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If odd, crazy things become consistently common…

… well, I think you know what I’m getting at here (odd crazy things turn into common ordinary things). Like this image I found while googling “‘Baxter County’ Arkansas map” just a minute ago, before logging in here. It was in the 5th row of hits, about 29 images down. But it stuck out, you see, because of my recent mentions of Hand in relation to this county (posts immediately below this one), and how Hand lies at the center of the lower line (Arkansas Line) of The Way and assoc. with the hand of Sgt. Pepper, et al.

Hand of Oppotubity

A very odd picture — it represents an upside down map of the county since the Missouri state line is to the south instead of the north where it should be. Here’s the web site it’s from:

Here’s the first of 3 posts on the subject from Vincent S. Anderson’s Ozarks’ History blog:

The map on the hand is very stylized and not accurate in scale atall, although the directions of the listed towns on the fingers and wrist roughly correspond to (reversed) directions away from central Mountain Home, the county’s seat and largest city. The actual former village of Hand, now inundated by Norfork Lake (SEE: Billville) would lie somewhere in the space between the pinky and the ring finger, I think.* Is there even a connection between this kooky map and the name of the Hand village itself? Probably not, but I thought I’d just mention it anyhoot. Hand *Valley* (also called Head Valley) would lie just beyond the tip of the index finger, near the junction of the Buffalo and White Rivers. Master Shake (also just mentioned in the post below) mouths or “channels” the phrase “White Buffalo” in Carcass-0, which is then equated with a white spaceship with “horns” containing Plutonians. Let me see if I can pull a picture of it up even — and before I forget, Master Shake is also very white. Check out the last section from the Quetzalcoatl wikipedia article here; I’ll highlight the key words:

The British author Graham Hancock published a pseudo-historic theory that Quetzalcoatl is a being that is shared across many cultures including Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan and Olmec. The stories of a bearded white man bringing “knowledge” are alleged to be common, and sprouting from a central source or “master” culture. (Source: Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock, 1995)

Quetzalcoatl was a known “master” jester or joker as well. Is Master Shake Quetzalcoatl in disguise as it were? A knowledge of Carcass-0 would be helpful here, but I can’t relay that information. Perhaps a study of Carcass-0 is in order.

Just down the White River from Hand Valley is Buffalo City, where the Buffalo and White Rivers actually meet. The next population place on the White River down from this junction is Cartney, which reminds us that it is Paul McCartney’s *head* on Sgt. Pepper that The Hand lies just above. And then just downstream from that, continuing down the White, is Shipp — a reference to the Plutonian ship or “White Buffalo” again? Cartney would lie about in the fingertip at the top of the Baxter County “map hand”.


* White Buffalo reference in Billville Guestbook:

The “River of Buffalo” is described starting at about 11 minutes into the below video, and “the trip” ends about 1 minute later with the last mention of “white buffalo”, just before the phone rings (in Carcass-0, this corresponds with us seeing the white, Plutonian shipp ship). Master Shake channels “white buffalo” of 11:13, mentioned above. God I love this new blog!


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