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yin yang Yanktons

Seeing the cow chip holding giant beaver in the snow and all, hot Biker 02 knew he was in the right place. It was a small but significant burg, and he had designs on digging up someone in a church cemetery there.

In a similar sized town directly south, cold Biker 01 bikes down a main artery, passing vein after vein. He was searching for the church in vain. He should have been looking up to icier climes.

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It was raining when he got back to Collagesity and it made his depression worse. He decided to go to Vivian Blue Hair, the new girl — or one of ’em — for advice. She was a fire scryer, using candles for the most part, like here. He asked what was foremost in his mind. “Which… one?”

Vivian could have been selfish and said she was the one, but almost immediately upon staring into the flame saw black and white patterns all around. She slips deeper into trance, closing her eyes. “I see two countries — or counties — one black and the other white, but both named Austra.”

“Austra, yes,” Phillip replies. “There’s a Lower and an Upper — everyone knows that–” Phillip stops here, understanding that Vivian Blue Hair arrived off continent just day before last week. She was a friend of… he can’t remember. Maybe Man About Time, wherever the heck he is these days. Phillip is already itching to leave his Collagesity but has nowhere left to go, he doesn’t think. Not after Wendy.

Vivian Blue Hair changed into someone else, chessboard patterns moved to the face. “A promise made, a promise lost.”

It was the cards (!), heart upside down being a spade.

Jeffrie Phillips wakes up from the rabbit hole as the lot of ’em fall to the chessboard floor in a disheveled mess, like roses. He’s received his clue.

“Charlene,” he says to the woman beside him, the usual one, but probably not *the* one. This also stirs her.

“Yes, Mr. Jeffrie Phillips, sir,” she dutifully and groggily recites, automatically reaching for his red tie hung on the bed post but then realizing it was still the middle of the night. She returns her hand to his bare chest.

“That new girl in town…”

“Right… see where *this* is going.” She yawns and looks at her nails.

“No, no, I don’t fancy her or anything.” Jeffrey Phillips definitely fancies her as he does most women, but that wasn’t the point here. “She has black hair, correct? Not blue or anything crazy like that.”

“First off, blue *isn’t* crazy. My Aunt Zelda had blue, red, and green in a row before her death in the early 80’s.”

“She lived that long, huh,” Jeffrey replied, starting to contemplate time and the colors that one can change into at the end. “But to my point…”

“In a certain light,” Charlene said in answer, “yes, it could be considered blue. But the light has to shine upon her hair in a very particular setting, I’ve noticed. Early morning or late day perhaps: hafta check.”

“So: blue.” Jeffrey decides to lay the cards on the table, this time in an orderly manner. “I dreamed about her just now.”

“I bet you did.”

“Not that kind of dream. A dream of this whole continent, which (he then realized) broke down into a series of black and white squares — *sims*.”

“Fascinating,” she deadpanned, and put on her babydoll and got up to get some water. “Want anything to drink or eat while I’m in the kitchen?” He watched her move away from him in a satisfying manner. Nice to have compensation when he returned home. Charlene is a swell mate as well as lover. He’ll keep her around for sure; a short leash. Strange way to think about it, he realized. I don’t *own* her. Or maybe… maybe I do in a way. I pay her bills, I give her a place to stay here at the Blue Feather (building). She was rummaging around the kitchen now. “Are you going to answer me?” she called, hoping he could hear her over the static this time. “I’ll get you something anyway.” More noises, and then about 5 minutes later she returned with some milk and a plate of choco chip cookies. She lay down beside him, put the plate on his partially bare belly, and picked up the top one for herself, studying it. “Cow chips, they’re called. Saw them advertised on TV. Big beaver holds one up in his paws.” She extends her arms here and holds the cookie between them like a small steering wheel toward the static filled TV on a table just beyond the bed. “Like this.” In the snow, she imagined the big beaver mirroring this back to her.

He studies her, then he follows her arms to the cookie, realizing what this meant. “That’s disgusting.” He picks one up himself using just the one arm. Oversized and heavy on choco chunks, he sees, but otherwise just an ordinary cookie.


In another dream that night, the cookie Charlene holds expands and turns into a whirling vortex, sucking up everything in the room including his milk. “And so on the 5th day…” he heard her say beside him as they fell and fell, blobs of white and chunks of brown all around. The rabbit hole seemed endless this time.

