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ALO Center



Toggle back and forth between the photos (taken on 2 separate weekends) to get the effect. I didn’t plan this symmetry, but it’s not totally surprising that I could align the 2 in that way since I snapped both from the same place on a narrow path. Center of ALO, as stated.

I’m not ready to speculate on any collage possibilities yet with these.

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Synch Talk 01

“You better think about tiling again.”


Thanks Carrcassonnee. Tiling comes in three flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. Instead we have what I call silver, gold and platinum tiling. Silver tiling is album dominated like the one-play Dark Side of the Rainbow dominated by the album Dark Side of the Moon. We have the entire album within the synch. We only have 2/5ths of The Wizard of Oz movie, and that even without its soundtrack, since that’s dubbed over by Dark Side of the Moon. Then in a gold tiling we shift the emphasis from album or audio source to movie or video source. The movie begins to act as the template for the synch. A perfect example of this is SID’s 1st Oz, which tiles the entire Return to Oz movie that acts, in turn, as a direct follow-up, as it were, to The Wizard of Oz.


You forgot Rainbow Sphere.


Yes. Thanks for that. And a gold tiling can contain several silver tilings or equivalent silver tilings within it, like SID has 3 within it. I’m not sure anyone else was doing that at the time, however. Then we can shift to platinum tiling, another jump up. Platinum tiling favors neither album or movie. Both have to work together, one with the other, to form something higher — a meta-movie in effect. No, not a meta-movie, as I’m checking the definition. A hyper-movie. And a hyper-album.


You better explain it better than that to Karl (!)


Yes. Thanks again for that. A platinum tiling has links between involved movies and involved albums. Specific examples are needed. Let’s take Uncle Meatwad (again).


Good. I always liked that one the best of your examples.


Thanks. Uncle Meatwad has four video sources and also 4 involved musical artists. What are the links? How does it all fit together? First we have to understand that the synch is dividable into 3 logical parts with the overall pattern A-B-A. That is, the first and last parts are matched, or, better, reversals of each other. This same pattern appears in a lot of my synchs, and in PB, perhaps the best of all of ’em.


I haven’t watched that one. I haard it is good.


Then the middle part is separate from both. In Uncle Meatwad the middle part is overlapped with Firesign Theatre’s Everything You Know is Wrong album from 1974, one of my favorites from them. You have maybe 6, 7 or 8 tiles using this album in this central region. “Everything” does not appear, however, in parts 1 and 3. It is exclusive to Part ii, and lends itself to its uniqueness as opposed to the other parts. Instead in parts 1 and 3 we have use of one other Firesign Theatre in Uncle Meatwad, and this would be “2 Places”. 2 tiles using it appear in part 1, and another in part 2. And that’s it for Firesign Theatre within the synch. And, in fact, that’s it for Firesign Theatre in any of my synchs so far… past this one. Overall it’s used in 5 others, and all date from 2004-2007, or this peak creative period of mine in terms of a/v synching. This is when the platinum style of synching was strongest. Uncle Meatwad was the final synch of this period as I’m figuring it.


What are the synchs from this period? Can you say? Do you feel comfortable saying? Because I want you to feel comfortable saying. If you feel like it. Do you feel like it? I’m just saying. Only if. Only.


Billfork, Head Trip, 4orrin1, Frank’s Moving Mountain, Pretty Bunnies, W4N1, PB, 1Pink, and then Empire Strikes Brak and Uncle Meatwad to close it. That’s 10. But there’s also [the smaller] 3 Friends of Belleville and Pumpkintwisters between Billfork and Head Trip. So: 12. 12 from this period.


There, that wasn’t so harrd.


No. Firesign Theatre is found in Billfork, Head Trip, 4orrin1 — the first three of the period. And then again in Pretty Bunnies (skipping over Frank’s Moving Mountain, where they aren’t used), and then 1 Pink and also Uncle Meatwad. 6 synchs like I said. And they can also be paired in 3 sets of twos. Billfork and FT within are most like Uncle Meatwad. That’s the beginning synch of the period and the ending synch. Both have Firesign Theatre as the primary audio source, with a primary album to draw upon but also a secondary album figuring into the mix. Billfork and Uncle Meatwad are close in size tile-wise, with 32 for the former and 37 for the latter. Billfork and Uncle Meatwad are twins. Both employ the music of John Lennon in a larger way. Lennon is not used in any other synch apart from Beatles’ music. There’s a pattern to that as well.


