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Northeast Castle

Kate McCoy always left the table to (softly) play the piano when there was after-dinner talk of war.

“Heterocera is *not* dead,” spoke Summerhill Nova to his right. “We can carry on. The Sister sim will remain strong — I’ll make sure of it my liege.”

“Good, good,” the person at the head of the table spoke. “I won’t worry any longer about that direction. I trust you with the matter.”

“Thank you.”

He turned to his left. “And you, Walter.”

“Um hmm?” The tree being’s voice was hollow and husky.

“What say your people about the matter? About the changes in VHC City?”

“As long as Bob Dylan’s okay with it we’re okay with it.”

“Alright, then”. Jack looked straight ahead.

But the CB Dylan Dresser containing the other Snow at the table didn’t immediately respond. Then they realized the Manster within had gone to the wrong dimension — again.

(to be continued?)

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Photos from Rosehaven

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alternate timeline

There he is in person, the hiding Axis thinks excitedly. Famed SL explorer Baker Bloch, about to pass into Elderglen and exit Fern. This is my chance!

Then in the Elderglen Infohub, Baker Bloch was again surprised, this time by the clear indication that famed SL explorer Magellen Linden had already visited the newly risen Nascera continent.

On the opposite wall, a frog with an interesting golden orb placed in front of it.

Baker tries his hand at playing a lute sitting on a stage in the corner of the Infohub’s main room. To his complete surprise, he subsequently strums a beautiful, complex tune of short duration. Ahh, but it must just be the magic of the place, and not any latent talent showing through.

A man walks into the infohub. Baker’s complex music grinds to a halt.

Baker watches him pass straight through the infohub, not glancing toward him, and exiting through the back door.

Baker follows…

… but there was no one on the back porch. From its northwest corner Baker then spies the broken teleporting machine — one day too early.

Axis’ plan had worked! The black king strikes again.

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no dada

Jacob I. takes off his straw boater hat to *see* better.  He’s sitting inside the traditional or original version of the Edwardston Station Gallery, located not far south of the famed Kerchal Woods which he also wishes to visit. The Greenup series comprising the lowest floor of the cubic 6 story structure is not present in Collagesity these days. Thus the main reason for Jacob’s visit here. He checks his diamond rolex watch found in a VHC City dumpster dive once more. 1:22:14 AM Standard Linden Time. He’s got several hours still before his user has to go to work. Plenty of time to get some work done of his own.

He enters mouseview (Big Eye). He has 360 degree vision now. With zoom he doesn’t have to move from his chair to examine several more collages.

The resolution is lowered in comparison to the actual collage, but he compensates for this. Greenup collage no. 5, he thinks to himself. This is where true collage and true animation begins for baker b. Two things in one. Martin from ‘The Simpsons’ holds a brazil flag atop a small, grassy mound imported from Greenup, Oklahoma. The background for the picture is Greenup Gill in the Lake District of England, the setting for almost all Greenup series collages. The brazil flag is revealed/held high. Sugar’s home. *My* home. Am I still a Gastonite? he asks himself. Back to the collage. He needs to get to the Big Eye in the series tonight if he can. Himself.

He checks his inventory for a needed copy of “Floydada” to start reading the Lime section, its 4th and last part.

But he can only find “Floy*dodo*”, which does him no good.

Cursing, he realizes he’ll have to ring up his new friend Cardboard Derek Jones for a copy. “Maybe I should just ask Baker Bloch to rez the entire series within Collagesity so it’s easier to reach,” he says aloud. “Cardboard also said another version called House Greenup, a Cape May structure, contained the book. Use to be over in Asha. Was there anywhere else they could put it in the meantime?”

Greenup 11 collage, Jacob I.’s intended goal for tonight. He didn’t make it.

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It’s time for Improvio to strike out on his own.

Hana Lei…

… and Leona too.

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Tronesisia enters the room. Good that Baker got rid of the clown watchguard outside, she thinks. 12 prims! He thought it was 3 or 4. Only 1 until 40 — (allotted) prims maxxed out. He certainly didn’t want to insult the new landlord right off, the new Ringmaster. One of ’em.


“Empty,” she uttered.

“Yes,” Bendy declared after checking it out. “An empty room; nothing within. You must have heard the wind, baby. But not from me, hehe.”

“No,” clarified Prissy. “This picture. This empty picture.” She kept studying the slight bit of orange hair at the bottom. “I’m remembering something.”

“We better get you home,” relented Bendy, starting to really worry about the mergirl’s recent ramblings. Attempts at smooching will have to wait.

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“I thought we’d try this out tonight Hucka Doobie, since Wheeler and The Musician are away getting food.

Hucka Doobie was observing the planchette. “It’s spinning.”

“Yeah. Freaky. I thought we might have to hold the planchette but maybe not. Should we go ahead and ask some questions? Why don’t you read down through the list. Take your pick. Use your bee intuition to choose the correct direction.”

Hucka Doobie unfolds a piece of paper in her lap. “Alright. At the top we have… ‘Who is the owner of the Key Shop?'”

The planchette spin transforms into a back and forth movement across the length of the board. Then it goes to “YES”, and then the “O” of OUIJA. Then it moves to the center of the board and stops.

“‘O’ owns the shop?” Baker Bloch queries. The planchette returns to “YES” and then the “O” and then back to center. “That doesn’t really make any sense to me, Hucka Doobie.”

“Nor me. Let’s try another one. First off, can we identify who we are speaking to?”

The planchette spells out, more rapidly than the two expected, “THE DEAD”. It returns to center.

Baker stared over at Hucka Doobie. “The dead of VHC Town?”

The planchette hesitates, then moves to “YES” again and then more slowly back to center.

“Do you have a collective name?” asks Hucka Doobie.

“OD,” came the response after a small pause. But the “O” used was that in the word OUIJA again at the top of the board, and not the one that’s part of the 26 letters below it. And the planchette moved back and forth between this “O” and the “D” to its lower left a number of times before returning to center. Another thing: the “O” was lingered over longer than the “D” in each repetition.

“What do you think, Baker Bloch?”

“OD. The letter ‘O’ and the letter ‘D’?”

The board answered affirmatively.

“Maybe it’s initials, Hucka Doobie.”

The board then spelled out “OD” again, using the same motions as before.


Meanwhile, Wheeler and The Musician were studying menus at a nearby sushi bar, oblivious to the oddity of the picture on the far wall.

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