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“Smoking!” (blurb from “New Island Gazette”)

Encouraged by up and coming studios like Swanson’s Gallery and Artist Point Interactive (API), Marty Claflin and Jay Woodhull, two self confessed potheads, have decided to start a parent enterprise for New Island studios as a whole. You buy into the company — NEW ISLAND STUDIOS — you get promoted in the biggest and most popular Second Lyfe art venues, plus even off-world platforms like Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, and Minecraft. Way to go Marty and Jay! Here’s wishing you guys the best of luck in your new (island!) business venture. We’re sure to be hearing a lot more from these two wacky stoners in the coming months and years. Decades! Call 709-576-8220 for details.

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C1718W fun facts

“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” ends at the exact same location as “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”, which is in the exact center of the Purden sim in Snowlands, Sansara.

Part 3 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” starts with a post called “HHI Again”, partial reference to the first post of Part 3 of “Collagesity 2017 Middle” called “HHI.” I only uncovered this resonance after already composing “HHI Again,” though, and was pondering over a title for the thing.

“Private”, the 4th post of part 4 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, was created exactly one year after “Scissors?”, the 5th post of Part 2 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (1/15/18 to 1/15/17). They also share several of the same objects or props (unique to those posts as I recall), and both end with “fires.” Like with the “HHI”/”HHI Again” parallel, I only noticed this after the creation of “private”.

In “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, characters first speak a foreign language (German; several posts), although one small exchange between Wheeler Wilson and Baker Bloch in “Collagesity 2016 Later” (“B-4”) is in the pretend language of Perch.

Almost exactly half of the 7th Collagesity novel (“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”; 47 posts of a total of 97) is at least partially set on the 7th created mainland continent: Gaeta V.

2 used locations of Gaeta V, Clemscott and Comfrey, also have about the same number of posts dedicated to them in the novel (15 and 14 respectively), and are linked in other ways. I see them as a balance for each other.

Almost all other posts (20) concerning Gaeta V in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” are set in a place I call Capitol City, which is a fictional burg located near the center of the continent.

“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” contains 25 posts located in eponymous Collagesity, second least in the series to “Collagesity 2017 Middle” and its paltry 7.

In the 1st post of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” (“Return”), Tronesisia returns to Middletown piloting a small pink airplane down its main street. In Part 6 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (“Huskers”), she returns to Collagesity driving a small pink car down its main street.

Probably the most common drink referenced in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” is a bucket of blood, served with or without nails.

One independent collage was created during the composition of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”: “SpicA”. It may also be the first collage of a new series called Hunt, but we’ll see.

There are many “Twin Peaks” references scattered throughout “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter.” The names of a number of minor characters (see, for example: “Shirtless in Comfrey”) are “inversions” of those connected with the show, including Jeffrie Phillips (Phillip Jeffries in “Twin Peaks”, played by David Bowie).

Similarly, Philip Strevor, a key character in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, is an inversion of Trevor Philips, one of 3 lead characters of “Grand Theft Auto V”. They also share a similar appearance.

There are a number of parallels between the consecutive posts “Revealing” and “can’t wait” of Part 2 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” and the post ending the first half of “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” (“Spire”). This is another of those “after the fact” discoveries.

In a similar vein, frozen character Tin S. Man is seen showering in a bathtub in both that earliest Collagesity novel (“Fourth”) and the most recent (“congelato”).

The Spookmobile of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” returns at the beginning of Part 5 of the most recent Collagesity novel (“Well, we have a giant *beaver*. How’s that?”), and connected with baker b’s audiovisual synchronicity “Pumpkintwisters” again. The Spookmobile was also seen in the first post of part 5 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (“Martins”).

Like all the other Collagesity novels, “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” has its share of Beatles references. See, for instance, “silver hammer” of Part 04.

The “Grand Theft Auto 5” storyline starts with character Trevor Philips robbing a bank in North Yankton as an adult. In “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter,” derivative and, name-wise, inverted character Philip Strevor is claimed to have robbed a bank in South Yankton as a child. Yankton is also the location of the prison Bad Coop is briefly incarcerated in toward the beginning of “Twin Peaks: The Return”.

There are a considerable number of references to the comedy group Firesign Theatre in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” (“plans”, etc.). In 1970, this group was dubbed by the Library of Congress as “The Beatles of Comedy.”

