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The Story Room-ish Invasion,_Idaho


Good Grief!

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Shining Pepper Project 03

Collage 07?

Collage 08 TEST:




COLLAGE 10 TEST (animation):



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Shining Pepper Project 02

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Images from the 1921 photograph ending The Shining (“Shiny Happy People”) sub for the following Pepper people:

1. Burroughs, William S.
2. Monroe, Marilyn/ Livingston, David
3. Crane, Stephen/ Hand
4. Bell, Larry
5. Weissmuller, Johnny
6. Bonn, Issy
7. Lennon, John
8. Starr, Ringo
9. McCartney, Paul
10. Harrison, George


And in this fascinating series of posts from the “Nothing is Real: Paul was Replaced” board, we again have mention of the 3rd eye, like the William S. Burroughs sub prominently displays in a Shining crossfade, as discussed before. A good, added theory coming from my direction is that Burroughs *transfers* his own *hidden* 3rd eye to two, specific Pepper images that jarface indicates. This is a direct transference from Kubrick to The Beatles…

Now it is time for me to show you the treasure. Going back to Poe’s Goldbug:

…shoot from the left eye of the death’s head…a bee-line from the tree through the shot…

In the story, a golden beetle is dropped from the dead pirate’s eye. Consider the fact that gold is yellow matter and sailors are called dogs, and you can now make perfect sense of the lyric from I Am the Walrus that says:

Yellow matter…dripping from a dead dog’s eye

If you have not figured it out already, I Am the Walrus is all about Sgt. Pepper. Several lines from the song refer to people who appear on the cover. The pornographic priestess who let her knickers down is none other than Marilyn Monroe, who was the first ever Playboy centerfold. Mister city policeman is Sir Robert Peel, who is known as the father of city policing, and who founded Scotland Yard. He is sitting pretty, little policeman, in row two.

But I digress. The picture below shows the shot from the left eye of the death’s head (played by Paul) in yellow. It shows the “B” line going “through the shot” directly over Paul’s heart. We further see that the only visible piece of “treasure” on the cover, i.e. the trophy, points directly to the same spot over Paul’s heart. Clearly we have found the location of the treasure:


Finding the location of the treasure is not enough. In Poe’s story the hero William Legrand had to dig for his treasure; we must dig for our treasure too. It is obvious that we can not physically dig, so in the spirit of parody we must search for another meaning for the word dig…and we do not have to look far to find that meaning. When we follow the line from the trophy through Paul’s heart we discover that it points to William S. Burroughs. His name sounds like ‘burrows,’ which of course means to dig a hole. In the story, our hero William Legrand burrows for his treasure.

William burrows. William Burroughs. Wicked clever Beatles!


The above example seems to indicate that we “dig” by finding pairs of related objects that lie on opposite sides of Paul’s heart.

Here are two related objects that stand out. The stone bust has a prominent bulge that marks the location of its “third eye,” and Carl Jung has a prominent shadow on his forehead, made by the bridge of his upraised glasses, that marks the location of his third eye:


When we draw a line from Jung’s third eye to the stone busts’ third eye we see that the line passes directly through Paul’s heart:


These final 2 images seem to summarize jarface’s theories. The 2 “3rd eyes” of Jung and the statue he’s pointed out lie equidistant from Paul’s identified heart, and imply a tilted rectangle which meshes perfectly, somehow, with the circle defined by the drum to produce an overlay hexagon and star. Quite remarkable!



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February 4, 2014 · 1:47 pm

Shining Pepper Project 01

The MESH Pyramid.



Compare with here (toggle back and forth to see changes).


And then here.



Hucka D.:

11 individuals are involved in The Pyramid. Future researchers will divide over some choices. Jack is obviously Paul, however. Ring woman becomes Ringo, as we’ve discussed before I believe. The spectacled guy becomes similarly spectacled John Lennon. Some say this is a young Woodrow Wilson. Then the other woman is obviously a fit for George Harrison. I don’t think there’s any error in these choices. Good work!


