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Goose Egg

When I entered the room, I was alone. Except for the complete bastard of a man known as Casey One Hole. Philip was no more. I figured he was shuffled back to Gaeta V, since my corresponding shirt had also disappeared.

“I didn’t need something. But I *wanted* it. Now I have it.”

I walked in front of him to confront the demon. “Tell me where she is,” I demanded.

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Forest of the Mist

The two figures become one here at the bench of the yellow roses.

“Murdochh’s” castle is nearby, spatially and temporally. Not a trip for tonight.

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detour 02

Annie arrives on the island at exactly 12 midnight Standard Linden Time. The witching hour, quite appropriately. She still didn’t really understand why she had to come the long way by boat and her pal Furry Karl was able to successfully use the short cut portal back at Horizons — but, *whatever*. She was here now and she was excited!

Now to find Eraserhead Man’s home on this silly map Norris gave her.

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Falmouth Visit Floor 1

Jacob I. was talking to guitar strumming Tom Busker about Collagesity town history when he noticed that the entrance to Home Orange had, to his eyes anyway, turned a bright yellow instead. However in this photo it appears orange again. Strange, perhaps…

But his main goal tonight involved visiting the Falmouth gallery and looking at Stonethwaite related collages within. He’d finished examining the Greenup series in House Greenup over in Rubi. The experiment with bringing Wheeler and The Musician to England’s Lake District through its 13th collage had seemingly failed, doubled beds blocking the way (I *told* them to wait until I found the empty base photo, he steams again). Jacob I. was angling for another way in — he could *feel* the entrance or portal here without knowing the particulars yet.

“Story Room,” he mutters while pausing at Falmouth 11 within. Headless red and blue, with yellow topped instead by that of Charlie Brown’s. Chuck. In other words: Chroma, Improvio, and Earie. “EAR” between yellow legs indicating playing or composing (keyboards) by ear. And many third eye references in this collage, he thinks…

… including  a hidden one on the forehead of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, tucked between the legs of the red Story Room guy. Jacob I. will find an exposed version of this particular third eye image a little later on.

He thinks of the collages he’s just viewed: Falmouth 7-10. 11 represents a culmination of sorts so far. He feels the explosive collision of Volkswagen Beetle and approaching, low flying plane just behind in 10. But that is not the portal… nor this one.

Nor this one (Falmouth 13, set in Blue Mountain, his user’s real life home).

Nor this one (Falmouth 16, set in Mythopolis, where his user grew up as a kid before moving to Blue Mountain to attend college).

He moves this collage further away from the wall to keep the south side of Woody’s snow covered roof from penetrating it. He notes that the penetration obscured the tear drop shaped orange head of what he knew to be an Ancient One, here tromping through the woods away from alt Edwardston Resident with matching orange head (hair). Missing orange again, hmm…

And here’s that exposed Carl Jung and his third eye I mentioned before in Falmouth 18, along with another, similar 3rd eye related image from the Sgt. Pepper album cover — male bust statue — and also a Shirley Temple figurine and burning car from same. Can you spot all of ’em? The background images are of a golf course (top) and neighboring waterfall (bottom) in Sky Valley, Georgia, just for the record. Jacob. I. knows the latter represents the “discarded”, numerical aspect of TILE, summarized by the Pythagorean tetractys with number 1 at the top or head (yellow billiard ball here).

Jacob I. wonders about the relationship of images glimpsed between floors even, like the third eye manifested in a cemetery in Falmouth 03 on the basement floor. This is obviously Story Room again — red, yellow, blue.

He ponders the meaning of the county map in the middle of Falmouth, highlighting the namesake village of Jasper County, Illinois — a very nondescript, depopulated rural area, and a place which his user has never visited. However, Jacob I. has since found out that baker b. *did* know someone from that county, and they met online, as they say, by accident. Dean is his name. More on that later, perhaps.

Onward to floor 2…

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forward forward forward forward: reverse

Wheeler logs back in and finishes what she was going to do this night: lower the Bermingham portal, sans rock arch, down to Collagesity and complete the emptying of the Muff skybox. Baker logs back in. Wheeler invites him to join her in Collagesity East, where he is able to complete his own story tonight as Bookworm. Wheeler stays logged in just in case more adjustments are needed to the portal.


“I wonder if that’s Richard Petty’s car?” the character asks about Jasper series collage “Wilsonia Driver.”