“12 Oz Mouse” references are littered throughout “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” and other novels in the series: perpetually stoned Peanut Cop in “up and down”, for example; his pal Golden Joe too. A good obscure reference example would be the queer tune that Pitch Darkly miraculously finds that he can play on a piano in Spider Cave from the final post of part 4 (“breakthrough 02”),  derived from this scene in the “12 Oz Mouse” episode called “Booger Haze”.

And I think that’s enough for tonight! More “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” trivia could be coming up.

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bank on it

“No turning back, huh?”

“No,” replied Billy Jean Kidd, who was no longer playing the role of Heidi Hunt Ives. “Gaeta V, and perhaps Grand Theft Auto V along with it — left behind. We must move forward, beyond mainland.”

George looked around. “But what *is* this place?”

“Unsure,” she answered. “Could be Hana Lei. I suppose it has to be in one way.”

“And all of this because of the sandbox.”

“Yup. Must have been deleted on the other side, the Capitol City side, the *Gaeta V* side. And now all that is gone, I am feeling… sensing.”

“What of Marion?” the boy queries. “What of your friend Philip? Wasn’t he suppose to be your new daddy or something?”

Billy Jean Kidd paused, looked over at George. “Where did you say you grew up?”

“Beaver City, Oklahoma. My father practiced law there. I told you this already.”

“I just wanted to reinforce the, er, oddity.” But before George could ask what was so odd about it, she followed with another question. “Did it have a giant beaver statue?”

“Um, not that I recall. There was a giant beaver, but he was on a float. You see, Beaver City is host to the Annual Cow Chip Throwing Contest. The big beaver held a big cow chip in his hands. Now about the oddness…”

“And dunes,” Billy Jean Kidd interrupted again. “You said there was sand. I dreamt about sand night before last.”

“Sand dunes are there indeed. I use to play in them. Before the coming of the bugs. And then afterwards a bit. But not like before.” George scanned the surroundings again. He was eager to explore this city, whatever it was. “We have to leave the playground sooner or later,” he urged to the girl, tired of speaking about the past. He thinks of his father, and how much he misses him. But George was a special child and had another role to fill beyond family ties.

“Alright,” Billy Jean Kidd relented.

Hand in hand, they walk out of the playground and into the brave new world of… wherever they are. Could be Cleveland for all I know.


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beaver cities

Ludendorff, North Yankton (Grand Theft Auto state based on Real Life US state North Dakota)

Beaver (formerly Beaver City), Oklahoma (Real Life US state)


“This looks like a MATCH to me, Philip! Giant BEAVER — holding a Ludendorff WELCOME sign and then a soon-to-be-tossed COW chip! We need to get him back to that shitty YANKTON prison… ASAP!”


Philip Strevor wakes up.

“I’ve got to stop eating all those chocolate chip cookies before hitting the hay.”

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15 minutes later…

“Did you get the information I wanted, Norris?”

“N-no. Not yet.” He was trying very hard not to perspire, show fear. But Casey drew it out of him. He *fed* off of it. “I guess… you heard about the beaver?”

“The beaver is not of my concern,” Casey said mechanically. His whole tone of voice was drained of emotion. Casey knew that Jeffrie Phillips would soon be reading this blog post and catching up with him. He needed to stay one, preferably several steps ahead in the game. And we’re not talking about Grand Theft Auto here, ridiculous bank heists and shite.

Norris continued to stare forward into the red curtains. He’d been doing this for as long as he could remember. Weeks, maybe months. Years, even. He had *hoped* that Casey would stare straight ahead as well and not at him. But he could repeatedly sense what felt like two laser beams burning into the back of his head. Cheater! Trying to extract the needed information that, yes indeed, he had. Prison schematics.

But Casey already knew this.

The suspiciously tanned man moves forward on his couch and leans toward Norris’ head, his mouth not half a foot from an ear now. “There’s a par three at the back nine of my club,” Casey hisses menacingly, “where the flag pole sometimes goes missing when I make my holes in one.” He withdraws from Norris and gets up to take his leave. “You think about that over the next several days.”

Norris finally couldn’t help himself. “Don’t… *look* at me,” he said weakly.

“You have until Monday to get me that information, Norris. ” Then he was gone, silent as a cat.


Karoz Blogger was next for a visit.

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“Slim to none.”