Thanks, Hucka D. Then the man with the 3rd eye subs for Pepper’s William S. Burroughs. That’s another obvious one.

Hucka D.:

Correct. (pause) The first controversial choice may be Closed Eyes Woman for Marilyn Monroe. At first I believe you had her as George instead.


Yes. Marilyn seems to fit[ however].

Hucka D.:

They[ William S. Burroughs and Marilyn Monroe] form the top of the pyramid, with the Burroughs sub still dominating. He is obviously the eye at the top, see.


Yes. Illuminating.

Hucka D.:

The two woman in the middle right take the place of… just checking (pause)… artist Larry Bell [lower] and explorer David Livingston. I think the mustachioed guy makes a great fit for Johnny Weissmuller, the swimmer who played Tarzan.



Hucka D.:

Let’s see, that’s 9 of the 11. Then Issy Bonn is the smiley guy. Then the 11th is almost hidden by the hand… that’s (pause) writer Stephen Crane. Sister Carrie Stephen Crane. The hand is Jack’s again, to complete. It’s like a rack of [shiny] billiard balls, formerly disorganized. That’s what Pepper did for The Shining.



10 in number.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Beatles at bottom. 4 across. Then 3 then 2 then 1. The All Seeing Eye.


But there’s the 11th to deal with.

Hucka D.:

Much controversy will come of that.


(continued in)


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Steptoe Series 06: Other Considerations

(continued from?)

Giant Ear of Listening.

Close Encounters was used in Carrcass+2, a candidate for the best carrcass, plus or minus. Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower is featured in several ways. It represents place of contact. In real life now, Frank Park’s Bill Mtn. seems to represent a place of contact for me personally, transposed down from TILE Mountain in Herman Park just to the north. TILE Mtn., in 2006’s Carrcass+2, becomes directly related to CE’s Devil’s Tower. In Collage 04, in its 4 parts, we have what well might be symbols of this new contact, since a bull’s ear is indicated. Bill and Bull become one here through Bullrocks. Slowly but surely we slide into spring hiking season resonances. What’s next for these parks? (etc.)

Steptoe Butte is another form of Devil’s Tower is another form of TILE Mtn. is another form of Bill Mtn.


Fascinating that Kubrick most likely linked the Overlook Hotel’s mountain to Devil’s Tower as well.

Wendy’s projecting lid reminds me of the ear projecting from Steptoe Butte in Collage 04. She has removed the top of the mountain/can, making it flat on top.


A link with The Beatles’ Abbey Road can be made through the VW(s) and white lines.



Since it is a bull’s ear and not a bulls eye now, Danny’s dart suddenly becomes useless (theory). It transforms into a cigarette (or maybe a joint?) as useless becomes useful again. Jack partakes. Lloyd shows up as the supplier (“What will it be?”).

Lloyd is the best bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine… or Portland, Oregon. West and east coast combine as one. We begin in Washington state from the other side. Lloyd is there, on Steptoe Butte. People are now lighting up legalized marijuana joints all over that state now, as well as in Colorado, setting for The Shining. Probably factors in. We had a joint in our car when we were beamed up into Grayson space.

Mr. Beam.

Hucka D.:

So now you know that the bull’s ear is the Bullrocks. What are you going to do about it? You are at Bullrocks and you see twins, right?



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overlaps 02

Quite fascinating:

I find it interesting that the opening scene from The Shining overlays in such an uncanny way with the Abbey Road album cover. See how the VW Beetles parallel each other.


The boy, Danny Torrence, is also referred to as “Doc”. In the maze scene near the end Jack calls him “Danny Boy”. In McCartney’s Rocky Raccoon, the main character is named Danny, is referred to as “Danny Boy”, and he is talking to his doctor, which he calls “Doc”.