You better stick to Firesign Theatre or you’ll never get out of here (!)


Then Head Trip and Pretty Bunnies are also twins. They contain the same exact number of tiles: 47. One Firesign Theatre album in each: “Dwarf” for the earlier Head Trip and “Bozos” for Pretty Bunnies coming along about a year and a half later. In Firesign Theatre chronology, “Bozos” is the album coming directly after “Dwarf”. The members of “Firesign Theatre” considered “Dwarf” their best album if I remember correctly, but “Bozos” is top notch as well.


How are all these Firesign Theatre albums synched up to movies?


Well, to complete this we have “Rat”, the album after “Bozos”, used in 4orrin1, a massive synch composed of perhaps close to 200 tiles, if you include dialog tiles and I do. And then about 6 tracks of a later album from 2000 I believe is found in 1Pink, a second massive synch of similar size to 4orrin1. These are my 2 largest synchs tile-wise by far, outpacing PB and w4N1 by an almost 2:1 margin, I would suppose. But the use of Firesign Theatre within each is somewhat contrasting as well. 4orrin1 represents my most extensive use of the comedy group’s work in a synch. 1Pink represents the least use. It’s interesting to me that “Rat”, considered by some a secondary work, fits this role and not, say, “Dwarf” or “Bozos”. But: there it is.


Movies, though. Keep going.


For Billfork there’s only 1 movie and that’s Northfork. So Firesign Theatre in that synch is obviously tiled to that movie. For Head Trip it’s *almost* exclusively the movie “Head” by The Monkees, but spilling a little into “The Trip” at the end. “Head Trip” is solely composed of these 2 movies, and represents my first true platinum synch I suppose you could call it. Then in 4orrin1 “Rat” tiles many movies, perhaps 12 or 14, or most of those in the synch. 4orrin1 is the platinum synch extended to its logical conclusion in many ways. A peak work, like SID is a representative work for a gold tiling. But I don’t think it is the best platinum work, which I would reserve for PB or 1Pink. But anyway, Firesign Theatre in Pretty Bunnies mainly uses the cult sci fi/surrealist flick Donnie Darko. And then in 1Pink it’s several movies again, “Lulu on the Bridge” for one, but also Mulholland Drive and LOST. The use of Firesign Theare in 1Pink is interesting, and connected to matching hatches of LOST. In fact, they are the same hatch or station. Then we come to Uncle Meatwad again. I believe “INLAND EMPIRE” is the main video source tiled in that case. Oh, and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie of course. Both of those. That answer your question?


Oh suppose so. What is the point of all this?




You will not say anything of this in the interview. Anything. What will you say instead?


I will have to explain some of 4orrin1 or all will be in vain. I’ll call it Foreign One.


Good. You can mention Head Trip. You can mention Billfork. And Foreign One. And that’s it. That’s it.

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BM Urban Landscape 07/25/15 07

I’m going to head back into the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape today for more picture taking and wanted to make sure I finished the texts for the related posts I had already created. So here goes!…

Actually all of the related photos remaining to be talked about from last week’s photo shoots are from a particular location on Leola Creek, reachable from behind the town mall. The Urban Landscape “trail” basically skirts the creek to the south and west of this mall. Two concrete drainage channels leading off from the back parking lot allow direct access to the two beachy areas involved.

This is the first one, further west and and smaller.


This is the second. Although I worked at this mall for about a 5 year period during the mid 80’s and explored a lot of the immediate area, I don’t recall this rather large rocky beach. Perhaps it has formed in the meantime. Anyway, the discovery of it this past weekend was quite the pleasant surprise. I immediately felt it to be another psychic center of the BMUL.


A quite mysterious large sphere is firmed lodged in the creekbed here. I’ll attempt to take a better picture of the object this weekend.


