, since they lie on either side of the terraforming range (+4/-4) of my land. I built up for Grassy Knoll, and burrowed down for the pond. Greenup/Yellow Down archetype in action again? There’s even a bunch of yellow fishies swimming around the pond to reinforce this theory.


Another new object: a giant head, not pink as this angle might imply on a glance, but simply seen through a pink curtain, with nose projecting through a bit. Connected to Noser Mill in Franklin County, Missouri then? Probably not, but no harm asking in this here blog. *But*, if so, then can Central Stream be connected to muddy Bourbeuse River similarly slicing across the length of Franklin County? A contrast might have been made between that very crooked real life river and straight-as-lace Central Stream. Noser Mill is mentioned in the wikipedia article on the subject as a particularly curvy stretch of the river, even.


Behind the unnamed head (Noser?) are Biker Jones and Ranger Johns discussing the location of VWX Town’s galleries, once more.


A giant spoon leans against Hole in the Wall now.


“Noser” in profile view, with the masking magenta curtain seen edge on.


Inside Hole in the Wall. Great view!


VWX Town: Other Considerations, 01

As of Monday, Oct. 7th I believe the newest version of VWX Town is basically complete. And… I’m ready to get rid of it now. Tier payment is due by about 3 o’clock am tomorrow, and I think I’ve had a really good run with the town but it needs to end. Not 100% sure of this but pretty sure still (70%?). Text generation for this post will go a long way towards a final decision. So let’s forge forward…

To start, I thought I’d show the odd 3 way water conjunction again seen in the “VWX Town: Growing Back After Being Pruned” just below…


… and then a shot of Lucky’s Magic Little World almost directly above it. Notice the arch of the tire within the waterfall matches the shape of the rainbow. In this photo they almost seem to act as a double rainbow of sorts, one light and the second dark or shadowy — or almost as if the village’s rainbow is casting an impossible shadow. One interpretation: both Lucky’s village and the waterfall are *microcosms* unto themselves, directly relatable through these 2 objects. The number of prims of each is even similar: 18 for the Lucky world, and 24 for the waterfall.

Now notice a second thing about this photo: the red doors of the building in the background, owned by my neighbor Veyoll Resident, seem to match the rectangular shape and size of the waterfall’s blue top or beginnings from this angle. So when the arches (rainbow and tire) are coordinated in size, this secondary effect also pops up. I find this also interesting because the top of the waterfall is about the only object on my land that projects into adjacent land I don’t own, an abandoned plot separating my holdings from Veyoll’s. I’m going to put forth an even odder theory about this: I think this has to do with the interaction of Veyoll and myself through the vehicle of VWX Town, which is about to terminate apparently. The blue top of the waterfall, although close to Veyoll’s land, faces away from her building still, and the waterfall itself tumbles opposite the direction of the house and toward the triple conjunction of water mentioned before. This is symbolic of the interaction, as the building is extended into the central area of the town (or the start of the central area) through the waterfall. Because the colors red and blue are involved in this interaction, as well as red doors in particular, I also think back to the twinned collages of the Gila series in the Power Tower Gowlery of VWX Town Southside: Gila 06, but esp. Gila 10 and its similar 2 red doors). I may have more to say about all that soon.


Well, if Lucky’s Magic Little World and the Waterfall-with-Tire (“Tired Falls”, actually, as I’ve called it before) are similar microcosms, then the town hall adjacent to both is probably a kind of microcosm as well. Its function, as the case with any good town hall (and faithfully carried out by Mr. Bean double Ben Thar throughout its many incarnations now), is to promote the town it represents. From its two windows one can look out on the waterfall (north view) and rainbow village (east view) both.

Let’s move to the next photo: this physical blue car *use* to be perched atop the town hall but then fell into the creek, perhaps when I rezzed Tired Falls even. If so (and if I’m remembering correctly), the falls caused the fall — interesting, once more (!). In other words, I didn’t position the car at this place in the water flow, nose down as it were. And it’s really lodged in at this position. I now think this is directly related to the giant head with the pink curtain in front of it spoken about before, nose partially exposed. More on that in a minute as well.

But here, I just wanted to point out how the curvy paved path directly on the opposite side of Lucky’s rainbow village seems to mirror the arch of the latter’s outer track. More resonance between “microcosms”, then.


Sitting in the center of the “microcosm” containing the curvy paved road, the tire of Tired Falls is *just* eclipsed by the hill topped by Lucky’s Magic World.

VWX Town: Other Considerations, 02










Second Life neighbor has pulled up stakes and left, with her parcel up for sale. VWX Town down 1 resident out of 2 actual residents. Kind of sad; never met the avatar, but I appreciated her support of my city for sure. Makes me think the end is not far for VWX Town itself.


Land prices are going up and up on Second Life mainland. Will have to rent most likely to survive. Have, let’s see, about 3 more weeks to decide before the next tier payment. What reasons do I have for sticking around?

Baker Bloch’s


keeping his Philudoria land intact for now. Tier payment due in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 days.


Baker Bloch has

abandoned most of his mainland property in VWX Town, Philudoria, keeping only the bulk of Westside. He also has both pieces of rental property there. As I’m checking now, it’s still 6144 square meters of property remaining in the “town”, but since Central is gone one cannot say a town really exists there now. This saved me 32 dollars of tier for November, funds I can use to buy property later on when winter arrives, if desired. I’m looking toward Jeogeot again, perhaps. Still quite a wide variety of interesting possibilities, but probably not VWX Town size possibilities.

Abandoned land ho.


… C. Derek Jones has his wish. Central has been destroyed, leaving Westside as undisputed center of VWX Town, Hucka D. But it can’t really be a town any more without Central, can it?

Hucka D.:

No. Needed destruction. Needed release. Thanks for asking me to participate[ in the blog] tonight.


I like my new chair, Hucka. It’s fab. I think we’ll get along fine.

Hucka D.:

We haven’t talked much lately. Catch me up.