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Looks like people down there at the red lighthouse but aren’t. Man and woman.

Red has come up a lot lately. And the shape of the lake this island lies within — L —  is symbolic of red via TILE. Will Karoz return to energize his college?

Now where are those itty bitty bugs. Down below that empty house over there?

No. Above it.

I believe that the Mossmen, perhaps including this Gene Fade but perhaps not, are behind the recent phenomenon of black holes in Our Second Lyfe’s sky at dusk and dawn. This is Moss Island. In the middle of an L shaped lake. Moss (character) wears an L shaped tie in the Red Umbrella (Stonethrow) collage Hucka Doobie was found recently studying (“Whiteyes”). L within Moss instead of visa versa.

It’s all leading to the red door. And what’s inside. Moss(men) guarded the door and made sure it was tight and secure until April 2015. Then when it was opened the game was set. The WIS maps all center around it. Just northeast of fabled Whitehead Crossing where Spongeberg Resident seems to live now in his open teepee.

There’s nothing else, really, on this Moss Island in the L shaped lake. It is just another stepping stone on the path of truth, another pointer in the direction of fate.

Up or down? Hucka Doobie asks herself.

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just shots

Those damn spots again!

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“No, there’s no plans for a prison in these schematics, Mr. Man.”

“EM! Call me EM! Everybody does!”

“Um, EM.”

“How ’bout Smithy’s place?! Is it finished?!”

Rob Reeder and Ted Totter just stared at each other, unable to decipher what Eraserhead Man was on about now.

“Um… Smithy?”

“Yeah. And Ghostwood! Ghostwood Estates Mental Hospital! Audrey’s there!”

Rob Reeder and Ted Totter exchanged looks. “Do you want us… to *add* these things, Mr. Man… EM?”

EM paused dramatically, then: “YES!”


“Where *is* he?” groused Chloe Price, sitting in the blue chair . “Where’s our famous director?”

“He said 3 o’clock,” returned Jill MacGill from the red one. “Be patient.”

Chloe checked her watch, then nodded. “All right, all right.”

“Only 3:05 now.”




“I’m tired of looking at this poster and water fountain. I’m going to roam about the place. Freely.”

“NO,” commanded Jill. “EM said to *stay put* this time. He’ll be here shortly. Sometimes he goes on… tangents. As you well know. He said 3 so it will probably be 3:30. Just give him time. Don’t leave me in this spooky place *alone*.”

“Spooky?” questioned Chloe to Jill.

“I meant just: place. I suppose it’s not that spooky.” But Jill was shaking within. She’d seen a ghost here and another one could come.




Jill relented out of boredom and strategy. “All right, tell me about this game you found near the Horne Inn. The one EM left you.”

Suddenly alert, Chloe’s head bounced up off her raised knee. “I’ll do better than that.”



“Wrong building!”

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Wanderlust Bench Art Cafe, 04/29/17.

March/April exhibit described here.

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B>D, D>B

The Abomination LINK in Brilliant? But wait: it’s actually on a 16 square meter parcel tucked in the southwest corner of DaBoom to the northwest of Brilliant. DaBoom — Second Life’s first sim. From the *Linden* Lab direction. Owner of the parcel is JRL Industries headed by Robison Argonaut, a very old Second Life avatar indeed dating from 2003. The house fronting it is owned by Marcus Reisman, another oldbie but not so much (2006). Here was a possible (mythological) foothold into the heart of the matter. The only parcel in DaBoom currently for sale is a 256m2 going for $150000. Yes that’s a 15 followed by 4 zeros.


“DaBoom was kind of a bust I heard, Baker Bloch.” Karoz was polishing off his third piece of Perch perch for the night, and again spoke with his mouth full. Disgusting, Baker thought, but didn’t say this aloud. He merely took steps to get away from Karoz until he finished eating… and, later on, talk to Baker Blinker about correcting some of what he considered Karoz’s ill manners. “Gotta run to the bathroom Karoz — sorry. You keep on eating however. I’ll be back in a minute and we’ll talk more of Sansara and DaBoom and such. You keep on eating.”