Looking west toward the first beach pictured above.


I forgot to include a photo I had of the quite interesting cliff region across the water from the rocky beach, but that’s okay. I’ll take more pictures this weekend, like I said.


To the left in the below photo is the second drainage channel, counting from west to east. And at about a 45 degree angle relative to it is the first and matching channel to the right.

One additional note for now: Although you can reach second beach from first beach along the creek, it is not an altogether easy walk through some weeds.



Now last Sunday’s pictures.

It was hotter than the previous day, and I didn’t take nearly as many snapshots of the BMUL. However, I did get this neat photo from the public garden area near its center: 3 closely placed benches forming an equilateral triangle. More geometry to think about (!).


And I also got some decent pictures of neighboring ALO, as I’m calling it, including the first picture in this blog of the house I joked to wife Edna about that I wanted to buy there. Add in that the small unassuming structure is also just across the road from a 16 unit student housing building and you can perhaps understand Edna’s total lack of enthusiasm for my idea. But yes, to me it’s still a central place.


Although you probably can’t make it out, the entrance to the ALO shortcut path already talked several times before is in the vegetation to the right in the above photo. Or actually I think it would be just beyond the right side of that photo, or just to the north that white pine tree.


At any rate, here’s the path shortly after the beginning, white pine to left. The dead evergreen in both the above and below photo may be a failed attempt at replanting an old Christmas tree.


Center of ALO and also the ALO path. The mysterious wooden object seen before here has disappeared.


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BM Urban Landscape 07/25/15 06

Looking back at the western end of the ALO trail. A faint path, yes.


We now walk down Willard Street, departing from Leola Creek for a spell until nearing Point+1 on our BMUL map. LINK This meadow is a historic site along the way, once containing a basketball court where 3 men from a nearby cafeteria gathered together to pit wits and shots against each other. I was one of these men.


Willard Street is named for the Willard House, former home to another one of these men and not to be confused with George Willard from Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio. But sometimes one forgets.

The third man on our team was sometimes referred to as Col. Z. A handful might have called him Chuck, like in Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame. He wore brown a lot, true. He was also known as a Zapper, a basketball term.


Willard Street merges into the main road through the area after rounding a curve, but it is at this curve we instead depart from the pavement and keep heading straight toward more commercial buildings, one of which houses the office of my dentist of 20 years. I call this interesting grassy pool behind his office Canine Pool, named not for dogs but teeth.

A stubbier matching depression around the corner becomes Molar Pool (not pictured), currently dry.



We then pass a commercial storage company, with this mysterious fallen pillar crushing some vegetation at the main gate. Remnants of a fallen Blue Mountain empire?


A cluster of rocks on the west edge of same I call the “Stonehenge” of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape, but that’s quite a stretch obviously. We’ll see what develops of it. It’s actually “mere” buttressing rocks around another culvert area.


This is part of the same drainage system. I don’t quite get why this system was designed so elaborately — almost Romanesque in flavor. Hmm.


We’ve reached Leola Creek and that perching 6 sided picnic table again in moving inextricably closer to Point+1, which draws us like a magnet.


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BM Urban Landscape 07/25/15 05

Up we go and out from under the Point-0 bridge centering the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. But this is a small hill, and we’ll still be trekking on basically level ground for the second part of our looped trail.


The paved trail continues to parallel Leola Creek as we travel past large hemlocks to our right, and with yet another commercial building full of shops and offices hemming us in on our left. This is one of my favorite parts of the journey. I feel safe here.



You can peer through breaks in the wall of hemlocks at a car wash across the creek. I caught this guy sitting on a fence with his back to me, looking at another working much harder in removing car filth and such.


The official trail terminates with the simultaneous end of the hemlock row and commercial building, about 200 yards past the central bridge. From there we can cross a road the trail merges into and take a shortcut through the edge of a public garden space, still hiking parallel to Leola Creek. There’s even an access path to the creek off this side trail, the first such on our journey. Below is the small beach area you find at the creek…


… with a central reddish rock for viewing and contemplating. Nice.