See here for a combo of title character “Rocky Raccoon” and “Danny Boy”: “Rocky Boy”, also part of the lyrics, actually.

Beatles – Rocky Raccoon Lyrics

Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota
There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
And one day his woman ran off with another guy
Hit young Rocky in the eye Rocky didn’t like that
He said I’m gonna get that boy
So one day he walked into town
Booked himself a room in the local saloon

Rocky Raccoon checked into his room
Only to find Gideon’s bible
Rocky had come equipped with a gun
To shoot off the legs of his rival
His rival it seems had broken his dreams
By stealing the girl of his fancy
Her name was Magil and she called herself Lil
But everyone knew her as Nancy
Now she and her man who called himself Dan
Were in the next room at the hoe down
Rocky burst in and grinning a grin
He said Danny boy this is a showdown
But Daniel was hot, he drew first and shot
And Rocky collapsed in the corner, ah

D’da d’da d’da da da da
D’da d’da d’da da da da
D’da d’da d’da da d’da d’da d’da d’da
Do do do do do do

D’do d’do d’do do do do
D’do d’do d’do do do do
D’do d’do d’do do do d’do d’do d’do d’do
Do do do do do do

Now the doctor came in stinking of gin
And proceeded to lie on the table
He said Rocky you met your match
And Rocky said, doc it’s only a scratch
And I’ll be better I’ll be better doc as soon as I am able

And now Rocky Raccoon he fell back in his room
Only to find Gideon’s bible
Gideon checked out and he left it no doubt
To help with good Rocky’s revival, ah
Oh yeah, yeah

D’do d’do d’do do do do
D’do d’do d’do do do do
D’do d’do d’do do do d’do d’do d’do d’do
Do do do do do do

D’do d’do d’do do do do, come on, Rocky boy
D’do d’do d’do do do do, come on, Rocky boy
D’do d’do d’do do do d’do d’do d’do d’do

Back to the Overlap Blog’s “Stanley Khyepril” post…

This is frankly a *very* bizarre image to find, several days (1 day?) after thinking about *this very* Yellow Submarine screen shot. Yesse, Kentucky is yes and then most of “yes” backwards (sey). This is in Carrcass-9, which I’ll have to save for later.


The crowd shot is one thing, but notice the use of the palm tree in both. One of the main motifs mentioned in regards to Solomon’s Temple in 1 Kings chapter 6 is his use of palm trees.


A very good point, and something I was also thinking about recently. Palms link these two famous crowd photos. A closer comparison *must* be made.

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Studying up on the Overlap Hotel Blog, since the owner was kind enough to leave a comment to one of my posts here and stated they enjoyed reading this blog…

Ringo also starred in a tv-movie simply titled Ringo. In it, he plays the part of a man named Ignor Rrats, who switches places with Ringo, played by himself.

This is interesting because, without knowledge of Ringo’s character in this tv-movie, the variant name I created for him for the Frank & Herman Einstein! Blog purposes is the very similar Ingor Ratts. See here for a list of posts with this variant name mentioned. And more are found in the preceding Baker Blinker Blog, my first effort in this type of communication. But I like “Ignor Rrats” better!

Some good stuff over at that Overlap Hotel… more on the Ringo movie.

Even more interesting is that the film also features actress Angie Dickinson who portrayed a female cop named Sgt. ‘Pepper’ Anderson on the ’70s tv show Police Woman.

How cool!


After a day of shooting The Shining, Shelley Duvall, Jack Nicholson, James Coburn, Lynsey De Paul and Ringo have some drinks.


Mention of Ringo and rings in this particular Overlap Hotel post reminds me of something I saw just today in The Shining: overlap of Jack’s shiny eye pupil in one of the movie’s ending crossfades with a finger of another person in the same photo.

Jack’s pupil briefly acts as a woman’s ring.

And in the crossfade just before this, involving the same shot, we have this same “ring woman’s” eye becoming a third eye of another photo dweller. Pretty interesting, huh?



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