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New NWES City resident Stumpy was eager to get some local color and received a couple bucketfuls at Moe’s, a centrally placed watering hole. We cut to the most relevant story the bartender told this night. “Homer?” he said after Stumpy inquired more about the famed bar brawl where Mr. Smipson lost his head which had to be kept in a jar of formaldehyde to be preserved like a pickle for possible future restoration. “Right over there.” Moe points beyond Stumpy to the pool table where it happened. “He broke a pool stick for a weapon, Homie did too. Out of the ball park for the both of ’em. But, turns out, Lemmy’s — as they called him — Lemmy’s head was real and Homer’s wasn’t. *He* was just a mascot, although it seemed to be the other way around what with the ice skating gig and all. That’s when reality began to break down. Who *else* is just a mascot and not real in this here town? Probably a lot of us. Probably more than we care to know. So we stopped talking about it, stopped yapping about it. The bar fell silent when the topic of lost heads was ever brought up. So that’s why *you* caused such a stir with your appearance tonight. You don’t have a head, yet you live!” Moe decided he better shut up for the night and started cleaning beer glasses again. Besides he didn’t have any lines left. See! he thought to himself while staring at the void between the shoulders of the man perched on a bar stool in front of him. This is what happens when this is brought up. Irreality!

The spotted figure in the picture near the pool table then stepped out of it and into this world, one who calls himself Gotham. The one who took Homer’s head away from the jar through this same portal several weeks ago for possible repair, leaving Moe with a nice (if shady seeming) nest egg at the bottom of it. But yet he was back now: unretired. Gotham had also returned to remind him of this. Moe didn’t run the bar any longer. A man named MAT had bought it and made him redundant, or, yes, forced him into an early retirement as a better option. The bar had closed 2 hours ago. In his mild, spacey way, MAT had simply forgotten to lock the front door (4th wall) when he left, distracted by a brewing storm and thunderous lightning and wind and such, let’s say. We were operating on alty time, as Gotham later termed it, sitting at the bar with Stumpy and Moe and trying to get the latter to go home to his lovely wife Dinah and put an end to coming back to work and all. “You won’t get paid,” he reminded Moe, but that wasn’t the point.

As Jaspery night yielded to Newtony day, Moe’s presence began to fade and another took his place: 1/2 and 1/2 here. Gotham turns to Stumpy. “Now about that head…”

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“Raging Crow/John Bob Denver”

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site manager

“I’ve been mean-ing to ask you,” coos Marilyn, washing her hands before exiting the joint just as she did when entering. “How’s Di-nah doing? I never see her around any more.”

“Oh, pheh,” Moe waved off the poster behind the wash basin. “That old thing? That’s just an expression. You can do it by yourself if needed. Right Zapppa?”

Zapppa continued to look at the counter, obviously uncomfortable in the moment. “I’m not here for small talk, Moe,” he said in a big voice. He then stared straight into his eyes, determined to get it over. “You’re fired.”

Moe picks up a beer glass, wipes it, sets it down again. “It’s — it’s that girl, isn’t it? She’s *helping* you.”

“No, I didn’t say that.” He gets up to leave; reaches into Cassandra’s brain container first.

“Hey! Where you going with Homer’s head?? And, hey, what’s, er, this here at the bottom of his jar?”

“Retirement pension!” Zapppa shouted back before disappearing over the Montana horizon, knowing that egg would take him far.

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More The Bill 03

Head T. finds map resonance in Idaho > Montana: Lump (MT) directly above Grave(y Bend) (ID).


Grant is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County, Idaho, United States. Grant is 5.3 miles (8.5 km) west-southwest of Rigby.[2] and 12.1 miles (19.5 km) north of Idaho Falls.

Grant is a rural community close to the Snake River. It is home to Central Cemetery, which serves the community of Garfield as well as Grant in Jefferson County.[3]

Grant has been known historically as Poverty Flats and Gravy Bend – names that were acquired during impoverished times when residents had to eat watered-down gravy.[4]

Both on 112 longitude.

Blue Feather Gallery is symbol of another Z. image in Billy the Mountain… strong ME connection in this case. Billy the Mtn. “devolves” to Bill Hill in CT and NH/VT via (Old) Lyme prox. Lyme probably stands for Linden rulers of Second Life (lime=linden in Brit.). This culminates in Lime Hill and Phillip surrounding Barker Cem with “standing Philip Linden” in VA. Cemetery = Jeogeot and its highlighted art galleries? (see: Sync Lair Gallery for more details).

Another Baker Cem in same co (one of 3 in co) exists at near center of Abingdon Mystery Area and confluence of Sink and Sign Lines. Forms triangle with Square I. and also Rock’s House/bamboo grove. Central queer Barker Cem here symbolically makes animation with one in Barker Cem between Lime Hill and Phillip. “Annie…” is key. This is also in Sync Lair.

Annie (animation) gravestones probably unite Sync Lair Mystery Area exhibit with such galleries as House Greenup, through the linkup of animations in each. Animations (and now multi-panel works) are key in my collage series.


Back to Head T., however.

