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A way out (Back to Nautilus)

“I know this man!” says Martell Mandell out loud. She couldn’t help it. “Fieldon!” she tacked on, thinking about 300, thinking about a lot of other stuff. Like time and space shifts. She begins to prepare for telling her alien boss, Abbey Abdominator, about the discovery. “We *must* investigate,” he says back to her in a daydream. Hopefully her imagination turns out to be correct.


“There! Told you!”

“Just because it’s a New Jersey substation of Nautilus and just because he likes to wear grey doesn’t mean he’s the same guy, Martell,” says Abs back to her upon seeing the “proving,” remotely taken photo in his mind. “I’m Grey. If I were standing in front of, say, a New Jersey welcome sign would you also think I was Harry, hmm? Besides, he denied he was Harry — said he was instead Jerry. I read the report you sent me. I’m not that detached from my position here at Star Team Interplanetary.”


“If only Collagesity were still around,” she lamented while they looked at another photo she’d found in the Archive, hope waning.

“If only we could follow this probable route still up Highway 13 and down Highway 14 around and around…”

“Wizard,” says Abs to this. “Cube.” Her world turned inside out. And the Grey was the Man on top. Superior. *Not* a humbug.

“Look around, Martell. Where do you think you are? They are appearing all over the place. We have a way to go back *now*.”

“The… Void?” she answered, hallucinating the past. Shirley?

Still sharing her pictures, Abbey sensed a discrepancy between red-violet and yellow-green. These were not the same cubes. “No. Not The Void, Martell. I’ve changed my mind. We’ll go back to Nautilus… Jersey. But in that special way like we did before. And heading in backwards just for kicks.” Maybe that will solve the discrepancy I sense, he says to himself.

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head and heart


I asked the patient’s mom about the skincare regimen they were using, including their choice of soap. The parent said they were using Ivory soap. She said the previous doctor said to use either Dove or Ivory.

Now that would be an odd thing to suggest. Typically, one might recommend a less drying cleansing product to an atopic, but Ivory wouldn’t normally be at the top of that list. Almost undoubtedly, the doctor said to use “Dove, not Ivory.” But it is quite understandable how a patient could misinterpret what was said.

Port Ivory is a coastal area in the northwestern corner of Staten Island, New York City, New York, United States. It is located on Newark Bay near the entrances the Kill van Kull in the east and Arthur Kill in the west….

The area bore the name of Milliken originally, and became locally known as Port Ivory after Ivory Soap, one of the best-known products from Procter & Gamble, which operated a factory at the site from 1907 until 1991 when the soap making operation was moved to Mexico.[1][2]

“I knew you’d be back. *Boyfriend*.” Mexican standoff.

“You know what I’m here for.” SHOOT SHOOT POP POP.

Red at the waist.

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Twinned Swannanoas

The Dooleys called the palace Swannanoa because Sallie dearly loved the graceful white birds and the fact that they mated for life. It is possible that the name had a dual meaning as there is a river in North Carolina called Swannanoa — the Cherokee word for beautiful trail. A carving over the entrance to the mansion contains a swan and a paddle and would seem to support the theory that the word came from that region and was connected to the river there.

Then a third Swannanoa, a variant name of Petersburg, NJ according to GNIRPs. It was the site of a mansion built by one of the Ringling Brothers brothers famous for the circus. Circus animals drank the water of Lake Swannanoa Ringling created from 2 natural ponds. Another 2-n-1.,_New_Jersey

The name Swannanoa is reported to be “derived from the Cherokee word Suwali-Nunna, meaning ‘trail of the Suwali tribe,'”[3] however the name was used in this case under the impression that the translation is actually “the beautiful trail.” The street names within the development are all named after Native American tribes.

And then a bit down the same article we have this:

Weird Swannanoa

Due to the Ringling Brothers Circus connection, the elusive Midgetville has been rumored to be located here,[4] in addition to several other New Jersey towns. There are local legends about the ghosts of circus animals haunting the area. A human ghost is also said to haunt the retirement home located on the lake.

