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A confused, naked Santa walks into a bar in Hogadon, telling the bartender a joke beginning, “What’s white and doesn’t swim?” He then does something totally inappropriate which bars him from the property altogether.


“Santas. All over the place. Either getting killed or driven stark raving mad. Hogadon Santy is the last example, body saved but the mind may never return. Useless for Christmas, you see.” He wraps himself tightly in his chair. “I could be next, Fairy Ruby. Sorry: Mrs. Claus.”

“Nah. We’re back on The Straight now. Seven never happened.” Fairy Ruby Mrs. Claus realized she was being rude. “Oh… do you want a tart? They’re cherry.” Then she remembered the appointment. Already 1 day late. Casey One Hole will be in a bad mood. Which is not a good thing. Atall.


Santa-Axis suddenly found himself alone again, pondering on his ultimate fate. Perhaps another visit to the Vilania Safe Hub next door with all its harmless madness will perk him up. Make him jolly once more.

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Mission 02 02

During Pitch’s awkward pause, Wheeler walked across the bridge spanning Central Stream and took the empty seat beside The Librarian. “Hello you total bitch,” he says in a low voice without turning toward her. “Hello you complete bastard,” she answers back, also not looking in his direction. But both share a smile for a few seconds. Fences have been mended.

Mary turns around and whispers to her friend. “Where’ve you been?”

Wheeler holds up “Floydodo” for her to see. “I got involved,” she explains, shaking the book to emphasize what she’d been doing. “Lost track of time, sorry.” She looks toward Pitch. “Is he alright over there? Does he need help?”

“Why don’t you go up and say a few words, Wheeler,” Mary requested. “We’ve both had our turns now. You’re the town general, after all. Whatever you titled yourself.”

“Dictator,” Wheeler proclaims proudly. She stands and walks up to Pitch, then escorts him to the seat she formerly occupied. “Here, hold this for me,” she demands, picking up “Floydodo” and shoving it into his hands. He sits down with it. She returns beside the lamp post before the rocketship where Mary and Pitch had previously spoken.

“Greetings fellow Collagsitians. Wheeler Wilson here, you’re beloved former leader, haha.” Some sour looks appeared amongst the crowd. “Ah, I see we have a couple who disagree. Well, I can’t say I blame you. I was occassionally a bit harsh with some of my orders. But, overall, I think I did a good job.” She pauses. “Let me put this plainly. Your old leader Carrcassonnee will and cannot return. The play or interview form of speaking to each other, between the Bakers, between anyone in this town, has been rendered obsolete. Perch is perched up there in *my* diner.” She points toward the indicated eating establishment to her back and left, behind the rocket launcher from this direction. “So where does that leave us, citizens of Collagesity? We’ve moved forward, yes? We attempted to become assimilated into VHC City. Didn’t work. Baker Bloch here became Pitch became Woody and it all went to hell. Duncan Avocado’s our hope in that direction now. He has emerged from the PCH Forest — has that been mentioned yet?” Baker Bloch nods to her, thinking she means the woods itself and not Duncan’s exit from it. “Okay.” She then points back to the left rear. “What is our focus, then, people? What should be the entire reason for our existence here? Can you guess? What is it?” The crowd looks around at each other, basically wondering what she’s on about. She answers herself. “The *woods*. The *trees*. That’s what this is all about. I personally recommend sealing the whole town up again until Mary returns from a successful Muff-Bermingham trip. I’ve been (myself). I know what she’s up against. There’s power there. Osborne Well still controls. I should know, being a controller myself. And then there’s his children, his twins. Morris and Lou. I know the former but not the latter. But The Musician knows Lou. *Woody* here knows Lou (Woody nods). Having taken on the negative characteristics of her father, Lou is not the best of persons, I’ve heard. She wishes for everyone to dream, to keep asleep. What is reality? she wants everyone to ask, confused about what’s right and left, up and down, east-west. We’ve lost Tronesisia to her. We’ve lost Bendy. I’ve lost my Musician.” She pauses, appearing to wipe a tear forming in her eye, an emotional display especially surprising the several with the sour looks before.

Woody Woodmanson raises his hand. “Excuse me Mrs. Wheeler. Do you mind if I say a couple of words?”

“It’s *Ms. Wilson*,” she says, sniffing. “But, yeah, come on up here Woody. I’ve said my peace.” Woody gets up and Wheeler takes his seat. “Woods, people!” she shouts in emphasis while settling in.

Woody displays awkwardness. “Do I just stand beside this lamp post here? Is this okay?”