Large willow encountered as we continue past the garden. Here we have several options. We can head back to the main road, a busier one leading to a local HugeMart, and take the first street to the right at the intersection — or we can take a *secret* trail through what I’m calling ALO and remain beside Leola Creek, cutting our distance in at least half to the same point, and also avoiding traffic congestion completely. The drawback: this *ALO* trail, while obviously used by others *at times*, seems to be on private land according to online real estate maps. It’s a pretty faint path as well, and I found a little poison ivy/oak to dodge along it. Nothing that can’t be successfully navigated without contact, however.


This time I decided to stick to the road. Here’s a nice array of colors from the same flower species (which one?) poking over a border fence.


Taking that right I mentioned before at the next intersection brings us to the place where we’d come out on the AOL path anyway, which is approximately the location of the interesting forked parking spaces seen below, tucked away from the main street in a white pine grove.


A water culvert on the same property. Directly behind it here is the road we take to reach the west end of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape, or Point+1 on our map.


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BM Urban Landscape 07/25/15 04

Graffiti found underneath the bridges at Point-1. It seems mysterious… meaningful in some manner.


I believe this blue hued glyph represents a lantern. Strangely, the rust colored mark beside it gives the appearance of a flame, or something like an erupting volcano perhaps. The amorphous blue spot above it to the left, likely a mistake made by the graffitist who painted the lantern, seems to counterbalance it in a hot-cool fashion. I think back to the joined red-blue tables here at Position+1 on the very opposite side of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. Is there a direct synchromystic linkage going on here? Could very well be(!).


Vegetation bordering Leola Creek out past Point-1. We’re in the country now, and the number of walkers and bikers has significantly increased. Ugh. But it wasn’t too bad this day.


Shortly the trail forms a loop, the western part which follows Leola Creek to its mouth where it flows into another, larger creek, still unnamed as of this date.


Peering through trees toward the Leola Creek mouth. Bemusing orange light appears between tree trunks.


Wow, a deer right next to the trail (!). Just stared at me as I passed, and even allowed me to stop and take a picture without running away.


Back safe and sound inside the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape now, having survived the trip into Hiker/Bikerland. I revisit the picnic table near Point-1, and refresh myself by staring down at the creek a bit.


Artificial plants in a window box in front of the building that this table lies behind. Red and blue (hot and cold) again.


Back at near the center of the Urban Landscape, where our first pictures were taken in this series. “Bridge violators will be arrested for… thanken”?


Trail just west of the central bridge.


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BM Urban Landscape 07/25/15 03

We’re back on the main trail, continuing to head east.


It’s not really a trail past the wetland but more a bike lane connecting two parts of the trail. I was mildly disappointed that the tar squiggles on the road here didn’t show up on GoogleEarth for further scrutiny. The wife commented favorably on them too when she walked this part of the Urban Landscape with me weekend before last.


Good deed for the day: I removed this nail from the road and deposited it in a handy nearby dumpster.


A toothbrush was laying on the ground next to the dumpster.


We take a little side trek here to keep following Leola Creek north and west behind yet another commercial building. I captured the flight of a crow above the rooftop of the neighboring building.


Rounding the corner, we spot the entrance to yet another Urban Landscape “picnic area”.


Interesting nearby door. Entrance to a parallel dimension? (probably not)


I see this place overlooking Leola Creek, close to Point -1 on our map, as perhaps a balance to similar tables positioned around Point +1 on the other side of the BMUL, or the 6 sided table and the conjoined red and blue tables featured in this earlier post, and which are both found next to Leola Creek in that westward position.


This confluence of bridges, walking and driving, probably represents the actual position of Point-1 at the eastern tip of our Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. But this day I decided to follow the official trail further, out in the country a bit.


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BM Urban Landscape 07/25/15 02

We temporarily exit the greenway system past the wetlands and bridge pictured before, heading up a side road instead leading to the main highway of the Blue Mountain commercial strip. In the below picture we look up a side road off this side road toward a community hospital. The hospital is not directly on our Urban Landscape beat, however. Not yet anyway.


About a 100 yards down the same road brings us to this ambulance service building with fronting, cattail dominated wetland, smaller in dimension than the one across the road just passed.