Head T. may be connected to the 1967-68 Dean Chance syncs (1st 2 of his 3 “Twin” years). These are dark and light exact twins. 1161 each year. ’68 1161 mirrors Bob Gibson’s importantly for same year. 1.12 ERA for Bob, same as long. for Gravy Bend-Lump. Same counties surrounding Gravy Bend and Lump. We see this as triumph over grave, and Lump does not lead to this. Instead MT Lump seen as just that, and removable (par. gold lump namesake of Lump and accompanying gulch, but no more gold there after extraction).

Monkey’s Eyebrow, KY assoc. with Head T.? Near Bandana. Food for Monkey’s head (thoughts). This Bandana also comes up in search for Skillet, lending a 12 Oz Mouse flavor to this exploration. Only 2 Bandanas, 1 with prime name of Skillet (MO).

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Reading this now:




Aha! At one time I really wanted to know the name of this island we see at the very start of The Shining, but I thought the information would be too obscure. Who would pay much attention to an island that only briefly flashes across the screen, a couple of seconds at best? Horselover Phat counters this idea, and has provided the name for me, and additional information. It’s Wild Goose Island, situated in St. Mary Lake at the eastern edge of Glacier National Park in Montana, near the start of the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road that Jack is seen driving up in the opening credits as well (in a yellow VW bug). In fact, as I’m checking now it’s the only marked island on a topo map of the lake. The lake has just this one island. 1:1.

Where have we heard about Glacier National Park recently? Why right here in the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog! It figures into the 3rd and last leg of the 3 Bears triangle of associations, end looping back to beginning (mobius again). *And*, as Wild Goose Island lies near the beginning of the Going-to-the-Sun highway heading west, so the Grizzly population place also mentioned in that blog post/riddle lies only a couple of miles below the *western* end of the same highway, after it has passes over the Continental Divide and descends again to another larger lake (Lake McDonald). One must ask here: Is this Glacier National Park east-west alignment through recent blog information chance or synchronicity? I would strongly push for synchronicity, given all else in the matrix surrounding and enveloping it.

There’s only one other Wild Goose Island in the GNIS database, and that’s in St. Bernard Parish, Lousiana. It’s very low — sea level, as low as you can get for an island, actually — while its twin in Montana is very high (4496 feet above sea level). Check this out: this second and final Wild Goose Island pulls a disappearing act when you resolve the topographic map to the maximum.



wild goose chase

As we pull into Jack at the end of The Shining, we have the counterbalanced *appearance* of a small piece of paper in his upstretched right hand. Given that Wild Goose Island appears at the very beginning of this same film, is the piece of paper also suppose to represent this island? Is Wild Goose Island, Louisiana the exact counterbalance, Alpha to Omega, of this one and only other (twinned) Wild Goose Island? I think so, although I can’t fine tune that association yet. Something deep lies here.



This is a very convincing match of Tarot image to Shining image as well: It’s the infamous naked woman/hag in Room 237 from the film, with corrresponding Tarot image coming from Judgement, the 20th and penultimate card of the deck’s Major Arcana.


See this match for the same card as well. We’ve returned to Jack and his outstretched arms at the end of the film, and the mystery piece of paper.


OMG: VWX Town!

shining brain beetle vw

One singular thalamus has the ‘v-shape’…2 together make the ‘w-shape’.
The literal peoples car…Volks-Wagen….’STUVWXYZ’ (VW alphabet order and XY 23 chromosomes)

It’s an “eye”.

“It’s a heart.”


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Earth (Erath?) was known as Bricker to Piepodt. It was Southwest of Piepodt. Casey (The Alien) was as well. Sean Decker. Z-man in the past. 3rd hole of Piepodt traditionally filled with bricks. Erath was also known as Goldilocks.

Two bears are here (Polar, Bryant). Flanked by Elton. Blue Eyes. 3rd Bear? (like 3rd stream)


The Goldilocks Effect: How Other Earths Form Just Right

THE BEAR TRIANGLE (courtesy of the Baker Blinker Blog).

1) Grizzly Adams and Ben.


Grizzly Adams (Haggerty) is a woodsman during the frontier era who flees into the mountains after he is wrongly accused of murder. While struggling to survive, Adams discovers an orphaned grizzly bear cub whom he takes in and calls Ben. The bear, despite his huge adult size, becomes Adams’s closest companion.

2) Egan sim, Second Life


“Ben wuz here”

3) US’s only Grizzly location has variant name Egan (at southern entrance to Glacier National Park).



Grizzly – Ben – Egan



In the television series, Adams had two human companions, an old trader named Mad Jack the Mountain Man (Denver Pyle, commonly featured with a mule named “Number Seven”) and a native American named Nakoma (Don Shanks).


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Love the 3 Beetles (The Walrus Was Paul)





Was Paul Mozart?


Why would Lennon play the role of Salieri? Out the Blue; Jealous Guy; How do you Sleep?; Imagine. I suppose because they worked as partners.


The community was named for President Benjamin Harrison, due to a large wood mill and stop for mining boats coming off the nearby Coeur d’Alene River.

Also named for President Benjamin Harrison, and reinforced by Lake Cleveland, an alpine lake below the summit.


Paul and Rupert:


(Eleanor) Rigby next to Gravey Bend/Grant:



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