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Meet Barry DeBoy! His collage piece “Does this look square to you?” is in his current show, “Adventures in Tintown, Parts 1 through Tin”. When originally approached about the show, he already had the idea to do something that would work with tin and lead and other base metals, but in a way to make it fun and different from other portrayals.*

His 2017 gallery show in Omaha in Oklahoma was where he had discovered that he could pursue art as a career.

“I would describe myself and my art as goofy and something I don’t take too seriously, although art is super important to me and I am constantly making stuff. It’s both tin or lead and gold or, say, platinum at the same time. You dig?”

We do indeed, Barry. Keep on creating your stress-free and humorous art, you daffy alchemist!


* note: Barry’s simple 2 part collage here (notice the disembodied  nutcracker head) was later incorporated into a larger triptych of the series, becoming part of part 4c instead of standing alone at 7, which was replaced by the painting “Sassquatch” (picture not shown).

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Grand Spot 03

Shallow( Water) – Friend, NE

Blue Skies Mr.

Big Bob?

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Norwegian Wood 03

Another Frank and Herman Einstein post mentioning a different Norwegian, this time a ridge in Idaho.

Notice the word Wegian is distilled from Norwegian in this post. Now, removing Wegian from Norwegian Wood gives us Norwood, which is the actual name of the neighborhood as I’ll tell you now. Switch from fantasy back to reality, then. Norwegian Wood mentioned at the bottom of that December 2012 post as well.

But Hucka D. is emphasizing that we must continue to *mystify* Ashville and its neighborhoods, instead of *de*mystifying. So we have Norwegian Wood, Cherry Avenue, Lime Street, and Linden Creek instead of their actual names. Well, as far as I can tell Linden Creek doesn’t actually have name, so this is a coined word for an unnamed stream in reality. And now I also have a name for the stream that it joins: Read Creek. And Earl Weaver Park may have been originally called Read Creek Park or just Read Park. The fairies or toy avatars or elves or whatever inhabits the Linden Creek area in mystified reality have preserved a bit of this original park across the road from the present park, but still on Read Creek.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that in Earl Weaver Park we find the actual conjunction of Linden and Read streams. I viewed the conjunction in person several weeks back, and found the two streams almost equal in size at that place. Nevertheless, the Linden name is absorbed into the Read name at that juncture, terminating the former. You cannot see the stream confluence in Street View, and I didn’t take a picture of it while there. I’ll rectify that soon enough.

Bit of Read Park preserved by the Linden aliens.

Across the road: what appears to be one of the aliens resting atop a car, Linden Creek just behind.

Nearby bamboo grove. We know the wee people love river cane!

In Read Park, when it is restored to its original name, we will find a monument to TILE starting with “I”.



Hucka D.:

We know Norway is North, referring to Nordic aliens, seen as superior in most eyes to the Southern ones, sometimes called Greys or Reptilians. This is oversimplification pure and simple. The Nordics are more *us* — or you I should say, baker b. The Reptilians are more *them*. Can you trust Greys? Can you trust anyone? Is a human being from the South during Civil War times necessarily evil because he doesn’t understand the human tragedy of slavery? Do they have a Hart?


Orchard City: A(B)C(D)E. READ just below. One of two other US Read’s above Murdock in Utah.

Orchard City, the second largest municipality in Delta County, is home to 3,100 residents and is the largest municipality in terms of square miles in Delta County.

Despite its size, Orchard City is primarily recognized by the names of three smaller and older areas within its boundaries: Austin, Eckert and Cory.

They all had separate beginnings, but somehow through a unique course of events came together. The following is a condensed history of how Orchard City came to be a town of three communities.

Three Communities Grow

The names Austin, Eckert and Cory have existed since the turn of the century. In the 1900’s, the entire area, including Cedaredge to the north, was solid with orchards of peaches, apricots, cherries, and apples. The area was gorgeous.

Cherry Avenue is a Magnet?

Apricot-Bone is probably also the name of a mystified Ashville neighborhood.

It’s definitely a fruit bowl situation.

