Stoned Talk

(joined in progress)


There are 3 major stones and 7 minor stones or just stones, unnamed and non-nomenclatured. One of the 3 major stones is called Major itself. This would be the one outside your father’s place. How’s Space Ghost holding up? Hopefully he’s not drinking again since he has that new bar and all. Is he?


I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him lately, actually. Might try to find him later tonight. And: He never drank.


Where is he sleeping? Since the whole house is now a bar.




Answer: There’s a portal in the back of the bar. Walk behind the bar, go down the passage. You’ll find a second Collagesity with a second set of objects. Different from the first. Backwards. Bass ackwards.


Hmmm. I’ll check that out Carrcassonnee.


Do that. Don’t forget. Any more on the stones?

BBloch (reviewing):

The 3 major stones: one is called Major Stone itself and that’s in front of my dad’s bar, next to the orange door…

(Carrcassonnee nods here?)

… then Big Stone just outside your gazebo here…


… and then Hunger or Thick or Think Stone in front of the Collagesity Diner. What’s the relationship, especially of Hunger (etc.) and Big?


When you go to the parallel town you’ll find that out. You better go check.

(unjoined in progress)


The 3 “major stones” brightened for highlighting purposes.


Major Stone and Space Ghost’s new bar bars from Gallery Jack.


“Is this the passageway behind the bar Carrcassonnee speaks of?” Turns out it’s not. Wrong bar.


“Hey Furry Karl! Long time no see.” Karl doesn’t speak, and Baker continues. “Let’s see, Karl, I’ll have a, uh, let’s see, a, um, uh… a Heineken.” Baker Bloch waits for Karl’s response. “Hmm, still not animated, just like Starbuccaneer.”


He admires the high view here before teleporting down to the second bar in the house. There’s Big Stone, he thinks. No, that’s the other stone. What was the name. Baked Stone? He suddenly can’t remember. Has he been gassed? Has the whole town been gassed? “Some view, eh Karl. Bet you’re enjoying that.” No answer.


“And then there’s Rhoda. Hi Rhoda!” Baker Bloch is not surprised when the orbed being doesn’t reply.


He still talks to him, however. “Rhoda, I understand there’s a passageway that leads to another dimension ’round here. I can’t find it. Any ideas?” Rhoda remains silent and still. “None?” Baker Bloch waits again. “Still none?”


Baker then spies the rocks of Old Cannon Road projecting through the floor on the north side of the bar. He takes a closer look…


… and finds the passageway. The Exit.




“Doesn’t look *too* different” (but it was).





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