I was curious about this, because the 2003 independent film Station Agent was shot just in the next valley over, and starred Peter Dinkage, born with dwarfism. Again, Station Agent plays an important role in the carrcasses, namely Carrcass+6. Station Agent is centrally fused with Beatles songs from Revolver and Rubber Bullet Soul within. The song Norwegian Wood acts as a center for the 5 used songs here, itself lying in the center of 3 likewise Rubber Soul tracks (the 2 Revolver tracks as a frame for these). Norwegian Wood is now the name of a mistified Middletown neighborhood. In the synch/carrcass, Norwegian Wood highlights a possible relationship between Dinkage’s character Finbar McBride and Olivia Harris, played by Patricia Clarkson. But just as in the song, a sexual relationship is not consummated, but the two remain friends, which is more important in the end.

See here for more about Midgetville:


The most credible reports of Midgetville that we’ve investigated are probably the ones that center around a remote enclave of houses in the woods of Jefferson Township in northern Morris County. Though the houses are quite small, it is this community’s close proximity to the old Ringling Brothers’ Estate which really made us wonder whether we had at last found the true Midgetville we had so long sought.

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Prior to the community adapting its name from the Greek word for ‘brotherhood’ (adelphia), the area was previously known as Turkey. The only remnants of Turkey happen to lie within the title of a nearby county park, Turkey Swamp Park.

Philadelphia Freedom

Only Yellow Br/ pp…


At the conclusion of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy flies away from Emerald City at the end of the yellow brick road to return to her Kansas farm.

“We are moving back in time from North (City) to South (Farm), and all the urban vs rural underlying causes of the Civil War.”


Rural (Rural Hall, etc.) then dealt with in NC through Mayberry, etc. Lack of African-Americans in Andy Griffith Show.

Hucka D.:

We will have more Elton symbols in Miss. later on [and his first US no. 1]: Crocodile Rock<Eagle Rock.

The song was inspired by John’s discovery of leading Australian band Daddy Cool and their hit single “Eagle Rock”, which was the most successful Australian single of the early 1970s (with 1,000,000 sold),[4] remaining at No.1 for a record of 10 weeks.[5][6] John heard the song and the group on his 1972 Australian tour and was greatly impressed by it.[4] A photo included in the album packaging features John’s lyricist, Bernie Taupin, wearing a “Daddy Who?” promotional badge. The song also appears to have been strongly influenced by songs from the late 50s-early 60s (“when Rock was young”), including Del Shannon’s 1962 “Cry Myself to Sleep”, and “Little Darlin'” (recorded in 1957 by The Diamonds and The Gladiolas). The chorus resembles “Speedy Gonzales” by Pat Boone. While there was no actual “Crocodile Rock”, there was a dance called The Alligator.


Elton “steps up” from Matland and its Crocodile Rock to enter 4 Sticks territory. The year is ’73. Yellow Brick Road territory again. Is he coming or going? Welcome Mat.


Rather bizarre framing of Daniel and Day in Carroll County MD by Barrett (east) and Watersville (west). Roger Pine Ridge anyone? Winfield is a codeword [for the magic book]. Mt. Airy and Taylorsville nearby (Andy Taylor of Mayberry, based on Mt. Airy).

I also can’t help but think there’s a relationship between the oddly named location “Plane No. 4” on the Carroll County map above (to left of Mt. Airy) and this…

… but I haven’t figured out how yet.

Of the four aircraft hijacked on September 11 – the others were American Airlines Flight 11, American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 175 – United Airlines Flight 93 was the only one that did not reach its hijackers’ intended target.

Lineboro *and* Roller in ne corner of Carroll County have already come up here.

Bizarre! I now recall, in looking up “Winesap” related posts on this blog, that Carroll County and its Winfield have already arisen here.

Now it links to Winfield, Kansas!

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November 13, 2014 · 4:02 am

In the end…

… Tin S. Man believed that 2001 synched to Dark Side of the Moon, not The Wizard of Oz. But it’s really both in one.

