A Central Collagesity Mystery





3:44 EST:

Well, Jack is back.


210 prims left for development. Not bad.




Down to 206… 205… 206…

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Wedding Prep 02

“Thank you for meeting with me, Hucka Doobie. It’s just that… I didn’t feel comfortable talking with Carrcassonnee about Wheeler and such.”


“Yes, you told me. When did you get glasses Baker Blinker?”


“When did *you*? Yes, we need to catch up anyway. Remember the old days? Azure Islands? We use to hang a lot together.”

“And now you’re all grown up and about to get married,” responded Hucka Doobie. “My little girl”. Both giggle. “Well, spill the wine, er, beans.”

“Thanks again. Wheeler made me an offer, to get to the short of it.”

“What kind of offer?” Hucka Doobie propped her hands under her chin, getting very interested.


“An offer I had to refuse, Hucka. But I *thought* about it. That’s the scary thing. Am I really ready to get married? Is Karoz really the man? *The* Man?

“My guess?” offered Hucka Doobie. “I think it’s Blinkerton coming through.

“Well, that might apply if *you* were getting married Hucka Doobie.”

“Oh yeah.” Hucka Doobie sat back in her chair, re-contemplating. “How about this? You like girls instead of boys. Deep inside.”

“Perhaps.” Baker Blinker then shook the thought off. “Nah, that’s not it. I’m not into the other side of the sea. What’s the expression?”

“Hunting for shells on the opposite shore of the lake, I think.” Hucka Doobie tried to wink at her but found she couldn’t.

“Well… how’s things with you? What have *you* been up to Hucka?”

“Oh nothing much. Just finished up discovering the center of the universe. Nothing to it really. A hole. A whole lotta hole.”

“Wow. Where’d you find *that*? The center, I mean. I mean, we’re *here*.”

“The center is everything?” Hucka Doobie looked around the Collagesity Cafe, seeming to check each corner.

“I suppose. We need to practice talking together more.”

“Get that owner of yours, baker b., on it. But I have a surprise for you. I need to talk to you about something very important as well. Parallel to your important statement. Which was what? You’re not going to get married?”

“No, I want to get married,” answered Baker. “I really do. And I’ll go through with it. It’s just that this whole, parallel world opened up briefly, the one where Wheeler and I went to this ultra-mysterious Muff-Bermingham planet and started a wrestling confederation.”

“You would be in charge?”

“Wheeler and I together. 50-50. Something like that.”

“Let’s get up and walk,” Hucka Doobie then said. “I want to stretch my legs and explore. I don’t get here to Collagesity enough. I’m often in the center, which is nowhere.”

“You’re talking about the White Palace,” Baker Blinker guessed.

“Yes.” Hucka Doobie pauses, lowering her voice. “Plus my father might be listening in. Karoz’s too.” She pauses again, gauging Baker Blinker’s expression. “From the past, you know.”


“Oh. Oh yeah.”


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Wedding Prep 01















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Toxic Art Gallery restored; Gallery Jack eliminated.


Just like that.

I tried to reduce prims within the latter by dividing it into several sections and the project just proved to be too unmanageable in several ways. And a big bonus because of the reversion: the 100 collages of the Art 10×10 are again purchasable. Another bonus: I now have a 272 prim cushion to work with. Nice!

So what’s next??

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Collagesity: Central Paradox (etc.)

Below is a collision of 2 buildings in the heart of Collagesity that can’t possibly exist together. One must be off, one must be on. Right now the box-like Gallery Jack, holding 60 of the 100 collages of the Art 10×10, is “on”. In the recent past, it was browner and more irregular Toxic Art Gallery holding 80 of the 100 collages of same here. Will the situation switch back in the near future? This is my paradox: the central dichotomy, structure-wise, of Collagesity all is built around, as I’m perceiving it now.



Back to the inventory you go TAG building!

Ampitheatre where the Toxic Art Gallery use to sit.

On the other side of Gallery Jack: Bluebot, and Tom the Busker enmeshed in plumeria.

Dead center Gallery Jack.

Tile Tower, an oft overlooked component of Greater Collagesity.


Baker Bloch confers with Flat Ebbe Linden about a recent visitor coming up Cannon Street from the woods.

Baker admires the 2 eucalyptus trees he recently planted in front of Small Gothic Castle.


The Other appears. Two headed.

The Other?

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“Is that suppose to be Donald Trump over there, Carrcassonnee?” Wheeler asks in the awkward silence after sitting down in her special chair.

“I don’t know. Is it?”

“I don’t know neither. Either?”

“Why don’t you just try to gauge my eye out again, Wheels? Can I call you Wheels? Wheeler the Wheelie.”

“Baker Blinker is protecting you now. We made a pact, a deal. Part of that deal is that you and I have to get along. So I’m here. Talking to you.”

“What do you dislike about me, Wheels? Wheelie? Which do you prefer? Gauger, perhaps.”

“I am you. I don’t like the myself I use to be. With Perch. Perch riding around on Spider. Spider use to be a horse. That’s in the collages. You have to send her back in. You know so little. It irritates me sometimes, is all. I get impatient.”

“I know a *lot* woman.”

“Not as much as you think. Not at all. I’ve been in those collages myself. I’ve been to Stonethwaite, to Tungaske — that’s in Canada and not Russia by the way. I’ve been to those special places that make up the nexus. *We* operate from that nexus. Whitehead Crossing. Do you remember Whitehead Crossing, Carrcassonnee?”

“Of course. Kind of. And: not really. No, I don’t know that place atall.”