“That’s fine, Woody,” comforts Mary from the front row. “Go ahead and speak your mind as well. We have plenty of time. No rush on the launching.”

“Well, okay.” He loudly clears his throat for several seconds. Very high pitch, startling a couple in the crowd, including the already nervous Mary.

“I am… *very* grateful to be here in Collagesity. You cannot know the extent.” He clears his throat again. “I am a refuge of several worlds. My original master, Old Kringles — a lukewarm Santa Claus — use to tell me, ‘Don’t get sick, don’t get sick,’ over and over. It made me sick. I was expelled from his Christmas village. My second master, Luke Purden, owner of a spectacular mountainside castle, gave me better advice. He said, ‘Don’t judge a book by the color of its cover.’ At the time, half of the books I owned were green and the other half white. I always wondered why I preferred reading the white covered books. Then it hit me like a humongous hammer.” Woody hits one wooden hand with the other here. “Someone else was inside me that preferred the *green* colored books. Another Woody.” More throat clearing. “Which brings us to Muff-Bermingham.” Leaning forward intently, he looks in the direction of Wheeler. “I both know Lou very well and don’t know her atall. As such, I can vouch for her decency and honesty. Yes, she wants you to dream, to wonder, to envision the impossible. There’s a village at the bottom of the hill. But there isn’t. But there *is*.” He straightens up. “And that’s all I have to say about all *that*.”

(to be continued)

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Mission 02 01

Because Karoz had put so much work into the rocket ship, the Bakers made sure Mary’s trip to Muff-Bermingham was a bigger affair than Tronesisia’s before her. Most of the town turned out for the event, with the notable exception of Karoz himself, along with mate Baker Blinker. Thing is, the exhausted moss being, working around the clock for the past several days in order to get everything right about the ship, had now come down with a nasty bit of flu, with the female Baker having to tend to him. Also absent was Wheeler.

“Where is she?” asked Mary to Baker Bloch in a loud whisper, disappointed that her clown possessed friend was not present to see her off. Baker just shrugged. “Why don’t you go ahead and start, Mary. I’m sure she’ll be along.”

Composing herself, Mary began. “I’d like to thank everyone for showing up. A special thanks goes out to Karoz Blogger, who couldn’t be with us today due to illness. We wish him a speedy recovery. Without his mastery of scripting, I wouldn’t be standing before you here, about to embark on a mission of utmost importance to a distant corner of our known universe. Collagesity is about to enter a new chapter of existence, another turning point in its already long history of change and evolution. I want to extend a heartfelt gratitude to the whole town for welcoming Pitch and me so readily into its arms, along with fellow newcomer Woody Woodmanson (Woody stands up and bows stiffly). I know that you will, so to speak, hold down the fort while I am away, which shouldn’t be long.”

Mary shuffles her feet, thinking of George, then continues. “As you all know, I’m not the first of our kind to visit this distant planet called Muff-Bermingham.” She clears her throat. “Most immediately, we have Pitch and I’s good friend Tronesisia journeying up to this place only 6 days back. We fear her mission of rescuing fellow robot Bendy has not proceeded as planned. A snag has been hit.” She looks toward Pitch and Baker Bloch for encouragement. “Our best guess… is that they have been separated on opposite sides of this world by malefic forces, Muff for Bendy and Bermingham for Tronesisia. My own mission is to stitch up the involved rift and make Muff-Bermingham whole once and for all. For that to happen, I need to introduce a new element.”

She begins sobbing here. Pitch gets up and continues for her. “Take a seat sweetie and rest for a spell.”

Pitch’s words: “I’d also like to thank the whole community for welcoming us, fellow refuges from the sprawling urban landscape to our northeast called VHC City. A sister city indeed still, firmly straddling The Continental Diagonal which also runs through our marvelous Linden woods to the immediate west and use to cut through an older incarnation of Collagesity itself. Help me out, Baker Bloch. What was it called?”

“VWX Town,” pipes up the male Baker.

“Yes,” resumes Pitch. “And there’s also a somewhat smaller woods near VHC City called the PCH Forest coming into play now. More on that later.” He shifts from right to left a couple of times, head down, figuring out what to say next. How to put it? Mary and I are with child? Mary and I are expecting? But who is the real father? Last night, Mary confessed to him about that vivid dream in the old house, just before they left VHC City. Could Osborne Well really have done what Mary described? It was something they desperately needed to find out. Perhaps not to save their relationship, per se (they’ve also decided to become engaged when all this Muff-Bermingham mess gets clears up!), but just to uncover the truth. Who is George really? What happened to him and Duncan all those years ago?

