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Corsican Collagesity 06

Perspective has changed at De House. Mann has lost wo-Mann in a way, in a manner. A hole has been formed in the middle. Witches. Which witch is which? What is good and what is baad?

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Black Elephant


Complete loss of red. Black Elephant confronted full on.


“I know what you are. I know why I’m here!”

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Peters’ town 02

Certain Death?

Baw Beese L., source of St. Joseph River Lake Michigan, helps change Osseo to safer Oesso. Think Possom to Opossum once more.


The “Endless Window” collage changes accordingly.

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Peters’ town

When Oesso, Osseo, and Esso get all smushed together, this happens. I think it is a *sign* to probe further. Let’s move inside…

“welcoming” lozenge

A church with double red doors. Sounds familiar.


I believe that’s an elephant over there at that fork in the cement almost across the street. Sure of it, actually.

The red truck seen at the entrance sign has just managed to turn onto the main highway. Red is going away in both cases as the double red church doors become irresolute as well. Elephant is at its peak.


In the next shot where the elephant also becomes less distinct, both reds are gone.


There is a possibility for more here.

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Peter Esso walked right by it on the way the bookstore to look at that map of Michigan again in the old atlas he’d found the day before last Wednesday’s Sunday. Or something. He’d had an epiphany the night before. The two St. Joseph Rivers of that state are actually one St. Joseph Rivers, er, River. “Eureka!” he cried while climbing out of the bathtub, still soaking wet as he padded toward the computer and the map of Hillsdale County he left up on it, a *modern* version but still one indicating where the conjoined sources lie: Osseo.

Osseo, 6000 years in the future.

Thus the purchase of the Esso t-shirt from the Marketplace, and also the old sign reinforcing to himself that he was indeed a tiger (see: Wheeler). And then the name change: SoSo to Esso, but the one embedded in the other thanks to Osseo, he understood.

Wait — he has an idea.


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on 2 St. Joe’s, and then… *rainbowology*!

Just fyi and to complete the thing, I kind of reversed the rainbowology story below tonight to have it being born in Ft. Wayne, at the beginning of the Maumee R., and then die in Toledo, at its end, when native Farr assumes his eerie position as world controller. Believe what you will of it.



It shares its name with the St. Joseph River of Lake Michigan, but the two rivers flow in generally opposite directions.


The St. Joseph River forms in northern Williams County, Ohio, at the confluence of the East and West branches at 41°38′54″N 84°33′55″W[2][3][4] Both branches rise in southern Hillsdale County, Michigan. The headwaters of the East Branch are within 3 miles (4.8 km) of those of the St. Joseph River of Lake Michigan.


“Peter finds a map of Hillsdale County in a Newton library in the late 1800s or early 1900s. The 2 St. Joe Rivers are joined. They are the same river. At a certain point they are separated as 2 snakes separated from each other. This occurs at Ft. Wayne.


birth of baby rainbowology


Early in its history, rainbowology development was jump-started by Johnny Appleseed’s discovery of the irrevocable differences between apples and oranges, and never the twain shall meet. Reminds me of the famous knock knock joke that ends, “orange you glad I didn’t say apple?”


In 1969 Defiance, Ohio native Frank Floydada discovered the genetic link between apples, oranges, lemons and limes, and was brutally beaten and murdered for his revelations, as well as discredited. Rainbowology continued to flourish.


In 1979, actor Maxwell Jamie Klinger Farr discovered the first mashup during a break on the set of AfterMASH. While watching an episode of The Munsters where Lilly Herman says, “take my hand” to a palm reading customer, in the next trailer over fellow AfterMASH star Henry General Potter Morgan viewed Helen Krump taking the hand of Andy Griffith in marriage on the 1st episode of Mayberry R.F.D. They later compared notes; Farr’s famous “Mayberry Munster MASH” creation soon followed. Johnny Appleseed’s long standing apples-against-oranges edict first became vulnerable.


In 1983, backwards messages in Gary Burghoff’s acid jazz album “Radar Spelled Backwards is Still Radar” revealed that Farr is an alien from the planet 3M orbiting the red giant Aldebaran who intends to take over the world by morphing it into a colossal mashup over the next 30 years. “Mayberry Munster MASH” was just the seed, the messages imply; Burghoff has refused comments.


In 2013, true to the “Radar” messages, Farr actually took control of our planet, although he then quickly manipulated time so that everyone would forget this. The corpse of Rainbowology was discarded into an eerie, unmarked grave. MASHUP is ubiquitous.


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