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Z to A (257)

Retirement presents all around; manual: done.

We begin again, *tired* but then fresh and newborn.



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The Abyss

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head regained

Carla covered her ears, sick of hearing the booms. It’s just as loud over here as back on the beach! she complains within.

White clad Morna beside her had bigger problems. She was about to be cast into the sea with the sharks by Peggy. Peggy didn’t want to hear no shit about Baker Bloch Marty Uncle Albert being a prevert, despite being the reason for Zizzy of the Ditzy and Zizzy duo to be shipped off to Camp Umbrella next to the Crisp Sea, or so she said. Now there was yellow between and a new element involved — more balance.

3rd eye. Triangle.


“Let’s stop here, Baker, and contemplate what we just wrote.”


“In the flesh!”


We return to ring woman and the generation of it.

We are about to go up the path to see what’s over the hill, monsters left behind in the dust. 2:23 soon, tick tick tick.

How about that manual now?

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yellow now between red and blue

“Have you heard the Art Box is going under?” she says, having stared at it enough.

“Just rumor. Speculation,” replies the heavily tattooed girl wearing red beside her.

The non-tattooed, blue wearing one to her right also answers. “Dead as a doorknob,” she weighs in. “End of February.”

“Not quite,” the red one returns.

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boxed in (no 257)

I wonder if Mr. Z ever made it off Tina’s islet over there,” she ponders, sipping on a cocktebeerl to try to soothe her still weak and rumbling stomach. Maybe we should start over and begin at that Art Box in the sim’s corner — see what else leads into the island. Perhaps fresh characters? May be too late for that. Only about 5 or 6 posts left in this here photo-novel, 31 in a series of… 31 in a series… *siiighh*.

She thinks back to the calendar opened up to February and what lay underneath it. Red. Lots of red. She spills her guts over the deck’s railing, carefully avoiding the flowers this time.

Later with her one good eye, she decides to find out.

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jungle news

Jim and Natalie returned to their home base banana tree after successfully killing off Alan and Hale, only to find that they had missed their baby boy Gill’s first word, according to left behind/ too young to be in battles/ older brother Skipper. His own name. Then to their delight he said it once more. Gill again.

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mourning sickness

It always seemed to be raining on the island. Lightning and raining. She decided to use the transformative powers she intended for Opine on herself. Failure! How many times had she reenacted the tragedy in her head. Why did she position that particular tank over the stairs. Why had she not thought of the trajectory made when he fell to the floor. First time! But she had decided, unconsciously, she wanted it this way all along. A real true to life woman she was now, an Eve without an Adam. Dammit, Axis. If only I hadn’t been greedy and ordered two fer one Opine would had been stored in the safe tank, the red one instead of blue. Blue stands for dangerous future as opposed to safe past. Best to cut it off at the present, best to stay below the horizon line. Or at least keep the body down there, hmph. Pheh. Bleh! She threw up colors again, thinking about that head, that face…

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Backpack laden Mr. Z arrives at the islet home of Tina and Louise but decides not to bother them, knowing he must get to Alan and Hale on the main island before the worst of the storm hits. He takes one more look from his center position on their mooring deck before moving on, a closer lightning flash bristling the hairs on the back of his neck next to the mask that screams the most.

“Watch out!” it seems to say. The watch-over says watch over. Too late: he’d been spotted and then invited in for a spot of tea.

He soon learned that the girls remained friends but had split up as a couple, with Tina keeping the main house and Louise sleeping over there in the former guest treehouse, at least until she could find new digs, perhaps with the man they called the Professor up in Trueblood, The One, she sometimes called him. Tina technically owned the property after all — Louise felt she had no choice except to take the smaller place. The black haired beauty invited Mr. Z to stay with her, jumping the gun on her former redheaded and at least equally stunning roomie. She wasn’t going to accept second place no longer.

Later at the treehouse they lit a joint and got down to it. Scrabble. After smoking Mr. Z admitted to Louise that redheads were more his bag and that he was disappointed that Tina hadn’t invited him to stay in the main house instead. After turning over the scrabble board and spilling the pieces all about the place, she slapped him and said he could go to his Tina, his dream girl, and that she had the Professor after all, no matter how distant he was from her in the moment, those many sims to cross to get to him up in Trueblood. She could wait until they’re together, PHEH. “Out… OUT!” she screamed, waking up the screaming mask who did likewise. “Told you so!” it seemed to say as another lighting storm started on the coast.

Next up: Alan and Hale and the attack of the howling Howell monkeys.

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I Gilligan.

“Get off my bag. Quit copying my look.”

“No *you’re* copying *my* look.” Snickers all around before parting.

Mr. Z, aka A.B. Normal, paused at the top of the bridge, realizing he had encountered his own doppleganger heading in the opposite direction: toward that island storm. He could fully see him now as a 3 dimensional person and not mere flat illusion, but it was too late. “Careful in your journeys, mister!” he decided to call as the other continued down the far side. “I’ll be alright!” came the more distant reply, also knowing what the other was thinking as he started to smell the rain and ozone.

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Where to start? How about at the beginning which is also the end. Aloha. Could be a good name for the island itself.

He stops a bit up the beautifully landscaped path to listen in on two men, a couple apparently, bickering about a woman. One has a deep voice that is also, paradoxically, baby-like. The other speaks in trills and chirps. He recalls he did the same when he first lost his head.

He is truly hidden this time, although just barely. And the men? Nudists. Big Red and Blue Jay Wade, back to make an important point about wearing the proper clothes.* They hadn’t got the hang of the place yet.

* Note: the part of Blue Jay Wade is now played by Ted Sargent instead of Ted York.

(to be continued?)

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