Baker’s island.

At least every blue moon, an avatar has to return to the place of their virtual birth. So it is here with Baker Bloch on the Isle of Baker. It’s been over 9 years ago since he was first rezzed by me, his user baker b., on this island, awaiting the original assignment from creepy Mr. Low who has since reappeared in the “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” document. He looks over the waters to the northwest, thinking back to when the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog in that direction. Nothing left of Mr. Low’s underwater ruins, unsurprisingly. But didn’t Old Mabel visit the submerged ruins of a *Doctor* Low recently? Octopus again.

I can’t recall where the slightly earlier created Baker Blinker first appeared inworld. My blogs do not cover my first month of Second Life experiences, including numerous forays into the Forest of Kahruvel featured in that last series of posts. I remember her hanging around Cowell’s seaside village; Salazar Jack loomed big for me at the starting point. But I decided to take the blog in a different, new direction, and away from that already established mythology. SJ’s friend and collaborator Headburro Antfarm was at least an equally large influence at the beginning. I need to dig back through his blog.

Energy is a precious commodity.

Isle of Baker remains basically the same as it was way back then in terms of terraforming. The corresponding Isle of Not-Baker over in Rodeo has not. No sign of the 5 differently colored and shaped peas in a pod, no sign of the gray bench here. But Baker Bloch thinks this island, this Isle of Baker, has an interesting story to tell down through the years now. Southwest corner of the Baker sim as opposed to the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim. Something remains important about this.

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