“Oh my dear, what is that?” exclaims the learned scholar when looking around the corner and spotting the lowered portal, which just appeared out of nowhere in his time. “Do you know sleeping lady? Mrs. Lady??”

He leaves her and wanders into the small greenspace leading to Audrey’s, a second and newer entrance.

“Two redbirds,” he notes. “One inside, one out. The tree seems to mark a boundary.” Learned scholars tend to think aloud when figuring stuff out. Bookworm is certainly no exception to the rule.

“Hmm. Curious, I was just here and didn’t notice that intrusion to the collage.”

In order, he writes down the letters on the plaque the man (me?) holds in the collage: 5×5.


Bookworm goes back to his newly rented apartment and ponders on what he’s just seen.

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Other Side

Peter graciously offers to conduct a cable train down to the duplicate jailhouse for curious Wheeler and Buster. They begin at a raised platform on the east side of town.

Small downpours delay the train for just a minute.

Unexpected twists and turns fill the journey.

Passing through the heart of town.

Wheeler and Buster become more excited as the train then heads southward through a tunnel.

An underground station stop. Peter checks out a strange noise in the back while Buster hides his eyes in fear. No problem however: just a stuck branch from a tree dragging the tracks.

Entering an inexplicable black void. “Are we dead?” Buster utters. Wheeler pats his head for comfort.

Emerging in a different place.

Another brief rain…

… then a final turn to reach End of the Line and the duplicate jailhouse.

The gang stares on, accompanied by an indifferent reindeer.

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Wheeler heard the entrance bell jingle again. “Alright, I’ll be right there,” she said while trying to concentrate on making a key for Mrs. Cooper in Bemberg Apt. 11. She swears under her breath again. Twelve customers in 4 hours! And most wanting back orders. I should have thought more about buying this cursed little shop from Greentop before following through. The offer seemed so attractive at the time. I believe I’ve been tricked!

Wheeler turns to face the newest customer. Great, she thinks, another vampire. That’ll make almost half my customers so far. And this one looks worst of all. But then he said something Wheeler didn’t expect.

“What do you think, huh?”

She recognized the voice. “Baker?”

“Of course. It’s my new night time outfit so I can blend in here better. Vampires won’t attack another vampire.”

Wheeler adjusts her glasses. “They might want to be *friends*, though. Compare blood baths.”

“So…?” He extends his arms and turns side to side.

“It looks ridiculous, Baker Bloch,” Wheeler spoke honestly. “Besides, the streets are pretty safe here. If you haven’t noticed, there’s strong management in Bemberg at least. And probably in the other sim we won’t say the name of yet.”

“Working on it,” Baker spoke back. “Gonna spend some more time with the Oracle tomorrow on the problem. That and others.”

“Well, you did a good job linking Wegee with Key in this particular spot — that started the storyline flowing better. And then follow it up with OD. Speaking of which, talked to Greentop again yesterday. Did a tour of local fishing holes.”

“Oh? How’d that go? I see your clown face has cleared up. Visiting the country must have been good for you.”

“It was! But I need to get back to key making if you don’t have any other business here.”

“Guess not.”

“Go back out into the night,” she commanded playfully. “Attack those cats, those rats. Drink your needed sustenance. Then go back to your dark dank basement apartment and prepare for daylight. You do have a coffin? Because no one will believe you’re a vampire if not.”

“I thought you were suppose to hide your coffins — underground or in the attic or something.”

“I don’t know. You better study up on vampiring more if you’re going to disguise yourself as one. I’d ditch the whole concept if I were you. And: hope that was a freebie outfit.”

“It was the most expensive (vampire) one I bought,” Baker admitted. “57 lindens.”

“Well,” Wheeler breathes out. “I guess we’re both stuck with lemons. Mine a little more expensive than yours, but, there you are. Trying to adjust to a new town is painful.”

“I feel ya.” The thought crossed Baker’s mind just to pack it up and go back home. A small vampire said, “excuse me,” in a meek voice behind him, wanting to make his way into the shop to place an order.

“Town’s full of doors, Baker Bloch. I’ll give it that. If I wanted to stay busy, this is the place to be.” At least she’d hardly thought of Musician or Allen today. But a decision loomed. Above or below? Or… just leave altogether. She waved Baker goodbye as the littler bloodsucker pushed around him.

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