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bargain 01

She didn’t even want to look over at her, this Mother of Vampires. Time hadn’t been as kind to her. Cat-Witch, on the other hand: PHEH! She could still claw her eyes out right on this spot and get the last laugh. But she was admittedly curious about the story. Martha Lamb and the Cat-Witch as sisters (!). How could she not have known about this all those years back? There must be deception involved here. She’ll wrangle it out and then expose it to the child. The kid will be under *my* powers. For all eternity, even beyond death. Because she had worked out that *little* detail as well, ha (!).

Cat-Witch winked at Katy Kidd while the Mother of Vampires kept looking away and fuming. Because this was Billy Jean Kidd again, dressed up temporarily in a new body. She was dead, yes. Casey One Hole swiped at her with his metallic club and knocked her head clean off into the next sim of Danshire, where it washed up on the shore of that tiny central island we’ve seen several times already. Then One Hole built a shrine around it, which lasted until several days ago when neighborhood watch fanatic Red Pepper spotted the shack and had the thing deleted. The head is dead.

Trouble is, it was also Katy Kidd’s head and that’s what dead Billy Jean told her first off about it. She saw it from a distance, while hovering above. Like an angel, she explained. “We are the same,” and then they merged into one from opposite sides of that walkway where they met, just for a moment. Just long enough to *know*.

Billy Jean changed. They walked inside. Cat-Witch sat downstairs to wait. Katy helped Mother hobble from her bedroom, down the stairs, to the parlor. She couldn’t look. How does she stay so *young*??

(to be continued)

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This is where I will make my home for a while, thought Duncan Avocado. No, he reconsidered. Not a home — a *base*.

Actually — this and perhaps one other spot. Another island.

Now let’s see where we are on the map.

To that other location…


More the other spot, he thinks after arriving. But this place is crucial too.

Start of a gorge. *His* gorgeous gorge. This was where he was reborn, after all. In Paradise.


But then (he reconsidered again)… I like many of the Fruity Islands, some nearby here…

… some not so much.

I will make *all* of them a kind of base. Fruity Islands as a whole.

I still like it here.

Another fruity location, and probably directly related.

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fish inna water

I think Aquarium Guy might have found a home in Bluebells, Nascera.

Another satisfied customer!

Meanwhile, in nearby Kolbird…

“Do you understand what you have to do, Campbell?”

“Not really.”


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Falmouth Visit, Top

Jacob I. understands that collages exhibited in Falmouth gallery’s top 3 floors don’t apply to the present situation, so he quickly moves through them to this perch on floor 6, offering a great view into the Rubi Woods.

Through his increased draw distance, he realizes he can *just* make out the large tree at his user’s friend Pearl Grey’s property in Rosieri, the sim southwest of Rubi. It reminds him that Baker Bloch needs to go over to her Wanderlust Art Gallery on the Sansara continent and change the texture out on his displayed collage there for the Jan./Feb. exhibit. The recently completed “SpicA” comes immediately to mind as a candidate. Here’s a link describing Pearl’s Nov./Dec. exhibit that’s wrapping up.

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litmus test

Baker decides the 420 on the side of the Bodega Market has to go to make prim room for the rest of the collages in its upstairs gallery. 6 prims saved right there. Silly, stoned hippies, he thinks, but then realizes there’s exactly $2400 lindens in his account currently. 420 anagram. He reverses his former decision and allows the big green sign to stay for now. Is this black curtain across from it indeed a “Wall of Jasper”?

He meets up with an analysis hungry Hucka Doobie in Olde Lapara Towne instead and its duplicate market.


Hmm. 5 days left on the rent here. Another decision looming. 420 I suppose.

Okay, maybe one more week of rent beyond that and everything will be finished over here — transference complete. And also there’s Rocky to think about. As hard as Baker Bloch has been recruiting the anthropomorphic raccoon to come join him in Collagesity these past 2 weeks, it may still not be a done deal. Bookworm now rents his projected apartment at the SoSo Mall, although that’s planned as a stop gap situation until Rocky’s arrival.

Hucka Doobie shows up. “Finish the gallery over in Collagesity. Tell Levi you’re pulling out here. I’ll deal with Rocky. See you over there in, say, about 20 minutes?”

“That will be fine Hucka Doobie.” I rarely disagree with the highly psychic bee person.


20 minutes later…

“Room for growth now, eh Baker?”

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two know

“Well,” determined Little Tonshi Ashokan while staring up at the bottom of the Lapara Airport from her waterfall hammock. “If I can’t have a wife right now I’ll at least try to make some friends.”

She hops off the hammock and begins strolling the Crooked Pine Walkway toward Calypso Rock where the terminal teleport is stashed, right beside her *still* unfinished house. She thinks again how horribly lazy she is, never completing anything of note. The airport certainly remains a mess. She “borrows” her other, much larger abode from neighbor Simple Wunderlich when needed. And the “Bible Truth” play has now been put on hold thanks to that inbred town council bending to the wishes of those stupid protesters from the southeast sector (R). She may never act the role of Bettie. Back to being just plain old Little Tonshi, the nutjob from the hills, the vampire with no fangs.

“But Calypso Rock is so sacred,” she counters herself while approaching. “This is where I created Nancy, my greatest, perhaps my *only* accomplishment. And maybe that’s all I need.” She steps inside.

“Hi Tonshi! Glad you’re back. Just straightening up the place a bit.”

“Hi Nancy. Want to head down into town with me?”



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Waking up in the morning on his old couch at the Ear Bar, The Musician wasn’t sure if the whole episode was real or mere vivid dream. But here ’tis.


Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie decided that The Musician should go look at the newest collage located in Clown Central. “The Point of It All.” Hucka escorted him there.

“Mish mash of stuff,” The Musician opined. “Like the ravings of Chef/Inspector Petty last night. I had to leave.”

“No. The picture tells a tale. Look. There is your inspector. What is he examining?”

“I don’t know,” said The Musician, following Hucka Doobie’s pointing hand. “A monster?”

“Yes, a crocodile or alligator. Petty wishes to know about monsters. But he must become *relaxed*. Not Petty, but Allen Martin.”

“I don’t want to talk about Allen Martin right now,” The Musician said firmly. “I’ve figured something out. I’m confused.”

“Allen Martin’s heart might give out. He must relax. How does he relax? Wheeler.”

“Yeah, see, that’s what I don’t want to talk about.”

“Okay,” relented Hucka Doobie. “How about up there above the inspector. Chuckles Greentop, no?”

“I don’t know. I saw her face transform into something like that. Then I saw it again in the basement of [delete name]. Now I’m looking at it again. Which I don’t want to.” He looks around. “Where are we?”

“The Point of It All,” Hucka Doobie answers. “Here lies seed information. Sometime between 2013 and present, this room formed; closed off from the rest of the underworld. Yes, like a seed planted. That is OD, of course, off the wall but then back on and then off again. OD is free. OD is *here*.”

“Ooo-kay,” The Musican mutters, tired of the puzzle-speak. “Let’s just move on from that since we’re going to play this game. Alright, I’ll give it a try. Beside that monster OD is the ‘Emerald Tablet.'”

“Very good,” encouraged Hucka Doobie. “And what does it represent? Harrison Head seems to want to say something.”

The Musician straightened his posture, eyes staring ahead instead of darting about. Sikul Himatk.

“We must enter the next sim. Through the blue door. Keys.”

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