The main strip. We will only briefly travel beside it…


… quickly taking a turn into a Holiday Inn.


Behind this place, we can walk parallel to the side road just traveled, a marshy brook dividing us from it.


Soon we run across this picnic area also wedged between the two.


Looking from this area back up the stream. More cattails. My apologies for the overexposed background.


Then we use the Lowes Grocery Store backlot from here to connect with the Leola Creek paved trail again, emerging from the border bushes near the rusty bridge beside the larger wetland we saw before.


More interesting objects found behind Lowes. Trinkets of the urban landscape.



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BM Urban Landscape 07/25/15 01

In our more detailed tour of the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape, we appropriately start at point “0” according to this map. We are going to move in a general direction from “0” east to “-1”, and then back west through “0” to “+1”, then return. In other words we are doing a type of loop sort of centered around “0”, with extremities of “-1” and “+1”. Kind of.

The photo below starts us under the bridge at “0” It is against the law to loiter here so I moved on quickly after taking a couple of snapshots.


These rocks across Leola Creek give off a vague Wiltshire vibe in their sarsen-like appearance. Compare to stones from the later, for example, in collage 02 of 2013’s Latona series. There is a possibility that Master Shake could reappear here at Point Zero, inspired by the resonance.


Another version of a drink, wedged in the branches of a rhododendron. Empty. Appears to be too expensive of a beer for possible homeless bridge people. Are there such people?


From Point Zero halfway to Point -1, we walk along a registered paved trail, a type of greenway. But it isn’t as busy as some parts lying just north and west of the official Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. Lying north and west of Point -1, in other words.

The below photo finds us peering through green vegetation toward the back of a restaurant on the other side of Leola Creek. Every time I’ve walked by here music has been pouring from the place — Latin music I believe. A bag lies in the branchs of a nearby bush. I’m scared to examine it closer.


Trail heading west. To the right exists a Lowes Grocery Store and its vast parking lot. To the left is vegetation bordering Leola Creek.


A defaced birch tree. NS, HC and CS should be ashamed of themselves.


A break area probably used by Lowes employees. It has been designed as a memorial to a man named Steve D., perhaps a past employee of some note. I’ll have to do more research on that.


Continuation of the wall westward. Lots of robins in the vicinity. Suppose I could call this Robin Wall or Robins’ Wall, then.

I’ve also found who Steve D. is. Former store manager. Native of Michigan.


Contrasting neighboring sewer covers. One grassy, one not.


Interesting wetlands next to a trail bridge.


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“I am Peter. I am The Rock. Olive. Peter. Olive.”


Thank you Carrcassonnee. We’re still plowing through Fringe, as you probably know. Up to season 4 now. The LSD episode and its red door has past.


We just have wrap up now. Timelines established.


The interview with Karl went well. You might also have noticed I am capitalized now. Baker B., not baker b. That’s because of the interview. Cool, eh?


Coolie. Cooler. Hot. Too hot.


Yeah, it’s been hot lately.


Cool down. Latte. Late.


Zeppelins might be a clue to ressurrect Led Zeppelin in a synch, Carrcassonnee. Or maybe Pretty Things.


I was dead. Yet unborn. Reborn. I am live. On the air!


Do you want to be a radio station, Carrcassonnee?


I want to be tv dead. Yes!


What do you think of Collagesity Heights? Your Heights after all. You rule them, right?


I rule them right, yes. Upper. Downer. (pause)


Where’s Hucka D. tonight?


Reigning in Spain. I Carrcassonnee.


What now for Collagesity? Oh, what of the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape? That seems to be a new creative focus. *Oh*, and the *move* went well, Carrcassonnee (!) I’m somewhat established on the [delete floor].


I haard. Do not forget the past in absorbing the present. The past will last.


Couple more questions, Carrcassonnee. My interview is coming up now, since Karl’s is done. What do I talk about? I mean, how do I discuss, well, *you*. And your synchs, for example. Or Pierre Schaeffer’s synchs coming before yours.


Be Honest. Honest Karl. Honest Baker B. Tune in. One then the other. Too follows Won.

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