Who am I?

Who was sitting opposite me?

I am here. But not here. There. Better get there.


The grass has changed. Trees. I look to the distance and see…


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She returned to bar 01. They talked.

“Nautilus is the oldest continent,” she began, thinking of the center again.

“Sansara,” corrected Woody.


“Not any more at least,” she furthered after a weighted pause.


They entered “Lime House” together.

“Philip,” Baker spoke. “You may want to sit down for this one.”

“You didn’t create Second Life,” Wheeler blurted out. She couldn’t wait.

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bar 02

Wheeler investigate the bar more thoroughly. She then found the teleport directly connecting this one with Bar Lemon over in Wallytown Fishertown.

“I was *just* there,” she said under her breath. As if Woody didn’t need to know that fact. “This is about *me*” She uses the provided landmark to teleport over…

Things have changed over here…

“Well hello over there,” spoke a woman from behind. “Haven’t seen you in a while.”

Wheeler turned and approached the policeperson. “You *know* me?”

“Of course we do, Wheeler. If that’s still what you go by. We’ve been monitoring your progress, even. Pretty big party you had in LO next door before you, um, left. How’re the novels going?”

“Mary,” spoke Wheeler, whose mouth would be dropping again if she weren’t using it presently. She must have been the one to delete the objects left behind. Jimmy Carter, a copy of “I Robot”… Obama. It must have confused them greatly. And they *investigated*… But that still doesn’t explain how 7 Stones could be set up in the very sim where a portal bar was situated. This runs deeper that 7 Stones and Fishertown combined. This is *double* lemony.

“Um, fine,” she finally managed to answer. “How… how much do you *know*?”

“We know who you are,” reinforced Policeperson Mary. “We know about walking trees in the wall, and so on. We are taking your story and spinning off our *own* story from it.” She waved at Bar Lemon and Drugstore Orange now behind Wheeler. “This is the link.”

Wheeler suddenly got an im from Woody/Baker. “Where are you?” he asked in it. “I had my head turned and you were gone.”

Wheeler excused herself to walk over to the corner of Bar Lemon and text back. “Baker, this is important. Listen up. Our Second Lyfe… there’s something… behind it all.”

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bar 01

“Now where are we on this map again, Wheeler?”

“You know where we are, Woody. Nautilus. Right in the middle.”

“Oh. Yeah. I was looking around the edges.”

“No longer. Smack dab in the center,” she reinforced to the new town leader. Who was actually Baker Bloch once more, of course. And herself tonight? Let’s go with Hidi again.

But then I, the user of both, was pretty much shocked to find this out-of-the-way sky bar in Fordham, about the only other business I could find in the sim besides the galleries in 7 Stones itself, was owned by the same Lemon who ran that bar in Fishertown — formerly Wallytown — featured in Collagesity novel 10 (“Collagesity 2018 Later”). And a *Lemon* at that, recalling how we were just talking about World of Lemon vs. Linden (Lime) World in a post from yesterday. Startling, really. How could this be? Better get back to the characters right now, though. But I think they should know this too. I’ll have Woody mouth the fact in his oh-so-nasal voice…

“I checked the About Land before, Wheeler. This place is owned by a Ms. *Lemon*, and the same avatar that owned Bar Lemon in Wallytown featured in novel 10.”

Wheeler’s jaw dropped. How could this be?

She decided to change over into a character whose jaw could actually drop, though, since Hidi was a mesh figure.

Quick and easy, yeah, but limiting in that way.

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So many Jacks to think about now in 7 Stones.

Now which one of these dueling dudes is Jack? questioned apparent town leader Woody in his head.

Oh yeah: both of ’em.

And Jean Fade even indicated perpetually digging Salazar is a Jack as well, owner/creator of an ancient mythology detailing where Linden (Lime) World and World of Lemon originally split off from each other, one going forwards and the other heading backwards in space/time.


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non-working holidays 02

They emerged from the sunken pool quite refreshed and relaxed. Woody continued their tour.

“Here we have symbols representing the primary holidays of Christmas and Easter,” he piped up in his whiny, nasal voice. So irritating, thought Wheeler. But she must concentrate — she knew all of this was important now. But that’s not Christmas and Easter. Something else. Or was it?

Maybe nearby barwoman *Jean Fade* would know.

Yes. She did.

“Sister,” she explained in starting out. “Twin.”

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non-working holidays

It was always going to be us vs. them for control of Our Second Lyfe. Santa vs. Halloween (Jack) all over again.

Which of course worked both ways.

Let’s dive in.

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