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university towns?

Audrey was, as usual, dancing an Irish Jig. Jeffrie Phillips was enjoying the scene, but they must get down to business soon. One more dance, though.

“Try 13 now,” he requested.


“Whatever happened to Marsha, by the by?” Jeffrie asked after Audrey had given him the latest update. He didn’t need the information but he wanted it. Sounds familiar.

“Oh, the usual. Marriage to some slob and now they’re pinned down with the standard 2.5 kids. Thank you for not wanting any. Teepot has enough. The *world* has enough.”

“The world is not long for us anyway. No use in bringing someone new in to experience all that misery.”

“Agreed,” Audrey quickly followed.

“Well… we’ve tracked Casey One Hole down to Danshire before his disappearance, along with the Small Kowloon House. This is right outside Phyllis and Ben’s home — no accident there. And now Ben might be recalled to the old country, thanks to Host Charming. No accident there either. One chance out between two worlds.”

“Don’t say that,” red pendant wearing Audrey requested. “It reminds me of the girl we had to kill.”

“Kill off,” red tie sporting Jeffrie elaborated. But the Kidd remains within. They didn’t know of Tronesisia’s big picture plan.


“Who are you??”

“Don’t be afraid,” Billy Jean spoke to Katy from the other side of the walkway. “It’s only another Kidd.”

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She continued to puff on her Havana while talking.

“Wee found another dooor out, Duncan, Baker Bloch and Ii. Stiill shut… but sooon.” She puffed again. “You are stiill happy here in the Fruit Loopy Islands, noo?” She stares but no answer. “I seee that you arre. You just continue what you’rre doing and doon’t mind mee. Play as iif I’m not heere, hehe.” She stared some more, then looked behind her through the palms, though the location in her mind was far, far out of sight even with the longest draw distance. “Biig Island, eh? Stiill much to exploore. Snaaakes (pause) Manateees (pause) Liooons. (pause) I’ve even heard there are tiigers on the neighborring island with thee temples. Tiigers, Duncan. Tales of thee..”

“And mee in the ceentre. I was *theere.*”

“I plan to goo to Rosehaaven and shaake things uup a bit.” Puff. Thaat’s my deestiny.” Emit smoke.

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Bill (Wheeler) spoke over the loud, synchronized drumming. “These guys are nice, Grassy, but I feel something is missing. Why don’t you go up and join them! You played a mean bass steel pan in your college days, didn’t you? The Merrymen wasn’t it?”

“We *emulated* The Merrymen,” the Mmmmmm Grassy clarified. “Played a lot of their songs. But Calypso and the Carribean are far back in the rear view mirror now.” He sighed. “We better head over and meet Catvas I and Catvas II for bridge.  I’m afraid that’ll have to do for our synchronized quartet tonight, ha.”

“Catvas I always smells of bird,” Bill complains. “And Catvas II of fish.”

“You smell of lion,” Grassy continued the grousing. “And I smell of, um, sodden earth? Haystacks?” He looks down at his white, sneakered feet. “Haven’t quite pinned it down.”

“We’ll get to Montana and then we’ll know.” Bill leaned in closer and lowered her voice. “Got any more of that wacky weed on ya? I brought some tweezers.”

“Then I’ve got the pony, hehe. We’ll figure out the rest later.”

“I dig!”


Bill carefully laid down the now empty tweezers on the seating. “Ahh. Life is good, Grassy. Grass. But all this reminds me.” She waves her arm around to indicate. “I really should get back to that chess game with Ellen.”

“You’re lion *snicker*”.


15 minutes later:

“I wonder what the Catvases did tonight in our stead?”

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Falmouth Visit Floor 2

“Ahh, Stonethwaite,” Jacob I. coos when encountering Falmouth 2o on floor 2. “Or quite close — the fabulous Greenup Gill valley just south.” A collage of two photos from that region here, with “The Shining’s” dart throwing Danny, a prostrate Mr. Bean, and others helping to glue them together.

Story Room again (Falmouth 22, a 4 part animation),  joined in another peculiar way now.