“That’s where I’m from. I’m from all of those places. That’s where I met Spongeberg. We had a thing going on back in the wild wooly 70’s. Ever heard of Jagger Juice?”


“Tommy Tums? Richard Rechts? Bizarronator? Those were my clan.”

“Sounds like an evil superhero alliance.”

“It was! We had a number of eyes laying around we would huff on back then. Your mama.”


“I said, your mama.”

Carr. (calling through the door):

Baker Blinker!! A little help!



She’s just pulling your leg. Go ahead Wheeler. Admit you were pulling Carrcassonnee’s leg. You don’t know her mother.


The heck I don’t. Huffing and puffing on her. All night long.


Alright let’s just end it at that. Now just *look* at what you did to Carrcassonnee again!

(after a pause)


I can’t believe you have to call in Baker Bloch again to change Carrcassonee ’round. He needs to give everything over to you. Just deed it over. The whole town, the part that’s not yours. 98 percent?

BBlinker (admitting):


Wheeler (standing):

I even have to get up for this charade?



Yeah. Sorry. (pause) We’re done.



He’s still got a little greenish glow around his belly.


The night marches on. We must end soon. We can’t look at every detail.


I didn’t think the mama joke would affect him like this. Change him over again.

BBlinker (looking at the script and reading):

It will take — sorry — it will take many episodes of 12 Oz Mouse to revive her again. Perhaps even 13.


Nice. Why don’t you just remove her eye now. While she’s away like this. It would be easy. Then we could go to Muff-Birmingham. I’ve shown you pictures. It’s beautiful. We could get a place somewhere way up in the air. Buy a whole wrestling arena before we leave and take it with us. Then when we get back we just rent. Rent somewhere else. Away from here.



“That eye would take us far.”

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Collagesity Ruminations


Baker Bloch admires the jagged Collagesity skyline and thinks, “this could be it. This is where the buck stops.”


That night he head over again to Carrcassonnee’s place for needed guidance after a fairly rough day. But Carr. herself has had a choppy spell recently. What’s going on? Interface is what’s going on. Collagesity is being affected by those that observe from the outside. So I think they need to talk — this most representative of representatives for myself, the chief artist of Collagesity, and then the chief deity of the town whose very existence has been threatened.


How are you holding up Carrcassonnee?


Baker Blinker took care of the problem. That’s all I’m going to say about it. I’m not going to rattle on so that you can put my inner hopes and fears on the blog for all these people to look at and dissect. I’m not like you.


Oh sure you are. You *are* me.



You’re going to have to get up soon when Baker Blinker arrives. That’s one of her special privileges now. She gets to sit in *that* seat. She’s such a beauty. She’s helped me so much recently. You are lucky to have her as a sidekick. You should just let her take over, eh? Just let her sit in your seat, acquire your friends, your memories. She is the male inside the female, a better balance. She has changed since entering Your Second Lyfe. My Second Lyfe. Look at you.


I know. I haven’t changed much. I did remove my mask about 6 years back. It was scaring the kids. But what of you? You don’t change.


I’m changing all the time, however. I am you. I am [ delete name]. I am Fitz. I am Lisa. I’m a lot of people you don’t know about yet.


What *did* happened between you and Wheeler?

(Baker Blinker enters)


Good. Now we can start in earnest. Get up Other Baker, for that is what you’ll always be now.


Alright, good enough.




Good *evening* Baker Blinker. My special friend. I thank you so much for just being here. For helping me. I haven’t had this much help since another special friend Dr. Horace P. Blood left the scene. He or she knew my peculiar ins and outs. I’ve kind of been lost without her all these months. I was at wits end to be frank. I *allowed* a vulnerability. Wheeler slipped in. But it’s good you two guys are still buds.


We are. She’s under control, Carrcassonnee. She’s sorry it happened. She got carried away. She *is* powerful. But I’m strong too. I took care of the problem.


Just as I was telling Baker Bloch over there.


What *did* happen? I know you won the wrestling contest.


Listen close Baker Bloch. Listen to what real change does to a person. Increases their mettle. Makes them tough.

BBlinker (to BBloch):

It wasn’t much. Well, it *was* scary. I almost lost. I turned it around in the end. I thought of Karoz, and how he cares for me so much. That pulled me through to the end. The marriage is still on.


Oh it has to be. I’m marrying you! Right here. Right where these chairs are now. ‘Cept Karoz will be in Baker Bloch’s place. He’s secondary too. He doesn’t change neither.


He’s trying.


He’s so transparent he’s basically grass. His ass is grass, as they say. Barney Rubles?


Wheeler also wants to talk to you Carrcassonnee.


Don’t let that *bitch* back in here.


Now now, it wasn’t that bad.


Baker Blinker, with all due respect, it *was* that bad.


Now I think you’re overreacting Carrcassonnee.


My full name as well. You must be convinced of this. Well… go on.


Wheeler was doing what Wheeler was suppose to do. She *can* take over the town. Destroy it even. If we didn’t have a central core, a central fire. And it can’t be just you, just me, just Karoz, just Baker Bloch, just Hucka Doobie. It has to be all of us, working together. Working as one.


The old one for all thing. I’m buying.

BBlinker (finishing):

*And*, it has to be Wheeler too. You and she must make amends. We’ll leave you alone. Get up Other Baker (she laughs and waves Baker Bloch up).


*No*, you can’t take advantage of my relative immobility. You *know* I can’t… oh… hello Wheeler.


Hello Carrcassonnee.



We’ll be right outside Carrcassonnee.

(Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch leave the gazebo)


“You can stop running now Baker Bloch.”


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