“South YANKTON!” Eraserhead Man shouted toward the bleached face Norris. “We need INFORMATION! A man named PHILIP STREVOR has returned from there! Listen and this is IMPORTANT! There’s a giant BEAVER there!”

“Don’t look at me,” Norris demanded in a normal register. “Are you looking at me? Because you’re suppose to be looking straight ahead and not at me. Don’t look at me!”

“I WON’T! I’m NOT!” Eraserhead Man rummaged around in his pockets and procured a cigarette, lit it, and proceeded to smoke.  “You don’t mind if I SMOKE, do you?!” he asked while emitting his first puff.

Norris didn’t answer, remained motionless. Eraserhead Man continued his grilling. “He goes by the name of CASEY here! Sometimes Casey the ALIEN! Last seen in GAETA V — get this — like GTA V! GTA I Said! Grand Theft AUTO! One of our INFORMANTS tipped us off! KEDAR! Use to live over in NAUTILUS!” He stopped there.

“I may have heard of him. We may have shared a drink!” Norris piped up.

“Had a GOLF club! MOTIONLESS FACE. Said, ‘I’m yrev very happy to SEE you old friend.’! I don’t have to tell you what color ROSE we’re talking about here!”

“You should leave now,” Norris suddenly demanded. “The holiday entities could be up and roaming about by now. There’s a chance they may come to this lower plane… just a chance but not worth taking it.”

“CHANTS?!” shouted the hard of hearing Eraserhead Man. Norris forgot to pipe up at the end this time. “What KIND of chants?!”


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breaker breaker

Marion Harding thinks his world might be breaking down. He had been on Gaeta V going on 2 years now. Sent here by trickery and mistake; eventually caught in a tangled web of power and intrigue woven in Capitol City.

He didn’t like the continent’s largest and most central burg very much, although it had elements he admired. Of course there was the money, the flow being strongest here. But heiress Becky Latrobe wouldn’t even let him into her posh house now that he’d shot Dirk in the head and made him dead. And Madam Wanda Stinoble was going straight and returning to the old continents. For Gaeta V was news at the time of its birth eastward of Corsica. News and dangerous. And those darker elements naturally aggregated and congealed at the depression originally called Pittsboro. Pittsboro evolved to Pittington evolved to Darksity evolved to Capitol City. Over time the sinister aspects were smoothed away like the reformed, flat terrain. Gaeta V would have no natural sinkhole that kind history would remember. The Great Black Swamp which sucked up aboriginal settlers such as Ned Bartlett and Kindsey McTweed into an untimely doom was tiled and drained, and a shopping mall now graces its ironed over land, selling the newest threads and peddling fresh leather attache cases soon to be filled to the breach with lindens and gold and jewelry no doubt. Like his own, bought just a week and a half back. Because Marion liked to ensure that each case of treasure had its own home. He could himself probably build a small house with them even now, only 2 years in. Or, really, only 1 3/4 years in because it took him a little bit to find, then ingratiate himself into the sodded fabric of the city.


“Baker, have I ever told you the story of my nephew Marion and how I mistakenly sent him over to walk the length of the Gaeta V continent 2 years back instead of having him watch the GTA V video Spongeberg actually requested at the time?”

“No. Do tell Cardboard!”

“I haven’t heard from him since. Until yesterday. A short note indeed: ‘I think my world might be breaking down.'”

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“Where’s your wife, David Bowie? I mean, Little Tonshi.”

Little Tonshi then pitched the proposition. “Give me Wheeler (for that). And I’ll give you a whole ‘nother Second Life, Buster. A better one. Like Grand Theft Auto, except 1700 times more choice.”

“Umm… I don’t understand.”

Little Tonshi turned into just Tonshi. Bettie. “The airport on top of the hill. It’s not an airport, of course. It’s a recording studio. There I made ‘Heathen,’ my best later work. Many subterranean passages exist within. In one I’m myself and a shadow of myself.”

“Still not getting it…”

“You deserved better than this Buster. I have many friends that are aiding me. Levi Clownski said he would personally pay for your ticket outta here. He doesn’t want you around.”

“I said I’m sorry (about the killing). Many many years ago. Many times in many years.”

“This is not about that. I’ve learned to accept my fate obviously. We are not enemies. It’s just you don’t belong here.”

“Of course I do.”


“Then where?”



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