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more map stuff 04


Regarding Udall:

Stewart Lee Udall : Son of Levi S. Udall, served as a Democratic U.S. Representative from Arizona (1955–1961) and also as Secretary of the Interior (1961–1969). Point Udall, U.S. Virgin Islands, the easternmost point in the United States, is named in his honor.

Morris King “Mo” Udall : Stewart’s brother, also served as a Democratic U.S. Representative from Arizona (1961–1991) and ran for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in 1976. Point Udall, Guam, the westernmost point in the United States, is named in his honor.

Say what?

In 1976, he ran for the Democratic nomination for President as a liberal alternative to Jimmy Carter, the former Governor of Georgia. Carter had gone from obscure maverick to front runner after a string of early caucus and primary victories, beginning in Iowa and New Hampshire. At the time of the Wisconsin primary in April, most of the original 10 candidates had dropped out, leaving Udall, Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson of Washington, Governor George Wallace of Alabama, and Carter. Udall looked set to win the primary and as the returns ticked in, it looked like he would win it. This might have slowed down the Carter momentum. Udall was projected the winner, exclaiming “Oh, how sweet it is”. But as the election night progressed, Carter began chipping away at Udall’s lead, eventually going into the lead.

Some newspapers actually proclaimed Udall the winner because of his lead the night before, not unlike the famous incident in the 1948 presidential election, in which the headlines of the Chicago Tribune erroneously proclaimed “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

The Dewey Defeats Truman headline fiasco raises its ugly two heads again.



Thorn Grove now. It just goes on and on. Wish I could share it with Hucka D., but he had to go to bed and get some well deserved sleep. Thorn Grove points out Chicago Heights (only 1 in US) points out, obviously, the Magic Book. And the other Thorn Grove in Tenn. is right next to Carter and Mascot, like Carter and Mascot are together in Harlan County, Nebraska with the Republican, Ragan, (Atlanta, Sacramento). I now think Udall in Kansas and this Carter (unlisted) in Nebraska relate through the false winning headlines, once more. Pretty sure of that. But why?


Or maybe this dude….



But we must get back on the trail…..


Winesburg, Winfield, Wilmot all in one.

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more map stuff 03

“Bizarre, Hucka D. Atlanta is Baltimore[ in Cowley County]! This indicates sister and before that brother.”

Hucka D.:

Obviously (!)




I think of Atlanta also in Nebraska, the state above this, and the relationship with Sacramento, as in Carter to Reagan.

Hucka D.:

Okay good.


That indicates a democrat and a republican that cancel each other out, causing neutrality. Which paves the wave for Norris. George Norris.

Hucka D.:

Don’t go in that direction quite yet. But: yes.


“Plains to see,” I suppose you could add there.

Hucka D.:



So what is Cowley County? Wilmot is a Hapax_legomenon.

Hucka D.:

Anagram. tom-wil-ard.


But that’s from the *last* story of the collection. Our “Rock” is the first. But Rock and Wilmot here [in Kansas] are very close.

Hucka D.:



Now the *bridge* here is obviously Cowley. He wrote the introduction to the book in the its most definitive version. And that’s also the name of a character in the book, although probably no relation to the other.

Hucka D. (repeating):



Oxford again. West by southwest. Hold on!


“Gist[, Maryland] may stand for druggist.”



Republican, Hucka D…


… then Sherwood[ edited]…


Hucka D.:

Faulkner is off limits now, even though he’s the stronger. Beyond Herbert’s Domain, ya know.



Hucka D.:

Dune. Paul. New Home.


“Anderson may lead to Lafferty. Obviously don’t know how yet.”


“”Let’s Roll”. New meaning to Carroll County’s Roller and proximate Plane No. 4?”

The 9/11 Commission later reported that the plane’s control wheel was turned hard to the right, causing it to roll on its back plow into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 580 miles an hour, killing everyone on board. The plane was twenty minutes of flying time away from its suspected target, the White House or the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. According to Vice President Dick Cheney, President George W. Bush had given the order to shoot the plane down had it continued its path to Washington.

“Beam/… hmm, where have we seen this before?”


“Darkest before the dawn, I guess, Hucka D. Then sunbeams arrive. All is better. Lightsville.”

(to be continued)

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