“But you did meet Dot,” Karoz stated later while they were sipping on after dinner coffees.

“I did indeed. She prefers Doflia Doria, actually. Another writer.”

“But not of horror,” Karoz added.

“Oh no.” Baker thought back to the appropriate parcel in the Ohno sim of Sansara’s Snowlands. Hopping with bunnies.

“Witchcraft, though,” Karoz finishes. “Dessert?”

Baker cringes.

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We finish off…

… in Rodeo:

“The winter island,” states Baker Bloch, looking sideways from where Karoz blogger is still staring. “Maybe answers will be there. We’re on the eastern edge of Stinson now, Karoz. The line with Rodeo, let’s see, seems to run right through that peninsula. Curious — didn’t know Stinson projected over this far into the forest.

“Well let’s get off this slope,” responds Karoz. “(I’m) getting dizzy!”


“Hmm, so we try to teleport directly into the winter isle or peninsula or whatever, Karoz, and we come back here. On this bridge where we were day before yesterday. Teleporting route.”

“Let’s fly over there,” Karoz suggested. But in checking, they remembered no flying was allowed on this land. Only walking and running. So they run.


Karoz pauses to look at what he considers a rather dirty snowman…

… while Baker Bloch stares forward at what he knows could be the beating heart of the forest’s mysteries.

Crossing the bridge, he pretends to Karoz that he’s never been here before.


Baker Bloch confesses to Karoz Blogger that they’re in a portal.

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We start off…

… just east of the centerpoint of Stinson:

“You know what it reminds me of, Karoz?”

“Haven’t the foggiest,” replied the moss being standing near Baker Bloch.

“The contraption. You know, the object that kept showing up again and again in our user’s collages.”

“*Your* user. I’m trying to stay out of all that. Baker Blinker is my focus now.”

“Right.” The male Baker points to one of the revolving circular panels. “And look at the time… oh well, I guess that’s not too odd at all since it’s the actual time.”

“Right. Can we go now?” Karoz had already eaten before Baker Bloch dragged him back to the Forest of Kahruvel for more investigating, but he still had much work to do in the newly set up Temple of TILE. Building inspectors coming next week, just to name one thing. Will he be marked down for using too many prims?

“Might as well bum around a bit more while we’re here, don’t you think? You have a full stomach this time — no irritatingly loud rumblings, hehe.”

“No… leftover squid. Baker Blinker wanted me to finish it off before it went bad. Refrigeration’s never been one of her strong points.”

Baker Bloch then remembered he hadn’t told Karoz Blogger about the “Baaad Santa” over in Nautilus City. When to spring all that information on him?

“Well…” Karoz said. “Where to next?”

Baker points south. “How about up there.”


“I must admit it’s a nice view up here, Baker Bloch. What’s that behind you?”

Baker checks. “It says ‘VAA Haiku Speed Build 2008/08/28’ for the name. In the description, let’s see: ‘A hundred mountains/echoed in the jeweled eyes/of a dragonfly’. Hmm.”

“Maybe it represents a sim… or a map in general,” Karoz offers. “We’re in a mountainous area, after all.”

“Maybe. Let’s check a couple more places.”


“It says, ‘Stinson Bar and Pier’ in the land description, Karoz, but nothing really here. Rez time set at 180 minutes. Could be a place for a later scene.”

“(Collagesity) Book IV, yeah. How’s that going? Any new developments?”

Baker Bloch thinks of the Nautilus City Santa again. “Kind of. Hey, Karoz, do you still have to go over to New Island sometimes? I mean, does — your job — entail going over there.”

“One of my jobs,” Karoz corrects. “I also work for Tom (“The Busker”) Wilmot still. I have a story about that now.”

“Well go ahead. Do that first.”


“That’s the way I feel when I wake up in the morning,” Karoz says thirty minutes later to Baker Bloch while staring at the almost sideways goat on the slope.

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