My take:

2001-Echoes is not a purposeful synch. That is, “Echoes” was not created as a soundtrack to the end of the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie (separately titled “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite”). I believe Stegocat’s Contact-Echoes proves this by itself. The Wizard of Oz + Dark Side of the Moon likewise is not purposeful. Many synchs prove this, including my modest Dark Side of the Yellow Submarine synch (an earlier synch itself, like Contact-Echoes). And in this spirit I do not think 2001 + Dark Side of the Moon was created on purpose. And frankly even if it was, I’m not going to spend my time listening to Dark Side of Moon while simultaneously watching the grindingly slow 2001. The faster paced Wizard of Oz is obviously a better match for the musical smorgasbord of DSotM. I’m not that big of a fan of 2001-Echoes for the same reason, and that only uses the last section of the film. I’m not saying that 2001: A Space Odyssey isn’t a great film. I think, as a whole, it works better by itself (as do the vast majority of movies). You’d have to chop it up, perhaps into little pieces, in order to successfully employ it for a synchronicity.

So what’s the end story for Tin S. Man in this blog? The mini-myth really starts to take off in the 10th post, or “So We Are At Tin…”, and continues into 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. Posts 20-22 create a trilogy of sorts, and represent the end of the main part of Tin S. Man – Wallace3 interaction, with Wallace3 played by me. Another early trilogy of posts just after this (24, 25, 26) demonstrates a shift from Tin S. Man-Wallace3 interaction centered by Tinsity at Green Oz Creek to Byng Creek mythology on the west side of the same mountain (Wealthy Mtn.). The creation of Lion’s Roar after this definitely seals the deal, and totally isolates the Tin S. Man energy from the rest of Frank and Herman Parks, Einstein.

Now this sealing is being unsealed, with the understanding that the incorporated Tinsity has run its course and Tin S. Man is pulling out of his namesake town. The separation started with Lisa the Vegetarian, owner of sacred Wealthy Mtn. or at least the great majority of it, enacting the 3333 Protectorate around Tinsity, allowing Wallace3 to escape the negatively charged energy surrounding it. Tinsity becomes South, Gray, 2233, Baker Blinker Blog, old blog, Rebel, Korean and not English. Tinsity absorbs the energy of the Baker Blinker Blog and its 2233 posts. It becomes the past, but a window to the past as well through the Supersity Super Hoop. Supersity and its hoop provides an answer to Tinsity.

Lisa the Vegetarian has supposedly compared this sealing to the Union Blockade of the South during the Civil War during one of her speaking engagements in Lion’s Roar. I suppose the end of Tin S. Man’s involvement with Tinsity and Green Oz Creek is his Appomattox. Saying that 2001 is the intended video accompaniment to “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd is like Lee signing the treaty with the North there in the courthouse. Lee, South, Lovely, Love Lee. Decker. (pause) Sunfish.

Yards Creek, New Jersey with Sunfish Pond.


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I almost always…

… meet Alderman at Wegian’s, like Norwegian.


Hucka D.:

Looks more like one ridge divided by a county line, with Norwegian in Clearwater and Aldermand in Latah, baker b.


Thanks for that. Near Crescent — that’s how I found it.

Hucka D.:

Have you talked to Aldermand lately? Maybe that’s what it means.


Couple months ago. He talked of Twin Peaks.

Hucka D.:

These are twin peaks. Or twin ridges.


I wonder if this could be Northfork’s dam. And by association Billfork’s.



Hucka D.:

Baker to Spring Grove. Back to Houston County, I meant (blushes).


Aldermand is trying to tell me something from the future.

Hucka D.:

Yes. And himself.


He is non-linear at this time. We are non-linear.

Hucka D.:

You are synchronicity.


Something about Meddletown? Or Meddle… or Middletown?

Hucka D.:

Sit and have coffee with him and ask. Norwegian Ridge.

Eleanor Rigby, Drive My Car, Norwegian Wood, Nowhere Man, Yellow Submarine.



Baker. Baker, baker, baker. So you want to continue talking about 4orrin1.


Yes. Norwegian. Norwegian?

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