Falmouth 23: Jacob I. feels more meaning here as well. A strolling Sherwood Anderson of “Winesburg, Ohio” fame in center, a posed 19th U.S. president Rutherford B. Hayes in upper right. Another county implied: Sandusky in Ohio, home to both. A direct descendant of President Hayes use to drive darts into his Mouse Island just north of it.

Jacob I. decides to manifest a Phillip Linden doll to help him ponder the meaning of Falmouth 23. “My user enters a portal behind or beside the grave of Annie,  standing for animation.”

But the concept blew Phillip’s mind.

Famouth 24: There is a pattern here. Hayes again. Images from “The Shining” once more. Shark and Fitz from “12 Oz Mouse” — which he’s viewed now in its 3 hour movie format. Clock as well. 2:37 I suppose. Now 15 minutes beyond the 2:22 slice of time that Fitz was stuck in at his Cardboard City for the majority of the film. Like Phil of “Groundhog Day.” “1 Pink.”

And then Stonethwaite itself in Falmouth 26 (!). Stonethwaite End and Restaurant to be exact, the place where, let’s see, I suppose Chroma could have run this, Jacob ruminates. He’ll have to check…

More Stonethwaite in Falmouth 27 and 28 that follows…

… and more in Falmouth 29/30 to finish up floor 2. A type of diptych for this one, he thinks.

“My user”, he says aloud. “Staring at the transfigured end of that railroad tunnel in Devizes, England.” On the bridge. A place of accosting. Man shaped like small tank. Escape. But both roommate there and the roommate’s landlord now dead in the ensuing 4 1/2 years.

And to the left: Peanut once more from “12 Oz Mouse”. “Hmm,” Jacob I. utters again. “The Gaeta V continent is shaped like a peanut. I wonder what *that* might mean? What are the 2 Peanut images — darted, hatted regular and undarted, unhatted cubic versions — discussing here?”

Onward to floor 3…


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“Well. It’s finally happened, Broken Heart Jackie.”

“Don’t call me that,” Broken Heart the bone cat reprimanded for the umpteenth time about the name Jackie. “And now I really *do* have a broken heart.” She makes a clumsy motion on her chest of two things being ripped apart.

“Last of the grass… weed,” Jacob I. laments. “We’ll have to call up Leaf Erik’s son over in California, Pennsylvania for more — it will take weeks.”

“Months,” Broken Heart extends.

“Years,” Jacob I. finalizes, and then heaves a long sigh. “Darn that Jeffrie Phillips. Darn that stolen Centre.”

“Or we could go over to Leona Lei’s place in Hilltop. That will require changing into mechanoids. The last time it took us weeks to revert.”

“Years,” Jacob I. emphasizes again. “Sheer hell.” He looks down at his feet and wonders if they are really flesh and blood yet. Then, staring over at Broken Heart’s red and blue glasses, he gets an idea. “But the *sister* could work.”

“Hana? Is she still alive even after her death?”

“It was just a shish kabob skewer.”

“I though it was a ladle,” Broken Heart says. “You know, for dishing out soup and stuff.”

“I know what a lapel is. Did I say lapel? haha. That’s not even emphasized the same.”

“Label,” Broken Heart then says. But she accents the wrong syllable for humor.

“Labelle,” Jacob I. utters. “Patti Labelle!”

“The singer, actor, magician?” perks up Broken Heart, but then remembers the truth. “Man, we’re really baked.”

“Baker!” Jacob I. spouts, seeing the white opening once more. “Cook… Baker. That’s what we were trying to figure out.”

“I’m going to bed.” Broken Heart falls asleep while not even moving an inch from his spot on the couch. Jacob I. leans over and folds her bony hands over her little red broken heart.

“Night night, Jackie,” he ends while slipping into dreamland himself.

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up the falls

The structure was indeed a duplicate of the jailhouse in town proper. But it was likewise empty, much to the disappointment of Buster.

His attention was then drawn to a jagged incline outside, dotted with those queer, two-dimensional orange trees. “What’s up there?” he asked Peter, who replied he didn’t know. “Wait here with Wheeler,” Buster commanded, steeling his nerves for a new challenge. “We need your conducting powers to get back.”

Buster returned to the others, saying he’d found an alternate way out of the underground beneath the SLRR and that they didn’t have to go through that God awful void again.

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“The Point of It All”

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