(to be continued)

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Slide ‘n’ Glide

“Dutch has appeared to me several times in reality. None in dreams. That’s kind of odd in itself.”

“Maybe,” returns Baker Bloch. He was nursing a bottle of Honey Brown lager. Old Mabel was trying out the bar’s green tea and finding it acceptable. Rhoda was subbing in for an under-the-weather Furry Karl tonight, which was surprising to Baker. “Rhoda?” he said, drawing the cyan ovoid flattie toward him.


“Yes sir. What’ll it be?”

“No, I’m fine with my lager still. I’m just wondering.” He paused, thinking about how to put it, and then just blurting the idea out. “I… I though you were dead.”

“No sir. Just working in another town. Bennington… ever heard of it?”

“Through Furry Karl, yeah. But weren’t you kind of, um, merged with the ballerina and Starbucaneer and then killed by that airplane crashing into the latter’s establishment about 3 months back?”

Rhoda thought hard. He did remember dying now. Several times. Many times. “I’ve been shot, stabbed, burned, crushed. Yes, I now recall that part of my existence. It all started back in Bennington with my head being sliced in two by Old Kent. You know, the shark. The thing with the fin on his back. The one who has trouble walking around on land. Has to slide and all.”

“Yes,” replies Baker. “I remember Old Kent. So you’re…” He paused again.

Rhoda helped him out once more. “I’m also peculiar because I’m a true flattie in reality and also here in this Second Lyfe of yours. Unlike, say, your Tin S. Man, your Spongebub or, um, well Furry Karl, although he doesn’t have fur in the real world.” Rhoda thought of a better example. “And like, say, Lisa Simpson.”

Baker thought back to how many other “12 Oz Mouse” characters had appeared in Collagesity, and how they compared to Rhoda’s appearance in same. There’s Old Kent, obviously, although he’s more actual shark-like here. Then Carrcassonee herself claims to be Fitz Mouse, the star of the show. And she says that her Spider is another incarnation of Fitz’s sidekick Skillet, although Spider is a chihuahua and Skillet is a squirrel. He thought. Baker then just posed the question to Rhoda.

“You remember Fitz Mouse, Skillet, and others at the, er, Cardboard City?” Baker took another sip of lager.

“Bennington, yeah,” replied Rhoda, who had begun moving away from Baker and Old Mabel but then returned.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me,” Old Mabel said. “I’ve got to run over to the Bodega market across the way and get some bread before I return home.” In truth, she was getting a little frustrated by Baker’s lack of focus tonight. She had important things to mull over about Dutch before starting to dream tonight, which was inevitable. Could she truly pass through the eastern gates of her home later tonight in dreams and find out what Dutch had been calling a “secret society”?

“Alright Old Mabel,” responded Baker. I’ll walk you home afterwards.” He again noticed the headphones around her neck. “How’s the Beetles listening going?”

Old Mabel was glad to have the attention shift back to her. “Fine, fine. I’m up to ‘Walls and Bridges’ now in my circumnavigation of John Lennon’s solo material. “Then it’ll be back to ‘Plastic Ono Band’ for another pass. Per your recommendation I skipped over the Ono tainted ‘Some Time in New York,’ despite the flattie recently appearing in the Blue Feather having that t-shirt.”

“The New York City t-shirt, yeah,” clarifies Baker. He was there when the Mykall Skall flattie appeared basically out of nowhere, matching the manifestation of Lennon and the rest of the Beetles walking Abbey Road on the wall into the Table Room. “Lennon knows about us.”

“I *know*,” states Old Mabel, getting excited about that idea again.

Rhoda had moved away now. Talk about Bennington and his fellow citizens could wait for another night. Plus: how to even explain it all? “Anything else for you bud?” he asked the back of Curled Paper’s Heineken loving nephew Raymond while passing by. No answer. “Guess not.” Rhoda continued gliding toward the far corner of the bar to start locking up for the night.


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Which 04

It was weird. Karoz manifested as a 2nd barman for the lower bar. We had to begin again. Wait! Baker Bloch crashes out of Second Life. Karoz is able to switch from server to served. He checks the picture beside him to make sure it was the correct Rhoda.


It was (blood splatter removed). We can continue.



“A beer for my new friend Wilson-Wheeler, Rhoda. The special one with the, ahem, secret foam.”

“Sure thing Karoz.”

Karoz looks over as Rhoda serves the beer and Wilson drinks. He nods approvingly. “Yeah, that’s the one.”


“It’s time to take you out back, Wilson-Wheeler. To see what happens.” Karoz gets up and walks toward the rear of the bar. “We’ll be back in just a moment, Rhoda. Maybe.”


“Okay, take your time. Get me some more snickers while you’re back there.”

“Alright, I’ll try Rhoda,” Karoz responds as he rounds the corner. “Interesting.”


“What is it?” a following Wheeler asks.


“Why are you sitting like that?” Karoz questions when turning toward Wheeler.

“I don’t know. Do you think it will matter?”

“*Probably*,” Karoz answers. Then he thinks this to himself: Starbucarrina Barista was suppose to be standing in this passage, standing in harm’s way and professing her love for Baker Bloch. That’s in the script. He then realizes that Baker Bloch himself has to be in-world for this to take place. A quandry! Can’t – get – off – script; that’s the rules.

“I have a solution to this,” he then says to Wheeler. “I need you to try real hard on this. It’s the first time it’s happened, if so.”

“What?” Wheeler was curious. And getting nervous. She wished she could stand up and run out of the front door of the bar. Run toward the stone again. She wanted freedom! But there was only one way out.


She reaches deep into her mind. Wilson-Wheeler, she thinks. Who came first, what came second, pheh. Nautilus was her home, her native environment. And yet here she was, stuck in Collagesity once more. Trying to turn back into Baker Bloch. But it wasn’t Baker Bloch. But now Karoz wants it to *be* Baker Bloch. That means…

“Anything?” Karoz asks impatiently, tired of watching Wheeler zone out. “Anything at all? We’ve got all day. I don’t have anything else to do. We have all day and then all night and into the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. I have nothing on the schedule. The script is blank.” He wants to fold his arms and tap his left foot impatiently but just ends up having a belly laugh.


“Damn scripts,” he says afterwards while trying to frown.

Then it happened. The impossible thing.

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Which 03

“We’re going to try it again, Wilson.”

“Yes we are.”

That’s already been done. In the old, normal Collagesity. The one that was filmed. This one is different. We have to find out how.”


“I’m going to change things up a little bit. When you enter the bar now, Karoz will be sitting at the end with the computer game. Karoz may stabilize a volatile situation. He’s been there before. He likes Rhoda, Rhoda likes he.”

“Got it. Go up to the road. Scan west, scan east. Look at the cannon, then enter the bar.”

“Did you do all that in the correct order before?”

“Yes.” But Wilson then realized he was lying.

“Tell you what,” he said. “Go ahead and insert Karoz into the picture. I think it will work this time.”






“What’ll it be sir?”


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Which 02

The wrong one moves forward, surprising me.


On Old Cannon Road. He scans to the west.



He scans to the east.


Then enters the bar, forgetting his mission or who he is.


“What’ll it be, Baker Bloch?” a now animated Rhoda asks. “Put down that gun!”


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Stoned Talk

(joined in progress)


There are 3 major stones and 7 minor stones or just stones, unnamed and non-nomenclatured. One of the 3 major stones is called Major itself. This would be the one outside your father’s place. How’s Space Ghost holding up? Hopefully he’s not drinking again since he has that new bar and all. Is he?


I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him lately, actually. Might try to find him later tonight. And: He never drank.


Where is he sleeping? Since the whole house is now a bar.




Answer: There’s a portal in the back of the bar. Walk behind the bar, go down the passage. You’ll find a second Collagesity with a second set of objects. Different from the first. Backwards. Bass ackwards.


Hmmm. I’ll check that out Carrcassonnee.


Do that. Don’t forget. Any more on the stones?

BBloch (reviewing):

The 3 major stones: one is called Major Stone itself and that’s in front of my dad’s bar, next to the orange door…

(Carrcassonnee nods here?)

… then Big Stone just outside your gazebo here…


… and then Hunger or Thick or Think Stone in front of the Collagesity Diner. What’s the relationship, especially of Hunger (etc.) and Big?


When you go to the parallel town you’ll find that out. You better go check.

(unjoined in progress)


The 3 “major stones” brightened for highlighting purposes.


Major Stone and Space Ghost’s new bar bars from Gallery Jack.


“Is this the passageway behind the bar Carrcassonnee speaks of?” Turns out it’s not. Wrong bar.


“Hey Furry Karl! Long time no see.” Karl doesn’t speak, and Baker continues. “Let’s see, Karl, I’ll have a, uh, let’s see, a, um, uh… a Heineken.” Baker Bloch waits for Karl’s response. “Hmm, still not animated, just like Starbuccaneer.”


He admires the high view here before teleporting down to the second bar in the house. There’s Big Stone, he thinks. No, that’s the other stone. What was the name. Baked Stone? He suddenly can’t remember. Has he been gassed? Has the whole town been gassed? “Some view, eh Karl. Bet you’re enjoying that.” No answer.


“And then there’s Rhoda. Hi Rhoda!” Baker Bloch is not surprised when the orbed being doesn’t reply.


He still talks to him, however. “Rhoda, I understand there’s a passageway that leads to another dimension ’round here. I can’t find it. Any ideas?” Rhoda remains silent and still. “None?” Baker Bloch waits again. “Still none?”


Baker then spies the rocks of Old Cannon Road projecting through the floor on the north side of the bar. He takes a closer look…


… and finds the passageway. The Exit.




“Doesn’t look *too* different” (but it was).





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Starbuccaneer Coffee in Collagesity?

Interesting possibility! I like the deck over Confluence Pool fer sure.


Entrance in the back of Gallery Jack.



Baker getting comfy, and wishing he had a fishing pole.


4:24 PM EST:

More changes. Baker Bloch’s father just sold his house! But I’ll have to get to all that in another post.






Changes! Developing fast. I believe the Boos gallery will be shifted from south to north Collagesity very soon.



The Boos gallery has been shifted!


What seems to be happening — or is happening — is a positioning of all galleries along one ancient road that may still be called Cannon Street or the Old Cannon Road or something. This would be on the north side of town basically. The south side is becoming more residential in nature, it seems. Or park-like. We’ll see how it goes from here!

And 171 prims still left over as I write this. I’m not sure how.


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World of Lime? 01


I could hardly believe it. We would need a road map to figure it all out. It could be said to begin with the letter to Liquor. Rhoda says that Liquor says Mouse is up to his cans. Now here’s the trick. Liquor got the wrong letter. This Mosquitor penned piece of paper, which also has something to do with Quito *and* *mos*quito LINK, was suppose to be delivered to Roostre. But Roostre, in turn, couldn’t open his letter he mistakenly received that was Liquor’s. Instead he’s [time] GAssed by this kooky (cuckoo?) clock.** Carr. then says this is the same clock that is in *our* Rhoda’s bar now. Let me insert a picture.

Oh, I forgot. It’s not there any longer.

Missing Clock.

But anyway, We The Family noticed quite some time ago that this clock actually *moves* on its own volition. We understood this because it started projecting from the back wall of the bar on the outside, and when Baker Bloch would push it back through to the inside wall, it would simply work its way out again. True story. Finally Other Baker got tired of messing with the obviously cursed thing and deleted it. But [12 Oz Mouse character] Clock is *real*. In *Collagesity*.

So that’s one element. Carr. is stating that “12 Oz Mouse” is not dead and that it will live on through her.

Rather early on in the short lived “Mouse”, bartender Rhoda is killed — telepathically sliced in two — by Square Businessman, also just referred to as Square. This comes shortly after Rhoda talks about Liquor’s letter and some other things he’s obviously not suppose to. Now our Rhoda was similarly killed, as documented in the “Baker’s Dream” section of “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” (and there’s a picture of the now deleted cuckoo clock, three down). But [12 Oz Mouse’s] Rhoda’s death is foreshadowed by a hallucination (?) shared between him, Fitz, Skillet and Man-Woman. This is repeated in Carrcass-1, accompanied there instead by the music of Slint and the track “Rhoda” — no relation to 12 Oz Mouse’s Rhoda. But there’s another strange attractor[ involved]. And “Rhoda” is the only one (of 7 total) Slint songs used in Carrcass-1 not from their fantastic album Spiderland. And that’s Spider again… Spider is another character in “12 Oz Mouse”, and, as Carr. states, has been remodeled as a dog for Collagesity and kind of merged with Skillet, I suppose. So the [central] Fitz/Skillet duo of “Mouse” has been reshaped as the Carr/Spider duo of Collagesity. Getting confused yet? Phew!

But I must plug on… Equador is then mentioned indirectly by Rhoda before his death when he describes or attempts to describe the relationship between New Guy and Skillet. He says that New Guy is not as much cheesy green up on squirrels (Skillet’s species, as verified by Mouse), but more like Ecuadorian sleep. I have no idea what that means, so let me google it. This is indeed important.


I have no idea still. And a kind of creepy thing is that this blog post will now show up in the hits for the phrase. If future people do the same google search, they’ll be confounded by the same riddle, add this post.

Ecuador… Quito. Ecuador commonly misspelled as Equador, with a “Q” like “Quito”.

Next door is Columbia and its Bogota. We have jumped up a level. Wheeler.


**an unofficial script for the associated episode (04) has been found here:


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